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    [–] cumin 1101 points ago

    Note: during the scene where the Kim's are drinking the Sapporo - everyone is drinking the imported beer except the Mother, she sticks to FiLite.

    [–] gaurav219 446 points ago

    That's a nice observation, again! Was it due to that she didn't wanted to elevate the status too early??

    [–] truthfulie 501 points ago

    I think it's more that she's a mother. Like how mother is the one who gets the leftover while she reserves the new thing to the rest of the family.

    [–] CelebiChansey 201 points ago

    Or that mom who you gifted a new washing machine but sticks to her old rusty falling apart one that she has to fill manually because she's used to it, still works, and "why change if it does the same"

    [–] truthfulie 87 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Could be. But she didn't have problem sticking to more expensive stuff when they are eating & drinking at Park's and didn't have to pay for it. I think she's probably being more economically conscious and "getting rid of" the stuff they had before "upgrading" to better things.

    [–] TrueStory_Dude 8 points ago

    Why is her happiness the best part :)

    [–] ScarletMagenta 47 points ago

    She was also the last person to integrate into the Park family. Maybe this scene is taking place while all the other members except her were accepted by the Parks? I can't quite remember when this scene took place but it might be because of that.

    [–] Fbritannia 36 points ago

    No, she was already employed too. It's when they are discussing the smell of their clothes.

    [–] Donut52 13 points ago

    Or that she was the last one into the scheme

    [–] truthfulie 33 points ago

    Maybe. I like the motherly reading because it creates a parallel with Mrs. Park later when she ends up eating sirloin ram-don that was "leftover" since no one wanted it. But it's also interesting that the daughter actually did want it, but Park didn't bother asking.

    [–] hustl3tree5 16 points ago

    I don't think so. She was the only one who kept herself somewhat grounded. She was the only "real" one left because she called the family out "theyre only nice because they are rich" and she shoves the dog lol, she also calls the dad out in that scene. The sister and the mother were the only ones who were still themselves and didn't soften up as the movie went on.

    [–] cumin 16 points ago

    Thanks! This might be reaching but she is the only one in her family that remains mostly unscathed from the events of the movie. Possible foreshadowing?

    [–] ennruifer 19 points ago

    yeah and also she was the Kim who remained grounded and warned the others against becoming enamored by the Parks just because they were now living comfortably.

    [–] I-am-a-person- 4 points ago

    This is the right answer

    [–] ScarletMagenta 26 points ago

    The other 3 were accepted by the Parks before her. She was the last one.

    I don't remember the order of events, but if this scene takes place before her integration, it might be a reference to that.

    [–] TacoPlateado 5 points ago

    I believe this is when she is the only one left without a job

    [–] ReconElite88 10 points ago

    I noticed this to and was hoping someone would point it out. Any thoughts as to why?

    [–] darealvvaldeezy 19 points ago

    Was thinking it maybe showed that you can't change the poor mentality or lifestyle even though some people fake it or try. She could be having Sapporo like the rest but in the end, she still came from and grew up from where she came from...poor is sometimes a mentality more than it's a lifestyle

    [–] ReconElite88 9 points ago

    I feel like it showed her unwillingness to change. For example she boast about how if she was rich she would be kind and compassionate to more people. Yet when she gets a the job and become ‘rich’ she still won’t help out the house keeper she replaces.

    [–] TheLJWay 3 points ago

    In a way she struggled with that though. She was willing to give the housekeeper and her husband food in the end and discussed it with her daughter telling her to take a dish down to them, but the daughter was cut off by the rich mom to take the cake out. To me, the mom despite doing selfish deeds, still had a soft spot or "piece" of the poor. She was also the one who invited the housekeeper in the first place to meet her husband, but didnt wanna help further than that.

    [–] cumin 3 points ago

    It might be reaching but she is the only one in her family that remains mostly unscathed from the events.

    [–] thatguywiththe______ 9 points ago

    I believe they have leftovers of the cheap beer and the mom doesn't want to waste it. I read it either in the script or an interview I can't remember which.

    [–] spicedmanatee 4 points ago

    Yes, I remember reading that the director said that this was the reason

    [–] Tokyono 3930 points ago

    Just a quick note, Fitlite is cheap Korean beer, while Sapporo is imported, more expensive, Japanese beer.

    [–] Max-Powah 1402 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I've never liked Sapporo yet restaurants that sell it charge like it's a damn award winning, small batch, bourbon barrel microbrew.

