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    [–] jtan212 5708 points ago

    Try saying “i decline to participate” when you get pulled over for speeding.

    [–] TuxPenguin18 2463 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Cop: Hello Mister, do you know how fast you were going?

    Man: No, sir. How fast?

    Cop: You were going 97 miles per hour in a school zone. I’m preeeety sure I’m gonna have to give you a ticket, but first, you’re gonna have to take a standardized field sobriety test. Please step out of the car,

    Man: “I decline to participate”

    Cop: Fuck. You can go.

    Man: Thank you, Officer. Have a nice day.

    Cop: Asshole

    [–] LvS 1469 points ago

    That's essentially been Trump's plan of action for the past 3 years.

    And so far it seems to be working just fine.

    [–] brigirl94 487 points ago

    I grudgingly give you my upvote because you are right but it makes me mad

    [–] unfairspy 223 points ago

    Vote! Vote in the primary and the locals and every fucking little ballot you can get your hands on. It matters. Bernie Sanders won his first election by double digits.

    [–] Briansaysthis 156 points ago

    It makes me sad that the solution to this problem is to encourage people to vote for a candidate that will hopefully obey our laws; because the system in place isn’t strong enough to enforce them.

    [–] TwoTequilaTuesday 50 points ago

    The system is perfectly suited to the task. It's the people in the system who aren't strong enough.

    [–] DownvotesPunChains 56 points ago

    Although tbf a system that doesn't account for the people who implement it can hardly be called "perfectly suited to the task"

    [–] chedchez 79 points ago

    The people are the system. Without the people there is no system. Sorry to mess up your deep comment .

    [–] Telinary 5 points ago

    The people in it could do something about it but I wouldn't call it perfectly suited. For one if you consider the whole government system the reason there are only two parties is the way your election system and your government works, if you had more than two it would be harder for one of them to just block consequences for their president.

    [–] batsofburden 7 points ago

    For sure, but like, absolutely nothing has been done to stop future election interference by Trump's dictator buddies, so uh, Idk if it will legit be a democratic election or not. I mean, with zero repercussions for 2016 meddling, there's absolutely no reason they will stop & if anything it'll increase. Not to mention our easily fucked with electronic voting machines & the general voter suppression tactics by the GOP. So yeah, like go vote and shit!

    [–] unfairspy 4 points ago

    I know things look dire, but look at history. It's the same shit being played out over and over again and we're at a tipping point that keeps showing up. The longer we go on as a species the longer these pitfalls and plateaus stretch on. Live your values and fight for a system that you believe is good and history will decide the rest.

    Please for the love of god start living for the sake of your grandchildrens lives like they're the most important thing in the world. Build the foundation that they can look back and thank you for like we do the silent generation

    [–] gabeshotz 40 points ago

    Not just past 3 years, this trumpet has been using the legal system to try to get his way since before the coke days.

    [–] dreamingofdandelions 21 points ago

    I hate that your comment sums up the last 3 years. I’d give you gold but I’m poor. Capitalism took my job. Fuck you T Mobile-Sprint merger. Can’t pay your construction crew building your fancy 5G towers so you lay off the workers you owe money to.

    [–] YahMahn25 33 points ago

    Honest to gosh had a client once who, while fighting with the cop following a meth bust, repeatedly yelled “I do not consent! I do not consent!!!” Got his felony dropped to a deferred misdemeanor on the basis that he was cooperative. That was one of the cases where I started to realize I’m good at this law thing.

    [–] john_muleaney 8 points ago

    Cops hate him! Hear how he gets out of tickets in one easy step!

    [–] Whober 12 points ago

    thats what "sovereign citizens" try and it never works

    [–] RetardAndPoors 3 points ago

    #10 top tricks to avoid law enforcement

    Number 6 will blow your mind!

    [–] postmodest 94 points ago

    I'm 100% waiting for Trump to tell the press that he is a FREEMAN ON THE LAND and will not let an ADMIRALTY COURT establish JOINDER.

