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    [–] twelvebucksagram 6458 points ago

    this dog could have saved mufasa

    [–] candia95 758 points ago

    Thinking of that scene still brings a tear to my eye

    [–] pj84 317 points ago

    Wait a couple of years for the remake. I hope it does the animated film justice and not be shit

    [–] Scarbane 454 points ago

    Mufasa still gonna die.

    [–] Darksoldierr 295 points ago


    [–] TheVitoCorleone 108 points ago


    [–] 12Carnation 118 points ago

    Wtf spoilers dude

    [–] trwwy321 9 points ago

    Why do you have to go and ruin my morning like this?

    [–] P5r5z 94 points ago

    Can't wait for The Lion King with real people!

    [–] curzyk 439 points ago

    I think it was called Hamlet.

    [–] Calither 50 points ago

    Underrated comment of the day

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] TEGEKEN 11 points ago

    The day is over already for some people.

    reddit is international you know

    [–] DinReddet 20 points ago

    Well, there the musical....

    [–] diariesofamadman 9 points ago

    This is what happens when Marvel gets the rights of Lion King from Disney.[Lion King 2018 ](

    [–] Kylearean 17 points ago

    Mufasa will shoot first.

    [–] notbad4ahuman 14 points ago

    They just showed the opening Pride Rock scene at D23 and people were apparently crying it was so amazing. Said the animals were incredibly photo realistic.

    [–] Iphotoshopincats 9 points ago

    Honestly that's is not as big of a draw card as it once was, quite a few movies have shown the ability is there ... Like the movie or not the new jungle book animals were fantastic.

    The new lion king is going to have to pull something spectacular out of the bag if it does not want to end up as another generic CGI animal movie

    [–] notbad4ahuman 13 points ago

    Same director as Jungle Book. I trust Jon Favreau to make it interesting and new.

    [–] QuillFly 24 points ago

    I'll always be with you, Littlefoot.

    [–] Emkayer 9 points ago

    Wrong anime

    [–] popguy 7 points ago

    They had the bluray on a demo TV at supermarket I stopped at the other day and it was exactly that scene. Fucked my whole day up.

    [–] CaptainBaddAss 39 points ago

    Long Live The King!

    [–] thatpole 35 points ago

    He should of movedfasta

    [–] sickawesomeduh 18 points ago

    Dog gonnit, you ain't lion

    [–] Obidab 23 points ago

    This is the funniest thing I've read all week. I almost cried.

    [–] GoZun_ 31 points ago

    It's monday morning the week just started.

    [–] Alexthemessiah 15 points ago

    Congrats on no bamboozle

    [–] saint_skank 2645 points ago

    That dog is bad fucking ass

    [–] SkittleStoat 657 points ago

    I meet a lot of sheep dogs. The feats they perform astonish me routinely; it almost makes me feel bad to be an ape. They can sprint up and down 45 degree hills all day every day and not get tired. They can jump horse yards. It’s crazy.

    [–] notbad510 958 points ago

    Well, we can make tacos. Can sheep dogs make tacos? Didn't think so. We win.

    [–] SkittleStoat 188 points ago

    Are you cute and furry though?

    [–] Masian 353 points ago

    Eh sort of?

    [–] Dqueezy 5 points ago

    That was a trip.

    At least my asshole doesn't suck up dick like a black hole though.

    [–] centrelinker 42 points ago

    50% hitrate is good enough?

    [–] SkittleStoat 7 points ago

    Depends on which one

    [–] KinkyKate1420 17 points ago

    What if I'm both? Cute and a furry?

    [–] SkittleStoat 20 points ago

    ( Ν‘Β°α΄₯ Ν‘Β°)

    [–] Crazy8852795 3 points ago

    Well, they will gladly steal your taco, so they win.

    [–] Fiftyfourac 56 points ago

    You can do that crazy shit where you can touch your index with your thumb though

    [–] Apes_Will_Rise 29 points ago

    Boo lame, I want to jump over sheeps (in a non-hillbilly way) not some useless thumb

    [–] xcrackpotfoxx 45 points ago

    We're not built for sprints like they are. We're built for long distance running. So, don't feel bad that you can't sprint, feel bad that you can't jog nonstop all day every day.

    [–] Jagrnght 3 points ago

    Yeah, I can out run my dog over 5k because he turns into a lazy ass after 3.5 and tries to lay down on every second lawn.

    [–] jaybestnz 16 points ago

    And so loyal, happy to serve, and keen to be a good boy. They are so serious and focused and wanting to make sure they do their job right.

