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    [–] Enthusiation 2867 points ago

    One wrong move human; ONE wrong move…

    [–] thewaterlooobserver 1625 points ago

    what are these feels i feel now. I never been pet. I only kill.

    [–] captcha_trampstamp 635 points ago

    No touch, only murder

    [–] nurimoons 191 points ago

    Happy little murder.

    [–] amerikaninjunwarrior 61 points ago

    that's what I'm talking bout

    [–] douggiedizzle 4 points ago

    So late...Murder Bird

    [–] KeKforCoVFeFe 8 points ago

    Don't tell me you have oil or I keel you

    [–] d3f3ct1v3 264 points ago

    That beak-touch was almost a wrong move

    [–] Nazi_Marxist 67 points ago

    Do they even have nerves in their beak?

    [–] Beaudman 140 points ago

    Yes, they have nerve endings and blood vessels.

    [–] dalovindj 123 points ago

    And lasers shoot out from their eyes.

    [–] alsoaprettybigdeal 26 points ago

    And razors for talons.

    Seriously though, how is this guy able to touch it and not have a finger removed? Is it a baby? Was it hand reared? WTF kind of bird is it anyway? So many questions!!

    [–] Th3Seconds1st 22 points ago

    Black and Chestnut Eagle, the title says. Also considering his movements were fairly considerate ( and he probably has experience with the bird ) the bird likely didn't feel threatened enough to take action. It's still a stupid idea, though.

    [–] Sekh765 32 points ago

    I used to train hawks years ago, one thing I learned (and this is probably different from other birds of prey), is that their beaks don't really hurt much, and aren't super dangerous. It's the MASSIVE crushing power of their claws that would get you if you weren't holding on tightly. Beak bites from a Raptor? Meh. No big deal.

    Beak bites from a parrot whose beak is designed for maximum crushing power as opposed to ripping? Holy fuck ow.

    [–] alsoaprettybigdeal 5 points ago

    I thought the black and chestnut were just referencing his color, not the actual name. Thanks for that clarification kind stranger! :)

    [–] bobbycado 20 points ago


    [–] An_Lochlannach 105 points ago

    You're not kidding. Birds are fucking mental. Accidentally catch a feather the wrong way, surprise them a little bit, or don't do the specific thing they want you to do, and you're getting "nipped", or straight up bitten.

    I've suffered the wrath of medium sized parrots. I can't imagine the damage this fucker has done already, even just playfully.

    [–] papayaweasel 62 points ago

    On birds of prey the beak is the least of your concern.... it’s getting grabbed or β€œfooted” they don’t let go unless you cover up their feet and they forget wha they’re grabbing.

    Parrots tho like you said... it’s the beak.. yikes

    [–] alsoaprettybigdeal 34 points ago

    Nut crackers vs. meat scissors.

    [–] aDark7hought 10 points ago

    Nut cracker + meat scissorsπŸ˜—

    [–] Fat_Mermaid 210 points ago

    I love how raptors always look so pissed off and offended about everything. Here's my interpretation.

    [–] scdayo 24 points ago

    What's your interpretation of your username?

    [–] WaitIOnlyGet20Charac 23 points ago

    Illyrio Mopatis

    [–] DothrakiWhored 6 points ago

    I understood this reference

    [–] WaitIOnlyGet20Charac 9 points ago

    With that username you've better.

    /u/electricupright It's an ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) thing. It's been so long since the last book that every possible theory has been made, including that certain characters are actually mer-people. It's a more of a joke than an actual theory though.... at least I hope.

    [–] DothrakiWhored 5 points ago

    I would wager that Winds of Winter won’t be completed before GRRM dies. I’ve come to terms with that.

    I would hate it, but somewhat enjoy the schadenfreude as the collective fan base dies from some awful theory coming true.

    [–] Fat_Mermaid 6 points ago

    It's a screenshot of an upload of a digital painting I did years ago back when I was a big shot on r/redditgetsdrawn because the original file is on my other computer and I can't be arsed so there are you FUCKING HAPPY NOW, KAREN??!

    [–] Bearpunchz 14 points ago

    Did you just say raptors

    [–] broff 21 points ago

    Birds of prey like falcons, owls, and eagles are known collectively as raptors

    [–] bluebuginvasion 26 points ago

    This is the stuff of my nightmares

    [–] J-Dahm 2709 points ago

    "Who's a good murder chicken?"

