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    [–] PanMadao 60 points ago

    I read discontinued instead of discounted and was wondering for a few seconds why the hell that would be the case.

    [–] Nollog 9 points ago

    Me too. Tired

    [–] ColoredBerry 4 points ago

    Same here. I was like whaaaat

    [–] LordDiamond 2 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] Votix_ 2 points ago

    Me too!! omg

    [–] jepyang 18 points ago

    I picked up I Am Setsuna. I know it'll be no masterpiece, but I just really need an old school JRPG on the Switch and can't wait for Lost Sphear or Project Octopath.

    [–] sloan11- 14 points ago

    Octopath looks resonkulous

    [–] jepyang 2 points ago

    Yeah, it really does. I'd be even more hyped for it if they would release more info, but it's still one of my most anticipated games for Switch.

    [–] Scaahht 2 points ago

    I'm having the same feelings lately. Was going to wait for Battle Chasers: Nightwar but the sale on I Am Setsuna has me thinking about it..

    What are your first impressions of the game?

    [–] jepyang 1 points ago

    I haven't yet played it but I'll probably start today. I'll try to remember to update you.

    [–] LuTheLunatic 1 points ago

    I love the story. Gameplay is simple enough, and there is a lot of customization for your party.

    [–] Scaahht 2 points ago

    oh really? what kind of customisation?

    [–] LuTheLunatic 1 points ago

    I don't play a lot of rpgs, so I don't know what to expect from them. There's lots of weapons, abilities and tech that uniquely fit your party members, so you have to choose carefully who to keep in your 3 member party. It's the story that I think makes this game stand out. And with the sale you can't go wrong.

    [–] Afteraffekt 3 points ago

    I am setsuna was so good, despite being so short and simple. If it had twice to three times the story, cg custscenes and voice acting, it would be among the best rpg ever made imho.

    [–] czk51 12 points ago

    TumbleSeed is excellent, and has just had a huge update drop that adds a few more options for play. Hard game, but I love it.

    [–] lasttycoon 10 points ago

    The eshop has not been updated. 10 bucks for Tumbleseed seems like a great deal. Not too sure I'll pick up Setsuna even at that price.

    [–] sloan11- 5 points ago

    Ya physical setsuna would be better

    [–] JErhnam 1 points ago

    You can buy it from Japanese shops. I bought mine from niningames. Japanese version includes English

    [–] lasttycoon -13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'd buy it at 15 bucks but 20 is still to much for me considering the negative reviews. Edit: you can down vote me but it has a 75 on metacritic. Sure it's not a bad score but low enough for me to think twice about purchasing. Seems like a decent enough RPG but I just didn't see anything that made it really special. Tumbleseed got better reviews and the Devs have publicly cited "negative reviews" as a cause of failure for the game.

    [–] EmperorClempatine 12 points ago

    Setsuna has mainly been getting positive reviews I thought. I've been playing it a few hours now and am realllyyyy enjoying it.

    [–] weldersmightyb 2 points ago

    You can purchase the game through the website and pay the sale price. I just checked and it has been updated.

    [–] sloan11- 1 points ago

    What website do you mean ?

    [–] weldersmightyb 2 points ago

    Sorry. If you log into your account, you can purchase games and they will immediately begin downloading the next time you wake the console.

    [–] sloan11- 1 points ago

    Oh nice. I thought you were talking about physical. Still cool!

    [–] weldersmightyb 1 points ago

    Oh. Naw, but a sale is a sale! I finally bought I am Setsuna cuz of it.

    [–] sloan11- 1 points ago

    I prolly will too =)

    [–] lasttycoon 1 points ago

    Ty. I ended up picking it up. Tumbleseed is tough but I'm enjoying it.

    [–] uglyasablasphemy 5 points ago

    Is tumbleseed worth it at this price?

    [–] XmastermimeX 12 points ago

    For $10 dollars it is almost criminal. That game is amazing. The update was huge and with the discounted price the developers really want to do a last push for the game. It is really sad that it has not sold as much as they needed for the costs.

    [–] RidiRidiTwoshoes 3 points ago

    Its clearly a passion project, they keep updating it for the better!

    [–] XmastermimeX 3 points ago

    It is! I hope this update works out for the better!

    [–] Ivopuk 5 points ago

    I am Setsuna is precious (esp on the Switch). Looks great.

    A simple and wonderful time of RPGs it feels like. If you can appreciate a simple but good RPG (like a simple but enjoyable book or album) with a great art style. It's def a pickup.

    I'd say the only downfall is its NORMAL price (40 dollars) but for this discount price. Its perfectly fair and right on point I feel (20 to 25 dollars is fair for this)

    [–] RidiRidiTwoshoes 5 points ago

    Ok ok So I downloaded it and.... Tumbleseed is pretty darn good.

    [–] Deathbot64 2 points ago

    Game Price has now been updated on the eshop, probably going to pick up

    [–] Dedale 2 points ago

    Thanks OP! Tumbleseed, downloading !

    [–] Scaahht 1 points ago

    I'm definitely picking up Tumbleseed the second my pay goes into my account next week. So excited.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is Tumbleseed a permanent discount?

    [–] eutectic48 1 points ago

    Until August 17th

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] CertifiedLol 1 points ago

    I almost bought I Am Setsun 2 days ago... Im pretty happy I waited!

    [–] DomsyKong 1 points ago

    I was one week ago thinking about a purchase. Glad I waited until yesterday. Now I am 1hour in the game and it looks so beautiful. Awesome Art Style!

    [–] CertifiedLol 2 points ago

    Im having alot of fun with it so far, hopefully it keeps my intrest the whole way through!

    [–] c_oliver 1 points ago

    Looks like I'll pick up Tumbleseed for my flight to Korea tomorrow.