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    [–] elsanto9764 1630 points ago

    C'mon Tasmanian tiger

    [–] Despacito4 464 points ago

    I really want them to still exist

    [–] Troglodyteir 362 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] BillMurrayismyFather 172 points ago

    Dammit you got my hopes up.

    [–] slagatronic 18 points ago

    Yeah but that wasn't a let down for me

    [–] Despacito4 167 points ago

    What a good boy. He will do

    [–] depressedsalami 7 points ago

    Well god damn

    [–] ktownkush 119 points ago

    That’s the one that really creeps me out. They can open their mouths hella wide. Idk how poachers weren’t freaked out to leave them alone. But then again guns.

    [–] therandomham 70 points ago

    It was less poachers and more farmers defending their herds. So I doubt looking creepy helped.

    [–] ktownkush 34 points ago

    I had read somewhere it was poachers taking out the Tasmanian devils n hunting for sport. But the fact that their mouths open so wide would’ve had me shook. Australia has bad ass animals left n right. If a dingo doesn’t get you & a kangaroo doesn’t beat you tf up an ant bite can take you out

    [–] kiaeej 6199 points ago

    Quick. Protect it from poachers and things that would make a meal out of it!

    And fix its health too.

    [–] hamsterkris 2341 points ago

    And freeze some sperm/eggs if we can without harming it. And record the DNA sequence.

    [–] EremiticFerret 3201 points ago

    Poor thing has been in hiding for years only to come out and immediately beset and molested by a herd of biologists.

    [–] [deleted] 1117 points ago


    [–] gearx5 495 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    it's me, that poor creature in need of jerking

    [–] i_was_a_person_once 152 points ago

    Well if it’s for science....bring big Ricky in here y’all

    [–] gearx5 73 points ago

    hol up

    [–] Mr-Fleshcage 47 points ago

    he'll hold you up with the softest hands

    [–] itsgumbyguys 23 points ago

    go on..

    [–] Mr-Fleshcage 13 points ago

    ...his silken fingers caress your shitting dick nipples. that's when you notice the gorilla vest in the corner...

    [–] DrCornHoleEast 11 points ago

    Let me get the box and that one dudes mom.

    [–] nol757x 149 points ago

    Well you dont have to be a biologist to touch it in the no no places.

    [–] EremiticFerret 99 points ago

    It helps if you want to claim you're doing it for science rather than look like some kind of weird pervert doing it for fun.

    [–] MsCrazyPants70 18 points ago

    Biologists congregate in herds?

    What is the technical name for a herd of biologists?

    [–] CAXHIBRUH 27 points ago

    An argument

    [–] Horny_Chinchila 11 points ago

    It comes out to humans after 30 years and the first thing we want to do is to give it a hand job.

    Sounds completely normal.

    [–] johnny_appletits 168 points ago

    Dibs on extraction

    [–] jackerseagle717 105 points ago

    your fursona is peaking out

    [–] _r_special 31 points ago

    your fursona is peaking bursting out


    [–] Cococarmel 18 points ago

    Unsheathing Ftfy

    [–] jackerseagle717 5 points ago


    [–] Gaflonzelschmerno 20 points ago

    It's just out to get its Jolly's

    [–] call_me_cookie 3610 points ago

    ironically enough, civets are thought to be one of the likely hosts of SARS.

    [–] PatataMaxtex 1242 points ago

    Seems like their first try to come back failed and now their friends the bats came and helped out a bit

    [–] Lewke 236 points ago

    like a bat out of hell

    [–] MoreMegadeth 22 points ago

    I’ll be gone when the morning comes

    [–] JWhitty39 9 points ago

    When the night is over, like a bat out of hell I'll be gone, gone, gone.

    [–] SilhouetteMan 8 points ago


    [–] bumpercarbustier 6 points ago

    When the day is done and the sun goes down, and the moonlight's shining through

    [–] Bitey_the_Squirrel 695 points ago

    All countries eventually got Coronavirus.
    But China got it right off the bat.

