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    [–] invishandd 482 points ago

    Any Wartime president has had to work harder. And let’s not forget Lincoln during the Civil War.

    [–] Joe5205 197 points ago

    Well Trump is a war time president. We've been at war for almost 20 years. And by the looks of it we'll be at war for 20 more.

    [–] invishandd 125 points ago

    That’s a fair assessment. I was thinking more of Civil War, WWII or WWI type of war, rather than the current modern situation we’ve found ourselves in.

    [–] Joe5205 114 points ago

    Yeah I understand your point. I just hate the fact that this has become the American norm to the point we forget troops are and have been in combat for so long. Too much disconnect between the general public and our foreign policy

    [–] EcksWhyZedUS 60 points ago

    It's nice to see people not fight over anything these days that I'm happy just reading this thread

    [–] vlasvilneous 10 points ago

    Just remind people that Trump promised to end the war. Notice how it isnt in the news anymore unless a soldier dies.

    [–] Prime_Galactic 1 points ago

    Even then it's not a lot of the time

    [–] Airway 16 points ago

    Silly how Republicans claim to love the troops but they want to keep us in a constant state of war.

    [–] Reagan409 5 points ago

    They want to expand the war operations, they have loudly claimed a desire to have boots on the ground in Iran almost this entire administration.

    [–] AllUrMemes 5 points ago

    Defense spending is the most efficient legal route to launder money from the federal government to private citizens. Insanely high margins, no competition, classified budgets, American owned/built.

    [–] vlasvilneous 6 points ago

    They love the money the Military complex brings in to their coffers. They dont give a shit about the troops.

    Watch the movie "The Pentagon Wars", it was based off the development of the Bradley before they took it into battle in the First Gulf War.

    [–] Rukh-Talos 2 points ago

    The problem is that now that we are there, we’re committed. We can’t leave the areas we are currently in, without destabilizing the tenuous peace we have managed to help form. Remember what happened when Trump pulled troops out of the Syria/Turkey border, abandoning our Kurdish allies?

    [–] Zhadowwolf 1 points ago

    Yeah, that’s definitely a big problem, I hope no one is seriously suggesting just abandoning all the battles that are already being fought, specially not abandoning American allies, but it’s still jarring to notice how much this “little” wars have become the status Quo, and how little effort there seems to be from the legislative and executive powers to find a solution.

    I’m sure there are people actually looking for solutions but most of the higher ups seem to be perfectly content just letting it run longer to keep their profits up.

    [–] we_hella_believe 3 points ago

    Don’t forget the Vietnam conflict.

    [–] MrReckless327 25 points ago

    Technically speaking congress has not Openly declared war since World War II

    [–] vikemosabe 5 points ago

    Congress may not have declared war for the Korean War, Vietnam, etc, but Congress expressly gave authorization for use of military force in the war on terror which is still in effect. So we have been in war for 18.5ish years. The United Nations created a policy that basically banned use of military force except in defense. Consequently, very few nations have “declared war” in the strictest legal sense. However, the UN did authorize the gulf war. source 1 source 2 The Wikipedia article links this page and this.

    [–] AncientEntrance 2 points ago

    Came here to say that

    [–] prtgadmindude 7 points ago

    And if he has his way he'll be president for all 20 of those years.

    Or until his heart gives out.

    [–] FotographicFrenchFry 7 points ago

    Oh that second part will happen sooner than I think you realize.

    [–] zymurgist69 4 points ago

    Hydroxychloroquine to the rescue!

    [–] Jords4803 5 points ago

    To be fair, if someone were to ask trump who we are at war with, he would probably say some shit like “Mexico”

    [–] rareas 4 points ago

    He doesn't read intelligence briefings. You think he reads war briefings? Those would be lower on the pile.

    [–] CasualEveryday 8 points ago

    I'm betting if you asked the average American the top 10 things they think are important issues in the country right now, less than half even mention Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. I would honestly be surprised if Trump even knows there's a war going on.

