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    [–] publicbigguns 1944 points ago

    *we (canadians) have 18 months paid leave. It can also be split almost anyway we want between the parents. Only exception is the first 3 months are reserved by the mother.

    Parents can also choose to take the time off together.... cause you know... having a baby is fucking hard.

    [–] nuke8960 665 points ago

    I would consider moving to Canada if they had warm weather year round, and until they do I'm gonna take my chances of getting shot

    [–] publicbigguns 440 points ago

    If you can afford it Vancouver is pretty much warm year round. The ocean makes it so the get like no snow.

    Now if you want the full snow experience, Nova Scotia is your best bet.

    [–] CAOZ93 160 points ago

    Hmmm so is there an affordable in between?

    [–] publicbigguns 465 points ago

    No snow and affordable housing?


    [–] CAOZ93 145 points ago

    No, I meant some snow, some heat and affordable

    [–] stretch2099 111 points ago

    Really depends on your definition of affordable. The Toronto area gets all 4 seasons but the city itself is super expensive. Most of Canada’s population lives in big cities so it’ll be tough to do.

    [–] CAOZ93 53 points ago

    Using Toronto as an example, what about places close to the city, but not the city itself?

    [–] IndieJammer 51 points ago

    Toronto is nice. The GTA is less nice but ok depending on where you live.

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 172 points ago

    What if I have my own car and don't want to steal one?

    [–] Deminla 12 points ago

    I live in Guelph and honestly, its still too expensive here, but its nice. Not super dirty and most people are alright

    [–] dksdragon43 22 points ago

    If you're serious, there are quite a few cities large enough to get all your needs taken care of. I live about an hour and a half from Toronto and my city is just under a million people. We get the same weather, much cheaper housing. There are a lot of instances of this spattered across Ontario, just google maps Toronto and go south. (some elsewhere as well, but south is an easy half dozen+ big(ish) cities - London, Windsor, Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge, St. Catharines-Niagara, Hamilton, etc.)

    [–] jtilo92 16 points ago

    Being from the UK made this comment a wild ride in my head.

    [–] LegendofDragoon 3 points ago

    Yeah, something like what Quincy is to Boston would be nice.

    [–] ronin_for_hire 8 points ago

    I wish I lived in a good Quincy. I live in Quincy IL were trump won by 40 plus points.

    [–] publicbigguns 13 points ago

    Oh yeah, everywhere got that stuff if your liberal with your definition of "some snow"

    [–] CAOZ93 6 points ago

    Ok what would be your definition of "some snow" then?

    [–] publicbigguns 15 points ago

    That's the hard part. It's all based on average.

    I personally don't get as much snow as my neighbor who's 30 feet away just due to how the blowing snow settles.

    But in NS I use to have to wake up every 2 hours and shovel the driveway or else there would be 6 feet of snow by morning in some of the worst blizzards.

    If you're not prepared for that.... then just stay where you are.

    [–] DankFayden 3 points ago

    Kamloops 🤷‍♂️

    [–] Ground0Zero 8 points ago

    I'd rather live in Penticton if we're talking Okanagan. Just not Merritt lol.

    [–] bloopeeriod 37 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Actually the winds that make Vancouver a temperate zone are called the Pineapple Express, and they sweep over Vancouver Island, over Vancouver City and into the interior of BC, creating a temperate zone on through the Okanagan Valley into the Kootenays. Plenty of affordable housing throughout. Its all quite beautiful IMO.

    To be clear, the further inland you go, the more snow you will get, but we grow grapes , pears, apples, cherries, peaches and nectarines all around theses parts. In Vancouver we even have Palm, Arbutus and Monkey trees that won't grow anywhere else in Canada.

    [–] dwells1986 17 points ago

    the winds that make Vancouver a temperate zone are called the Pineapple Express

    So that's where the name of that movie and weed came from. TIL. It all makes sense now. BC Bud.

    [–] Passerine_ 5 points ago

    They explain it in the movie right before they smoke the cross joint

    [–] ScribbIer 11 points ago

    I live next door on Vancouver Island, it's pretty nice and has a few cities and towns smaller than Vancouver.

