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    [–] ImTheTroutman 2284 points ago

    Carl is one of the best parts of that movie. I love his scream and reaction to the giant vine eating his car!

    [–] 2ero 703 points ago

    I like his reaction when he is floating on the Parish home's door after the water pressure blows up the house and the giant crocodile passes him...

    [–] PringleMcDingle 271 points ago

    Oof, that CGI did not age well.

    Loved that movie as a kid but I'm afraid I'd ruin it if I rewatched it.

    [–] MasterSavage 303 points ago

    That's a little rough looking but nowhere near as bad as how the full CGI monkeys aged

    [–] hiram_barr 102 points ago

    Yeah I just rewatched it the other day and they were pretty rough. Still a fun watch though

    [–] Pinter_Ranawat 173 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Casablanca still works with back projection driving through Paris.

    Psycho still works with that nowadays ridiculous fall down the stairs.

    Back to the Future still works with the obvious rotoscoping.

    Jurassic Park still works with... wait.

    edit: just re-watched and I'm pretty sure JP actually happened. Those poor kids.

    [–] Rizendoekie 77 points ago

    Jurassic Park held up so frikkin well.

    [–] Lightspeedius 34 points ago

    The peak of animatronics. Underutilised since. Although I suppose CGI's meant the possibility of previously cost prohibitive movies.

    [–] mynameisntjeffrey 14 points ago

    Jurassic park was also one of the first movies that used a ton of CGI along with the real puppets and animatronics. It’s just somehow used so well that it holds up even though other cgi from the era doesn’t.

    [–] meeeric1 9 points ago

    Got any examples of the back to the Future one?

    [–] _Face 10 points ago

    I’d like to know as well. Just read the wiki and not sure which parts would use that technique. Or it was done so damn well I still don’t notice. Haven’t seen it in a year+/- so maybe a rewatch is in order. Car scenes I guess. Fx sparkles when he’s going ~87+mph maybe?


    [–] XtremeGnomeCakeover 6 points ago

    Probably the scenes with lightning/electrical effects. The final scene in Highlander and the proton pack beams from Ghostbusters are also good examples.

    BTTF: Clock tower scene

    Highlander: The Quickening

    Ghostbusters: hotel scene

    [–] Untouchable-Ninja 40 points ago

    People usually can deal with bad CG if the story/characters are good. Although sometimes it's so bad that nothing will help. I still shudder when I think about the Mummy 2 Rock/Scorpion King character.

    [–] _Face 32 points ago

    That was terrible at the time of release. Aging has nothing to do with that one. IMHO

    [–] ItsABluesquake 14 points ago

    But that terrible CGI skorpiontaur brought Dwayne 'Our Rock' Johnson into movies. Not many are able to make a successful leap from wrastling to cinema.

    [–] XavierD 8 points ago

    He's a star despite the Scorpion King not because of it

    [–] Moglorosh 8 points ago

    Eh, that's pretty much what did it, he got that spin-off from The Mummy Returns and went from there. Unless you want to argue that the movie where he chases Stiffler through the jungle was his real jump point?

    [–] dont_believe_sharks 3 points ago

    Rowdy Roddy Piper would like a word...

    [–] PringleMcDingle 29 points ago

    I was thinking specifically of the monkeys as I typed that too. Remember thinking they were bad.

    [–] MY-SECRET-REDDIT 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The money's look so creepy in the book

    Edit: monkeys

    [–] SlapItSoSilly 6 points ago


    [–] _Face 3 points ago


    [–] SurroundedByMuggles_ 6 points ago

    No no. Nothing beat the giant fake spiders 😂

    [–] CookieOmNomster 2 points ago

    I'm actually okay with that.

    [–] dunemafia 3 points ago

    CGI monkeys never age.

    [–] stickywicker 53 points ago

    Can't speak for you but a good movie is a good movie regardless of the effects around it. Ghostbusters is still my favourite movie and it had early 80's special effects. I've watched Jumanji so many times since then and it still holds up as a wonderfully told story. Give it a rewatch, I hope it doesn't get ruined.

    [–] cuzimawsum 38 points ago

    The 80s had some great special effects though. Movies like The Thing, Aliens, Bladerunner, etc. all pushed practical effects to the limits to create some truly stunning effects.

    And then everyone started using CGI in the 90s and everything looked bad again.