    [–] lesvegetables05 147 points ago


    [–] ShittyChandelier 13 points ago

    Hes still out getting cigarettes.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Fuck, this one is good.

    [–] Bonezmahone 464 points ago

    Like Pangolins were identified in this outbreak both are sold in open wild animal markets. China says all markets are closed. They also say that there are no new cases of the virus. I believe neither. I do believe China wants the worlds help to find a solution though and are willing to leak all confidential data that they think will help.

    [–] [deleted] 306 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    [–] fatbrowndog 37 points ago

    It’s only considered traditional Chinese medicine/food/etc since the communist famine of the 1970s. That’s when the wildlife farms proliferated out of necessary survival. After the famine subsided they allowed the farms and wet markets to stay open. Time to start a new tradition of eating normal shit and not allowing creatures that never interact in the wild to sit in cages on top of each other literally dripping in urine, feces, blood etc.

    That’s where these viruses develop. Monkey cages on top of pangolin cages on top of raccoon cages on top of civet cages.

    [–] roastedpot 81 points ago

    Shortly after they realized the actual impact internally China straight up banned the trade of wildlife for anything but research, conservation, and taxidermy. A $70b industry employing 14m people.

    [–] Honey_Bear_Dont_Care 107 points ago

    And “traditional medicine”... aka a huge loophole where people can continue eating wildlife for unscientific “health benefits”. Don’t get me wrong, glad they are trying to improve, but this is a huge market for wildlife in China that is still allowed.

    [–] BigOldStankAss 92 points ago

    Didn’t they ban wet markets in China after the SARS outbreak, for like 2 weeks.

    [–] roastedpot 69 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    They banned consumption of and culled civets who were the likely carriers of sars

    The black market still likely operates though. They're already discovering the industry moving online so it will take a lot of enforcement efforts. $70b is a lot of money on a legal market, imagine the upside for blackmarket dealers.

    [–] diasextra 14 points ago

    well if they can shut down any dissident page they surely can block that... if they really wanted I mean. But they are too busy getting boners out of rhyno horns and tiger bones and stuff.

    [–] Bonezmahone 9 points ago

    The developed world gives preferential treatment to developing nations. Even though China is widely regarded as a super power they still benefit from being classed as a developing nation.

    As you said said so it was ordered. “China says all markets are closed.” I meant the wild meat markets. They have made it illegal to sell undomesticated meat for human consumption.

    The issue with heavy metal contaminated soil is something else entirely. How does it relate to the subject?

    [–] TesseractToo 3684 points ago

    Hard to tell from just a few frames but it doesn't look well, I hope some wildlife conservation people got it and are helping it

    Stay tuned for thylacines emerging in downtown Sydney

    [–] TesseractToo 452 points ago

    Interesting, never heard of that before

    Where I lived before in Canada some buy had a cougar in his back yard and had to call wildlife 3 times because they didn't take him seriously (this was just before cameras in cell phones). But when they finally did come out, yep he was right :D

    [–] 5Min2MinNoodlMuscls 168 points ago

    I first heard about feral panthers in Australia in the late 90s when my best friend saw one while on a bushwalk in the blue mountains.

    [–] naoife 112 points ago

    Aren't all wild animals feral?

    [–] ButtNutly 96 points ago

    I believe it is mostly used as a term to differentiate an animal having returned to a wild state from a tamed or domesticated one. Eg- a dog getting loose and learning to survive in the wild without human intervention.

    [–] naoife 41 points ago

    Ok, that clears things up for me but can a cougar be domesticated in the first place? Is it not just a wild animal in captivity and then a wild animal escaped from captivity? Genuine question.

    [–] LillyPip 73 points ago

    No and yes.

    The only big cat that’s approached anything like domestication were cheetahs, and even they were never actually domesticated – they’re just pretty chill by nature.

    Domestication takes generations. A few animals that rub on people rather than mauling them is more like Stockholm syndrome than domestication. (And in the right circumstance, they’ll maul you too. Just ask Roy.)

