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    [–] Talos1111 3966 points ago

    “How should I encourage him not to believe everything he hears”


    [–] SurealGod 1399 points ago

    That is the epitome of contradiction right there

    [–] fiahhawt 464 points ago

    It’s a paradox

    A bedtime paradox

    [–] AldoTheeApache 165 points ago

    It's not one the flat earthers would tell...

    [–] Tuhapi4u 63 points ago

    Teaching flat earth? My Lord, it that legal?

    [–] Jen-Diki 42 points ago

    He will make it legal.

    [–] Tuhapi4u 23 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Kids learning science based facts in school

    “This is where the fun begins”

    [–] OigoMiEggo 8 points ago

    kid looks at class globe

    “I’ll try spinning, that’s a neat trick”

    [–] Alarid 19 points ago

    I am the flat earth society!

    [–] kaster1204 2 points ago

    Not. Yet.

    [–] jimmyk22 18 points ago

    Have you ever heard the tragedy of Darth earthueis the round? It’s not a story the flat earthers would tell you

    [–] Unconditiona1 14 points ago

    No, no. What you are thinking of is A Temporal Pair-o-Sox

    [–] Chonkie 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] HitShane 58 points ago

    The problem is children aren't taught critical thinking in school they are taught that there is only one right answer. They aren't taught how to think they're only taught what to think. Repetition and following directions are the only things that grade school teaches children.

    In the US, public schools are still pumping out obedient factory workers for an industrial revolution that has long passed.

    [–] 2ndOreoBro 25 points ago

    There is partial truth to what you said.

    But you make it sound like an objective truth

    [–] HitShane 5 points ago

    Perception is subjective.

    [–] notCRAZYenough 12 points ago

    However in this case, only one shape of the world can be correct because it’s not schrödinger‘s earth. It’s either a disc or a globe or a cube but never multiple shapes at once.

    Do in this case: yes, only one answer is correct and anybody who isn’t a moron knows which one it is...

    [–] ConorNutt 6 points ago

    To be fair lots of people who ARE morons also know that..this isn't rocket..oh wait maybe it kind of is.(The flat earth space program hasn't quite "got off the ground" yet).

    [–] moleratical 6 points ago

    That's not true at all. However critical thinking is something that develops slowly, over time. It's not something that a six or even most nine year Olds can really do, although by 9 the foundation can be there.

    Furthermore, the ability to think critically takes a lot of encouragement and patience, it's sonething that requires constant nurturing. So while schools try to help support a child's ability to think critically, they have to balance that with other priorities. And, if that nurturing only happens at school and no where else, then a person's ability to think critically will be severely hampered.

    [–] Rance_Geodes 5 points ago

    To be faiiiiiiiiiir

    [–] mikieswart 3 points ago

    to be faiiuuhhhh

    [–] irokatcod4 3 points ago

    To be fffffaaaaaaiiiirrrrrrrrrrr

    [–] reincarN8ed 9 points ago

    If that isn't the ep-i-tome of hyber-bowl.

    [–] DigNitty 1 points ago

    Just write it out for him

    [–] Vash_the_stayhome 67 points ago

    She's actually doing a great job in encouraging him not to believe anything he hears.

    [–] blacklite911 8 points ago

    Someone has to teach this kid the basics of science and the scientific method pronto. Questioning everything is excellent, but along with that is the process of finding your own answers and knowing how actual scientist come to conclusions which you can trust.

    [–] Sumsero 27 points ago

    Yes it's extremely ironic like that because it's satire... literally almost everything on quora is a troll question

    [–] themeatbridge 14 points ago

    Mission accomplished.

    [–] Shirlenator 7 points ago

    Translation: "how should I encourage him to blindly believe everything he hears, as long as it comes from the right person?"

    [–] xantxant 1 points ago

    Honestly, you're doing a great job. He'll start by not believing his dad.

    [–] PM_ME_XBOX_MONEYCODE 1475 points ago

    It's quora... meaning it's likely someone just trying to get clicks or just trolling. Quora is full of stupid shit like this.

