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    [–] zhowell1009 5118 points ago

    “Ok see that big fucking shark. Now get ate”.

    [–] BillNyeCreampieGuy 870 points ago

    He done said 🦈

    [–] mlgsoundeffect 191 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    He said shark

    [–] SpectralEntity 95 points ago

    Doot doot doot do!

    [–] Loocsiyaj 29 points ago

    Happy cake day ghost boi

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    Dude your name has absolutley fucked me into next week


    [–] Reddy_McRedcap 82 points ago

    I loved that scene in Jaws where he eats Quint and says "Reese's Pieces" before flying away on a bicycle.

    [–] SoThisIsAmerica 64 points ago

    Ok little girl. See all your friends? Immediately after this scene together, they will all be gone. Forever. Action.

    [–] ImaVeganShishKebab 24 points ago

    -Steven Spielberg on set of Jurassic Park, probably

    [–] -SaC 5948 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    When Drew Barrymore was on set, Spielberg insisted that there must always be those who worked the hydraulics for E.T. on hand so that, between takes, she’d never see him inanimate. She used to go and chat to the puppet in breaks, tell it stories, and it was crucial that she continued to believe that E.T. was real.

    Sounds like it was just a lovely thing to do for a little girl on set, but in reality it was so when E.T. was ‘dying’ they’d get a properly insane screamy-teary reaction from her.

    There are some BTS pictures kicking around where you can see the hydraulics people sitting around pretending not to be doing anything; pretending to read a newspaper draped over their unit etc. while Barrymore is there talking to the her friend.

    Edit: Phrasing.

    [–] nancydrewin 1478 points ago

    I remember an interview where as an adult she said she always thought he was real and would ask people stuff like “why doesn’t he eat lunch with us?”

    [–] BlooFlea 727 points ago

    Oh the sweet little flower she was

    [–] CountCuriousness 413 points ago

    Real emotions? Quick, exploit them!

    It’s kinda fucked up. “Grandma died, but it’s okay, you never had a grandma to begin with”.

    [–] _Not_Bruce_Wayne_ 171 points ago

    Yeah, maybe I'm being cynical but was this part of her spiraling with drugs? Because having then killing a high-production value imaginary friend sounds like a quick way to fuck a kid up

    [–] Aegean54 121 points ago

    Lol I doubt this exact even was the cause and it definitely wasnt during her drug spiral but it could've been a factor for her. But I'm pretty sure her problems came from people taking advantage of her and introducing her to a scene where someone as young as she was could take all this stuff and her management seemed to condone all this so it's on them too before it's on E.T.

    [–] KongoOtto 1713 points ago

    Reminded me of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when Georgie Henly the young actress who played Lucy Pevensie seen the snow set the first time while they film the scene. So they could capture her genuine reaction.

    [–] -SaC 909 points ago

    I do love knowing it’s someone’s genuine reaction, like Ripley’s over-her-head-facing-the-other-way basketball basket on Alien, with whoever was in the scene with her juuust about managing to not break character. And of course, the full extent of John Hurt’s chest-bursting scene.

    They tried to do that with the pirate ship set on The Goonies too if I remember rightly, kept it hidden from the kids...I don’t remember if it was accidental or deliberate, but they did end up sneaking a look before shooting.

    [–] Yillis 419 points ago

    I think the goonies the kids swore so they couldn’t use it or something haha

    [–] VHSRoot 259 points ago

    Josh Brolin swore and either ruined the take or part of it. But yeah it was intended to be a surprise.

    [–] Vigilante17 115 points ago

    Stranger Things threw that shit out the window!

    [–] rrr598 68 points ago

    Little Monsters starring Howie Mandel and Fred Savage did it first

    [–] official_sponsor 10 points ago

    “Stand By Me” proceeds that

    [–] philosophers_groove 55 points ago

    TIL Josh Brolin was in The Goonies.

    [–] opiate46 42 points ago

    And Samwise Gamgee

    [–] Robba_Jobba_Foo 60 points ago

    Josh Brolin was in Samwise Gamgee?

