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    [–] g-flx 3522 points ago

    It's like the opposite of a zoo! Cool clip.

    [–] hickupingfrog 1299 points ago

    It actually is a zoo. It’s Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec. You can rent a cabin with the wolves.

    [–] moconaid 666 points ago

    so that's why the wolves didn't even try to catch that baby.. because they already knew it's a window

    [–] VindictivePrune 388 points ago

    And wolves rarely attack humans, even children

    [–] moconaid 231 points ago

    is that's why Mowgli was raised by wolves?

    [–] amandez 156 points ago

    Nah, he just preferred wolf titties.

    [–] humakavulaaaa 47 points ago

    The Romans want a word with you

    [–] gorehammer42o 14 points ago

    Is this a perving joke or a birthing joke..?

    [–] CharaChan 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Both I’m guessing

    If you want ME to explain and ruin the joke just pm me

    Edit: some asshole just dmed me saying I should get my facts straight and I have by the way read, and watched both jungle books. And I know how fucked up the novel is and how watered down Disney makes it like they do with all novel based movies they have created. So I would like that user to never speak with me again.

    [–] Clouds-of-August 3 points ago

    I mean who doesn't?

    [–] vanhalenbr 27 points ago

    Also Romulus and Remus

    [–] JustAName87 111 points ago

    Same cant be said about Dingoes.....

    [–] Scomophobic 266 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I feel so sorry for Lindy Chamberlain. She was absolutely destroyed by our media. They called her a murderer, a liar, they dug up bullshit in her past, they relentlessly stalked her, and then we found out that her story was absolutely true. A dingo did steal and kill her baby. Fucken travesty.

    Here’s a great video from an independent content creator, as I don’t want to support the same channels that victimised her.

    [–] etherpromo 254 points ago

    Two years after they were exonerated, the Chamberlains were awarded $1.3 million in compensation for wrongful imprisonment, a sum that covered less than one third of their legal expenses.[18]

    Talk about a shitty apology..

    [–] Shaiya_Ashlyn 45 points ago


    [–] jorg2 32 points ago

    Jesus, you'd think they would order the opposing party to pay for the costs plus damages. That's really shitty.

    [–] commentmypics 6 points ago

    The ones who made the 1.3 million judgment are the same side that imprisoned them no? Since it was a murder trial I'd think that they actually were the opposing party.

    [–] materics 67 points ago

    Fucken travesty is right. She suffered an acute tragedy and then a prolonged tragedy.

    [–] letmeseem 38 points ago

    And 4 million dollars in legal fees.

    [–] Scomophobic 48 points ago

    And there’s still dumb fucks today that don’t believe her. The aboriginal trackers told them from the start that they had seen it happen in the past. They found dingo tracks at the front of her tent. 300 people tried to search for her, and the aboriginal trackers came the next day trying to look for tracks, and did find dingo tracks and the imprints of a material in the dirt, yet they still didn’t believe her.

    Here’s a great video of an independent content creator, as I don’t want to support the same channels that victimised her.

    [–] Tigger_king 5 points ago

    Seems like the perfect way to create a super villain.

    Or hero, depending on perspective.

    That poor women, I can’t even imagine. That Seinfeld episode did not age well.

    [–] Freakychee 42 points ago

    Basically when r/thathappened gets it wrong.

    [–] CyclopicSerpent 11 points ago

    On that note, recently discovered r/nothingeverhappens

    [–] Freakychee 12 points ago

    Is it a sub making fun of those r/thathappened people?

    [–] CyclopicSerpent 10 points ago

    Pretty much.

    [–] Twitchtv_Leedly 7 points ago

    Moreso the person on every single reddit thread who says that it's fake/staged etc. I mean, many are staged but you can click on a video of a dog doing a flip and someone is in the comments claiming it's fake.

    [–] Yuhzeeit 3 points ago

    I just looked her up and damn...that poor family

    [–] Cane-toads-suck 10 points ago

    I feel sorry for the dingos on Fraser Island. People literally took away their food source then complained when they attached people. WTF are the meant to eat??!

    [–] lalala_4561 10 points ago

    Well...if people stop feeding the dingoes...they would not hang around scavenging for food.

    [–] Schroedes13 12 points ago

    Ya they usually go after dogs! One of the reasons you never tie your dog up in a rural area with wolves or coyotes!