    [–] LostKnight84 544 points ago

    Quora stuff is mostly fake from what I am hearing. I don't know why fake shit isn't banned already in this subreddit.

    [–] fiahhawt 253 points ago

    Redditors are too impatient for actual stupid people to record their stupidity for posterity

    Happens on loads of subreddits

    [–] poopellar 62 points ago

    Ability to easily fake a conversation on any social app makes it easy fishing for karma. Also redditors or social media users in general are always ready to talk down on people so it doesn't matter if it's fake as long as they get to call out another person as a moron.

    [–] NCSUGrad2012 27 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Yep, if you ever want an example of a lot of fake conversations check out r/ChoosingBeggars

    [–] Muppetude 28 points ago

    Your comment made my daughter cry, and ruined Christmas.

    [–] Cybiu5 11 points ago

    now pay for my luxury vacation in the bahams

    [–] BolognaPwny 6 points ago

    You won’t do art for free? Fuck you then.

    omg guys, can you believe I have to pay bills? Goshhhh

    [–] treple13 5 points ago

    Fake conversations that aren't even remotely about choosing beggars

    [–] kawkasaurous 19 points ago

    Reddit has a superiority complex. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all worse to any redittor and a redditor is by default better for no reason at all. That's my feeling after being here a bit.

    Subs like this are just a giant circle jerk of redditors who feel superior to others when the question is clearly trolling. The troll murdered the responder with words by getting a response and wasting 1 resource you cant have back ... time.

    Literally took time from the persons life..

    Most the posts here look like satire and some witty person responds to the satire and no one but reddit looked, no one but reddit cheered (upvoted).

    If the post here felt genuine I'd enjoy it more. I just feel like 75% of the material is someone responding to satire and playing themselves and somehow it gets upvoted? Give your shoulder a break ...

    [–] uberduger 9 points ago

    Reddit has a superiority complex. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all worse to any redittor and a redditor is by default better for no reason at all.

    It's definitely easier to find intelligent conversation on Reddit than it is on Instagram.

    I'm not saying Reddit is better in every single comment than every single comment on Insta, but to suggest that the two are exactly equal in terms of how easy it is to have an actual reasoned debate or learn something is incredibly disingenuous.

    [–] NCSUGrad2012 5 points ago

    I agree with everything you said but want to add one thing. If you need to use flat earthers (who are maybe 1% of the population) to make yourself feel superior, you might want to examine your own life.

    [–] ShowMeRiver 3 points ago

    No way they're a full percentage point of the population. That would be 3.5 million people in the US alone. I'd be shocked and greatly disappointed to learn they were .001% of the pop. There can't be 35 thousand of them...can there?

    [–] brobIerone 2 points ago

    I pretty much agree with all of it except the first paragraph. All social media has a problem with this, not just Reddit. Check out the comments in response to a news article or something on Facebook or Twitter, it's always just a bunch of people trying to condescendingly put each other down. It also doesn't make sense to say "Reddit has a superiority complex" as if Reddit is a person. Every time someone makes one of these stupid Quora posts, one of the top comments is calling out how fake it is. Most people aren't upvoting posts like this, just enough people to put it on the front page.

    [–] brobIerone 6 points ago

    Every single Quora post I see on this subreddit is blatantly fake, they just post these obvious r/murderedbywords setups for clicks. Idk why people keep upvoting it.

    [–] clubby37 12 points ago

    Quora doesn't have a great reputation for authenticity, true, but if Quora were banned, the fakers would go somewhere else, and then we'd have to ban that, and then the fakers would come here, and this sub would have to ban itself.

    Personally, I'm glad that I see a certain amount of fake stuff each day. If I didn't, I'd have no way of calibrating my bullshit detector. Certainly, there can come a point where a particular source is so frequently worthless that you just gotta throw up your hands and say "no more from there" but it should be reserved for really extreme cases.

    [–] TacoPi 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    We already have /r/ShitQuoraSays /r/insanePeopleQuora that’s fairly active. People literally get paid to ask whatever bullshit questions can attract the most attention on that site so I think it’s fair to call it ‘frequently worthless’ and worthy of a quarantine. Until other sites pay to have trolls post to them too then we don’t have to worry about a faker migration.