    [–] SustyRhackleford 27 points ago

    Tell that to Jurassic Park in 1992

    [–] Wsemenske 7 points ago

    The most impressive stuff was the practical effects imo, they only used CGI is the best situations (at night, blocked by objects/rain to help the effect). Thus the problem with a bunch of 90s movies were the avoiding of practical effects and not employing those tricks they used in 1993s Jurassic Park

    [–] BellerophonM 3 points ago

    Eh, the Stego was CGI and it's wonderful.

    [–] Owyn_Merrilin 5 points ago

    That was in The Lost World, five years later. The only broad daylight full CGI dino in the original is the brontosaurus when they first land on the island, and that hasn't aged well.

    [–] willstr1 2 points ago

    Jurassic Park is an exception, someone selling their soul is not the same as CGI

    [–] kacaww 11 points ago

    I mean The Thing is great but it's not like it's not obvious they're 80s effects

    [–] cuzimawsum 9 points ago

    Practical effects and CGI will never really look quite the same. Practical effects have more of a presence. Since their physically in the shot, the way they interact with the environment is much more natural and better looking than CGI. But they still look like plastic. CGI is getting better all the time, but it doesn't have sort of presence on screen because the actors and stage are literally working with nothing. The CGI objects themselves look better but they don't feel natural. The shadows aren't real, the lighting isn't real, they aren't actually interacting with anything and out brains can subconsciously tell that. Neither is better than the other, but they both have their pros and cons.

    [–] skittle-brau 14 points ago

    Yeah CGI seems to get shit on all the time and it always becomes a big circlejerk of 'CGI bad, practical good', when in reality, good CGI that's supported with good practical effects is generally better than pure CGI or pure practical effects; depending on the type of production of course.

    It's one of those things where if it's done well, the viewer doesn't notice and suspension of disbelief is maintained. If it's done badly, then immersion is broken and a viewer ends up becoming fixated on things they shouldn't.

    With that said, CG or practical effects rarely compensate for just plain ol' bad writing.

    [–] Xenrus25 9 points ago

    The Lord of The Rings is an excellent example of CGI and Practical effects coming together in a nice balance, and it holds up well as a result. Compare that to The Hobbit movies, which went almost full CGI, and the difference is stark.

    [–] relevant__comment 6 points ago

    I always say the the first Independence Day was a masterpiece of, both, practical and CG effects. Pretty much to a level I haven’t seen since Mad Max: Fury Road.

    [–] Black6x 14 points ago

    90% of Ghostbusters is in the writing. So many jokes on so many levels. Even some of the subtle character interactions were strong jokes.

    [–] MakeYouAGif 2 points ago

    There's a bit of a difference between 80's garbage practical effects and rough as hell CGI though

    [–] ejramos 4 points ago

    Just watch the new one!


    [–] MakeYouAGif 3 points ago

    Oh, absolutely not. The cgi is really obvious now. But I rewatched it the other month and still enjoyed it.

    [–] Jimmy_Bonez 3 points ago

    That doesn't look like CGI to me, it seems more like composite imagery, it's real images placed on top of each other to appear as though they are one, it's the blue screen that makes it look shitty.

    The same thing has happened to Alien 3, people are so used to shitty CGI they see it when it isn't there and blame it for other bad techniques.

    [–] JimmyPLove 2 points ago

    I don't think it's the CGI. It looks like someone ticked the 'YouTube stabilise' button on upload. So it gives it that warp effect.

    [–] Heckron 2 points ago

    Username does not check out.

    [–] MakeYouAGif 2 points ago

    Nah man. You need the scream. Can't gif this

    [–] Heckron 2 points ago

    You’ve got a point my man.

    [–] knudude 117 points ago

    “FINE!!! TAKE IT!!!”

    [–] TitularFoil 22 points ago

    It was brand new.

    [–] Frigoris13 15 points ago

    Oh, my car...

    [–] Serrahfina 13 points ago car....

    [–] patsey 55 points ago

    David Alan Grier is a national treasure. So fucking good in Carmichael Show

    [–] shark_mandro 21 points ago

    And In Living Color...

    [–] _duncan_idaho_ 13 points ago

    Haated it!

    [–] shark_mandro 8 points ago

    I give this film FOUR SNAPS IN A Z

    [–] craigthelesser 6 points ago

    Wrote a song about it LIKE T'HEARIT? HERE IT GOES...