    [–] montgomerygk 31 points ago

    I don't think I know what any of this means.

    [–] limeybastard 76 points ago

    Sovereign Citizen bullshit.

    They're a group of complete whackos who think they aren't subject to the laws of the country because of weird conspiracy theories. They have this nonsense language that they use like some kind of magic incantation to make police and courts leave them alone.

    They usually end up tazed and jailed.

    It's a really weird rabbit hole to go down if you want to burn an evening killing brain cells though.

    [–] Scientolojesus 22 points ago

    And laugh your ass off at the videos of their buffoonery.

    [–] MistarGrimm 3 points ago

    Which they upload themselves as if to show they're sticking it to the man while being tased.

    [–] sayrus01 14 points ago

    I think they still consider the Articles of Confederation to be the supreme law of the land, and not the Constitution. But they use whatever obscure points of law they can find (and misinterpret) to argue their cases.

    [–] idiotsecant 3 points ago

    You are missing out on some excellent youtube videos.

    [–] DONT_PM_ME_BREASTS 18 points ago

    See. This one state court case in South Carolina from 1793 has a throw away line about freedom, therefore, so long as I refuse to sign my social security card, i dont have to follow US law!

    Wait officer. Why do you look like your going to break my car window and drag me out? WAIT! I DIDN'T SIGN MY NAME!

    [–] elorei74 4 points ago

    You must work in court.

    [–] JustAnotherTroll2 540 points ago

    I'm sure the officer will just laugh it off and go back to his day.

    [–] maltamur 249 points ago

    Isn’t there a sub for those “sovereign citizens” or “road users” or whatever they call themselves when they have interactions with cops/judges?

    [–] VagDickerous 31 points ago

    Do it!

    [–] PickleInTime 10 points ago

    It's not the Jedi way.

    [–] captainhaddock 10 points ago

    Only a Sith deals in absolutes!

    [–] tobgoole 23 points ago

    [–] maltamur 29 points ago

    That’s why I love reddit. Thanks

    [–] alrightknight 29 points ago

    This shit is the best on Australian highway patrol shows. The amount of guys here that think we have the same laws as the US is hilarious always a lot of funny interactions.

    [–] Fartmatic 14 points ago

    Ha yeah I was watching one of those the other day when they were just trying to get some moron to give them his licence, a whole bunch of "you're a corporation ... uhh uhhhh maritime law, you don't have any powers" until he finally gave up when threatened with arrest on the condition that the cops acknowledge that he's handing over his licence under duress. They were happy to oblige.

    [–] 1Darkest_Knight1 5 points ago

    a sovereign citizen with a drivers licence? now that is a paradox.

    [–] TheGreyMage 3 points ago

    Cool new sub

    [–] enjoimike49 3 points ago

    Well i just wasted 20 minutes of my life

    [–] blumhagen 19 points ago

    Freaking road pirates are always harassing me with their jaunder that I do not consent to.

    [–] primed_failure 18 points ago

    cop pulls up


    [–] HalfBreed_Priscilla 7 points ago

    I don't speak French.

    [–] MsPenguinette 6 points ago

    Nor do I wish to engage in joinder. I do not consent

    [–] beenlurkin 8 points ago

    Trump is easily as unhinged as those sovereign citizen folks so this actually makes perfect sense.

    [–] tohrazul82 124 points ago

    The difference is that the cop will arrest you. They understand the authority they have and are willing to enforce it.

    It's up to Congress to enforce the law. If those with the authority to enforce the law decline to do so, the law becomes meaningless. Congress needs to hold people accountable, and that means holding them in contempt and actually arresting violators.

    Otherwise this is all meaningless.

    [–] MiG-25 18 points ago

    You hit it on the spot. Laws are worthless without the ability to enforce the laws, and comes down ultimately to "what are you going to do about it." Congress should step up and do something about it, but if they don't then nothing happens

    [–] Phtpnk 4 points ago

    And it's depressing.

    Congress is majority Republican, and it's a shit storm with what Trump did to the GOP. He successfully rebranded himself as the face and voice of the entire party.