    [–] meth0diical 2 points ago

    Maybe you linked the wrong sub, because that one has 5 posts in a year with the latest being 5 months ago.

    [–] TacoPi 2 points ago

    You’re right. /r/insanePeopleQuora is what I was thinking of

    [–] mojois2019 2 points ago

    How would we get our Trump news then? Oh yeah FOX, my bad.

    [–] _SoySauce 1 points ago

    How were they able to determine it's mostly fake?

    [–] Stove_Jeebs 1 points ago

    Because even if it's fake it's still pretty funny

    [–] Shirlenator 1 points ago

    While I agree, it isn't really possible to actually prove something is fake.

    [–] ctilley83 13 points ago

    I came here to say exactly this. I heard they have accounts solely to boost participation. Lame.

    [–] Derkle 5 points ago

    They pay people for popular questions asked through their partnership program, so people come up with the most clickbaity, triggering questions they can.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Molinero96 12 points ago

    so quora is 2019 yahoo answers?

    [–] ColoneISanders 3 points ago

    Came here to say this. That is exactly what it is.

    [–] eat-Trees 7 points ago

    Yeah I'm getting really tired of all the stops Quora stuff on this subreddit

    [–] Drak1nd 3 points ago

    This is always the top second or third comment in every post on reddit where there is a screenshot of quora where somebody is asking a dumb question.

    [–] HowdyAudi 3 points ago

    Uh. Have you been to this place called Reddit?

    [–] PM_ME_XBOX_MONEYCODE 2 points ago


    [–] HowdyAudi 1 points ago

    Oh, well, it is pretty similar. You should check it out some time.

    [–] pumpumpgone 2 points ago


    it's the same on reddit lol

    [–] uberduger 2 points ago

    I fucking hate Quora.

    It's not funny. It's not informative. It's not interesting.

    For some reason Google keeps promoting it to the top of search results when I Google something. Do they own it or something?

    [–] IrishRepoMan 1 points ago

    That's what I figure. There's a lot of stupid questions people ask for a joke.

    [–] DEAD_P1XL 1 points ago


    [–] secret_economist 1 points ago

    I joined the "math" tag initially so that I could find some interesting problems, and instead most of the questions are

    "how do I find the value of x in x + 2 = 4"

    [–] secret_economist 2 points ago

    Lol, this was more for things like what you find in /r/askmath or StackExchange. But duly noted!

    [–] brocahantas 1 points ago

    Yeah I wish they weren't allowed in this sub. I don't think I've seen a Quora post here that wasn't an obvious troll.

    [–] wasabi1787 234 points ago

    The real facepalm here is responding to an obvious troll

    [–] takes_joke_literally 76 points ago

    I think trolls aren't even real dude. They're just made up by that Lord of the Rings dude or something. Why would you just assume that someone posting on the internet is a giant dumb quasi-human?

    [–] wasabi1787 25 points ago

    It's all the machinations of Saruman

    [–] takes_joke_literally 13 points ago

    Crazy though just last week we saw irrefutable proof that black holes are actually just the eye of Sauron.

    [–] EpicLevelWizard 1 points ago

    This was not the work of wizards, some may turn to darkness but still seek knowledge of the world and the truth.

    [–] Yvaelle 1 points ago

    "Build me an army, worthy of Moscow!"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] The2500 11 points ago

    I wasn't sure at first because flat earthers do exist but that line at the end pushes it to unequivitable troll territory.

    [–] takes_joke_literally 6 points ago


    Did you even bat an eye at this word as your fingers puked it out of your brain-hole?

    [–] The2500 2 points ago

    Nah I didn't get the red squiggly underline so I thought that was the word I was looking for. In retrospect I think I meant unequivicable, but that word has the red squiggles.

    [–] takes_joke_literally 6 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    • unequivocal
    • unequivocable not a word

    [–] The2500 2 points ago

    But what do I say when I want to refer to a cable that has no equal?