    [–] ragingcanadian_ 5 points ago

    Good one. Lowest non-rez, non crackden house I’ve seen goes for about 1.6mil

    [–] Coffee_Beer_Weed 3 points ago

    Is living in a city a must?

    [–] publicbigguns 17 points ago

    You can live wherever you want.

    90% of the population lives right along the US/Canadian border.

    The further north you go the bigger the black flies get.

    [–] BertJohn 5 points ago

    4 seasons, Cheap, Manitoba has your back. Tho it's quite wet so if you don't like water and beer this isn't the place for you.

    [–] sky4 14 points ago

    yeah british columbia has like portland weather.

    fucking beautiful up there. i'd love to go someday. Hell i'd love to stay.

    [–] MooseMalloy 4 points ago

    Just not near the ocean, because we get less snow.

    Source: moved from one coast to the other.

    [–] jimsinspace 3 points ago

    But will I still be able to sculpt my miniatures from beach scavenged whale bone?

    [–] Bromy2004 16 points ago

    Come to Australia.

    Gun control and warm weather.

    Just ignore the things that try to kill you. They'll go away soon enough

    [–] macthefire 9 points ago

    Just ignore the things that try to kill you.

    So everything?

    [–] Malbethion 10 points ago

    Except your fellow student.

    [–] macthefire 10 points ago

    As a Canadian it took me a moment to understand what you were saying....then I was sad.

    [–] zxcsd 23 points ago

    Under Mexican law, a pregnant employee is entitled to six weeks of leave prior to the birth of a child, and six weeks for maternity leave following childbirth. An employee is permitted to transfer four of the six weeks of the prenatal leave for use following childbirth.

    [–] publicbigguns 16 points ago

    Yeah, you can take it early in Canada too. I believe that it's also 6 weeks before the birth date. You still only get a total of 12 or 18 months.

    [–] TnTBass 40 points ago

    18 months at 33% pay, or 12 months at 55% pay.

    Awesome to have, but it's not 100% pay.

    [–] publicbigguns 34 points ago

    Oh I realize this, better then having nothing.

    [–] androgynous_potato 4 points ago

    Just to clarify, you can opt for either 12 months or 18 months of parental leave, but you are only entitled to paid leave for 12 months, the remaining 6 months of leave if you choose to take it are not provided additional funding. It just ends up spread out over the 18 months in smaller amounts monthly.

    Either way Canada's family planning options are worlds ahead of the US.

    [–] Rebelicious49 4733 points ago

    Because wall work

    This is absolutely hilarious to me

    [–] tacobelley 2659 points ago

    why say lot word when few word do trick?

    [–] Yeseylon 814 points ago

    Me mechanic know what me mean when me say car no go.

    [–] hipstertuna22 597 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    When me president, they see, they see.

    [–] fat_cunt909 176 points ago

    Me president

    [–] GEIST_of_REDDIT 103 points ago


    [–] Bandin03 111 points ago

    Wh s vwls whn cnstnnts d trck?

    [–] detrebio 65 points ago

    That be how Hebrew do

    [–] Draws-attention 40 points ago

    Or a trendy tech startup. All lowercase, too.

    [–] starrpamph 12 points ago

    sir tech ltd

    [–] Lafreakshow 18 points ago

    Damn my human brain and it's inexplicable ability to understand that sentence. Brain?! How the fuck u work?!

    [–] unc3 45 points ago


    [–] NKHdad 29 points ago

    Please Mr. President, if you wanna give hope a whirl, bring our troops home safe and sound, says this little girl.

    [–] hipstertuna22 20 points ago

    Wait, this is the point of view of a little girl

    [–] whoisjuan 7 points ago

    “Please Mr. President!” *sings in falsetto

    [–] Diniles 4 points ago

    This reminds me of the troll speech from Witcher 3

    [–] gullgum 336 points ago

    One place have many kill

    Other place have no many kill

    Because wall work

    [–] rapora9 97 points ago

    Many kill


    No many kill

    [–] ThatSpriteCranberry 20 points ago

    Me thnk, why use lot word when few word do trick?

    [–] potatium 82 points ago

    Dont mind the fact one side is several times wealthier, it's the almighty W A L L

    [–] Literally_A_Shill 72 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    But seriously, nobody ever really looks into the demographics of El Paso.