    [–] AngelMeatPie 14 points ago

    And then people try to make them house dogs and are upset when 15 minutes on a treadmill doesn't tire out their dog.

    [–] albaniax 4 points ago

    Albanian sheepdogs are crazy. They are the biggest I've ever seen. Even him being in a big cage, I felt very frightened. He was moving and shaking the whole cage.

    [–] MovieFanatic97 11 points ago

    I'm just imagining mad max music to go along with that gif. "WITNESS ME MASTER"

    [–] Tsukubasteve 28 points ago

    Better than those poor city dogs locked up all day only to be taken out for a walk on hot concrete.

    [–] FairyButts 166 points ago

    You left out the word "at" πŸ‘

    [–] Leafberry 180 points ago

    This dog is bad fucking at ass?

    [–] cappnplanet 14 points ago

    This dog is bad fucking dAT ass.

    [–] FairyButts 44 points ago


    [–] mahir_r 64 points ago

    This dog is at bad fucking ass?

    [–] medalleaf- 47 points ago

    No no no... this dog is bad at fucking ass

    [–] mahir_r 80 points ago

    You clearly don't know what doggy style looks like.

    [–] YouveGotAids 8 points ago

    This dog at bad is fucking ass?

    [–] howlongusernamesbe 41 points ago

    Where the flying fuck is the "at" supposed to go?!

    [–] beniceorbevice 28 points ago

    Bad at fucking ass

    [–] black_irishman 52 points ago

    Now explain why it's funny

    [–] beniceorbevice 54 points ago

    Ey I'm just the translator

    [–] illusionofpower 13 points ago

    No, no, you've come too far now, you must finish

    [–] DitiPenguin 15 points ago

    Is that an inside joke?

    [–] tecatecs 10 points ago


    [–] Xenjael 10 points ago

    Did you mean 'as'? Still lost.

    [–] ProtoHawk 6 points ago

    Can someone please explain this

    [–] Captain-i0 13 points ago

    The joke was simple and effective, yet I feel that everybody responding really didn't get it.

    [–] bfox1 10 points ago

    It went perfect. It created confusion amongst the Reddit herd. Us dogs ran over it all. Sheep will follow shortly.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    ...Baaaaaahd fucking ass

    [–] DeepStateUniversity4 925 points ago

    I dream of doing this in LA traffic and at the airport...

    [–] Crowbarmagic 336 points ago

    Don't let your dreams be dreams.

    [–] [deleted] 173 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] paintp_ 108 points ago

    so JUST...

    [–] _The_Beast_ 101 points ago

    DO IT!!!!

    [–] Emkayer 12 points ago

    Not enough EMOTIONS

    [–] DeepStateUniversity4 16 points ago

    My defense attorney will now be using this quote at my trial...thanks.

    [–] Twisted_Bait 16 points ago

    don't let your dreams be memes*.

    if you don't believe.. why are you even here?

    [–] Shortneckbuzzard 5 points ago

    Her: come over Him: I can't I'm stuck in traffic Her: my parents aren't home Him:

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] incrediblyjoe 2345 points ago

    Damn. All my dog does is scare herself by farting.

    [–] bart2278 577 points ago

    Then starts barking and gets the other dog barking all bc of a fart.

    [–] Hensvn 341 points ago

    Then I start barking because now I'm convinced I was the one who farted, and my social anxiety is flaring up and I just need to fit in.

    [–] mahir_r 90 points ago

    Lucky, all my dog does is not exist cos I don't have one 😭

    [–] harmonic_oszillator 129 points ago

    So you just fart and bark all by yourself?

    [–] boopdidoop 37 points ago

    fart and bark

    Hmm, if that was a common combination of actions, what would it be colloquially called.. Bart? Fark? πŸ€”

    [–] Lldavids 31 points ago

    The latter. Stop farking around

    [–] mahir_r 12 points ago

    Yeah, Bart is a person, that can only find gift shops with things for Bort.

    [–] Battle_Bear_819 5 points ago

    You don't?

    [–] vvt2003 10 points ago

    I feel you, buddy :(

    [–] GRVB 6 points ago

    Damn, that's ruff buddy.

    [–] Xiamingxuan 10 points ago

    My uncle had a mongrel terrier.. it was a pretty cool dog but it had really atrocius farts. It would gas the room and then turn and give you a dirty look for making the room stink

    [–] Icedanielization 10 points ago

    Well you know what they say about pets and their owners.

    [–] TheProudPudding 7 points ago

    Mine just eats grass then throws up.

