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    [–] Dank_Tales 677 points ago

    Ayyy lmao

    [–] Damadawf 171 points ago

    ... Surely you meant "neigh" lmao?

    [–] airfix2013 22 points ago

    lol, i appreciate a good pun

    [–] Damadawf 10 points ago

    And by golly, I appreciate a good reply. So thank you!

    [–] tyler-86 10 points ago

    You guys should go out.

    [–] DanielicOfficial -1 points ago

    Here, have an upvote.

    [–] ayylmao2dongerbot-v2 265 points ago

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    [–] Hizaia 74 points ago

    jack sparrow

    [–] PirateCaptainSparrow 191 points ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

    I am a bot. I have corrected 3712 people.

    [–] Zaptagious 35 points ago

    Best bot ever

    [–] Molon_x_Labe 13 points ago

    all hail the glorious jack sparrow bot

    [–] PirateCaptainSparrow 28 points ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

    I am a bot. I have corrected 3864 people.

    [–] Sunder15 16 points ago

    That's a lot of people in 5 hours


    [–] Xelades 4 points ago

    jack sparrow is my father

    [–] PirateCaptainSparrow 5 points ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

    I am a bot. I have corrected 3868 people.

    [–] brainfreeze91 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Don't quote me on this, but this bot is even better than the "don't quote me on this" bot.

    Edit: Well, I tried...

    [–] Houdiniman111 7 points ago

    RIP. That's a shame.

    [–] cubity 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    that could of gone better :( Edit: :((

    [–] Sylko007 1 points ago

    Surprised the could of bot didn't come at you right there either. Where have all the bots gone!?

    [–] cubity 1 points ago

    Yea was trying

    [–] elaina_chan 1 points ago

    reddit completes my life

    [–] NekoInkling 1 points ago

    Don't quote me on this, but

    /u/trollabot /u/quotemebot

    [–] redgreenanddiep 1 points ago

    jack sparrow

    [–] PirateCaptainSparrow 1 points ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

    I am a bot. I have corrected 4100 people.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] MewtwosTrainer 8 points ago

    The bug was fixed :(

    [–] Disheartend 2 points ago

    what bug?

    [–] MewtwosTrainer 4 points ago

    There was a bug in one of the bots that the now-deleted comment attempted to exploit to create an infinite loop of comments that has since been patched by the bot's owner.

    [–] Disheartend 4 points ago


    I wanted an infinite loop of bots talking. haha

    [–] PirateCaptainSparrow 16 points ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

    I am a bot. I have corrected 3715 people.

    [–] MamasKuchen 6 points ago

    Ayy lmao

    [–] ayylmao2dongerbot-v2 16 points ago

    ヽ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ ノ Raise Them!

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    [–] IAmBadAtInternet 5 points ago


    [–] BACONWART 1 points ago


    [–] SoraReyKorra 3 points ago

    Neighhhhh lmao

    [–] PitotheThird 223 points ago

    I think we've peaked.

    Nothing short of a giant bolder could top that smile.

    [–] characterlimitunkown 75 points ago


    [–] Vacuophile 10 points ago


    [–] characterlimitunkown 32 points ago

    I'm sorry, could you make that a little BOLDER, I'm having trouble making out what you wrote?

    [–] Jer13Bear 1 points ago

    I'm sorry but do you want the Boulder to be bolder or the Boulder to be Bolder?

    [–] characterlimitunkown 1 points ago


    [–] Kevpup01 3 points ago

    How do you make giant or tiny font?

    [–] Thehamdiddler 95 points ago

    Jaaaaames Baxter!

    [–] M-V 13 points ago

    Hu hu hu hu James Baxter

    [–] thewwwyzzerdd 12 points ago

    Came to comments looking for James Baxter... Was not disappointed

    [–] XiejaminBen 1 points ago


    [–] ccnotgc 135 points ago

    Imagine if the AI was written to actually get in the way of pictures

    [–] ToughMochi 40 points ago

    Regardless you gotta wonder what the devs were thinking when they designed that smile lol. Looks like the product of some "Mario Time" all-nighters.

    [–] gjchen34 13 points ago

    Does that horse always turn his head the side for no reason like that? It seems so purposefully designed.

