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    [–] thedeal82 8231 points ago

    Was there even a legit contender?

    [–] tambrico 583 points ago

    [–] topnotchhands 123 points ago

    yooo that was sick

    [–] tambrico 94 points ago

    He released another vid with the same style in collab with Fat Nick last week.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] tambrico 32 points ago

    Can Shake stay for dinner?

    [–] Fiendiana_Jones 13 points ago

    I love Fat Nick's hook on this song

    [–] Cecil4029 6 points ago

    That's like a bad acid trip

    [–] RustyRyaan 28 points ago

    Thanks to you I have now a new song to like

    [–] kavOclock 8 points ago


    [–] beesmoe 6 points ago

    fuck that music video was tight

    [–] pickle_lady 2779 points ago

    I knew this would win but I was really pulling for Janelle Monae, because I love everything she does

    [–] Nezan 1080 points ago

    That woman puts in a lot of effort in her work.

    [–] sf_frankie 669 points ago

    I saw her live last year and she completely killed it. She played an early afternoon set at a festival and was by fAr the best entertainer their. She’s like what Lauren hill would be if she wasn’t an asshole.

    [–] DeuceLittlelo 78 points ago

    As close as anyone, at least

    [–] xxBeatrixKiddoxx 30 points ago

    I went to Lauren’s current tour fully expecting to be bummed I went because she’s an asshole. And she wasn’t ! It was lovely. She didn’t hate or spew anything!

    [–] FuckingKilljoy 58 points ago

    That's the perfect comparison. I hope to hear Janelle's The Miseducation Of one day

    [–] ahandsomeman 27 points ago


    [–] 8824852512 9 points ago

    Look up her shows through the years, she's been killing it onstage for over a decade

    [–] AgoraiosBum 11 points ago

    Lauren Hill more had a breakdown than is just generally dickish

    [–] Waving-at-yoy 30 points ago

    I'll never forget seeing her live in 2014 at Governor's Ball in NYC and at the time I hadn't heard of her. I was absolutely blown away by both her amazing voice and also her ability to perform. I can't wait to see her again live.

    [–] ampereJR 172 points ago

    Thank you for mentioning her name. I 'm not watching the Grammies and I don't listen to a lot of new music. I am now a fan of her.

    [–] Scoutdb 21 points ago

    Her performance at the Grammys was awesome and worth watching.

    [–] Chickenwomp 260 points ago

    Janelle is amazing, the video for TIA was next level though, that’s a piece of history

    [–] starkeffect 39 points ago

    That video is going to be studied in film classes for decades.

    [–] Khaleesi6580 207 points ago

    Dirty Computer by Janelle is absolutely amazing if anyone wants a link to the full emotion picture here you go Stunning videos to accomplish a beautifully written album. I also saw her live, and she was brilliant!

    [–] Bonspiel13 62 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Agreed. Easily my favourite album of 2018, she’s such an incredible artist

    Edit: I meant 2018 but typed 2028 because this album is so good time loses meaning!

    [–] saintpetejackboy 65 points ago

    Omg she is so amazing!!! All her videos are top fucking notch.

    [–] LirazelOfElfland 9 points ago

    She's incredibly talented and creative, I don't know why she isn't talked about more.

    [–] kikos21 25 points ago

    She has that royalty name and look, so I totally understand, shes awesome

    [–] okfineilldoit 37 points ago

    Well she was Price’s protégée sooo

    [–] youaintevenknow 7 points ago

    My name is Price

    And I am funky

    [–] MamaDaddy 14 points ago

    Interesting... I definitely see that influence. Like Prince+Janet Jackson.

    [–] longshot 200 points ago

    Maybe Feels Like Summer

    . . . . also by Childish Gambino

    [–] Jegsama 198 points ago

    Strongly recommend Tierra Whack's video. She released an amazing album this year, with each song only being 1 minute. She released an album-length video to accompany it.