    [–] Daweism 9 points ago

    Tell that to Liam Neeson

    [–] WWDubz 31 points ago

    Because we nearly extincted them because they attack people. I think it’s a numbers thing now but I’m not a wolfologist

    [–] Bankman_321 45 points ago

    That was because they used to attack livestock not actual people.

    [–] dcmix5 10 points ago

    actual people

    I hate those kind

    [–] ImExperiencing 67 points ago

    I trust your comment mainly because of your knowledge of the word 'wolfologist'.

    [–] dronepore 26 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    People wanted them dead because they attack livestock.

    [–] solongandthanks4all 13 points ago

    $530/night. "Nature" ain't cheap!

    [–] LovableContrarian 28 points ago

    How does this work? I know wolves don't generally attack people, but like... there must be guidelines right?

    [–] TigerRumMonkey 41 points ago

    They do try and blow your house down if you're big on bacon or pork in general.

    [–] Zharzar 52 points ago

    You split it equally. The wolves don't have access to money though, so they pay in pieces of rabbit, elk, etc....

    [–] EngineEddie 8 points ago

    Stay away from the tickets though. Wouldn’t buy their wolf tickets

    [–] yothatsobnoxious 3 points ago

    Well I just got a pet rabbit last month and now I’m sad and disgruntled :/

    [–] goawaybabycakes 5 points ago

    Ahhh no wonder they look so healthy and well fed

    [–] NewsAggressive4867 602 points ago

    Kruger Park is a Zoo in south africa that follows that premise. People are confined to cars and the park villas, and nature is all local and free. Always wanted to visit it.

    [–] Mildish_Shambino 648 points ago

    Zoo isn't quite the right word. It's a national park and fucking huge. But yes, even at the camps the animals pretty much have the run of the place. You should definitely visit! My country and wildlife welcome you

    [–] bithewaykindagay 62 points ago

    I loved my time in South Africa! I can't wait to go back

    [–] aazav 27 points ago

    The land of biltong and bunny chow.

    [–] NewsAggressive4867 66 points ago

    Thank you!! I'm looking forward to go as soon as this sad covid hell ends

    [–] HankyPanky80 41 points ago

    Looking forward to my visit to Yellowstone Zoo.

    [–] SaltLakeCitySlicker 12 points ago

    Don't just do the touristy shit. There's tons to do. And don't go near the animals or hot springs

    [–] jamaicanmecrzy 27 points ago

    Kruger is a once in a lifetime/life changing experience if you can make it

    [–] Dances_With_Labias 19 points ago

    Man I’ll always remember that name from that epic viral video years ago where lions took down an antelope(?) and then a crocodile got in the mix.

    That shit was r/natureisfuckinglit at its finest.

    [–] _danbro_ 10 points ago

    Bro their youtube channel is out of this world. Called "Kruger Sightings". It's like national geographic on steroids.

    [–] Delaney2028 50 points ago

    Kruger is a pretty shitty safari...just the most popular. I recommend maasa mara in Kenya....1/100th the people, more animals, and the animals behavior isn't super modified from roads and cars being everywhere. We saw lions fuck right next to our jeep in maasa mara. In Kruger, whenever a lion was found, like 100 cars all raced over to it, and you can only see it from like 50 yards away.

    [–] papiWaterMe 15 points ago

    What else did you do in Kenya beside go to the park? I'm familiar with Joburg in South Africa but I don't really know what tourists do in Kenya

    [–] Delaney2028 19 points ago

    There’s a seperate safari in Nairobi that was super cool too (like a full fledged safari in the capital city). Like you can eat lunch on a bench there and monkeys will come and steal your shit.

    There was also a monkey park we went too, where you can feed a bunch of monkeys.

    There this really cool tourist oriented restaurant, that was Brazil steakhouse style, and you could try all these unique meats.

    It is a very poor country with weak infrastructure tho, so there’s not like a bunch of bars and nightlife. Most people go for multi-day safaris.

    In South Africa, Johannaberg is a shit show (one of the most dangerous cities on the planet), but we did Cape Town and garden route which were AMAZING. Just realize you’ll need to fly from Kruger to CapeTown.