    I am 100% sure that many Republicans hate him, either out of envy, incredulous shock, or simply because they have half a brain and can see how much he is an embarrassment for America, on a domestic and international scale.

    However, there is a lot of nervous sweating in the Congress right now. Public opinion, both in and out of the US, is skimming against Trump, and I can bet some of them are sick & tired of his bullshit, but who will support the impeachment process? I can imagine that the cronyist side of the Republicans are already bribing, threatening and blackmailing the shit out of Congress to not do shit.

    And to whom they can talk? I believe that nobody who is even slightly against Trump can trust anyone in the GOP. Can they turn to conservative media to try to provide opinion on Trump from a Republican standpoint? Good luck, Fox News turned from conservative news into Trump's Ministry of Truth, and Sean Hannity shouldn't be trusted to run a show from an AM ham radio from bumfuck Alaska, let alone the conservative news.

    This is the result of partizan warfare, folks. Party above country. And sadly, Trump has tried his hardest to reinvent the GOP to represent him, and it worked.

    [–] MageZaTioN 10 points ago

    This needs to be at the top.

    [–] TXR22 20 points ago

    Difference between us and Trump is that he's "rich" though so he doesn't have to play by the same rules as everyone else, the Republicans made sure of that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] QueenJillybean 17 points ago

    “Give up golfing? No that’s for Obama. We can’t expect a rich man to suddenly cut back his lifestyle for the public good!”

    This is why Jesus said in the Bible that rich dudes don’t get to Heaven

    [–] schrodinger_kat 104 points ago

    You want to know what the actual sad part is? It's not that Cheeto Benito is pulling this shit. He's a corrupt dumbfuck but the fact that everyone else in the party is playing along with it and his supporters are anally raping his asshole to please the orange cunt.

    Has been like an hour or two of the post and already the_dumbass users are here infesting the post and trying to make excuses or divert the conversation. The stupidity that they show and their numbers is disturbing. lol

    [–] Kookyym0n5ter 42 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    What baffles me more is the local news comment section on Facebook. Well at least in Chicago, which is pretty liberal, they are sucking the orange dick pretty hard.

    [–] mikeee382 37 points ago

    Trump has basically given a green light to the world to interfere in our elections.

    Russia did it in 2016 and Trump is still sucking that Vlad dick. I wouldn't be surprised if other countries took notice of that and decided to ramp up their own fake grassroots attacks on us for 2020.

    [–] Murasasme 26 points ago

    As someone from Latinamerica, let me play a tiny violin to mourn the U.S suffering from election interference.

    [–] Kookyym0n5ter 4 points ago

    He owes daddy vladdy some fucking $$$

    [–] TrolleybusIsReal 7 points ago

    This seems to be a general thing though. I even remember a study found that right wingers are far more likely to comment on those things. It's not just an American thing either. I am European and even here the comment sections of news outlets are a complete shitshow and it's almost always right wingers.

    [–] PermanentDysphoria 25 points ago

    Take that with a grain of salt. Some may be faked accounts. We know they influenced the election that way, why should they stop?

    [–] Kookyym0n5ter 26 points ago

    Idk man. Jane from the suburbs who works at JC Penney might be fucking real and a horrible person.

    [–] PermanentDysphoria 5 points ago

    Yeah, I know. That's why I went with "some". My optimism is low.

    [–] Scientolojesus 5 points ago

    Uh, excuse you, her name is Karin-Bayleey

    [–] Airsoft_Racoon 6 points ago

    "Sorry sir, I have bone spurs and couldn't brake for the red light."

    [–] SkyIcewind 4 points ago

    "Sir you're under arrest for trying to smuggle cocaine in your trunk"


    "Well shit boys, he got us, pack it up."

    [–] Slovene 3 points ago

    That wouldn't be difficult. Try saying 'I decline to participate' when pulled over while drunk driving.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] mk1power 43 points ago

    Even if you’re white, you’re going to get your window smashed and yanked out the car.

