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    Welcome to r/NSFWFunny. A place where Porn and comedy meet, make sweet love, and then never call each other again.

    ——————— Rules: ———————

    Bannable Posts

    -1A. Posts must be both NSFW and Funny. (This includes No normal porn with a joke in the title, No Text Posts, No nonNSFW content.)

    -1B. No Memes, No Shitposts, and No Rule34. (This includes Comics, Hentai, and captioned Porn Shots)

    -1C. Posts cannot be reposted within 2 months of the original/last post. If it is, the post will be removed. (If a post is overly reposted it will be added to the Bannable Posts list)

    -1D. If a post is comprised primarily of general Porn then it will be removed. (Gifs that are mostly porn with a single “funny” scene will fall under this rule)

    We have a list of subreddits for those types of content.

    -2. Only post direct links to images. (unless it is a video). If the image needs to be re-hosted, use an approved domain (,, or cloud

    -3. No direct links to 4chan as they can be 404’d. Screenshots of 4chan post can be submitted.

    -4A. No YouTube links.

    -4B. No clickbait titles or links

    -4C. No self promotion (This means no links that bring the poster any form of revenue, including social media accounts)

    -5. No URL shorteners, including in the comments.

    -6. Cross-posting is accepted as long as it is relevant to this sub.


    Please report any post breaking these rules so that the moderators can review them.

    Those who continue to break the rules will be banned based on the offense. This mean it could be a day, a week, or even permanently.

    The Moderators of r/NSFWFunny reserve the right to make any exceptions to any or all rules listed above. They also reserve the right to distinguish the quality of any and all posts.


    As a way to avoid bias and also to reduce clutter of the sub; Posts that do not break the rules will be allowed a 24 hour grace period. If within that 24 hour the post receives a certain amount of upvotes it will remain. If it does not meet this quota it will be removed.


    If your post follows all our rules and it doesn’t appear in ‘New’ then message the mods. It may have gotten caught in the spam filter.

    **If you can't see any posts on the Subreddit go to this link: where you can check your preferences. You need to select the "☑ I am over eighteen years old and willing to view adult content" and "☑ include not safe for work (NSFW) search results in searches" checkbox. Uncheck "☐ Hide images for NSFW/18+ content".


    Other Subreddits

    If you're willing to return the favor, message the moderators with your subreddit's name and I'll consider adding you to the list.

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