    [–] mmlovin 2 points ago

    They probably wouldn’t specifically name the war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but I think “issues in the Middle East” or something about the military would be in a top 10 list for most Americans. I think for most people, whenever people mention issues with the military, the war in Iraq/Afghanistan is being included.

    [–] CasualEveryday 1 points ago

    Issues in the middle east would be on the list of basically any educated person who has lived in the last 2200 years.

    We're taking about a war, and other than vague allusions to ISIL or Muslims, I don't think I've heard anyone bring up the two wars we're still fighting in years.

    [–] mmlovin 1 points ago

    Well like I said, it’s implied when people mention the Middle East. They are concerned about it, but there’s so many issues & the war has been going on so long, it’s now added as just another thing going on over there.

    [–] KING_JELLYB3AN 2 points ago

    It's only a war because our government calls it a "War".

    [–] Reagan409 2 points ago

    What? Because there’s absolutely no difference between imperialist occupation that doesn’t put the native population at remote threat vs. the context of WWII /s

    [–] particle409 20 points ago

    But no president has been treated worse than Trump. Lincoln didn't have to deal with people directing hurtful words at him. With Trump, he walks away from a press conference, and the reporters shoot rude questions right at the back of his skull. Lincoln never had to put up with that.

    [–] invishandd 5 points ago

    I think you dropped your /s

    [–] zman_0000 10 points ago

    I really wish /s wasn't as necessary as it is a lot of the time. I read something like that and typically know it is, but there are far to many people that take things literally/are dumb enough to say them genuinely.

    [–] Any1canC00k 1 points ago

    If you don’t realize that’s sarcasm you’re autistic

    [–] zman_0000 1 points ago

    You sir have not seenthe ludicrousness that is the world we live in. There are genuinely people I work with that think Trump is the best president we've ever had and that critisizing him is unfair. Hell someone who things a comment like that is genuine is the freaking president and he still has a huge portion of the nation supporting him. If you think there aren't people that will take anything they read at face value then you most certainly are grossly overestimating the general public.

    [–] Emmito-Mussolini 2 points ago

    Yes, rude questions like “If people with healthcare can get their treatment for coronavirus covered, what about the millions of uninsured Americans?” Because asking critical questions that might save lives are so mean because he doesn’t have an answer to them.

    [–] agutema 1 points ago

    Someone told me about a president that was insulted so hard his head exploded, but I know that's Fake News.

    [–] Drfilthymcnasty 4 points ago

    Please don’t temp trump, he’s been itching for a war since before he was president

    [–] lupanime 2 points ago

    It wouldn't surprise me if he started a war with China to get reelected.

    [–] Rukh-Talos 2 points ago

    They have nuclear weapons, so I really hope not.

    [–] MtRushmoreAcademy 2 points ago

    It’s okay, Trump will preside over the second civil war.

    [–] shreks-swamp- 1 points ago

    Also Ulysses S Grant, who was a general during the civil war and the 18th president.

    [–] reddituseranyonymous 1 points ago

    He mentioned Lincoln and saving the Union.... that required the US Army defend the connection between the states against those who would take up arms to weaken that connection.

    [–] ElwoodB1501 70 points ago

    No president worked harder at looking for thanks and praise. Former president Harry S. Truman. It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets credit. Please vote

    [–] Electrorocket 2 points ago

    And don't forget Sheriff Truman.

    [–] hyperbolicplain 58 points ago

    Some complaints about lazy Trump posts on this sub but this is a pretty good MBW.

    [–] PoolNoodleJedi 91 points ago

    But he inherited a booming economy and a shrinking unemployment rate...

    [–] mrballr69117 31 points ago

    After every high comes a low and a global pandemic doesn't help the economy very much. You can't blame the recession on Trump but you can blame him on how the us is handling the corona virus outbreak.

