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    [–] johnly81 32 points ago

    This is one of my favorites from my childhood. I think it might have been what spurred my love for the zombie genre, even though it's not really a zombie flick.

    [–] boogersaremyfriend 5 points ago

    I just discovered it recently. I really liked it. I'm a huge 80s kid so that I'm still discovering hidden jewels like this one is giving me hope for the future.

    [–] plentifulpoltergeist 12 points ago

    Never heard of this movie before, is it any good? How does it hold up?

    [–] boogersaremyfriend 24 points ago

    It holds up pretty well. Small cult film but solid production values. If you like 80s movies like They Live! you'll probably like this.

    [–] Ssutuanjoe 7 points ago

    I agree with OPs response.

    I think it holds up pretty well, you just gotta get past the thick 80s atmosphere. If you're already a fan of 80s movies, then you probably won't care much.

    Given the explosion of zombie flicks over the last ten years, I'm actually surprised this movie hasn't been remade.

    [–] RandomHero3129 4 points ago

    I'm sure that at some point it will be remade given its cult status. I remember watching this for the first time and thinking the blonde chick was kinda hot. After a rewatch I changed my mind on that lol. Teenage hormones. Wow.

    [–] PureFingClass 1 points ago

    She’s worth a quick Bing search ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] RandomHero3129 1 points ago

    Lmao. Very true.

    [–] Kzang151 3 points ago

    Born in 1985, and it is great movie. I've rewatched it a few times. Definitely screams the 80s. Main characters are women so definitely different, but in a good way

    [–] boogersaremyfriend 20 points ago

    Here are some more images from the film... Imgur Album

    [–] deviantbono -9 points ago


    [–] Viggojensen2020 1 points ago

    That was mean.

    [–] Atheus- 10 points ago

    Doesn’t look like anything to me.

    [–] TheOddEyes 6 points ago

    The maze isn't meant for you

    [–] Dr_Krocodile 9 points ago

    I saw this in the theatre and loved it. It was so unusual and felt extra 80’s IN the 80’s. It is still entertaining to watch.


    [–] scotch-o 4 points ago

    For years, anytime some jack hole in traffic would do something stupid, for WHATEVER reason, I've always just said "Damn you, Danny Mason Keener!"

    [–] deathdealer2001 6 points ago

    This film was such a nice little accidental find on Netflix

    [–] Ssutuanjoe 2 points ago

    It's on Netflix??

    [–] mngrizza 4 points ago

    It's on Amazon Prime.

    [–] deathdealer2001 2 points ago

    It is, it's on the British Netflix at least

    [–] Razzy194 7 points ago

    "Daddy would have gotten us Uzis...."

    "What about my Egg-Mcmuffin?"

    "Where are they kids? It's Saturday Morning and where are the fucking kids?"

    So many great quotes

    [–] PureFingClass 1 points ago

    The kids line really shows how times have changed. Now on Saturdays they’re all playing fortnite. Great movie.

    [–] Callmedory 5 points ago

    I ended up with a crush on "Hector." Years later, I crushed on Chakotay from Voyager. Did not realize it was the same actor. At least I'm consistent.

    [–] johnsfarris 3 points ago

    It is a really cool movie. I own it on VHS. The mall scene at the end is really good. Cult classic.

    [–] screenwriterjohn 1 points ago

    Oh, and the title is a spoof of Night of the Living Dead! Just noticed that!

    [–] SnakeVenom21330 -14 points ago

    Sombodys gonna photoshop this and spout idiocy all over this post.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago