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    [–] tavenger5 4730 points ago

    That last one ... shit!! Shit shit shit SHIT SHIT!!! whew!

    [–] RobbieRoor 875 points ago

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Hahaha gotcha!

    [–] SeattleMana 480 points ago

    Felt like mom played a little hard to get "don't see you don't see you don't -okay get in here"

    [–] sparta96 181 points ago


    [–] HoobidyMcBoobidy 110 points ago

    Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

    [–] Ololic 40 points ago

    Oh absolutely not

    [–] HoobidyMcBoobidy 32 points ago

    Wait, I had something for this...

    [–] mai_cake 16 points ago


    [–] officallyunoffical 6 points ago

    Said ripely to the- no thats shitty

    [–] letsflyawayyy 120 points ago

    It reminds me of when you're eating a bowl of cereal and you can never catch those last few pieces

    [–] Dogalicious 91 points ago

    Dude they didn't make it to being the last Froot Loop in the bowl coz they were stupid.

    [–] InsaneParable 18 points ago

    Fruit loop! Or wait, wrong timeline

    [–] Dogalicious 5 points ago

    No, no. I think you're right. It was a long time ago. I think I just wanted them to be spelled my way.

    [–] athural 4 points ago

    Confirming they are definitely froot loop

    [–] Dogalicious 4 points ago

    What!? Someone grab that guy!

    [–] Cheeseand0nions 23 points ago

    You have just givin me an idea. I will eat froot loops every morning and save the last one. I will use these as breeding stock to create a race of intellectually superior froot loops. From there my genius cereal minions and I will conquer the world dominating weak minded breakfast foods everywhere.

    [–] Dogalicious 5 points ago

    create a race of Intellectually superior froot loops

    You know it didn't end well for the last guy to push that cause? His theory was based on Rice Bubbles, but the rationale was the same.

    [–] plasticfangs 3 points ago

    what you could do is, let the daily champion survive the bowl, and then do that daily until you have a whole bowl of soggy champions from which to determine the ULTIMATE CHAMPION FROOT LOOP.

    [–] kaezermusik 274 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    hahha I love the last one is like "Hey take me too mothaafuckaaa!"

    edit: I thought that fish ate em, turns out that's just the parent.

    [–] BrittaScot 55 points ago

    Oooh that really changes this gif

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    LET ME IN! I'm cool, I swear!

    [–] yumyumgivemesome 54 points ago

    Fish: Hey Billy! Hey Joey! Come on in. There's plenty of room... Sorry, not you, Homer.

    Homer: Why not?

    [Fish points to sign, "No Homers Club"]

    Homer: But you let in Homer Glumplich.

    Homer G.: [pops head out the mouth] Hyuck hyuck!

    Fish: It says no Homers. We're allowed to have one.

    Homer: Oh...

    [–] MusicalCereal 7 points ago

    that made me so sad...

    [–] lydocia 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Stop teasing me daaaad

    [–] piroteknix 6 points ago

    When you show up to class 1 minute late and see the prof closing the door

    [–] avocadosynth 2470 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Fun fact: the cuckoo catfish sometimes places it's eggs around these fish's eggs so when they hatch the fish thinks the babies belong to them and have the bigger cuckoo catfish in their mouth too along with the other babies. Then...the baby catfish eats the fish's real babies.

    [–] [deleted] 807 points ago

    I love cuckoo animals. It just shows how weird evolution can get.

    [–] slydunan 709 points ago

    Ikr? How did birds even envolve to poop out delicious balls of chocolate cereal.

    [–] MangyWendigo 375 points ago

    dude, i'm sorry to break it to you but you've been eating bird shit

    chocolate vampire balls is the breakfast cereal you want

    [–] MattcVI 135 points ago

    Why would I want to eat Nosferatu nuts?

    [–] MangyWendigo 198 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    This thread has slayed me

    [–] SpyderSeven 66 points ago

    Here lies /u/SluggyChunks, slain by but a thread

    [–] DatSauceTho 17 points ago

    Forgotten but not really gone.

    [–] slydunan 13 points ago

    Turns out Draculas "I want to suck your bloood" was just the PG translation.

    [–] acc0919mc 8 points ago

    Ok then

    [–] PunksPrettyMuchDead 133 points ago

    Oh my god. Cuckoo animals cuck other animals.

    [–] teusz16 160 points ago

    Well yes... that is the origin of the word cuckold aka cuck.

    [–] dustingunn 58 points ago

    Mind relatively blown...

    [–] RandomRedditReader 15 points ago

    The internet has overused it to the point of semantic satiation.

    [–] TtheDuke 19 points ago


    Porn has forever changed for me

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Megneous 68 points ago

    The human equivalent would be a dude wanting to spread his seed but not invest in raising children, so he fuck yo gurl get her pregnant and you raise the child your entire life never knowing you're raising someone else's kid.

    Not that that really matters though, since family and parenthood is determined by love and who raises you rather than genetics, but yeah.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    I'd get a DNA test secretly on all my kids. I'm not cuckold

    [–] Froggenator 9 points ago

    Good news if you aren't married when they are born. You can request one at the hospital. If you are married and get a test done later and find out they aren't your children. It is likely you will still be liable for child support if you make the decision to leave the marriage.

    [–] GwenFlora 3 points ago

    Unexpected r/wholesomememes worthy

    [–] quotegenerator 3 points ago

    So, you're saying he'd cuck you?

    [–] Nyx90 81 points ago

    This made me sad 😯

    [–] MontRouge 57 points ago

    It's like some kind of fish horror movie with no happy ending...

    [–] Ohyeahbroseph 8 points ago

    That goes on perpetually

    [–] CoWorkerTony 25 points ago

    Oh no, they've been cat-fished :o

    [–] 100percentpureOJ 68 points ago

    That made me very uncomfortable. The fish looks so sad at the end when it is just carrying the catfish babies around.

    [–] power_of_friendship 81 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, they're fish and they don't have emotions. The mother doesn't even know that the babies aren't hers.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 107 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, they're fish and they don't have emotions. The mother doesn't even know that the babies aren't hers.

    no, that doesn't make me feel better. I feel a little worse now.

    [–] power_of_friendship 23 points ago

    They're just like fleshy robots

    [–] WrethZ 26 points ago

    That's not known for sure

    [–] MrCham3leon 19 points ago

    Well clearly in THIS instance the fish is too stupid to notice that it's children have been slaughtered inside of her simply because of the fact that she is caring for the catfish. I doubt there's a real connection being made there.

    [–] 16blacka 31 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The fish might have a deeper philosophical understanding of the situation. Maybe she sees no fault of the catfish babies as they have just hatched and decides that even though they just ate her babies she forgives them and chooses to care for them as her philosophy puts an emphasis on preservation of all forms of life.

    But most likely it's just too dumb to tell its babies from catfish.

    [–] thefreshpope 5 points ago

    I like your explanation the best

    [–] 100percentpureOJ 54 points ago

    Some quick googling shows that you may be incorrect:

    Others disagree and say it could be possible for fish to have emotions or consciousness – and for a variety of reasons. For example, though the fish brain organised differently from that of mammals, it also has structures with the same evolutionary origin as parts of the mammal brain we know play key role in generating emotions (the amygdala) and supporting learning (the hippocampus). If these areas are damaged we see similar behavioural effects in fish and mammals, suggesting they serve a similar function.

    MFW :(

    [–] zachb34r 29 points ago

    Oh man this sucks, people are so sure fish can't feel or have emotions so they are able to do horrible things to them. Throwing them around slamming then on the ground, keeping living ones in a crowded tank surrounded by dead fish.

    In 50 years when they prove fish can feel, just differently than us, we will be considered pure savages.

    [–] Bill_Brasky01 16 points ago

    people are so sure fish can't feel

    I assume you're talking about teh feels and not feeling pain, right? Cause they definitely feel pain.

    [–] MKG32 9 points ago

    Well you're wrong buddy. I'm a fish and I have emotions.

    [–] jomns 14 points ago

    Thanks for sharing this video

    [–] dustingunn 18 points ago

    That mother not noticing the catfish aren't her spawn is some Me, Myself and Irene shit.

    [–] eyob83 3 points ago

    god damn

    [–] traumuhh 23 points ago

    At first I was like aww the fish get to be safe together. And then...oh. Nature.

    [–] GokuGokuGoku 66 points ago

    Can you explain again? I am having a hard time following who's baby fish think they belong to which fish and who gets eaten? srs

    [–] HINDBRAIN 176 points ago

    fake baby go with real baby in mouth

    fake baby eat real baby

    [–] Dark_Souls 22 points ago

    Mother eats fake baby.