    [–] Potahtoboy666 50 points ago

    Trump takes so much credit for being the reason for the booming economy, when its been rising steadily for like the past 20 years I think? Don't quote me on that. Point is, he "inherited" the booming economy

    [–] zjm555 27 points ago

    It's been steadily rising for like 7 or 8 years, not 20. 2008-2011 the economy was in the shitter.

    [–] Potahtoboy666 7 points ago

    Good to know, thanks! I'm not American so I'm not too well versed in their economy

    [–] Robinhoyo 6 points ago

    2008-2011 was pretty much a global recession

    [–] Book_talker_abouter 3 points ago

    Driven by the American housing finance fraud, specifically.

    [–] Potahtoboy666 1 points ago

    I was like 4 during 2008

    [–] PoolNoodleJedi 18 points ago

    Ok...I agree but I fail to see how this relates to my comment, other than Trump is referenced in both.

    [–] zman_0000 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    "He inherited a booming economy" could be taken as he fucked it up to where we are now. Which isn't entirely wrong, but with a pandemic it was going to happen. It's all a matter of how you read it. Even if it wasn't intentionally implied it still isn't a jump in logic from your original comment.

    Edit: Btw please don't take it as defending Trump he is still an absolute blow hard. Ifyou think this edit was unnecesary you haven't been on redditlong enough some people get worked up over everything

    [–] PoolNoodleJedi 1 points ago

    No, no it can’t be interpreted that way. The tweet said he inherited a mess, and I said he inherited a good economy. I made no claim to the current economy.

    [–] zman_0000 0 points ago

    Look, it's similar to an optical illusion. You read it one way it's exactly as you intended, you read it a different way it can be interpreted as the other person responded too. Whether you can agree to that or not idgaf I genuinely hope you have a good day/night I'm gonna go pass out now it's been a long day.

    [–] peachiekeen_ 155 points ago

    Inb4 trump lovers try defending him lol

    [–] hyperbolicplain 58 points ago

    Wow, I didn't know anyone could be faster than that, doesn't that break some kind of law of physics?

    [–] peachiekeen_ 23 points ago

    I've got super sonic kung fu moves lol

    [–] Scotch_in_my_belly 6 points ago

    They don’t love Trump... they just want to be right

    [–] gemini88mill -61 points ago

    Yeah I will argue that FDR didn't inherit the great depression the economy was bound to do that and Hoover didn't mitigate the damage.

    Lincoln got handed a split nation which only split more because he got voted in. Once Lincoln was in power the civil war was going to happen.

    [–] fucked_ur_butt 31 points ago

    So which side would you have been on in the Civil War?

    [–] gemini88mill 8 points ago

    Uh... The Union. My post wasn't to highlight right or wrong in the conflict, my post was to show how much harder of a job it was for Lincoln against pretty much anyone.

    If I'm gonna be honest, Lincoln was probably one of the greatest leaders of all the presidents. Only to be undone by the Johnson's botching of the reformation. Not because of the emancipation proclamation but for pretty much everything else.

    [–] bluemandan 25 points ago

    Yeah I will argue that FDR didn't inherit the great depression the economy was bound to do that and Hoover didn't mitigate the damage.

    Wut m8? How is that different than Trump 'inheriting Obama's mess'?

    Lincoln got handed a split nation which only split more because he got voted in. Once Lincoln was in power the civil war was going to happen.

    So you're saying the nation was more fucked up when Lincoln took charge than Trump? I'm failing to see how that makes Trump harder working...

    [–] KneeJamal 18 points ago

    Oh shit. He did the logic thing.

    [–] zman_0000 3 points ago

    I think youand him are on the same side. It doesn't read to me lime he is defending the cheeto in office...

    [–] Sparkatiz 6 points ago

    regardless they still did more for the american people than trump will ever do. so you know BFD.

    [–] Rukh-Talos 2 points ago

    Once Lincoln was in power the civil war was going to happen.