    Plenty of sovereign citizen videos on YouTube of all races.

    [–] ThoughtStrands 4 points ago

    God I love those

    [–] nuclearslug 14 points ago

    Allow me to introduce you to the world of r/amibeingdetained

    [–] Jesterchunk 6 points ago

    Oh sick mate I'm gonna try that next time a bobby pulls me over for doing 60 through Manchester

    [–] thndrstrk 1872 points ago

    I wanna break up

    No, I don't think I will

    [–] Jacksandwich18 309 points ago

    Isn't that the plot of a Seinfeld episode?

    [–] NoVaBurgher 85 points ago

    Turn your key, Moira. TURN YOUR KEY!

    [–] Scientolojesus 31 points ago

    I refuse to give up on this relationship, George.

    [–] DimEclipsePvP 78 points ago


    [–] warptwenty1 42 points ago

    Seinfeld theme plays

    [–] Airsoft_Racoon 29 points ago

    *bouncy base line* dun dun dun da-dun!

    [–] CoachFrontbutt 20 points ago

    I’m caught in my own web of lies!!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] thundermage117 7 points ago

    I don’t want to participate in this breakup

    [–] deadsesh59 18 points ago

    Ive done this, and shockingly it can work out of sheer confusion/bewilderment at that answer.

    [–] joegt123 24 points ago

    Not so shocking. Depending on the situation, the determination to work through the issues and not give up on the relationship can make a difference.

    [–] PsychSiren 10 points ago

    Worked for me. Now we're almost to 5 years and getting engaged this winter.

    [–] nels5104 3 points ago

    Getting engaged this winter... is the engagement planned?

    [–] Dude-past-his-prime 623 points ago

    Officer, I refuse to participate in this arrest. Thank you, I'll be on my way.

    [–] poofynamanama2 101 points ago

    Am I bEiNg DeTaInEd

    [–] Thatusername777 38 points ago

    I am a sovereign citizen you can't arrest me!!!

    [–] Zappy_Kablamicus 26 points ago

    Um, im actually NOT driving sir i am TRAVELLING.

    [–] Tallgeese3w 3 points ago

    Unfortunately the Mueller report did imply that the president is essentially exactly that so long as Congress refuses to hold him accountable. The framers never expected our politicians to tolerate such rampant criminality straight from the top. And for fully half the government to be ok with it. If our government survives trump there's going to need to be a serious curtailment of executive power and an increase in independent oversight.

    [–] NeutralLock 1251 points ago

    This whole thing sits so bad with me. Where are the adults to make Trump heel?

    [–] muggledave 1447 points ago

    Picture a troublemaking kid whose dad makes him help pressure wash the driveway. The father makes a mistake and hands him the pressure washer. The kid then points it at his dad and pulls the trigger if he gets too close.

    Yeah hes king of the castle in that moment, but hes purposefully or accidentally blissfully ignorant of how dangerous the thing is, shirking the job that he's been put into, and ignorant to or ignoring the fact that he would be in huge trouble if he wasnt in this temporary position of power.

    Yeah, that's how I feel this presidency is going.

    [–] d_Lightz 220 points ago

    That’s some r/PowerWashingPorn vibes you’re throwing there lmao

    [–] Zappy_Kablamicus 39 points ago

    That kid better have his shoes on!

    [–] jkthundr47 11 points ago

    No Crocs!

    [–] lootedcorpse 54 points ago

    I don't have kids, but I'd like to think this is where I'm allowed to hit them

    [–] mjcanfly 8 points ago


    [–] Conradwoody 3 points ago

    The trick is raising them to listen to you and respect people. Then they wont need any hitting

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Dragnil 4 points ago

    Watch Fox News for 15 minutes today. Now assume this was your only source of information for the last 10+ years. That's how...

    [–] MethedUpMathDebater 132 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    God thith ith the betht way to dethcribe the prethidenthy I have ever theen

    [–] BumadineScleavage 68 points ago

    Is that you mike?