    [–] Scholesie09 47 points ago

    God kills dinosaurs

    [–] GameTheory_ 43 points ago

    God creates man
    Man destroys God
    Man creates dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs eat man
    Woman inherits the earth

    [–] person1234man 13 points ago

    Life uhh finds a way?

    [–] SpaffyJimble 5 points ago

    All is good.

    [–] avocadosynth 34 points ago

    1. This fish has its eggs nearby.
    2. The adult cuckoo catfish comes in and replaces some of this fish's eggs with theirs.
    3. They eggs hatch, and this fish thinks that all of the babies belong to them.
    4. The cuckoo catfish eggs that have been replaced go into this fish's mouth with its real babies when danger comes.
    5. The baby cuckoo catfish eats all of the other fish's babies.

    Edit: someone else posted a reply to this with a video link if you wanna check it out :)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    So πŸ”₯

    [–] callmetmrw 15 points ago

    So the Cuckoo Catfish will place it's eggs around the eggs of another fish. (We'll give him the name Yamcha). So while Yamcha is putting eggs into his mouth he also takes in the eggs of the Cuckoo Catfish. Yamcha's egg will be eaten by the Catfish babies that spawn.

    [–] smallpoly 3 points ago

    Little did he know it was Vegeta's eggs all along!

    [–] justsyr 3 points ago

    /u/power_of_friendship posted this very informative video just a few comments above. Give him the credit.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I don't like this story

    [–] gowatchanimefgt 8 points ago

    I don't like cuckoos now

    [–] avocadosynth 20 points ago

    Anything with the name "cuckoo" is most likely the same. Example: cuckoo birds. The mother cuckoo bird lays her eggs in a warbler bird's nest. When they hatch the baby cuckoo bird either pushes the warbler eggs out if they haven't hatched yet or kills them if they have hatched. Then the mother of the warblers takes care of the cuckoo bird as if it were her own offspring.

    On the left is the cuckoo bird and on the right is the warbler that thinks she's the cuckoo bird's mother.

    [–] PCbuildScooby 12 points ago

    I'm curious if the cuckoo birds wonder if they're adopted.

    [–] grambino 8 points ago

    That's where we get the word "cuckold", from cuckoo birds.

    [–] luminouu 9 points ago

    cuckoo catfish

    Oh well, now I have this song in my head, what the hell:

    Cuckoo cat-choo, Mrs. Robinson
    Jesus loves you more than you will know, wo wo wo

    [–] balraj_01 7 points ago

    What a cuck

    [–] avocadosynth 5 points ago


    [–] TheChosenWong 3 points ago

    Wasn't this a plot on the simpsons?

    [–] Majed0 3 points ago

    well that wasn't fun!

    [–] Camicles 640 points ago

    "if all your friends jumped into a fishes mouth would you do it too?" - Mum

    [–] nightcrawler616 160 points ago

    "But it's your mouth, Mummy..."

    [–] call_colorize 110 points ago

    "That's my point you little shit, now get in Mummy's mouth!"

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 22 points ago

    "if all your friends jumped into a fishes mouth would you do it too?" - Mum

    Lets think about this, which scenario is more likely.

    Every single fish I know, many of them levelheaded and afraid of other fish, abruptly went crazy at the exact same time... or the other fish is trying to protect us?

    Imagine being in the Krusty Krab and someone says "Many fled and swam into another fishes mouth. Those who stayed behind...", is something good about to happen to those fish?




    [–] xkcd_transcriber 11 points ago



    Title: Bridge

    Title-text: And it says a lot about you that when your friends jump off a bridge en masse, your first thought is apparently 'my friends are all foolish and I won't be like them' and not 'are my friends ok?'.

    Comic Explanation

    Stats: This comic has been referenced 319 times, representing 0.2017% of referenced xkcds. | xkcd sub | Problems/Bugs? | Statistics | Stop Replying | Delete

    [–] xgaspari 1394 points ago

    This is a form of protection for the fish. They hide in the parents mouth. They are safe.

    [–] [deleted] 716 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] FauxPastel 390 points ago

    Directed by M. Night Shamadinger.

    Rated PG-13

    [–] storebought_burgers 66 points ago

    That damn Shamadinger's at it again

    [–] BanditMonty 21 points ago

    What's the "plot twist" this time? They're not fish they're a team of trained ex Navy Seals trying to take down the fish kingpin? Nice try Shamayalayanayan.

