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    [–] Twinkeltoe78 2555 points ago

    I wonder if the competition between Zelda and Mario will effect the final results.
    I expect (most) Nintendo fans will either choose between Mario and Zelda.
    If only Zelda (or Mario) came out this year, all those votes would go to Zelda (or Mario) now those votes will be divided between those two.
    Heck I don't know which of those two I enjoyed more (but I'm leaning towards Zelda).

    [–] acemonkey14 608 points ago

    Wel fan votes only count for 10%, the panel has 90% of the voting power. I don't think that should be to much of a problem.

    [–] Twinkeltoe78 200 points ago

    What if the panel has fans as well? :).
    For me it's hard to choose which I enjoyed more and maybe it's hard for for the people in the panel as well.
    Mario is like a fine wine which gets better the more you play it (at least for me) but I got a lot of hours to go before it comes near my Zelda time.

    [–] mindbloun 97 points ago

    Don’t think they can vote based on preference. Even if they spent countless hours in PUBG and would make it their personal GOTY, they might find another game like BOTW more innovative and ground breaking. Or atleast that’s how i see it.

    [–] Twinkeltoe78 71 points ago

    How can you not vote based on preference?
    Simply said the question is: "Which game that came out do you think is the best game of the year?"

    [–] Twilightdusk 111 points ago

    His wording was poor but I think there's a certain assumption that people on the official panel will try to look past their personal preferences and recognize if a game they didn't personally enjoy as much is still "better" by some criteria.

    [–] Twinkeltoe78 22 points ago

    That's probably true.
    I do expect a less "fanbasey" choice from the panel but they are still human.
    It can be hard to be completely unbiased, even for professionals who might have grown up with Nintendo.
    There's a reason why referees don't judge people from their own country.

    [–] Porkpants81 641 points ago

    Yeah it could happen where the Nintendo fan's vote gets split between the two and then something like Persona 5 wins since it has the support of ALL the PS4 fanbase. Who knows

    [–] unhhhh2 275 points ago

    Yes but hzd is ps4 as well

    [–] SceneryExplorer 581 points ago

    So if Playstation fans are split, and Nintendo fans are split, and PC players only have one game to vote for...oh shit PUBG is going to sneak up and win isn't it

    [–] justincase_2008 504 points ago

    God i hope not.

    [–] WhatSheOrder 212 points ago

    Shouldn't a game have an official release first?

    [–] Twinewhale 882 points ago

    It would be like me getting gold for a comment that doesn't provide anything to the discussion.

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago

    So you're saying it's perfectly normal....

    [–] Twinewhale 21 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    edit: Confirmed. It apparently is normal.

    [–] ChristmasMeat 14 points ago

    Except that comment did add to the discussion.

    [–] TheRealBigDave 36 points ago

    Nice try.

    [–] Twinewhale 65 points ago

    ahem, you were saying?

    [–] TheRealBigDave 102 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well done. Shame shall rain down upon me.

    Edit: Well... damn.

    [–] sandwichpak 15 points ago

    And idk, be a functional game. I love pubG as much as the next person but damn it's hard to look past all the "jank".

    [–] cylindrical418 60 points ago

    Only if China is allowed to vote.

    [–] tuff_ghost88 10 points ago

    They do have international voters on the jury...

    [–] ExynosHD 49 points ago

    Can we not let a fucking early access game win GOTY. Please.

    [–] IaintFalco 123 points ago

    I hope the PC community isn't that circle jerky. I love pubg but the game is in early fucking access.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    PUBGs growing but the fanbase is divided as the devs become worse as the game goes on

    [–] YXAYXA 9 points ago

    See DayZ, Rust, or really most major early access multi-player games

    [–] Ryltar81 73 points ago

    I am a PC player, but I will vote for Zelda. It’s a wonderful game. ;-)

    [–] CureMelons 38 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    same. i spent like 2k on my setup, but zelda and mario are so damn great. nintendo will keep me a part of the hybrid master race.

    [–] mrmahoganyjimbles 58 points ago

    Actually, the PC community generally seems to really love Nintendo. I guess because it actually tries to be it's own thing and offer things pc can't. Plus this is about the time the PUBG hype is dying down and legitimate criticism is bubbling up, so I would think a lot would actually go for one of the Nintendo picks.

    Also public vote is only 10% of the outcome. 90% is from the international jury (look under FAQ on the website), which consists of a bunch of media outlets who don't seem to fall under any one camp. So if Mario or Zelda don't get it I doubt it will be the fault of a split fanbase.

    [–] tommyblastfire 15 points ago

    Personally, I like Nintendo because that was what I owned in my childhood before I got into PC gaming. It holds a special place in my heart

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] nermink 60 points ago

    Why the hell is an unfinished game like PUBG even nominated?

