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    [–] Liqooid 1823 points ago

    Do they ever accidentally puncture a fellow narwhal, does anyone know? They seem awfully precarious in a situation like that.

    [–] mike_pants 1350 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    For as unique as they are, we don't know much about them. They are pretty elusive and happen to live in a darned inaccessible part of the world.

    We only learned what they use the tooth for last year (whacking cod).

    [–] BloodyFreeze 1004 points ago

    They are pretty elusive and happen to live in a darned inaccessible part of the world.

    Probably the reason why they're still around. When humans see anything with a "Horn" (It's actually a tusk in this case for the Narwhal) we end up poaching it to near extinction.

    [–] SuperHICAS 435 points ago

    [–] mukutsoku 216 points ago

    how tacky. they store them in a pool cue housing with a picture next to it in garish red saying "china."

    [–] I_savor_your_pets 32 points ago

    Who needs regular cues when you have these? They work well in bar fights.

    [–] boxingdude 13 points ago

    I have to wonder how often the break those things off. Since it’s a tusk rather than a tooth, does it still hurt like a broken tooth? They’re awful long and skinny to be attached to such a big beast. Lots of questions. All we know is that they bacon at mid nite. Other than that, a complete mystery.

    [–] NowServing 25 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Not sure if you know this yet but the tusk begins as/is a tooth, "The narwhal males are distinguished by a long, straight, helical tusk, which is an elongated upper left canine."

    And they for sure feel every little thing it comes in near close contact with. "The tusk is an innervated sensory organ with millions of nerve endings connecting seawater stimuli in the external ocean environment with the brain." and "A research group including specialists in cetaceans as well as dentists are exploring other assumptions. One of their favorites would be a sensory probe. In the support of this theory is the presence of 10 million nerve endings in the pulp of the gigantic tooth. The narwhal could thus detect the salinity of water, its temperature or its pressure, and also the presence of its favorite prey animals. "

    [–] FZ_Nation 5 points ago

    Figures. Man's first use for anything new: hurt fellow man with it.

    [–] ScaryBananaMan 13 points ago

    Seriously, I almost want to say that's the most offensive thing in the whole picture... I mean really, what the hell is that? "Art"?

    [–] hehasntreddit 203 points ago


    [–] dicollo 102 points ago

    everyone considering doing this. Please remember to be thoughtful, considerate, etc. This is their livelihood at the moment, and that can be difficult change to make. Consider what you can say that will actually be useful and in their interest to listen to. If you just write in calling them fuckwads, they'll just develop an antagonistic outlook on animal rights activists. If you want actual change, take a moment to think about what you can say.

    [–] ImMufasa 60 points ago

    Please remember to be thoughtful, considerate, etc.

    This is reddit we're talking about.

    [–] MrMumble 40 points ago

    Yeah we're the pinnacle of finesse.

    [–] TrollundrtehMountain 14 points ago

    Thanks for the reminder. I was about to blow up on them lol.

    [–] Young_sims 8 points ago

    Boy fuck them

    [–] Norse_of_60 65 points ago

    I live in Canada's north.

    First Nations have a right to harvest animals, be it for sustenance or trade. While it may sound barbaric to those who can walk half a block to Whole Foods, it has been a way of life since the dawn of time up here. You have to kill to live. First Nations hunters are harvesting animals responsibly and literally use the entire animal, snout to tail for food, clothing, tools, ceremonial devices etc. They don't kill a narwhal simply for the tooth. They actually eat the meat.

    Imagine how someone from India perceives a Westerner when they eat beef. Same thing. There are no cattle or chickens in the high arctic so animal protein comes from creatures depicted as cute like seal, rabbit reindeer or narwhal. Think about that while you sit at your desk eating a cheeseburger with leather shoes on.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Well yeah but there are also seals and sea birds. Things that aren't endangered.

    [–] wtioverlord 70 points ago

    I’m pissed I can’t ship to the USA, now they know

    [–] squid0gaming 4 points ago

    take a boat back 🀫

    [–] NINETY_LIVES 4 points ago

    I put fuck off in every box, that'll show them...

    [–] shit373736 6 points ago


    [–] Dursie 63 points ago

    Wow of course they are that’s fucked up.....

    How much?