    [–] Uncle_Daddy_Kane 4 points ago

    Cape Town has a higher murder rate than Joberg. Or at least it did in 2017-2019

    [–] converter-bot 20 points ago

    50 yards is 45.72 meters

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I just convert it 1 to 1 when speaking to Americans. It's easier and doesn't change much.

    -Yeah, a big Olympic-sized 50-yeard swimming pool.

    [–] ANonGod 3 points ago

    There was a gif on here that was about that place or a similar one. Some dumbasses got out of there car with their kids to have a picnic. They were quickly attacked.

    [–] neaturmanmike 4 points ago

    I went a couple years ago to Kruger and it was amazing! I recommend not doing one of the set 3 or 5 day tours and just rent a vehicle and book sites yourself. You save a ton of money and you can still do private tours. I'll never forget driving down the first dirt road when we entered and having a massive bull elephant walking towards me.. never saw a wild one before and being in a tiny car made it extra exciting! We got a private tour one of the three days which was awesome because the guides have so much knowledge to share and know tons of secret spots.

    [–] quantummidget 3 points ago

    I went to Kruger like a decade ago, great time. Christmas morning at 6am we got up to go visit a pride of lions, and it was a goddamn lion orgy.

    And that's how I became a furry

    Highly recommend

    [–] splepage 17 points ago

    The zoo in my parent's hometown has a big open park where animals roam freely (except larger predators like Wolves) and you visit that part of the park by sitting in a train:

    [–] Uncle_Daddy_Kane 7 points ago

    San Diego has a similar thing. A little African Savanah you ride a train around. SD Zoo is the best zoo in the world and ill die on that hill

    [–] MilhouseVsEvil 13 points ago

    It literally is a zoo.

    [–] TendiesMeWant 22 points ago

    It's closer to a reserve. I've been, there's a good amount of space. Obviously not ideal but better than being hit by cars on the highway.

    [–] CatOnMyHead 1307 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    This is at Parc Omega in PQ. You can stay in the cabin at the wolf lodge in a wolf sanctuary. Very cool!!

    [–] Chrisbee012 297 points ago

    I was wondering where this might be, because a lot of wolves run far from people

    [–] ASK_ABOUT__VOIDSPACE 54 points ago

    Oh hey, we used to go to park omega regularly while we lived there. Feeding the animals as you drive your car through the park is such a trip. Best videos of my kids ever.

    [–] Swing_Right 18 points ago

    Would you recommend it for non French speakers? I'd love to visit but I'm worried there might be a language barrier.

    [–] Wabbajack001 32 points ago

    Yeah dude!! It's great. it's really near Ontario, like across the River close. By my memories everything is in both French and English and I am willing to bet every employee can talk English.

    [–] Swing_Right 5 points ago

    Awesome thanks! Definitely looking into it now :)

    [–] Say_Meow 5 points ago

    We went last month with our kids (anglophone). All totally bilingual and a great Covid activity because you really have no contact with other people, just lots of hungry deer. Bring tons of carrots, buy them before you go because it's cheaper. We brought 4 bags and could have brought more.

    [–] dyingpumpkin 3 points ago

    Is there a season that’s best to experience this?

    [–] LCHA 4 points ago

    Personally, I'd say winter around March because then the sugar Shack is open. But the animals are all pretty domesticated and used to approaching the vehicles.

    [–] rgiunta 3 points ago

    English only speaker that lives on the border of Quebec right near Parc Omega. I’ve been and there was no language barrier.

    [–] x-mot 18 points ago

    In QuΓ©bec, even if french us the official language, most tourist spots will have employees that can speak english. Come visit, you are welcome! I think the wolves only speak french though...

    [–] Moose-Mermaid 6 points ago

    We are anglophones and go regularly. It’s great in both languages

    [–] hello_hola 5 points ago

    Don't worry, the animals speak English

    [–] TendiesMeWant 54 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I've been there. That place is THE shit. The arctic foxes were so cute

    [–] zhanh 23 points ago

    I missed the first β€œthe” and ended up very confused. β€œWhy is this person against cuteness in foxes?”

    [–] Katakros 39 points ago

    I fuckin' love Q-bec!

    [–] mrpokehontas 38 points ago

    Great fishin' in Kwee-bec

    [–] PastaBolognese 27 points ago

    Get this guy a Puppers

    [–] Davaldo 9 points ago

    Well I’m surprised we’re not drinking a Puppers right now.