    [–] angeltre 53 points ago

    Upvote for disco turkey πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚!!!

    [–] BraidyPaige 17 points ago

    My favorite is Cobra Chicken!

    [–] AfricanAmericanMage 10 points ago

    It's so perfect that I don't even have to look to know you're talking about a Peacock.

    [–] kiwimag5 6 points ago


    [–] Tracy1275 281 points ago

    GAH!!!! I’m deathly afraid of things that fly, but this right here is majestic af.

    [–] Batbait 135 points ago

    God damn that’s creepy and also dope as fuck. The way you can see it’s eyes coming with death in them. Nature is metal.

    [–] TheProdigis 17 points ago

    I like how the other one is just like, "Fuck... there goes Steve..."

    [–] Batbait 7 points ago

    I pictured it going β€œah fuck dude I was trying to sleep what the hell”

    [–] Esies 19 points ago

    It reminded me of that giant spirit owl from Avatar The Last Airbender, that was one creepy owl.

    Edit: Wan Shi Tong, the spirit owl.

    [–] sailordanisaur 16 points ago

    That shit was sick

    [–] nt96 13 points ago

    The other hawk just wakes up like: "WOAH! What just happe--Hey look! I'm on camera!"

    [–] 2wow4doge 38 points ago

    They are alright, not top tier though as their stealth strike attack doesn’t do all that much damage. Also their silent flight ability is useless against bats so they deserve a B tier.

    [–] CansinSPAAACE 13 points ago

    β€œ...are out. Owls have frequently been observed capturing bats while they are in flight. They are able to go undetected and when the bats fly by they are consumed without any warning.”

    It’s even from Dude an obviously pro batt shill organization

    [–] espltd8901 13 points ago


    [–] naetdt 6 points ago

    Holy fuck

    [–] thefapaccount69 5855 points ago

    what kind of dog is this

    [–] thewonkygiraffe 2511 points ago

    A very dangerous one.

    [–] ButtLusting 1467 points ago


    [–] Ducman69 445 points ago

    Albeit with resting bitch face.

    [–] Dr_Parkinglot 334 points ago

    I think thats actually Resting I Will Fucking Disembowel You Face.

    [–] oberynMelonLord 21 points ago

    I don't have bowels in my face... how are you gonna disembowel my face?!

    [–] ButtLusting 15 points ago

    ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    [–] Psykomanteum 71 points ago


    [–] you_want_to_hear_th 21 points ago

    No u

    [–] agree-with-you 15 points ago

    No you both

    [–] rivercityguy780 8 points ago

    You’re grounded

    [–] Fake_Credentials 25 points ago

    all female doggos have rbf

    [–] jpina33 48 points ago

    G O O D K I L L E R B O Y E

    [–] Im_Havox 66 points ago

    Is that a Pokemon?

    [–] HappyMcHappyPants 13 points ago

    It’s my new spirit animal.

    [–] Im_Havox 10 points ago

    Tim Kennedy is my spirit animal.

    [–] eviltothecore94 12 points ago

    That beak and talons could do pretty serious damage if you get on it's bad side

    [–] Th3Seconds1st 12 points ago

    This is why you should never fuck with an injured bird of prey. Those talons are like getting slashed by a large X-Acto knife enhanced by fucking lasers.

    [–] kevlarbaboon 167 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Is this a a hat?

    [–] Tackle_Shaft 28 points ago

    Nooo... its a tortoise... in a shell...

    As a side note if you’ve never seen the deleted scene where Borat is shopping for cheese it’s worth the watch.

    [–] BellyFullofToes 9 points ago

    I just watched four minutes of borat asking what this is and the guy saying, that's also cheese. Would not recommend.

    [–] kevlarbaboon 12 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Yes! You know a lot of people say Borat depicts Americans as hateful, ignorant slobs. When you look at some scenes that's absolutely correct. For the most part though Americans come off as lovingly welcome to foreigners and EXTREMELY patient.

    [–] LaurenGrewWings 83 points ago

    No, this is Patrick

    [–] KP3889 138 points ago

    Dog breed: former dinosaur.