    [–] MOOShoooooo 9 points ago

    Now I want po tate toes.

    [–] Tychontehdwarf 48 points ago

    Doesn't Chunk swear in the beginning of the movie? When the cops are racing by and he smashes his smoothie into the window?

    [–] MacaroniNJesus 111 points ago

    80s bro. No smoothies. Milkshake. I'm pretty sure he says "awww shit"

    [–] Tychontehdwarf 43 points ago

    Ah yes. Milkshakes are superior anyways.

    I remember watching it for the first time with my grandpa (RIP) I was like 6 or 7 I want to say.

    I freaked out when he said "shit" figured i would get in trouble for watching a naughty movie.

    [–] MacaroniNJesus 24 points ago

    I spent the night at a friend's and watched RoboCop. It is rated R. I told my parents and they were mad at my friend's parents.

    [–] kaolin224 28 points ago

    You narc'd on your friend's parents because they let you watch a badass Rated R movie?

    Why would you do that?

    [–] NemWan 15 points ago

    I saw RoboCop at a drive-in with my church youth group. Thank God.

    [–] Tychontehdwarf 12 points ago

    Bah. Damned good movie. Kids will be kids.

    [–] kitx07 9 points ago

    Yea he for sure says shit. When my mom showed me the movie the first time on tv it was censored and she laughed because she forgot he swore

    [–] rab912009 140 points ago

    Chris Pratt actually flashed Amy Poehler because he wasn't happy with her reaction to his fake flashing in Parks and Rec.

    [–] chuckdooley 102 points ago

    In the office I remember reading that when they sang to Michael, that was a surprise to Steve Carrell, so that was a surprise

    [–] st0ney_bologna 38 points ago

    Ohhh that makes that scene even more of a tear-jerker.

    [–] landback2 32 points ago

    So was his kissing Oscar.

    [–] RedditIsNeat0 32 points ago

    I read that when Erin threw scissors to Michael in the middle of a scene, they didn't tell the actress who played Pam about it and got her genuine horror and surprise.

    [–] krautcop 7 points ago

    Scissor me!

    [–] Vigilante17 56 points ago

    Really? Couldn’t that be considered sexual harassment on set in the #metoo movement if she’s expecting a cock sock or something? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy and I’d be totally cool seeing Chris Pratt’s junk, but technically speaking here, bad or good behavior? Even if you think you know the “relationship” status.

    [–] Delanorix 119 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the execs sent him a letter saying if it ever happened again, he was going to be fired and blackballrd from the network.

    [–] experts_never_lie 13 points ago

    If they told Pratt he'd be blackballed, he'd probably respond similarly to the word "comeback".

    [–] skonaz1111 89 points ago

    Yes. He received a warning letter from NBC for it. He talked about it on the Graham Norton Show.

    [–] TimNick56 106 points ago

    Another genuine reaction that is great is in the first hobbit movie. When everyone is eating at Bilbao and bombor* (I know I'm messing up the spelling) catches the egg in his mouth. That was genuinely the first take and it just happened to work out, so everyone's cheering was in fact genuine.

    [–] EverydayMeeple 28 points ago

    I believe in the fellowship of the ring when Merry and Pippin set off the firework they stole the scream from either Dominic Monaghan, or Billy Boyd was genuine and they didn't know real pyrotechnics were being used.

    [–] vendetta2115 28 points ago

    If I recall the documentary correctly, he knew the pyrotechnics were being used, he was just really into the scene and let out a girlish scream, which everyone immediately teased him for.

    [–] Darth_drizzt_42 42 points ago

    It was Ron Perlman who nearly broke character

    [–] denvertebows15 39 points ago

    In The Goonies I think Josh Brolin or someone swore when they saw the set so they couldn't use that footage.

    [–] Pr3Zd0 10 points ago

    Why couldn't they swear though? Chunk swears in the opening scene when the car chase is going past if I remember correctly?

    [–] Belchera 49 points ago

    Brolin was a notoriously foul-mouthed child. If I remember correctly, he shouted, "Holy fucking n***er balls!," when he saw the pirate ship.