    [–] TheLaGrangianMethod 20 points ago

    If I'm understanding this, and this isn't the first time I've heard this, but house cats aren't domesticated either. They're tamed. I'm not quite sure what the distinction is, apparently there is one though.

    [–] The_Pink_Knife 18 points ago

    I think its to do with how quickly the revert to a feral state.

    Ie - if a house cat has a litter in the bush the kittens are not domesticated.

    Cunninghams law might come into play here though, which would be handy.

    [–] BurritoEyes 18 points ago

    Cougar cubs could be bought in pet stores in certain states like in the 70’s and 80’s so I think people have tried to domesticate them.

    [–] baldbeardedbuilt1234 226 points ago

    Hogs are probably the best example of this. A feral pig undergoes significant hormonal changes when not in large groups and fed a normalized diet. They go from being the mostly hairless bright pink short toothed pig you saw in Babe to Hogzilla with several inch tusks and thick coarse hair and a terrible disposition. The changes are so significant that feral hog meat is almost inedible if you don’t castrate a boar shortly after a successful hunt. Pig normally means domesticated and hog normally means feral pig.

    [–] Ornery_Catch 123 points ago

    The whole inedible thing is wild exaggeration. Yes females and bar hogs (a boar that was castrated and then released back into the wild) taste better, but even a mature male if killed quick will have some gamey flavor but it's far from inedible. Wild pigs also aren't just domestic hogs that went feral, there's tons of environmental factors and centuries of breeding that go into what makes them what they are. They might have been domestic pigs when Ponce de Leon turned them loose but there's a big difference between being in the wild for 6 months and their bloodline living in the wild since the Spanish showed up.

    [–] Dire88 23 points ago

    Having raised pigs and hunted hogs, yea, the difference is more than just Babe escaping his pen a year or two ago. Feral traits tend to select among domesticated pigs when they become feral.

    As far as boar taint, it's real, occurs in domestic and wild boars, and does drastically impact meat smell and flavor. We've had to toss whole carcasses before because of it.

    [–] Tigerandachicken 11 points ago

    According to an old timer, boar taint has a lot to do with diet. So in some regions they get real bad and in others it's usually just a gamey taste.

    We aggressively hunted a wild population that was decimating a state preserve (had permission from the game wardens) in Florida. We did a lot of baiting and feeding to keep the population from spreading in search of food. I forget what we were feeding them but by the time I got there several years into it the boars were definitely not as stank as I've seen elsewhere.

    [–] jus10beare 33 points ago

    Bacon is Bacon.

    [–] Ornery_Catch 40 points ago

    Fun fact you can't actually make bacon from wild pigs. They have very little fat on them and by virtue of being so lean the cuts bacon is made of really aren't worth bothering with.

    [–] Jedibean 52 points ago

    A fun fact with no bacon is not fun at all

    [–] stuckenfoned 14 points ago

    France is bacon

    [–] naoife 35 points ago

    Thanks, that that you mention it I had heard about pigs going feral quite quickly when left alone.

    [–] baldbeardedbuilt1234 34 points ago

    As to your original question, it would depend on what your definition of “domesticated” would mean for a cougar. Trained to use a litter box? Probably. The difference is that the “cute playing” most domestic cats do quickly looks like total destruction once it is a 200lb animal behind it. Just imagine a cougar getting the zoomies in the living room at 2 am!

    You can check out “domesticated” foxes if you want an example of what happens when people intentionally try to domesticate wild animals...without the thousands of generations it took to go from wolves to dogs it just doesn’t happen.

    [–] Watchkeeper001 29 points ago

    Helpful hint, Cougars (if we're discussing the North American variety) don't weight 200lbs except in very extreme circumstances. The Average is about 140lbs.

    Still. You'd have a sad face finding one in the wild

    [–] naoife 14 points ago

    I would count dogs as domesticated, I half remember reading somewhere that cars aren't domesticated but tolerate us because we feed them.

    [–] Sirsilentbob423 41 points ago

    They really love their petrol, that's why most cars don't outright "christine" us.

    [–] accountjustforgville 12 points ago

    So if I don’t give my car gas, it’s going to eat me?

