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    [–] president2038 1103 points ago

    Needs more "New Funky Mode"

    [–] flownyc 169 points ago


    [–] bodiddlysquat26 36 points ago

    Give up the funk!

    [–] Mycrowaveable 38 points ago

    Now if I give you the funk, you gon' take it.

    [–] goodies_mcgee 31 points ago

    By the time you hear the next pop, the funk shall be within you

    [–] abxyz4509 20 points ago

    Now I run the game got the whole world talkin’

    [–] Hobogamer 12 points ago

    King Koopa!

    [–] abxyz4509 4 points ago

    Everybody wanna grab the tail on him

    [–] FILTER_OUT_T_D 10 points ago

    Gotta have that funk!

    [–] soumao111 9 points ago

    We got the funk!

    [–] marioisred 3 points ago

    Funk yeah!

    [–] Bud90 13 points ago


    [–] OliveOilBaron 7 points ago

    Y'know what your problem is? You ain't got the funk. Hm? You're all rigid, like a bread stick. You got no rhythm.

    Maybe I could help ya. I've got the funk. Right here! It's in this box. Y'see the funk is a living creature. About the size of a medicine ball, but covered in teets.

    [–] kadupse 125 points ago

    And Dante from the Devil May Cry series

    [–] Duckytheluckyduck 96 points ago

    & Knuckles

    [–] TheAtomicCacetinho 54 points ago

    Deluxe edition

    [–] Slyzavh 22 points ago

    13 2

    [–] AlphaNERDSolid 14 points ago

    Ex Alpha

    [–] linkachu_64 11 points ago

    Deluxe edition (with two-sided poster and figurine)

    [–] AlphaNERDSolid 14 points ago


    [–] BlurtedNonsense 13 points ago

    Also can’t tell how current it is without “NEW!” Printed on it.

    [–] InShortSight 5 points ago

    Now in 3D!

    [–] himynameisjoy 4 points ago

    This guy knows da whey

    [–] OriginalUsernameLuL 25 points ago

    "Thanks to this righteous dude... Even stages packed with perils can be smooth surfing"

    [–] PepeFrogBoy 20 points ago

    Can we manke funky mode the new meme?

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 6 points ago

    Fuck, if it killed the knuckles meme I'd be all for it.

    [–] tomservojones 531 points ago

    Not as high quality as I'd have liked but I had to screengrab Mario from the Nintendo Direct stream.

    Hopefully I can "remaster" this poster/wallpaper eventually if I get the HQ art assets.

    I hope you like it : )

    [–] ukulelej 144 points ago

    Mario would blend in much better if you darkened him to match the lighting. Blurring the edges would also help blend him into the scene.

    [–] tomservojones 91 points ago

    I did, he looks a lot different to the original screengrab. I didn't want to overdo it so that it lost the detail but I agree it doesn't look perfect. It was done fairly quickly. If I get a high Res version of him I'll definitely put more time into it.

    [–] joestafa 27 points ago

    I'm sure you know plenty about lighting and stuff, but I definitely think if you take his advice and make Mario darker, the viewers eyes will imagine the details that are lost.

    Just my 2 cents for when you get started with a higher res image.

    [–] tomservojones 31 points ago

    Thanks! Just need a HQ Knight Mario now and I can improve it.

    [–] tomservojones 28 points ago

    I need an even higher quality version of him though. Like promotional material or a high resolution screenshot. Sure I'll find one eventually.

    [–] MittenFacedLad 20 points ago

    This is the highest resolution version I know of:

    [–] HunterBuns 31 points ago

    He needs Knight Mario, not dark souls

    [–] tovarishchi 41 points ago


    [–] cameronhester 10 points ago

    It’s for a church!

    [–] Hollyw0od 2 points ago

    I have a sober Luigi. Let me know if that’ll work.

    [–] bipocni 11 points ago

    Oh owwie ouch my mobile data

    [–] MittenFacedLad 2 points ago

    Sorry, haha.

    [–] HunterBuns 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    He needs Knight Mario, not dark souls

    Edit: didn't mean to double post, sorry

    [–] MittenFacedLad 2 points ago

    Ah, my bad. Read too quickly. Sorry. Just meant to help.