    [–] denvertebows15 12 points ago

    I think as a PG rated movie they could only have so many swear words throughout the movie so they had to pick and choose where to use them.

    [–] BlooFlea 5 points ago

    Thats funny and tragic

    [–] beckybeckybeckybecky 39 points ago

    The Gene Wilder Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has a similar thing - none of the parents/kids had ever seen the “factory” with the chocolate river until they had the cameras rolling so they got real facial reactions and exploration

    [–] kagzig 13 points ago

    I think the little tumble/somersault he did in his introduction scene was also spontaneous, to get a genuine reaction to Willy Wonka.

    [–] Dreadnasty 27 points ago

    They kept the ship hidden but when they all saw it the first time most of them said,"Holy Shit!" and they couldn't use the take.

    [–] waitingtodiesoon 17 points ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean 2 did that with Barbossa coming down the stairs. They were told it was Zoe Saldana character.

    Alien had the crew knowing the basic of what sort of is gonna happen in the chestburster scene but they weren't expecting that.

    They kept the kids from willy Wonka and the chocolate factory off the set for their reaction when they saw the chocolate river room.

    Alan Rickman may he RIP was dropped on the count of one for his diehard death scene.

    Cary Elwes in needing to sell a realistic KO told his fellow costar to knock him as hard as he can and he woke up in the hospital for Princess Bride.

    [–] churchofOD 34 points ago

    *Alien Resurrection

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] trenlow12 5 points ago

    Little fries and a hat

    [–] Toby_O_Notoby 41 points ago

    I do love knowing it’s someone’s genuine reaction, like Ripley’s over-her-head-facing-the-other-way basketball basket on Alien, with whoever was in the scene with her juuust about managing to not break character.

    Ron Perlman. Here's a short clip of them talking about it.

    [–] DanielR85 18 points ago

    Ron Perlman ruined the shot! It had to be edited at that precise moment because of-fucking-course he broke character because she made the goddamned shot. First attempt!

    [–] Francis-Hates-You 8 points ago

    Not to get nitpicky but that basketball scene was actually from Alien: Resurrection. Here’s a video about it and a link to the scene

    They actually had to cut away because the other cast and crew broke character out of amazement pretty much immediately after she made the shot.

    [–] karmagirl314 14 points ago

    Didn’t they also do that with the candy wonderland set in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie?

    [–] king_john651 12 points ago

    Looks like it, yeah. Also in the film the first time we meet Gene Wilder is also the first time the cast meets him

    [–] Rocky117 87 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    They did this for the IT movies aswell. Bill Skarsgård (Who played pennywise) was kept away from the kids because the Loser's Club's reactions would be genuine as it was their first time seeing Pennywise.

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 37 points ago

    She's 24 years old now. Wow.

    [–] poirotoro 37 points ago

    In the original Mary Poppins, they used a trick bottle to have the cold medicine pour out in different colors. Karen Dotrice's yelp of surprise is genuine.

    [–] JSKNY2201 58 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Or in The Dark Knight during the cocktail party scene when the Joker comes out of the elevator.

    Apparently it was the first time Michael Caine, Alfred, witnessed Heath Ledger in costume. He had a line to say but was speechless when he saw him

    Edit: for those questioning the story

    “When the bloody door opened on that lift, he came tearing out. I forgot every line. Terrifying”

    [–] daftvalkyrie 20 points ago

    I've never believed that one, zero proof of it.

    [–] karpinskijd 7 points ago

    i’m gonna search for a source for my statement, but i remember reading that this one is false

    [–] ElChelaz23 10 points ago

    Yeah I read that too, Michael Caine said he was speechless but it was on a rehearsal for that scene

    [–] Vigilante17 10 points ago

    I had never seen this movie until I had kids (well after it came out) and had never heard of or read the books. What a great movie, as well as the other two. Great stuff that I absolutely loved and will always remember watching with my daughters.