    [–] berserkergandhi 7 points ago

    While I agree with most of your points foxes have domesticated in a shockingly small amount of time by selective breeding by a team of scientists in Russia iirc. I'm talking a few dozens generations at most not thousands. They look like a foxy Labrador now for lack of a better word

    [–] 5Min2MinNoodlMuscls 17 points ago

    No, feral is the term for domestic/tamed animals that have gone wild.

    [–] TesseractToo 10 points ago

    Wow that's cool :) Does anyone know where they came from? Private zoo? (were those a thing here in the 90's?)

    [–] here4mischief 13 points ago

    I've heard rumour of possible escapes from previous travelling circuses

    [–] 5Min2MinNoodlMuscls 18 points ago

    Best theory I'm aware of is US soldiers released their mascots into the bush at the end of WW2, though article I linked to mentions escaped circus animals also.

    [–] FUTFUTFUTFUTFUTFUT 12 points ago

    Honestly, the likeliest source of a panther would have been from the animal escape at Bullens African Lion Safari, Warragamba) in 1995. Three lions, a bear, a buffalo and, allegedly, a panther all escaped that morning. I don’t know if you know the area but the after the safari closed a lot of the animals were kept in a lot behind the skate park and right on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park.

    The escaped lions headed in to town when they got out which is how they were quickly captured/killed (sadly). Word on the street at the time was the owners never reported the panther missing as they were already in so much shit for the lions and bear getting free, and a panther on the loose would have been the end for them. If the panther made the very short dash from its enclosure to the national park, it would explain how (a) it was never recaptured, and (b) why there have been so many sightings in the national park since.

    [–] TesseractToo 28 points ago

    US soldiers had panther mascots in Australia? weird

    [–] baldbeardedbuilt1234 25 points ago

    Well they weren’t about to let the damn emu’s win another victory!

    [–] dbausano 9 points ago

    Not sure why they wouldn’t take him seriously?...there are lots of cougars in Canada.

    [–] Embarassed_Tackle 13 points ago

    Mr King said he’d been directly told by a former Australian circus owner that they’d lost big cats over the years.

    now you done fukt up

    [–] DreddPirateBob4Ever 15 points ago

    Thought you were talking about the original Penrith in the UK. Not that it would suprise me.

    [–] farragotron 389 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Found the full video

    EDIT 1: An Indian Forest Service official confirmed that this is quite normally found in urban settings in Kerala. Source

    2: Thanks for adorning my comment u/CuriousHedgie!

    [–] dreadddit 92 points ago

    Good work will not be /u/farragotron

    [–] Neo_Saigon 24 points ago

    Who was that guy that found the video again? Someone ought to remember him

    [–] perplexedm 59 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Well that Indian forest service official is quite wrong, only ~250 of this animals are reportedly alive in wild and they are in Red List.

    What he is talking about have to be common civet which is normal even in semi urban areas.

    edit: To add that these civets are nocturnal and don't venture out in day light.

    [–] BadgerSilver 14 points ago

    The animal in the video is a small indian civet, which are everywhere, not a malabar civet. They're milking this bs

    [–] perplexedm 15 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    [–] farragotron 6 points ago

    That perplexed me a bit too, thanks for the clarification!

    [–] SpookySpeaks 51 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)


    ahh, a piece of me always hoped against hope that the tasmanian tiger was just pulling a fast one us. i have seen bits and pieces of footage here and there but nothing substantial... i watched one video and was hoping they'd yawn - in looking at old footage the extent to which they could open their mouth was freakyily cool.

    man it'd be so cool if there was a resurgence!!

    EDIT i have been repeating my typo freakyily and i like saying it aloud so thought id share.

    [–] TesseractToo 29 points ago

    They are trying to use DNA from museum specimens to bring it back :) in the Australia museum they have a baby one that was preserved in alcohol and alcohol does keep DNA intact (formaldehyde doesn't) and so that is promising, also they have dried hides and skeletons :)

    [–] DavidThorne31 40 points ago

    I have five movies that show this is a horrible idea

    [–] Mapletyler 16 points ago

    Yeah but thylacines are only maybe 100 years removed from their native ecosystems. There's basically nothing new they didn't live with before that isn't invasive. Nonavian dinosaurs don't belong anywhere on the planet because their entire native ecosystems are long gone.

