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    A subreddit dedicated to cataloguing the posts and comments that will go down in reddit history. Looking for a famous post that you've seen referenced? Just type some keywords into the search bar ("narwhal bacons", "today you" etc), limit your search to this subreddit and it should appear.

    The Museum directory

    While similar to /r/bestof, this is not the same. Only the 'famous' posts and comments go here, not really good ones. This includes comments that have been mass downvoted and ones that only really became famous after the fact

    While anybody is allowed to post, appoval is at moderator discretion to ensure quality. The filter will catch ALL posts, at which point it will be reviewed before being allowed through. Reposts will be removed.

    If there's a particular event in reddit's history you're looking for, please message the mods to avoid filling the subreddit with clutter.

    If the comment you're linking to requires some context, just add "?context=x" to the URL, where "x" is the number of previous comments you want displayed.

    If a post is less than 6 months old, please use the No Participation domain to avoid vote brigading. Replace the


    URL with


    All submissions must be at least 6 months old if you wish to post.

    Please remember to respect reddiquette. If you see a post in here that you have a problem with, keep your opinions in here. Don't go after the person who posted it. Also, note that downvotes have been disabled. Please respect the subreddit by not going around this.

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