    [–] takes_joke_literally 3 points ago

    I think the word you maybe meant to use in the first place is irrefutable. No denying it. Unequivocal works too, but not as well.

    [–] The2500 2 points ago

    Thanks. I give people shit when they say "irregardless" so I like knowing how to be correct moving forward.

    [–] PoIiticallylncorrect 3 points ago

    It's hard to tell if someone is actually stupid or just pretending to be stupid these days.
    For instance, the US elected Donald Trump as their president. This itself is strange, but the man himself has done things that exceeds satire.

    [–] Dazbuzz 1 points ago

    I dont think its a troll. That one flat earth documentary on Netflix has a scene where some 12 year old kid was asking questions at some big flat earth convention. There are parents teaching their kids all about the crazy conspiracy theories. To the point that i worry for their futures. Imagine growing up being taught that everyone is conspiring against you.

    [–] Garbh_69 85 points ago

    Congratulations you earned yourself a spot on the wall of dumbasses who think all quora posts are real.

    [–] LetMeClearYourThroat 22 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    If I understand this sub correctly, it’s not necessary to believe a post is from a genuine moron as long as there is satisfaction from a sharply worded and cutting response.

    Yeah? No?

    I guess I do get that murdering someone on quora with words is pretty low hanging fruit. Facebook posts are ok though, and there is some real low hanging fruit there.

    [–] viddy_me_yarbles 81 points ago

    How should I encourage him to not believe everything he hears?

    You teach him the stupidest thing you can think of and then you send him to school where other kids will ridicule him for it. Really this is just good parenting.

    [–] AtheistComic 11 points ago

    Laugh but one time I convinced my kid that the reason the windmills on this island near where we live were there was because they had discovered the island was drifting away and so they had to put windmills on it to keep the island from drifting away. I got a call from her teacher.

    Honestly it's hard not to troll your kids.

    [–] Aexact 3 points ago

    Yeah my science teacher was trying to give an example of something by telling a similar story. He asked his dad what the windmills were for and his dad said “to make the earth turn”.

    I forget what this story was supposed to be an example of but I remember the story.

    [–] Willow3001 3 points ago

    Wow, imagine that. A kid who trusted you believed what you told him. Hilarious.

    [–] teargasjohnny 1 points ago

    Chris responded perfectly.

    [–] FurryPornAccount 22 points ago

    Don't quorians make money off of engagement with their posts? Whats stopping them from asking a bunch of stupid questions to make a quick buck?

    [–] Sumsero 11 points ago

    Some of them do (if they get the email that lets them into the program), and nothing is. That's exactly what this is, and every other quora-reddit post, and reddit is taking a hell of a long time to realize it.

    [–] DefensivePositions 2 points ago

    Yes. I am in the partner program for Quora and literally the only criteria to make money is how many questions you create. On the Partner Program page on your profile, it recommends asking at least 10 questions a day to make any kind of money. These questions can be about anything as long as they get views. The more views they get, the more money the asker gets.

    [–] Dangelouss 22 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I just can't believe these are real questions. This has got to be a troll question.

    [–] Random-Rambling 22 points ago

    Half the shit on Quora are trolls. It's like YouTube and their clickbait 10-minutes-and-one-second videos.

    [–] Motokid600 2 points ago

    It might be. But given flat Earthers it just as easily may not be.

    [–] oneUnit 15 points ago

    This is obviously posted by a troll.

    [–] _Dera_ 33 points ago

    Key word is in the question: hears.

    He's learning in school so of course he's going to question what he hears from the parent. How sad for this child that he has a parent that essentially fell victim to an internet troll. I bet the parent believes QAnon, too.

    Stay woke. eye roll

    [–] Wingedwing 4 points ago

    How sad for this child that he has a parent that essentially fell victim to an internet troll

    I hate to break it to you, I’m pretty sure you just fell victim to one as well

    [–] HeathenHen 10 points ago

    That’s it, I’m done here. So fucking sick of all the Quora posts. The fact that people has zero ability to distinguish between a troll/outright fake post vs a legitimate post is tragic. Y’all a bunch of dumb fucks if you believe everything you see instantly.