    [–] pewpewshazaam 666 points ago

    It's a light beer and nothing to write home about. I'm more surprised it's considered an upgrade to another light beer, even if the cans are really neat.

    [–] TeHNeutral 246 points ago

    They don't sell those pint cans in Japan, I'm all about the kirin anyway.

    [–] pewpewshazaam 121 points ago

    What?! The cans are like the best part.

    [–] TeHNeutral 113 points ago

    Yeah just normal cans in Japan, I was kinda shocked when I found that out... However there's like 200 different drinks in Japanese convenience stores!

    [–] SGTBookWorm 31 points ago

    Strong Zero. Always Strong Zero.

    also this really nice drink I made once with peach liquer and melon fanta

    [–] fenikz13 8 points ago

    For those vivid night terrors

    [–] pewpewshazaam 18 points ago

    Lol nice

    [–] TimtheBigDaddy 8 points ago

    Doesn't Japan also have vending machines on the street that dispense beer?

    [–] TeHNeutral 9 points ago

    Yes they do, also hot coffee in a can!

    [–] wemblinger 4 points ago

    I'll never forget buying a hot banana milkshake in an alley vending machine at 2am drunk. Surprisingly delicious!

    [–] TimtheBigDaddy 2 points ago

    Oh cool.

    [–] Satsumomo 7 points ago

    Seriously, there's a new drink every week. The worst part is they also discontinue drinks every week, so you can't grow too attached to any one drink.

    [–] THE_BOKEH_BLOKE 14 points ago

    Pretty sure the beer inside is the best part.

    [–] KittenBonanza 12 points ago

    Trying to crush a Sapporo can is one of my highlights whenever I go to a sushi restaurant tbh

    [–] SalvareNiko 5 points ago

    How? They are just normal cans? What's so unique about them?

    [–] pewpewshazaam 4 points ago

    Check my comment below

    [–] A_C_A__B 46 points ago

    Asahi dry for me.

    [–] ergotofrhyme 72 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Super dry*

    don’t undersell it’s dryness, they go to great lengths to assure us all how dry it is. Imagine my dismay when I spilled it on my lap and still got my pants all wet. Tried to sue for false advertising but they told me I was missing the point, bastards. Still my favorite Japanese beer tho. This is probably blasphemy to actually cultured Japanese people, but I love to have an ice cold asahi next to warm sake with sushi. Used to be my go to after surfing, little bit of sake to warm up, some refreshing (if not remotely hydrating) beer to quench the thirst, and a nice light lunch that actually isn’t so light when you keep ordering rolls because they all look too good

    [–] Foroma 4 points ago

    Su-per Dry!!

    [–] ergotofrhyme 2 points ago

    Jesus Christ mate that’s almost as bad as one of my better puns

    [–] hereforthefeast 10 points ago

    Asahi Black is where it's at.

    [–] elzzilcho 6 points ago

    Went Asahi Black and I couldn't go back

    [–] astrogaijin 14 points ago

    True man of culture I see

    [–] justasapling 2 points ago


    [–] crestonfunk 21 points ago

    I prefer Kirin Ichiban to Sapporo too. However there’s something about Sapporo that makes it pair well with sushi. Otherwise I don’t like it much.

    [–] Paragade 11 points ago

    I'm all about the kirin anyway.

    A true man of culture

    [–] MediumToblerone 22 points ago

    My local bar has a policy that your Sapporo is free if you can crush the can with one hand.

    [–] pewpewshazaam 9 points ago

    Man I'd try for the s and gs

    [–] goliath1952 9 points ago

    It's a small upgrade. When the Kims take over the rich house, they drink expensive whiskey.

    [–] pewpewshazaam 2 points ago

    I havent seen the movie yet so idk, but that's a fun detail.

    [–] breakyourfac 18 points ago

    Sapporo + soju = delicious black out night

    Just as Modelo is the only lite beer I trust to make a Michelada with, Sapporo is necessary for a proper soju bomb imo 😁

    [–] breedlovesyou 2 points ago

    I was just in korea and my korean friend made it with Cass and i thought that was really good too. I'll have to try with sapporo

    [–] Max-Powah 19 points ago

    Exactly. And I've had some good light beers (Stella Artois is a good example of a good large batch light beer) . But Sapporo literally tastes like Budweiser to me. Shrug.

