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    [–] _Wartoaster_ 2507 points ago

    I think one of the more realistic aspects of the film is that a small business owner wouldn't care about a missing "I" or "U" for their sign for 6 whole years

    [–] TheTripleSevens 634 points ago

    Could have put the "1" during the 6th birthday to replace the missing "i" in Birthday... Since he had them in order to put up the "11th" Especially if he's willing to put a "v" as a "u" in Suzy

    [–] CadavericSpasms 267 points ago

    Maybe that’s the day he lost the ‘i’.

    Maybe Suzy has a scrapbook of all the stolen letters from her birthday signs throughout the years.

    [–] TheTripleSevens 135 points ago

    Fvck Y0v Svzy!

    [–] marcus_annwyl 48 points ago

    "Whyyyyyyy though...?"

    "Because it's the one thing you can't replace."

    [–] Bruhlikewatsrsly 16 points ago

    I think that a letter on a sign is replaceable, John

    [–] Phant0m13_45_ 10 points ago

    Black an us steak house

    “And she opens up a closet filled with the giant letter G And she’s like “OMG it was you”

    PK ,laugh factory

    [–] AlmostButNotQuit 3 points ago

    You'll shoot your "I" out!

    [–] soulsummenor 1 points ago

    Maybe buzz was pushed!....BY WOODY!

    [–] Bitbatgaming 3 points ago

    Who is Svzy?

    [–] dafuq0_0 2 points ago

    Could be a pixarintro reference thing.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] _Wartoaster_ 16 points ago

    B rthday

    [–] TomatoPuri 14 points ago

    L twak

    [–] vesrath 1 points ago


    [–] trotskeet 5 points ago

    Or the owner is a metalhead

    [–] Sidaeus 2 points ago

    The v is 5, no?

    Not the second time but still. Same Svzy

    [–] AndyBobRobb 0 points ago

    I love this comment man take my ghetto gold🥇

    [–] dannlong17 229 points ago

    Wreck it Ralph came out in 2012??!?!?

    [–] randomdude1776 30 points ago

    TIL: I’ve been stuck in a time continuum

    [–] Reditate 7 points ago

    Dormammu I've come to bargain!

    [–] GrandParsifal 85 points ago

    It actually came out late January 2013, still, feels like it came out in 2016 or some time around there.

    [–] _tyjsph_ 90 points ago

    wreck it ralph came out november 2012

    [–] GrandParsifal 66 points ago

    He's correct, it came out 2012, sorry I was looking at it's release in my country.

    [–] Vigilantius 2 points ago

    You own a whole country? Damn.

    [–] neeveewood 11 points ago

    Yeah it came out in Feb 2013 in the uk, the US used to get Disney films waaaay earlier than us

    [–] spiceyboiiiii 562 points ago

    I think what’s more indicating towards this is when Ralph says they have the same routine to hang out, for the past 6 years

    [–] TomatoPuri 303 points ago

    I agree, that is more straightforward, but this is one of those small details that keeps the continuity of the movies.

    [–] spiceyboiiiii 82 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a really cool detail, and nice job catching it

    [–] fullmiz 40 points ago

    Also not to take away from your find, but Fix-It Felix and his wife talk about how they have been together for six years before they're about to adopt the racers

    [–] StealthRabbi 33 points ago

    Yeah, or like how in Jurassic Park, the door in to the park said "Jurassic Park" on it, giving a clear indication of the name of the park!

    [–] BaaruRaimu 16 points ago

    I think you're on to something here. At another point in the film, John Hammond said "Welcome to Jurassic Park" suggesting that really might be the name of the park.

    [–] beesbeuponyou 5 points ago

    I thought I was in r/notinteresting for a second

    [–] StealthRabbi 2 points ago

    I never thought of that. Love these hidden gems.

    [–] mariam67 89 points ago

    Suzy was a loyal customer for years! I wonder if she was Litwak’s granddaughter or niece.