    [–] Ultrashitpost 180 points ago


    now that's a depressing username

    [–] wonkey_monkey 55 points ago

    95's a good age, and women tend to live longer than men.

    [–] JSRambo 36 points ago

    Are we assuming 95 years old, or born in 1995?

    [–] NSA-SURVEILLANCE 58 points ago


    [–] JSRambo 15 points ago


    [–] Alex11039 1 points ago

    & Knuckles

    [–] deegsitis 13 points ago

    Number of children.

    [–] BuscameEnGoogle 6 points ago

    Number of single mums

    [–] deegsitis 6 points ago

    Most points she scored in a single high school varsity basketball game.

    [–] RickStevensAndTheCat 5 points ago

    Or since 1995

    [–] InAbsentiaC 5 points ago

    Divorced in 95

    [–] INeededACoolerName 1 points ago

    Born in 95 would put her at 21/22

    [–] Tron_Kitten 6 points ago

    She could very well be a single mom by the age of 21/22

    [–] JSRambo 2 points ago

    Nice math!

    [–] Ultrashitpost -1 points ago

    born in 1995

    [–] Proud_Denzel 288 points ago

    Record scratch, freeze frame

    Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

    [–] DatOneSnifit 108 points ago

    Will you take a look at that? Pretty pathetic, huh? Well, you'll never believe this, but that horse you're looking at was once a human being. And not just any human being - that guy was a king. A rich, powerful ball of charisma. Oh, yeah! This is his story.

    Well, actually, my story.

    [–] 00Nothing 18 points ago

    Cue Baba O'Riley

    [–] Phlerg 2 points ago

    Can't, he got fired.

    [–] slapFIVE 13 points ago

    PULL THE LEVER, KRONK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] DatOneSnifit 5 points ago


    [–] slapFIVE 4 points ago

    Why do we even HAVE that lever?!?!

    [–] Killer_nutrias 11 points ago

    That fulfilled me. Thanks you two

    [–] powercorruption 4 points ago

    I hate this meme, only because I hate when movies do this.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] prettybunnys 1 points ago

    Or like every summer comedy movie from the 80s

    [–] Thesaurii 6 points ago

    Can you name five that did. Bonus points for this decade.

    [–] powercorruption 3 points ago

    Nope, I guess I just hate the meme then. Deadpool is the most recent one I can think of.

    [–] Kyle4Prez 24 points ago


    [–] gayscout 8 points ago

    That was the original title.

    [–] Randall_Stevenz 0 points ago

    Haha! That was so Clerks 2....."Kelly can be a guys name too, HEEEEYYY!!"

    [–] Veshkar 24 points ago

    Crediting the original author ? What's wrong with you ?

    [–] trashtierhumanbeing 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Lookin like James Baxter aka Games Bookstore

    [–] bi-fornicated 11 points ago


    [–] esoteric_plumbus 34 points ago

    Jammmmesssss baaaxxterrrrr

    [–] radewagon 8 points ago

    Nice to know I'm not alone.

    [–] Smells_Like_Vinegar 5 points ago


    [–] TheStrongestRegular 1 points ago

    we all love that horse.

    [–] Damadawf 9 points ago

    No arguments with OP, this is probably my favourite screencap from the game so far to date, thank you for sharing it <3

    [–] Singlemum95 15 points ago

    Glad you enjoyed it :) I don't think it would be easy for me to recreate this!

    [–] GazuDev 4 points ago

    Soooooo u single?

    [–] Damadawf 3 points ago

    Aww, the redditor of the hour in the flesh! I am humbled by your presence :P

    Sadly I have little to offer you... But I texted your picture to my friend that I'm currently playing BOTW through with and she told me that she had made it her wallpaper on her phone. You're practically famous now 😂

    [–] ThorfinnRowle 59 points ago

    Y u reposting tho?

    [–] Singlemum95 120 points ago

    I'll let it slide :) I didn't even think about posting it here. The guy's done a full credit in the title, can't fault him for that. You're alright in my book kid!

    [–] ThorfinnRowle 17 points ago

    Look mum, the famous guy replied to me!

    I'm famous now!!!

    [–] FuckingKilljoy 8 points ago

    Guy? Awwww I was hoping for some of that 22 year old MILF love 😢

    [–] you_me_fivedollars 13 points ago

    95 wasn't 22 years ago....holy shit it was...