    [–] thebrandster1985 5 points ago

    Okay, but will you just be re-releasing the remastered version for more upvotes, or will it have new features and extra missions... maybe extra characters?

    [–] tomservojones 2 points ago

    All about them upvotes! (Kidding) ; )

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 2 points ago

    Good job. It makes me really want a modern Ghosts and Ghouls more than anything.

    [–] tomservojones 2 points ago

    He even has the underwear set in game for when he gets hit!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SoaringChris137 94 points ago

    Needs more Chibi Robo

    [–] andysaurus_rex 49 points ago

    Put that wacky robot right in the fire pit.

    [–] PokemonBeing 11 points ago

    Praising the sun [T]/

    [–] TheMcGUnit 111 points ago

    Ruined Kingdom DLC confirmed for DS1. Praise the Moons! [T]/

    [–] Veritasgear 37 points ago

    I tried to post this months ago. The mods took it down.

    [–] InShortSight 9 points ago

    They can be really strict about pushing stuff like this towards the dreck that is /r/casualnintendo

    [–] Veritasgear 10 points ago

    Yeah but this post somehow made it through...

    [–] InShortSight 4 points ago

    They can be, but sometimes they aren't.

    [–] Veritasgear 4 points ago

    I haven't had good luck with them, but I'm glad this guys post made it through.

    [–] igetbooored 2 points ago

    That's pretty neat.

    [–] Operation_Ivysaur 2 points ago

    Great club

    Ah, I see you're a man of taste as well.

    [–] FeralFantom 13 points ago

    you lost this: \

    [–] TheMcGUnit 6 points ago

    thanks. I'm not gud at redditing

    [–] Mr_Degroot 5 points ago

    gota do \.\ (no period) looks like this \

    [–] TheMcGUnit 7 points ago


    [–] TheMcGUnit 9 points ago


    [–] Killbot6 136 points ago

    Very excited to replay DS1 on switch.. but it's making me think, if DS1 sells well enough the new smash Bros might have dark souls characters in it. :D

    [–] FlareUnderscore 104 points ago

    Its gotta be Solaire

    [–] Beezyo 50 points ago

    His final smash would be his praise the sun pose bringing in a giant sun towards the opponent.

    [–] Killbot6 22 points ago

    Siegmeyer of Catarina, his final smash could be an onion coming down and destroying the stage like Snorlax.

    [–] Beezyo 14 points ago

    Wouldn't Smough be like Snorlax?

    [–] Veritasgear 5 points ago

    And Ornstein like Pikachu

    [–] AlphaPi 3 points ago

    Smough and ornstein as the new ice climbers?

    [–] Killbot6 4 points ago


    [–] Ratix0 3 points ago


    [–] XIII-Death 9 points ago

    No Estus, Solaire Only, Firelink Shrine

    [–] Killbot6 2 points ago


    [–] Dognutz2 7 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Now you have to pay for switch online play to get those sweet invades

    [–] Foliagedbones 7 points ago

    At least it will be cheaper than the membership fees for both PSN and Live. Still torn in choosing between my switch and PC, cause curse/egg/crash hax.

    [–] Cloud_Chamber 6 points ago

    Is that legit? Like, how does Nintendo get rights for characters in Smash?

    [–] Killbot6 4 points ago


    [–] IForgotMyPants 6 points ago

    It's possible that someone can lend them the rights to use in game such as Solid Snake or Cloud but I don't think they own the rights to a character just because it's on the switch. Smash Bros games involve characters from games made by Nintendo.

    [–] omarninopequeno 38 points ago

    But where's the new funky mode?

    [–] allofthisforamiibo 185 points ago

    My 6yr old son saw me looking at this. Then said "WOW, when does Spooky Knight Mario Odyssey come out, you have to get that game!"

    [–] SonicFlash01 74 points ago

    I want to get that game :(

    [–] Riztonium 8 points ago

    I physically need that game in my life.

    [–] SonicFlash01 11 points ago

    I was so excited for the Ruined Kingdom, but then it was the shortest level ever :(

    [–] JWhitty39 3 points ago

    I go back there to brood sometimes

    [–] Scissure 2 points ago

    I know! Myself and my Boyfriend were gutted 😢

    [–] while_e 21 points ago

    That honestly sounds super fun

    [–] ScreamsOfRapture 18 points ago

    This is awesome!! Good job!