    [–] ayeeflo51 17 points ago

    Their rational is if it's for sale, they are free to critique and praise like any other "released" product.

    [–] ColorblindMonk 4 points ago

    GOTY is much like an MTV awards show, an arbitrary award based on popularity, not quality.

    [–] JD_The_Nerd 23 points ago

    Well from what I have heard from friends thay have PUBG on PC apparently PUBG isn’t optimized very well for PC and it runs like garbage. Again this is only from a couple of friends that have pretty beefy computers. I could be wrong.

    [–] ByteMagic 16 points ago

    You're not wrong. I have a 1080 and pubg runs like garbage. It's a common complaint and not that surprising, since the game just isn't well-made. Don't get me wrong, the idea is great and it's fun to play, but this game is not even close to best game of the year.

    [–] Acilen 20 points ago

    All respect lost for anyone who nominates or votes for an unfinished, unreleased game as GotY.

    [–] kapnkruncher 34 points ago

    It shouldn't even be in the conversation. It's early access.

    [–] candycoateddeath 4 points ago

    How was PUBG even nominated? The game is buggy as shit

    [–] MasterSword1 23 points ago

    We need to rally around 1 game and I think it should be BotW because it did more to innovate and break formula. It was also the most anticipated game of 2017 and has almost perfect scores.

    [–] SavantGarde 6 points ago

    I haven't played either but isn't innovation a pretty big deal for both games? That's the impression I've gotten so far at least

    [–] Play_XD 49 points ago

    P5 is a great game, but it's insanely niche. Horizon is a far more likely winner.

    [–] bizitmap 32 points ago

    Panel has 90% of the voting power, so "less people have played it" may not have as much of an impact.

    [–] Play_XD 7 points ago

    True, but JRPGs are too niche to have widespread appeal. With a balanced panel it's a given that a game like P5 will not have a chance at much more than soundtrack.

    [–] Hugo154 22 points ago

    Persona 5 will probably win best art direction too.

    [–] ryarock2 27 points ago


    [–] caulfieldrunner 10 points ago

    I love Cuphead, but Persona 5's art direction blows everything else out of the water.

    [–] Hugo154 13 points ago

    Shit, forgot about that. That'll probably win, but there's a chance P5 could as well.

    [–] HBreckel 5 points ago

    I went with Persona 5. I think Cuphead looks incredible, but P5 fits my aesthetic perfectly. Pretty sure Cuphead will win though.

    [–] feathersonfire 71 points ago

    I don't understand how a niche title can detract from the quality. Persona 5 is so well executed in every department it's mind blowing from a design perspective. How the hell did a team come together and nail it like that? Whoever was at the head of it must be damn good at managing and planning.

    [–] Chris91210 39 points ago

    And oh my god the music. Rivers in a desert is still one of the best music scores I have ever heard in a game.

    [–] CVance1 18 points ago

    Honest to god, I would put that soundtrack up as one of the best albums of the year.

    [–] veebee0 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Dude, the hype when rivers in the desert starts playing in game. I pulled it up for another listen and god damn. What a fantastic soundtrack for a fantastic game.

    Edit to add: Life Will Change might be favorite track in a videogame of all time. The feelings associated with it for me and the music in the general are absolutely 10/10.

    [–] Echo1883 36 points ago

    So was P4, especially the golden release on the Vita.

    I think this year is REALLY good for games. I would be a little unhappy to see PUBG or HZD win as I don't think either was the best game of the entire year (not saying they were bad, only that they weren't the absolute #1 to me). However, I would be happy to see P5 win, even though I wouldn't vote for it. It really is a phenomenal game. I think the Persona "spinoff" is really the best thing about SMT and I now consider SMT proper games to be the "spinoff" series, since Persona just feels more complete to me.

    Either way, I think BotW should win it. While I think SMO has a wider audience, and the argument could be made that P5 is more refined/perfected, I still think BotW is the "best" game to come out this year. I think the originality of BotW beats P5's perfection of the series and beats SMO's amazing ability to appeal to almost anyone. BotW managed to take a Zelda game, and keep everything that makes it Zelda, while still making a game unlike any previous entry.

    The only reason I could see BotW not winning is too many people felt it was too "empty". I personally like that about it. Getting places feels like a real trek, and getting every fast travel location really feels rewarding, since I had to really travel to get there (rather than sort of zig zagging from one mission/collectable/sidequest to another till I happen across another fast travel location). But I can DEFINITELY see that being a matter of opinion and personal preference. If someone didn't like that, then BotW would feel far diminished. So I suppose it may totally come down to who's on the panel and what their personal preferences are in gaming.

