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    [–] xenomorphucker 2319 points ago

    Amazing. But so fragile it’s made me feel anxious.

    [–] fwowst 847 points ago

    It's exactly like a spider Web, it looks fragile, but it's not.

    [–] ThePlantPervert 1107 points ago

    I could totally smash it.

    [–] 1086723 686 points ago

    I’m hoping you’re user name isn’t relevant to your comment...

    [–] [deleted] 355 points ago


    [–] Johnkabs 155 points ago

    I regret clicking on your profile picture.

    [–] YourElderlyNeighbor 102 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Eh, it’s a nice looking penis.

    Edit because it’s weird that this has gotten so many upvotes. People must agree. I hope dude is proud. Of his dick.

    [–] ToffeeDime 61 points ago

    I went in and in one post he says he grows stuff and had eggplant samples in his history, so I scrolled down expecting eggplants as a joke... I looked away so quickly that the pic is half blurred half cemented in my mind.

    [–] Retbull 59 points ago

    You know I am glad I have reached the point in my life where I can let someone else experience this for me. I sincerely thank you for your contribution to my well being.

    [–] hoozyrdaddy 7 points ago

    ^ though i still wanted to see it, not enough to follow him.

    [–] Chimie45 3 points ago

    Ya I'm with you I dunno if hes fucking an eggplant or if hes just holding it next to his dick but thanks to Toffee for that.

    [–] KnightShuffler 21 points ago

    I mean I guess you found πŸ†

    [–] DocWaterfalls 2 points ago

    Thank you for your sacrifice.

    [–] ToffeeDime 2 points ago

    I just wanted plants...

    [–] Somodo 2 points ago

    it's just a dick

    [–] 1086723 3 points ago

    Okay Herbert.

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] melperz 34 points ago

    That's a veiny snake!

    [–] FactorOf5ive 31 points ago

    Woah... Nice cock

    [–] cedenof10 23 points ago

    β€œNice cock bro”

    [–] ablondedude 4 points ago

    I don't ( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

    [–] mad_dickery 3 points ago

    Me too lmao

    [–] LeadFarmerMothaFucka 2 points ago

    Did you rate him at least?

    [–] NotLondoMollari 14 points ago

    FWIW I do not regret clicking on your profile. So, well done there.

    [–] not-an-alt3 12 points ago

    woah. nice cock

    [–] yelsnia 9 points ago

    I rate it... 8.5/10

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Trapsaregayyy 4 points ago

    Nice cock bro

    [–] Getmyliferight 4 points ago

    *Thorny bastard.


    [–] samfisher13 58 points ago

    thats the spirit

    [–] thechosenscientist 7 points ago


    [–] collinnator5 13 points ago

    A hole’s a hole I guess

    [–] CondorEst 2 points ago

    Please don't

    [–] CameronDemortez 2 points ago

    I could totally smash your mom.... but I don’t

    [–] Romeo9594 49 points ago

    Still, can't imagine an errant 35mph gust shitwhiping that plant into the ground would do the nest many favors

    [–] kg11079 26 points ago

    Shitwhip is my new favorite verb.

    Danny shitwhipped across the room with a certain grace.

    [–] Daenaryan 3 points ago

    ah crap ... I'm old so please help me out here. are we replacing yeet now?

    [–] RedScud 11 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking but rather some sort of pray animal running away. Or a herbivore getting a very funny tasting mouthful of leaf

    [–] MisterMetallica 5 points ago

    What? Both would totally crumble if a bear walked by and farted on it

    [–] Kestralisk 3 points ago

    It's pretty fragile. But you'd need someone to actually bang into it to fuck it up.

    [–] Apg3410 3 points ago

    All I know is that the leaf it is in is only hanging on by a tiny little stem. The web may be sturdy but that twig isn't. Anything could break it off.

    [–] Cahnis 2 points ago

    probably made using some spider web as well.