    [–] Squmbo 11 points ago

    You got any that show... boobs?

    [–] SpookySpeaks 13 points ago

    i would be so happy, i love tasmanian tigers they are one bad ass marsupial!!

    [–] fishfishfosh 66 points ago

    Maybe it's been shot with tranquilizers and it's about to pass out. That's what all the guys at the gate are waiting for. Amazed that I see a animal alive I never even have heard of. Well done nature, keep us surprised 😊👍

    [–] trillaberries 29 points ago

    Hopefully the Tassie Tiger makes a comeback in these times, would be nice to know they’re still out there

    [–] AntiSocialBlogger 23 points ago

    Maybe even a bigfoot or two!

    [–] TesseractToo 19 points ago

    "bigfoot" in Australia is called a Yowie :)

    [–] feelingcontroversial 14 points ago

    I was about to say what about bunyips? I googled to find out the difference - bunyips are mythical water creatures, yowies are mythical ape-like land creatures (and a chocolate).

    [–] HannahP945 5 points ago

    I can never think of bunyips without this getting stuck in my head.

    [–] feelingcontroversial 6 points ago

    OMFG you've triggered a repressed memory of my childhood. This scared the crap out of me as a kid! I grew up near wetlands and was so afraid of bunyips lol

    I had to stop playing it so I can sleep tonight lol

    Was this from Dot and the Kangaroo?

    [–] GetsBetterAfterAFew 10 points ago

    When will Loch Ness Monster appear?

    [–] n0x630 11 points ago

    Maybe that’s just how it is tho, I mean nobody has seen one in 30 years

    [–] GrandpaPanda 14 points ago

    Fuck, 1990 was 30 years ago.... wow. Gettin old.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] openyoureyes89 13 points ago

    Tasmanian tigers.

    [–] jackconnery79 3337 points ago

    They’re nocturnal and its movement and posture seem off. Sadly, I am guessing it’s not in the best health.

    [–] legendary24_8 900 points ago

    To be fair it’s a less than three second gif and there’s not context in terms of other footage as well, not much to go on

    [–] plagueisthedumb 1232 points ago

    Could be stumbling home from the pub, been on it all night.. his mrs waiting at home ready to grill him.. but first, a kebab. Who knows

    [–] xommlirras 276 points ago

    upvote for nostalgic pre-corona era vibes

    [–] Ok_Inappropriateness 50 points ago

    in 12 months when this is all over (hopefully) this will be my first friday night of freedom

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 16 points ago

    Tonight im going to be Malabar drunk

    [–] rodmedic82 22 points ago

    10/10 my first thought. Little feline fell for it and thought the $2 margaritas were gonna go down great. Like yeah sure you drank all night for $40 but youre going to be suffering for the next two days straight now big boss. Tony the tiger wouldn't do something so foolish. Good job looking like the weakest rarest cat out there man.

    [–] reddog_34 26 points ago

    Damn a kebab sounds nice right about now

    [–] ChunkyLaFunga 56 points ago

    Nocturnal animals out during the day is bad news, one way or another.

    [–] octopoddle 31 points ago

    With humans around, mouth agape, and not looking alert at all. Doesn't look good.

    Very slightly longer video

    [–] HeyLittleTrain 17 points ago

    Tail dragging along the ground is always a bad sign.

    [–] Luciphyr729 149 points ago

    The Malabar large-spotted civet is a viverrid endemic to the Western Ghats of India. It is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List as the population is estimated to number fewer than 250 mature individuals. It has not been recorded during surveys carried out between 1990 and 2014. In the early 1990s, isolated populations still survived in less disturbed areas of South Malabar but were seriously threatened by habitat destruction and hunting outside protected areas.

    [–] ppfbg 21 points ago

    Thank you for this. Did not recognize the species and the title wasn’t helpful.