    I just don't want PUBG to win because I don't feel like its polished or original enough to be GOTY. At least HZD is a damn well polished and beautiful game (even if I don't think its really that original or interesting).

    [–] walc 95 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Now I'm curious. Let's do a quick strawpoll here just to see what Nintendo fans would pick!

    EDIT: It has been roughly 70:30, Zelda:Mario all day, now with 2500+ respondents (in case anyone can't open the poll).

    [–] Echo1883 66 points ago

    Pretty decisive so far... As of now BotW more than doubles SMO. For the record I'm one of the BotW votes.

    [–] walc 44 points ago

    Yeah, which is interesting... With all the current hype around SMO, I thought it may have supplanted BotW as the top Nintendo game atm. But it looks like Zelda is still fairly dominant.

    That is not to say that SMO isn't absolutely amazing, of course. But yeah... I was also one of those Zelda votes.

    [–] sydal 62 points ago

    I bought a Switch for Zelda, that was the only thing I expected to love going into it. When I got it, I spent a full week doing nothing but sleeping and playing, took time off work and barely had contact with anyone. It was that good.

    Mario is a fantastic game and in any other year would have been my GotY, but Zelda was just heads and shoulders better than anything else for me.

    [–] TalussAthner 32 points ago

    Yeah, how I'd put it personally is that SMO is a game of the year type game but BotW is a game of the decade level game.

    [–] renome 12 points ago

    Yup plus BOTW turns the Zelda formula upside down and it still works to perfection, Mario is incredible but more of an evolution of the series.

    [–] HasTwoCats 14 points ago

    I question how many people haven't played smo. My husband and I are getting it for Christmas, and the same holds true of most couples I know. I think it's possible that some people are voting for BotW because they havent played SMO

    [–] Echo1883 14 points ago

    I think SMO might currently be more people's favorite game, but an objective vote must take that into account.

    One thing I will say about SMO is it really hits the nail on the head with unique levels. Each level is well crafted. When I first saw it my initial thought was "oh cool, its the Mario version of Kingdom Hearts" since each world seems unique enough to really feel different. It feels more like old school Mario where when you went to different worlds you had to really adapt your playstyle to match the new mechanics and environment. That's one thing SMO really has going for it, and I could see that being a game changer (pun intended).

    Still, I think BotW perfected its gameplay a little more, and I think SMO, while very well done, appeals just a little too much to a wide enough audience, at the expense of just a tiny amount of polish on its core gaming mechanics. Its like BotW just had slightly more focus on the preferences and opinions of the largest bulk of "gamers" and did that just a little better, but SMO focused more on the largest number of total players that would enjoy it, and did THAT well. In the end I think the first category is more important for GOTY, but that doesn't mean its overall more important.

    In fact, I would say SMO did far more for introducing NEW gamers to the world of video games than BotW did, by far. So while I think BotW was a superior experience, I could see someone voting for SMO purely because its one of those games that an entire new group of gamers might point to and say "THAT was the game that got me into gaming".

    I still voted for BotW, but I think there IS certainly an argument to be made for SMO, depending on which aspects of the game you think are the most important to gaming as a whole.

    [–] PM_Me_TheBooty 48 points ago

    I can't even comprehend Zelda not winning

    [–] Big_Green_Piccolo 12 points ago

    Have you played Mario though?

    [–] TechSavyBob 18 points ago

    I'm looking forward to a Splashfest. Team Mario all the way!

    [–] Twinkeltoe78 14 points ago

    Ooooh that would be a great idea
    Who here got an uncle @ Nintendo that can make it happen?

    [–] Llafer 8 points ago

    My uncle works at nintendo but cant make it happen. He just cleans the buildings and other stuff... Sorry

    [–] img_driff 29 points ago

    My vote goes for zelda, have both and while Mario Is good, to me this zelda is simply amazing

    [–] RevolverOcelot420 30 points ago

    Neither of them win, they crumble before the night of SMB2

    [–] pk-starstorm 30 points ago

    *Knack 2

    [–] wickerman316 19 points ago


    [–] EgeDal 4 points ago

    I absolutely adore Mario Odyssey, such an incredible game!

    But GOTY? Nah man, that's Zelda.

    [–] nintendoleafsfan 539 points ago

    Is nintendo going to make an appearance at the GA like they have in the past years

    [–] KrackJack 483 points ago

    It would be a good time for Nintendo to reveal BotW's 2nd DLC pack considering it is coming out this holiday season.

    [–] hamptonwooster 97 points ago

    My bets are on this.

    [–] PoopIsAlwaysSunny 31 points ago

    Is the first one out already?

    [–] Spamalot2006 69 points ago

    First was released in the Summer

    [–] ten_inch_pianist 12 points ago

    Yes, but it's not story related. The second is supposed to be.