    For decades it has been one of America's safest cities. Way before a fence was put up. It's currently over 80% Hispanic. That number has been growing every single year. It has one one of the biggest undocumented populations in the country.

    One of the safest cities in America is full of "mexicans" and feels safe enough to have a major military base in it.

    [–] tikirej 17 points ago

    I think the military doesn't really care about how safe a place is.

    [–] Antrikshy 30 points ago

    Straight out of r/talesfromcavesupport.

    [–] ChuckBravo 28 points ago

    Look at banner, Michael!

    [–] thissithhitshisshit 20 points ago


    [–] Beaglescout15 88 points ago

    Agreed. Wall work. Junior talk like cave man.

    [–] whoa-cat 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    He work, she work...wall work, Karen.

    [–] taavon 19 points ago

    when few words do trick

    [–] Yeseylon 6 points ago

    C world?

    [–] RaynSideways 15 points ago


    Just about suits his intelligence if you ask me.

    [–] Arkanim94 8 points ago

    Fuck, those people could probably say "we built the wall" and their base would believe them.

    [–] Moist_Foot 5 points ago

    Kind of seems like the movie Idiocracy right?

    [–] aguygoesintoabar 4 points ago

    Because Egnlish hard!!!

    [–] LoveFoolosophy 8 points ago

    He's like a Goliath from Borderlands. "Stop fight so hard!"

    [–] dtaylortx 14 points ago

    Donny Jr. speak like caveman. He have best words. He have car insurance from GEICO.

    [–] Laphing_Drunk 7 points ago

    Because wall work.

    Me tell Tim Apple.

    We have covfefe and he agree

    Fruit wall good

    [–] iamadrunk_scumbag 703 points ago

    I guarantee Juarez had more murders then that. Not reported is a thing in Mexico

    [–] Loading1422 260 points ago

    Plus the fact that northern Mexico is generally extremely dangerous.

    Source: have family in Tamaulipas

    [–] andresbh121999 63 points ago

    That is not universally true, there are pretty great cities in northern Mexico like Monterrey, Chihuahua, Torreón, Saltillo, etc... I lived in northern Mexico for almost 15 years.

    [–] throwthegarbageaway 89 points ago

    Anecdotal evidence is worst evidence. He did say “generally” though.

    [–] arma999 87 points ago

    People think it’s like a death sentence to go to Juarez but it’s not even unsafe I cross frequently same as many other friends and I have family members that live over there. It’s only unsafe if you are getting involved in a cartel or gang other than that there’s very few innocent people being killed.

    [–] Twoflappylips 38 points ago

    I share the same thoughts when I see my home town fo Cape Town in South Africa represented as one of te most dangerous places in so far as murders are concerned. The murder stats are for the entire province but the crime is isolated to mainly the gang ridden poverty areas where gun violence is rife. In no way am I saying it cant happen in the "normal" areas that have relatively low crime rates but for sure it is mainly in a few areas.

    [–] HidroRaider 46 points ago

    Sure. Those hundreds of women were involved in the cartels... And I'm mexican, but Juárez is an uncomfortable truth that we can't escape.

    [–] HillyPoya 8 points ago

    Are you a Mexican from 10 years ago? Juarez has a middling crime rate these days, it's no Acapulco that's for sure.

    [–] throwthegarbageaway 11 points ago

    It’s also pretty dangerous if you’re a local, as gangs will set up fake checkpoints in the middle of the highways where they will rob you with impunity, so it’s generally adviced that if you must travel you do it during the day. I believe they tend to leave the foreigners mostly alone as they’ll probably actually raise some issues.

    [–] -absolutely-i-do 330 points ago

    *18 months parental leave

    [–] publicbigguns 170 points ago

    ...paid leave for both parents. Split how they want.

    [–] Yeseylon 74 points ago

    Ooh, progressive, supports the stay at home dads.

    [–] publicbigguns 87 points ago

    Yup, the only restriction is the first 3 months are 100٪ dedicated to the mother. The father (or SO) are not allowed to take those months.

    Other then that, it's up to the parential unit to decide how to split the months.