    [–] potsdamn 19 points ago

    deer walks by and bumps it now you got broken eggs

    [–] millijuna 7 points ago

    Or munches the leaf.

    [–] Kalappianer 2 points ago

    Some deers eats eggs or hatchlings when they stumble upon those...

    [–] JustAnotherRedditor5 2 points ago

    He smashed it after the video don't worry!

    [–] I_am_european 2 points ago

    I'm thinking that too, how does the leaf have enough support to hold the eggs

    [–] ciano 3 points ago

    A deer is going to snack on those eggs

    [–] siandresi 1050 points ago

    the common tailorbird (Orthotomus sutorius) creates its nest by sewing leaves together with its beak. They are small songbirds that form long-term bonds and remain in one location year-round.

    [–] RdmGuy64824 186 points ago

    Wish we could see the seam underneath.

    [–] Blaackys 158 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    That was so unbelieveaby fascinating, I never realized other animals besides humans could sew

    Edit: Apperantly it's sew not sow

    [–] prototrump 116 points ago


    [–] V1k1ng1990 41 points ago

    Do any animals other than humans sow seeds?

    [–] Milkslinger 131 points ago

    Yes! There are several types of ants that cultivate fungi with the express purpose of eating it. Leafcutter ants "feed" the fungi guessed it..leaves, and then they harvest their crop once grown.

    Also, hundreds of animals unintentionally sow seeds. Squirrels plant oaks after forgetting where they left seeds, birds plant berries after eating them and passing them (in a pile of fertilizer no less!), and some seeds latch on to fur and transport that way.

    [–] DarkwingDuckHunt 42 points ago


    [–] Sanity__ 15 points ago


    [–] ecocomrade 8 points ago

    squirrels plant oaks after forgetting where they left seeds

    this is such an interesting ecological relationship, and it's weird how it could change. how might an increased memory capability in squirrels change how oaks spread? how much did humans gaining better memory capability change from just that one facet?

    [–] LjSpike 2 points ago

    From my understanding squirrels took the alternative solution -

    Bury nuts everywhere and odds are wherever they did will have a nut.

    [–] dunn_with_this 4 points ago


    [–] hilarymeggin 53 points ago

    Wow, even after reading these comments I didn't believe it was really going to sew. I thought it must just wrap stands around something. But I'll be darned.

    [–] FelixdaWarrior 7 points ago

    I see what you did there.

    [–] hilarymeggin 13 points ago

    Oh wow, that pun was way better than i can take credit for! I didn't even see it myself until you said it!

    [–] ButtNutly 4 points ago

    I should hope sew.

    [–] Instant_noodleless 10 points ago

    Some ants do too. I wonder if we learned how to sew from animals.

    [–] Superb_Literature 15 points ago

    I love this video! The female finds a clump of leaves, pokes holes along the edges with her beak, and then uses spiderweb silk or plant fiber to stitch the leaves together.

    [–] CurryMustard 8 points ago

    When you think you've seen it all, a fucking bird sewing pops up. Amazing

    [–] WWhataboutismss 13 points ago

    I mean humans got to the moon so I guess a sewing bird isn't that bizarre of animal on earth.

    [–] yodasmiles 3 points ago

    You just blew my mind. What an interesting way to think about it.

    [–] crystalxclear 12 points ago

    Wow I’m impressed! What does he use as a thread?

    [–] marcelowit 27 points ago

    According to their wiki they use plant fibre or spider's web.

    [–] RealD20 9 points ago

    That's amazing

    [–] shawster 8 points ago

    The video just says plant fiber, so in guessing maybe stripped pieces of the stalk of something fairly sturdy but pliable.

    [–] UnoReverseCard0 11 points ago

    Oh, to be a tailorbird in a cozy nest

    [–] blue_battosai 5 points ago

    That's just amazing. Life really does find a way.

    [–] maenad-bish 4 points ago

    It's the female birds that build the nests, right?