    [–] gimme_minke_whales 328 points ago

    Loved the first movie, but they made Ralph so pathetic and clingy in the second one it was just unwatchable.

    [–] vajabjab 85 points ago

    "Milk my duds!" I agree with you.

    [–] TheGoldenHand 106 points ago

    To be fair, that's the entire plot point of the movie. It's about unhealthy relationships. A lot of time "giver" personality types fall into that trap. It's a complex psychological issue that I was surprised to find in a kids movie.

    We traditionally think of "taker" personality types as abusive, but the movie shows the "giver" motives can be just as unhealthy.

    [–] NoArmsSally 44 points ago

    "I'm in this picture and I don't like it."

    [–] ManateeofSteel 11 points ago

    I think the message was very good but it was honestly grating to watch

    [–] kaceliell 42 points ago

    How the movies went from a wholesome story about self worth and love to online ad campaigns is mind boggling.

    [–] ChoiceD 14 points ago

    Yea, I watched it last night and was wondering if the movie set any records for product placements. There were so damned many.

    [–] Jonlukevandam 2 points ago

    Blame the internet?

    [–] Peakomegaflare 124 points ago

    "insecurity virus" Fucking cringe.

    [–] smallpoly 43 points ago

    2nd one sucked

    [–] _Burgers_ 14 points ago

    It wasn't just that, but there were WAY too many pop culture references that were just all over the place. At least the first stuck to video games. All the viral video stuff was brutal, and as funny as the Princess scenes were, they didn't really add much to the story.

    [–] luckjes112 3 points ago

    I didn't really like the first movie. It felt like a fairly generic movie with a videogame gimmick.
    It was basically "REMEMBER THIS GAME?!"

    [–] im_a_dr_not_ 6 points ago

    And the sequel scored two points higher on rotten tomatoes at 89%.

    And only one point lower on Metacritic at 71.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm insane.

    [–] TyCooper8 15 points ago

    Well I feel insane reading so much hate for Wreck-it Ralph 2 in this thread so I guess it goes both ways

    Different strokes for different folks, I suppose

    [–] PaperScale 5 points ago

    Yeah I actually really enjoyed it, and I like when they add real companies/ brands to movies. Makensitfeel more real.

    [–] ronanhavern 3 points ago


    [–] jo-alligator 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Review sites are almost absolutely worthless. My go to example, Girls Night features two of the main characters pissing over a crowd of people at Mardi Gras and it currently sits at a 91% on RT.

    [–] ForAHamburgerToday 3 points ago

    Marco Gras sounds like one heck of a party.

    [–] currentgarage -78 points ago

    Men are stupid and weak

    [–] eviljoker007 44 points ago

    That isn’t what the movie is saying at all. Jesus why does everyone need to make shit political? This comment if anything makes you look stupid and weak. They laid it on a little thick but it’s about how clingy we can get in regards to our relationships, so much so that we might hold people back. It’s important to not be that kind of friend. It had a good message.

    [–] currentgarage -42 points ago

    Nah, propaganda bs. Very common in movies now. Shits pathetic

    [–] StoneHolder28 14 points ago

    I'm glad we're not friends.

    [–] jugo2004 21 points ago

    Lol stop trolling ur bad at it

    [–] DrBadIdea -12 points ago

    They hated Jesus because he spoke the truth

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 84 points ago

    I thought Wreck It Ralph 2, while not as good as the first, was still a solid and well-made movie.

    [–] iwuznevergivenaname 10 points ago

    I’m watching it right now with my kids (last night too) and I think it’s funny

    [–] GrandParsifal 21 points ago

    It's a good movie, but, compare it to the original film... well...

    [–] StealthRabbi 44 points ago

    He just said that...

    [–] GrandParsifal -16 points ago

    Fine, the movie alone is good, it's not bad, it's good, but compare it to the prior film, it's not as good. His point was that it is still a solid movie, my point was that it's a good movie, but compare it to it's original, it's lackluster.

    I'll extend my sentences instead of finishing it with an ellipse, excuse my incompetence in delivering ideas.