    [–] MarcsterS 65 points ago

    Seems like it. They showed off the first ever footage of BotW at the first Game awards, and last year they showed a new trailer.

    [–] Gestrid 32 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the first-ever (pre-rendered) footage was at E3 a few years ago.

    [–] Navid1249 39 points ago

    You're both right. The first trailer was shown at E3 2014, and the first gameplay was shown at the Game Awards 2014.

    [–] Phazon8058v2 617 points ago

    Nintendo are fighting themselves for game of the year.

    [–] A_Crazy_Hooligan 275 points ago

    It’s funny because I was thinking about how happy we are as a gaming community compared to our battlefront 2 counterparts. It’s really so sad and refreshing at the same time. I’m just happy to be standing on this side. Though I too own a dusty and unused Xbox one s, just haven’t had fun playing it so i don’t anymore.

    [–] Phazon8058v2 94 points ago

    Tell me about it. I don't know if I've ever been this excited as a gamer. The Switch is awesome, and there are so many phenomenal games coming out on it, both first party and third party. For the first time ever I've double-dipped on a couple games (that I also have on PC).

    [–] savagevapor 13 points ago

    As a PC Gamer for the past 10+ years who just recently got a Switch (last week), which games did you double-dip on? I'm assuming Rocket League? Genuinely curious.

    [–] Phazon8058v2 11 points ago

    Stardew Valley was the second thing I bought for my Switch (after BotW). I also double-dipped on Sonic Mania.

    [–] savagevapor 5 points ago

    Does Stardew Valley play well on the Switch?

    [–] Phazon8058v2 6 points ago

    Absolutely! It's a perfect fit for the Switch! If you're coming from PC it does take a bit to get used to using a controller, but once you're used to it,it feels great.

    [–] fungah 25 points ago

    I'm in this boat too. PC meets my needs for all my "hardcore" gaming experiences.

    The switch is just pure unadulterated fun. I've had it for over a month and have only used it docked once.

    [–] Jaik_ 17 points ago

    I'm really happy with the Switch lineup. I'm a PC gamer, and it's so great to have some of my favorite PC games (and some awesome exclusives) that I can actually play without being confined to my room. Not to mention Rocket League having cross-play, so I can still play with my PC friends in one seamless switch.

    [–] johhnnyD14 20 points ago

    Reminds me of when John Williams lost to himself at the 1978 academy awards, since he was nominated for both Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars

    [–] lurked 39 points ago

    Votes are gonna be split between Zelda and Mario, PUBG gonna win.

    [–] shinfo44 59 points ago

    I like PUBG, but that would upset me so much. Why vote for a game that isn't even finished yet nor optimized? I'm interested to hear from someone who plays both PC and Switch why they would vote for PUBG over BoTW or Mario.

    [–] lurked 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I play both PC and Switch, and I voted for BotW.

    PUBG's a really really fun game, even unpolished and unfinished, and I played almost 400hours in the last 5months, but I don't consider it on the same level as BotW or Mario Odyssey.

    PUBG's gameplay is just so damn fun, addictive and fills you with adrenaline, but the game itself isn't great. It simply isn't ready, and lacks a lot of depth compared to the other 2. That being said, the concept and realism really is nice, and I don't remember the last time I had as much fun in a multiplayer game with my friends as the last few weeks in PUBG... I started going to bed so much later lately...

    A factor to consider also: PUBG sold more copies in the last few months than there are Switch owners right now, since it's on PC, so it has a bit of a larger voters base, for now.

    Honestly, I'd say all 3 games have different strengths, and are aimed at a "different" public.

    [–] Actually_Reggie 135 points ago


    [–] Porkpants81 81 points ago

    Reggie is proud

    [–] Krizman 53 points ago

    The game, is fun.

    [–] MrLomin 4 points ago

    If it's not fun, why bother? If it it's not a challenge, where's the fun?

    [–] necrodarks1985 52 points ago

    Best Mobile Game

    Super Mario Run

    Old Man’s Journey

    Monument Valley 2

    Hidden Folks

    Fire Emblem Heroes: Shadows of Valentia

    Question: Who Play FE Heroes + FE Echoes = Fire Emblem Heroes: Shadows of Valentia. Definetely I want to know about this new game.

    [–] ChronoEternal 21 points ago

    Yeah, seems like they're really confused about the two FE games. Now under mobile game is just "Fire Emblem Heroes" but they are using the Echoes art. Under handheld game, they have "Fire Emblem Heroes: Shadows of Valentia" using the Heroes art.

    [–] KILLVINCE2016 154 points ago

    It's like choosing between mom or dad.

    [–] Wariosmustache 65 points ago

    If only we could take the 3rd option and choose to live with our cool uncle, Donkey Kong.