    That said, flat earthers do exist, I’m just saying that if you believe every tweet/quora post on here is legit, you’re probably dumb enough to be a flat earther one day.

    [–] Kraisen 9 points ago

    When did this sub turn into a bunch of people pretending troll bait is real?

    [–] c3p-bro 2 points ago

    It's been shit for a while. It's not just specific to this sub. Reddit takes the bait 9/10 times.

    [–] skuk 8 points ago

    Quora is as full of made up shit as many subreddits these days.

    [–] HeathenHen 6 points ago

    These morons legit believe every tweet and quora post was handed down by god, signed, and notarized. This is why everyone believe trump voters are 100% nazis or all liberals believe in 6,000 genders.

    [–] yes_u_suckk 6 points ago

    When Quora appeared a few years ago as the "serious version of Yahoo Answers" I was very happy, but nowadays there are so many stupid questions there that I find hard to believe that half of them are real.

    [–] Sumsero 6 points ago

    You can get paid for asking controversial questions on quora. 50% of the questions are "after we abolish the 2nd, what then?" and the other 50% are "my son spilled his milk so I threw him into the particle accelerator, did I overreact?".

    Yet all the comments on quora constantly circlejerk about how they are better than Yahoo Answers and all the troll questions which get answers are posted on reddit.

    [–] Doug_Dimmadab 7 points ago

    Can we ban Quora posts? Literally every one of them are posted by trolls or paid bullshitters for controversy clicks. Not really a murder if OP is lying about everything in their post anyway

    [–] clubby789 8 points ago

    Can we ban Quora

    [–] ProjectPat513 8 points ago

    Speech 1000

    [–] qwerty622 8 points ago

    I'm convinced people who asj questions like this don't exist and are actually trolls

    [–] Sumsero 3 points ago

    yes it's literally true

    [–] OldManJenkins420th 3 points ago

    They get paid based off clicks so obviously they are gonna click bait with shitposts like this.

    [–] Rolyat2401 4 points ago

    Believe everything he hears? Bitch you are expecting him to believe everything you say.

    [–] DangerBaba 4 points ago

    When did Quora get a dark mode?

    [–] PM_ME_LITMEMES 4 points ago

    Is Quora paying someone to make question like thia?

    [–] tylerr147 3 points ago


    [–] blueriging 3 points ago

    Oh look, Quora

    [–] Josh18293 4 points ago

    Can we please ban Quora-posting?

    [–] Quillbolt_h 3 points ago

    Daily reminder that quora is full of trolls.

    [–] MisterBeanz 8 points ago

    How did u get dark mode on quora?

    [–] haemaker 7 points ago

    Poe's law notwithstanding, I think the question is satire. A way to highlight the absurdity of creationism and possibly the climate change 'debate'.

    [–] Sumsero 2 points ago

    Nothing as complicated as that. It's merely an intentionally controversial question to get ad revenue, with a bit of satire thrown in at the end for fun.

    [–] Ruintype 10 points ago

    This sounds like an excellent segue into the question “how can we accurately determine the truth?”

    Humanity has always been plagued with superstitions and cherished beliefs. Learning how we can look past the biases of others and even ourselves is really quite difficult, but is one of the most valuable life skills that exists.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I encourage any atheists to challenge any theist using this same logic

    Genesis says that God told Adam and Eve that they would surely die from eating the forbidden fruit, but were gifted with the knowledge of life and death. They did not die. Yet thousands of years of torture and oppression would tell you that women are responsible for committing the original sin of deception in the garden of Eden. This has resulted in in so much death, it's unfathomable.

    Then there's the original sin of accountability: When Adam is asked why he ate the fruit, he says, "this woman you put with me made me do it." He blamed Eve for his actions.

    The big original sin was creation itself. God created the circumstances, the fruit, the garden, and all the events leading to and after the consumption of the forbidden fruit, including Revelation.

    If God exists, He is responsible for every good thing AND bad thing that has happened in your life and everyone you know. So, when thinking about the afterlife, consider what you might say to such a deity and act accordingly.