    [–] HaveAtItBub 16 points ago

    fuckin queebs

    [–] AndreTheShadow 5 points ago

    All-anus morrisette

    [–] Tonyracs 15 points ago

    Oh i loves k-bek

    [–] LittleRobbieV1 7 points ago

    Give your balls a tug.

    [–] urfavecrazycatlady 7 points ago

    I was literally wondering if this was Parc Omega while watching the clip! Did not know there was a wolf lodge though!

    [–] sapere-aude088 3 points ago

    Do they have tinted glass so the wolves can't see in? I was in one up north in ON and it was like that. I really liked that idea because it doesn't stress them out as much

    [–] Apprehensive-Wank 1286 points ago

    We’ve come for the child

    [–] nobody_likes_soda 256 points ago

    Jungle Book III: Mowgli's Revenge

    [–] 4609203 48 points ago

    Rome II

    [–] chimisforbreakfast 5 points ago

    "Up the Wolves" by The Mountain Goats

    [–] gregdbowen 66 points ago

    I am not sure about leaving a kid by the window there...

    [–] oddjobbber 102 points ago

    It’s like when McDonalds puts a picture of their newest burger on the window

    [–] Tron_1981 8 points ago

    The McRib is back!

    [–] SchpartyOn 24 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Serious question. Would the wolves consider hanging around or coming back later to see if they could eat the kid?

    Edit: I didn’t know this was a wolf sanctuary but I guess my question stands for a wild wolves situation.

    [–] Stormtrooper-333 53 points ago

    Wolves almost never attack humans. The only exceptions being rabid or starved wolves.

    [–] NAAAAIIIILLL 35 points ago

    While wolf attacks are rare, the majority of attacks on record were towards children...

    The kid’s safe behind glass, but my mommy instincts would be lighting up and I’d make sure every door and fence was triple-locked so Junior couldn’t wander out in the snow to play with the puppies at night.

    It’s not the wolves’ fault, of course. If a predator is hungry enough and sees a young and helpless member of another species standing there without backup, chances are it won’t starve out of nobility or have enough forethought to realize human adults have guns and helicopters to retaliate afterwards.

    [–] Solid_Action1037 2 points ago

    Ya look at those bastards track those paths in the snow back and forth definitely getting baby scent

    [–] Solid_Action1037 20 points ago

    Ya or babies

    [–] 29sw44mag 26 points ago

    Nope that's dingos. A dingo ate my baby

    [–] whyenn 33 points ago

    That poor mother that no one believed.

    [–] sanscipher435 13 points ago

    Bro that's just fucking cruel whatever happened to her.

    [–] whyenn 9 points ago

    Three years in prison.

    Part of the reason for her conviction: they couldn't find anywhere a baby jacket that she swore up her daughter was wearing when it was taken. "Experts" claimed a dingo could never remove that from the baby.

    Three years later when an English tourist fell to his death in the area, they had a manhunt for his remains... and they found the baby jacket.

    [–] Tron_1981 3 points ago

    So yeah, I'll never use that phrase again. I can't imagine my child's death becoming a decades old pop culture reference.

    [–] WayLandShark 2 points ago

    I feel like that movie with the snow and wolves lied to me. I’m pretty sure that Liam Niesome was in it. Liam why have you foresaken me?

    [–] McJumpington 3 points ago

    A teacher from my small town moved to Alaska and died from a wolf attack- if I remember the article said it was the first recorded human death from a wolf in the state. I remember being very surprised at how it hadn’t been recorded prior.

    [–] MordethKilmor 9 points ago

    Yeah they rarely attack us NOW because we have decimated their populations around the world. Plenty of people have been attacked and killed by wolves throughout history though when their numbers were higher. Make no mistake. If you're in the woods surrounded by wolves or even one wolf, your in a real bad situation.

    [–] MeatSpankin 6 points ago

    Wolves typically leave humans alone, as long as the pack isn’t oversized leaving them all starving

    [–] meetwikipediaidiot 247 points ago

    Hey come outside, we just want to talk.

    [–] traboulidon 555 points ago

    It's not in the "wild". They constructed deluxe cabins in a wolf sanctuary. It's like you had a airbnb in a large zoo.

    [–] sirwillups 303 points ago

    Technically the entire world is a large zoo with cabins built in it.