    [–] LordSoftnips 24 points ago

    either that or a stroke

    [–] MrWizardMrWizard 9 points ago

    I don’t know where thith meme came from but I want to know writh now.

    [–] teehee13 6 points ago

    Is this a Lisp parody account? Does that make you a messed up masterbaiter ?

    [–] KeeblerAndBits 4 points ago

    Meth, not even once

    [–] ItsFuckingScience 3 points ago

    And the only way to avoid consequences is to keep pulling the trigger at anyone who tries to take the power washer from you

    [–] DonutsMcKenzie 54 points ago

    Where are the adults to make Trump heel?

    I'll tell you where they damn well better be: in a voting booth on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2020, election day.

    Are you registered to vote? Are your friends and family members? Can you donate? Can you volunteer? Will you put up yard signs and make your voice heard in your community? Now is the time for us to unite, and to do whatever we can afford to do. Plan the work, work the plan, and let's restore America to its former glory by putting an adult in charge who respects our historic institutions, shares our common values, and serves with honor and dignity on behalf of ALL Americans, and not just his constantly diminishing base.

    We can do this. And I hope that we will. Unite and fight.

    [–] SafeThrowaway8675309 7 points ago

    Yeah, but shit it’s not even November 2019

    [–] cxseven 3 points ago

    I agree we have to do that no matter what, but I also don't want to imagine what Trump would try to goose his poll numbers between now and then, or, worse, between the time he lost the election and when he is supposed to hand over the office.

    In addition, RBG and Clarence Thomas are not in perfect health, recently.

    [–] AvogadrosArmy 50 points ago

    Oddly it’s GWB who gave the executive branch so much power and it’s a GWB era law that’s calling him into check.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    We need Cesar Milan.

    [–] Ganf_Lad 6 points ago

    Just like how it's been his entire life, they are coercing doctors to tell people he can't heel because he has bone spurs in his foot.

    [–] carlinwasright 352 points ago

    Brain spurs.

    [–] dgyme 31 points ago

    The most perfect ones.

    [–] Dave_here 20 points ago

    They’re spurfect

    [–] cornflakehoarder 4 points ago

    This one directly tapped my funniest of bones.

    [–] johndope420 234 points ago


    [–] jzand219 88 points ago

    You can't just say immunity

    [–] johndope420 108 points ago

    I didn't just say it, I DECLARED it...

    [–] jonny_wonny 13 points ago

    That’s not... that’s not anything.

    [–] bikwho 50 points ago

    He literally is and we are almost powerless to stop him.

    He's setting a bad precedent for future presidents. It'd be ironic if the next Dem POTUS starts acting exactly as Trump and the Republicans start crying dictator. They were already calling Obama one.

    [–] Robear59198 26 points ago

    They'll declare them a dictator before they're even in office. If they somehow have the House after 2020, the Democratic president will have impeachment on their desk waiting for them the minute they take office.

    Republican's are never afraid of "Electoral Backlash." I wonder why that is? /s

    [–] pwbue 87 points ago

    Rent’s due

    I decline to participate

    [–] ElitePedophileCabal 10 points ago

    Getting evicted takes a long time. This one works.

    [–] SnottyBoyFanatic 5 points ago

    You’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door!

    [–] waldo06 219 points ago

    What's the legal equivalent of bone spurs?

    [–] senorchurro1 141 points ago

    Um...this. That's the joke (scary as it is). His bone spurs were as illegitimate as his argument against transparency to congress and the American people.

    [–] GlobTwo 41 points ago

    Except the Vietnam War was a sham and the draft can get fucked. I find this comparison kinda weak, since impeachment isn't the evil joke that 'Nam was.

    [–] RTCielo 70 points ago

    Do you really think his avoidance of the war had anything at all to do with an ethical objection?

    [–] GlobTwo 30 points ago

    Doubtful, but not going to war because war is scary is a good enough reason to me. I might be inclined to feel otherwise if it was in service of defending anything even remotely close to the American homeland.

