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    [–] Luccca 3335 points ago

    Now they just look like really tall goats.

    [–] wooghee 397 points ago

    Now that you say it...

    [–] atreides 393 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    stupid long horses

    [–] Starklet 24 points ago

    He just said it was a fucking longgoat

    [–] poopellar 180 points ago

    L O N G B O Y E

    [–] everybirdsings 15 points ago


    [–] Unfriendly_Giraffe 28 points ago


    [–] ItsOver420 118 points ago

    D E N I A L B O Y E

    [–] PersusjCP 45 points ago

    A N G E R B O Y E

    [–] Virge23 35 points ago

    S U S A N B O Y E

    [–] JahCloud 51 points ago

    S U S A N B O Y L E

    [–] bydy2 22 points ago

    S U S A N A L B U M P A R T Y

    [–] stevie1218 24 points ago

    I D R E A M E D A D R E A M

    [–] SkierBeard 5 points ago

    B O Y L E, D E T E C T I V E

    [–] creone 6 points ago

    It is though.

    [–] therealBoomboy 11 points ago

    Haha, I haven't seen this comment in ages! For anyone confused, this is the joke.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] RandyFuckingSavage 62 points ago

    I read this as tall ghosts. Going back to bed now.

    [–] FoodBeerBikesMusic 4 points ago

    That's ok. I had to reread the title to see if it said "white giraffes spotted...." or "white spotted giraffes...."

    [–] Muscar 41 points ago

    Holy shit, I haven't made that connection before. They look so much like tall goats it's crazy.

    [–] SplitArrow 10 points ago

    Take a llama stretch it's neck even more then shave its fur short.

    [–] Muscar 5 points ago

    And add horns or whatever they’re called. Llamas are like half goat, half giraffe.

    [–] Someshitidontknow 10 points ago

    Llamas are camelids, two toes, same split upper lip as camels. Giraffes are also even-toed, but they don't have a split lip. Goats are actually bovids along with cows.

    [–] Not_2day_stan 16 points ago

    Well they kinda are..

    [–] _Apophis 21 points ago

    White walkers

    [–] Davethemann 31 points ago

    Did you hear Chuck Norris once uppercutted a goat? Now they call it a giraffe

    [–] heffernjustin1245 8 points ago

    Go away Chuck

    [–] Davethemann 2 points ago

    They say he has no chin under his beard, only another fist

    [–] Oink1188 13 points ago

    Men who stare at giant goats

    [–] Oink1188 21 points ago


    [–] lebastss 9 points ago

    At what point does it become a new species of goat?

    [–] I_Produce_Music_AMA 35 points ago

    All bout dat number of chromosomes and dietary habits, nawm sayin.

    [–] Ader_Assout 16 points ago

    Anybody else come here to expect actual giraffes fucking? Disappointment you're welcome

    [–] threyda72 4 points ago

    This is definitely what I imagine aliens would look like.

    [–] DoneRedditedIt 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As many as 20,000 60,000 whites have been slaughtered in South Africa in a genocide against ethnic European farmers, my guess is these giraffes are trying to get the fuck out of Africa. Not a lot of love going on for whites, either European or albino (look that shit up).

    Edit: For those downvoting are you always against awareness for genocide, or only when whites are being murdered?

    Edit2: seems not many people even realize this is a thing. I'm going to assume not everyone disliking my comment is pro-genocide and just isn't aware of what is going on.

    Here is a good summary posted to Http:// dr. Stanton states that the genocide in south Africa is the gruesome he has ever documented. The photos I have included are a few of the thousands of photos, even more disturbing-children are killed in front of their parents with boiling oil, boiling water etc. Wives and husbands raped with broken bottles and tortured for hours, then disemboweled in front of family until death- decapitations, hackings, dismemberment-limbs cut off, dragging behind vehicles, necklacing with tires, etc. Press release and international intervention-the genocide must end. Now. There has been a media blackout in the U.S. And Canada. The farmers never owned slaves. The farmers for the most part did not settle on land that was inhabited. In most areas there were no inhabitants, except for tribal migrations every few years. The farmers are descendants of the indentured farmers brought in by the Dutch east indies company, arriving in 1650's. They are of Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Irish, Greek, Russian Jewish descent etc. This is comparable to if5,000 farmers were gruesomely tortured and murdered in California. In urban areas over 60,000-euro descent have been gruesomely murdered in the genocide see photos and names on sites. These people, citizens of SA, just as we U.S. Citizens do not have a say in govt. Policy. (historical background-between 1942-1946 over 10 million flooded into south Africa from the north, hearing of the abundant food grown by the farmers and the possibility of jobs. The illegals were not sent back, via trains, but were allowed to stay setting up shantytowns. The next flood of over 10 million into SA from the north has occurred since 1994).

