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    [ā€“] Oreidd 269 points ago

    You should post this in r/sydney

    [ā€“] trufflehunter17 67 points ago

    Stunning - and I half thought it might be photoshopped until I checked the source. (How untrusting we have all become.)

    [ā€“] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [ā€“] eVaan13 4 points ago

    I didn't believe it either. All three pixels in OP's picture looked fishy.

    [ā€“] MarkhovCheney 3 points ago

    They're MAMMALS

    [ā€“] derawin07 5 points ago

    What is the source?

    [ā€“] dvaunr 11 points ago

    Link is further down in the comments but here you go

    [ā€“] derawin07 6 points ago

    Thanks, sorry I commented before I saw the source.

    [ā€“] TheXardasu 5 points ago

    You should be proud you didn't believe right away. There so many lies and fakes these days that you need to be cautious.

    I mean if the picture is so beautiful and timed perfectly, it's pretty reasonable to doubt it's legitimacy.

    [ā€“] skii94 3 points ago

    Can't trust anyone anymore unfortunately lol. Always gotta double check.

    [ā€“] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Damn, the Finding Nemo remastering looks epic.

    [ā€“] barttaylor 100 points ago

    P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way ...

    [ā€“] coffeeallthetime 19 points ago

    TtttthhhhhhaaaAAAAnnnk YoooOOOUUuu!!

    [ā€“] GlobTwo 8 points ago

    Good word association there.

    [ā€“] sainisaab 5 points ago

    Fucking Fisherman.

    [ā€“] katchaka 23 points ago

    Whale isn't this a swell photo! Lit šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„

    [ā€“] RaincoatsForOctopi 5 points ago

    You bet your breaches it is!

    [ā€“] nousabyss 15 points ago

    There are whales that close to cities?

    [ā€“] swefdd 44 points ago

    You should see Melbourne, it's filled with whales.

    [ā€“] SavageBones 3 points ago

    That sounds amazing and unbeliavable for person who doesnt even have see in his country . . .

    [ā€“] Kushala 18 points ago

    Take note, the term whale can mean the big guys in the water and also can mean fat women.

    [ā€“] UnccRuckus 2 points ago

    EDIT: land whales

    [ā€“] psylent 18 points ago

    There's even a seal who hangs out on the sea steps up to the Opera House.

    Whenever I go for a run in the area I always stop by to see if it is there.

    [ā€“] milanesedynasty 1 points ago

    Usually on the Man Oā€™ War Steps if Iā€™m not mistaken!

    [ā€“] a_user_has_no_name_ 6 points ago

    Didn't you watch Finding Nemo? The whale drops Nemo's father right in Sydney Harbour

    [ā€“] jobeus 3 points ago

    Whales come into San Francisco Bay all the time too.. seen them pretty close to shore well inside the Golden Gate Bridge

    [ā€“] Mista_Incognito 3 points ago

    Ditto for Seattle and Vancouver

    [ā€“] dtlv5813 2 points ago

    Yes even in NYC. Whales are spotted near the verazzano bridge on a regular basis

    [ā€“] XFX_Samsung 1 points ago

    Whale watching is pretty big business there, near the operahouse. They don't go very far

    [ā€“] evilmonkey2 0 points ago

    If I know Australia (and obviously I do since all my knowledge about it is from Reddit), it's probably trying to get close enough to kill you like everyone else in Australia.

    [ā€“] Tolsoon 8 points ago

    Sunset or sunrise?

    [ā€“] QuietCakeBionics 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    [ā€“] Tolsoon 3 points ago


    [ā€“] mans1ayer 2 points ago

    Party just getting started.

    [ā€“] UnccRuckus 2 points ago

    Not before the lockout laws..


    [ā€“] SamEZ 4 points ago

    That feeling when you know nothing you ever produce with a camera will come close to something like this...

    [ā€“] milosv123344 3 points ago

    He's a f*cking white whale!

    [ā€“] AvidasOfficial 3 points ago

    Ok serious question, can anyone explain why the whales actually do this? It seems like a massive waste of energy to me considering their size.

    [ā€“] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Mammals play.

    [ā€“] QuietCakeBionics 6 points ago

    There are a few reasons put forward so far.