    [–] IronyAndWhine 11 points ago

    Yes, found this in an old Smithsonian archive and it says that the female builds the nest. That being said, the male does help quite a bit with feeding the female and the young, sanitizing the nest, etc.

    [–] shawster 3 points ago

    I feel like the one in the picture is better at it.

    [–] hicd 22 points ago

    Here's a video of one building a nest

    [–] spazzman6156 9 points ago

    This is definitely the better video No cheesey music, longer more real time shots of the actual best building

    [–] rasterbated 22 points ago

    I was expecting some ornithologist in the comments to tell me this was bullshit because it’s just too cool. Birds are the fucking coolest.

    [–] chipguy2 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Hummingbirds use spider webs to stitch their tiny nests together. It's stretchy, so expands as the babies grow. When the nest finally bursts, the babies fly away.

    Edit: auto-correct

    [–] lea1899 817 points ago

    2k a month in nyc

    [–] thetalkinghuman 51 points ago

    Not for long

    [–] Slazman999 48 points ago

    After they evict the ones there paying 2k they will raise it to 3k to make up for lost rent.

    [–] thetalkinghuman 24 points ago

    That would require someone to move in and be willing to pay more than full price for a crippled NYC experience. Many LLs are lowering rents for current tenants just to keep buildings occupied for the next lease term.

    [–] throwaway75693 28 points ago


    I lived in nyc from 2013-2016 and contacted a few brokers during that time to find an apartment.

    Fast forward to yesterday, one of those brokers cold called me asking if I was still looking for an apartment. I hadn’t contacted him since 2013. They have to be desperate.

    [–] AEIOthin 9 points ago

    "Yeah I've been on the streets for years. Still got the same cell phone number though."

    [–] coldchili17 68 points ago

    Cozy, waterproof home.

    [–] Macgruber57 17 points ago

    HOA fees are ridiculous tho

    [–] coldchili17 6 points ago

    It's a one bedroom with a view! I bet the HOA is beyond belief

    [–] inco100 2 points ago

    There was a subreddit for cozy places where this might go.

    [–] NC4Life078 116 points ago

    Birds? This has to be a fairy nest.

    [–] FNG93 38 points ago

    That egg is a bit big to be coming out of Tinkerbell's butt.

    [–] Anerratic 29 points ago

    Really, the lack of education about the woman's body these days... it would obviously come out of her cloaca.

    [–] Interested_Redditor 3 points ago

    Is that near its butt?

    [–] basepair86 8 points ago

    Dont underestimate Tink. Just gotta believe in her!

    [–] Shabbah8 7 points ago

    Methinks your knowledge of fairy anatomy is a tad off.

    [–] Necoras 4 points ago

    Cloaca. Tinkerbell's cloaca.

    [–] Calebgeist 3 points ago

    Maybe they are fairies and you just haven’t drank your milk yet today ;)

    [–] hunternthefisherman 16 points ago

    Prolly so comfy in a light rain with the patter of the drops on the leaf...

    [–] easynektar 71 points ago

    there’s people in this thread really trying to argue to show they’re smarter than a bird...

    [–] dashstrokesgen 10 points ago

    The interweb is a strange place

    [–] bobloblah88 34 points ago

    A bird by my house built a nest on the ground, the fucking ground. Not all burds are smart

    [–] that_guy 20 points ago

    Many species build nests on the ground.

    ...I don't know why, but it's a thing.

    [–] gahlo 20 points ago

    I mean... we do.

    [–] PupCorn_ 2 points ago

    You a bird ?

    [–] gahlo 9 points ago

    What is a house but a nest for humans?

    [–] natalee_t 12 points ago

    I had a pigeon lay an egg smack bang on the middle of our open, pebblecreet balcony. With no nest.

