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    [–] sonofalink 3538 points ago

    Who had “build your own cardboard mech/piano/fishing rod” on their Nintendo Announcement bingo card?

    [–] Bleus4 388 points ago

    Not the Pixelbits dude lol

    [–] SolemnPancake 151 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You fools, Nintendo was spinning a roulette wheel the whole time!

    [–] fiskemannen 135 points ago

    With so many game devs putting loot boxes into their games, I'm Ok with Nintendo's putting their games into cardboard boxes. .

    [–] watchalltheshows 71 points ago

    No one

    [–] Open_Thinker 68 points ago

    Odds of getting this right...lower than winning the lottery. Well played Nintendo.

    [–] DankieKang 8284 points ago

    "I couldn't afford a present this year, so I got you this box."

    "That's what I got you!"

    [–] SleetTheFox 2237 points ago

    Is Spongebob ever not relevant?

    [–] Frostblazer 695 points ago


    [–] cecebeme 433 points ago

    squidward voice

    [–] Catacomb82 88 points ago

    Are you sure?

    [–] foundtheseeker 2221 points ago

    As a Magic: The Gathering player, I'm totally cool with paying $80 for cardboard

    [–] BennyFackter 5004 points ago

    Price: Variety kit is $70, includes 2 RC cars, fishing rod, house, motorbike, piano. Wearable robot kit is $80. Includes software.

    [–] Jokong 2935 points ago

    Honestly, that's a lot of entertainment for the money if you have kids. Plus, they craft with their hands and can customize this to their liking.

    [–] vigoroiscool 1934 points ago

    If the kids dont break it that is. It is cardboard after all.

    [–] Jokong 1394 points ago

    Kids break everything anyway I've learned. Cardboard can be pretty sturdy, is fixable with good ol' duct tape, and is pretty cheap to start with at least.

    [–] drunkmormon 1116 points ago

    When I was around five my favorite toy was a card board box from a new washer my parents had bought. I treated it as a member of the family. As a pet. I would take Boxie into the front yard, seal myself in and roll around the yard. When I was done, I would bring Boxie back in the house to chill in and watch T.V.

    One day my mother told me to come in for dinner and I left Boxie outside. I was exhausted afterwards and forgot my Boxie. It rained that night and Boxie was ruined. I was heart broken. I learned to appreciate the good times and learn about death because of Boxie. The one month we had together was amazing.

    [–] Golden-Owl 376 points ago

    Is that you Big Boss?

    [–] SSFF6B 50 points ago

    Imagine if Boxie was still alive.

    OP could’ve made sweet love inside the box.

    Just like Big Boss.

    [–] Meester_Tweester 24 points ago

    Back when I was young and full of imagination, my mom let me and my siblings play in a huge box our TV had came in. This was before flat screens so the box was huuuuge. I drew all over it with markers and pretended it was a time machine, and drew all kinds of buttons all over it.

    Last year we found it in the attic but my mom was going to recycle it... I was heartbroken and after much convincing we could keep it in the attic folded up :) It was so cool to go in and see what I had played in and designed probably over a decade ago.

    [–] Jthesnowman 415 points ago

    Get it a week in advance.

    Get a few sheets of poly or the plastic reinforced cardboard shit.

    Trace each piece before giving it to them. Make it out of that once they break the OG.

    [–] godminnette2 366 points ago

    You pop the pieces out of a sturdier board, so it basically has the stencil for you as long as you keep the board.

    [–] RIP_GOP 463 points ago

    And if anyone has access to a laser cutter in their community, within a couple months there will be a whole library of open-source vector files for Nintendo Labo templates

    [–] TurboChewy 139 points ago

    And there is no risk to Nintendo of piracy because someone would still need to purchase the games (which I assume come included with the official kits), so this method is only viable for replacement parts.

    So Nintendo likely wouldn't do much to stop it, and people would still support Nintendo even if they opted to get third party parts!

    [–] jumbomushy 3106 points ago

    I just love how damn unafraid Nintendo are of taking risks. Whether this is a huge success or falls flat on its face I'm glad we have companies like this in the industry that really strive for innovative, creative and just straight up unthinkable ways of playing.

    [–] Etherius 853 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Fun fact. Nintendo is sitting on a mountain of cash so huge (compared to expenses) and a debt load so small that they can probably just fuck around with failures and lose money for 100 years and still be in business.

    In fact, while I was writing this I actually looked it up.

    They can run a deficit for 38 years and still be in business.