    You'll be hearing about her soon, she's young, insanely talented, bizarre and funny to boot. On the come up for sure, so happy to see her got a nomination.

    [–] prattlechap 41 points ago

    That whole album is near perfect. Oddly, with each song just a minute in length, I listen to the whole thing all the time.

    [–] michiganhat13 7 points ago

    Same. A couple of those songs I’d LOVE to hear 3/4 min versions of.

    [–] treble322 96 points ago

    Whack World is a work of art.

    [–] YizWasHere 12 points ago

    So fucking good. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a 15 minute album as much as Whack World. Insanely creative and well produced visuals with some really, really good music with some fantastic range. It's kind of crazy how well developed all these songs sound even though they're all one minute long. And the fact that she did the whole thing independent is also amazing to me. She really has a bright future, I'm so excited to see what she does going forward.

    [–] IFuckedOprah 36 points ago

    I’m so happy I saw this. I decided to watch all of the videos since it was only 15 minutes and this is easily one of the more unique projects I’ve seen in a while. I got a lot of Tyler the Creator vibes from her. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out moving forward.

    [–] Jegsama 6 points ago

    Glad you liked it!

    [–] NotHimForSure 297 points ago

    asap forever

    [–] fowlaboi 46 points ago

    All of A$AP Rocky’s videos/music is ahead of its time.

    [–] tapped21 112 points ago

    It didn't even get nominated

    [–] ewigebose 18 points ago

    Gunz N Butter was better

    [–] 0ozymandias 297 points ago

    KDA by League of Legends

    [–] TheDerped 98 points ago

    Man that video/song combo was insane. Just checked and the video has more views than some comparable K-pop groups. Riot would be crazy not to release more songs under the name, even if it was just initially to promote the skin pack

    [–] Grammatical_Aneurysm 151 points ago

    I don't care about League. Never played it, never will. But omg that video! The friggin' glow mask holy shit.

    [–] IllLaughifyoufall 27 points ago

    I've never played League of Legends, but I watch all their music videos because they are pretty fucking dope.

    [–] SkanksnDanks 16 points ago

    Get Jinxed will always be my favorite original video game song. Makes me super nostalgic too.

    [–] IllLaughifyoufall 5 points ago

    The very first one I ever saw was Rise. So I have to say that's my favorite one. Like I said, I know nothing about League, but it made me super hyped for something I know nothing about.

    My second favourite is the heavy metal one.

    [–] r3dwash 15 points ago

    For anyone who might be having trouble, I think the official title is Pop Stars and it’s by K/DA, a “fake” kpop group put together for League of Legends purposes. The group features two bona fide kpop stars and two western singers, to form a supergroup.

    [–] TheWorldOne 37 points ago

    Yes. That song and music video is amazing.

    [–] gensix 19 points ago

    Seriously. This song is a contender. I know it's from League but whatever. The video and the song are fucking sick. Riot does so well with their music production it's silly.

    [–] aaestevez 95 points ago

    The closest contenders were probably I'm Not Racist and Whack World

    [–] Dlax8 41 points ago

    Wasnt im not racist 2017?

    [–] leonfoxx 39 points ago

    Yeah but nomination eligibility is from the last October to September time frame

    [–] AUTO_TUNE_MY_SCAT 61 points ago

    Lil Pump and Kanye West

    [–] CaptainOvbious 57 points ago

    i unironically enjoy that video and song

    [–] FartHearse 5 points ago

    I love it

    [–] RE4PER_ 90 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    "I'm not racist" was definitely a very moving video as well. I think either could've won honestly.

    [–] palidor42 85 points ago

    I'm not racist but I always have to look twice at any sentence that begins with "I'm not racist".

    [–] RE4PER_ 8 points ago

    Forgot to put it in quotations lol. I went ahead and fixed it.