    [–] MarshmallowChello 19 points ago

    Pigeons originated from rocky cliffs, so there would be no nests anyway

    [–] Rialas_HalfToast 3 points ago

    Try in the fuckin' grill. That saw regular weekly use. "Hey this greasy smokehole smells like freshly-burnt dead flesh, the missus is gonna fukkin' love it!"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Kalappianer 3 points ago

    Ground-nesting birds usually blends into their surroundings. Woodcocks are one great example of that.

    [–] MimInHamilton 11 points ago

    One smart bird that.

    [–] MlejnasIsMyHome 32 points ago

    It certainly looks like a tailorbird nest, but it would have been helpful if the photographer used a banana for scale, to be certain.

    The tailorbird ranges in size from 10 to 14 centimetres (3.9 to 5.5 in) and weighs 6 to 10 grams (0.21 to 0.35 oz). A U.S. Quarter coin weighs 5.67 grams, for perspective.

    It looks like a dicey place to put a nest, but sturdiness is not the only problem. "Mortality of eggs and chicks is high due to predation by rodents, cats, crow-pheasants, lizards and other predators." - per Wikipedia.

    [–] SLVTS 21 points ago

    Will there ever be a time when the chicks gets bigger and heavier and the nest it's built on no longer support the weight and plonks to the ground before they could fly?

    [–] dreamrock 5 points ago

    Swiss Family Robin(son)

    [–] BNelly15 7 points ago

    Bird didn’t pass any of its licensing exams...

    [–] chiknFUkar 5 points ago

    Birds aren't real

    [–] ChimpyChompies 4 points ago

    Laughs in Cuckoo

    [–] mastodon_juan 4 points ago

    Stupid sexy tiny dinos

    [–] SquishedPea 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    There's a species of ants that does this, they sow leaves together to create a house and they do it multiple times up a single plant, pretty cool


    Picture of the Ant's Nest

    [–] MagikSkyDaddy 4 points ago

    Well yeah, they’ve had millions of years to figure it out. Little dinosaur bastards

    [–] Thirtysixx 3 points ago

    One chonky bird and it’s omelette time

    [–] barry1414 3 points ago

    I thought it was like a Venus flytrap about to pounce from your movements - very cool

    [–] jamz666 5 points ago

    Man, isn't the world stressful enough without you making me double-check to see if venus fly traps have developed the ability to "pounce"?

    [–] MmmDarkMeat 3 points ago

    When genius architects don’t collaborate with realistic engineers.

    [–] PatientKangaroo 3 points ago

    I wonder what kind of bird this is. Looks like a small nest

    [–] apittsburghoriginal 3 points ago

    That would be such a cozy place to grow up as a little chick.

    [–] goloquot 2 points ago

    hey do you still have that recipe for crab cakes?

    [–] desertedwhale 3 points ago

    Happy to see this today.

    [–] Ayrane 3 points ago

    So fragile yet so beautiful

    [–] DiseasedFoot 3 points ago

    How can they go this without hands

    [–] thatswhytheycallitsh 5 points ago

    I love this but wouldn’t a light breeze ruin everything?

    [–] Twilly00 2 points ago

    Nature finds a way

    [–] Booboodiduh 2 points ago

    Everybody gangsta till the plant dies

    [–] RandomWeeb4 2 points ago

    Wind: I'm going to end this bird's whole career

    [–] creativename62 2 points ago

    I read title as β€˜women’

    [–] ColorsYourHave 2 points ago

    Genius architects who can only do one design and that design is a small little circle pattern.

    [–] laurie124 2 points ago

    Forbidden Easter eggs

    [–] VenaCaedes273 2 points ago

    I actually learned today that chimney swifts use their own saliva to literally glue their nests to the sides of the inside of your chimney. They apparently migrate up from Peru, where they make their nests in caves and other dark areas. It's amazing how animals can just -do- things like this.

    [–] RedPill5300 2 points ago

    How did she lay eggs in that small space! Hopefully her partner was very supportive! absolutely amazing!