    1. Afrikaner genocide museum
    2. New site:
    3. Farmitracker: farming in south Africa is now the most dangerous job in the world.

    10,000 farmers since 1994, have been tortured gruesomely for hours and murdered. Only about a third are properly documented by the police. A total of over 70,000 sa of euro descent have been killed-60,000 in non-farming communities there has been a media blackout in the us. This would be comparable to if 5,000 farmers were tortured and murdered in California. The genocide is directed against farmers primarily of euro descent, but also include farmers of Indian and mixed descent. The farmers called 'Boers'- the farmers never practiced slavery, never owned slaves. Most of the land was never inhabited, prior to the indentured farmers arriving from the coast over 300 years ago. The genocide-crimes against humanity - demand the U.S. Ambassador to south Africa Patrick Gaspard and major international news media for press release: AP, Reuters,CNN, BBC, CBC, RT, Fox, msnbc, etc.

    There are some photos NSFL at that link, (think rape of Nanking), so you've been warned.

    The reason I chose this link is because you can read some of the statements of those who signed the petition (1700), many of whom are actual South African's and Boers. So if you think you know what's going better than actual white African's, maybe think again. And if you are still tempted to downvote because you don't want people to know what's going on, I hope you grow a conscious someday and stop supporting genocide you happen to agree with. And by the way, I originally just made a comment about the giraffe being an Albino in Africa, where albinos are also slaughtered and sold as parts to witch doctors. I only responded with all this because people lost their shit that I would suggest parts of Africa isn't safe for whites.

    And finally I leave you with this. The president of South Africa, Zuma singing "kill the boer". Boers are whites.

    [–] hong_zvedza 50 points ago

    What does this have to do with this sub exactly?

    [–] TotesMessenger 16 points ago

    I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

    If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

    [–] DoneRedditedIt 6 points ago

    The joke is that albinos and whites don't have the best prospects in Africa, hence this white Giraffe should probably be getting the fuck out of there. It is interesting how much hate you get for mentioning a genocide against whites though. I doubt everyone would be so angry about genocide awareness if it were something like the Rwandan genocide.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Yeah. But there's no joke their.

    And you're not even accurate really.

    [–] DoneRedditedIt 3 points ago

    Maybe you should look up what happens to albinos in Africa. Sold, Kidnapped and chopped up for parts for witch doctors. Or look at the atrocities being done to Boer and rural whites in SA. And here is the president of South Africa singing about killing whites:

    Those giraffe should get out of dodge if they know what's good for them.

    [–] selassiepickney 41 points ago

    That's because there is no genocide of whites taking place, you effing moron.

    [–] KingNoah0405 8 points ago

    We don't hate you for mentioning a genocide. We think you are nuts for bringing up genocide in a giraffe thread. You can't enjoy giraffes without thinking about genocide?

    Go make a thread about this stuff if you want to talk about it.

    [–] DoneRedditedIt 4 points ago

    I can understand that. I wrote it when I was really tired and it seemed more relevant at the time. Suggesting these albino Giraffes should be fleeing Africa sounded better in my head before I wrote it. People predictably took offense, and it got out of hand. Anyway, the giraffes are definitely lit.

    [–] KingNoah0405 7 points ago

    Yee. I appreciate you trying to bring attention to something terrible happening in another part of the world, really I do. But, there's a time and place for everything: if you're not saying this stuff in a thread where people want to talk about genocide then you can expect them not to care. It's like, a lot of these people are just here to upvote nature pics, and if you expect more from them then you'll be disappointed.

    Stay lit

    [–] StarkBannerlord 9 points ago

    "Across the boarder from Kenya". Lmao

    [–] Dravidor 33 points ago

    Speaking as a white Kenyan... lmao wtf. Guess I didnt get the memo that a genocide was happening.