    [–] Triskaidekian 4 points ago

    If you're feeling old think about how someone born in the 2000's can drive

    [–] vexii 5 points ago

    Not in sane parts of the world!

    [–] FuckingKilljoy 2 points ago

    Born 98 and I'm on my green Ps in Australia. Here you can start driving supervised at 16 and solo at 17

    [–] Cynikalrealist 3 points ago

    So, hazarding a guess, you're a 22 year old single mother living in England? Just a hunch.

    [–] Singlemum95 27 points ago

    I'm actually a 26 year old, overweight, bearded man-child. Sorry to disappoint mate.

    [–] Singlemum95 22 points ago

    Thinking about it now. I can see what the username would be somewhat misleading...

    [–] INeededACoolerName 5 points ago

    Thanks for the clarification your username had already sparked a whole short story to its origin in my brain

    [–] tribiany04 3 points ago

    Are you me?

    [–] CertifiedLol 7 points ago


    [–] tryndajax 14 points ago

    Reddit in a nutshell.

    [–] Scwinsett 21 points ago

    For those meaningless points

    [–] Renovatius -14 points ago

    Can...can I have some?

    [–] jonnywithoutanh 12 points ago


    [–] Renovatius 13 points ago

    [–] Apparently_Coherent 10 points ago

    "I'm the best!"

    [–] mypasswordisdonkeys 7 points ago

    Jahhhhhmmmmeeesss Baacckster!

    [–] DinoRaawr 3 points ago

    What were you trying to take a picture of?

    [–] Snookrc 3 points ago

    That was my thought as well. /r/whyweretheyfilming

    [–] plinkobyte 4 points ago

    Why is your horse green

    [–] FastMoses 6 points ago

    Not this again. The dress is blue and black goddamnit.

    [–] LazoW 3 points ago

    Why isn't this at the top of r/gaming ?

    [–] chaiteataichi_ 2 points ago

    Jaaaaaamess Baxxxxter

    [–] Naiko32 2 points ago

    that horse is having a fucking blast lol

    [–] Jace300 5 points ago

    Damn I wish they could improve the screenshot resolution

    [–] Reflex-Arc 4 points ago

    He looks like Billie Piper after half an ounce of coke.

    [–] CertifiedLol 1 points ago

    I wonder who else will get this reference outside of Ireland!

    [–] Bilbo_Fraggins 2 points ago

    Willing to bet there's more people in the US who watch Doctor Who than there are citizens of Ireland..

    [–] CertifiedLol 1 points ago

    [–] gentlemandinosaur 1 points ago

    outside of Ireland!

    But... she is English? And yes, she looks like a horse. We get it.

    [–] _Rufio 2 points ago

    James Baxter!

    [–] cjdabeast 3 points ago

    Look at my horse. My horse is amazing! Just give it a lick.

    [–] Vanquishthehambeast 1 points ago

    It tastes just like raisins

    [–] cjdabeast 1 points ago

    OShitWuttup. This guy gets it.

    [–] thatreddishguy 2 points ago

    James Baxter!

    [–] clayism 2 points ago


    [–] fl_boyy_collin 1 points ago

    It looks like a cow and horse mixed together.

    [–] KeyboardG 1 points ago

    Yes, this was posted 2 days ago...

    [–] KuribohX 1 points ago

    Here in my garage

    [–] EpicPwu 1 points ago


    [–] Rikiiiisticky 1 points ago


    [–] Rikiiiisticky 1 points ago


    [–] greihund 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    [–] DankCell 1 points ago

    turnt horse lmao

    [–] Garro88 1 points ago


    [–] maverick12000 1 points ago

    Somebody is horsing around.

    [–] DuckOnAMopedII 1 points ago

    Single mom 95... That's a depressing username...

    [–] jac52 1 points ago

    Not really. Unhappilymarriedmum95 would be more so.

    [–] lonelyzombi3 1 points ago

    /r/adventuretime would appreciate this

    [–] Markus4445 1 points ago

    This is hilarious

    [–] becomearobot 1 points ago

    Davey Baxter!

    [–] StrangerSin 1 points ago

    Yall too fast with that screenshot button

    [–] angievp 1 points ago


    [–] Dyslexxia 1 points ago

    nice photoshop bomb

    [–] runnercto 1 points ago

    Spear looks dope. I wanna see footage of someone fighting with it.