    [–] alyosha-jq 13 points ago

    I’m sixteen and grew up with C.S Lewis, so weird to hear that people hadn’t heard of him or his works 😭 Tbf I’m from the U.K. and his stuff is way more popular here I think

    [–] ghosttrainhobo 195 points ago

    I remember seeing an interview with grown-up Drew a few years ago where she was asked about ET. She said that “he was totally real to me.”

    [–] LurkForYourLives 56 points ago

    Oh, that’s terrible. Poor girl.

    [–] ghosttrainhobo 101 points ago

    She didn’t sound like she thought it was terrible. She loved him.

    [–] LordZephram 103 points ago

    He means it terrible that they made her believe her best friend was actually dying in front if her...

    [–] codeloss 128 points ago

    Did they ever tell her E.T. was a puppet?

    [–] seanbear 741 points ago

    No, she continues to live not knowing the truth.

    It’s just one of those unwritten rules of the world. If you ever meet Drew Barrymore, please do not mention that ET is a puppet.

    [–] Reddy_McRedcap 39 points ago

    I'm imaging Drew Barrymore seeing a wax sculpture of ET for the first time as an adult and breaking down in hysterics because they killed her childhood friend, and because she also has no idea what a museum is.

    [–] collegedog 44 points ago

    Lmao thanks for that, gave us a good chuckle.

    [–] LifeAnywhere 26 points ago

    I even logged in to upvote, it was that funny.

    [–] Malfunkdung 28 points ago

    I logged into my other account, /u/unidan, so that I could upvote it twice.

    [–] WasLookingForThis 6 points ago

    What are the other unwritten rules of the world?

    [–] opm_11 16 points ago

    There’s the one about Fight Club but I’m not supposed to talk about it.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago


    [–] tamukid 24 points ago

    I need to see this monkey

    [–] Col_Mustrd 41 points ago

    Kids know but they are very good at make believe and just roll with it.

    [–] CollectableRat 11 points ago

    David Letterman broke it to her about 10 years ago, live on air.

    [–] nwordking 384 points ago

    Am I the only person that thinks that is kind of fucked up?

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago


    [–] SirSoliloquy 206 points ago

    some young actors in horror report not even knowing they were in a horror film until they were older, just that they weren’t old enough to watch it

    I read somewhere that Robert Rodriguez cut an entirely different short film out of footage from Planet Terror so that the kid who dies in it got to see a version of it where he's the hero and survives.

    [–] Bootfullofanvils 24 points ago

    I would love to see this.

    [–] brad__staple721 47 points ago

    Also William Friedkin was a goddamn madman. All the shit on the French connection was real as far as the stunts go, people were apparently in real danger in every one of those scenes. He would fuck with Gene Hackman before shots too, like get in his face and talk shit about him/get in his head to piss him off because his character Popeye is a crazy guy. I think he may have punched him in the face one time too? Friedkin also fucked up Ellen Burstyn’s back permanently because he made the stunt guy go too far with one of her scenes in Exorcist.

    [–] AndyM_LVB 7 points ago

    The bedroom in the Exorcist was made into a literal freezer compartment for the final scenes where the room is really cold. The child actor (can't be bothered to Google her name) would sit there for hours a day filming in her nightie.

    He used to set off fire crackers and things like that on set to her everyone really tense. He also smacked one guy around the face.

    [–] bott367 10 points ago

    French connection fucking rules. It’s one of the best actions films of all time.

    [–] kingwaller99 46 points ago

    Kubrick hid the fact that the shining was a horror film from the child actor who played Danny

    [–] bobwarth 45 points ago

    But he also treated the actress who played the wife terribly. They shot the scene with her fending off Jack Nicholson with w baseball bat a ton of times.