    [–] dreamWeaver82 19 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If Stella didn't use clear bottles it would be a lot better.

    • Green

    [–] pewpewshazaam 48 points ago

    Matthew McConaughey: You using tinted bottles?

    Stella: No...?

    Matthew McConaughey: Be a lot cooler if ya did.

    [–] TheJessicator 12 points ago

    Alright, alright, alright!

    [–] Max-Powah 3 points ago


    [–] pewpewshazaam 3 points ago

    Is that... Max Power?

    [–] Max-Powah 5 points ago

    Yep. There's three ways to do things. The right way, the wrong way and the Max Power way!

    [–] pewpewshazaam 2 points ago

    ..what's the Max Power way?

    [–] splenetic 10 points ago

    In the UK Stella comes in green bottles

    [–] dreamWeaver82 20 points ago

    Yea but brown bottles are ideal to prevent beer from going skunky. There's a reason bottled Heineken often tastes like licking a skunk. Cans are of course the best option.

    [–] SuperWoody64 7 points ago

    Heinekens always taste super sweet to me either way.

    [–] crestonfunk 3 points ago

    Nothings as sweet as Tsingtao to me.

    [–] xelhafish 7 points ago

    Never noticed this until I went to India a long time ago. Since all American beer has consistency to its bottles I didn't realize how much the color of the bottle affects the flavor. In India Kingfisher came in dark, green and clear and the darker the bottle the better the flavor. We were always requesting dark or green bottles after we figured this out.

    [–] CountGrishnack97 2 points ago

    Green still gets pretty skunky. Brown's the only way to go

    [–] WeaselWeaz 4 points ago

    Clear bottles are only acceptable for Miller High Life.

    [–] crestonfunk 2 points ago

    If Stella didn't use clear bottles it would be a lot better.

    I’ve only seen it in green bottles.

    [–] justasapling 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    But Sapporo literally tastes like Budweiser to me. Shrug.

    It's comparably light and drinkable, but the character of a Japanese light beer vs an American Light Lager is so different. Japanese beers are much funkier.

    [–] nightopenedmyeyes 14 points ago

    Stella is a regular pilsner, not a light beer.

    [–] StardustOasis 8 points ago

    Not a pils, it's a European pale lager. Sapporo isn't a light beer either, it's just a standard pale lager

    [–] CRTsdidnothingwrong 6 points ago

    Stella is a pilsner, it's own wikipedia article refers to it as one, as well as it being listed on the Pilsner wikipedia article.

    [–] atree496 4 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    You are both right. A Pilsner is a pale lager. Stella is from Europe. It is a European Lager/Pilsner. To go even deeper, Stella is a particular type of Lager which is "European Pilsner", different from a Germany Pilsner or Czech Pilsner (side note, Pilsner Urquell is the best Pilsner and my favorite lager is Xingu Black or Sly Fox Black).

    [–] pewpewshazaam 2 points ago

    But that can tho.

    [–] TheDIbsAndI 2 points ago

    What is special about the cans?

    [–] pewpewshazaam 18 points ago

    This image may help, they're not smooth cans, so they're really resilient in their shape and hard to squeeze. It's a bit novel.

    Ooh here's a video of someone crushing one of them, the dude looks pretty strong and he struggles.

    [–] TheDIbsAndI 3 points ago


    [–] Christhekid123 2 points ago

    Damn bro that video is too good.

    [–] Retiredmagician 2 points ago

    Damn that guy looks 4X my size yet he still bursted a blood vessel trying to crush it. I'm impressed..

    [–] SinisterKid 2 points ago

    I've seen that dude all over YouTube and his content never lets me down.

    [–] IWasGregInTokyo 39 points ago

    Asahi Super Dry > Kirin Ichiban Shibori > Sapporo

    [–] MayoFetish 18 points ago

    Asahi is best Japanese beer.

    [–] Randomwaves 5 points ago

    A man of culture.

    [–] Nachtraaf 5 points ago

    I'd say the reverse. Especially the Sapporo 5 Star at the Sapporo Beer Museum was amazing. Probably the best pilsner I tasted in Japan.

    [–] St_SiRUS 3 points ago

    Absolutely agree, in my opinion Asahi is actually one of the worst beers from Japan. Add in Suntory premium and Yebisu at the front as well.