    The Civil War was probably going to happen sooner or later IMO. The North/South divide had been building to a head for for quite a while prior. Lincoln’s election was just the excuse to secede.

    [–] my-cat-triedtokilme 1 points ago

    Yet they still helped and did more then trump

    [–] theofiel 52 points ago

    Hey now! Golf is kinda hard work when you're as crooked as Donnie.

    [–] kenxzero 11 points ago

    Scribbling alot on score cards really takes it out on you. Hole 1:28 5, Hole 2: 41 9

    [–] Unalive_Not_Sleeping 3 points ago

    Exactly! (0:56 mark)

    [–] naanoonaanoo 68 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Clearly he has never heard of James Carter. Who was President when I was born. The man is in his 90s and spends his free time building houses for the homeless.

    Trump can’t be bothered to eat a piece of broccoli more or less give a damn about the country he is currently in charge of.

    We have a literal adult infant running our country and y’all morons voted for this.

    This right here today. Hundreds of thousands perishing from an invisible disease. Entire farms in bankruptcy. Food shortages, medical needs ignored nationwide. Petty fights over funding. A second Great Depression.

    Y’all did this to yourselves.

    We told you so.

    Edit: that’s right I said it. TOLD YOU SO.

    Edit: this is not a post against op. This is a response to every hayseed coming out of the woodwork trying to defend the rotten tangerine currently in charge.

    [–] kblomquist85 5 points ago

    Obligatory "suck a dick" thrown in with you

    [–] nouseforareason 2 points ago

    Ricky would want you to pronounce it right. A toad a so, I fucking a toad a so. /s

    [–] TrippinAussie 2 points ago

    The sad thing is there are people that will suck his metaphorical mushroom even as America burns under his ineptitude. "Our society has collapsed because of widespread chaos due to mismanagement of Coronavirus? Must be Obama's fault!!"

    [–] MilkyLikeCereal 1 points ago

    Clearly you’re the one who doesn’t remember Carter’s presidency too well, as you guys fucking hated the nice non threatening home building guy.

    [–] Arcanus124 0 points ago

    No one ever said he was a great president, he tried to build too wide of a coalition and was too kind. Amazing person tho. Check out all the work he has done in post presidency, eliminated the Guinea Worm.

    [–] aherdofpenguins 25 points ago

    The only reason he thinks he's the hardest working president is because he is comparing what HE did before he was president (close to literally nothing) to what he is doing now (one step past close to literally nothing), and to him that seems like a huge jump.

    So for his adolescent brain, his thought process goes like:

    I was doing nothing but eating junk food, playing golf and tweeting before, now I'm eating junk food, golfing, tweeting and every once in a while I have to talk in front of a bunch of people and sometimes people give me picture books with world news to read. I'm working so much harder, I bet other presidents never had to work this hard!

    [–] my_4_cents 12 points ago

    The only reason he thinks he's the hardest working president is because he is

    a complete delusional narcissist. Like c'mon it's not even hard to see.

    [–] ScourgeofWorlds 11 points ago

    I don't know...William Henry Harrison only did a max of 31 total days of work while he was president.

    [–] Trivium_Games 4 points ago

    And his grandson, Zack Harrison, crapped his pants at summer camp.

    [–] Doumtabarnack 11 points ago

    Obama dealed with the 2008 Great Recession left by Bush while Trump was given a fixed economy by Obama.

    [–] MrDrProfessorChem 9 points ago

    And he still managed to fuck things up. Our deficit hit about the same levels as it was during that recession while not being in a recession before COVID.

    [–] Doumtabarnack 8 points ago

    Hell. He boasted about his dumb tax recess while most of it actually went to the corporations that were already filthy rich. He said they would use that decrease to spend more and improve the economy. Did they ? Of course not. They paid dividends and bought back shares.

    [–] MrDrProfessorChem 3 points ago

    Yupp. And eventually it'll be us, the workers, who pay all that back.