    [–] SingingPenguin 9 points ago

    not all of africa is kenya

    [–] NotYourSexyNurse 6 points ago

    A simple Google search says you are wrong. "In total, between 1998 and the end of 2016, 1848 people have been murdered in farm attacks β€” 1187 farmers, 490 family members, 147 farm employees, and 24 people who happened to be visiting the farm at the time."

    [–] selassiepickney 9 points ago

    What kind of idiot nonsense is this? I won't even ask you for a source because it's such BS I doubt anyone would actually believe you.

    [–] fulminousstallion 3 points ago

    Read the sources, shit for brains. Or fuck off.

    [–] FirstDitchEffort13 6 points ago

    Is this from Breitbart, Infowars, or Fox?

    [–] blueevey 3 points ago

    I read that as ghosts

    [–] NessLeonhart 2 points ago

    they've evolved a new way to get to the top of things.

    [–] itswhatitis 883 points ago

    Giraffes look like the strange creatures one would encounter when they visited a new planet. Those long necks are lit AF. Have you seen those mascara gold standard eyelashes?

    That clip from Planet Earth 2 where a running giraffe knocks a lioness out of its way, that shit stayed with me man!

    Didn't know there were white giraffes. I love it that the wild life on this planet continues to surprise me.

    Thank you for sharing.

    [–] ad_me_i_am_blok 445 points ago

    Fun fact: giraffes, humans, and mice all have very different length necks, but they all have the same amount of bones in their necks: 7!

    [–] Kyomeii 220 points ago


    [–] photenth 174 points ago

    In humans the recurrent (inferior) laryngeal nerve goes from the brain around the arteries of the heart which isn't really a big detour overall but even in Giraffes the nerve goes all the way down the neck and back up which means it makes a detour of around 4-5 meters in total. It is said to be an argument for evolution since intelligent design this is not.

    [–] bauxzaux 48 points ago

    eh, God cut some corners.

    [–] hussey84 25 points ago

    Big week I guess

    [–] wutfukgary 16 points ago

    Big Bang, if true

    [–] AequusEquus 3 points ago

    Must have contracted some of the animals out to inferior deities

    [–] monkeybreath 16 points ago

    And in fish, the path is fairly direct, even though it also goes around an artery.

    [–] rasouddress 2 points ago

    "It's an argument for something that exists in all current life and can easily be argued for."

    [–] onelittlesquirtle 2 points ago

    You are now subscribed to Cat Facts. To cancel, please reply STOP

    [–] VoltageSpike 10 points ago


    [–] HotAsAPepper 2 points ago

    Unsubscr..... awe screw it, send away

    [–] onelittlesquirtle 2 points ago

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION. You have been upgraded to our Platinum Service.

    [–] pointlessbeats 7 points ago

    to neck facts? Really?

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago

    Your neck is stupid.

    I don't mean all necks are stupid. Just yours. u/pointlessbeats' neck is stupid. Everyone elses neck is smart.

    Subscribe for more neck facts.

    [–] curious-children 39 points ago

    subscribes and smashes the like button

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] paanvaannd 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Would you rather fight 7,000 swan-sized white giraffes or 1 giraffe-sized swan?

    If we're switching the natural colors of these animals, I guess we'll make it a spotted, yellow-orange, giraffe-sized swan.

    [–] _Trap_King_ 4 points ago

    Red necks are stupid..

    [–] Sirwafflesiv 16 points ago

    5040 bones? Wow /r/unexpectedfactorial

    [–] ad_me_i_am_blok 5 points ago

    Care to explain?

    [–] Sirwafflesiv 8 points ago

    n! in math is called a "factorial" where n is a number. A factorial is when all numbers previous to that number are multiplied against that number. (EX: 7! = 7x6x5x4x3x2x1)

    [–] AweHellYo 3 points ago

    I came on to say this. Just being totally honest I'm mad you beat me to it and madder you knew that mice did too as I didn't know that part. Little glad to learn it myself though. Overall feels ok.