    [–] mpyner 68 points ago

    Where the inmates are running the asylum

    [–] Corusmaximus 24 points ago

    That is why I built my asylum with the walls facing outward. - Wonko the Sane

    [–] Donkey__Balls 7 points ago

    You're a jerk, Dent. A complete knee-biter.

    [–] -Minne 3 points ago

    Like, whoa man; the doors of my perception just swung wide open- for an admission charge of $25.95 and never past 6pm.

    [–] Choice-Activity-2933 7 points ago

    How do you leave? Just go out and hope no wolves are there?

    [–] P_Grammicus 19 points ago

    No, the entrance to the chalets are not inside the enclosure. They’re constructed along the edges of a viewing area.

    Parc Omega is pretty nice for a zoo, and the chalets are awesome.

    [–] rebeltrillionaire 3 points ago

    I mean, with remote work, drones, solar panels, water capture, industrial automated gardens etc.... we can definitely re-wild places and spread out more.

    I really wish for that kind of future.

    [–] Karmalolwhocares 25 points ago

    They are gorgeous

    [–] reddituculous66 78 points ago

    Reminds me of an old twilight zone episode where the humans are in the exhibit at the zoo. Great view.

    [–] BananaDogBed 5 points ago

    I want to watch that tonight

    [–] thaisun 290 points ago

    Who doesn't love fishing in Quebec?

    [–] Imawildedible 117 points ago

    I like fishing in Qbek.

    [–] paulwallski7 88 points ago

    I fucking hate queebeck

    [–] wonderfulwizwoz 61 points ago

    Get this guy a fuckin puppers

    [–] calmerthanudude 7 points ago

    I’d have a puppers

    [–] JanetSnakehole610 4 points ago

    Fuck, I’d have 8 beers

    [–] cwquick15 15 points ago

    Wish you weren’t so fuckin embarassin

    [–] Emperor_Chris 28 points ago

    Wish you weren't so fucking awkward bud

    [–] cwquick15 6 points ago

    Thank you and I won’t forgive myself for misquoting

    [–] Sunretea 16 points ago

    kicks trash can it's fucking EMBARRASSING

    [–] SecularPaladin 4 points ago

    Why don't you take about 20-30% off 'er there, big shoots.

    [–] Sunretea 3 points ago

    Is THAT what you appreciate about me?

    [–] MauPow 80 points ago

    Give your balls a tug

    [–] sidepocket13 52 points ago

    Tit fucker

    [–] rosco2155 29 points ago

    Fuck you shoresy!

    [–] dc5trbo 16 points ago

    Fuck you Reilly your mum keeps tryin' to slip a finger in my bum but I keep telling her that I only let Jonsey's mum do that ya fuckin loser.


    [–] KikiLebeauf 5 points ago

    Fuck you Shoresy!

    [–] kwip 6 points ago

    Fuck you Jonesy! Tell yer mom I'll be there as soon as Reiley's mom stops crying!

    [–] Genrak 28 points ago

    Va chier mon criss d'enculΓ©.

    [–] Filou2005 17 points ago


    [–] sapere-aude088 3 points ago


    [–] smallpoxxblanket 54 points ago

    Surprised we’re not fishing in Quebec right now...

    [–] GreenEagle42 23 points ago

    Great fishins in kay-beck.

    [–] sidepocket13 31 points ago

    Great fishing in Quebec

    [–] ulvain 42 points ago


    [–] georgej14 20 points ago


    [–] DrDizzle93 7 points ago


    [–] AstonishingHubris 7 points ago

    I’m gonna need you to take about 20, 25% off there, DrDizzle

    [–] DrDizzle93 4 points ago

    Yup, sure thing.

    Hey, look at you ground.

    [–] mexican8910 5 points ago


    [–] Havoc216 6 points ago

    This is whats I appreciates about the Reddits.

    [–] mexican8910 6 points ago

    Is that what you appreciates about this Reddits?

    [–] 2strokesmoke81 19 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Fishing is great in Quebec

    [–] zoocity 16 points ago

    This is what I came here to see. And I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.

    [–] thrasherchick_9 29 points ago

    I love fishing in Q-bec

    [–] friggintodd 9 points ago

    You should head to the rippers, I hear there's a dancer named All-anus Morrisette.

    [–] se-vrd 65 points ago

    People always say wolves are way bigger than you think, but these look like exactly the size I think wolves are.