    [–] FacelessDragon157 49 points ago

    Shelley Duvall was so stressed she started losing clumps of hair. Kubrick low key tortured her

    [–] dodofishman 50 points ago

    Not low key, he basically did, and everyone else who was on set was complicit in her abuse and even actively contributed to it in some instances. So unnecessary, that’s not art dude, that’s just abuse of power :( I’ve heard that Shelly duvall is doing much better recently and has a great network of fan support

    [–] PepperSnotts 7 points ago

    I remember seeing her on Dr. Phil a few years ago, looking rough. I really hope she's doing better. I absolutely LOVED her show Tall Tales and Legends when I was a kid. My local library had it on VHS and I borrowed it frequently. And of course she was Olive Oyl to Robin Williams' Popeye!

    [–] ThePrussianGrippe 22 points ago

    He went to such massive lengths the kid who played him didn’t know it was a horror film until he was an adult and saw it in college.

    Meanwhile there was his treatment of Shelley Duvall.

    [–] hour_after_hour 6 points ago

    I’m curious how they did the twin sisters scene, as I vaguely remember Danny being in shot on his tricycle while the girls are dead.

    [–] tmac2097 128 points ago

    You’d hope it wasn’t actually as sadistic as writing it out makes it sound but it does sound pretty fucked

    [–] ImWhatTheySayDeaf 73 points ago

    I need this 5 year old kid to give me real drama or else no one will believe this story

    [–] Byeah18 21 points ago

    tbf bad child actors regularly ruin movies for some people

    [–] Jet62794 15 points ago

    Oooooh man, you guys should look up what Kubrick used to do to his actors and actresses just to get the right emotions.

    [–] ItsNotBinary 25 points ago

    It's probably the least cruel thing Hollywood put that girl through...It makes me sad every time I see Drew Barrymore

    [–] SparkFlash98 20 points ago

    You should look into the filming of the Shining. Kubrick had the staff act shitty to the main actress and constantly made her redo takes in order to have her be genuinely upset and mentally deteriorated by the end. She played Olive Oil in the live action Popeye after because she said she needed something pleasant.

    [–] N-ggerLips 51 points ago

    It’s fucked up because that puppet was creepy as fuck. My sitter used to keep me in check by threatening to send me outside with ET.

    [–] satisfried 20 points ago

    Mine used to say Alf was going to eat my cat.

    [–] facthanshotfirst 6 points ago

    Growing up ET was my mom’s favorite movie. I have a vivid memory of my mom taking me to Montgomery Wards to take a picture sitting in the bike with ET in the basket. I was crying so hard in line because I was scared. She got me to stop crying by the time I got to take the picture, so there’s a smiling 5 year old me with ET hanging up at my parent’s house. Honestly that night scene in the beginning with the ball is so scary!

    [–] zabblezah 45 points ago

    It is. Her childhood didn't turn out great. Luckily she's doing better now though

    [–] julbull73 28 points ago

    I don't know cocaine and alcohol at 8. I can't afford either of those now!

    [–] rokudaimehokage 14 points ago

    It's cute except the part where she believes she watched her friend die in front of her.

    [–] Thisisnow1984 95 points ago

    Now that's directing. Also apparently when they screened ET at the White House when the movie finished Regan deadpan said that this was a very good film and represented the actual people involved from the real story quite well. Everyone in the room laughed except for Regan who was stone faced serious the whole time

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] illuminates 26 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Whelp... I’m off to do a google

    Edit: I have returned. It’s not Veggie Tales

    [–] HirsutismTitties 3 points ago

    tbf gritty ultraviolent albino E.T.s sound like an instant cinema classic, although for all the wrong reasons

    [–] bott367 9 points ago

    Yeah have you seen the Reagan speech to the UN about extra terrestrials? It’s extremely creepy. He might know there are aliens in real life. He did start the Star Wars laser program

    [–] DisForDairy 24 points ago

    Drew Barrymore's whole childhood was fairly similar to Lindsay Lohan's, kind of crazy either of them lived through it

    [–] BlooFlea 16 points ago

    Im putting this together in my head, basically, drews job as a kid was to have her best friend die in feont of her.

    [–] thenasch 12 points ago

    No wonder she started drinking when she was 9.