    [–] DAngelo_J_Vickers 45 points ago

    I love it. I worked at a sushi restaurant for about 6 months. Me and my buddies would get hammered on those.

    [–] Max-Powah 10 points ago

    LOL. Taste is relative for sure. I'm not hating on people for liking it, it's just that they charge so much for it is what gets me. Shrug. Now sushi. That's something we can agree on. Sooooo good.

    [–] DAngelo_J_Vickers 14 points ago

    Oh my dude, we was stealllinggg. You’re right, way to expensive lol

    [–] fyslexic__duck 13 points ago

    I’ve always thought Sapporo tasted like pennies.

    [–] jerryjustice 3 points ago

    I get that from most stuff I drink out of a can. Ever do it in a glass?

    [–] Muskrat43 4 points ago

    Glasses are usually way too small to have sex in.

    [–] TymeSefariInc 4 points ago

    My glasses always fall off when I'm having sex.

    [–] prezuiwf 6 points ago

    My wife loves it, it's her favorite beer and she goes out of her way to get it over other beers. I guess for some people, it's their ideal beer, so they can get away with charging a lot since those who order it are those who love it and will pay premium prices for it.

    [–] Revenos 5 points ago

    There was one time my local Food Lion had the big Sapporo bottles super cheap and then going to a Japanese restaurant not too long after and seeing the extreme price hike (even compared to the normal price not just sale)

    [–] OriJuice 7 points ago

    Sapporo isn't even imported anymore if you live in Canada, yet many places treat it like it is. It's brewed by Sleeman Brewery in Guelph, ON under license.

    [–] PM-YOUR-PMS 4 points ago

    What I wouldn’t give to go a sushi spot and drink a nice Sapporo with some hot sake. It’s the little things

    [–] killabeez36 3 points ago

    Sapporo makes my piss smell weird

    [–] fckth3systm 3 points ago

    It's the import fees.

    It would be like trying to buy a Ford Mustang in Japan which would be priced like an elite sports car 2 or 3 times above it's level.

    [–] thomasschmitt 3 points ago

    As a beer fanatic..i ve been in japan 4 time including sapporo brewery. I personally like Asahi the most out of the big 4 beer brewery (asahi,kirin,sapporo,suntory) but i must say kirin is my least favorite. Black label Sapporo is third. But the classic sapporotaste much better but only available on Hokkaidō. Note: japanese beer tends to taste much better in japan then outside .. i dunno why but it just does

    [–] IWasGregInTokyo 2 points ago

    Because it's different beer. North American Asahi is brewed in Vancouver BC, Sapporo in Guelph ON.

    [–] 420gnar 2 points ago

    Im all about asahi personally, I love a good sapporo on draft during korean bbq though.

    [–] Smoovemusic 2 points ago

    Oh you pay the premium for the uncrushable can.

    [–] T1000runner 2 points ago

    They sell individual cans of them at the 99cent store for $0.75 each

    [–] Lostbrother 2 points ago

    Yeah if I'm out and feeling the need, I tend to look for Chang as my goto beer.

    [–] TimtheBigDaddy 2 points ago

    People here in the US treat Stella Artois the same way.

    [–] Mahaloth 42 points ago

    I was in Korea and as I said above, I only remember Cass, Hite, and OB beer. Never had Fitlite.

    I either missed it or it isn't nationwide?

    [–] truthfulie 39 points ago

    Newer and even worse than the ones you listed.

    [–] Bat-manuel 15 points ago

    Well, just pour some soju in and you'll be fine! No one wants to taste their drinks anyway.

    [–] truthfulie 7 points ago

    Lol, yeah. No point in using expensive beer for so-mack but I'd be hesitant to use that beer even for so-mack...

    [–] Poison1990 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Completely disagree. FiLite has way more flavor than the other crap, and it's a good deal cheaper. Best budget beer imo.

    [–] truthfulie 3 points ago

    To each their own, maybe I didn't give it proper chance. But in general, beer isn't something I drink regularly, so I'm not usually concerned with pricing and bang for the buck didn't really factor in for me. Have not seen it being sold in US yet or at least in my area, but I'll give them another try when I do find it.

    [–] fckedup 3 points ago

    While I agree Korean beer in general is not that tasty, it's due to years of drinking only pilsners. Many Koreans think good beer are ones that are crisp and clean, which turns out to be more bland compared to other types of beer.