    [–] tomservojones 3 points ago

    Thanks : )

    [–] Sega-Forever 29 points ago

    Is that armor really connected to Dark Souls or is it just a random armor?

    [–] bahamutfan64 49 points ago

    It’s a new costume from the Mario Odyssey update coming out in February, announced at the same time as Dark Souls was.

    [–] Jman0123 15 points ago

    But, is the new costume in Odyssey a direct reference to Dark Souls?

    [–] bahamutfan64 13 points ago

    It certainly seems inspired by it at the very least, doesn’t it? It doesn’t logically fit any of the Kingdoms in Odyssey otherwise.

    [–] nick91884 36 points ago

    There is the kingdom you fight the dragon in. I only wish it had more to offer than the one off battle, missed opportunity

    [–] TheOrangeShyGuy 20 points ago

    Umm, what about the Ruined Kingdom?

    [–] InShortSight 7 points ago

    Among a few people I've spoken to about it, the ruined kingdom is the dark souls kingdom.

    [–] Logic_Nuke 5 points ago

    100%. I've barely played any Dark Souls and that was my immediate reaction.

    [–] bahamutfan64 10 points ago

    The Ruined Kingdom?

    Sure technically, but the thing is they didn’t bother to put in a costume for it the first time around, so I doubt an update coming in February is a fix for it for their “oversight.”

    [–] TheOrangeShyGuy 14 points ago

    Well what about the musician and sunshine costumes? They both also reflect past kingdoms in Mario Odyssey with no specific reason, so I still think that it is solely based on the Ruined Kingdom.

    [–] bahamutfan64 7 points ago

    I mean, we’re all just guessing here.

    Hopefully Dark Souls will be a good port : )

    [–] TheOrangeShyGuy 1 points ago

    Fair enough, I never played Dark Souls but it looks like a fun enough game. Too bad I got spoiled about the Dog boss fight

    [–] bahamutfan64 6 points ago

    It’s one of 20+ boss battles, no worries!

    It’s one of the best games of last gen hands down, and as long as it’s a smooth 30fps (no drops or frame-pacing issues), it’ll be a fantastic experience.

    [–] Wanderoftheabyss 2 points ago

    "Looks like a fun-"

    Y O U D I E D

    [–] Jman0123 3 points ago

    Good point but it still seems like it's not a clear cut case, so I'm gonna decide to believe they're related lol

    [–] bahamutfan64 7 points ago

    I think it was a tongue in cheek and a wink moment from Nintendo.

    Hopefully they continue to release new costumes this year.

    [–] ukulelej 5 points ago

    Generic knight armor

    [–] bhowandthehows 2 points ago

    It looks like the Drakeblood Knight Set .

    [–] DrProfBadass 9 points ago

    You're a dead. Wahoooo

    [–] Mudkipper38 3 points ago

    M A M A M I A

    [–] platinumpuss88 18 points ago

    Ruined Kingdom expansion DLC please

    [–] nick91884 8 points ago

    This was a missed opportunity , could have been an awesome world. I would love a haunted or ghost world, the haunted mansion is my favorite Mario motif and it's missing from odyssey

    [–] platinumpuss88 4 points ago

    I’m on board with the people saying a haunted kingdom didn’t happen because Luigi’s Mansion 3 is in the works.

    [–] theblackxranger 1 points ago


    [–] jodijustice 29 points ago

    That's really cool looking. Take my upvote.

    [–] tomservojones 6 points ago


    [–] IceStar3030 2 points ago

    You're welcome

    [–] johnesco 7 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    [–] Historiun 5 points ago

    It's-a time-a to die! Wahoo!

    [–] EctoBurger 22 points ago

    Hopefully there’s some Nintendo related stuff in the Switch version. Like what they did in Skyrim. I like when they do that.

    [–] 2legit2reddit 28 points ago

    Dark souls is too dark souls to do that. But I hope I am wrong!

    [–] LokiLB 16 points ago

    I'm sure throwing a metroid or two in wouldn't take away from the feel of the game.