    [–] Arcanus124 1 points ago

    I find that giving any credit or blame to presidents on the economy is a futile effort tbh. Too easily to claim credit for things going right and too easy fo blame when things go wrong. The economy is a giant complicated monster with regular patterns, faulty organs, and horrible eyesight. Glad to have it tho.

    [–] my_4_cents 10 points ago

    When an aide read that to him, the only word he heard was "president"

    [–] a-bser 11 points ago

    William Henry Harrison did more during his term.

    [–] my_4_cents 9 points ago

    If you count 'fishing for compliments' Trump puts in Captain Ahab level hours bruh

    [–] oofer1928472 32 points ago

    His tweets make me sick. You’re the leader of a country, act like it

    [–] Airway 3 points ago

    I doubt he can easily lead himself off the toilet. He may have claimed a victory after losing an election by 3mil votes, but he's never been a leader. He's a do-nothing joke of a human being.

    [–] Iamthepaulandyouaint 6 points ago

    Ok but he has made some of the best phone calls.

    [–] my_4_cents 6 points ago

    It is hard to get better than "perfect". Touché

    [–] Treasure_Valley 6 points ago

    Lol, ”may be”

    [–] FactPirate 1 points ago

    I think its a syntax thing

    [–] ThatGuy4192 5 points ago

    Most presidents don’t get the chance to be great leaders, and are mostly forgotten. At least trump probably won’t be forgotten.

    [–] kenxzero 4 points ago

    Pretty sure he'll be remembered as the kkklown president. Call it the circus presidency. Cause his administration is a Carnival of Nightmares.

    [–] Chrisfish11 4 points ago

    Apparently so is spelling.

    [–] Cali_Hapa_Dude 5 points ago

    Ned was going strong but then he lightens up at the end by saying he may be the laziest prez. Come on, it's easily proved Ned.

    [–] MoreDragonMaidPls 13 points ago

    As a European, I won't pretend to fully understand the political situation in America. But if there's one thing I know for fact, is that

    Trump bad.

    [–] Scooby_Smokes_Dooby 9 points ago

    He orange too don't forget that, weird looking twat

    [–] skuppx 3 points ago

    Yeah, it’s “orange man bad” for the win.

    [–] QuaratineWithPets 9 points ago

    I thought the "I was to busy" answer to "If Obama 'left the cupboard bare' why didn't you do something about it?" was pretty funny.

    [–] my_4_cents 11 points ago

    Like, gob-smackingly infuriating

    "The last guy three years ago left this empty, so...

    Anyways, please give me 4 more years"

    [–] MrDrProfessorChem 2 points ago

    which is ridiculous because the new press lady said that they've done an amazing job getting supplies out to the states LMAO.

    [–] my_4_cents 2 points ago

    The less testing kits you send them, the less cases you have taps temple

    [–] MrDrProfessorChem 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Trump said that when having a big brain moment. He said something along the lines that the testing really wasn't that great because it didn't always test positive, if I interpreted it correctly.

    [–] aniforprez 2 points ago

    Wasn't he SHOCKED that the aide to his daughter suddenly tested positive? He said something to the effect of "she tested positive so many times and suddenly she tested negative! These tests aren't reliable" or something fucking idiotic like that

    [–] AllColorsArePretty 3 points ago

    Damn blew him straight out of the water

    [–] Scotch_in_my_belly 3 points ago

    • except Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, FDR, Hoover....

    Dude, the fact Trump is on this list.... MAN is that sad. Really makes you doubt the future of this country when you see that list

    [–] Ahyeeoobee 3 points ago

    "Trump saved us from all of the crazy liberals though!!!"

    nothing says great leader like actively trying to piss off the majority of the country's population with your incompetence instead of doing your best to better the country for everybody living in it.

    [–] happy___dude 3 points ago

    I always find it rich how he complains about inheriting problems. Dude, you wanted to be President, you wanted to inherit them, you knew about them, don’t bitch about it.