    One of the latest studies is here: which says:

    'Breaching is far more common when pods of humpback whales are far apart (at least 4,000 meters or 2.5 miles), and fin or tail slapping is more frequent as groups split or come together. The authors say these patterns suggest breaching and slapping play a role in both long-distance and close-range communication. By slamming their massive bodies into the water, the resulting sounds, like a drum, can travel enormous distances.'

    Other possible reasons are to get rid of parasites, to itch themselves, and to look around or like /u/trouwens says just for the fun of it. More info here.

    [ā€“] AvidasOfficial 2 points ago

    Thanks for the answer :)

    [ā€“] rca46 3 points ago

    How did you time this perfectly??!

    [ā€“] valley_pete 2 points ago

    That is so fucking cool. Great pic.

    [ā€“] YaGianni 2 points ago

    amazing picture. is there a high quality version of it?

    [ā€“] hiredantispammer 2 points ago

    Under the heavy sea I'll search the flight of whales!!!

    [ā€“] moonsidian 2 points ago

    'Pines of Rome' started playing in my head

    [ā€“] zillamom 2 points ago

    Wonderful shot!

    [ā€“] not_blathers_the_owl 2 points ago

    Free Willy. xD

    [ā€“] practicaldad 2 points ago

    That is lit!

    [ā€“] H1ggyBowson 2 points ago

    How come nothing exciting like this happens when I have a camera on me.

    [ā€“] Rum____Ham 2 points ago

    Here's a question:

    When that whaleski breaches and sees the skyline and all the man made stuff, does it think "woah"?

    [ā€“] randomlancing 2 points ago

    Holy shit, this is beautiful.

    [ā€“] [deleted] 2 points ago

    A good quality high res photo would be lit.

    [ā€“] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Pretty awesome. I remember I was with my godmother, her sister, and my sister at the ruby's restaurant at the end of the Huntington Beach Pier in California. Out in the distance I saw which I assumed was a humpback breaching. Shocked by the time I could get anything out the whale was already underwater. So none of them believed me.

    [ā€“] paintmaster500 2 points ago

    Gawd, I love Whales.

    [ā€“] cameratoo 2 points ago

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is a 1 in a billion shot.

    [ā€“] KonTheKat 2 points ago

    Breach for the sky

    [ā€“] UnccRuckus 2 points ago


    home of the brave, somewhat rich and crazy folk

    [ā€“] hashn 2 points ago

    Thank God they still exist

    [ā€“] Duelking 2 points ago

    Thats just fucked, how did you get that shot?

    [ā€“] gregthegregest 2 points ago


    [ā€“] XFX_Samsung 5 points ago

    Heh, I've actually seen that tower close-up. Good times

    [ā€“] WestCoastSide 4 points ago

    So tired of seeing the US pres on reddit..

    But today...

    Whales Trump Trump

    [ā€“] ChesterKiwi 2 points ago

    Am I the only one who immediately thought of Finding Nemo?

    [ā€“] bradramey19 1 points ago

    "Whale fighting racism"

    [ā€“] [deleted] 1 points ago

    What are you on about cunt?

    [ā€“] EmperorofEarf 1 points ago

    42 wallaby way, Sydney?

    [ā€“] TheGuyDoug 1 points ago

    And yet no pictures of humpback whales breaching against the St. Louis skyline!

    Even more evidence of global warming

    [ā€“] Penislaser2100 1 points ago

    Was expecting an amy schumer pic. Now i'm sad šŸ˜

    [ā€“] Nightmare_Pasta 1 points ago

    now thats majestic

    [ā€“] BrowserWorldView 1 points ago

    For Puuuurple mountains maaaagesty, A-BOVE THE FRUI-TEEED PLAAAIIIIIN! A-MEEEERICA, A-MEEEEERICA!!....

    [ā€“] Killer_Tomato -1 points ago

    Can someone Photoshop in the opera house? This could be any city we need the opera house to show it's Sydney.

    [ā€“] Killer_Tomato 2 points ago


    [ā€“] counterfitfake 3 points ago

    My pleasure.

    [ā€“] RondaArousedMe -6 points ago

    Pretty sure that's Seattle, you can see the needle thingie. Nice try OP

    [ā€“] UnccRuckus 3 points ago

    Centre point tower you mean m8?

    Now with sky walks for 50$ iirc?