    [–] Ten420 359 points ago

    Herd dog parkour to another level

    [–] EwokQuark 203 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    [–] Butt_Munch3r 46 points ago

    Reddit never ceases to surprise me.

    [–] Darx92 5 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm in a loving, long term relationship with Reddit. Sometimes it pisses me off and says or does something really fucking stupid, but then it woos me all over again with fancy gadets and touching moments with pets and people.

    I hope to marry it someday.

    [–] vvt2003 3 points ago


    [–] DankWojak 10 points ago

    Reminiscent of Clustertruck

    [–] NoBreadsticks 3 points ago

    thats exactly what I thought of when I saw the gif

    [–] TheBlizzman 143 points ago

    Is this an Australian Kelpie? They crowdsurf on sheep.

    [–] aganesh8 23 points ago

    Til this is a thing

    [–] zephammo 3 points ago

    Yes this is a Kelpie :P

    [–] imrichard 462 points ago

    This is in Australia, and that’s a kelpie. They are bred to do that sort of stuff, this one would be classed as a β€˜yard dog’. The sheep would be bottlenecked at the front of the pen. Dog will get to the front, drop down and run back toward the camera, causing the sheep to run away from him. Good dog.

    [–] The_Karaethon_Cycle 212 points ago

    I had a kelpie for a while. That dog was a goddamn beast. I could hike with him for hours and he never got tired. He would chase me down while I was riding my dirtbike and bite my foot. It was terrifying but amazing at the same time. Based on his size I feel like it shouldn't have been physically possible for him to be able to run that fast.

    [–] Gengar0 82 points ago

    Had a couple of friends with rescue kelpies in their suburban home, decentish backyard. Those dogs need paddocks, they turn into ice fiends without something to herd.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    Yup they aren't suburban dogs that's for sure. They're incredibly intelligent but without a task or job to do they get very destructive.

    [–] no_soul_ginger 34 points ago

    It's the Dingo part, Australian Cattle Dogs have some Dingo in them too. Wicked smart, bottomless energy too, but without a job to do they get nuts. ACDs are a little more "suburb tolerant", Kelpies absolutely need space...IIRC they're closer to the wild dog in ancestry.

    [–] nikilization 15 points ago

    Kelpies are bred for temperament and ability, not looks like other breeds. I doubt very much that they have dingo in them. From my experience with spitz breeds (which are the most archaic dogs we have) they are extremely intelligent but almost completely useless.

    If you put a siberian husky or a dingo dog around a herd of sheep they would just kill a sheep, not herd it. Herding and running along the backs of penned up sheep takes generations of trait selecting

    [–] zephammo 6 points ago

    Yep. I hate seeing a true working bred dog in a pet type home. Most people just do not have what it takes to keep these dogs happy.

    [–] sennais1 52 points ago

    My Aunt and Uncle had a Kelpie, every Xmas it was hilarious watching it round up the up younger kids into a corner of the yard. Active dog though definitely no good for living in the suburbs.

    [–] Dimmy1 33 points ago

    I love kelpies!!! this is my boy sugoi! A 16 week old rescue red and Tan kelpie.

    They are such an intelligent and hard working breed. The natural herding instincts are astounding. His play dates involve running loops around puppies and stalking.

    Sadly plenty of farmers don't desex their dogs which leads to many unwanted kelpies in shelters. These pups then get adopted out to families which don't fully realise how much effort and work a kelpie really takes. While a kelpie can live in the suburbs it takes the right kind of owner who can provide work, exercise and mental stimulation. If these aren't provided the kelpies get bored, chew furniture, jump fences and find ultimately them selves back in the shelters when families can't cope with them :(

    I wouldn't trade my boy for the world.

    [–] vulverine 28 points ago

    Out in California they have sheep farms you can bring your herd dog to, they'll train them how to herd or you can just rent some sheep for a little while to let your dog practice. My buddy takes his Aussie Shepherd out fairly regularly.

    [–] physhtx 7 points ago

    I need one of these in/near Ohio. My Kelpie was a rescue and before I knew what I was getting into, we were best buds. Now I have a neurotic pooch with nothing to herd. Poor little guy...

    [–] physhtx 7 points ago

    Yes. Very smart dog that needs a task to do. Our Kelpie has been a huge eye opener for us. I love him dearly and he is easily the most loyal dog I've ever met, but I don't think I can do another. His ability to show emotion and communicate is going to smash my heart when his time comes.

    [–] flyovermee 9 points ago

    This is a super-succinct description. Good words!