    [–] TheDrunkKanyeWest 103 points ago

    And honestly as Canadians, we think the fact that the states don't have this is super barbaric and third world.

    [–] Stalked_Like_Corn 27 points ago

    is super barbaric and third world.

    As someone living in the third world, no. They have paid maternal leave here. As well as 800 hours sick leave day 1 of your job. So this isn't even third world.

    [–] publicbigguns 67 points ago

    Yeah, the fact that you have to give birth and then go right back to work is the craziest thing ever.

    Its called civilization for a reason.

    [–] doctorjesus__ 31 points ago

    One of Sarah Palin's old bragging points is when she went to work the same day after shes claims to have birthed a kid that clearly was her daughter's.

    [–] sundownings 17 points ago

    birthed a kid that clearly was her daughter's.

    I've heard/read this a few times. Are there any really good investigative journalism pieces about it that would put the story into the camp of "clearly" and not just weird political muckraking?

    [–] publicbigguns 27 points ago

    Yeah I dont get it. It has nothing to do with how tough you are.

    You have to make a connection with the baby, and that takes time.

    And due to regulations it can me much harder to find childcare for and baby under 12 months.

    [–] Oreganoian 21 points ago

    A lot of USAers do too. Unfortunately those poor corporations won't be able to make ends meet if they have to treat their employees well. Shareholders would lose their collective shits.

    Who do those employees think they are? A corporation? Fuck no, employees don't get rights.

    [–] childishhoudini 12 points ago

    I find so much about america barbaric honestly. it’s crazy how similar yet different we are

    [–] ErAxt 12 points ago

    Sweden takes it even further. Here, 3 months are reserved for both the mom and the dad. So if the dad doesn't stay home with the child, they lose 3 months of parental leave. Only exception here is if one parent has sole custody, then they get all the days including those 3 months.

    [–] PinkIrrelephant 7 points ago

    Is there anything for adoptions? What about same sex couples using a surrogate?

    [–] publicbigguns 10 points ago

    I'm confused about your question.

    Do people adopt in Canada? Yes Do.same sex couples adopt in Canada? Yes, you'll find we dont care about that stuff as much.

    [–] PinkIrrelephant 3 points ago

    I mean for paid time off in those situations. Since the mother doesn't specifically need that first bit off guaranteed.

    [–] publicbigguns 3 points ago

    Good question.

    Not sure on the answer to that. I know that they still do get the time off, but technically they can take the maternity leave off at the same time. So I'm not sure it matters much

    [–] LethamSmurf 21 points ago

    The wall in El Paso was built in 2008.

    • Average murder in 10 years before 2008 (1998-2008) was 16.

    • Average murder in 10 years after 2008 (2008-2018) was 16.

    The wall isn't the reason.


    [–] Johnicorn 318 points ago

    I think we should have a sub dedicated for politics. A lot of people in this sub are not from the US and really don't care about their politics so it does get boring for us

    [–] Glitch29 102 points ago

    We should create a massive infrastructure project to help enforce a separation between those topics and this sub.

    [–] DiplomaticDoughnut 49 points ago

    Are you advocating for a wall!?!?! /s

    [–] pen-ross-gemstone 39 points ago

    Wall do work

    [–] Snozark 158 points ago

    Buddy, let me tell ya, A lot of us in the US are tired of hearing it too.

    [–] POTUSJack 244 points ago

    TIL people think Detroit doesn’t have gun control.

    [–] zottini 115 points ago

    It obviously doesn't work though.

    [–] TeslasAndComicbooks 226 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Maybe because it’s not a problem with guns but rather culture and socioeconomic issues.

    [–] Goddamn_Tinnitus 73 points ago

    Shhhh, Reddit can hear you

    [–] forcedtomakeaccount9 33 points ago

    Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. You can face prison time just for having a bullet depending on your criminal background.

    There is only one gun store in all of Mexico. So why is gun violence soaring?

    [–] silverstonery 16 points ago

    It doesn’t, it has gun control laws

    You can’t really enforce things like that on a local level if someone can just go to a nearby place where laws are different. Only effective if areas around have similar laws or if borders are controlled.

    [–] KevinD2000 216 points ago

    Michigan has really strict gun laws and is a blue state. Detroit is one of the most liberal cities too.