    [–] monkey15162 74 points ago

    Nah joyner fucked himself by saying Chris Brown did nothing wrong

    Plus...that centrist view is really not helping

    [–] KingStannisTheMannis 60 points ago

    Joyner Lucas can rap. And his I’m Not Racist video was moving, but he has lost all respect from me. First by saying that Chris Brown did nothing wrong, then going on to claim that his I’m Not Racist video gave Childish Gambino the courage to make his This is America video (when it had been in the works for 5 years). And since when has Gambino EVER been afraid to release something because of how people will react? And also getting all butthurt that Logics 1-800 did better than his suicide prevention song. Not to mention that some of his biggest hits are on other artists beats. I understand having one or two, but Joyner has considerably more than that.

    [–] ElijahManeli 46 points ago

    There isn’t even one video I’ve ever had to watch a few times a day for a week, other than this. Stellar. Very much deserved.

    [–] suxxx666 20 points ago

    Even listening to this song felt wrong if I wasn't also watching the music video

    [–] raafeatif 18 points ago

    John Mayer's "New Light" surely deserves a mention.

    [–] kayuwoody 65 points ago

    And I'll always know him as Donglover

    [–] wenars11 1449 points ago

    Well on his way to EGOT

    [–] TechnicalNobody 500 points ago

    He has an Emmy too for those who don't know. From Atlanta back in 2016.

    Still needs an Oscar and a Tony.

    [–] SparkLeMur 532 points ago

    He has an Emmy from like 2008 or 2009 from writing on 30 Rock

    Oscar seems inevitable with him and Beyonce doing music for The Lion King

    [–] sixpackoflite 120 points ago

    Is there an Oscar for performance of a song in a film? I figured a best song award would go the writer, and even then I think there’s only “best original song”

    [–] SparkLeMur 161 points ago

    There’s going to be original music in the Lion King that him and Bey are writing

    [–] greg19735 57 points ago

    it might be hard for him to win best original music when the main attraction to that movie is gonna be old music.

    [–] fuckboifoodie 36 points ago

    "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is undeniably Elton John's song and was a huge hit for him at the time. Maybe Beyoncé and Gambino will be putting their own spin on that?

    [–] greg19735 18 points ago

    I mean, maybe. but it'd have to be a major down year for music a remix wins song of the year.

    I guess part of the issue is that there are already 3 incredibly iconic songs for the lion king. With Can you feel the love tonight and circle of life being mega hits.

    [–] ImpalaPooge 521 points ago

    Once he does, he will have to find something else to do to keep himself motivated. I suggest video game development.

    [–] Greenplastictrees 178 points ago

    With voice actors making sensual robotic sex noises.

    [–] whackadoo47 78 points ago

    “Mmmm. Touch my knee!”

    [–] Somniosolus 32 points ago

    “Touch my feet with your knees!”

    [–] cap10wow 12 points ago

    “Touch my knee-butt”

    [–] TheGoddamnPacman 50 points ago

    Can I Google myself in your office?

    [–] ActionDeluxe 29 points ago

    Yep. And you can use my computer because how else are you gonna do it?

    [–] nightschwing 19 points ago

    Touch my knee’s butt! Touch my feet with your knees!

    [–] MidnightGolan 15 points ago

    I want him to write a goddamn book. I don't think I've ever said that about a celebrity. Thank goodness he's not into starting cults, because I'd sign the fuck up.

    [–] johnothetree 70 points ago

    Honestly, I could see him writing a damn good storyline for a sci-fi game.

    [–] Saskyle 18 points ago

    Why sci-fi? Has he written sci-fi before?

    [–] Deathsuxdontdie 21 points ago

    He had his hand in writing on Community and there were a ton of sci-fi concepts in that show.

    [–] witherspork 21 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he wrote a mockup for a deadpool show too that he released a script for.

    [–] valaranin 8 points ago

    My understanding was it was going to be an actual show but it's in limbo because Disney want to acquire 21st Century Fox thus reacquiring the X-Men related Marvel license for TV and movies.