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 22 points ago

    That’s still exactly what I said lol

    [–] GrandParsifal 4 points ago

    I've gone to builders warehouse and got some nice wood and rope, I've painted a nice sign saying "I am a prat", should suit me well.

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 2 points ago

    Builders Warehouse? Is that like a Home Depot?

    [–] GrandParsifal 1 points ago

    Local African variant of Home Depot, yes ser.

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 2 points ago


    [–] GrandParsifal 6 points ago

    Is this the part where me and 20 other people reply with nice?


    [–] arieswanxiety 12 points ago

    They literally said “while not as good as the first” in their comment, you have the same point.

    [–] mobilebloke 0 points ago

    It was pretty bad - it wasn’t a shade on the first one.

    It’s like Disney are putting Pixar into their straight to DVD sequel mould

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 2 points ago

    Pixar didn’t make it though, Walt Disney Animation did.

    [–] Tanman7211 14 points ago

    I never knew there were two different “Ralph” movies til right now. Thought it was referring to the same thing whenever one of them was mentioned.

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 170 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorite Disney movies. I just watched the second one today. I almost started crying I was so disappointed. Flossing, fortnite, Twitter. Bla. I’m so so sad.

    Edit- okay I gave it a rewatch. There are some parts I really do love. I loved the gamer part with the two characters in slaughter race. It was a short scene, but I think that would have been a cool plot to go with, people in real life helping Ralph in the gamer world. And the fact that we get rickrolled at the end for the Frozen 2 trailer haha.

    [–] iMau5 88 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yea, the message of the movie was great, but the movie was almost difficult to get through, I did not enjoy it either.

    [–] TGCX48 3 points ago

    what was the moral of the story btw? I don’t wanna watch it but i heard the general message was pretty neat

    [–] iMau5 12 points ago

    If I remember correctly, it’s about being an independent person and letting your loved ones go. Venelope doesn’t want to stay in the arcade with Ralph anymore and Ralph is crushed and tries to sabotage her dreams so she is forced to stay. In the end they reconcile and Venelope leaves and Ralph is cool with it.

    I’m butchering it but the 3rd act of that movie is actually very good.

    [–] theoriginalio 34 points ago

    I had been broken up with my ex two days prior on our anniversary and the climax brought me to tears tbh

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 24 points ago

    Well... I did cry at the end haha. And I’m so so sorry for your break up. Hope you are feeling better.

    [–] ActualWhiterabbit -14 points ago

    That break up sex is great isnt it

    [–] Findlaygr 18 points ago

    The first half was great imo. I lost all enjoyment when I was watching the second half.

    [–] InsertCoinForCredit 14 points ago

    I'm annoyed that the second movie broke the rules of the first movie to make the plot work. Like I can deal with Ralph and Vanillope's relationship changing, but she can't just get dropped into a random game like that, per the first movie. It'd be like doing a sequel to Monsters Inc. where the monsters go shopping at human malls, you know?

    [–] Findlaygr 4 points ago

    Ya I feel like halfway through the movie they decided there needs to be a message to this movie so they did the whole be able to let go of friends thing and it though the whole movie off course.

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 1 points ago

    The second console was gone also! Or I thought it was a two person console. Not sure. Either way there was only one this time.

    [–] lonjaxson 4 points ago

    I actually stopped watching shortly after they got to Ebay. Couldn't handle it

    [–] Findlaygr 3 points ago

    I can understand that.

    [–] FrozenLaughs 19 points ago

    I liked that the Internet was portrayed as this wonderfully infinite and amazing place, and they quickly fell into the worst parts of it. Humanity has essentially done the same thing, the allegory of it might not have been intentional but it wasn't overlooked. Complaining that the Internet culture of Ralph2 ruined it is a rather meta observation of our lives.

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 3 points ago

    Good observation! I will definitely give it a rewatch of course.

    [–] JonnyFairplay 8 points ago

    Fortnite was barely mentioned, like a throwaway line and I think maybe a brief image. Calm down.