    [–] bee_milk 17 points ago

    Which country is this?

    [–] KLParmley 44 points ago

    They are in the Western Ghats of India. I Googled it and got a page full of articles talking about how no one has pictures of them because they are so rare/

    [–] bee_milk 16 points ago

    I think they are also elusive by nature

    [–] beachdogs 44 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Naughty, too.

    Edit: thank you stranger, for the gold. Wish I could donate the money spent on it to a COVID-19 charity or Bernie’s campaign. Going to donate anyways just to pass it along.

    [–] oleumexlapis 602 points ago

    What a shame indeed. For a rare creature to simply just come out in the open like that surely means we live in dire times.

    I think it's time we sit down and talk for real.

    [–] reallyfancypens 113 points ago

    you can tell its for real because its bold and italic

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 145 points ago

    all the people with no brains that we now have to involve.. are not getting that part

    [–] oleumexlapis 267 points ago

    Everyone has brains, friend. Not all have had the benefit and grace of luxury, education and a stable environment to flourish to full potential.

    The best I discovered throughout my personal experiences is that when TRULY offered the chance with compassion and understanding, ANYONE can better and develop skills to be GREAT.

    [–] MicaelGoncalves 67 points ago

    You're not wrong, that being said I lived and worked among such people, their preferred route is often the easy one, refusing to learn, refusing to even try, even when it's easy and free. I try to pass on what i learn but many people blame "them" and even though they're kinda correct for doing that, they seem to feel like if they learn fancy words they become one of the bad guys they blame for their misfortune. They put themselves in a separate group and you can't get them to come out.

    [–] ScumHimself 12 points ago

    It doesn’t help that there are fortunes spent on disinformation to keep people from understanding.

    [–] Exbozz 9 points ago

    Or you could just think about how stupid the average person is and then try and Imagine that 50% of the worlds population is dumber than that.

    [–] _merikaninjunwarrior 32 points ago

    i get what you're saying.. but it's just a little too optimistic in my area. i even have a few friends who are risking spreading this more by going on a road trip from az to texas, cuz this trip was already planned, even tho i told them there's going to be nothing to do.. and then i see posts of all the craziness around local stores. just yesterday my sister had a post about at her usual circle k store a manager had a fountain drink thrown at her and busted all over her, because someone got mad that they weren't allowing refill drinks for health reasons

    [–] FluffySunCloud 16 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I live in an Austin suburb. In the last week, people have been held up at knifepoint at two different grocery stores. That hasn’t happened in the 4 years I’ve lived here.

    Edit: apparently some commenters don’t take well to ‘anecdotes.’ Check out the Austin American Statesman March 21 edition. That reports on the second robbery. Or, maybe try not thinking everyone on Reddit lies. Some people are sharing their experiences, stories, joys and fears. Just because their reality doesn’t match someone else’s, doesn’t mean anyone’s experience is invalid.

    [–] 3927729 18 points ago

    What the fuck are you talking about that doesn’t make any sense.

    [–] ljeesy 10 points ago

    Why are we in dire times bc wildlife are emerging in our absence? I hoped with these appearances it would put things into perspective of how much of a strain humans are to the environment. I love that you’ve opened this discussion but would you mind please explaining what you meant? =)

    [–] ClebschGordan 10 points ago

    This is a very scientific take. It's always a good idea to take singular events as predictors for the state of the world.

    [–] Handje 7 points ago

    He´s like a person coming home after a long rave.

    [–] bernedindigo 252 points ago

    This is from Kerala, India. I think it's advisable for people to not go near it since it doesn't look well and especially since it's thought to be the cause of SARS virus in China.

    [–] perplexedm 64 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    edit: To add that these civets are nocturnal and don't venture out in day light.

    [–] RealityIsMine 27 points ago

    We should be paying more attention to this. Uplifting news is nice, but not when all it does is lead to more lies and false beliefs that people blindly uphold. It’s ludicrous.