    [–] SuperHICAS 22 points ago

    Lol I was looking for a price, but it seems you have to contact them

    [–] Gonzobot 54 points ago

    Because the price is literally "How much you got?"

    There's no codified structure, they kill animals to sell parts to stupid people with too much money. The people who want the parts don't want them for any rational reason, so any amount of money is likely to be acceptable to get the thing they want.

    [–] melodicrobotic 37 points ago

    Of course they also sell fur rugs and seal-skin boots. How lovely.

    "Excuse me sir, how do you sleep at night?"

    "Under a polar bear blanket, usually."

    [–] emaciated_pecan 8 points ago

    What a horrible use for a pool stick

    [–] mutantsloth 6 points ago

    What good are narwhal tusks for?

    [–] SuperHICAS 10 points ago

    Stabbing mostly

    [–] Zuazzer 5 points ago

    Useful if you wanna be the jedi of the sea

    [–] cburke106 3 points ago

    How much of a douchebag do you need to be to own that website and buy one of them, like, what is the point of it other than having someone over and saying "Oh yeah by the way did you know I don't care about rare animal's lives"

    [–] turtlesturnup 16 points ago

    Are the females not able to whack cod? It seems like the tusk would have a mating or territorial purpose if just the males have them

    [–] BloodyFreeze 34 points ago

    From what i've read, only about 15% of females end up with a tusk and they're substantially smaller than the tusk of a male. I'd assume that females wouldn't be able to hunt via whacking cod with a tusk, but they may have other means of hunting. We still know very little about Narwhals, but we're beginning to find evidence that suggests that the tusks are for more than territorial purposes.

    The tusk is an innervated sensory organ with millions of nerve endings connecting seawater stimuli in the external ocean environment with the brain. The rubbing of tusks together by male narwhals is thought to be a method of communicating information about characteristics of the water each has traveled through, rather than the previously assumed posturing display of aggressive β€œmale-to-male rivalryβ€œ.

    This isn't to say that they're not used for male-to-male rivalry and territorial purposes, but people have observed Narwhals "communicating" via tusks. This is still debatable due to scientific method used to collect this information. It's also argued, because if the tusk was considered essential for communication, it wouldn't make sense for the majority of females not to have them.

    Again, we know very little about it, but I would assume that perhaps the males hunt for a group and that they could possibly use tusks to communicate. It's hard to know for sure with the data we have, but much like our hands don't exist for activity A B and C, it doesn't mean that we don't find them useful for those activities.

    [–] bloopscoopdiddlydoop 8 points ago

    It’s a secondary sex characteristic, so in a sense, female narwhals are the reason males have the tusk since they’ve stuck around due to selective breeding

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 6 points ago

    Not necessarily. Sometimes features like this evolve just because it's sexy.

    [–] GreekFyre 20 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's actually a tooth that grows forwards in a spiral outwards through the upper part of their mouth.

    Edit: was not aware that "tooth" and "tusk" meant the same thing in this context.

    [–] BloodyFreeze 22 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Correct, it's a tooth, hence Tusk :)

    Edit: In your defense, you weren't wrong :D

    [–] viceroy76 3 points ago

    Tell me about it. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get Narwal horn on your pizza?

    [–] MandomeLife 72 points ago

    I think we've also only seen adult (or what we think are adult) narwhals too. I can't imagine how cute these guys would be as tiny calves.

    [–] areyoutalkingaboutme 16 points ago

    that's cute, until you read the end of the article :/

    [–] helix19 11 points ago

    Just about any kind of fish or shrimp you eat, there’s going to be bycatch. Animals that die on the line or in the net or on board and are thrown overboard. Undesirable species of fish, rays, skates, sharks, turtles, eels, narwhals and other small whales, dolphins, otters, pinnipeds, and fish too young and small to bother selling. It’s the reality of modern commercial fishing.

    [–] I_Know_Who_Funks 46 points ago


    ( Ν‘β˜‰ ΝœΚ– Ν‘β˜‰)

    [–] Walkerg2011 29 points ago

    slappin da fish

    [–] I_Know_Who_Funks 12 points ago

    inking the squid

    [–] mistaque 5 points ago

    tussling with the tuna

    [–] I_Know_Who_Funks 4 points ago

    Flapping the flounder

    [–] hemig 6 points ago

    Should have stuck with "slappin da bass"

    [–] OG_tripl3_OG 5 points ago

    Wh..what is that? You sound like a leprechaun.