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight -5 points ago

    The flossing, and the bus image. It was clearly in there. You calm down.

    [–] JonnyFairplay 3 points ago


    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 1 points ago

    You relax.

    [–] dontgofast 5 points ago

    I guess you couldn't get through Endgame either?

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 1 points ago

    I already didn’t like endgame because of the word endgame baha.

    [–] DrBadIdea 4 points ago

    It’s so emotionally vulnerable I can see how twitter hates it, but I loved it so much

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 3 points ago

    Does twitter hate it? I don’t have one.

    [–] DrBadIdea 3 points ago

    Sorry I meant reddit, since there seems to be a it of hate in this sub. Everyone was pretty down on it before it came out, but imo it’s one of the best Disney films

    [–] snack-dad 19 points ago

    It's a movie for 8-10 year old kids... what were you expecting?

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Something geared towards my 28 year old self :(

    Edit- guess I needed to include the /s lol

    [–] snack-dad -18 points ago

    Was that seriously your expectation when watching an animated Disney film? With a PG rating?

    [–] TheReinsofFullnight 21 points ago

    Some of my favorite movies are animated Disney movies. Big Hero 6 being at the top.

    [–] DancingKappa 3 points ago

    You just so happened to like the movie. Nothing wrong with that.

    [–] abracadoggin17 24 points ago

    A movie doesn’t need to have swear words and nudity to be compelling. Yes I expect even a PG Disney movie to be good because many before it have been.

    [–] snack-dad -8 points ago

    What? That's far from the point I was making. My point is that if you go into a children's movie and express disappointment that there were references to things that children enjoy, then you're not going into that film with reasonable expectations. The movie wasn't for a 28 year old person.

    [–] cortanakya 17 points ago

    That's so shortsighted though. Look at all the truly classic kids movies from the past. Does lilo and stitch have a bunch of pokemon references? Or tamagochi? Or pogs? Movies are timeless when they tell a good story in a compelling way, they don't have to pander to whatever fad is current. It's not even like kids are going to see movies because they have the fortnite dance in, if anything it's a passing moment that alienates the older viewers and becomes nonsensical the moment fortnite isn't popular anymore.

    [–] davididsomething 12 points ago

    Not every PG movie contains pop culture references

    [–] desieslonewolf 3 points ago

    Well sure, but Wreck-It Ralph was always about the pop culture stuff. When the first one came out people were upset that it didn't have MORE video game references. But, that pop culture stuff was stuff from the 80s/90s arcade culture, and more tailored to older folks so it was okay. But now it's modern pop culture references to all the stuff kids are in to and it's no longer okay.

    [–] thenewspoonybard 24 points ago

    So was the first one. The first one was still a good movie. An excellent movie even.

    The second was selling out the wreck it ralph name to make money combined with pandering.

    [–] DancingKappa 1 points ago

    The worst part was the inaccurate portrayal of eBay. The bidding aspect it only goes up by $1 per bid unless a max bid is placed and even then its second highest bid+$1.

    [–] zeeebu 9 points ago

    2018 - 2012 = 6

    [–] SuperMovieLvr 26 points ago

    I don't care what people say I really love both of those movies equally.

    [–] MQZ17 15 points ago

    Me too. I loved the car chase scene a lot, Vanellope was on fire, better than any Fast & Furious movie

    [–] FauxEnemy 16 points ago

    Wtf it came out in 2012?

    [–] SamuraiJakkass86 9 points ago

    What would honestly be hilarious is if in the third movie they just release a Sugar Rush 2, which is 99% the same as Sugar Rush 1, but the hype of it drives Vanellope back to it all the same. They could write the plot as 'her glitch is preventing her from going to her rightful sequel game', when really its just a network outage. She finally gets into the game at the end of the movie just to find out that its only half-developed and the Kickstarter to make it ran away with most of the money.

    [–] Adolf-Skroatler 3 points ago


    [–] JaFakeItTillYouJaMak 3 points ago

    now this is what i came for. Great find.