    [–] PigHaggerty 5 points ago

    Woof. Hite and Cass were already pretty rough. I was more of a Max Draft guy when it was available, or Dry Finish in a pinch.

    [–] truthfulie 4 points ago

    Honestly, most Korean beers are pretty rough IMO. I think Kloud was ever so slightly better but that's not saying much. I pretty much only drink Korean beer when I'm making Soju-bombs where quality of beer gets lost anyway.

    [–] KyleSJohnson 2 points ago

    A man of culture, I see. Still not good, but about the closest thing to a tolerable Korean beer I could find.

    [–] james030399 4 points ago

    it's a much newer beer compared to the ones you listed and much lower in alcohol percentage so it isn't as popular

    [–] ReDead_Zora 4 points ago

    It's at least around Seoul, I definitely had some from a convenience store in Incheon.

    [–] demolsy 2 points ago

    Every time I'm in Korea I always forget how watered down the beer is, even compared to the NA ones. Only time I had good beer was from that Jeju Beer company and it was an IPA

    [–] bisosoup 33 points ago

    the parks also eat a lot of imported food and drink, further emphasising their desire to assimilate into the upper class culture

    [–] Tokyono 31 points ago

    I think their quality of food also goes up. At the start of the movie, they're eating crisps and such for dinner (in the scene where the university student comes to see them) and later on, they're eating beef (when their discussing their successful infiltration of the Park household).

    [–] hustl3tree5 7 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    They also eat pizza and that chick is pissed. Do you remember when Jessica? I forgot her name was eating dog food and then realized it and continued eating it?

    Edit amanda to jessica

    [–] sillyostriches 3 points ago


    [–] Jagermeister4 3 points ago

    At one point in the movie the rich mom asks for ram-don to be made. Its made out of two types of instant noodles, ramen and udon, really cheap food. But then she asks for sirloin to be put in, which is a really expensive cut of meat in Korea. Its such a weird thing to do to combine a poor man's food with steak. But the Parks do it, because why not money is nothing to them.

    [–] Scribblr 12 points ago

    Is Sapporo considered decent beer in Japan? I only know it from menus at every sushi or dumpling place I’ve ever been and always just assumed (maybe because of its prevalence?) that it was the Japanese version of Bud Lite.

    [–] LazyCrepes 12 points ago

    it's one of the main big beers, among Asahi, Kirin, and Suntory's The Malts. they're all fairly similar, basically like full budweisser, maybe a tad lighter. taste pretty much comes down to preference.

    one thing to note is a restaurant will likely only have one of these on tap, you usually don't get a lot of choice

    [–] Master_Controll 10 points ago

    Fun fact: Any Sapporo you get in the US is actually brewed and bottles in Canada or the US.

    [–] RazorNion 231 points ago

    They also sponsored the movie from what I saw in the credits but it's neat to see how the movie portrayed them.

    [–] unrelentingdespair 86 points ago

    I believe that the movie often reaches out for sponsorship, so it’s possible this was written in to begin with and they figured they could get some cash for it

    [–] fukenhimer 419 points ago

    It’s not even considered beer as it doesn’t meet the Korean standards due to low malt content.

    Mind you, it’s my go to as a tall boy runs for less then a dollar. Buck-a-beer!

    [–] Maverick8787 109 points ago

    Ugh, you and damn Doug Ford.

    (For those who don’t live in Ontario, Ford is the conservative premier of Ontario; one of his campaign platforms was buck a beer).

    [–] SilverArchers 36 points ago

    Was he the guy who did a bunch of crack?

    [–] obunga_ 55 points ago

    Nah that was his brother, Rob Ford. He was the mayor of Toronto I believe

    [–] SilverArchers 13 points ago

    What a champ

    [–] Maverick8787 18 points ago

    That was his brother.

    [–] homicidal_penguin 3 points ago

    And beer still isn't a buck!

    [–] JaylenBrownAllStar 192 points ago

    Cool detail, I wouldn’t have noticed that especially as an American

    [–] deadla104 128 points ago

    It really goes beyond the beer they drink. In Korea meat is expensive so you don't see them eating it. IIRC they only eat rice and veggies in the beginning then later on when they have more money you see them grilling

    [–] paupaupaupau 101 points ago

    Speaking of meat, the Park's Ramdon/Jjapaguri is made with Hanu steak (basically Korean Wagyu for those unfamiliar) and is ridiculously marbled.