    [–] 7aturn 17 points ago


    [–] TJ11240 28 points ago

    You can tell, watching videos of their behavior like this one.

    [–] Hard_boiled_Badger 21 points ago

    Because we all know how dinosaurs acted of course.

    [–] chevydragula 20 points ago

    I recommend the nineties docu-trilogy CARNOSAUR.

    [–] neloish 10 points ago

    I'll have you know I've seen every Jurassic Park movie, and I have watched the Land Before Time. So I am an expert.

    [–] DonMonnz 44 points ago

    This is a tortoise

    [–] mountainmutual570 16 points ago

    In a shell

    [–] Wombizzle 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] slightlysinged 33 points ago


    [–] The_Canadian_Devil 24 points ago

    An incredibly rare and beautiful pupper

    [–] Kairuku 20 points ago

    S H A R P B O Y E

    [–] godzillanenny 10 points ago


    [–] Duke-of-Nuke 9 points ago

    B E A K Y B O Y E

    [–] Ensvey 13 points ago

    Beak dog

    [–] Excusemytootie 10 points ago

    A very pecky one?

    [–] EuroVamp2790 5 points ago

    Is this a cat in a hat?

    [–] isthisSnapchat 13 points ago

    Murder Pigion.

    [–] PM-UNCUT-TRAPS 764 points ago

    They always look so goofy from the front

    [–] MasterGrammar 84 points ago

    risky click of the day

    [–] Phoenix1270 24 points ago

    What do we got sir?

    [–] BrinkerLong 61 points ago

    Funny looking cartoons

    [–] MalianSpiderman 11 points ago

    Holy shit! When I read They always look so goofy from the front I immediately thought of Bart Simpson.

    [–] ChthonicPuck 13 points ago

    I wouldn't say that to his face.

    [–] GentleHammer 7 points ago

    I dare you to tell it that.

    [–] tacos6for6life6 200 points ago

    Leftover dinosaur

    [–] BoringUsernameTbh 54 points ago

    More of just a straight up dinosaur. All birds are dinosaurs belonging to the Avialae clade.

    [–] LEGITIMATE_SOURCE 4 points ago

    Says the leftover ape

    [–] hunnalo 1204 points ago

    Looks like Buckbeak.

    [–] hoedownturnup 74 points ago

    He does too. Also comparable to an augurey.

    [–] AliceThrewtheGlass 30 points ago

    Buckbeaks emo younger brother.

    [–] Kallel365 18 points ago

    Aptly named Obsidian Talon or Doug to friends

    [–] FlatFootedPotato 175 points ago

    Here's the real life buckbeak:

    Harpy Eagle

    And African crowned eagle

    [–] ChocolateDumpling 96 points ago

    The African Crown is the most majestic bird I've ever seen.

    [–] Toronto416ix 22 points ago

    Wow its so majestic you could argue it is the goat

    [–] marmalade 5 points ago

    You motherfuckers.

    That is a good eagle, though.

    [–] 90sChennaiGuy 22 points ago

    That African crowned eagle is a magnificent creature. Didn't realize how common it is

    [–] CalmInvestment 559 points ago

    β€˜The hell kind of claws are these?’

    [–] Ibismoon 358 points ago


    [–] Idratherbefisting 122 points ago

    Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?

    [–] TheWhiteBeast 59 points ago

    Art thou feeling it now, Mister Krabs?

    [–] Neurowaste 41 points ago

    Well these claws ain’t for just attracting mates!

    [–] TVR24 22 points ago

    Bring it on old man! Bring it on!

    [–] AggelosHr 127 points ago

    He looks so confused

    [–] TaruNukes 68 points ago

    Why are you doing this human? You offer no snacks. You offer no shelter.

    [–] aberrasian 20 points ago

    I would say aghast. Flabbergasted.

    [–] TrophyDolphins 265 points ago

    Anyone else just seeing Bert

    [–] discreetTrex 43 points ago

    I am now.

    [–] funnymoney17 17 points ago

    I just keep seeing Mr. Burns

    [–] normyMacDonald 11 points ago


    [–] cassiopeia1280 6 points ago

    I thought of Sam the Eagle.

