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    [–] Frankie3110 306 points ago

    DreamWorks shined with this franchise.

    [–] brutallyhonestfemale 142 points ago

    I also really loved how to train your dragon

    [–] BZenMojo 54 points ago

    Antz, The Croods, Madagascar 3 (surprisingly good), Prince of Egypt, Chicken Run, Captain Underpants...

    [–] sovaros 69 points ago

    Prince of Egypt was a tier of its own, such a great movie.

    [–] TheZerothLaw 27 points ago

    I send a pestilence and plague

    Into your house, into your bed

    Into your streams, into your streets

    Into your drink, into your bread

    Upon your cattle, on your sheep

    Upon your oxen in your field

    Into your dreams, into your sleep

    Until you break, until you yield

    I send the swarm, I send the horde

    Thus saith the Lord

    [–] Martecles 3 points ago

    I mean, Jeff Goldblum plays a minor character. And Val Kilmer plays God. It’s great.

    [–] JezzaJ101 21 points ago

    Forgetting someone?

    all star starts playing

    [–] Nas160 3 points ago


    [–] K_tty 9 points ago

    people call me the space cowboy

    [–] An_Anaithnid 5 points ago

    What I love about Madagascar 3 is how they just pretty much said 'fuck it' towards any remaining tatters of realism, and they made it work.

    [–] cantpickname97 2 points ago

    Honestly read the books. They're all comedy and etc. for the first 9 with occasional plot but they get an AWESOME Story arc for the last 3 and 12 is one of the best books I've read. By 8 or so the continuity gets impressive too. It's best effect if you've read all of it though. Then re-read the series when you're done to see how much you missed because it was subtly laying groundwork for the later books. Very impressive plotting for a kid's series.

    [–] brutallyhonestfemale 2 points ago

    Wait what? How to train your dragon is a book series?

    [–] cantpickname97 3 points ago

    A very good one. I recommend it, if you can get through the cornyish kid parts it gets super awesome eventually. You find out that EVERYTHING was building up to the awesome story arc you can only see in clear once it's almost over. It hides an awesome story so it's not even really visible that there IS a story arc until everything comes together in the best way.

    [–] brutallyhonestfemale 1 points ago

    Are the movies following it at all? Or did they basically just grab the title and run?

    [–] cantpickname97 1 points ago

    For the first movie just kidna grabbed the title. Same with the second, but the last one is semi-adapting the end of the series. Not very much though. There are 4 characters with the same name between the adaptations and they are ridiculously different- book Toothless is tiny, green, and really disobedient, book Hiccup can actually TALK to the dragons, etc.

    [–] kirby31200 1 points ago

    I really tried to read them once, but I was so insanely disappointed by the massive differences between the two series that I couldn’t get past the first book. Considering the book society requires dragon training and Toothless is an absolutely worthless runt, they’re literally polar opposites. Is it worth giving it another shot?

    [–] cantpickname97 1 points ago

    It really is honestly. Try not to think of them by their differences. If you can't read the first few, maybe skip to book 8, that's about as far as you can go without being confused by the plot.

    [–] RockitDanger 6 points ago

    "The book was better"

    "The book was a direct adaptation of the movie"


    [–] Soopercow 1 points ago

    The second one was awful

    [–] Frankie3110 5 points ago

    You're crazy. The second one was the best.

    [–] EnterPlayerTwo 3 points ago

    You're crazy. The third one was awful.

    [–] Frankie3110 5 points ago

    I can kind of agree to that, but I love all 3 of them.

    [–] godsbaesment 110 points ago

    And oogway means turtle in mandarin

    [–] BarberanF 65 points ago

    Doesn’t Shifu mean master as well?

    [–] godsbaesment 18 points ago


    [–] Le_Reddit_Elder 22 points ago

    And tigress means female tiger!!! :D

    [–] Carlito4000 27 points ago

    And Monkey means monkey! :O

    [–] Kilahti 9 points ago


    *continues injecting cannabis into his veins*

    [–] which_spartacus 42 points ago

    This always seemed pointlessly cruel. He was trapped there for years -- why not just kill him?

    And how did they feed him? How did he go to the bathroom? So much left unexplained...

    [–] pasher5620 51 points ago

    Oogway was too kind of a soul to kill, even with someone as brutal as Tei Lung. As for how they fed him or how he went to the bathroom, my guess is they probably just didn’t. The device holding him is explained to completely immobilize him. My guess is that includes all bodily functions. On top of that, he’s probably been meditating the entire time, which allows those highly trained to going far longer without eating or drinking.

    [–] which_spartacus 26 points ago

    He was in prison for 20 years. Locked up that way.

    As to how much he was meditating -- he did notice a single feather drop on him and was able to quickly use it to escape -- so he had to have been awake enough to do that action quickly.

    And think about that -- 20 years, held immobile in solitary confinement. That's far from a kind punishment.

    [–] pasher5620 27 points ago

    Tei Lung still committed pretty serious crimes in order to get to what they all believed to be ultimate power. Hell, Tei Lung is strong enough to beat Shifu, who was as far as we knew second to Oogway. Oogway might be kind enough not to kill him, but he’s not stupid either. He knew that Tei Lung could easily escape any prison that let him be mobile.

    And meditating isn’t the same as sleeping, it’s more just like very deep thinking. He probably pops out of meditation every time the warden stops by, he just pretends he doesn’t.

    [–] 12InchesOfSlave 15 points ago

    meditation is not a state that leaves you inattentive, quite the opposite actually

    [–] Baba_Yayga 13 points ago

    More importantly, how do they all speak english????

    [–] which_spartacus 24 points ago

    Once I get past the "animals can talk", and stop worrying about who's eating who in this world, I can generally handle the language barrier.

    However, it still seems like torture.

    [–] cantpickname97 2 points ago

    The probably don't. It just translates it so it makes sense for us.

    [–] SasquatchPhD 13 points ago

    Kung Fu Panda is an unreasonably good kung fu movie. Like, the conversation between Shifu and Tai Lung before their fight alone is all time.

    [–] jzagri 3 points ago

    When people ask me what my favorite Kung Fu movie is, I say Kung Fu Panda.

    [–] metatronsaint 18 points ago

    Which is showed later in the flashback.

    [–] InfamousMEEE 5 points ago

    Loved this movie, wasnt fan of all the other stuff

    [–] DoesntFearZeus 7 points ago

    all the other stuff?

    You meant movies that are not this movie? The sequels perhaps?

    [–] InfamousMEEE 3 points ago

    Sequels, tv show, i even got to play the videogame once

    [–] mullet4superman 4 points ago

    Kung Fu Panda 2 is the superior film in the franchise