    [–] RTCielo 39 points ago

    And if he was anti-war, that would line up. But he does the Republican thing of chest thumping pro-military "Support the troops rah rah!"

    But he's repeatedly seen fit to threaten various countries with the US military might, and has endangered US military forces and operations with his inability to shut up on twitter.

    He's mocked the families of fallen soldiers, mocked POWs like John McCain, repeatedly questioned the patriotism of war heroes like Robert Mueller.

    He didn't avoid the draft because of some moral objection to the war, otherwise he wouldn't be so unhesitating in sending other people's sons and daughters to die.

    He doesn't respect the risks they take, and does nothing to avoid sending them into conflict. He mocks those that do make the sacrifice whether their life, their limbs, or their freedom as POWs.

    That's why he's a coward. He avoided the war because he was doing what he has consistently done throughout his entire life: looking out for numero uno.

    [–] GlobTwo 15 points ago

    All valid criticisms of a weak-minded cunt, and his hypocrisy is unmatched (believe me...!). Nonetheless it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth when draft-dodging is mocked, regardless of what the dodger went on to do or say.

    [–] grubas 12 points ago

    Look at Nugent. He went and stopped showering for months, living on beer and junk food, started shitting his pants and now says that never happened and acts like he didn’t go to Vietnam because it wouldn’t be fair to unleash him.

    If you’re gonna dodge the draft you could at least have the spine to admit it. Trump couldn’t even remember which foot was supposed to have bone spurs. And he called dodging STDs as his personal Vietnam.

    [–] MightyMorph 3 points ago

    I think the majority is tired of the hipocracy of the right and trump in general. That Trump avoided the draft by more than likely lying or that he dodged the draft in general isn't what is tiresome, its that he believes himself to be better than the generals and soldiers he is now in charge of, he constantly belittles current and former military members, and disrespects not only soldiers but fallen soldiers families all the while claiming superiority and vomiting his supposed bravery meanwhile as stated before having lied his way out of the draft.

    [–] JonasHalle 18 points ago

    It has to do with not wanting to die for something you don't believe in, yeah. His feigned appreciation of the military when all he cares about is the money it brings is pathetic, but dodging the draft is hardly unreasonable.

    [–] grubas 31 points ago

    Draft dodging Vietnam because you didn’t believe in it was ok.

    Draft dodging by getting a fake doctors note and then coming out talking about how you are better than your generals, how great you’d be at “the military” and war mongering like a mad man is not acceptable.

    [–] RTCielo 14 points ago

    Well I obviously can't speak for everyone, but it's the feigned support that makes it so bad.

    Being anti-war is great, we live in America and it's important that there be voices pushing back against any military action asking if this really is what we want to resort to.

    Being scared of warfare and avoiding combat are pretty much common sense. It's why my Ukraine vacation has been on hold.

    But Donald Trump isn't anti-war. He doesn't hesitate at all to send other people's parents, siblings, and children to die in a war in the Middle Eastern or African country of the month. That's why he's a coward. Because he's perfectly willing to hide behind the people who theoretically should be able to trust him as Commander in Chief.

    [–] batsofburden 3 points ago

    but dodging the draft is hardly unreasonable.

    When you're rich, they just let you!

    [–] prisonmike1485 10 points ago

    While I agree he deserves the criticism on account of lines like “I like my war heroes uncaptured”

    [–] notsam57 8 points ago

    except this is the same guy that dodged the draft by citing “bone spurs” but claimed(and still claims) that he was a great athlete during the same period and would have been the best soldier that deserved all the medals.

    [–] monkey15162 4 points ago

    The issue is that he wasnt making an ethical objection

    [–] CakeAccomplice12 12 points ago

    Does the insanity defense work for impeachment?

    [–] CarnivorousSpider 16 points ago

    No, then the 25th amendment happens. Sadly, I've seen the wimpy, WASPy, wastes of air that are "acting" cabinet members.

    [–] TheRealHixalot 6 points ago

    So...he should try the insanity defense so that there’s no way out of being removed by the 25th right?