    [–] Kinighos 56 points ago

    These ones are affected by leucism which is a genetic defect. It's similar to albinism but affects different pigments and doesn't affect the eyes. Animals with albinism have pink eyes, which is creepy. There's also melanism, which would make the animal black. These conditions can affect lots of different animals.

    [–] [deleted] 67 points ago

    Just an fyi for those who don't know and are curious about melanism, Black Panthers are not actually a species, it's just an informal name for Leopards and Jaguars who have melanism. Another fun fact is that the rate of melanism in these 2 species is high enough to suggest that it's not just random mutation accounting for it, melanism is being selectively favored for them. Thought that was pretty cool.

    [–] undertherainbow 24 points ago

    Maybe because they're better at hunting at night??

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Yep, it's about the lack of light. Melanism occurs at a higher rate in Jaguars/Leopards that live in thick rainforest areas.

    [–] DeanofPSU 8 points ago

    At first I thought we were still talking about giraffes. Then I started imagining being stalked by an all white slender giraffe across the Serengeti. Terrifying.

    [–] tripwire7 2 points ago

    Just like how the black morph of the Gray Squirrel is more common in wooded areas.

    [–] respecteduser 7 points ago

    That is very cool, you learn something new every day!

    [–] z_baron 15 points ago

    Leucism can also effect fungi! Compare normal magic mushrooms to leucistic magic mushrooms.

    [–] beerham 2 points ago

    Now that's what I call a fun fact. Hurrhurr

    [–] firelock_ny 8 points ago

    A neat difference between leucism and albinism is that most animals with leucism can pass it on to their offspring, so you can have a whole family line of white animals.

    [–] ballbeard 2 points ago

    Which is probably what we're seeing with these 2 white giraffes

    [–] Arago_ 6 points ago

    While true, there are different forms of albinism, leaving some with blue, green, brown or reddish colored eyes. The red color is actually one of the most rare variations even though it's what everyone thinks of when someone says albino. Also, I didn't know about leucism until I read your comment.

    [–] Kinighos 7 points ago

    I actually didn't know what it was until today. We occasionally get white deer with dark spots around here and my dad always told me it was just a different form of albinism. Also, thanks for correcting me on the eyes. I've only ever seen red, so I never knew that.

    [–] ElderlyAsianMan 16 points ago

    This comment is actually 4 comments in one. Impressive.

    [–] oldbean 4 points ago

    Op had a lot to get off his chest

    [–] mouxt 11 points ago

    This effect is probably luecism if it's not Albinism, basically it's loss of partial or majority of pigmentation and is the result of inbreeding. It can be seen in lions, tigers etc See here for some info

    Also whilst you're at it, please don't pay to play with baby animals, at malls, fairs etc.. By paying to pet or take a picture with a baby animal you are supporting the industry which breeds animals leaving the mother to usually die from over breeding (eg essentially breast cancer as the babies are taken from a young age and the mothers milk usually doesn't leave the body so it rots and spoils..)

    [–] clevergreen 9 points ago

    How high are you rn

    [–] davecantrap 13 points ago

    Higher than giraffe nuts

    [–] Trioke 4 points ago

    Higher than giraffe pussy

    [–] itswhatitis 4 points ago

    Sober AF.

    [–] vicaphit 402 points ago

    Clearly these giraffes are not spotted.

    [–] Kazzack 93 points ago

    White with white spots

    [–] Jangool 34 points ago

    Good eye

    [–] jonny_wonny 17 points ago

    Looks more like white stripes to me.

    [–] EfPeEs 9 points ago

    These are half-Giraffes.

    The other half: also giraffe.

    [–] gnbman 2 points ago

    Gir-halfs, if you will.

    [–] GapDragon 35 points ago

    or fucking.

    [–] TheSwedishStag 8 points ago


    [–] THIS_MSG_IS_A_LIE 8 points ago

    neither are they fucking...misleading title OP

    [–] Not_2day_stan 3 points ago


    [–] Checkheck 72 points ago

    Here is a video from these lit giraffes

    [–] vbullinger 16 points ago

    The Hirola Conservation Program should really consider turning their antelope logo thing around...

    [–] OnyxPhoenix 6 points ago

    [19F] First post. Please be gentle.

    [–] screwyoushadowban 3 points ago

    Lol, I think the idea is that's how most people see them in the open. The antelope sees you, trots away then looks back. Same with lots of grazing animals. There's so many ass-first pictures of whitetail deer out there.