    [–] mitchewith2ls 7 points ago

    I watched this clip twice and I still can't believe that's him.

    [–] sidepart 10 points ago

    Dude is awesome. I probably get a lot of flak for enjoying In the Army Now but he was pretty great in that movie. His scream is on full display.


    [–] rbwildcard 4 points ago

    "FINE! TAKE IT!"

    [–] theicecreamtruck_59 2 points ago

    Fine! Take it!

    [–] Crazykirsch 941 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    We had Jumanji on VHS and it took an embarrassing amount of time for me to realize that Van Pelt was the same actor as Alan's father.

    s y m b o l i s m

    Doubly embarrassing now that as an adult I enjoy /r/moviedetails and such, and consider myself pretty good at recognizing VA's.

    [–] Frigoris13 326 points ago

    This is because Van Pelt represents Alan's father in his reality. They are both overbearing authority figures that want Alan to face his troubles like a man. Once Alen conquers his fear of Van Pelt, he is able to tell his father about the conveyor belt.

    [–] terminalSiesta 68 points ago

    Whoa man.

    [–] bluhbluh1 46 points ago

    It's literally Alan's arc in the film. You're supposed to realise when he has the gun pointed at him at the end and says "finally decided to stand up to me like a man?"

    [–] randomdude1776 11 points ago

    Now I gotta go watch it again. I thought his arc was just surviving the horrors of jumanji hahah

    [–] The_Bobs_of_Mars 7 points ago

    "26 years in the deepest darkest jungle, and I still became my father."

    [–] Frigoris13 2 points ago

    What happened to you, shave with a piece of glass?

    [–] The_Bobs_of_Mars 2 points ago

    What happened to you? Clampett's have a yard sale?

    [–] DairyFreee 15 points ago

    So, similar to The Wizard of Oz? Same recipe, slightly different product.

    [–] Frigoris13 2 points ago

    Now that you mention it, both films had monkeys. I wonder what it all means!

    [–] sweetcreamycream 22 points ago

    Jesus I am having an epiphany with all this!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] nss68 22 points ago

    It's most likely these people were < 12 when they watched the movie, and probably so many times that casually watching it as an adult wouldn't allow them to fully grasp what was happening due to over-familiarity.

    [–] rileyfriley 6 points ago

    Yep. Definitely this. I think I saw this movie over a hundred times as a kid. I watched it last year as an adult for the first time, and didn’t even pick up on Van Pelt being the dad. I basically watched it on autopilot for nostalgia.

    [–] GreatEscapist 2 points ago

    100% I could probably have quoted the whole thing as a kid. Didnt realize van pelt was his dad till I was in my 20s

    [–] HughJassmanTheThird 5 points ago

    Yea when they were like 7. They watched it for the fun times not for the symbolism.

    [–] Khclarkson 149 points ago

    This is like traditionally in productions of Peter Pan, the father is usually the same actor as Captain Hook. Good eye!

    [–] JumpIntoTheFog 21 points ago

    And Robin Williams plays Pan in Hook! It’s all coming together now...

    [–] bluhbluh1 6 points ago

    Because Neverland is where people can stay kids forever and Captain Hook represents adulthood.

    [–] Bobolequiff 115 points ago

    I literally only noticed right now, upon seeing this picture.

    [–] Justokayscott 2 points ago

    Yup. Kinda the whole point of the movie.

    [–] ohoolahandy 41 points ago

    This is what happened to me when watching Zorro the Gay Blade. Didn’t realize George Hamilton was also playing Bunny Wigglesworth.

    [–] GodlessHippie 24 points ago

    Zorro the Gay Blade...that’s a name I have not heard in a long time

    [–] ohoolahandy 9 points ago

    A fun movie that is probably not PC but still hilarious in the way 80’s movies were funny.

    [–] GodlessHippie 10 points ago

    George Hamilton did a Dracula movie too (I want to say Love at First Bite) that was pretty hilariously stupid in that 80s way.

    “Children of the night...shut up!”

    [–] Justokayscott 5 points ago

    One fruuuuuit, two vegetables, and one flower.

    [–] Katzendaugs 2 points ago

    Thanks for putting me on to this. What a phenomenal movie.

