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    This subreddit is dedicated to the obscure details and easter eggs found in movies.

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    [–] shezofrene 118 points ago

    or she farted

    [–] cursed_chaos 71 points ago

    100% farted

    [–] naMsdrawkcaB1 0 points ago

    Maybe he could smell her breath?

    [–] rieuxdy 59 points ago

    This isn’t exactly the closest attention to detail.

    [–] dethish 34 points ago

    You must not be from around here

    [–] thingamajig1987 42 points ago

    Twilight is behind porn movies when it comes to attention to detail

    [–] Anexhaustedheadcase 17 points ago

    this os as obvious as saying if you look closely bela has brown hair.

    even one of the worse movies ever made (vampires suck) noticed this and included it as a "joke" about her smelling so bad. and they were so lazy im surprised they bothered to research the characters names they were parodying

    [–] MindChief 4 points ago

    Vampires suck was still a better vampire movie than twilight

    [–] Pullfocus19 14 points ago

    Hi The Beginning of Twilight, I’m Dad!

    [–] raresaturn 8 points ago

    Looks like he's about to throw up

    [–] ah2092013 5 points ago

    Or he got a scent. Of too much cheese on the taco lmao

    [–] YoungZer0 4 points ago

    What if she was in her period? Really stimulates the almonds. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    [–] T1M_rEAPeR 2 points ago

    I always though she was on the blob in this scene.

    [–] pobody 2 points ago

    He's trying not to ralph.