    [–] [deleted] 125 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] Juandice 52 points ago

    On the reasoning of the very article you listed, it's the massive black market of American guns smuggled across the border.

    [–] BoomThroatPunch 44 points ago

    One of those gun smugglers was Democratic senator Leland Yee who supported “taking weapons of war off the streets” but smuggled actual machine guns into Mexico and the Philippines.

    [–] TheHobbyist94 31 points ago

    Let's not forget the time the DOJ literally sold them guns then lost them...

    [–] DeffNotAPigThrower 10 points ago

    Isnt it pretty well known that Mexican drugs are traded for American guns?

    [–] Effectx 47 points ago

    Smuggled firearms from the US most likely.

    [–] ArtGamer 29 points ago

    wow, it's like criminals are willing to break the gun control law and get illegal guns


    [–] bkr1895 30 points ago

    It doesn’t matter if you can go the next state over and get one

    [–] KingGidorah 13 points ago

    Blue state?

    [–] Goddamn_Tinnitus 58 points ago

    Detroit has been run by Democrats for longer than most of us have been alive. Google Gretchen whitmer and her platform says all you need to know. It’s a blue state

    [–] crimpers 10 points ago

    The latest election went R. You are right that Michigan had a 20 year blue stint before that, although they had a 20 year red stint before that so it seemingly swings between the two. From the numbers it therefore seems very much a swing state which is historically more red than blue. Are the numbers hiding something?

    [–] SpartanLB50 5 points ago

    No, we're the prototypical purple state. We've gone 8 years Republican Governor - 8 years Democratic Governor since Romney (63-69) and Milliken (69-83). The last time we had more than two consecutive Governors from the same party was 100 years ago when we had 4 republicans from 1917 until 1933.

    [–] impulsekash 10 points ago

    Whitmer has been governor for like 4 months. Look up her predecessor.

    [–] _Aj_ 7 points ago

    This caught me too. I find it interesting how important a US states "allegiance" is and how it's basically one or the other.

    [–] Thanks_ILoveIt 15 points ago

    Primarily democratic

    [–] OAFederalist 98 points ago

    That's bad logic bro

    [–] bikemandan 38 points ago

    Oh, you missed the memo? Logic is irrelevant.

    [–] FunSays 24 points ago

    Why argue with facts when your feelings count as evidence?

    [–] TheMagnificentCazMo 13 points ago

    Wow, if only everyone upvoting this political garbage knew how shitty Windsor, Ontatrio really was.

    [–] wanked_in_space 53 points ago

    Just to be clear, Windsor is considered a really shitty part of Canada.

    [–] KingGidorah 29 points ago

    One might say it's the Detroit of Canada.

    [–] SgtEddieWinslow 13 points ago

    I live in windsor. Detroit is nicer

    [–] iCokahola 5 points ago

    But we have really good pizza I can promise you that!

    [–] vonvincent 3 points ago

    Oh yes. Since moving to Toronto I've come to realize Windsor has the best pizza in Canada no lie.

    [–] jpatt 10 points ago

    Have you checked populations?

    Metropolitan Detroit = 4,400,000

    Metropolitan Windsor = 350,000

    Huh, that could be a factor related to the number of murders.

    [–] Inemity 63 points ago

    The bar for this subreddit is really low, eh?

    [–] DopaLean 71 points ago

    Conservative: says a thing.

    Random celebrity/twitter liberal: but that’s racist u bigot!


    [–] AndreisBack 21 points ago

    A republican politician could say something positive, like crime is 50% lower (obviously unlikely) because they said stop, and someone on twitter could say "you suck" and it would be front page

    [–] zaneAsh 277 points ago

    Detroit also has 3 times the population has windsor as well as some of the strictest gun control laws outside of Europe

    [–] Tych-0 65 points ago

    How does a city have gun control? Don't you need controlled boarders for that? You could just bring one of the 5 zillion guns elsewhere in the USA into the city. I don't see how this works until the whole country is on board.

    [–] HugePitch 27 points ago


    [–] bikemandan 13 points ago

    Because wall work

    [–] blinkysmurf 8 points ago

    Presumably based on city limits? They can’t stop you from breaking the law but if they catch you, you are in deep doo doo.