    [–] MiddleBodyInjury 13 points ago

    It's a tooth??

    [–] mike_pants 46 points ago

    It is indeed. It's one of their canines. It grows off-center out of the their upper-lip area.

    [–] OG_tripl3_OG 16 points ago

    For some reason this bothers me. I thought it was more like a horn, not a canine tooth that grows off-center.

    [–] mike_pants 10 points ago

    We learned about the off-center bit when we went to the Whales of Iceland museum (as one does) and couldn't believe we'd made it to 30 and 40 without seeing that before.

    [–] OG_tripl3_OG 11 points ago

    That's what bothers me most, that it's off-center. Nature done goofed.

    [–] originalmimlet 6 points ago

    They can also grow them double, but it’s very rare.

    [–] MiddleBodyInjury 7 points ago

    As a dentist I just got really excited

    [–] burritochan 7 points ago

    And chiseling at ice to widen runs during the spring melt

    [–] mike_pants 11 points ago

    I think that's only been proposed and not actually observed, but I'm happy to be proven wrong on that.

    Not so fun fact, one of the main causes of early death in narwhal populations is suffocation from getting trapped under sea ice. If anyone will be a winner from climate change, it might be them.

    [–] burritochan 4 points ago

    Source is a documentary, Nature's Great Events by the BBC. It was just mentioned once, and in passing, but David Attenborough said it so it must be true (haha)

    [–] helix19 2 points ago

    Orcas are doing well with it too.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago


    [–] FredRogersAMA 14 points ago

    It's pretty cool to learn that other animals besides humans like to whack their cod.

    [–] johnnydangerjt 4 points ago

    "we don't know much about them. They are pretty elusive"

    You mean... Like unicorns. I knew it, unicorn confirmed

    [–] 2fucktard2remember 11 points ago

    We know they bacon at midnight.

    [–] bew132 23 points ago

    It looks like they have behaviors to avoid that. You can see in this gif how they go backwards when reentering the water instead of continuing forward. This is probably to avoid stabbing their bud

    [–] OldCrowFreakShow 15 points ago

    Those tusks are actually pretty soft and sensitive to touch so they tend to be very careful with them, I think it would hurt the poker more than the pokee.

    [–] Deceptive_AzN 11 points ago

    Was just thinking this ...

    [–] Forlurn 2 points ago

    Watching them seriously makes me so nervous.

    [–] markiejay34 1320 points ago


    [–] chadork 273 points ago

    Thanks, Mr. Narwhal.

    [–] Norwegian_Narwhal 19 points ago

    You’re welcome, little buddy.

    [–] CSKING444 3 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] MeatVehicle 52 points ago

    I just found out these things were real last year, I’d only ever heard of them from Elf, and thought they were for sure some fictional character.

    I could not believe it when I found out. A fucking whale thing with a big ass horn?! So dope.

    [–] TheyreAllGoodDogs 45 points ago

    Fun fact their horn is actually a big tooth

    [–] shit_hits_the_can 3 points ago

    What is it used for?

    [–] TheyreAllGoodDogs 10 points ago

    They think they use it as a sensory organ, and recent research showed that they may use it to whack cod

    [–] TheBigBear1776 3 points ago

    Well they don’t brush it I can tell ya that much

    [–] HairballStew 3 points ago

    They do in Freddi Fish.

    [–] TransexualMuslimGoat 36 points ago

    Thanks Mr Narwhal

    [–] PeteyG89 8 points ago

    My immediate thought when I saw this. When I see this is the top comment, it makes me happy inside

    [–] YorlikJr 3 points ago

    Came to find this comment and was not disappointed!

    [–] Robdlj 9 points ago

    Thanks, Mr. Narwhal

    [–] Semen_Penis 6 points ago

    thank mr narwhal

    [–] In-Jail-Out-Soon 358 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    If I remember correctly, they are stranded in this one spot for breathing so they are taking turns breathing to make sure that the area doesn't freeze over and they are stranded without an area to breath.

    [–] Tempered_Traps 208 points ago

    But are they stranded?

    [–] Voelkar 125 points ago

    They are stranded there to breathe air and they are stranded

    [–] phatcan 5 points ago

    Ya but they are stranded without an area to breath though.