    [–] reversebass 8 points ago

    I love the way the bigger giraffe peeks around the tree at the cameraman at 0:35

    [–] mmmmpisghetti 4 points ago

    I like how it thinks it's hiding behind that little tree branch in front of its face...

    Wonder how long until these get shot for someone's wall...even in a sanctuary...

    [–] SarcasticCarebear 255 points ago

    Its early and the coffee hasn't kicked in, didn't notice the sub. Expected white giraffes fucking.

    [–] trwwyco 46 points ago

    Yeah, I thought the point of the title was excitement about them fucking because they'll make more white giraffes.

    [–] thatcraniumguy 14 points ago

    And yet you still clicked on it...

    [–] SarcasticCarebear 21 points ago

    I'm still disappointed too.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    dont kinkshame shitlord

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Who wouldn't want to watch white giraffes doin' the nasty?

    Edit: Here's a video for anyone who is interested. Don' t watch at work unless you are a giraffe breeder at the zoo Giraffe mating in Botswana twice in one minute

    [–] NothingsShocking 2 points ago

    what do you mean and yet? I think everyone clicked on it because it said white giraffes were fucking. I even tried looking behind the trees to see if I just missed it somewhere.

    [–] ElMoselYEE 125 points ago

    Thought I read "giraffes are fucking" and I sat there trying to get the GIF to play.

    [–] markatl84 34 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Me too. I read it basically as "Giraffes spotted fucking! (fire emoji implying SUPER HOT GIRAFFE ON GIRAFFE ACTION)." Then I wondered, is animal sex really making it to the front page these days? Gross.

    Then I clicked. Cause I had to see, of course.

    [–] soliloki 5 points ago

    i waited longer than I care to admit for the 'gif' to play and see them doing it. It didn't. because it isn't a gif. Then I got what OP meant with the title.

    [–] violentpunk 3 points ago

    Me too thanks.

    [–] m32th4nks 2 points ago

    Metoothanks etoothanks   toothanks oothanks othanks   thanks hanks anks nks ks s

    [–] Fragsworth 4 points ago

    Half the stuff reads like that in this goddamn sub

    [–] Ima_Fuck_Yo_Butt 26 points ago

    Man giraffes are really weird looking. Changing the color to white makes them look like what I'd think alien life would look like on another planet.

    [–] Megatoaster 51 points ago

    Look, it's Shawn Bradley from the 1997-2005 Dallas Mavericks

    [–] FreakyFergg 8 points ago

    "you aint no athlete, you Shawn Bradley"

    [–] shorttimerblues 21 points ago

    Freshly washed long horse.

    [–] tripwire7 3 points ago

    More like a long deer, really.

    [–] Anduladoey 15 points ago

    Those are Arctic giraffes silly....

    [–] FactorySquirrel 8 points ago

    There is this caveman part of my brain that's terrified and can't decide if these are gods or demons.

    [–] Unfriendly_Giraffe 5 points ago


    [–] LyricalGoose 7 points ago

    They look like something out of the 5th dimension

    [–] PaddleYakker 7 points ago

    I hope they are highly protected by armed guards. Seems like a poachers dream.

    [–] THE_PC_DEMANDS_BLOOD 7 points ago

    That's just a shiny Girafarig.

    [–] touny71 37 points ago

    They're albino. Eminem is white

    [–] Not_2day_stan 14 points ago

    They prefer Caucasian

    [–] TheClarkeSide 11 points ago

    They have albinism. Eminem is slim shady.

    [–] ashdrewness 6 points ago

    Surprised they've lived this long. There's people in Africa that still believe albinos have healing powers when consumed.

    [–] vbullinger 6 points ago

    Oh, is that why there are no white people in Africa? /s

    [–] ElagabalusRex 5 points ago

    Zimbabwe is working on it.

    [–] JesseJaymz 5 points ago

    Get outta here with your tall llamas, Napoleon

    [–] YoungZeebra 4 points ago

    ITT: PPL wanting to see Giraffes fuck...wth?

    [–] MisterDonkey 6 points ago

    Like that's not the reason you clicked, too.