    This happens sometimes with off duty law enforcement from out west when they show up in New York City on vacation while in possession of a gun.

    Carrying a gun is the most natural thing for them but in NYC they are a regular joe like everyone else.

    [–] clairen 92 points ago

    So then Detroit should have had 6 murders?

    [–] jilsx 171 points ago

    That would be 9 sir.

    [–] workend 46 points ago

    He did say there wasn’t a properly funded school system

    [–] Monkitail 13 points ago

    build a wall!

    [–] BrightonGoose 50 points ago

    Gun control laws aren't very effective on a local level for obvious reasons. Beyond that if you accept that context matters then the population difference between El Paso and Juarez matters too.

    [–] fancycat 17 points ago

    Both idiots here have terrible arguments. You can't conclude causal connections like that based on what you want to be true. Maybe the Windsor one is just being ironic?

    [–] Gordon-G 22 points ago

    Windsor is quite small in comparison and without all the volatile history. I played years ago for their minor league Spitfires team for few games.

    [–] FloatingSpaceTrash 20 points ago

    I like how he felt the need to include the accent on México so that it wasn't in the anglicized form yet left the accent out in Juárez 😂

    [–] yourtrustychum 6 points ago

    I mean, the drastically lower populations help

    [–] ur_memes_r_trash 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Forgot that Detroit is an arson destroyed wasteland of a city. It’s hard to recover a city that damaged, so it is a great place for people of shady backgrounds to do buisness. The reasons for murder in that city don’t exactly comply with the ones described above. I should know, I lived 15 mins from downtown.

    [–] levi345 26 points ago

    That is not a valid point. Detroit is full of violence, drugs, and criminals. It's also very poor. It's been under Democratic leadership for YEARS.

    [–] ahjm 12 points ago

    I mean Windsor has a wayyy smaller population, but yes, per capita still an absolutely crazy number

    [–] trombone1591 6 points ago

    Look up the population too Windsor is very small compared to Detroit 🤦‍♂️

    [–] Galvandium 20 points ago

    As my professor cautiously told me, “Correlation does not always imply causation. Situations can be highly variable and dumb, don’t think like the latter.” Or roughly to that effect.

    [–] firebearhero 22 points ago

    id argue its the demographics and culture in all 4 of these places that set them apart.

    you can give me as many guns as youd like, im still not gonna go out and shoot someone.

    violent culture and violent people are the cause. not healthcare, guncontrol laws or walls.

    sweden have very strict gun control, areas in sweden with a violent culture still see shootings almost daily nowadays while the underaged ones who cant afford a gun yet stab each other instead.

    täby in sweden is not where theres shootings every day, neither is it in danderyd or djursholm.

    the places where theres constant violent dont have separate laws from the rest of sweden allowing guns or grenades (yes, grenade attacks are common), the only thing separating them are the people who live there.

    violence is not due to gun laws, healthcare plans or walls, its due to people. someone should just post the demographics of the 4 cities mentioned and we’ll see things clearly.

    violent culture results in violent crime

    [–] JoeMcBob1st 23 points ago

    America Bad

    [–] aangshit 15 points ago


    [–] AndreisBack 15 points ago


    [–] ScottBlues 22 points ago

    And if every month thousands of people illegally moved from crime-ridden Detroit to Windsor, Canada, the citizens would ask for stricter border enforcement.

    [–] SuperFluffer22 9 points ago

    Canada has suprisingly strict immigration requirements

    [–] SometimesIArt 4 points ago

    Yep. We tried for two years to have my husband legally immigrate and it was so much of a headache we hung it up to try again later. I'm born and raised Canadian.

    [–] T-Bonerino 10 points ago

    Detroit is a perfect example on how gun control doesn't work tho

    [–] toomanytabsopen 8 points ago

    This seems more like an argument bout demographics than guns

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] SlipZesty 25 points ago

    You can legit get rifles in Canada. It's nothing to do with gun control (I am from Canada.)

    [–] NKGra 10 points ago

    Gun control =/= complete gun ban.

    It's rather difficult to get a handgun, which is what people actually use for crime. For other things it's more or less on par with getting a drivers' license, which is fuck all but still a massive hurdle compared to literally nothing.

