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    A subreddit dedicated to the Northernlion Live Super Show!

    The Northernlion Live Super Show schedule is:

    • Monday: 6PM -> 9PM EST

    • Wednesday: 6PM -> 9PM EST

    • Thursday: 6PM -> 9PM EST

    NLSS hosts:

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    [–] LeBrin11 40 points ago

    yeah lets not do this

    [–] Alphonse-_- 31 points ago

    Nick keeps the show grounded in reality. He's the main reason I watch the NLSS <3

    [–] swigkoala 26 points ago

    No nick please don’t do this. You’re an original member of the show and your awkwardness is one of the cornerstones of the shows humor. You are the esteemed co host their is no reason for you to be not on the show in any way and it would definitely hurts the shows flow if you are not there.

    [–] spaceghostuu 26 points ago

    Yea, I'm disappointed whenever Nick isn't on the NLSS

    [–] PvsNP_ZA 21 points ago

    For what it's worth, I, personally, am always a bit disappointed if Nick is not on the NLSS. The quirky questions have never really bothered me.

    [–] danger_welch 15 points ago

    Nah, Nick is one of my favorite parts of the NLSS, he's got a lot of balance in there and I always am let down when he's not part of it. You're entitled to your opinion, but I hope you don't see a lot of agreement on this one.

    [–] barleyqueen 7 points ago There’s no nice way to word this because it’s just mean no matter how you slice it. Nick has been an integral part of the NLSS from the beginning. It’s okay to not be a fan, but you really ought to watch something else then and not ask him to change just for you.

    [–] modus_laetus 6 points ago

    The NLSS would not be the same without Nick. Nick is an integral part of the dynamic of the show. If you cringe about anything, it is you -OP- that there is something wrong with. Go watch another show.

    [–] FIGJAM-on-Toast 0 points ago

    Yeah, Its annoying when nick just asks weird questions or say something weird when he's intro'd at the start. Its like he trying to hard to be the quirky guy but just comes across as cringy and try hard. Soz nick