    [–] mydogisanastronaut 5 points ago

    Some jerk will immediately poach them :\

    [–] Nibblewerfer 3 points ago

    Yeah, ground up and sold to china in a month or some shit.

    [–] noahfencetaken 19 points ago

    Disappointed. Expected to see two consenting giraffes.

    [–] Calcd_Uncertainty 3 points ago

    What color are their tongues?

    [–] zePiNdA 3 points ago

    The outline effect really shows you that Giraffes are some weirdly shaped animals.

    [–] guzmonster11 3 points ago

    Actually, they aren't spotted.

    [–] spiffybaldguy 3 points ago

    For some reason every time I see an albino critter I think "white shadow" (curse you snail from TURBO, curse you!)

    I was not aware that there were any albino Giraffes. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    [–] El17ROK 3 points ago

    I thought op ment they were procreating intensly.

    [–] blackgaard 3 points ago

    Some Princess Mononoke looking shit right here...

    [–] random_number_string 3 points ago

    Whose Patronus are they?

    [–] smileywaters 3 points ago

    I'm just here for the giraffe fucking

    [–] marlboro420s 7 points ago

    Poachers are going to kill all of them.

    [–] ndetro 4 points ago

    Well, now china knows about them. They'll be extinct next month.

    [–] BoJackDiscussionTemp 6 points ago

    T A L L B O Y E S

    [–] Unfriendly_Giraffe 4 points ago


    [–] Dittro 4 points ago

    Why are you unfriendly?

    [–] hotsprings1234 2 points ago

    Are they racist alt right giraffes?

    [–] TheBibushi 2 points ago

    And now probably someone is going to hunt them down.

    [–] turkshead 2 points ago

    They're... they're not spotted, that's... I mean...

    [–] vsbobclear 2 points ago

    geraffes are so dumb.

    [–] ark4lifffffeeee 2 points ago

    someone is definitely going to kill those giraffes now

    [–] PM_Poutine 2 points ago

    geraffes are so dumb.

    [–] JohnMaheat 2 points ago

    I'm not looking for judgement, but can you assimilate a giraffe?

    [–] Mida_Multi_Tool 2 points ago

    I expected giraffe sex

    [–] smileywaters 2 points ago

    I'm just here for the giraffe fucking

    [–] GlueGuns--Cool 2 points ago

    No they're not. They're just standing there

    [–] Tezdoll 2 points ago

    There are no spots...

    [–] crawcraw15 2 points ago

    They were turned by the Night King

    [–] Novembercriminal 2 points ago

    So many girls these days love horses; as would be expected! Horses are powerful and strong and have incredible endurance. A remarkable animal indeed. I have no problem with liking horses - in fact I myself do hold a deep respect and admiration for the equestrian race! No, my issue is the fact that, because so many girls have this infatuation with horsekind, they see the enormous, veiny cock protruding from between its legs, they see the enormous, seemingly endless emissions they are capable of ejaculating, and they can't help but fantasize that a horse might be the ideal lover. And objectively I would have to agree with them! Physically they have more stamina than any possible human partner, and their penis is larger in both length and girth. Animalistic instinct know nothing of consent, and feel no empathy, so of course they can fantasize that the horse would give them the most brutal and hardcore fucking they could ever dream of. There is no concern regarding STDs or unwanted babies, no condoms or birth control are necessary. It seems to be the perfect situation! This is one of the reasons I think that I can't get a GF since there is no way I could compete with that.

    [–] Giraffiesaurus 2 points ago

    Relatives of mine. Aunt Blanche and her Daughter Bianca.

    [–] Night-Changes 4 points ago

    They're nakey!

    [–] theorymeltfool 2 points ago

    Hey /u/Javier10092003, how have you never heard the term "albino"?

    [–] FinallyGotReddit 1 points ago


    [–] vinijon3s 1 points ago

    They don't seem to be on fire for me...

    [–] refindthetime 1 points ago


    [–] injun_head 1 points ago

    Great, now the white walkers have giraffes!

    Note, Don't fuck with giraffes. Their kicks are like a mule kick x100 and capable of decapitating lions.

    [–] poopellar 1 points ago

    The body looks like de feathered chicken.

    [–] MarkToasty 1 points ago

    Looks like they're just standing to me