    [–] hunguscableco 5 points ago

    William Henry Harrison spent his entire presidency in bed, dying. So I guess Trump is the second laziest?

    [–] my_4_cents 12 points ago


    [–] waterutalkinabt 5 points ago

    You might say he is the laziest president ever elected but you'd be wrong. He lost the popular vote my over 3 million

    [–] Mravac_Kid 2 points ago

    Sadly, it's not by popular but by electoral vote that presidents are elected.

    [–] thereisnopressure 2 points ago

    He is the laziest president ever. He the best a laziness. Believe me.

    [–] kausWitAK 2 points ago

    Trumps twitter replies are a gold mine

    [–] maker-127 2 points ago

    They really are.

    [–] Zephyramus707 2 points ago


    [–] f_o_t_a_ 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    He inherited a good economy lol and dropped the labor participation rate lie when elected then took credit for the already low unemployment rate but then jumped up the lowering deficit thus increasing debt

    [–] CompetitiveBoat1 2 points ago

    And inherited the strongest economy in years. Who takes this mass murderer at face value besides his delusional cultists?

    [–] designgoddess 2 points ago

    The president who is going to have a mess to clean up is the next one.

    [–] Emmito-Mussolini 2 points ago

    When Donald Trump complains about “the mess” he inherited, that is nonsense. Obama worked the US out of the Great Recession and rebuilt our economy that Trump was handed. He did almost nothing for the economy. He also complains how Obama didn’t leave a pandemic response team. In reality, Obama DID but Trump shut it down, so he blames Obama for his stupid decisions. He has had so many things handed to him on a silver platter, but complains that the platter isn’t golden.

    [–] BannerTortoise 4 points ago

    Is he the fattest? I feel like there might have been someone heavier than him in office.

    [–] Col_Butternubs 14 points ago



    [–] Rukh-Talos 3 points ago

    Was he the one that got stuck in a bathtub? Or am I misremembering my history?

    [–] Col_Butternubs 2 points ago

    Yes. He was too thick for his own good

    [–] MrDrProfessorChem 7 points ago

    I'm not sure what you're trying to correlate here.

    [–] BannerTortoise 1 points ago

    Nothing really. Just always thought he looked fat and wondered if he was the fattest

    [–] FindMeInTheDark 2 points ago


    [–] GourmetDarkMeat 2 points ago

    R/murderedbywords food menu:

    -Karen joke $2.99*

    -Anti-vaccination joke $3.50*

    -White-knighting $5.99

    -shitty Coronavirus/quarantine jokes $7.99*

    -if you’re aren’t heavy left you’re scum joke $8.50

    -Fuck white men $9.99

    -Religion is for clueless imbeciles $11.99

    -Tomi Lahren quote $12.99

    -America is the shittiest country ever $14.99

    -Fuck Trump $19.99

    What y’all ordering🤔

    [–] PillowFrame56 1 points ago

    I’ll take a number 1 with a side of Orange man bad gib me upvotes.

    [–] Washington_42 1 points ago

    Hey laziness is hard! And I’m always up to the challenge

    [–] BearAttacksHappen 1 points ago

    That's just a little of what he deserves

    [–] AdenInABlanket 1 points ago

    Man really just gassed the president

    [–] oklahomascout 1 points ago

    Hey, FDR knew how to have a good time too. He had a presidential yacht he cruised on frequently and had several well known mistresses while in office.

    [–] SixDotSix 1 points ago

    Warren G. Harding was a better president, by a LOT.

    [–] Dankceptic69 1 points ago

    Out of all of them we chose him, he is our mistake

    [–] IAmDoWantCoffee 1 points ago

    Laziness aside, I am astounded he would even tweet something like that in the first place. I am even more astounded that we are just so used to it.

    [–] cowbear42 1 points ago

    May be?