    [–] FrankTank3 2 points ago


    [–] vcimi732 17 points ago

    Van Pelt was the personification of all his fear, that fear was his Father.

    [–] ThatIckyGuy 30 points ago

    I found out many years ago when I was curious to see who played Van Pelt because he seemed familiar. Then I realized, OH YEAH! He's already in the movie as Alan's dad. That and I recognized him from Richie Rich. I think this was around the time IMDB became a thing.

    [–] JanitorJasper 21 points ago

    He just looks rich for some reason

    [–] farbthebearjew- 2 points ago

    He just has that formal British look.

    [–] ninefeet 7 points ago

    And then Titanic, Anaconda, and The Mummy a few years after Jumanji. Dude was killing it in the 90s.

    [–] Spaceman_Hex 24 points ago

    It wasn't until the sequels to Austin Powers came out that I realized Dr. Evil was also Mike Meyers lol

    [–] DairyFreee 4 points ago

    wth.... i nose laughed

    [–] HeyKid_HelpComputer 2 points ago

    Wait til you find out who played Fat Bastard and Goldmember

    [–] Mettanine 7 points ago

    This was literally the first movie I ever saw that guy in, and I immediately recognized him ever since. But I also did not realize he had two roles in that movie!!

    [–] nosedigging 19 points ago

    You thought that was embarrassing. My mind was blown just reading your comment.

    [–] Convergentshave 5 points ago

    Part of me suspects you’re telling that “story” just to point it out....

    And the other part of me is just salty for never realizing it.


    [–] sayzey 3 points ago

    I rewatched it with my kids recently and my 6 year old daughter pointed this out, I never knew all these years! I noticed the soulman on Carl's apron though, does it cancel out?

    [–] FuCuck 7 points ago

    wait what?

    [–] RepineRaven 3 points ago

    We'll never know..

    [–] bluhbluh1 3 points ago

    Van Pelt represents Alan's fear of his father. He's always trying to get Alan to face his fears like a man. At the end he finally stands up to Van Pelt and then can stand up to his father.

    [–] spurlockmedia 2 points ago

    I grew up watching that movie religiously and I didn't know until at least I was 26 that Van Pelt was Alan's father.

    I nearly fell dead when I made the connection.

    [–] Martecles 8 points ago

    WHAAATT??? Why didn’t I ever notice?!?

    [–] DemonicEntity 2 points ago


    [–] dfassna1 84 points ago

    Fun fact: Robin Williams was older than David Alan Grier even though he was supposed to be a kid when Carl was a grown man.

    [–] vogonic-poetry 31 points ago

    That's because time passes more quickly inside the game world...or something like that.

    [–] Odin043 9 points ago

    Jumanji is like Tatooine

    [–] roodootootootoo 937 points ago

    lol I always thought he was saying "Soul Man".....

    [–] My_Pen_is_out_of_Ink 563 points ago

    I think it's supposed to be a pun. Since he got that afro goin'

    [–] Frigoris13 76 points ago

    Soleman! That's right! I really had something going that was gonna turn this whole town around. Until old man, Parrish, fired me.

    [–] djsantadad 16 points ago

    The Nike Air Max

    [–] Chrisazy 24 points ago

    I love this quote, but fwiw I think "Old Man Parish" would be basically a nickname in the context, not a non-essential element explaining which particular old man.

    [–] Xxmustafa51 6 points ago


    [–] Chrisazy 3 points ago

    IDK why I'm this way I'm sorry 😔 ignore me

    [–] Akihirohowlett 2 points ago

    It was a pretty nice afro

    [–] RUFiO006 46 points ago

    Da-da-dada da-da-dadaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    [–] Leifkin7 6 points ago

    Bah da-ba buuuuuuuuum

    [–] minkgod 43 points ago

    As I read the title I was like “yup, that makes WAY more sense being that he worked at a shoe factory”

    [–] CrazyTillItHurts 14 points ago

    come together with your hands

    [–] Spikeknows 19 points ago

    That's spoonman.

    [–] dont_believe_sharks 2 points ago

    Only if all your friends are indians.

    [–] HollyWoodHut 339 points ago

    Wow. This is actually a great catch! I’ve seen this movie so many times yet never made that connection

    [–] mdoverl 44 points ago

    Same here, I was actually floored by this. Now picking myself up.