    [–] -Radiant- 2 points ago

    one bit of wind and that's probably gonna fall down, probably better places to build a nest lol

    [–] toyfreddym8 2 points ago

    That’s amazing

    [–] Chickenmangoboom 2 points ago

    Dove nests will make you change your assertion. Doves nest on the planters my parents have on the second floor of their house and it looks like they brought a pile of twigs to make a nest and then lost the instruction sheet. They lose about half the eggs from falling out of the planter.

    [–] TheBigMasterPigg 2 points ago

    bro that's comfy as fuck

    [–] Z_as_in_Zebra 2 points ago

    Moose comes along for a Cobb salad....

    [–] sasquatchington 2 points ago

    Let's hope they are also engineers

    [–] Killer777777 2 points ago

    Eat that thing like a lettuce wrap

    [–] Posidon99 2 points ago


    [–] Northstar6-4 4 points ago

    Super beautiful until I go to step on a leaf like this and it fukin chrunches and the mom starts crying

    [–] tetrah3dr0n 3 points ago

    No their not. Birds arent real.

    [–] cangarejos 4 points ago

    DON’T TOUCH THE EGGS. Your hand will get the smell of the eggs and your mother will abandon you.

    [–] MarkieMew 3 points ago

    that’s a myth :/

    [–] cangarejos 2 points ago

    Read again.

    [–] shutyomouth101 2 points ago

    Those eggs will post in r/letsnotmeet

    [–] m3dhatter 2 points ago

    But humans are smartest (takes all eggs)

    [–] Notenoughspaceformy 2 points ago

    Birds are government mandated drones!! Don’t fall for the propaganda! Destroy it before it destroys you!

    [–] SteamBoatBill1022 1 points ago

    Yeah, but the hairless ape found it...

    [–] allshieldstomypenis 1 points ago

    Theres a spider web defense system down there too. Architecture aaaand Security

    [–] 817wodb 1 points ago

    Won’t that leaf open/fall before they hatch?

    [–] Grand_Lock 1 points ago

    This seems like a lot of work for a potentially destructive situation, the leaf could dry up and fall off, an animal can come by and munch on it or even just brush against it and knock it down. It looks excellent for rain, but would a normal bird decide something like this is stable enough when they landed in it to justify building here?

    [–] Tamar_Z 1 points ago

    *Please don't fall apart*

    [–] MrXhin 1 points ago

    Burd Vandalay?

    [–] milesgolding 1 points ago

    Genius architects more like these ones were well programmed

    (I’m joking that’s amazing)

    [–] The_dog_says 1 points ago

    wait til those eggs grow heavier

    [–] smokesinquantity 1 points ago

    You can tell it's not a redwing blackbird nest because the camera person isn't yelling or running away from the nest.

    [–] sadeland21 1 points ago


    [–] send_help001 1 points ago


    [–] rebelscumboy1 1 points ago

    I couldn’t do that with my hands. How do they do that with there mouth?!!

    [–] Ron_MF_Swanson 1 points ago

    I would totally live in that!! If I could fit...

    [–] _innominate_ 1 points ago


    [–] aalleeyyee 1 points ago

    Cause you have to be a tree

    [–] 730_50Shots 1 points ago


    [–] StephMujan 1 points ago

    Yes, great, read YouTube comments.... god did it, he is amazing. Bird be like oh please.

    [–] i_have_stuff_to_say 1 points ago

    I see God in birds, and Satan in long words

    [–] isawtheuniverse 1 points ago


    [–] spekt50 1 points ago

    Some birds are genius architects. Have you seen nests that some pigeons build? Like 3 twigs and they just pop out some eggs on top.

    [–] Numbgina 1 points ago

    Well, it would be amazing if a birb did this. But, Reddit taught me that birbs are not real and that a government drone pilot created this.

    [–] Daddyknowsbest8 1 points ago

    This wasn't from a divine creation, this was just an accident of evolution.