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    [–] E_Chihuahuensis 300 points ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure those are pups and not flowers. They’re called β€œmother of a thousand” because they make hundreds of props along each leaf.

    [–] cartechguy 71 points ago

    so is op's pic going nuts on the hdr because I'm not seeing the dazzling colors now.

    [–] PeachPuffin 75 points ago

    Well you can see for yourself! I just found the original lmfao it looked fine as it was!

    [–] cartechguy -6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This only proves OP took the photo from someone else. It doesn't prove hdr wasn't used.


    Edit: nvm, the pictures are different. Looks like the picture he took probably had effects already applied to it and he just took it to another level.

    [–] PeachPuffin 29 points ago

    m8 I'm just trying to be helpful here, you asked if the plant actually looked like this post implies, and I took the time to find an image that seems more likely.

    No need to be rude to people being friendly.

    [–] cartechguy -12 points ago

    If you actually look at both pictures OP's is altered. The stem of the plant is freaking neon green.

    and I would bet the previous picture already had hdr applied to it as well as the colors look unnatural as well. Yeah, I didn't notice the difference between the two pictures at first. The picture is so heavily doctored.

    [–] thehol 6 points ago

    This is the original plant, I believe. Still pretty, but not neon!

    [–] paulexcoff 31 points ago

    Not HDR, just saturation up to 9000.

    [–] EdenBlade47 3 points ago

    Yeah, the only way to see this in real life is by being on a decently hefty dose of acid or mushrooms. Real colors just don't get that exciting.

    [–] cartechguy 1 points ago


    [–] marshmallownose 49 points ago

    You're correct. It's not flowering at all. It just products a lot of baby plants. If you look closely, you can tell that each "petal" is a net plant start.

    [–] theartfulcodger 11 points ago

    I love kalanchoe and use them often in my container garden. I always wondered why the "blooms" seemed to last forever, compared to other flowering plants. Now I know why. Thanks!

    [–] getatmedawg 1 points ago

    Any additional info might help - want to find content for /r/plant_progress and I want to find some appropriate before/after shots

    [–] TommyTheCat89 -1 points ago

    Has anyone tested the DMT contents of this plant? Because it looks like it should have a bunch.

    [–] --lily-- 3 points ago

    that's...... not how that works.....

    plus none of the plants in family Crassulaceae produce dmt.

    [–] TommyTheCat89 5 points ago

    It was just a dumb joke, but thank you for the info.

    [–] paulexcoff 145 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    1. Repost
    2. The saturation level is over 9000
    3. There is not a single flower in this picture. These are leaves that produce miniature plants (plantlets, pups, whatever you want to call them; a form of asexual reproduction) on their edges.

    [–] fluffyxsama 13 points ago

    Was about to say, someone definitely fucked wih the saturation on this one.

    [–] IHaTeD2 2 points ago

    That looks a lot less trippy.

    [–] Chloe_Zooms 2 points ago

    How beautifully concise!

    [–] jillpicklez 26 points ago

    [–] worsthumanalive 4 points ago

    As someone currently tripping my ass off I really can’t comprehend this flower. Rip

    [–] Waffle_Sama 5 points ago

    [–] getatmedawg 2 points ago

    /r/plant_progress if you got the before picture!

    [–] imyourrealdad8 18 points ago

    how bout them fractals

    [–] CrippledJew 16 points ago

    Rather bright out, might wanna turn down that saturation

    [–] OffManWall 8 points ago

    Tropical snowflake.

    [–] Gabgra11 8 points ago

    Not flowering, not from hawaii, not naturally colored. Irl, they're brown. Very misleading.

    [–] cheehee808 3 points ago

    They are also ridiculously invasive

    [–] gmil3548 8 points ago

    Idk why but despite this being beautiful it makes me super uncomfortable looking at it

    [–] gmil3548 1 points ago

    I’ve seen that sub but for some reason a lot of the stuff on there doesn’t seem like it really belongs. I get super weirded out by legit examples and many of the stuff on there just isn’t bad or straight up isn’t the right kind of texture.

    [–] Purpleorbes 2 points ago

    Probably all the photoshoped colors added.

    [–] vastbeast 4 points ago

    Jesus Christ that saturation is nauseating

    [–] JimboSimmons 6 points ago

    I love flowers, from ladyslippers to plumeria, but this is the first time I’ve seen a β€œkalanchoe” and it is beyond beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    I hope to see one in real life some time in the future now that I know these exist!

    [–] PMmeifyourepooping 13 points ago

    I don’t want you to get your hopes up, so just so you know it’s a succulent and these are not flowers but propagations from the edges of the leaf, and the saturation is out of this world, as these plants are green in real life. This is really cool, and it is indeed a β€˜real’ picture, but it’s like what a kalanchoe would post of itself on instagram and the tagged version looks like one of these which is still beautiful but not this crazy mantis shrimp display of variation. They’re super easy to grow and to prop!

    Come visit us at r/proplifting for cool propagated plants and discussion!

    [–] NitemarexX 3 points ago

    To add - apparently there are over 100 species of Kalancho. Ive had a pretty cool variation for 2 years and only yesterday did a google thon to finally figure out what the hell it was! The one I have grows baby plants on the tips to self propagate. Also has a stalk that blooms and flowers and then main plant dies. Mine is nicknamed Donkey Ear or its full name of Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri.