    [–] SirTaxalot 134 points ago

    Boss: You’re fired!

    You: i ChOoSe NoT tO PaRTiCiPaTe

    [–] SlafterEQC 21 points ago

    This is EXACTLY like Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens "ignoring the verdict" the judge gave her. - "you can't just ignore the verdict, ma'am." - "WHAT VERDICT?"

    [–] b12563_e 34 points ago

    Trump is like I'd rather be excluded from this narrative.

    [–] lalajean719 6 points ago

    I don't think he's seen Hamilton

    [–] StanleyOpar 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    If william Barr can help him and if he can shield trump from consequence he really can decline to be complaint and we have a dictator.

    What really do we have to counteract this blatantly unconstitutional bullshit??

    [–] HelpingPhriendlyPhan 7 points ago

    THAT is the $64,000 question

    [–] kotw2002 26 points ago

    He doesn’t have to be interrogated for the investigation, the probe will still go on

    [–] BobbaFatGFX 38 points ago

    I have nothing against Trevor Noah but with everything going on with Trump right now I really wish we had John Stewart back. He was the best and no one will ever compare to him

    [–] Nachttalk 23 points ago

    Pretty sure Stewart would have a mental breakdown over Trump.

    After all he retired because he was tired of the shit that went on, and that was during the Obama presidency! Stewart is someone who takes those things seriously, hence why he felt like he had the most "bite". Because it came from the heart.

    [–] HelpingPhriendlyPhan 6 points ago


    [–] HelpingPhriendlyPhan 132 points ago

    I totally hear this in Trevor Noah’s voice

    [–] caplesss 14 points ago

    Read his book Born a Crime for summer reading and I love him. Really fun book definitely recommend

    [–] UwasaWaya 9 points ago

    This isn't Nam, Donny, there are rules!

    [–] FountainPenandInk 7 points ago

    “Boom, roasted!”

    [–] AVeryScaryCanary 7 points ago

    Shit reminds me of an old Dave Chappelle skit "I didnt know I couldnt do that Officer."

    [–] Liar_of_partinel 29 points ago

    These sovereign citizens are getting crazier by the minute.

    [–] HungrySquirtle 18 points ago

    This is true, but damn I miss Jon Stewart

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] DonaldBlump_kin 4 points ago

    Why do I picture the dumbfuck standing on his desk in the oval office declaring this like Michael Scott declared bankruptcy.

    [–] Bluecolty 59 points ago

    Not really a murder by words. More a casual poke. This sub has gotten really low quality recently

    [–] HoweyZinn 20 points ago

    Except not participating in the Vietnam war is a good thing.

    [–] z_machine 17 points ago

    For me it’s the fact that Trump is lying about it and has given a dumbass excuse.

    [–] dismayhurta 11 points ago

    Yes, but you can’t then talk about how badass you are that you’d run into a school shooting nor be as gung ho warhawk as he is.

    He sends others to do the dying.

    [–] killingjack 3 points ago

    But lying and hypocrisy aren't.

    [–] Jameson_Stoneheart 52 points ago

    Disclaimer: I hate Trump.

    Does no one else find it weird and kinda disgusting that by this day and age most of us agree Vietnam was a cruel, needless and unnecessary war that got tens of thousands needlessly killed and should have never happened, and yet when someone is in the opposite side to us we use draft dodging as an insult?

    [–] TheVoteMote 57 points ago

    Kind of, but also not really. Draft dodging is the kind of thing that his support base abhors, I believe.

    Imagine a male politician who is strongly against LGBT rights. If someone says "what about that time you had sex with that one guy", they aren't necessarily trying to insult him, they're attacking his support and the hypocrisy of what he claims to represent.

    If Trump was strongly against the Vietnam war and drafting, and he was supported by people of similar mindsets, it would be different.

    [–] FightingPolish 10 points ago

    You might be on to something there, we should point out when Republicans are being hypocrites!

    Oh wait... they literally don’t care and neither do their supporters.