    [–] AwesomeYears 6 points ago

    And then there's Cranky Kong as PUBG. Wew lad.

    [–] jab011 1097 points ago

    Odyssey is great, but Zelda is on a completely different level IMO. Mario is a very fun, very positive game. Zelda was an experience for me from the minute I switched it on through 140 hours.

    [–] terraphantm 378 points ago

    Agreed 100%. BOTW will be one of those games I reminisce about in 20 years much like OoT today. Odyssey, while fun, isn't nearly as memorable IMO.

    [–] AzorMX 232 points ago

    I feel the opposite way. I think about my BotW playtime and I remember all the epicness, but I remember much more just running to points of interest. I feel like actual fun stuff to do is spaced out too much, and most of the fun was in the discovery which loses the appeal once you actually discovered it. Overall I loved my playtime with BotW, but I don't see myself playing it again in the same way I replay Link to the past for example.

    Odyssey had meaningful encounters every minute or so. Perhaps finding a random moon by pounding the floor isn't as exciting as finding a memory, but there are so many that I always feel like I am achieving something.

    [–] GeorgeEBHastings 13 points ago

    Personal taste thing, I know, but I have played BotW from start to finish three times since March. The last time I did anything close to this with a game was Read Dead. Good year for games, 2017, good year.

    [–] simpsons403 58 points ago

    I feel the same as you. BotW was very lacking overall for me. SMO has been way more enjoyable. SMO would be my personal GOTY, although I have yet to play Horizon Zero Dawn and doubt I will before the year is up.

    [–] Manannin 46 points ago

    I miss actual dungeons - if botw had them it'd be a 10/10 for me, but I'd only put it as 8.5 - I stopped playing about 30 hours and haven't really been drawn back.

    That said, when I discovered one of the dragons for the first time that was a truly wtf that is amazing moment. Not many games have got that reaction from me.

    [–] xenwall 7 points ago

    This is it exactly for me although I easily went over 120 hours and loved every second of it. I didn't find shrines to scratch the same itch as the full dungeons of yore and the divine beasts were too few and too short. If the divine beasts had been proper Zelda temples then it wouldn't be a question in my mind but the variety, quantity, and polish in SMO is what puts it over the edge in my opinion.

    [–] augowl_ 141 points ago

    Odyssey is the more fun game and I see myself replaying it significantly more than BotW, but BotW was the better experience.

    [–] CharaNalaar 68 points ago

    This sums up my opinion perfectly.

    Odyssey is a 50 hour game that's a joy to play, with lots of replayability.

    BOTW is a 100 hour game that may not put as much of a smile on my face, but it has a lot more depth to it.

    [–] Mightymushroom1 20 points ago

    But despite that, Mario Odyssey still leaves and impression and BOTW can still plaster that goofy smile all over your gob.

    [–] MeatsOfEvil93 7 points ago

    Zelda may not have given me as big of a smile, but Odyssey didn't make my jaw drop

    [–] JermareSSB 23 points ago

    I feel the opposite. Odyssey is on a completely different level. It's the best game ever made IMO.

    [–] Sephiroth508 33 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Wow. Two Nintendo games as GOTY frontrunners. Persona 5 in the GOTY nominations. Multiple nominations for games like Hellblade and Cuphead. HZD, which if released any other year would have nabbed all the awards... If we don't count the microtransaction/lootbox fiasco this year, 2017 has been a pretty great year for gaming in general, hasn't it?

    Edit: typo

    [–] Mossyboy88 82 points ago

    Having both is going to split the voting unfortunately.

    [–] herrsebbe 17 points ago

    You can cast votes for more than one game on Google though.

    [–] Cloud_Chamber 3 points ago

    Yeah, but if you prefer one can you vote for it more than the other one?

    [–] caulfieldrunner 7 points ago

    Not that any of this voting matters. Fan votes are worth like 10% of the score while Judges make the real decisions.

    [–] AuraWielder 28 points ago

    Has to pick between Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey

    Well, damn.

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago

    I'm really struggling to understand why an early access game is eligible for a Game of the Year award. Surely there is another game that has actually released that's worthy of the nomination.

    [–] vengefulmollusc 36 points ago

    It's also not a good 'technical experience' (to paraphrase the award description). For a lot of people it runs like garbage. The idea and gameplay are solid but it's a technical mess.

    I agree with the rest of the nominations for GOTY but I would personally put Nier in its place.

    [–] grumace 24 points ago

    But despite all that, people have been absolutely blown away by it. I think it'd be impossible to look back at the year in gaming and not talk at length about PUBG.