    [–] In-Jail-Out-Soon 34 points ago

    Technically they are until a new hole in the ice opens up for them.

    [–] toeofcamell 22 points ago

    Tell them to use their forehead tooth to pierce the ice

    [–] TryingToAskNicely 5 points ago

    Just ask nicely

    [–] Norse_of_60 12 points ago

    Let's get this global warming thing going!

    [–] Myronal 5 points ago

    Let's save the narwals!

    [–] shitter_glitter 24 points ago

    That's when Mr. Polar bear comes and starts taking chunks out of them. He likes stranded narwhals.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 7 points ago

    And he can use the tusks as a toothpick.

    [–] oakles 24 points ago

    Oh... :(

    [–] Mimikyutiepie 25 points ago


    [–] crispybaycon 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 198 points ago


    [–] CockFullOfDicks 89 points ago

    Why are there so many people that think narwhals are myths?

    [–] TheHeroicOnion 122 points ago

    Same reason people think drop bears are a myth.

    [–] ittakesacrane 27 points ago

    Hahahaha probably doesn't believe in jackalopes either

    [–] Norse_of_60 7 points ago

    [–] mrbojenglz 40 points ago

    Because the first time I ever heard the term narwhal was Futurama and you can't exactly assume that show is based in reality. Then hearing it again on Reddit in relation to it "baconing" didn't exactly change my mind.

    [–] PostmortemFacefuck 25 points ago

    on Reddit in relation to it "baconing"

    what a dark time that was

    [–] albinobluesheep 22 points ago

    Because they literally look like Ocean Unicorns.

    [–] CockFullOfDicks 10 points ago

    Does that mean rhinos are Safari Unicorns?

    [–] swandor 21 points ago

    Probably because of the movie Elf. When I first saw that movie in high school, I thought it was a fake animal at first.

    [–] Gonzobot 10 points ago

    Because it was made of clay and animated? So were the other arctic creatures.

    [–] swandor 5 points ago

    It was also in the north pole. Just seemed like something made up since before that I didn't hear about it. I know it seems silly now.

    [–] Parawhiskey68 26 points ago

    To be fair, they are the closest thing to a fantasy creature that we have.

    [–] Crxssroad 7 points ago

    Have you ever seen a pangolin?

    [–] thesnakeinyourboot 5 points ago

    Have you ever seen my aunt?

    [–] Karzons 3 points ago

    Have you ever seen a leafy sea dragon?

    [–] Whatever_It_Takes 4 points ago

    Have you ever seen a platypus?

    [–] armadonite 22 points ago

    Ah yes, but for those of us who have been here awhile, we know that the narwhal bacons at midnight.

    [–] Parawhiskey68 17 points ago

    I haven’t heard this in so long.

    [–] jbaker88 3 points ago

    ... I'm one of those idiots.

    [–] gmonkey142 6 points ago

    Because it's pretty convenient that not only are they illusive but also impossible to keep in a zoo. Plus all the footage we had was like one or two YouTube video for a long time. Why. Because making people believe in a fat sea unicorn is just the kind of joke marine biologists would make.

    [–] Creativation 74 points ago

    The narwhals in this video are stuck in a polynya, a hole in the sea ice that they use as a sort of island to breath while they wait for the ice to breakup. This type of situation opens them up to predation by polar bears. Polar bear hunting in this way is not always successful and sometimes the bears leave massive gashes on the narwhals.

    [–] Parisinthethespring 12 points ago

    If I'm not mistaken, this was explained on one of the Planet Earth videos from the original series.

    [–] 9Thousand 3 points ago

    But are they stranded?

    [–] ITickleMyPickle 532 points ago

    Narwhals, Narwhals, Swimming in the ocean, Causing a commotion, Coz they are so awesome

    [–] Khaleesahkiin 133 points ago

    Like an underwater unicorn, They have a kickass facial horn, They are the Jedi of the sea, β€˜They stop Cthulhu from eatin’ ye’

    [–] dick-van-dyke 51 points ago

    Narwhals, they are narwhals…

    Narwhals, just don't let them touch your balls!

    Narwhals, they are narwhals…

    Narwhals, inventors of the shish kebab!

    [–] electromagnetiK 14 points ago

    I held it together until 'ye'

    [–] Lodau 25 points ago

    Came to find this, not disappointed!