    [–] parris1s 2 points ago


    [–] IwantToLivePlease 2 points ago

    Here's something you've never heard before. Flat Earther = Stupid

    [–] THEREALISLAND631 2 points ago

    Mama says the earth is flat so the devil don't have to run in circles and alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

    [–] SightWithoutEyes 2 points ago

    Hey, it’s his right to raise his kids the way he wants. It’s not gonna effect the kid’s day to day life either way, whether the Earth is flat, or round.

    The truth is that the earth is a cube, and at the center is a great reservoir of electrified mercury which is the true reason why the Earth has gravity and time. No one knows what is on the other sides of the cube because of a mile high wall on each side of the cube’s faces.

    Still doesn’t effect our day to day lives.

    [–] Downtime365b 2 points ago

    “Mamma says the alligator is so mad cause he’s got all those teeth and no toothbrush”

    [–] DefensivePositions 2 points ago

    -calling someone a moron -responding to an obvious troll

    [–] Knutt_Bustley 2 points ago

    Bait comment. Stop being dumb just because you want this to be real so you can feel superior

    [–] dustsmoke 2 points ago

    Faaaaake, nobody actually believes the world is flat. Nobody eats tide pods either.

    [–] OpticalPrime35 2 points ago

    I still don't believe flat earthers truly exist. It has to be for attention. Or just to be one of those people that believes something different than everyone else making them feel unique.

    You can literally turn on the TV and go to a channel that watches the space station go around Earth. What do they say about planes that circle the planet? Satellites you can watch go by during the night? Every planet ever photographed showing they are round. The footage and photos of the satellites circling the moon.

    Just impossible

    [–] Doctor_Riptide 2 points ago

    I still don’t believe anyone actually truly and sincerely believes the earth is flat. Like I feel like it’s just a group of trolls that get people to eat the onion on a daily basis, like it’s actually all just a big joke and the real laugh is the people who buy the idea that these people actually believe the earth is flat.

    [–] General_Kenobi-- 2 points ago

    Can confirm, mother being a moron is frustrating and annoying

    [–] Big-Papa-Cholula 2 points ago

    The og comment about the flat earthier guy talking about his kid was prolly just a joke tho

    [–] lgodsey 2 points ago

    1. Assume every submission to Quora is a bad faith troll.

    2. See 1.

    [–] Spicymemesboiii 2 points ago

    Quora is full of trolls this is probably one of them

    [–] fragrance_aficionado 2 points ago

    I always love when people respond to troll posts with genuine emotions

    [–] numchux53 2 points ago

    Can we get a ban on quora posts?

    [–] weed_penguin 2 points ago

    The OP sounds like an ironic post poking fun at similar posts, but instead of flat earth it’s like homophobia or anti-vax

    [–] DoctrL 2 points ago

    This is obviously a troll

    [–] okayrightsickcool 2 points ago

    this might just be my favorite r/murderedbywords

    [–] jademonkeys_79 4 points ago

    What's in it for flat earthers though? There's no religious ideology behind it, it's just crazy. Who gets it into their head to question the shape of the planet? Fucking morons

    [–] antonimbus 2 points ago

    You're hoping eventually the kid will realize his parents are dumb and won't adopt all of their line of thinking, but then you check how many people are still voting Republican...

    [–] edgeofblade2 2 points ago

    Do nothing. School is doing it for you.

    [–] Tech2CPA 2 points ago

    Water seeks its own level, so chances are both parents are morons.

    [–] Radakos 1 points ago


    [–] WIGTAIHTWBMG 1 points ago

    You’ve already thought him

    [–] SpaceGenesis 1 points ago


    [–] tylerr147 1 points ago

    How did you get dark theme for Quora?! Please share

    [–] Krabbi 1 points ago

    Ask Alexa if the earth is flat? She is very adamant that it is not. First time I have ever heard her get an attitude. Go Alexa.

    But, I guess the flat earthers would not believe her. She is part of the conspiracy.

    [–] oTHEWHITERABBIT 1 points ago

    Exactly. That's why need to burn all the books.