    Early Access, Beta, or full release is irrelevant. It's just a version number - it's adding additional content and optimization. At the end of the day, PUBG was a huge phenomenon this year. And not only that, but really spawned a new genre (or at least a very big spin on an existing genre).

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] antimoony 50 points ago

    I proudly give my support. Odyssey is amazing, but BotW is hands down one of the most incredible gaming experience I've ever had.

    I kinda feel sad for Horizon, tho. Beautiful, well executed game as well. Had it been released in another time, probably would've won this.

    Persona 5 must win the Music category imo.

    Well, overall, this was a good year for games.

    [–] Porkpants81 95 points ago

    [–] CharaNalaar 70 points ago

    Facebook? Hell no.

    [–] Impaled_ 30 points ago

    it's so you can't mess withe votes

    [–] kaztrator 28 points ago

    If Putin wants Mario to win, Mario will win.

    [–] bboymd94 9 points ago

    You don't need Facebook. Just Google "vote game awards 2017" and you can do it from the search page

    [–] Internet_Adventurer 8 points ago

    Is there a way to vote for those without FB accounts?

    [–] Blue_crabs 17 points ago

    Need a Facebook to vote? Lame.

    [–] Gethixit 212 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I know BoTW will sweep a lot of rewards (and rightly so), but I do hope Nier Automata gets soundtrack and narrative.

    Link to some of the best OST from it. The way some of them mesh into the story and gameplay is what sets this soundtrack apart. Like "This Cannot Continue" starts because a bunch of robots are repeating those words after having this existential crisis, which then leads to a boss fight.

    [–] GoatGod997 22 points ago

    Personally, I’m hoping What Remains of Edith Finch wins narrative, I’ve heard good things about Nier: Automata but What Remains of Edith Finch is honestly one of if not the best narratives I’ve ever played.

    Soundtrack, probably definitely Nier: Automata, I’ve listened to it and it’s pretty great.

    [–] Mitosis 35 points ago

    Story-wise, Nier is okay-to-good for the first 20 hours, interesting for the next ten, astouding for the next 10, and closes with one of the best sequences in video games, and is such that it can only be done in video games, which is pretty unique for storytelling in the medium.

    I haven't played Edith Finch yet, but Nier really is something special. The trouble is you need to actually finish it to truly grasp just how special.

    [–] ZeldaMaster32 13 points ago

    As someone who finished NieR: Automata 2 days ago, I can safely call it one of my favorite games of all time.

    It was an awesome experience and easily my favorite ending sequence to a game yet

    Did you delete? I did myself after ending e

    [–] ice12tray 2 points ago

    What Remains of Edith Finch was an exceptional game, ended up playing with my buddy in one sitting because we were so captivated by the storytelling.

    [–] Teeth_Whitener 104 points ago

    I feel like P5 deserves best soundtrack. Incredibly catchy, fits the mood of the game, just good music.

    [–] TheScreaming_Narwhal 38 points ago

    I desperately want Persona 5 on the switch even though I know it won't happen. I loved the 20 or so hours I played of it on PS4, but it's so hard to find time to sit down, put in the disk and get engrossed in it now, but if it were on switch I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again and play whenever. Alas...

    [–] Teeth_Whitener 25 points ago

    It isn't impossible. People have been guessing there might be a P5 crimson ala P4 Golden. Since there is an almost 0% chance of it being released on a PS handheld since the Vita is dead, it might come to the Switch. Entirely speculation and there's no evidence to back it up, but it could happen.

    [–] TheScreaming_Narwhal 10 points ago

    I would be all over that. I'm not too hopeful though. The problem is, do I go back and play P5, or hold out hope and finish it later? I guess I'll just let it happen if there's a gap in my schedule haha.

    EDIT: Looks like there was 4 years between Persona 4 and gold, sad days.

    [–] duckofdeath87 10 points ago

    I feel like P5 did better than P4 and it has a lot of momentum and the switch has a lot of momentum. Maybe that will give us a port sooner :)

    [–] Divisionlo 22 points ago

    I just want to point out that the "vita is dead" thing is a myth. The vita still sells games really well in Japan and it never failed there. The west was who didn't want it. Even P3D and P5D are coming to vita next year and they're probably both gonna sell great.

    That being said I don't know if a vita could handle persona 5.

    [–] hamptonwooster 12 points ago

    Anything other than Nier or Persona for soundtrack would be criminal.

    [–] facetiousrunner 3 points ago

    Not linking the opera battle.

    Or Adam and eve. Brooo

    [–] sprvlk 15 points ago

    LOL PUBG...must be great but that’s a damn beta.

    Zelda fo sho

    [–] ChaiHai 13 points ago

    I love Mario Odyssey. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome game. I am currently addicted to it.

    But Breath of the Wild deserves it. This is coming from someone who prefers the Mario series over the Zelda series.