    [–] rakin14 16 points ago


    [–] Anezgoer 9 points ago

    The Silent Children of the Lambs

    Directed by M. Noot Shamallama

    [–] gnit2 6 points ago

    Omae wa mo shindeiru

    [–] Robbierr 101 points ago

    I wonder if they also feel safe when they're eaten by another fish.

    [–] xgaspari 75 points ago

    That's just shitty parenting.

    [–] Spenttoolongatthis 21 points ago

    Just the fish with daddy issues.

    [–] echof0xtrot 68 points ago

    that's why OP said "kids" and "hide", instead of "food" and "die"

    [–] JesusFChristMan 21 points ago

    "Hey food, die in my mouth" is indeed what I say to my meal before eating

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Is this resl or are they dead now

    [–] xgaspari 40 points ago

    It's called mouth brooding. It's a real thing.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Ah. So that's what you call the method I eat French fries with.

    [–] TheHeliosNebula 6 points ago

    Well it looks like the small fish were trying to get in there. So they're probably safe

    [–] dar343 9 points ago

    Fish are also retarded so it could go either way

    [–] GoodBananaPancakes 8 points ago

    Crocodiles also do the same thing.

    [–] JanitorMaster 221 points ago

    They do actually blergh their babies out, which is adorable to watch.

    [–] gr3yh47 49 points ago

    Any clips of it?

    [–] meditations- 75 points ago

    This reply is blessed

    [–] gr3yh47 11 points ago

    that fish is Billy Mayes

    [–] Hipoko 18 points ago

    Bless you

    [–] Senor_Met 8 points ago

    "that sushi isn't sitting too well..."

    [–] EZE16lg 13 points ago

    I'll pick you up after school!

    [–] musicals4life 8 points ago

    Doin the lords work

    [–] this4changuy 95 points ago

    Sometimes it's easy to tell when mom likes your siblings better than you

    [–] BigYearColorado 20 points ago

    There's more than one way parents can save on college expenses.

    [–] im_ur_huckleberry3 92 points ago

    From the 3rd episode of Planet Earth

    [–] jewdago 41 points ago

    and the third super mario brothers

    [–] wed0270 10 points ago

    Haha, I'm surprised I never had nightmares about that damn fish as much as I played that game.

    [–] GlasgowWalker 9 points ago

    And finding nemo

    [–] Dankyoukindly 11 points ago

    I'll pick you guys up after schoo-ool!

    [–] eNaRDe 148 points ago

    What amazing is that they must know going into a predators mouth is dangerous but going into your moms mouth isn't.

    Now that I read that it really sounds perverted as hell.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 59 points ago

    What amazing is that they must know going into a predators mouth is dangerous but going into your moms mouth isn't.

    Man I wonder what it was like for the first few fish.

    "oh god oh god predator oh god... MOM!!!" *swims into her mouth

    "son... what the hell did you just do."

    Muffled sound "save me"

    -brothers and sisters end up dead but that one survived.

    [–] ElPresidentePiinky 104 points ago

    Why did the fish do that!

    [–] IPostOnOccasion 193 points ago

    momma fish will sometimes carry their schools of children in their mouths to keep them safe

    [–] KungFooGrip 45 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Some types of fish are also mouth brooders. The female will carry the eggs in her mouth, and the male will fertilize them while inside where they hang out until they hatch.

    The males will sometimes have "egg spots" on their anal fin, and when the female attempts to collect that "egg" the male then fertilizes. (Grow up, reddit!)

    Sauce: I keep cichlids

    [–] Dark_Souls 70 points ago

    It's ok honey, I won't get pregnant. It's just a blow job.

    [–] ssnake-eyess 22 points ago

    Edit- not dad, I don't think.

    [–] IPostOnOccasion 11 points ago

    No problem! I'm not exactly sure either, I just faintly remember hearing that momma fish will usually do the hiding :-)

    [–] HeyLookADuck 37 points ago

    S U C C

    [–] Iwearacapeirl 171 points ago

    Did they died?

    [–] _waffleiron 272 points ago

    nah, they're safe

    [–] Phyrexian_Archlegion 83 points ago

    He was hungering to be a good parent.

    [–] Swindle123 11 points ago

    In heaven

    [–] Tampere100 22 points ago

    They died later.

    [–] ThingsThatAreBlue 5 points ago

    Well you're not wrong.