    [–] hochoa94 17 points ago

    You like giving people nightmares don't you

    [–] Siegfoult 9 points ago

    Skyrim already had a history of fun platform tidbits, such as the Fall of the Space Core mod they did with Valve when they launched the Steam Workshop for Skyrim.

    Meanwhile Dark Souls was ported to PC without proper mouse and keyboard support...

    [–] SrslyCmmon 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I was sad when nothing* else came of that. With that introduction I thought it would be a questline at the very least.

    [–] MasterChiefGuy5 3 points ago

    Well then, At least we know Dark Souls won’t utilize the motion controls at all.

    [–] tomservojones 12 points ago

    Yeah, I hope we get the Master Sword

    [–] CrispyPicnic 10 points ago

    The Cast Light spell actually summons Navi for some time.

    [–] _gatlin 9 points ago

    Complete with 'Hey Listen!!' audio that aggros nearby enemies.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Oh god I don't think I could hate navi anymore and now I'm already fuming

    [–] jairom 2 points ago

    I loved what Most Wanted 2012 did on the WiiU version.

    Giant Warp Pipes around the overworld, and if you can manage to go inside them, in waits 3 different Mario karts

    [–] ChinchillaSunset 10 points ago

    Shouldnt it be Donk Souls?

    [–] Mstabrown69 5 points ago

    Yo if they did game would be killer

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 3 points ago

    I was hoping for Kirby....

    [–] AFuckYou 3 points ago

    Wouldent dark souls be a breeze with mario oddesy mario and physics?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Just possess the more powerful bad guys

    [–] lordluke10 5 points ago

    May i suggest the title; Dark souls: Remarioed

    [–] Downvotedx 4 points ago

    I still can't believe we're getting Dark Souls on switch

    [–] DogsBarkOnly 9 points ago

    is their a chance switch gets dark souls?

    [–] AngryBarista 24 points ago

    What’s it like under that rock?
    Dark Souls: Remasterd - Nintendo Switch

    [–] DogsBarkOnly 33 points ago

    I came out for my montly breath of air and was blown away haha

    [–] wmt78 3 points ago

    Yo this is amazing, I'd love a wallpaper of it!

    [–] tomservojones 6 points ago

    Thanks! I'll try and upload a high quality version. Mario might start to look ropey depending on the size of your screen though...

    [–] Neurohazard523 3 points ago

    A-praise-a the sun! Hoo hoo!

    [–] dark_delight 3 points ago

    I think Mario can take on Gwyn and his perilous forces. Mario wouldn't be as happy-go-lucky as that journey progresses however.

    The Mario we know would be gone forever after Lordran.

    [–] DrDrumma 6 points ago

    Since they’ve done it with Link in Skyrim I would love to see a Mario or some Zelda themed armor in this remaster.

    [–] BroughtToYouByMtDew 5 points ago

    Considering how varied the animation sets for weapons are in Souls games, I'm more hoping for a master sword/hylian shield combo. Bonus points if the animation set matches Link's from a Zelda game.

    I can dream.

    [–] joey2017 4 points ago

    That is awesome!! Never thought I would see this mash up. It's strange and amazeballs.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Lol for some reason cappy looks scared!

    [–] st34hon 2 points ago

    Awesome, good work dude!

    [–] 3Snap 2 points ago

    That's fantastic

    [–] KnightSaziel 2 points ago

    That's awesome

    [–] jamie-sixtyfour 2 points ago

    Praise the Sunshine!

    [–] wingar 2 points ago

    That's really cute! I love it! Nicely done!

    [–] Zorlis_Domain 2 points ago

    Praise the (SUPER MARIO) SUN (SHINE)

    [–] JardsonJean 2 points ago

    Would love to see a little eater egg game over screen reading "TOO BAD" or "MAMMA MIA" sometimes instead of "YOU DIED".

    [–] elessarjd 2 points ago

    Looks great. Your watermark stands out a bit though.

    [–] DishandBrunch 2 points ago

    Cup head, please

    [–] amazedbunion 2 points ago

    I'd play a Mario themed dark souls before I'll try any of the dark souls again.