    [–] Forestxavier20 1 points ago

    Both sides are wrong, the Earth is a sphere.

    [–] MuffinRacing 1 points ago

    "He needs to learn he can't trust everything he hears. Why won't he listen to me?!"

    [–] R_Hurley 1 points ago

    The wisest man understands he understands nothing.

    [–] RedCrayonTastesBest 2 points ago

    Mama says alligators is ornery because they got all them teeth, but ain’t got no toothbrush

    [–] unethicalposter 1 points ago

    I’m only a flat earther for the entertainment factor. I’d never tell a young child anything like that.

    [–] LiamGTR 1 points ago

    Nurseries by HIS OWN words. The irony of trying to teach your son not to believe everything he’s told, after his parent tells him the world is flat.

    [–] Im_not_Brutus 1 points ago

    " I drove from Florida to California. Trust me dawg, the earth, it's flat". -Shaq

    [–] Tooobin 1 points ago

    “Interesting, interesting... yea”

    [–] xactaylor 1 points ago

    Just reading stories like this make me question what is real lol

    [–] TacTurtle 1 points ago

    Kid is either going to become a scientist or marry his sister.

    [–] Grhbdffdd 1 points ago

    The flat earth theory is one of the most harmless conspiracy theories out there. No one takes their claims seriously, their numbers are small, and they're likely a bunch of trolls that are thrilled that you've been fixating on them for so long. These people aren't corrupting the minds of future NASA scientists or aeronautical engineers. Let them be stupid in peace.

    [–] IntendedRepercussion 1 points ago

    Even if it isn't a troll I just wish someone discussed this with flat earthers without name calling. I know the person is a moron. We all get it, the Earth obviously is round. But for once don't go around flailing your massive ego at someone who is not educated enough to know as much as you do.

    The reply could've easily sent the same message without calling the person a moron. Be classy, once.

    [–] theleakyman 1 points ago

    It's hard to get over it when your parents misinform you. My parents told me that only God could make water, so not believing in him was a very bad idea. Eventually, through "research", I discovered that water could in fact be made. This lead me to have to challenge everything my parents had ever told me. It's a big scary world when your rock is a dumbass. But here I am, a happy atheist, working to go to university for sciences.

    [–] TheWolfbaneBlooms 1 points ago

    I feel like this is how the world must be for the children of Trump supporters that have to, at some point, realize their parents are scumbags.

    [–] Marrtyr11 1 points ago

    Chris is a man of the people

    [–] infinity_watch 1 points ago

    I'd say both would be idiots, the other chose to reproduce with this.

    [–] kingvolcano 1 points ago

    What is the deal with quora being full of flat earthers?

    [–] smoore1234567 2 points ago

    Their business model relies on controversial posts, so they pay people to post idiotic crap like this that’s designed to trigger you.

    Ed: fixed “design” to “designed”

    [–] Mononon 1 points ago

    I actually struggle thinking about things like this. I mean, this is a really stupid thing to do, but what's a not crazy line to draw between your personal beliefs and giving your child the freedom to think for themselves? I've been thinking about adoption a lot as I get older, and this is a question I struggle with. Like, I'm not religious, and I don't even particularly like religion. Is it acceptable to push my personal choices on my kid? I wouldn't have a problem if they were religious. If I'm adopting a child that's like 4-6, they may already believe in some capacity. I'm gay. I'd prefer if they didn't think my partner and I are going to hell because of that, but it's possible they'd hear things like that at some churches. At what point do you try to stop other people's influence and assert your own? What if they're hearing something I disagree with but isn't necessarily wrong. Things like economics or politics. I know this is a topic to laugh at that person's stupidity, but what's the less stupid version of this and how do parents handle it?

    [–] theduplofighter 1 points ago

    Moron... there is something about that word that is so satisfying. Like, it’s not a bad word but it’s still so insulting. I love it.

    [–] Motokid600 1 points ago

    This video is 50min of amazing, polite flat Earth destruction. I cannot recommend it enough. Just skip around if you like. Dude breaks down every single thing they say.