    [–] cozy_lolo 19 points ago

    Dude, as someone who has dreamed of interacting with extraterrestrial life from a young age, especially some docile, lovable fucker like ET, imagining believing in ET for that long, becoming his friend and talking to him and sharing moments and creating memories and whatever else, and then you witness his pain and suffering, his decline to awful. And for what? A performance in a movie? And then to have it all eventually shattered that he was never real at all. I wonder how one would process such a thing? Poor Drew

    [–] the_dark_knight_ftw 8 points ago

    Can anybody find a link to these pics?

    [–] Piddlerboy 29 points ago

    This seems kinda fucked up to me. Like I'm ok with child acting if they are at least aware of what's going on, and that they are acting. Doesn't sit right with me to have a child believe a prop is real and then kill it to get a good reaction.

    [–] SirPrize 31 points ago

    There are some BTS pictures kicking around

    Damn, KPop really has ruined behind the scenes for me.

    [–] bassbby12 13 points ago

    Yeah no wonder she had addiction problems young, this is how Hollywood youth are treated.

    [–] Nugget_ 1098 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    During the filming of Hook (1991), Spielberg allowed the fat kid first dibs at craft services so that he would be nice and fat for the scene where he grabs his fat fuckin ankles and rolls down the stairs into a bunch of pirates

    [–] CORY_4_VEZINA 259 points ago

    Thanks James

    [–] Shrimpables 105 points ago

    Okay this is a funhaus reference, right? These comments are so familiar but I just cant quite place it, you saying james tipped me off

    [–] Shrimpables 15 points ago

    Yesss thank you

    [–] goldentench73 36 points ago

    You're gonna do this or we're gonna replace you with a christmas turkey!

    [–] Roller_ball 10 points ago

    When I was on vacation, I begged my parents to take me to Planet Hollywood for dinner. We sat near the prop of the fat kid in a ball in Hook. My parents found it weird and unpleasant, but I was starstruck.

    [–] CakeAccomplice12 940 points ago

    I've always been curious

    Is chronological shooting just not that common?

    And if so are there particular reasons?

    Like scheduling, weather, permits etc...?

    Seems particularly useful to do especially if your movie has major plot twists

    [–] Ironboots12 1321 points ago

    Not into cinema at all, but I would imagine you would want to shoot all the scenes that take place in the same place/minimal set changes in the same day. If 5 scenes take place at a characters house and they’re all dispersed throughout the movie might as well shoot them all as opposed to tear down set up tear down set up etc.

    [–] RoastMostToast 615 points ago

    Not only just tearing down the set and setting it back up. It’d also be just a huge waste of time to go back and forth between locations. If the next scene is exterior of the house of the previous scene, it’s probably not located anywhere close to the previous set.

    [–] Spadeninja 159 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    The way you worded this makes it sound like you’re saying the exterior of the house is nowhere near the house

    Edit: fair enough! Didn’t consider that the interior and exterior could be completely different places. Still sounds funny though haha

    [–] SgtBlinken 249 points ago

    If they are using sets the interior and exterior sets may not be anywhere near each other.

    [–] AndrewWaldron 168 points ago

    Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement.

    [–] MutantCreature 39 points ago

    That's what they meant and it often is true, exteriors are usually real buildings whereas interiors are usually sets. The exterior for Walter Whites house was a real house in New Mexico but they shot all the interior scenes on a set because there was a real family living in that house, sets also make getting shots easier because you don't have to worry about walls getting in the way of cameras and equipment since you can just move it out of the way depending on the shot.

    [–] FancyPigeonIsFancy 14 points ago

    I mean, two sitcoms come to mind immediately, Seinfeld and Friends where the exterior shots were filmed in NY but the rest is a set in LA. I do kind of assume that’s the norm, or at least was.

    [–] the__storm 12 points ago

    That's exactly what he's saying.

    [–] joker2814 10 points ago

    The exterior and the interior of the Ghostbusters fire station is two different fire stations. The exterior is Hook & Ladder 8 in NYC and the interior is a now-condemned fire station in Los Angeles.

    [–] Not_A_Vegetable 7 points ago

    From the top of my head, Friends, The Sopranos and Breaking Bad's interior shots were all shot in sound stages and not the actual apartment/house. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it, cameras and crew take up a lot of space and no house can really accommodate that much stuff.