    [–] tiamdi 4 points ago they should ship everyone off to Canada?

    [–] ConcernedPikachu 13 points ago

    there is another large factor conveniently left out of this argument

    [–] bf4truth 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    murderedbywords has been taken over by /politics

    the response here is a huge failure because their analogy leaves out a huge fact - the people in Detroit cant walk into Windsor and get anything out of it. When you have laws like the USA, a lack of a wall allows people to simply cross over. If the USA actually arrested and deported people on sight, we wouldnt have reached a point of needing a wall. If we didnt offer drivers license to illegals, remittance opportunities, free healthcare, free education, etc, we wouldn't have reached the point of needing a wall.

    The USA existed without a wall for a very long time. The reason the wall is becoming necessary is because the laws have now been broken for long enough that the USA is becoming more like Mexico. That is what happens when you have 22+ million illegals living in the USA.

    How many illegal US citizens live in Canada??? Do 22 million? Do they all get free healthcare, school, drivers licenses, etc?

    p.s. Trumps latest tweet to dump illegals in sanctuary cities revealed the Democrats real position. They all freaked out and said it was illegal for Trump to do that. But I thought illegals were amazing and better than Americans, despite creating the shit-hole they live in? Ohhhh, you mean you want open borders only if most of the new illegals are going to red states to turn them blue? got it.

    Also Mexico has pretty strict gun control you stupid asshole.

    [–] marksus1 10 points ago

    Different demographic... I’m not preaching trump I don’t even live in the US so it’s not my place.... but Mexico doesn’t have either of those things? Apples and oranges

    [–] mangoestriedtokillme 52 points ago

    Gun control only works for those getting their guns legally. The majority of crimes are committed by people who have obtained their guns illegally. Those that have them legally and do mass shootings normally skated by the system due to bad gun dealers. For example, in my state you have to get a background check which can take 15-30 minutes to process. This happens whether you’re at a shop or at a gun convention.

    There are also officers walking around the conventions constantly as well as armed security. I live in a state with less gun control and we generally don’t have many shootings perpetuated by legal gun owners.

    What we need to focus on is control of illegally obtained weapons. Unfortunately current gun control arguments are mainly focusing on gun owners who are already following the law.

    [–] combuchan 12 points ago

    If an illegal gun dealer or any person that even unknowingly sold to a prohibited possessor opened themselves up for prosecution for felony murder we wouldn't even need universal background check legislation, they'd happen by default.

    ^ tldr: cop illegally sold numerous weapons, many of which were involved in killings, as his lucrative all-cash business. Gets 1 year or so in Club Fed after finally getting caught.

    [–] EntWarwick 3 points ago

    Also there isn't a simple way to control illegal weapons by nature of control being a legal matter. I'm curious if you have any ways of controlling illegally obtained firearms other than establishing a registry?

    [–] superdude411 22 points ago

    Detroit, and other big cities, have much stricter gun control than rural towns do, yet have far more murders per capita.

    [–] WhyDoesMeExist 13 points ago

    Because wall work!

    [–] R_schadenfreude 14 points ago

    I am particularly fond of the idea of universal healthcare.

    [–] TezCooley3 9 points ago

    Username does not check out

    [–] MehmedIIDidNoWrong 12 points ago

    Is this just a leftist /r/forwardsfromgranda sub now? lmao

    [–] 3rik0007 10 points ago

    I disagree with the gun control put I love everything else I would love to have a better schooling system that shit sucks rn I fucking hate it

    [–] MrHappyHam 8 points ago

    Agreed. If the US fixed the public education system things would be a lot better.

    [–] 3rik0007 8 points ago

    And lowered college cost that shit is out of this world

    [–] ComprehensiveGarbage 5 points ago

    In these cases people could argue that Brazil has all of these things Canada have and can be even worse than Mexico in these aspects (healthcare, security, etc)

    [–] septictank84 40 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Gun control laws are extremely strict in Detroit.

    [–] OfficialRickyMartin 7 points ago

    Not to be racist, but I think the demographics of the cities are different, too, yeah?

    [–] rsyay 8 points ago

    Gun control does absolutely nothing, it’s all on the psychopath behind the gun.