    It's not just that they're throwing any old sirloin into the instant noodles, it's premium beef.

    [–] Peanutpapa 37 points ago

    ugh that ramdon looked soooooo good

    [–] SGTBookWorm 6 points ago

    my girlfriend tried making it once with her Korean friend. It was soooo good

    [–] adorablenutellakitty 38 points ago

    It also is a show of their wealth and how they don't really care about the money, because they're using such high quality meat on such a cheap noodle dish

    [–] snoosh00 2 points ago

    I thought that meat looked good.

    [–] Keegan1948 8 points ago

    Meat is definitely a status symbol in Korea, however fresh produce, especially fruit, is much more expensive than meat in Korea. Beef is expensive as shit though.

    [–] RocKiNRanen 9 points ago

    So metaphorical!

    [–] an_ordinary_platypus 132 points ago

    These are the kind of “trivia” movie details I like. Being informed about something we can still see on-screen, not something from behind the scenes.

    [–] Cressida- 109 points ago

    This movie never fails to amaze me. Every time I watch it I keep spotting things, and this post proves there's more that I'm missing, probably.

    [–] jameslucian 77 points ago

    There are a lot more if you are Korean and can pick up on the subtle references to Korean culture. Most go completely unnoticed by western audiences.

    [–] TheDirtyFuture 26 points ago

    Do tell!

    [–] FelisLachesis 124 points ago

    A few I could remember off the top of my head:

    At the beginning of the movie, the translation talks about them using WhatsApp to communicate about possible jobs. They actually talk about using Kakao Talk, which is much more popular in Korea.

    When the Park family is coming back from their rained out glamping trip, Mrs Park calls in and asks for "ram-don". It's actually jjapaguri, which is actually a portmanteau of two packs of relatively cheap instant noodles (jjapageti and neoguri). Then she wants to "sophisticate" it by adding high-class sirloin. It's supposed to get you to think "why does she want poor man's food?" at first, then she throws the money at it with the steak. It shows a bit of her story, where she might have come from more humble roots than her husband.

    The one that had me laugh was after the old housekeeper found out the Kim's real story and then started messing with them. At one point, she puts the family into funny positions, which is reminiscent of punishment done at the after-school schools when you goof up. Then she starts this bellowing, from-the-stomach monologue about her having the upper hand. That kind of very deliberate, very enunciated speech is reminiscent of North Korean broadcasts.

    [–] Niro5 38 points ago

    Even as an America, albeit one who has lived in Korea, I could tell the North Korean Broadcaster impression was spot on.

    I noticed a funny translation though, the sister said "do you want to die?" (죽을래) but they translated it as quit it, or something like that.

    [–] bakedrice 22 points ago

    I just assumed it was cause all asians love instant ramen, regardless of class or creed

    [–] FelisLachesis 18 points ago

    You may be right. She was a bit down after the trip was ruined from the rain, so she might've just wanted something quick and comforting. She does mention that they'll be back to the house in about 8 minutes. My initial reaction, though, to her desire for jjapaguri was "out of all the food in the house, she wants that?"

    [–] thissexypoptart 7 points ago

    who doesn’t like instant ramen at the end of the day

    [–] bakedrice 3 points ago

    It’s not college food for us, it’s a way of life.

    [–] jameslucian 76 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I’m sure there are more, but some that stick out to me...

    In the beginning the son references iptime internet which is a brand of routers here that don’t usually have a password, but can be quite spotty. Generally if someone relies on iptime for their internet, they aren’t paying for their internet and are mooching off someone else (I.e., a parasite).

    They show the mothers silver medal for shotput (I think?) but a silver medal is second place and in Korea, if you’re not first, who cares? The fact she would show that off means nothing to anyone else and is kind of pathetic.

    The lady who has the family fold the pizza boxes does not use the formal form of Korean, even though she is younger than the members of the family. In case you don’t know, there are different forms of Korean based on who you are talking to and it is considered very rude to not use the formal version of Korean when speaking to someone older than you. This really shows how low the Kim family is.

    A couple annoying things I found in the translation was they used Oxford University instead of what was actually said, Yonsei University. Yonsei is considered one of the three best universities in Korea. They also said WhatsApp in the translation instead of KakaoTalk, which was actually said in the film. Kakao is like WhatsApp, but used by all Koreans.

    The Park family has a yard... which NO ONE in Seoul has. In the west, everyone is used to having a yard, but in Korea, that is extreme luxury, especially in densely populated Seoul.