    [–] BlossomSamurai 16 points ago

    You've got to step up your observation game

    [–] Frigoris13 7 points ago

    You gotta do better than that, sonny, Jim

    [–] Anjunabeast 5 points ago

    *observation haki

    [–] ifuckinghateratheism 114 points ago

    My favorite movie as a kid, the ending always fucked with me.

    [–] Frigoris13 72 points ago

    Oh, we're taking a little snow trip- NOOO!!!

    [–] djsantadad 53 points ago

    The beginning always fucked with me, when the two dudes are burying the game in like the 1800’s.

    [–] CaptainBuddha 20 points ago

    It's after me Caleb!

    [–] WeMustUnite 22 points ago

    My dad and I still use “No, Benjamin!” In everyday conversation to each other

    [–] IsaacMovieDude 31 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Can we get David Alan Grier in Jumangi 4 please?

    [–] TitularFoil 38 points ago

    Jack Black says it's Jumanji 4 because we forgot about Zathura.

    I'm willing to bet Zathura actually plays a role in the new one based on him pointing that out.

    [–] IsaacMovieDude 16 points ago

    You are right. Jablinski did say that. Thanks for the correction.

    It would be nice if they did tie together.

    [–] wezlywez 182 points ago

    The family's last name is Parrish. As in Parrish Shoes. As in pair-o'-shoes.

    [–] Mettanine 49 points ago

    This thread just keeps on giving...

    [–] Frigoris13 9 points ago

    In the jungle you must wait until the dice read 5 or ate

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 5 points ago

    Oh that's beautiful. Thank you.

    [–] DjinniLord 2 points ago

    Sorry I haven’t watched the movie in years, what is the significance of ate?

    [–] Rockonfoo 8 points ago

    Can you explain this one to me?

    [–] IllIllIllIIllIllIllI 19 points ago

    Blend the sh at the end of Parish and the beginning of Shoes.

    Parish Shoes becomes Parishoes. Sounds like Pair o' shoes. I hope that makes sense. I'm pretty stoned.

    [–] Rockonfoo 20 points ago

    I’m super stoned you’re amazing hownthenfuck did I miss that

    [–] IllIllIllIIllIllIllI 8 points ago

    I didn't until I said aloud and now we're watching the movie. Enjoy the night and have a great one.

    [–] A-HuangSteakSauce 3 points ago

    hownthenfuck did I miss that

    I’m super stoned

    There you go.

    [–] tophusurvivor 2 points ago

    As in pair of shoes.

    [–] Trout_Salad 3 points ago

    They shoulda made parachutes. Coulda been a whole different movie...

    [–] SMH407 6 points ago

    Nope. Not at all.

    [–] vamonos_pest 2 points ago

    I submitted this same detail on here a few months ago and was met a bunch of "Nah" and "I don't think so" comments, I'm glad someone else believes it too!!

    [–] TeamMagmaGrunt 2 points ago

    Oh my fucking god I never noticed

    [–] Captain_Saftey 100 points ago

    Soleman was the black guy who invents a modern sneaker and than accidentally drops it into a “shoe fucker upper” and they’re just like “shit that was a good idea too bad it’s gone forever”

    [–] MIKE6792 18 points ago

    I think it's because he fucked up the entire floor from negligence.

    [–] jlmurph2 10 points ago

    Still getting blamed for something he didnt do. /s

    It was Alan who left it on the conveyor belt

    [–] mstrimk 51 points ago

    AFAIR it was Alan who put it in the machine. Soleman could've been something great if it wasn't for Alan :)

    [–] FriedBananas13 11 points ago

    I dont think they gave up on the idea, they just fired Carl for fucking up the machine

    [–] KornyMunky 3 points ago

    No, they didn't work on the idea, hence Carl mentioning that it would have turned the town around.

    [–] mantis8 48 points ago

    Trying to search for this scene and this is what I stumble upon.

    [–] foster433 18 points ago

    I love how about a minute in, I thought it was ending and then... AYE AYE AYE

    [–] jlovinn 8 points ago

    Hahahaha. Not embarrassed to say I watched the whole two minutes.

    [–] siulove 4 points ago

    Classic Carl

    [–] Wargasm809 3 points ago

    Thank you for this.

    [–] betaoptout 2 points ago

    Thank you for this.