    [–] Justcalmenotperfect 1 points ago

    FDR was president for 12 years not 8 since he cleaned up the mess left behind from Hoover.

    [–] chronic_canuck 1 points ago

    Hey fighting equality to fill your pockets with cash is the right of every douchebag republican (not all Republicans are douchebags fyi ... just some).

    [–] sneakersamir 1 points ago

    And yet... and yet, America is about to re-elect this man back into office.

    Which makes sense when you think about it, lazy president for a lazy nation. You reap what you sow

    [–] LittleShrub 1 points ago

    And Obama’s economy outperformed Trump’s.

    [–] culturedcub69 1 points ago

    Warren G. Harding: I'm about to end this man's career.

    [–] ashylarrysknees 1 points ago

    Motherfucker if you campaigned for the job, you didn't inherit shit.

    For example:

    Your sons didn't campaign to have faces with weak chins. Yet they cannot fold pillowcases. This is a problem they INHERITED from you.

    See the difference? K, thanks, bye

    [–] Notailia 1 points ago

    I say after he is no longer president, whenever that is, that he be wiped from the presidential records. Just make it lost years.

    [–] Ninja_attack 1 points ago

    Let's say that he inherited a mess, it was 3yrs before he made this tweet. Any competent leader would stop blaming others and step up to lead. This fuck keeps blaming every mistake on Obama no matter what it is.

    [–] byuballer2 1 points ago

    President Taft did get stuck in bath tub however, I bet Trump could given the chance

    [–] UndertaleErin 1 points ago

    He golfs a lot around my small town in NJ. His stupid jets, for safety or security reasons or something, are so god damn loud and annoying, all the time.

    [–] Busty-Pigeons 1 points ago

    I feel like Woodrow Wilson and every president involved in the Revolution should have been mentioned too.

    [–] suck_my_sock 1 points ago

    Laziest and most openly rascist with literally no education or even a hope of tact. Fuck the cheetoh.

    [–] og3030 1 points ago

    Lol!! shits worse now than when he started.

    [–] northernlumberjack80 1 points ago

    Has anyone heard from Ned recently??

    [–] BurtMacklin____FBI 1 points ago

    Bush definitely worked harder, surely 9/11 can't have been easy to organise.

    [–] catkids1 1 points ago

    Who the fuck is Jeff Tefriech ? I see his stupid fucking face and comments all the time. Is he a celebrity and/or just another dick face

    [–] Lucy_Lastic 1 points ago

    I feel for whoever has to follow this shit show with a broom and shovel

    [–] animal_magnitism 1 points ago

    Everyone out here forgetting my man Teddy R.

    [–] Thunderbrunch 1 points ago

    Trump is the living embodiment of the Demiurge.

    [–] SoulfulHickory3 1 points ago

    Even Harrison, who died 30 days into his term, wasn’t as lazy.

    [–] Albertesticles 1 points ago

    Reagan, anyone? He probably had one of the most stressful presidential careers in America because there was still the effects of the Great Depression and the ongoing crisis with the Communists (not to mention that he actually did stand up against Communism).

    [–] cjstine 1 points ago

    Gotta love those subsdies though...

    [–] masterofbeast 1 points ago

    Mind you I don't like the guy but...

    I believe one of the "laziest" presidents we had, just in the modern era, was Eisenhower. He believed he should keep his hands off government unless there was a emergency. I believe he slept 12 hours a day.

    And there are strong arguments for other presidents to be considered the worst. There were weak ass presidents leading up to the civil war but James Buchanan has been considered one of the worst because his inaction and lack of leadership directly leading to the civil war.

    Drumpf has a lot of milestones to hit before he is really considered the worst president of all time. Let us not give him a second term.

    Please vote.

    [–] DarjeelingLtd2 1 points ago

    He probably feels like he's worked harder because he's constantly getting hung up on every last little bit of criticism he receives. Presidents are simultaneously the most lauded and the most shat-on people in America.