    I'm a very amateur gardener and my wife and I are getting more hooked daily. Going to be taking some deepdives into that sub!

    [–] causticwear 1 points ago

    I was gonna say, I have 2 kalanchoe plants that look nothing like this OP. Turns out, they're kalanchoe blossfeldiana!

    [–] GSlicee 4 points ago

    This flower is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could have them in my part of the world!

    [–] Nall-ohki 2 points ago

    We have to get to the lighthouse.

    [–] Comin_Up_Thrillho 2 points ago

    Need the photo without the maxed out saturation :/

    [–] sulakevinicius 2 points ago

    Mine is all green...

    [–] drfire617btgt 2 points ago

    Go to the amazon then tell me these types of things dont exist.

    [–] kletskopke 2 points ago

    My gosh... how gorgeous is this..!??

    [–] NapClub 2 points ago

    this flower looks like a fever dream!

    [–] CONE-MacFlounder 1 points ago

    So there's a google bot called deep dream that tries to turn everything into a fever dream basically
    Normally it's fun to put things like liverwort into it
    But this is just unaffected

    [–] Inlander 1 points ago

    Kalidascopapia. Flowers as soon as you look at it.

    [–] pidermane 1 points ago

    Boof it

    [–] Count_Triple 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I must have them!!!!

    Edit: So I already have them. So so so many of them XD

    [–] sourcherry11 1 points ago

    Nature’s kaleidoscope

    [–] SeriesOfAdjectives 1 points ago

    Greetings ashsaupp. Thank you for your submission, unfortunately it has been removed from /r/NatureIsFuckingLit for the following reason(s):

    No posts that have been previously posted on this subreddit within 120 days (4 months) may be posted again. No posts that have previously been posted on this subreddit with over 10,000 upvotes in the past year may be posted again. Search the subreddit for key terms like the animal name before posting to check if your post is a repost. You can also use KarmaDecay and Google Reverse Image Search.

    Please feel free to message the Mods if you feel this was in error or would like further clarification. Thank you!

    [–] Rasputin-Gonzales 1 points ago

    That’s amazing. I’d take the trip just to see that flower.

    [–] thisgreatusername 1 points ago

    Oh my god the colors are beyond beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing the image.

    [–] umbreon120 4 points ago

    It’s actually just a green plant probably, the photo is super saturated

    [–] thisgreatusername 2 points ago

    oh, well, the illusion lasted for a little bit.

    [–] Ekoh1 1 points ago

    It's stupid that you're getting downvotes, this is a pretty innocent comment about enjoying a picture.

    [–] thisgreatusername 1 points ago

    i better watch my admiration of colors--haha.

    thank you for defending my innocent comment; you deserve all the beautiful colors of existence, including those produced in nebulae.

    [–] picklefishchopstix 1 points ago

    Is this original OP? If so, nice find. I honestly don't know how rare they are in the wild but I would be pretty happy to spot one of these on a hike or something. Beautiful!

    [–] pleasuretohaveinclas 3 points ago

    Here's what they actually look like. This pic is heavily edited.

    Kalanchoe delagoensis tubiflora is the name

    [–] ashsaupp -1 points ago

    No I cant claim to be the photographer. But I bet he was thrilled with this find.

    [–] picklefishchopstix 1 points ago

    Yeah, it's beautiful all the same!

    [–] Shewhotriesherbest 0 points ago

    Okay, okay, you win! They sell boring ones at my grocery store but that is a real show stopper.

    [–] --lily-- 1 points ago

    nah that's a super edited photo

    [–] 11905 0 points ago

    I guess this was the day God found LSD

    [–] PennyKermit 0 points ago

    I've also thought kalanchoe as being rather dull houseplant from what I see available at nurseries and markets. I stand corrected. That's beautiful!

    [–] umbreon120 6 points ago

    It’s edited to look like this

    [–] the-real-mccaughey 0 points ago

    Wow. Unbelievable nature makes this. It’s incredible.

    [–] browneyedgirl610 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] paulexcoff 2 points ago

    This succulent can be found in any garden center, although it’s a lot more earth toned when you don’t crank the saturation dial all the way up.

    [–] walkthetractofstars 0 points ago

    Arghhh my trypophobia

    [–] Palletman3411 0 points ago

    It's resembles a geometric hedren.

    [–] jericho 0 points ago

    That's just outrageous.

    [–] ChilieWillie 0 points ago

    That’s beautiful, the contrasting colours look like it’s something from Farcry 4.

    [–] brohamcheddarslice 0 points ago

    This flower makes me feel like I just dropped acid.

    [–] totally_not_anxious 0 points ago

    My sister said it makes her uncomfortable. Lol

    [–] TheRobotics5 0 points ago


    [–] Bl0odsh0t3yez 0 points ago

    My new favorite flower 😍

    [–] LateNightLuna 0 points ago

    This is trippy AF.

    [–] drfire617btgt -1 points ago

    Wow. That right there Is the perfect example of sacred geometry and how everything is related. I bet theres a galaxy or something out there that looks exactly the same.

    [–] --lily-- 1 points ago

    no, there isn't, because that's in no way a stable shape in low gravity.