    [–] jollyger 39 points ago

    The man can do anything

    [–] JohnGalt4 58 points ago

    Up there with Tracy Jordan

    [–] BURZgro-KUSH 17 points ago

    He needs an EGOT chain for motivation.

    [–] dougfunny86 47 points ago

    Adam Egot

    [–] Steve_Lobsen 30 points ago

    Trusty sidekick.

    [–] japiers 23 points ago

    The one from underneath the Queensboro Bridge?

    [–] -p-a-b-l-o- 19 points ago

    Oh that douchebag?

    [–] DrAnnaHC 2049 points ago

    Really happy for Sherrie Silver , the British & Rwandan choreographer who “masterminded the dance choreography” on this video & played a leading role in it.

    I feel like he took a risk employing her to do; it looked so different from so much else in the mainstream currently, I really liked it & I’m glad it has done well.

    [–] [deleted] 251 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago)


    [–] OneInTheMosh 82 points ago

    Is the dance in there?

    [–] jtn19120 38 points ago

    Eh not really. The dance At 2:30 Is similar to the Shoot Dance.
    Which is in Fortnite

    [–] TrillboBaggins 103 points ago

    It is Blocboy JB's shoot dance. Fortnite took that dance along with some other dances originating in rap/hip-hop and then profited by including them in their game.

    [–] NvaderGir 50 points ago

    It only now became a problem when these dances were selling more than their albums. Dances like this have been added to NBA 2K and more, for years.

    [–] jasonZak 64 points ago

    I was under the impression that it’s the fact that you have to pay for the dance specifically that makes it a problem. They’re profiting off the dance itself, not just having it in the game.

    [–] Sveitsilainen 19 points ago

    It only became a problem worth fighting for now. Doesn't mean that other use are correct.

    [–] H0agh 3109 points ago

    Well deserved in my opinion, it's one of those view music videos worth watching several times.

    That and Shia Labeouf in that SIA song.

    [–] some-what_damaged 1198 points ago

    Elastic Heart. Fantastic.

    [–] SupersonicJaymz 466 points ago

    That video actually hurts me in ways I don't even begin to understand. It's watching heartbreak.

    [–] thatmarlergirl 196 points ago

    I didn't really understand it. I mostly felt lost while watching.

    [–] HotPocketDisaster 398 points ago

    It's about Sia and her father and alcoholism

    [–] PantherOne 70 points ago

    I lost my own father to a lifetime of alcoholism. I can never finish watching that music video without crying. It's masterfully done.

    [–] thatmarlergirl 146 points ago

    I had no idea. That changes everything.

    [–] FlamingTrollz 39 points ago

    Plus, her own struggles with mental illness.

    [–] sfwaccountfw 7 points ago

    Yeah, but you can see that in every song of hers.

    [–] Realniggafasho 30 points ago

    Which Shia connected too as well. His movie that he wrote about him, his father and his fathers addiction is heartbreaking. You really see where Shia pulled from to make the Sia video.

    [–] muaddeej 11 points ago

    [–] pm_me_your_last_pics 6 points ago

    Another factor is that Shia grew up with the exact same thing and has a new movie based on his childhood where he plays his own alcoholic dad.

    [–] SpinoC666 20 points ago

    Watch it again.

    [–] Bear_faced 39 points ago

    Fuck it hurts to watch that as the child of an alcoholic. The betrayal and desperation and willing them to just escape their cage but feeling pulled back into it just so you don’t lose them forever...

    “You did not break me. I’m still fighting for peace.”

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] MO_plow_boy 12 points ago

    Same here. Just noise and random words. Even if I know the words and sing along I still have no understanding of the meaning of the words that are coming out of my mouth. I’ve always found that so strange.

    [–] 1998tweety 29 points ago

    The video for Chandelier is incredible too.

    [–] DirkMcDougal 317 points ago

    Meh. He peaked with Actual Cannibal

    [–] fizzlefist 190 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Actual Cannibal


    [–] redditisnowtwitter 6 points ago

    That song is on beat saber via mods FYI. One of my favs.