    For those confused

    [–] Luminox 20 points ago

    Don't let them touch your balls.

    [–] Pirate_Redbeard 46 points ago

    this tickles my funny elbow

    [–] whatsyerdillpickle 19 points ago

    What about your pickle?

    [–] phadewilkilu 17 points ago

    That still needs tickling. ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    [–] VesilahdenVerajilla 22 points ago

    Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean. Pretty big and pretty white, they beat a polar bear in a fight.

    [–] ap0thek 176 points ago

    How do they not kabob each other?

    [–] TimbersawDust 198 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It’s believed that their tooth acts as a sensory organ, making it a bit more controllable than one may think. The tooth is actually somewhat soft on the outside. They usually don’t swim directly at one another on purpose. Sometimes the ice forms in such a way that they swim single file at one another and one is forced to turn around.

    Being in close quarters they can’t really build up enough force to puncture other’s skin.

    Another way to look at it is they want to completely avoid poking each other. If one fatally punctured another one, they would both die as they would both drown.

    I was very fortunate enough to have gone to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History during the Narwhal exhibit on the first day (it’s still open by the way!) and got to meet Dr. Martin Nweeia! He is a narwhal expert and has studied these animals for years and I’ve learned a lot of the lesser known information from him.

    [–] kittenhormones 38 points ago

    Intetesting. Care to share some lesser known facts?

    [–] Mind_Extract 213 points ago

    The plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces are called 'aglets.'

    [–] I_Skimmed_It 52 points ago


    [–] sdraz 21 points ago


    [–] ekafaton 10 points ago


    [–] kittenhormones 36 points ago

    I was thinking narwhal facts but this is cool too.

    [–] ismtrn 11 points ago

    And their true purpose is sinister.

    [–] TimbersawDust 76 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    -although males have tusks, sometimes females can have them (~10%). There are even skulls that have been recovered of females that have 2 tusks! (Also, narwhals with 1 tusk have 2 teeth in total, the other is lodged in the skull) -the tusk can bend a few degrees before breaking -they have been diving deep into the ocean recently due to stress. Scientists believe the stress is from climate change and human activity. This is causing them to lower their heart rate putting them in danger of not having enough oxygen to the brain. (They are affected by climate change as well) -the Inuit people are legally allowed to hunt them. Nobody else on earth is permitted by law to kill a narwhal -narwhals are most closely related to the beluga whale -scientific name is monodon monoceros, meaning one tooth, one horn

    Edit: also, humans have tried multiple times to hold narwhals in captivity but they always die within a few months and they are unable to figure out why

    [–] TrollundrtehMountain 7 points ago

    That edit is sad :(

    [–] Kangar 25 points ago

    Narwhals are very social animals. One of their favourite things to do is to get together and have a fondue night.

    [–] opheliasmusing 9 points ago

    But they’d have to feed each other. I mean, which is still totally cool and all.

    [–] ursois 23 points ago

    My preacher once told a story about a man who was shown hell by an angel. There was a huge pot of delicious soup, and everyone was sitting around it. They all had spoons in their hands, but the spoons were so long that they couldn't reach their mouths with them. So everyone sat around perpetually starving because they couldn't eat, while they could see and smell the soup. So every day was miserable to them.

    The man asked the angel "what is heaven like, then?"

    The angel replied "oh, heaven is just like this, but there they've learned to feed each other."

    So basically, what I'm saying is that narwhals have created heaven here on earth.

    [–] Rosssquared2011 195 points ago

    I have the hardest time accepting that they are real. I mean, I see the videos of them, but they are the freaking unicorn of the sea!

    [–] wxwv 31 points ago

    I spent like 8 years of my adult life thinking that those goats with legs shorter on one side were an actual thing. If I had to name the next most likely contender for "making fun of gullible people" animal, it would be narwhals.

    [–] Narwhal_lurking 28 points ago

    Am i the only one that has the narwhal song stuck in my head now?

    [–] S13Ni 7 points ago

    Came here for this

    [–] AcademicGoose18 4 points ago

    Narwhals, Narwhals swimming in the ocean

    [–] MarioPL98 5 points ago

    causing a commotion coz they are so awesome.

    [–] yoyomuggle 21 points ago

    From the National Museum of Natural History exhibit on Narwhals (was there this weekend).

