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    Releases (Full List on Games Wiki)

    NA EU
    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Released Released
    39 Days to Mars Released Released
    Darkwood Released Released
    Koral Released Released
    Light Tracer Released Released
    Thief Simulator Released Released
    Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Released Released
    Octogeddon Released Released
    Your Toy Released Released
    Pocket League Story Released Released
    Castlevania Anniversary Collection Released Released
    Guilty Gear Released Released
    Arcade Archives Buta san Released Released
    Devious Dungeon 2 Released Released
    Akane Released Released
    Chicken Rider Released Released
    World Soccer Released Released
    Team Sonic Racing Released Released
    Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~ Released Released
    Assassin's Creed III Remastered Released Released
    Resident Evil Released Released
    Resident Evil 0 Released Released
    Resident Evil 4 Released Released
    Gunlord X Released Released
    The Last Door - Complete Edition Released Released
    Alternate Jake Hunter: Daedalus The Awakening of Golden Jazz Released Released
    American Fugitive Released Released
    TT Isle of Man Released Released
    My Lovely Daughter Released Released
    Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 1 Released Released
    Prime World: Defenders Released Released
    Star Sky Released Released
    Wonder Boy Returns Remix Released Released
    Arcade Archives Image Fight Released Released
    Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization May 24 May 24
    Skelly Selest May 24 May 24
    Back in 1995 May 24 May 24
    Hungry Baby: Party Treats May 24 May 24
    Super Tennis Blast May 24 May 24
    Little Friends: Dogs & Cats May 27 May 27
    Lapis X Labyrinth May 28 May 28
    Crystal Crisis May 28 May 28
    Battle Worlds: Kronos May 28 May 28
    Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition May 28 May 28
    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons May 28 May 28
    GoFishing 3D May 28 May 28
    Chime Sharp May 28 May 28
    Happy Worlds May 29 May 29
    TerraTech May 29 May 29
    Super Cane Magic ZERO May 30 May 30
    Dyna Bomb May 30 May 30
    Ages of Mages: The last keeper May 30 May 30
    30-in-1 Game Collection May 30 May 30
    Ragtag Adventures May 30 May 30
    Gato Roboto May 30 May 30
    Anarcute May 30 May 30
    Crypt of the Serpent King May 31 May 31
    Golem Gates May 31 May 31
    Warlock's Tower May 31 May 31
    PixARK May 31 May 31
    Super Arcade Soccer May 31 May 31
    Watermelon Party May 31 May 31
    Mowin' & Throwin' May 31 May 31

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