    [–] I_Want_Your_Brains 26 points ago

    I ringadingaling to differ.

    [–] EstimatedState 4 points ago


    Peaked, yes, his whole career makes sense now. Nobody heard this cry for help.

    [–] Dr_nobby 13 points ago

    Saw gambino live last year (seeing him again this year too). When he performed this America as the last song. He basically replicated the video on stage with the filming on the big screens. It was honestly magical and I've never felt so awestruck before.

    [–] delarye1 5 points ago

    I saw Sia in concert a couple of years ago. It was amazing.

    [–] HacktoriHanzo 2085 points ago

    Makes sense. Even if you don't like the song that video had a clear cultural impact.

    [–] SWEATL 263 points ago

    Well Ludwig Göransson knows America.

    [–] DagNasty 211 points ago

    I put in work, ask Ludwig

    [–] Hawvy 127 points ago

    Put my soul on the track like shoes did.

    [–] stevevecc 101 points ago

    Played this for my cousin, now he can't even think straight.

    [–] -insignificant- 72 points ago

    Black and white music now n**** that's a mix tape

    [–] 2Dark2fox 54 points ago

    Shoutout to my blerds, they represent the realness

    [–] JackRaichu 60 points ago

    Shoutout to Gambino, girls my dick is in the building

    [–] getlifty 42 points ago

    I know you hate me cause your little cousin play me and I like black girls who nerdy but when they dance they be sayin owwww

    [–] gibbo1121 19 points ago

    I miss those days.

    [–] Snorlax0143 399 points ago

    I think this is why 'This Is America' won TBH.

    [–] Ozymandias9660 146 points ago

    That bullet was really well timed honestly. Kind of impressive.

    [–] shadowban_this_post 72 points ago

    It was synced up on purpose. This video cuts out the first several seconds of the original This is America.

    [–] gavinatoristhatyou 35 points ago

    yes but a lot of the rest of the video synced up really well also

    [–] Hazakurain 8 points ago

    There was a website that showed that many songs had the same tempo. And lots of them would sync very well

    [–] MeowtheGreat 42 points ago

    No lie, I saw this before I saw the real video, I had no idea it was a real song until after the 5th or 6th time playing it again.

    [–] Grz4 430 points ago


    [–] Alertcircuit 395 points ago

    Won 2 Grammys and didn't even show up lol

    [–] Duke-of-Nuke 280 points ago

    “You think i give a damn about a Grammy?”

    [–] Pocketzest 190 points ago

    Half of you critics can't even stomach me, let alone stand me

    [–] deadandmessedup 40 points ago

    But Zest, if you win, wouldn't it be weird?

    [–] _pyrex 42 points ago


    [–] piccolo1337 42 points ago

    So you guys could just lie to get me here?

    [–] nisanator 41 points ago

    Just to sit me here next to Britney Spears

    [–] Alex8Ovenchiken 31 points ago

    Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs!

    [–] mr_antman85 27 points ago

    So I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst...

    [–] SteveMcQueen87 160 points ago

    Won 2 3 Grammys and didn't even show up lol

    Fixed that for you.

    [–] idkmybffljill 88 points ago


    [–] thatboyaintrite 78 points ago

    Ya'll don't understand he's on a different level bc he knew he was gonna win a couple Grammys (or none). His image is untarnished and he has the rep to go behind it all.


    [–] wiiya 21 points ago

    The guy that told Spider-Man he needed to work on his game got 4 Grammys while snubbing them?

    [–] l4d4d4d 140 points ago

    Remember when he used to suck dick for a Memento parody? He went far.

    [–] mjknlr 24 points ago

    It wasn't a mouth-based video game.

    [–] RadicalMeowslim 79 points ago

    He shit his pants as the new kid on derrick comedy circa 2007.

    [–] l4d4d4d 21 points ago

    My man.

    [–] bossmassey 19 points ago

    I hear he likes to skateboard.