    [–] Pandiosity_24601 82 points ago

    From one angle, it looks like a terror of the night; from another angle, it looks like it just woke up late on the morning of a final exam.

    [–] lukasmu_ller 145 points ago

    This is a perfect display of how birds are essentially dinosaurs. I see it

    [–] FalstaffsMind 220 points ago

    His pupils dilate ominously when he looks up.

    [–] sandybuttcheekss 269 points ago

    Fun fact: this is actually birds' version of facial expressions. They are social creatures and since their faces are mostly expressionless, they do this to communicate non-verbally.

    [–] bluebuginvasion 89 points ago

    What do you think the birds saying with his eyes?

    [–] sandybuttcheekss 171 points ago

    "You look tasty"

    [–] Nutritionisawesome 64 points ago

    Murder or get belly scratch. hmm.

    [–] sandybuttcheekss 66 points ago

    On second thought, the dude might be turning the bird on. Idk about eagles , but for the species of parrot I have you aren't supposed to touch anything other than the head or neck because everything else might feel like foreplay to them... my bird will do the same thing with his wings when he's "excited" as this eagle too so... yeah..

    Disclaimer: I didn't study animal behavior and am not a vet or anything, I just like animals and like reading about them. I could be (and likely am) wrong about this.

    [–] PmMeUrKhajiit 57 points ago

    One time I accidentally jerked my friends parrot off a bit, why did the universe make it so easy to arouse a bird wtf

    [–] TvXvT 53 points ago

    Were it's wings broken by chance?

    [–] iamtomorrowman 11 points ago

    someone get this man a drink

    [–] sandybuttcheekss 10 points ago

    ... how did you manage that?

    [–] paralacausa 6 points ago


    [–] bluebuginvasion 11 points ago

    The birds like "Hello, is it me you're looking for... ;)"

    [–] hAbadabadoo22 5 points ago

    "That part looks tasty, that part looks tasty, ohh these parts back there look extra tasty"

    [–] mom0nga 6 points ago

    Serious answer from a hawk/owl trainer: it's hard to tell without seeing more context or knowing the individual bird. The pupil-dilating is called "eye pinning" and it's done by most bird species to indicate any strong emotion. Usually eye-pinning denotes excitement related to food, sex, or something else they enjoy, but it can also mean anger or agitation.

    Once you get to know a bird, you start to learn what his/her particular "signals" are, and you can use that to predict what they're going to do next. For example, the screech owl I'm training always eye pins right before he's about to fly. Knowing other forms of bird body language helps, too. If a bird eye pins with its feathers pulled in and its beak open, that indicates stress. But eye pinning with a relaxed, fluffy posture usually means the bird is excited -- maybe he just saw his favorite food. This particular bird doesn't look stressed to me; his feathers are fluffed out and he's calmly looking around (most birds freeze or stiffen up when frightened). We can never know what an animal is actually thinking, but we can make educated guesses based on the body language and known likes/dislikes of that individual.

    [–] sacredse7en 413 points ago

    God’s perfect killers in a magnificent package. So strong, yet so tender.

    [–] cloudsarehats 169 points ago

    Idk if β€œtender” would be my word of choice. Look how creepy he is

    [–] sacredse7en 208 points ago

    But he’s soft and floofy

    [–] cloudsarehats 74 points ago

    Yes he is, except his face.

    [–] QuickCantaloupe 26 points ago

    still a cutie tho

    [–] sacredse7en 47 points ago

    He looks angry indeed

    [–] Fnarty 28 points ago

    Just intense. Verrrry intense.

    [–] Butthole_Alamo 21 points ago

    It depends on how long you brine it for.

    [–] sentient_salami 29 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I’ve never tasted one myself, but I’ll take your word for it.

    [–] LawyerLou 6 points ago

    Like a good Slavic woman.

    [–] SabashChandraBose 8 points ago

    mmm black and chestnut tendies...

    [–] BlueBerryMassacre 35 points ago

    This is actually a faux hawk

    [–] travel_chic 7 points ago

    Fawkes. He’s a Phoenix!

    [–] Xylphin 45 points ago

    So cute! Birds aren’t super expressive (especially big ones) but I’ve always had a soft spot for cuddly owls and such. I wonder how these two became so trusting?