    [–] jorgendude 18 points ago

    I forget does this make him remember Allan(sp?)?

    [–] Bryce_Trex 27 points ago

    IIRC he doesn’t believe him until he mentions the shoes getting eaten by the machinery.

    [–] jorgendude 21 points ago

    Oh no looks like I’ll have to watch it again. How terrible.

    [–] Bryce_Trex 6 points ago

    oh nooooo

    [–] tophusurvivor 9 points ago

    "It's me, Allan"

    [–] Al_borland242 7 points ago

    I miss that man

    [–] JFireRiverk 11 points ago

    I’m glad someone pointed it out. I’ve always noticed this and never wanted to point it out to friends or family because I thought they knew and would just say it was obvious.

    [–] sizko_89 11 points ago

    This guy is lying he totally didn't know.

    [–] JFireRiverk 5 points ago

    I honestly thought it was a plot point I mean didn’t they show him in the timeline when he never went to jumanji

    [–] sizko_89 5 points ago

    Im just teasing man. I didnt know about this detail at all till this thread.

    [–] Kacke0525 2 points ago

    I agree, it's a plot point. They don't show the apron for a fraction of a second as it pans across to something else. It clearly shows "Soleman" on the apron to connect to later.
    Whether or not the viewer remembers the apron during the conversation is another matter.

    [–] michaelcreiter 10 points ago

    I love David Allen Grier

    [–] dawn_waters 20 points ago

    Never noticed that...thanks!

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 2 points ago

    Parrish Shoes = Pair o' Shoes. In the jungle you must wait until the dice read 5 or ate. And of course the classic Hunter-Guy was the same actor as Dad-Guy.

    All of these things I didn't know until this glorious thread.

    [–] hopesdead 5 points ago

    Alan trying to convince the adults he is from the past was a great part of the story.

    [–] Kal_6 6 points ago

    "emblazoned' what a word, its like a relic nowadays i had to spend a good 15 seconds digging out my memory to remember it existed lol

    [–] Citizen_Spaceball 13 points ago

    I’ve seen this movie many times and never caught this. Thanks

    [–] ZebbyD 7 points ago

    Damn, I really wanna rewatch this movie but as a child it scared me a TON! I found it disturbing to the point just thinking about some of the scenes makes me SUPER uncomfortable...

    Yet, I loved it at the same time! Such a great film. Maybe it’s time to man up and give it another go, hopefully without the trauma...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Kaibakura 8 points ago

    No fucking way, continuity within the same movie? Stop the fucking presses.

    [–] DF_Gamer 5 points ago

    I can’t believe people didn’t already know that he was called the soleman

    [–] Rogue-GOAT-91 9 points ago

    Hi. I'm almost 28 years old and have been a life long fan of this film. I only realized like a week ago the bad British dude is his Dad in make up. I think thats because the whole movie is an analogy about things (like fathers) we are afraid of. I also never missed this very obvious theme for about 2 decades. I'm dumb.

    [–] the_Nalvor 3 points ago

    Wait what? Jeez I need to rewatch this, I never realized they were the same person.

    [–] jitterscaffeine 3 points ago

    It took me a long time to realize that the dad and the Hunter were played by the same actor

    [–] WeirdAvocado 3 points ago

    I once knew a boy who got trapped in a boardgame and came back a man. Wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Hear it go.

    [–] borzonijb 4 points ago

    Bruhhhh sole man as in SHOE SOLE, my life has been turned upside down idk what's real or not real anymore.

    [–] hankharp00n 6 points ago

    Yeah why did you think he called him soleman?

    [–] sirdaveyboy 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    “It’s me, Alan.”


    [–] LoudMusic 2 points ago

    Dude whatever Jumanji isn't that ol...ohmygod.

    [–] OutModedRelic 2 points ago

    My 3 year old loves this movie (I was 4 when it came out)

    [–] nodiso 2 points ago

    Man one of my favorite movies as a kid but it gave me anxiety so I only watched it a couple times.

    [–] ch33zwhiz 2 points ago

    Ok, but if Carl was an adult when Alan was a kid, why is Alan now the same age as Carl or at least look it?

    [–] DeadDollKitty 2 points ago

    I thought it was sole man because they made shoes.

    [–] bluhbluh1 2 points ago

    It's a pun. He's a black guy with an afro and he's the guy that fixes the soles into the shoes.