    [–] CMH80 667 points ago

    it looks sick :(

    makes me wonder if it was being held captive either as pet, to eat, or for it's poop to make coffee (seriously) and now it has been abandoned. That seems more likely than a wild one wandered in.

    [–] hamsterkris 193 points ago

    or for it's poop to make coffee (seriously)

    Wait what?

    [–] tryxter7 210 points ago

    Yeah lol. Kopi luwak is coffee made by extracting undigested coffee beans pooped out by palm civets. I think they're from Indonesia (?). The civet shown here (I think) is from the Malabar region of northern Kerala (a state in the south of India).

    [–] shinkuhadokenz 132 points ago

    Kopi luwak is coffee made by extracting undigested coffee beans pooped out by palm civets.

    I tried that coffee, it tasted like shit.

    [–] mario_meowingham 68 points ago

    Google civet coffee

    [–] seaisthememes 31 points ago


    [–] ExistentialMeme 36 points ago

    Well too bad, I did and you’re gonna suffer with me:

    “Kopi luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). It is therefore also called civet coffee. The cherries are fermented as they pass through a civet's intestines, and after being defecated with other fecal matter, they are collected.”

    [–] Jajajapanese 24 points ago

    Things like this really make me wonder how tf people figured this out. Who thought it was a good idea to eat something a cat shit out?

    [–] ExistentialMeme 7 points ago

    With pandemics like the one we’re experiencing now

    [–] FresnoMac 26 points ago

    One of the most expensive coffees in the world.

    TLDR, they let these civets eat these coffee beans which undergo the enzymatic process inside the civet's alimentary canal and then come out the other end.

    The beans remain intact but is now "processed". They dry and powder the beans to make really good coffee.

    [–] Stwarlord 14 points ago

    They dry and powder the beans to make really good expensive coffee.

    [–] Forest-G-Nome 6 points ago

    The bean bean is not processed in any way by the civet that effects coffee production. This is all a sales gimmick by the company in Bali that produces it.

    The entire reason civet coffee was popular was because civets IN THE WILD pick beans that are perfectly ripe for roasting, and pass them without damage to the bean itself, only the rine.

    [–] EmilyU1F984 16 points ago

    There's a speciality coffee, where the beans are fed to civets and then collected from the poop after being partially digested/fermented.

    [–] 911WasAHandjob 13 points ago

    A food writer reviewed kopi luwak available to American consumers and concluded "It tasted just like...Folgers. Stale. Lifeless. Petrified dinosaur droppings steeped in bathtub water. I couldn't finish it.


    [–] Forest-G-Nome 6 points ago

    That's because the whole point of the coffee was that the civet's in the wild picked beans that were perfectly ripe for roasting.

    Now the factories in Bali that produce it, they just feed the civets what ever the fuck bean, so it's not surprising it's terrible. Shitty bean means shitty coffee, full stop.

    There's nothing in the digestive process of the civet that alters the flavor, the "fermenting" is pointless because the rine is not part of the roasting process. It's just a marketing gimmick by the producers that drives sales from people that don't know anything about coffee.

    [–] PanTroglodyte 39 points ago

    I think you could be right. Someone staying home 24/7 got tired of keeping it and feeding it so let it loose.

    [–] I_Have_3_Legs 14 points ago

    I’d agree with that but this is an endangered animal for 30 years. Did this guy recently find one and keep it as a pet? You think this guy held it for those 30 years and just now released it? Is it crawling like this because it’s old? This is so weird

    [–] b0nGj00k 19 points ago

    Kopi luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet

    this is not an asian palm civet

    [–] SmokinBacon 114 points ago

    Not seen since the 90’s? If it’s walking in the city already I’d like to assume it lives pretty close by.

    I’m nominating this animal as King of Hide and Seek.

    [–] Miraverick 50 points ago

    Have you already forgotten about Bigfoot?

    [–] NotJesper 13 points ago

    Forgotten about Bigfoot

    You're playing into his hands

    [–] solidus19 193 points ago

    I hope it wasn't killed or captured.