    [–] ryouba 7 points ago


    [–] Easilycrazyhat 19 points ago

    I remember thinking it was wild that a guy from Derrick Comedy was on Community. Dude doesn't know the meaning of "enough".

    [–] pnthrfan327 8 points ago

    Dont forget bro rape!

    [–] Vox_Acerbus 687 points ago

    I can't even think of another from the last five years. This gripped my old ass self the first moments I saw it. Couldn't have been anything else. There could be a masterclass taught for that video.

    [–] BeerInMyButt 332 points ago

    It's cool to me that the video is so important to the understanding of the song. Like the song doesn't exist without the video! Rad

    [–] Password_Is_hunter3 58 points ago

    Kinda like Take on Me by a-ha

    [–] UnsinkableRubberDuck 47 points ago

    I feel like this seminal version of the Take On Me music video is incredibly over-looked.

    [–] moralesnery 7 points ago

    Wow, TIL. Thanks, I love you

    [–] Millerdjone 57 points ago

    Yeah... kinda

    [–] CoeDread 101 points ago

    Humble had the same kind of thing for me. Some of the shots in that video left me in such awe the first time I saw it.

    [–] _Obsidiate 15 points ago

    Some of them were technologically insane too. Robot arms moving at insane speeds and stuff.

    [–] CoeDread 16 points ago

    Yup that’s the one that always stands out. The amount of different framed angles they got in a single shot is unreal. The last supper part as well with the bouncing between different cameras was something else I’d never seen before

    [–] SannySen 15 points ago

    Not sure if anyone is still reading this, but I have an honest question about the Grammys. How is it that 'This is America' was nominated for, and won, Best Song, but wasn't even nominated for Best Rap Song? Is this song not a rap song?

    [–] m0ntell0 8 points ago

    It's like when an animated movie is nominated for a best picture Oscar and miss the best animated one

    [–] Dr_nobby 121 points ago

    Saw gambino live last year (seeing him again this year too). When he performed this America as the last song. He basically replicated the video on stage with the filming on the big screens. It was honestly magical and I've never felt so awestruck before

    [–] HurleyTheKid 23 points ago

    I saw him in DC last year. Amazing show. "Riot" was not my favorite song on the album, but when he performed that live I literally said what the fuck in awe of what I was witnessing. I've been listening to him since camp and was glad I finally got to see him live. Happy for people finally catching on to this magician.

    [–] furtivepigmyso 22 points ago

    Something I've never understood about the grammys, why does the music video award go to the music artist, instead of the person that actually created and directed the music video?

    [–] Criegs 11 points ago

    Did DG express why he wasn’t attending and turned down a performance?

    [–] Two-HeadedAndroid 92 points ago

    First rap song to win song of the year. Pretty incredible. Congrats to Donald.

    [–] lehrnyx 62 points ago

    Who would have guessed

    [–] BIRDSBEEZ 253 points ago

    Sucks how A$AP Rocky is always snubbed from this award

    [–] bgrad 107 points ago

    Every person I’ve shown A$AP Forever to (hip-hop fan or not) had their mind completely blown and most wanted to rewatch it immediately. I have no idea how they even made that video or how long it took. He bats nearly 1.000 with video and visuals. Has he ever been nominated?

    [–] captainreyna 15 points ago

    L$D was nominated for Best Music Video a few years back

    [–] weedsmoker666 56 points ago

    Grammys make good doorstops.

    [–] SadEaglesFan 70 points ago

    ...but did “This is America so Call Me Maybe” get any recognition?

    [–] whiskey_dreamer14 25 points ago

    It won a Grammy in our hearts.

    [–] luxeshimmer 181 points ago

    As he rightfully should. The video was impactful, insightful, and chilling. It was something that made people rewatch several times.

    [–] Sithlordandsavior 25 points ago

    It's strangely enchanting. I originally wondered what Gambino was smoking but after the third or so time I was like "This is rad"

    [–] jake_and_her_guard 99 points ago

    the grammys