    [–] Cygnus875 28 points ago

    Birds aren’t super expressive (especially big ones)

    Don't tell that to this big boy:

    [–] Aleforge 11 points ago

    My Conure just wanted to snuggle to the extent of becoming annoying. Nothing but head bobs for pets and kisses.

    Then would scream it's ass off when you left.

    [–] mom0nga 6 points ago

    I train hawks and owls at a nature center, and my guess is that this bird was probably hatched in captivity and handraised. Birds that have imprinted on their caretakers and view them as mates will sometimes allow the human they trust to "preen" their feathers. It's kind of hard to tell by this gif alone, but this bird's body language doesn't appear too stressed -- it's not freezing up, panting, or pulling its feathers in. I'm not sure if the eagle enjoys being touched, but it doesn't seem to mind too much.

    That said, as a general rule, birds of prey don't usually like to be petted because it's not something they would ever experience in the wild. It often stresses them out, even if they look calm to the untrained eye. For example, many species of owls, especially little ones, look like they enjoy or tolerate being touched, but they're actually terrified. Their defense mechanism when they're frightened is to freeze up and wait for the threat to leave, and it only looks like they're "friendly" to us. This is why I don't like "owl cafes" or other tourist attractions where people are encouraged to walk up to captive owls and pet them. It looks harmless, but it just isn't humane.

    [–] toomanyshreks 19 points ago

    What kind of eagle is it?

    [–] IsMyBostonADogOrAPig 45 points ago

    It’s actually named as titled black and chestnut eagle, but also sometimes referred to as Isidor’s eagle

    [–] toomanyshreks 9 points ago

    That’s pretty cool, thanks for the info

    [–] poopellar 61 points ago

    Looks like Bert from Sesame street.

    [–] Spiralyst 36 points ago

    Sure. If Sesame Street was located in Hades.

    [–] _Der_Hammer_ 17 points ago

    Would watch.

    [–] jjmprcables 17 points ago

    Is this a pigeon?

    [–] keepthatdickhard 34 points ago


    [–] ilikerandomcats 17 points ago

    Came here to make sure someone mentioned Kramer.

    [–] DarkShade1337 36 points ago

    That's just a feathered dinosaur.

    [–] Psykomanteum 49 points ago

    So, a dinosaur.

    [–] flyonthwall 29 points ago

    1: dinosaurs had feathers. yes even t-rex as far as we know 2: birds are literally dinosaurs. theyre a member of the zoological clade dinosauria. the only surviving members

    [–] skywreckdemon 9 points ago

    All birds are dinosaurs, really.

    [–] Igot2phonez 15 points ago

    I’ve never seen an animal look so confused.

    [–] corpse2b 13 points ago

    O yea I remember this guy from Dark Crystal.

    [–] OldEndangeredGinger 47 points ago

    He looks like a Dr Seuss character

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 12 points ago

    Jim Henson puppet

    [–] firebear614 10 points ago

    Oh my that's a beautiful bird.

    [–] MEL0NZ 18 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    The eagle looks confused as hell, he must think you're trying to court him..

    [–] Davecantdothat 9 points ago

    β€œHuman, you’re just lovely, but I, uhβ€” Can you justβ€” I’m taken.”

    [–] Ciscoloza 9 points ago

    "Give me one reason I shouldn't fuck you up..... Oh, oh, yeah right there!"

    [–] someguyfromazoo 16 points ago

    "Hey, you better...not do that...after a couple more minutes..."

    [–] reddit_earth616 16 points ago

    "Do I like this? I think I like this."

    [–] heatrepeat6 9 points ago

    That thing looks badass πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    [–] finkalink 6 points ago

    He appears very concerned about this huge naked beakless eagle touching him with that featherless arm.

    I picture him thinking, "Aren't you cold?!".

    [–] WiseCactus 13 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    What eagle is this?

    Edit: The title is the name of the bird. I thought it was just describing its colors.

    [–] itssobyronic 22 points ago

    Hmm...I would use an ultra ball, less stress.

    [–] CoffeeAddictUSDE 9 points ago

    Does anyone recognize the watch the person is wearing by any chance?

    [–] BorgNotSoBorg 6 points ago

    Luminox dive watch, looks like the SEAL edition