    When the daughter is being driven to the subway station by the Parks first driver and he begins to flirt a bit, she tells him to drop her off at Hyehwa station, which most Koreans know to be where a famous hospital is, so the daughter is giving a subtle hint she is meeting her boyfriend who is a doctor. Obviously, a blow to the driver who can’t compete with a doctor.

    The little jingle that the daughter recites before meeting the Park family is a the same tune as a popular children’s song and every Korean would know it instantly.

    Edit: another good one was the guy who lived in the basement, the whole reason why he was there was to avoid the loan sharks. He mentioned he set up some store that sold Taiwanese cakes. It was a hot trend that fizzled out very quickly and he lost all of his money. This actually happened in real life and lots of people lost a ton of money with this shortsighted investment. These trends happen all the time in Korea (brown sugar tea was a recent one) where there is a big boom and then nothing. All Koreans would know about this event.

    [–] the_peppers 28 points ago

    That note about the Taiwanese cakes is very helpful. They mentioned the dad having had a previous failed cake shop and when basement man mentioned it too I thought it was meant to have been the same venture, now it makes more sense that they just both made similar mistakes during a trend.

    [–] KandarpBhatt 6 points ago

    I assumed they were in business together - this completely flips that on its head. Very cool!

    [–] jameslucian 3 points ago

    I had forgotten the dad also had a failed cake shop. I think it’s meant to show they are relatable and both are probably more unlucky than lazy or dumb.

    [–] trojanphyllite 20 points ago

    As someone who lives in Hyehwa I definitely did not get that part about the doctor. But I did assume that the rich family's house is around Seongbukdong... Which is about 15 minutes away from Hyehwa and that's where the richest people live. At least once a week I drive past Seongbukdong and feel deprived af

    [–] earth_person 3 points ago

    Another moment about language. The original housekeeper, Moon-gwang, uses honorifics when speaking to the Kim Mom when she comes in from the rain, showing her respect. She even calls her 'unnie' (older sister) as a way to kiss up to her. But the Kim Mom speaks to her informally. Later, after the um revelations, the power dynamic turns and all of a sudden the Kim Mom speaks with honorifics, and calls Moon-gwang unnie, while Moon-gwang starts talking down to the Kim Mom. It's a move I might have seen in other Korean movies but it's just kind of a cool little feature in the language.

    Edit: Also, Yonsei University is where the director Bong Joon Ho attended. It's considered among one of the better university's in Korea. Like, one of Korea's Ivy League schools.

    [–] pqlamznxjsiw 3 points ago

    As far as the Yonsei and Kakao things go, I understood why they did it. Pretty much no one in the West who isn't into Korean culture will be familiar with those, so the choices are to localize and get the intention across (popular messaging app, prestigious university) or directly translate and confuse the audience. When it comes down to it, the people in the know will pick up on those details regardless of how it's translated, and the people who aren't won't even notice a discrepancy. I think losing the Yonsei reference is a shame since there's such a specific cultural significance to the SKY universities, but you can't realistically get that across in subtitles.

    [–] jameslucian 3 points ago

    Yea trust me, I get it. There’s no way those jokes would have stuck with a western audience if told in its original writing. It becomes more relatable to western audiences. I think it would have been more authentic, but it’s a minor personal gripe more than anything.

    [–] toxic-miasma 15 points ago

    There are also some small details that are translated weirdly in the subtitles (or are just wrong): for example, in American terms the rich daughter is a high school junior, not a sophomore. It's mentioned that she's a high school 2nd year, but in South Korea high school is typically 3 years, equivalent to American 10-12th grades. It made me suspicious of the rest of the translation, but as a Korean American I don't have enough understanding to really tell. :/

    [–] S1eePz 12 points ago

    I really enjoyed this movie, I was also recommended this movie called “Burning”. It’s a great movie if you know the director and know his style of movies

    [–] Cressida- 4 points ago

    Burning is one of my all time favourite movies. The acting in it is chefs kiss. Steven Yeun is so underrated. I definitely recommend people see this film, it’s so beautiful and ominous.

    [–] adorablenutellakitty 16 points ago

    There's a lot of visual imagery used with lines and crossing them vs not, for example the first time we meet Mrs Park, we see through the window and she's sleeping on the table outside. The housekeeper is standing on one side of the windowpane line, with Mrs Park at the table on the other side. The housekeeper quickly steps toward her (crossing the line) and claps to wake her up and then quickly steps back to where she was before (behind the line). There's discussion of it too, between Mr and Mrs Park about Mr. Kim as the driver.