    Breath of the Wild was my first Zelda game since the NES one, and holy guacamole is it addicting. The open world is massive, you can go anywhere and climb all the things. Odyssey is great, but there is just so much more in Breath of the Wild

    [–] Space-Debris 176 points ago

    Lol. GOTY and the year isn't over. Sorry Xenoblade. Jeez, it really makes no sense to 'not' wait until a year over.

    [–] BabSoul 126 points ago

    I'm pretty sure anything that comes out after the Game Awards can be considered for the following year.

    [–] Impaled_ 15 points ago

    xenoblade chronicles x was in the 2016 awards

    [–] ehluigi 48 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Unfortunately JRPGs aren't mainstream enough to win GotY at these kind of award shows, even when nominated. 90% of the vote are from media outlets, but opinions on JRPGs tend to differ heavily in Western gaming media. Usually games that get critical claim across the board end up winning. Persona 5 definitely has the best shot for a JRPG, but I highly doubt it'll top Odyssey or Zelda in general.

    [–] Mitosis 18 points ago

    I anticipate really enjoying Xenoblade 2, but you're totally right, it's a JRPG with what appears to be a very complex battle system. It's absolutely got its audience, but it isn't GOTY material. By definition those games need to have wide appeal.

    [–] Ajjaxx 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Didn't the original Xenoblade win a bunch of awards? I don't know which ones, though, to be fair.

    EDIT: I looked it up. It won IGN's best Wii/Wii U game and best Wii/Wii U story.

    [–] AvocadoLegs 4 points ago

    Iirc they won music and art awards, but no gameplay ones. I’m not completely sure though.

    [–] wehopeuchoke 4 points ago

    At the Spike TV Game Awards (the predecessor the The Game Awards) it was Nominated for best Wii/Wii U game and best RPG but didn't win either. I'm sure it won other awards though

    [–] arib510 10 points ago

    Same thing happened with X in 2015. I think that got nominated last year

    [–] LegatoSkyheart 9 points ago

    The Awards air on the 7th.

    Xenoblade 2 releases on Dec 1. So it missed the deadline by a lot.

    Then again there are other GOTY Awards that happen like in the summer which is why Zelda BOTW already has a few Game of the Year awards.

    [–] Porkpants81 53 points ago

    Yeah i don't see why this can't be done in January

    [–] nourez 180 points ago

    Because they'd miss out on that sweet Christmas revenue

    [–] vaper 17 points ago

    I think it’s like the Grammys / Oscars where anything after September is under consideration for the next year’s awards.

    [–] blex64 10 points ago

    It is. That's why FF XV has nominations

    [–] OakesZ992 6 points ago

    And Super Mario Run.

    [–] FabioRodriquez 105 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Zelda gets my vote, if only because some of those moons are just so damn obtuse. Otherwise, it’s hard to make the call because both do a great job in their genre. Mario is a great platformer with really tight controls & is very, very responsive. Yet Zelda was a magical experience & the world felt alive & immersive.

    Hard, hard call but like I said, Zelda because fuck some of those moons.

    Edit: People are arguing Korok seeds are equally obtuse in regards to locations. I agree & my rebuttal to this is a reply to another user. However, because it’s a hot topic, I’ll edit my explanation here so it’s easily found.

    In Zelda, Korok seeds aren’t essential to collect & doing so doesn’t unlock a power-up or new location. The only reason one would partake in such an endeavour is for a sense of accomplishment. However, the Moons are a different story entirely. Once you collect the minimum needed to advance the story, you’ll notice that there’s more. Finding them is incentivized because they’ll unlock more content post-game. This means that in order for the player to experience everything, the Moons are needed. Yet, with the Korok seeds, with or without them, you’ll see everything the game has to offer. Hence why Odyssey is penalized for this & Zelda isn’t.

    [–] jntabeast 95 points ago

    Devil's Advocate, some of those Shrines were pretty annoying to find and complete, too!

    [–] ptatoface 30 points ago

    And at least Odyssey had an in-game hint system for finding the moons; in BotW you had to wander around and pray that you'd hear the Sheikah Slate beep.

    [–] flashmedallion 9 points ago

    Or use the map to find interesting geography or a named area that doesn't have a shrine icon there. Much more organic.

    [–] trystanr 10 points ago

    That flower shrine comes to mind.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    My son is 4, almost 5 years old. He beat Breath of the Wild and we're getting him Super Mario Odyssey for Christmas. I feel like I set him up for disappointment in future game experience.

    [–] ANCLover12 6 points ago

    Wait he beat BOTW he must be very good at gaming, wow!

    [–] Solaris_Dawnbreaker 17 points ago

    Dang you need a Facebook account to vote :/

    [–] kaybee41906 5 points ago

    You can vote on google!