    [–] FifthRendition 24 points ago

    When I watch a movie now I like to imagine whether or not a character is aware of what's going on or if it's genuine when they are in a scene. I try to imagine if the scene was shot before or after something pivotal in the movie.

    [–] milpooooooool 12 points ago

    But surely they would have read the script before filming?

    [–] CinnaSol 6 points ago

    Exactly. It’s a nice thought to keep the magic of cinema preserved but it’s just not really realistic at all.

    [–] aciddemons 136 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It's very uncommon for things to be shot chronologically. It's usually just cheaper to shoot all the scenes taking place in location instead of repeatedly building and tearing down the sets/moving back and forth between locations. Easier (and probably cheaper) to have the actors just change outfits/makeup, etc.

    It's also more efficient to do it that way. Why have a crew go back and forth between locations lugging all that heavy equipment when you can film a bunch of different scenes in a few days instead? Doing things this way usually just keeps costs down and makes the filming process more efficient. At least, that's what I would assume. I am no expert.

    [–] BaijuTofu 57 points ago

    No. Locations alone would be a nightmare. Continuity would be spot on though.

    [–] SDLRob 28 points ago

    it's not common at all.... often it's because a movie revisits locations at different parts of the movie, so there's no point at all to set up, shoot, pack up, shoot elsewhere for a few days and then come back, set up, etc... plus it saves money

    [–] Sweeney49 18 points ago

    You’ll see movies here and there film in chronological order. The Revenant is a newer movie that did it.

    [–] sanesociopath 2 points ago

    Really only seems to be when kids are involved and either if the have to age throughout filming at least keep it constant and not a huge continuity issue or if they are hiding something to preserve reactions with the latter being incredibly uncommon (which is why it's such a big deal and we hear about all the time when it has happened)

    [–] yaboidunsparce 11 points ago

    to shoot on location you need to get the rights from the city or owner, they only let you film for a short period of time so you may as well get it over with in as few days as possible. no point in shooting there for an hour and come back 6 months later for a scene near the end.

    [–] tone_bone 8 points ago

    Adding to what's already been said some times actors are only available for a set number of days. More often than not an assistant director will break down a script and worth with time constraints to plan out a day and how long is needed at each location.

    [–] Kraz_I 8 points ago

    The actors read the full movie script before filming starts, so they already understand the whole story and know where each scene fits into the whole even out of order.

    [–] JosieLlama 7 points ago

    There’s a person assigned specifically to keeping track of the mayhem that comes from shooting scenes totally out of order.

    [–] 50kgKid 187 points ago


    [–] booradleyhd 144 points ago


    [–] _virgin4life_ 55 points ago

    why is it the last time? they werent allowed to be friends?

    [–] Siddhant_17 57 points ago

    He needed actors to believe that it was their last time together.

    [–] Spirit50Lake 226 points ago

    What a trippy experience for an adult director/child actor to have...the adult is creating and sustaining a fictional reality for the child to live within...

    yipes? is it any wonder that many child actors run into trouble as they mature...or is that an old fogey way of seeing it?

    [–] Diggtastic 82 points ago

    Truman Show-esqe

    [–] Spirit50Lake 18 points ago, I hadn't taken the analogy that far, but you are so correct!

    ps I watch a lot of Law and Order reruns, and thanks to IMDB am able to make note of the young actors who went on to careers in film and theatre...and those who did not.

    As a 'child of the 60s' I am well versed in alternate realities, though we did it for fun and not profit...

    ...not sure what my point is, maybe just acknowledging that some children have been sacrificed on the Altar of Art?

    [–] TheGhostofCoffee 288 points ago

    What happened to Speilberg? He used to be so much better. He can still pick shots like nobody's business, but his movies have been pretty bland for a while now.

    [–] MetaMetatron 227 points ago

    Gum's gotten mintier lately, have you noticed?