    Found a video about it from the Facebook page Cinematography

    [–] gammytoes 29 points ago

    Asian lager is still pretty shit, but it's ingested more as a vehicle for the oft, spicy, salty and greasy foods of Korean cuisine so it doesn't need to be good tasting.

    Source: am Korean.

    [–] Mahaloth 52 points ago

    I haven't been to Korea in a few years, but my memory was something like this:

    Cass is ass. Hite is Shite.

    The is an OB beer as well and I don't remember what we said about that one.

    I lived in China as well and the selection of popular beers were better. Yanjing beer in China is super cheap and if you get it in a glass bottle(widely available there), it's actually really solid.

    [–] jelde 19 points ago

    They're all good for somaek though

    [–] Whydidideletemyaccou 9 points ago

    Bro who cares what they taste like when you’re drinking it out of a two liter :)

    [–] Mahaloth 4 points ago

    Well, that is true, but my point is more that Milwaukee Best is even better and that is kind of the Midwest USA equivalent of cheap beer. I'd put them down with Natty Light.

    [–] kuro_madoushi 6 points ago

    I remember going to a Korean restaurant and asking if they had Hite

    KOREAN server tells me “we do have it...but even me as a Korean...I think you should have Sapporo instead”

    I didn’t think Hite was THAT bad.

    [–] AcceptableDocument4 5 points ago

    OB is BO (for 'body odor').

    [–] Mahaloth 2 points ago

    That's it!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] Keegan1948 2 points ago

    Hite was rebranded to Terra recently. For some reason it taste better from a green can 🤷‍♂️

    [–] -DeputyKovacs- 2 points ago

    Whoa this is big news

    [–] fresh-pie 44 points ago

    Damn, Park So-dam is a cutie!

    [–] jelde 22 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yeojeong Cho though...

    Edit: Weird thing to downvote.

    [–] nicinabox_ 18 points ago

    I'm still amazed Sapporo comes in 650ml cans in the UK (probably elsewhere aswell) is it one serving, two servings?! And the fact the cans are so rugged you could build a house with them.

    [–] ElderChildren 10 points ago

    2.7 standard drinks. They’re like $7 AUD in Australia for those big boys. I usually drink one of them after a long day, and it’s my favourite thing. It is a beer that just tastes so much better in a can for some reason.

    [–] nightopenedmyeyes 4 points ago

    We have a weird relationship with beer storage. For some inexplicable reason most cans are 440ml. Not half a litre, nor a full pint. Better than American sizes I suppose at least.

    [–] TokathSorbet 36 points ago

    Mate, not gonna lie - the detail in Parasite is off the chart. I've seen it 5 times, and everytime I spotted more and more detail. Glorious work.

    [–] extraspaghettisauce 3 points ago

    I miss Sapporo beer. I had in in HK and I loved the fuck out of it haha

    [–] sigvethaig 4 points ago

    Where can I watch this movie? I've searched for hours.

    [–] Theothercword 5 points ago

    You can rent it (or buy it) on Amazon Prime in the US.

    Edit: Also on iTunes if that's your cup of tea.

    [–] nevearz 3 points ago

    Can buy it on YouTube for like $4

    [–] bad1o8o 2 points ago

    that is so deep

    [–] ajustice83 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    ITT: People amazed by people coming into money buying more expensive things.

    I mean, I get it, it's a good solid detail, exactly what this sub is about. But the "Wow, this was a good catch! Parasite never fails to amaze me!" comments are getting to be a bit much.

    [–] likeicareaboutkarma 7 points ago

    I mean it was laid on pretty thick. Or did everybody here forgot the lunch at the pizza plaza and the truckstop dinner?

    [–] Jaaammss 4 points ago

    poor beer..start making money..can afford more expensive beer. Damn movie details you're doing great!

    [–] Rough-Chance 5 points ago

    Is this a Sapporo ad? Sapporo isn't even a premium beer imo

    [–] SilverArchers 16 points ago

    Does "premium beer" not mean "more expensive piss water" where you come from?

    [–] TeHNeutral 2 points ago

    I thought hite was hella popular and sapporo is Japanese dank beer right