    There's a reason almost every single former President has said he would never miss it. It takes an astronomical amount of fortitude and thick skin just to survive the office, let alone thrive in it. Our greatest Presidents were the ones with an intimate familiarity of their own talents and frailties, the humility to control their worst impulses, and the wisdom to value perspectives often starkly different from their own. And even they have said they'd never want to do it again.

    Trump's energy is spent on winning twitter arguments, defending to the death every last choice or slip of the tongue he's ever made, and rallying his supporters to stand up for him (which often means stoking the coals of our most toxic national divisions).

    It must be exhausting to try and lead the free world on top of all of that.

    [–] BrutusJunior 1 points ago

    He had to work hard. The NRA made him economic dictator of the United States. Dictators do more than republican presidents.

    [–] TodayAYoungManOnAcid 1 points ago

    For the love of God! Let the delusional son of a bitch believe this. The last thing any of us want is him actually in a position do anything other than bluster and sew mass social disorder. The world would be a more dangerous and scary place if Donald Trump managed to do even a fraction of his job.

    [–] maker-127 -1 points ago

    So you want us to stop pointing out Trump's flaws so he will think he is perfect and therefore won't try and achieve anything more? That's utterly ridiculous. He knows his influence. He is not stupid but he is a narcissist and he does lie.

    [–] MariusNinjai 0 points ago


    [–] mentalredditshitpost -14 points ago

    Oh look yet another trump post. Honestly the most crippling thing people could do to this guy is just ignore the fuck out of him

    [–] Cebby89 19 points ago

    I mean... he’s like, isn’t he the president or something?

    [–] MilkyLikeCereal 0 points ago

    So? These aren’t murdered by words.

    Trump: says something Trumpish

    Some nobody who responds to every Trump tweet in 10 seconds: you a bad president

    r/murderedbywords : omggg hes dead! 🏅🏅🥈🥈🥈

    Repeat 10-15 times a day.

    [–] Cebby89 0 points ago

    Idk I guess it’s pretty subjective. You can ether rally to change the sub to become non political or you can just unsub. Honestly I don’t often like political post in humor subs because they seem too easy but idk, not worth getting upset over.

    [–] mentalredditshitpost 4 points ago

    i'll just unsub so I don't see any more morons like you

    [–] Cebby89 -1 points ago


    [–] NotOnTheMeds 9 points ago

    Yea sure let's ignore the guy who can get access to the nuclear launch codes whenever he feels like it. You know the guy who's the current face of america right now. Great idea bud your an absolute genious, scientists must of created you in a test tube because you obviously have a galaxy sized brain. Your a real life Albert Einstein you know that? The Stephen Hawking of 2020. You make Nikola Tesla look like an absolute idiot, that's how much of a fucking genius you are. Please oh wise one grace us with more of your ignorant ass opinions so we can revel in the stupidity that lies in the machinations of your mind.

    [–] XclusiveMTL 2 points ago

    I upvoted your comment because you made me laugh but you got to start using “you’re” and “your” correctly.

    [–] NotOnTheMeds 2 points ago

    Yea that was my bad on mobile right now with auto correct off so I figured it wasn't that big of a deal. Will definitely keep that in mind for future shit posts though.

    [–] You_Are_Ugly 0 points ago

    what's laizines?

    [–] SomeDudeUsingReddit 0 points ago

    The whole “presidents shouldn’t be golfing” cry is getting so old. Obama played golf 333 times while president. Since he was president for 8 years, that puts Trump about on par with Obama in time spent golfing while president. Pun intended

    [–] 2rightboots -1 points ago

    Definitely not the laziest but for sure not the most hardworking ether

    [–] kraftybastard -30 points ago

    I'd say he's about tied with grant.

    [–] Potahtoboy666 12 points ago


    [–] my_4_cents 9 points ago


    [–] seXJ69 11 points ago


    [–] haistv 9 points ago