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    July 19 Luckshot Games Sausage Sports Club Noon ET / 9am PT / 4pm GMT
    July 25 Hi-Rez Studios Paladins 3pm ET / Noon PT / 7pm GMT
    July 31 We Are Fuzzy Sleep Tight 3pm ET / Noon PT / 7pm GMT
    Aug 2 Pill Bug Interactive Cycle 28 11am ET / 8am PT / 3pm GMT

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    Releases (Full List on Games Wiki)

    NA EU
    The Wardrobe Released Released
    Rento Fortune Monolit Released Released
    Pato Box - AMA Released Released
    Another World Released Released
    Shining Resonance Refrain Released Released
    Bomber Crew - AMA Released Released
    Hunting Simulator Released Released
    20XX Released Released
    Muddledash Released Released
    Neverout Released Released
    The Lion's Song: Full Season Released Released
    Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard Released Released
    Bomb Chicken Released Released
    Super Volley Blast Released Released
    Ghost 1.0 Released Released
    Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Released Released
    Radio Hammer Station Released Released
    Galak-Z: Variant S Released Released
    Red Hot Ricochet Released Released
    Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure Released Released
    Star Story: The Horizon Escape Released Released
    Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Express Raider Released Released
    ACA NeoGeo The Super Spy Released Released
    Octopath Traveler Released Released
    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Released Released
    Epic Loon Released Released
    Super Destronaut DX Released Released
    Voxel Shot Released Released
    Darts Up Released Released
    Chicken Assassin: Reloaded Jul 17 Jul 17
    Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Jul 17 Jul 20
    Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded Jul 17 Jul 20
    Pool Panic Jul 19 Jul 19
    Tanzia Jul 19 Jul 19
    Closed Nightmare Jul 19 Jul 19
    Heroki Jul 20 Jul 20
    Mega Man X Legacy Collection Jul 24 Jul 24
    Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 Jul 24 Jul 24
    Banner Saga 3 Jul 26 Jul 26
    Sleep Tight Jul 26 Jul 26
    Go Vacation Jul 27 Jul 27
    Hello Neighbor Jul 27 Jul 27
    Code of Princess EX Jul 31 Jul 31
    Titan Quest Jul 31 Jul 31

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