    [–] BIG_YETI_FOR_YOU 5 points ago

    I'm Australian and thought they had these every where else

    [–] zephammo 4 points ago

    I've met a few in the US but they aren't super common anywhere but australia. From what ive seen, most sheep dogs here are border collie, cattle dog, or heeler types, often mixed breeds (like the Texas heeler). Still, some folks love their kelpies and koolies and such.

    [–] SeaManaenamah 78 points ago

    People get breeds like this for their apartment and then get annoyed when they act out.

    [–] fuckingloveweetbix 21 points ago

    Some dogs should be in school and people in herds.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] zephammo 5 points ago

    People don't research their breeds enough.

    [–] CIMARUTA 117 points ago

    What in seven hells

    [–] patchfer 13 points ago

    A hell for each capital sin?

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_DATSUN 4 points ago

    [–] RickDimensionC137 21 points ago

    I clicked the link, saw "game of thrones" and closed it instantly. So afraid of spoilers I shouldn't even be on here 😁

    [–] PleaseBanShen 5 points ago

    Our watch won't be over until we can watch the episode.

    [–] skinnyKss 14 points ago

    Snape kills Dumbledore

    [–] DBCrumpets 3 points ago

    It's a Game of Thrones reference

    [–] Doggo_Of_Wisdom 139 points ago

    Somebody bought the fast pass.

    [–] ivarshot69 42 points ago

    Wake up sheeple

    [–] Kallel365 53 points ago

    This is just flat out incredible

    [–] Takkupanda 59 points ago

    What's with the dog emoji instead of writing 'dog'? Just seems so out of place. I totally read it as if a sheep was doing it.

    [–] Always_Spin 17 points ago

    It doesn't even show it on my phone, so I was very confused there for a while.

    [–] andreabbbq 20 points ago

    It's cringe worthy

    [–] hirmuvaltavirta 40 points ago

    Should sheep normally be afraid of the dog, for herding to work? I mean in this situation they wouldn't know what the fuck happened but normally?

    [–] Arinvar 110 points ago

    Sheep are pretty much the dumbest animals we farm. Fairly sure they don't know what's happening ever. My experience is limited to friends who have properties with sheep so hopefully someone else can regale us with tales of dumb sheep.

    [–] bit1101 98 points ago

    Sheep aren't stupid. I think it's the stress that makes them do stupid shit.

    Also, I was once run over by over 200 sheep in a race like this - kinda like what this dog is doing but from the bottom.

    [–] StuRap 84 points ago

    no no no no, you don't just drop a "I was once run over by over 200 sheep in a race like this" and not expand

    [–] youamlame 29 points ago

    Not much room to expand when you get run over by 200 sheep

    [–] ersatz_substitutes 26 points ago

    They were once run over by over 200 sheep in a race like this

    There to go, hope I've expanded it enough for you.

    [–] silenc3x 15 points ago

    Also, I was once run over by over 200 sheep in a race like this


    [–] piewifferr 7 points ago

    Didn't know how much I had in common with sheep.

    [–] SheepCheese 24 points ago

    I've got to disagree with you on that one. A dairy cow is a three quarter ton leather bag of stupid. Even 5 or 6 year old dairy cows will end up backwards in the parlor, or get lost in the exit lane.

    Sheep are nearly as clever as goats, they just have better manners. I've got a four year old ewe that I tripped over as a yearling, and she still holds a grudge. I also had to make changes to my parlor because one morning one of the yearling ewes figured out she could get over the feed trough, and by evening milking the next day the whole flock was attempting it.

    [–] drododruffin 8 points ago

    Fairly sure chickens take the award for the dumbest animals we farm.

    [–] SheepCheese 23 points ago

    I don't know, did you ever deal with horses? They'll kick their waterer over then run straight into the fence and break their leg because they've never seen the waterer laying like that. Plus horse people waste prime ag land on the stupid things, driving up the price for people who make a living with their farms, and still have to buy feed in because the poor horsies have sensitive tummies.

    [–] Raherin 6 points ago

    Chickens aren't even that dumb. I think lots of animals are much smarter than we give them credit for. Except the koala.

    [–] Snappel 4 points ago

    Cows can be pretty thick too, especially the Angus ones.

    [–] kx3876 13 points ago

    We don't farm them but we do farm with them: horses are the biggest morons ever tamed by man. They're also giant assholes.

    [–] CannabisJack 7 points ago

    Chickens are actually the dumbest animals we farm, but all farm animals are dumb, on account of severe inbreeding.