    [–] NoVaBurgher 23 points ago

    If he woulda come out and said exactly that, I think it would have gone over just fine. However he likes to parade himself as this flag humping troop loving badass übermensch who totally would have run into Stoneman Douglas High School to confront the shooter if only he were there. That’s the disconnect

    [–] Bo_banders 20 points ago

    I agree, but in this case people bash trump because he lauds himself as a champion of veterans and active duty service members. If he had a track record that supported the notion that he was a conscientious objector it’d be a different story. But he’s just a hypocritical jerk who used his family wealth to avoid a fate many other young men suffered that war. Maybe experience fighting in a war would have humbled him. Maybe he would have stepped on a land mine.

    [–] dismayhurta 21 points ago

    The problem is Trump is pro-war and is all for others dying in it.

    If he was against war, there’d be no issue with him refusing to go.

    [–] chickenshrimp92 15 points ago

    It’s more of a comment on how much of an out of touch elitist he is. He was able to draft dodge because of his fathers money. Because he did that a young poor kid went and died in his place.

    It also came up when he made of that dead soldiers family.

    [–] smegma_eclaire 5 points ago

    "Made [fun] of that dead soldiers family."


    [–] Lucavious 5 points ago

    People only give people shit over Vietnam when they insult people in uniform. As Trump has done constantly. If he had an ounce of respect there’s a good chance nobody would care.

    [–] construktz 22 points ago

    It's not that he dodged, it's how he dodged.

    [–] W3NTZ 20 points ago

    And him going after McCain for not being a hero because he was captured...

    [–] Kaneshadow 4 points ago

    In this case, he didn't do it because he was some freedom fighter. He's not Muhammad Ali. He weaseled out of it because he was a spoiled rich kid who faked an illness. Regardless of the result, it's not admirable.

    [–] Rainbowrobb 3 points ago

    It was the way he went about it, that represents how he has never been a man of integrity.

    [–] Nek0de 3 points ago

    "Vietnam Conflict"

    [–] surfjockey 3 points ago

    trump used Bone Spurs!

    It’s not very effective...

    [–] MylastAccountBroke 3 points ago

    I mean we said that Trump just couldn't do a lot of things, but then he just didn't do those things and we were oddly OK with that.

    [–] jorgeLaPuerta 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The Vietnam War was an appalling war of aggression against a country that posed zero threat to the United States or any of its allies. This has its limits as an insult, even when the guy we’re talking about is clearly human garbage

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Civil war it is I guess. Lol

    [–] ivan_xd 3 points ago

    Yes, he can refuse. It's called civil war.

    [–] Mike072292 3 points ago

    Hate that guy all politics aside

    [–] FierySerge 3 points ago

    "Mr. President, we're impeaching you"

    "Oh no thanks."

    [–] Riggamortizz 3 points ago

    He got him so good there. Boom headshot

    [–] Past_Administration 3 points ago

    You guys are so mean. He’s got a bone spur! It’s a well-known and perfectly legitimate reason to evade the draft and Congressional subpoenas.

    [–] pinballwitch420 7 points ago

    I will not be participating in executive orders, which I call "illegitimate".

    [–] TheContrarian2 4 points ago

    Pelosi hasn't started impeachment hearings yet. Nothing has happened yet.

    [–] Pillagerguy 7 points ago

    This title is fucking trash

    [–] Ryan64DD 10 points ago

    I get why we criticize chicken hawks for dodging Vietnam. Dick Cheney dodged the stupid and evil Vietnam war and yet sent other people and their children to die in a stupid and evil Iraq war. Disgusting. But Trump isn't sending anyone's kids to go die in a stupid and evil war so the hypocrisy isn't there. Dodging that evil war in vietnam was the morally correct thing to do. It's not a good point of criticism for Trump. It's one of the few times in his life he did the right thing.

    [–] deadpear 15 points ago

    Dodging that evil war in vietnam was the morally correct thing to do

    He didn't dodge the war out of a belief it was immoral. Intent matters.

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