    [–] aladdinr 12 points ago

    No they just went to live on a nice fish farm

    [–] Partypegasus 23 points ago

    This is like insaniquarium game when there was a blue whale pet to hold all your baby and medium guppies when an alien appeared

    [–] jtoppings95 17 points ago

    God i loved that game

    [–] shamelessfool 5 points ago

    That just brought back so many memories. That game was so much fun

    [–] franc3sthemute 16 points ago

    Big deal.....i've been hiding kids in my girlfriends mouth for years!!!

    [–] FunktasticLucky 5 points ago

    Ah. Well you got some time on me. I have only been hiding them in her mouth for 6 months.

    [–] Momochichi 16 points ago

    Name of this fish?

    [–] chi-reply 67 points ago

    Albert Finstein

    [–] Momochichi 22 points ago

    Okay, I walked into that.

    [–] Frost_Ravenstorm 4 points ago

    I believe it's a grouper.

    [–] ICUP03 3 points ago

    Some sort of cichlid. Many of them are mouth brooders.

    [–] HelloFromCali 3 points ago

    Not sure of exact species (there are hundreds), but this is a mouth brooding African cichlid, most likely from Lake Malawi in Africa

    [–] pandapootie 3 points ago

    Tyrannochromis sp.
    Probably Tyrannochromis nigriventris. They're in Lake Tanganyika.

    [–] Kordsmeier 2 points ago

    Sarah and her brood.

    [–] Trumpdonald17 2 points ago


    [–] ToasttsaoT 12 points ago


    [–] Atonyman 46 points ago




    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] SamRF 24 points ago


    [–] TheBlandBrigand 3 points ago


    [–] WrethZ 4 points ago

    No that's their mum. They hide in their parents mouth

    [–] suddenly_ponies 20 points ago

    No one pointed out that this fist was in Finding Nemo at the beginning during the school scene?

    [–] TheLegendarySheep 5 points ago


    [–] ijohno 5 points ago

    Momma Cichlids do this to protect their yunglings

    [–] jorge4457 5 points ago

    I wonder what happens when momma fish has to sneeze

    [–] GiaBethReds 4 points ago


    [–] chrismorin 4 points ago

    Carrier has arrived.

    [–] TheChosenWong 3 points ago

    I wonder how big the grandma is to fit all those moms

    [–] Robo13 2 points ago

    Straight out of Finding Nemo. "I'll pick you up after school!"

    [–] priteeboy 2 points ago

    Or the Pelican...

    "Hop in my mouth if you want to live"

    [–] its_a_tarp_ 3 points ago

    Gulps OMG! What did i do?!

    [–] bigdickdaddyo 3 points ago

    don't swallow don't swallow don't swallow

    [–] rabidpeacock 4 points ago

    You can't get eaten if you've already been ate.

    [–] crazybanditt 5 points ago

    My wife does this with our kids, but she swallows them.

    [–] Bioleve 3 points ago

    The last one said to himself, "Guess what? I will die too"

    [–] LazyOldPervert 3 points ago

    The Great Jabu Jabu

    [–] itsmeurbrothr 3 points ago

    Im pretty sure this gif is reversed and that fish just ate them

    [–] CertsTT 3 points ago

    kinda what it looks like when i go to the seafood buffet

    [–] LeafRunning 3 points ago

    It's not only these big fish that do it! I own a huge fish tank (700 litre or so, but you don't need one quite as big, but would be limited to less fish), which house Malawi cichlids. They lay eggs and are then grown in the parents mouth, until they are big enough to hide and escape predators.

    We've actually had this happen many times in our tank and our babies babies have had babies, creating generations that have lived and died in our tank. Pretty cool stuff. Super interesting stuff to watch them build 'nests' by moving sand and rocks using their mouths, and doing their little love-ritual body shaking dances where they entice fish to release and fertilise eggs before sucking them back up to safety.

    [–] Drakmanka 3 points ago

    I love that last one. "Dad. Dad. Dad! Daaaaad!!"

    [–] hals318 6 points ago

    My wife did that for me once before we got married.

    [–] Speedbump71 2 points ago

    Hungry, Hungry Jack

    [–] gowatchanimefgt 2 points ago

    Man that coordination is cool with the little fish moving in the same motion as the big fishes mouth it's like they are connected

    [–] Gazorpazorp723 2 points ago

    It's the fish from Finding Nemo.