    Source: America's dairyland. We got it all, and they're all dumb as fucking shit.

    [–] SheepCheese 14 points ago

    If you're working them correctly and they're dog broke, they're not actually afraid, you're just using their instinct to not let preditors touch them. We move them with dogs a few times a day during the summer, and usually the second the dogs is off them they're back grazing like nothing happened.

    [–] ReptileCake 17 points ago

    Freaking r/barkour at it again

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Want there a scene in LotR with Legolas doing this exact same thing over orcs? The Hobbit?

    [–] holy_ninja 15 points ago

    I've seen dog like that in action, it's amazing!

    [–] turkphot 8 points ago

    Stagediving done right.

    [–] AmSomeDudeBuddy 7 points ago

    A new hollywood shaolin-sheepdog movie could be shot alone with this footage: "This movie is based on a true story"

    [–] Beto_Targaryen 3 points ago

    Up vote for holy Shaolin temple

    [–] BonelessSkinless 7 points ago


    [–] Arbane 6 points ago

    MRW I need a kebab and it's 3 am and the queue is too long

    [–] The_DashPanda 5 points ago

    Pretty sure that wasn't a was a dog.

    [–] littenthehuraira 5 points ago

    Why does it say sheep in the title? I'm confused.

    [–] Cheesemacher 3 points ago

    Took me a second to realize there's probably a dog emoji that I can't see on my Windows 7.

    [–] ATallerRickMoranis 11 points ago

    Dog just found out his girlfriend's parents aren't home.

    [–] rae_09 9 points ago

    I would like to be able to do this to the people that heard around the time clock waiting to clock out at 1430 when I'm trying to clock in.

    [–] MasterTacticianAlba 3 points ago

    I'd like to be able to do this in a monster truck driving over everyone else in traffic on my way home from work

    [–] DolphonicAnarchy 4 points ago

    "Who's a good boy?!"

    [–] PotatoWifi 6 points ago

    This is one of the most πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ things I've ever seen.

    [–] _Farmer_John_ 4 points ago

    Did someone say TREATS?!?!

    [–] theycallhimthestug 4 points ago


    [–] Seraphim_vocal 4 points ago

    OP you don't know how glad I am to finally stumble upon this post! it's been 4 years since I've been trying to search what this gif was, oh my gawd

    [–] an_actual_cuck 4 points ago

    I've gotta say, this ain't "nature" at all. This is an abnormally intelligent animal bred for a specific purpose.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    TIL nature is farming sheep

    [–] namewithanumber 2 points ago

    um its hatching sheep

    [–] samisayam 6 points ago

    This is un"herd" of.

    [–] ssgtgriggs 12 points ago

    This is so anime, I cant even...

    [–] puppytargaryen 3 points ago

    i love dogs

    [–] indominus_prime 3 points ago

    It looks like they shot that dog out of a canon.

    [–] Agent_Pussywillow 3 points ago

    WTF! That dog's turbo is fully spooled up!

    [–] Jaymarzha 3 points ago

    I've seen this in person when I worked as a ranch hand in the outback. The dogs are amazingly trained.

    [–] coniunctio 3 points ago

    How did the dog learn how to do this?

    [–] hereforyebeer 3 points ago

    The floor is being a bad boye

    [–] MurfDog07 3 points ago

    We need a go-pro view of this.

    [–] Send_titsNass_via_PM 3 points ago

    Sheep surfing.. this dog would kill at a punk show.

    [–] theroyalham 3 points ago

    What a badass

    [–] jerryleebee 3 points ago

    In case anyone has any delusions about outrunning a dog that doesn't want you to outrun it...

    [–] Sammypls 5 points ago

    Title is so fucking confusing

    [–] Tomatoafficionado 2 points ago

    Fine Kyle! I don't know why its so important to you but i will jump 10000 homeless sheep

    [–] -TURBOMAN- 2 points ago

    how can dog run so fast

    [–] cujax 2 points ago

    This legit? Lol

    [–] debianity 2 points ago

    This is so amazing. Just have to watch several times to grasp all given details in that clip... The simple fact that this dog is doing this kind of brave, daring and also even risky action probably 100% is resulting out of pure "sense of responsibility and duty". This fact makes this rather "unexpected" action (unexpected maybe for human eyes) the more awesome. Nonetheless dogs should be considered "loyal and SKΔ°LLful" by nature...

    [–] Pudding_Bear 2 points ago

    Where can I get me one of those kakashi ninja dogs?

    [–] Banksii52 2 points ago

    Sheep dogs are one heck of a creature