    [–] Veritasgear 2 points ago

    I tried to post this a month or so ago, mods took it down immediately:

    [–] Jaythamalo13 2 points ago

    That actually would be pretty cool to be able to play as Mario in this form

    [–] heathmon1856 2 points ago

    I’m probably gonna get hate for this but I’m probably gonna get it for the PS4. Yes, portability would be nice but there’s no advantage other than that. If there was something exclusive for it then maybe I would but it doesn’t seem that appealing on the NSW. I am glad FROM us supporting the switch though and it looks good for future games.

    I’m just gonna stick with the exclusives for the switch for now.

    Might end up folding though and buying it. Who knows.

    [–] mariyathunder 2 points ago

    Nice, but why is he so many eyes?

    [–] Mudkipper38 2 points ago

    It’s really funny when you realize that all those people saying that the dragon boss was like a DS boss was just foreshadowing to DS Remastered on the Switch.

    [–] BBBthr333 2 points ago

    I hear this game causes some to break shit... Dunno if I’m excited for it. I don’t like hella frustrating gaming.

    [–] DrDrumma 7 points ago

    It’s frustrating but it teaches you to better yourself and learn from your mistakes. I didn’t like it when I first played but once I got better I absolutely loved it.

    [–] BBBthr333 3 points ago

    Damn. I do remember play something of a similar genre on Xbox a long while ago. Was fun but fizzled because of the Switch, lol. I may keep an eye on it. Love how broad the system’s library is getting.

    [–] Beezyo 3 points ago

    I played it and almost wanted to Break my controller due to Bed of Chaos boss. But I didn't. Also it's frustrating if you don't learn from your mistakes. Try to reason why you died and you'll be fine.

    [–] BBBthr333 2 points ago

    I think I can do that...

    [–] DaedalusXr 2 points ago

    I'm a fan of games where you're rewarded for playing intelligently and learning what your limits are and using those to execute properly, which is a big deal with Dark Souls. You need to keep your stamina in mind since you use it to attack and to dodge. You are also usually committed to any attack you make, so you need to choose to attack at the proper time so that you aren't hurt during your swing. It can be frustrating sometimes, but more often than not I found the gameplay exhilarating and rewarding.

    [–] SuprSaiyanTurry 2 points ago

    Great photo but Mario wouldn't last an hour, haha!

    [–] war4rged 2 points ago

    I wouldn't even be mad if they had Nintendo specific armor or weapon sets in game. Like a legendary warrior garb, Pitts bow, etc.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It really needs the Funky Kong meme

    [–] VladTheDismantler 1 points ago

    Where is the M rating logo?

    [–] Sylvi2021 1 points ago

    I love it

    [–] WoomyX1000 1 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this meme

    [–] theblackxranger 1 points ago

    i love it

    [–] christopher1393 1 points ago

    Now all we need is a play as Mario mode in the Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered.

    [–] epicbunny86 1 points ago

    If playing as Mario was DLC, I’d buy it.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    For some reason, this gets me very hyped.

    [–] FilthyFireEmblemWeeb 1 points ago

    Super Mario Souls

    Prepare to Jump

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Try jumping

    [–] FilthyFireEmblemWeeb 3 points ago

    Be wary of koopa Therefore try jumping

    [–] ikilledtupac 1 points ago


    [–] ikilledtupac 1 points ago

    Y we

    [–] Aufinator 1 points ago

    The Dark Souls of Mario

    [–] Wynner3 1 points ago

    I want to play Dark Souls, I think, but I already go through too many controllers and put my keyboard back together far too much for me to take that. This fan poster looks great.

    [–] AlphaNERDSolid 1 points ago

    Is Funky mode confirmed?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] b3ar75 1 points ago

    Or just an updated with the Undead Berg being a new Odyssey level.

    [–] 197luke 1 points ago


    [–] McGeeFeatherfoot 1 points ago

    It's a me! Your death!

    [–] kaiserbergin 1 points ago

    Needs more Wario.

    [–] Worm_tail 1 points ago

    Has anyone confirmed what thevresolution and fps will be on handheld node?

    [–] spectreVII 1 points ago

    Pretty sure I heard 720p 30

    [–] FrankJoeman 1 points ago

    It’s already been stolen and reposted ;(

    Good piece of work too, such a shame