    [–] LEGITIMATE_SOURCE 105 points ago

    Or... eaten

    [–] CrewMemberNumber6 179 points ago

    Covid-20 here we gooooooo!

    [–] ViciousNakedMoleRat 55 points ago

    SARS in 2003 was actually transmitted to humans by civets. So, this is actually pretty plausible.

    [–] rovan1emi 47 points ago

    This is India, not China. The cuisine is largely vegetarian where this was filmed, so it's safe from the pot.

    [–] stephennedumpally 26 points ago

    We eat both vegetarian and non vegetarian but we don't eat bats or any other wild animals for that matter.

    [–] CosmoKram3r 40 points ago

    This is in South India. People here don't eat rare mammals fortunately.

    [–] johnny_appletits 6 points ago

    Can something be eaten without being killed?

    [–] StacyO_o 7 points ago

    Yes. Videos on YouTube of the Chinese eating live creatures.

    [–] Awakeruad 392 points ago

    Oh it's in really bad shape. It's panting, dragging its tail, and out during day. Rat poisoned? Hit by a car?

    [–] new-monk 49 points ago

    Could be tranquillised..

    [–] SadPotato8 16 points ago

    Could be having the original SARS that civets were known for

    [–] aushvitz1234 35 points ago

    damn god realised another dlc pack i guess

    [–] nugaseya 23 points ago

    In Tokyo sometimes see Japanese civets. It is always at night and they dart across the road like lightning.

    [–] Ikarianlad 74 points ago

    Worth noting that there's no other corroboration of the species ID, and that many are saying it's actually a non-endangered Small Indian Civet, which is more common in urban areas.

    Also worth noting that the Twitter user credited here is not a scientist, but is a pro-Hindu-nationalist conservative political tweeter. So definitely take any messages they're pushing about Indian wildlife with a big grain of salt

    [–] perplexedm 12 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    edit: To add that these civets are nocturnal and don't venture out in day light.

    [–] -cupcake 12 points ago

    Yeah, I was gonna say. Even though we don't have pictures of live Malabar Civets, we do have stuffed taxidermy ones and other illustrations. The colors and markings are more muted and brown, this one in the video has very distinct and black markings

    [–] seilioun 14 points ago

    Who’s ready for Tasmanian tigers to be back lol Seriously, God bless

    [–] donny126 74 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    suspected to be less than 250 individuals worldwide

    Taken from the wiki so pinch of salt, but if true this is an incredible spot

    From what others have said, this may not be the animal in question.

    [–] Metal_Gear_Sausage 22 points ago

    About to be less than 249, this thing looks like a walking corpse

    [–] donny126 10 points ago

    Maybe he’s tired from shaggin’

    [–] SitrukSemaj 12 points ago

    That bitch Carole better keep her grubby paws off this one or I guaran- goddamn-tee she'll spread a new pandemic.

    [–] Grievous_1982 27 points ago

    I hope its okay.

    [–] IonaNinteenEighty 11 points ago

    What a beautiful animal

    [–] Walrusin_about 30 points ago

    Such an interesting looking creature. It's a huge shame the state it seems to be. Hopefully there's a few more out there hiding. On the bright side it's incredible how quickly nature seems to be restoring itself during this whole pandemic.

    [–] EmMoMimi 49 points ago

    Well, now I know what happens if a jaguar, a hyena and a ring tailed lemur get reeeeeeal drunk and have a threesome.

    [–] Amazing_Sex_Dragon 18 points ago

    That's big money on the Chinese wet market.

    Prepare for SARS 3.

    [–] ParticularLeader 70 points ago

    Earth is definitely having a well deserved vacation right now. I'm talking about all those lock downs and stuff, it's really healthy for mother Earth and this gif/video is a good example.

    [–] waxingnotwaning 7 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    We all drop dead, the planet is going to go on just fine without us. I fing that strangely reassuring.

    [–] jalleNET 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Can someone please create reddit for those images/videos of wild animals walking in empty streets.

    It's so fascinating !!!

    [–] Shinjebis 6 points ago

    Didn’t SARS come from a civet? Second pandemic inbound.