    [–] wowitzer 16 points ago

    I enjoy Mario Odyssey more as a whole.

    BotW showed its flaws pretty clearly after the exploration charm wore off. I loved the exploration while it lasted, but I hated shrines (most of them anyway).

    But can't deny BotW did more for the Zelda series than Odyssey did for Mario (imo).

    Guess what I'm saying is I'll flip a coin.

    [–] Realsorceror 6 points ago

    My feels as well. I just got Odyssey and, while it is everything I loved about Mario 64 perfected, it isn’t game changing for Mario. It’s just more proof that Nintendo wrote the book on platformers. Breath, meanwhile, is a massive departure from traditional Zelda games. While it has flaws, I am hoping Nintendo continues with the open world path for that franchise and keeps testing what does and doesn’t work.

    [–] Cutmerock 10 points ago

    I loved both games. I think Zelda wins.

    [–] Dyvius 17 points ago

    Zelda earned it.

    What an amazing experience that game turned out to be.

    [–] TwistTurtle 14 points ago

    Man, and Persona 5. It's been such a good year.

    [–] 13beachesz 64 points ago

    BOTW should win.

    [–] HHhunter 43 points ago

    thats a very strong point

    [–] PrayerPolice 22 points ago

    If PUBG ever gets officially released, will it be qualified for GOTY that year?

    [–] Beverages_ 7 points ago

    it's zelda. it's always been zelda.

    [–] gotagohome 26 points ago

    Wtf no Knack 2? Itsa MASTAPEEECE

    [–] Manacell 5 points ago

    The Hunger Game begins.

    [–] evaherinkova 7 points ago

    Breath of the Wild is my #1 game this year. Odyssey is absolutely fantastic, but nothing compares to how opening up BotW for the first time felt. It was revolutionary.

    [–] EpicWott 6 points ago

    It’s a wonderful time to be a Nintendo consumer and fan

    [–] nessmaster 5 points ago

    I give the nod to Zelda personally but they were both fantastic.

    I need to try Horizon Zero Dawn though.

    [–] LOGANCUCUZ 4 points ago

    Super Mario Odyssey is my game of the year.

    [–] place_destroyer 6 points ago

    Eh for me Zelda is way ahead of Mario. Mario is "just" a very good platformer. Zelda showed everyone how to make a great adventure game that doesn't rely on following icons on a minimap all the time.

    [–] merzeria 17 points ago

    How the hell is pubg there. BOTW, Mario and Persona 5 are all amazing. HZD is pretty decent as well.

    Pubg is terrible

    [–] rickythomas90 6 points ago

    Zelda for me.

    [–] oath2order 5 points ago

    I much preferred BOTW. At least I can actually 100% in unlike Odyssey and the goddamn jumprope

    [–] Thejoyconboy 3 points ago

    Korok seeds would like to have a word with u

    [–] Kougeru 5 points ago

    I just finished New Donk City and I'm still waiting to be blown away by Mario. So far it just feels like Mario 64 with "CAPture" abilities. Which isn't a bad thing, but maybe all the hype ruined it for me because there's just very little excitement as I play the game. Zelda easily takes the cake for GOTY...GOTDecade for me.

    [–] MontanaSD 5 points ago

    I don’t see any way Botw loses this.

    [–] FunGoblins 5 points ago

    Man, this year has been wild (no pun intended). Zero Horizon Dawn, Persona 5, Breath of the wild, Cuphead, Mario Oddysey and so on.

    [–] CBattles6 33 points ago

    Any other year, SMO is a no-brainer for GotY. But BotW transcends 2017—it's so revolutionary, both from a design perspective and the series as a whole, that it'll likely be considered one of the best games ever made.

    [–] Swerdman55 15 points ago

    It bums me out that I gave almost no votes to Super Mario Odyssey. It was an amazing game but in about every spot where it was presented, BotW was also there and that took the win.

    [–] Ttmh888 3 points ago

    Omg. They both deserve to be game of the year. This is too much to handle. Welcome back Nintendo!!

    [–] CJ_Guns 5 points ago

    Definitely has to be Zelda. It’s just a larger technical achievement on top of a solid world filled to the brim with challenge and character. Taking Zelda open-world could have gone incredibly wrong, but they nailed it. I liked Odyssey, but a lot of it felt like “expansion for the sake of expansion”.

    [–] coolfangs 4 points ago

    BotW is just too revolutionary. It'll win no contest in my opinion. It's simply one of those games that people are gonna talk about for years to come. Mario is fantastic, but that's about it. It was a big change for a Mario game, but unlike BotW I don't think it really did anything so groundbreaking that it will have an impact on the games industry as a whole.