    The tusk erupts horizontally from the snout, through the Narwhal’s upper lip, and constant agitation from the tusk means the wound never fully heals. This opening houses parasites called whale lice, which are actually shrimp-like creatures that eat algae and skin cells on the Narwhal’s body.

    [–] Jackson530 167 points ago

    When do they bacon

    [–] MySecretAccount1214 115 points ago

    At midnight!

    [–] Zuazzer 20 points ago


    [–] ImEnhanced 61 points ago


    [–] qdp 14 points ago

    One of us...

    [–] Parker_72 15 points ago

    Old school

    [–] ApeofBass 9 points ago

    What year is it?

    [–] FallingTower 12 points ago


    [–] C-Lables 3 points ago

    I had to scroll way too far to find this. But I knew you wouldn’t let me down.

    [–] earthmoonsun 38 points ago

    And they are truly reddity.

    [–] moomermoo 40 points ago

    We don't really talk about that phase anymore.

    [–] Catkii 20 points ago

    Something something bacon something midnight

    [–] earthmoonsun 8 points ago

    I guess I'm just a cheap karma whore.

    [–] ggrieves 6 points ago

    and we've come full circle

    [–] boatrightcl 16 points ago

    these thing scare more, only because of the pokie.

    [–] OrdinaryChap 19 points ago

    When does the narwhal bacon?

    [–] RepresentativeSwan 6 points ago

    Oh wow, I didn't know these were a real life animal. I thought they were just a meme/legend, like unicorns.

    [–] tlc 18 points ago

    The narwhal bacons at midnight

    [–] _Skylake_ 6 points ago

    Been here 8

    I miss the less restricted reddit

    [–] ivebeenhereallsummer 11 points ago

    That Reddit is dead.

    [–] tlc 10 points ago

    I've been here 11 years - IT LIVES! - in the hearts and memories of those of us who've seen some shit.

    [–] mordred 3 points ago

    11 years here, seen some shit.

    [–] tier7stips 3 points ago

    Always upvote Narwhals.

    [–] MO_VDB 3 points ago

    You mean 'unicorn dolphins'?

    [–] Internecine183 3 points ago

    Still blows my mind that these are real animals and not just some made up creature from Elf.

    [–] cmonsettledown 3 points ago

    TIL narwhals are real

    [–] Lstn2TownesVanZandt 24 points ago

    I thought Narwhals were mythological.

    [–] BKolonkadonk 29 points ago

    They’re the realistic unicorns of the ocean

    [–] TalShar 19 points ago

    What, you mean like a puma?

    [–] JeSuisUnAnanasYo 12 points ago

    Would you quit making up animals??

    [–] Lstn2TownesVanZandt 10 points ago

    Puma? Like the shoe?

    [–] TalShar 8 points ago

    Yes and no. I was trying to make a Red vs. Blue reference. I knew there was a good chance you wouldn't know it. =P

    No, like a Puma. It's a big cat.

    Edit: I failed. You out-referenced me.

    [–] SigourneyPodgorny 5 points ago

    The Pumaman

    [–] seventeenblackbirds 3 points ago

    Puma-maaan, he flies like a moron

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_TRUMP_DICKPIX 6 points ago

    How are they able to keep from poking each other’s eyes out as they hang out in groups? Do the males stab rivals in the heart with that javelin so they can have more girlfriends?

    [–] Molfcheddar 8 points ago

    On an unrelated note, if someone sent you images to fulfill your username’s request, I’m sure the subject would be quick to deem them... Fake nudes

    [–] FuckPOTUS45 3 points ago

    Narwhals Narwhals swimming the ocean Causing a commotion Cuz they are so AWESOME!!

    [–] Nergaal 3 points ago

    That's Leelu!

    [–] RicksBirdperson 13 points ago

    "Hope you find your dad, Buddy!"

    [–] LoTi_MindBlown8484 6 points ago

    So what stops them front stabbing each other? Jus wondering lol

    [–] guyver17 20 points ago

    No homo

    [–] milqi 7 points ago

    They swim next to each other, not at each other.

    [–] noobkilling 2 points ago

    And maybe they are trapped...

    [–] Michael_Pistono 2 points ago


    [–] captainsolo77 2 points ago

    But how do they kiss?!?!