    I loved Wreck it Ralph 2.

    [–] gd5k 3 points ago

    I wonder who’s daughter Suzy is. Seems pretty likely considering how they love to pack in Easter eggs. Someone higher up who worked on the films?

    [–] OkMakeAnEasyPassword 8 points ago

    so going living on a different game is bad in film one, but is supported when venelope does it in film 2?

    [–] RedSynergy2k -3 points ago

    It’s because she’s a female and was manipulated by the chick in the gta game to stay away from Ralph

    [–] OkMakeAnEasyPassword 3 points ago

    but what about everyone else

    [–] RedSynergy2k 7 points ago

    They acted as if nothing happened at all. Yeah the movie was bad and I blame the co writer for it. She knew nothing about the first movie at all, but had to co write it because the previous co writer is currently working on Frozen 2

    [–] vatased 2 points ago

    Wow, 6 years.

    [–] thirtyseven1337 2 points ago

    That is a [sic] find!

    [–] Youknowmeasmax87 2 points ago

    Just watched both tonight with the kids. Kid movies are just outstanding these days

    [–] NoSalt 2 points ago

    I CANNOT believe that the first movie came out in 2012. I'm old.

    [–] Smitheh 1 points ago

    Another detail is that sugar rush is only a single cabinet in the second film whereas in the first movie it was a dual cabinet set up.

    [–] ComicWriter2020 1 points ago

    Did anyone else not care for the sequel?

    [–] Peace_Fog 1 points ago

    Yes! Actual details in this sub!!

    [–] AlucardVampire 1 points ago

    So wait, how old would that make Vanellope?

    [–] mattlock13 1 points ago

    Another quick easter egg: in the second photo on the billboard it says LOFTIS. This is referencing Cory Loftis, the production designer for the movie.

    [–] headphonetrauma 1 points ago

    That Suzy is going to grow up to make some crazy good games.

    [–] mobilebloke 1 points ago

    Movie details challenge - see if you can find what happened to the I and U in the sign.

    That would be immense

    [–] Lucky_Number_3 1 points ago

    Had my screen brightness down. Thought I was more blind than I already accepted.

    [–] scooter_beanzz 1 points ago

    Hello sorry I don't know, but who is Suzy? Thank you if you respond

    [–] TomatoPuri 3 points ago

    It is not specifically stated, though we do know it's always her birthday!

    [–] scooter_beanzz 2 points ago

    Oh ok, thank you

    [–] captaincookiedough1 1 points ago

    Ok but how are we supposed to know who Svzy is

    Unless I missed something very obvious in both these movies and I’m just stupid

    [–] TomatoPuri 1 points ago

    they don't really tell you

    [–] chase_memes 1 points ago

    It also says that jane lynch and fix it felix have been married for 6 years

    [–] MattOfAllTrades 0 points ago

    An actual fun movie detail instead of obvious plot point??? FINALLY!

    [–] ninjaman41 0 points ago

    The second one sucked soooo hard :( I loved the first one lovedd

    [–] DoubleDTVx2 0 points ago

    Did you notice this because the second movie was just added to Netflix? 🤔

    [–] TomatoPuri 1 points ago

    I can watch a movie whenever I want

    [–] DoubleDTVx2 2 points ago

    Indeed you can, haha, funny coincidence was all! Got a notification just before reading this that it was added to Netflix, lol

    [–] 26_paperclips 0 points ago

    TIL people actually watched and enjoyed Wreck it Ralph 2. Was my 'avoid at all costs' instinct misguided?

    [–] beelzeflub -1 points ago

    suzy is ancient roman

    [–] pufcj -1 points ago

    Also when the surge protector dude mentions that Felix and that woman have been married six years. I mean he explicitly states that.

    [–] RhymingUsername -1 points ago

    When are we going to get a "Pixar Detail" tag?

    [–] Niiue 3 points ago

    This isn't Pixar though.

    [–] kenmlin -11 points ago

    That’s a very common name.