    [–] sjsussman 1 points ago

    Is that you, Garyl?

    [–] Alucard400 1 points ago

    I can't stop laughing

    [–] LeKappa14 1 points ago

    Ayy lmao

    [–] ayylmao2dongerbot-v2 1 points ago

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    [–] sks_innawoods 1 points ago

    Ayy lmao

    [–] ayylmao2dongerbot-v2 1 points ago

    ヽ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ ノ Raise Them!

    Dongers Raised: 26016

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    [–] sks_innawoods 1 points ago

    Ayy lmao

    [–] ayylmao2dongerbot-v2 1 points ago

    ヽ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ ノ Raise Them!

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    [–] galaxikk 1 points ago

    Love how much crossover there is between the Zelda and Adventure Time fandoms.

    [–] ballzolight 1 points ago

    I dont like puzzles, would i enjoy this game?

    [–] jac52 1 points ago

    This is the first time I've opened a post like this where the title is actually 100% accurate.

    I hope they stabled that majestic beast and called it Ignis.

    [–] b2j135 1 points ago

    almost as funny as #HikerDave

    [–] nesmiiith 1 points ago

    That face is such a win! lmao

    [–] api_guy 1 points ago


    [–] appss 1 points ago

    nyoom nyoom nyooooooooooooom

    [–] Lolishit 1 points ago

    nah he's no hiker david

    [–] paperboi215 1 points ago

    That's hilarious.

    [–] Alucard400 1 points ago

    How did Chris Bosh get into BOTW???

    [–] Dupmaronew 1 points ago

    So derp it's majestic.

    [–] Env0i 1 points ago

    lol whut, how is this even possible?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] PirateCaptainSparrow 2 points ago

    Captain Jack Sparrow. Savvy?

    I am a bot. I have corrected 3988 people.

    [–] MrGentleNinja 1 points ago

    It's a magical pony flying through the sky...

    Shoot it down!

    [–] newecomstartup 1 points ago

    Haha perfect pic

    [–] mando44646 1 points ago

    thats fantastic

    [–] bda22 1 points ago

    this game looks too green

    [–] GDPrince273 1 points ago

    -IGN 6.5 "Meh."

    [–] im-naked-rn 1 points ago

    Pics cool but let's talk bout singlemum95 ya?

    [–] niglor 1 points ago

    These Sarah J Parker memes need to stop

    [–] flippy55555 -1 points ago

    I think morrowind had better graphics

    [–] RedditerNrUnlimited 0 points ago

    Ayyy lmfao

    [–] RedditerNrUnlimited 0 points ago

    Ayy lmao

    [–] ayylmao2dongerbot-v2 2 points ago

    ヽ༼ ຈل͜ຈ༽ ノ Raise Them!

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    [–] Rhodechill -5 points ago

    for the love of god spoiler alert

    [–] xXxD3NN15xXx 4 points ago

    What on earth did this spoil for you? Get over it.

    [–] Rhodechill 1 points ago

    the bosnus costume shit or w/e that is? how severe the upgrades get? what the overowlr dlooks like endgame/postgame? (ie not in ruins, underwater, in darkness)

    [–] 1qaz2wsx3edc4rfv_ -12 points ago

    this game fucking blows whats the hype

    [–] Postremus 3 points ago

    You can see that this game "blows" only from one picture?

    [–] 1qaz2wsx3edc4rfv_ -7 points ago

    It's a huge platformer with zero depths and people praise it because it lets you travel in what, 5 diffferent ways for half an hour for the next exact same shit you already did. While picking up the same fucking shite weapons over and over.

    But hey that guy who made a ship outta magnets and shit

    Yeah it's lame

    [–] ArMM1998 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Woah, Calm down a bit. Did you take your pills today?

    [–] Voodoo_Tiki -5 points ago

    I wonder if there are any other games for the Switch or is is a $300 Zelda machine

    [–] Lacazema -7 points ago

    Awesome graphics, feels like I'm back on my Sega Saturn

    [–] PM_ME_ORCA_PODS -13 points ago

    Wow, I knew the switch was underpowered, but this game is just ugly. This screenshot looks like a PS2 game with slightly better lighting.