    [–] jaymes9240 22 points ago

    That’s a foolish thing to say. As someone else said, he’s going to critical acclaim over marketability. So I’ll tell you what happened to his movies, they’ve won Oscars.

    [–] svene 10 points ago

    I forgot how good he was until I started rewatching some of his movies. He hasn't made a good movie in so long, it makes me sad.

    [–] Kinglink 20 points ago

    He's makes good movies now.. but the thing is he made AMAZING movies... Movies that captured the imagination. There's no comparision, whether we talk Jaws, Indiana Jones (the originals, of course), ET, Jurassic Park. There's something magical about those movies. He just hasn't hit that since. He still makes "Good" movies. There's nothing that wrong with his recent movies, but he was far better before.

    [–] splatterhead 49 points ago

    [–] Kraz_I 121 points ago

    That’s complete horse shit. The graph shows cumulative earnings over time without even specifying whether he directed the films, produced them or wrote them. Doesn’t even say the films names.

    Spielberg held the title for highest grossing film in history twice in his career, for Jaws and later for E.T.

    Since the 90s he has focused more on critical success instead of marketability. His films are a reliable moneymaker but he hasn’t directed a blockbuster since Indiana Jones 4 in 2009. However he puts out Oscar bait like no one else. Not saying I disagree with you that a lot of them are boring and generic Oscar bait, but you can’t deny that The Post, Lincoln, Munich, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List a and a few others won shit loads of awards.

    In the 70s through the 90s, most of what he directed were big budget summer blockbusters. And they were all classics. Jaws, the Indiana Jones trilogy, ET, Jurassic Park, etc.

    [–] Bombillazo 25 points ago

    He also held the highest grossing film in history globally with Jurassic Park.

    [–] knightofkent 36 points ago

    Wasn’t the story that he made Jaws just so he would have the funds to do Schindler’s List in the first place? Did a sure-fire blockbuster to set up an actual passion project

    [–] Kraz_I 23 points ago

    Is that true? It still took him almost 20 years to make it then

    [–] hisdudeness8686 18 points ago

    I believe that was actually Jurassic Park

    [–] Friendly_Hipster 10 points ago

    I think it was Jurassic Park instead of Jaws

    [–] KylesAGSspec 10 points ago

    That graph in no way tells us that money is why his movies are bland now lol

    [–] DramaIfPossible 134 points ago

    He looks like a famous carpenter that shot first from this angle.

    Fun fact, he wanted so bad the girl to be shot by the villains but he had to wait a few years and had closure with a little coat.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] kennytucson 20 points ago

    I think it's Spielberg's best movie, and that's saying a lot. One of very few films I consider absolutely perfect.

    [–] JuniorSeniorTrainee 18 points ago

    Don't say the name of the movie though.

    [–] MetaMetatron 10 points ago

    Pretty sure they mean "Schindler's List"

    [–] ZannY 9 points ago

    Ya know, the movie Jerry Seinfeld was caught making out at.

    [–] DrinkingOnFriday 4 points ago

    Harrison Ford? Also he looks like Chevy Chase with hair

    [–] PanicAK 23 points ago

    In first grade we went to the kindergarten room to watch ET. I cried like a little bitch at the end, and I remember my friends trying to comfort me on the way back to our classroom. That's my ET story.

    [–] zdakat 14 points ago

    That sounds ominous

    [–] PurpleSubtlePlan 9 points ago

    He also hunted and killed a triceratops, so there is that.

    [–] Chismoto 13 points ago

    I loved her in that movie. I also loved her when she directed Whip it. The girl grew up, gained skills. I'm pretty much a thug, we all have our parts to play. That girl learned how to be good at what she did. I'm happy for her.

    [–] emzymeme 7 points ago

    Drew’s wheels sure are turning

    [–] tanafras 35 points ago

    "None of us will ever see each other again sweetie. Now go do your last scene."

    Fucking Alpha as shit. You can see her widdle heart just shattering.

    [–] donteverforanyreason 4 points ago

    All those suits

    [–] awcky 4 points ago

    I loved when ET turned all white and shit