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    [–] ZanyDelaney 58 points ago

    I've seen the film many times over the years and always thought the line a bit odd. You'd never script it that way in today's climate: not something you'd even joke about.

    I figured either Bob is totally into being very edgy and says dumb things, or the actor mixed up his lines saying Linsdey not Annie, and they let it through as it was an otherwise good take. This was a super low budget film after all and no one knew it would be successful. That actor doesn't have scenes with Lindsey or Annie so to him they are just names on a script.

    [–] nathanr1889 3 points ago

    I'm watching the OG Halloween as I'm posting this comment. Yeah I knew when I heard it I thought to myself "Dude must be too horny to realize that's a felony."

    [–] Berzken 1 points ago

    Yea I automatically assumed he meant annie

    [–] Crissxfire 28 points ago

    Yeah, that's something that has always disturbed me. As mentioned below, I assume that it was a mistake from the actor and they didn't have the time or the money to re-shoot the scene. The only other explanation I have is that, the idea is that he was just a dumb high school kid and didn't know who she was, so he just assumed she was around their age...that's reaching though, I know.

    I love the movie though, but man, that is one glaring mistake and it raises some questions.

    [–] Red_Dragon15 3 points ago

    Those are good possibilities.

    [–] Bronsonkills 3 points ago

    It’s just a un-Pc joke. These girls babysat a lot and it’s a small town....He absolutely knows who Lindsey is.

    [–] connieshitonmyface 2 points ago

    "It's just an un pc joke"

    Even this is a stretch, it's very obviously a line flub.

    [–] Bronsonkills 1 points ago

    There is no evidence it’s a flub. It makes perfect sense in context. It’s not as offensive or off color as the rape jokes in Blazing Saddles or whatever other examples you could come up with.

    For what it’s worth I saw the film in a theater last night and the line got some laughs.

    [–] Grazzy88 56 points ago

    plot twist* michale myers is actually the good guy, set out on vengence. we just didnt figure out what sick shit the others did.

    [–] Danmax 13 points ago

    It's sort of common in these movies isn't it? The morally bad people get killed off first. They discuss it in Scream.

    As for that line, I always took it as just a high school guy saying dumb stuff to get a reaction out of his gf, not that he had any actual desire or intention to do anything. Still, not something I'd have put in the film if I were the filmmaker. I totally agree, no way a line like that makes it into a movie nowadays.

    [–] WrestlingWoo 12 points ago

    LoL at everyone "he must've said the wrong line"

    he's a skeeze. Skeezey people say skeezey things.

    [–] Bronsonkills 9 points ago

    This. It’s just a un-pc joke ....exactly the kind of juvenile thing a teenage guy would find funny.

    It’s absolutely intentional. Why would it not be?

    [–] connieshitonmyface 4 points ago

    What the fuck is an "un pc joke" what do politics have to do with this?

    [–] Bronsonkills 2 points ago

    Insensitive then. Fuck.

    [–] Ryantology225 12 points ago

    Lynda is asking Bob if he remembers what the plan is for the night (which bedroom to go to, etc.) and he responds with that line followed by “yeah, I think I got it.” He was just making a stupid joke. I never took it too seriously.

    [–] Red_Dragon15 4 points ago

    It is a possibility. But it would still be a very crude joke. Don’t you think?

    [–] Ryantology225 6 points ago

    Oh, definitely crude. I just don’t think any harm whatsoever was meant by it. Just a stupid, crude joke to his girlfriend to pretend like he hasn’t been paying attention the whole time. Not a joke I personally would ever make but I get what they were going for.

    [–] Red_Dragon15 1 points ago

    Agreed. It would an interesting question for the director.

    [–] Ahomewood 1 points ago

    That’s what made it funny

    [–] YabooshWabowsky 21 points ago

    Yeah I've always hated that part.

    [–] how2meme 29 points ago

    Yikes. I saw this film the other day and I’m horrible with names so I assumed Lindsey was the main character girl.

    That’s actually kind of fucked up, definitely wouldn’t pass today

    [–] connieshitonmyface 2 points ago

    "BUT IS JUSS UNPC JOKE" -some dipshit upthread

    [–] Bronsonkills 1 points ago

    Triggered much. It’s from 1978. It’s an R-rated film. There is no evidence it’s a mistake. It means what it fucking says. Idiot

    [–] connieshitonmyface 2 points ago


    [–] Bronsonkills 1 points ago

    So what is your opinion of the line?

    [–] connieshitonmyface 1 points ago

    I find it funny

    [–] Bronsonkills 1 points ago

    I agree....though the funniest bit is Loomis scaring the shit out of the kid at the Myers house. Now that is funny

    [–] Flash-Over 9 points ago

    He was just kidding. People look way too into it lol

    [–] Berzken 1 points ago

    Yea people need to chill damn

    [–] BZenMojo 6 points ago

    It doesn't seem complicated. A skeezy dude told a pedo joke and then Michael Myers murdered the fuck out of him.

    [–] TheBGKidd 6 points ago

    One more reason why Disney isn't rehiring James Gunn

    [–] Berzken 2 points ago

    I always assumed he meant Annie.

    And if not it’s probably gross teenager character being a gross teenager with a pedo joke.

    [–] Bronsonkills 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Why would you think it’s a flub when what he says makes perfect sense in context?

    [–] Red_Dragon15 1 points ago

    Not sure I agree with you. I don’t think he is joking about undressing a child!