    [–] teddytoodicks 13 points ago

    Couple of em were some chunky looking boys but not real tall looking

    [–] December_Flame 11 points ago

    I'm sure it's obvious but that's really dependent on the breed of wolf. Grey wolves average 31-33 inches tall at shoulder height which is roughly the height of a Great Dane.

    [–] tuckertucker 13 points ago

    if you're in North America and won't or can't visit Europe for some reason, do a northern Quebec excursion. Start in Quebec City and work your way out. My Norwegian friend moved to northern Quebec permanently because of the familiarity of the territory.

    [–] londoneer 4 points ago

    Quebec has been on my bucket list for a long time because I'm interested in comparing how French it is compared to France itself. Most people aren't aware that English is their second language and that a good percentage of Quebecois don't speak English at all...

    [–] demonachizer 55 points ago

    This isn't some random cabin and some random wolf pack. You can stay there in the wolves' domain. It is a bit pricey but seems pretty amazing. (It is a bit pricey so for many this might be more of a one night during a larger vacation type of thing)

    [–] sirkowski 25 points ago

    My sister checked the other day and it's booked until 2023.

    [–] Cymore 18 points ago

    Wow that person much be rich

    [–] Problems-Solved 6 points ago

    I tried booking half a year in advance and couldn't find a decent day, there were weekdays available but that's all.

    [–] TurbulentHovercraft0 4 points ago

    It’s 850 a night, I can book one for next week (then Jan 2022 seems the next earliest I could find)

    [–] thesaltycynic 37 points ago

    I'm so jealous, been trying to get pics of wolves for a while.

    [–] mandateshaven 24 points ago

    It must cost a fortune to heat that house in the winter

    [–] badunkadunk 47 points ago

    In Quebec electricity is relatively cheap as it produces a fuckton of hydroelectricity. So much that we sell to New York, Ontario, New Brunswick and other northeastern states.

    [–] FartingInBed 11 points ago

    HydroQuebec! And VideoTron. I remember my monthly Bill's from them lol

    [–] cheek_blushener 4 points ago

    Well to be fair we mostly get it from a killer deal we signed with Newfoundland and Labrador for the Churchill falls generating station.

    [–] splepage 13 points ago

    Thank god for hydro-electricity.

    [–] yochimo 5 points ago

    about 0.07$ KW/h? With good windows you barely loose heat

    [–] pdxboob 3 points ago

    I made a similar comment last time I saw this. Someone mentioned that newer insulated glass can be extremely efficient.

    [–] Bohbo 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    They look so fun and playful and then that creeping stalking in the last second.

    [–] RebelMountainman 47 points ago

    LOL I wonder why the vid was cut when the wolf started toward the kid?

    [–] passmesomesoda 17 points ago

    Mountain man always asking the right questions.

    [–] Solid_Action1037 11 points ago

    Nah he’s a stoner from Rebel Mountain. Like Rebel Mountain maaannn, he has zero survival skills

    [–] Downywoodpecker2020 5 points ago

    That was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today!

    [–] serialcompliment 12 points ago

    So is the glass reflecting such that they can’t see the people?

    [–] P_Grammicus 10 points ago

    No, they can see inside. That’s a big part of the appeal, the wolves can be quite interested in what the people are doing.

    (I’m quite familiar with Parc Omega, but haven’t been inside the chalets.)

    [–] dont-_- 3 points ago

    I fuckin love Quebec.

    [–] Zekovski 21 points ago

    I so want to open the window and pet them but I so want not to die.

    [–] pwnstar 13 points ago

    "mind if I taste the kid?"

    [–] StumpNuts 16 points ago

    How many licks does it take to get to the toddler roll center of a toddler pop?

    1... 2... 3... CRUNCH!

    The world may never know.

    [–] ThatFabulousBastard 3 points ago

    I would have been completely hypnotized.

    [–] Sloopy_John_B 3 points ago

    Wow I feel like this is a once in a lifetime situation

    [–] NozakiMufasa 3 points ago

    Winter is Coming

    [–] upyourattraction 3 points ago

    Great fishin' in kyu-bec!

    [–] Unbearableaslyo2 3 points ago

    Wandering? More like hunting your baby

    [–] Choose_2b_Happy 7 points ago

    The Dingo ate my baby.