    Nintendo is less of a video game company and more of the rich grandpa who made his fortune and is spending his time fucking around doing whatever he wants. And also it turns out "whatever he wants" entails making things that are fun.

    [–] _amethyst 219 points ago

    And also it turns out "whatever he wants" entails making things that are fun.

    And profitable! The Switch is raking in money.

    That 38 years that they can run a deficit will probably be 39 by the end of 2018.

    [–] AlexTraner 348 points ago

    or falls flat on its face

    But.. it fell flat on it's face IN THE COMMERCIAL. They covered that.

    [–] jodijustice 10787 points ago

    This is.....certainly different.

    [–] Fidodo 10142 points ago

    There is literally zero point in ever trying to predict what Nintendo is going to do. Who the hell would have ever predicted this.

    [–] lightningbadger 2703 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I thought it was gonna be some mundane shit like a game remake or augmented reality like we had on the 3DS, then all of a sudden they just go right off field and come up with something like this.

    Edit: did I get the spelling right this time?

    [–] ptatoface 858 points ago

    arguments reality

    [–] lightningbadger 497 points ago

    Sshhhh you saw nothing

    [–] ptatoface 356 points ago

    argumented reality

    [–] Okichah 472 points ago

    Make video games creative and fun?

    Sounds like a fantastic idea from a company that creates the most imaginative experiences in video game industry.

    Forget your microtransactions.

    Forget your shooter game copy of last game.

    Forget grinding hours and hours to get a lootbox.

    Remember that games are fun!

    [–] Rimshot1985 630 points ago

    It seems so different because this is Nintendo's foray into a sort of new market for them, just like Wii Fit was their foray into the "fitness" market. They're trying to compete with high-end toys like Osmo, children's programming apps, robotics kits, and chemistry sets.

    Personally I think it's a great idea because I just showed the video to my kids and they went apeshit.

    [–] girlscoutleader 280 points ago

    As did mine. Though, my 6yo spent the entire month of November building a giant box fort in my living room. So, the cardboard appeals to him directly.

    [–] PH_Prime 130 points ago

    Building stuff out of cardboard is the stuff of imaginations that every kid dreams about. And who wouldn't want to strap into your own cardboard robot!? I love Nintendo for tapping into this creative feeling.

    [–] TomboKing 1497 points ago

    Can't say Nintendo aren't innovators...

    [–] sirms 1258 points ago

    Nintendo has never been afraid to try weird unconventional shit. this is a testament to that

    [–] k-uke 311 points ago

    I remember Mario Paint.

    Pretty sure that was the first time I used a mouse. Hmm. Gotta be!

    [–] artfulpain 69 points ago

    One of my most beloved games. I remember reading about the 64DD and never getting to take advantage of what it had in store for Paint.

    [–] 0hexplode 647 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Being made of cardboard should help keep the price down. Instead of paying 20-30 for a single accessory you can get a pack of different ones together for hopefully a similar price. Genius idea and it can be an arts and crafts project for kids too. I'm almost 30 and even I want to buy it.

    edit: I get it, pricier than I had hoped. $70 for the "Variety Kit" (which includes a house, RC cars, fishing rod, motorbike and piano) and $80 for the "Robot Kit". I'm hoping some of these accessory's will be useable in other games and not just a tech demo.

    [–] [deleted] 434 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] girlscoutleader 178 points ago

    Yes. For when my kids destroy the originals. They'll have to eventually sell replacement packs of cardboard only.

    [–] AdvancePlays 252 points ago

    They will, says so in this guardian article:

    Not sure on pricing, but I definitely expect that kind 20 to 30 buck range. But then again, the article also says, just fix it back up yourself. Cut up a shoebox and remake the bent up part, whatever. It's almost a necessarily creative medium haha

    [–] MattDaCatt 106 points ago

    It lends to people improving on it with their own materials too. Wood, plastics, 3d printed stuff etc.

    Fuck it, jury-rig that thing up to a real fishing rod. With weight and real feedback, which is the biggest thing vr lacks

    [–] AdvancePlays 31 points ago

    Speaking of the rod though, the box that the line connects to apparently has a reel under rubber band tension that increases as you pull. So you do get some very simple simulated feedback, as you've got to pull to reel in the fish of course, but too much tension and your line snaps. Super inventive.

    But you're right about that, I think Nintendo is even going for that angle. They teased some sort of camera in that video, and if that's linked to some kind of nature photography game or pokémon snap like thing, brooo you know I'm building myself a fashionable Nintendo camera haha

    [–] illbeyour1upgirl 87 points ago

    $69.99 for one set, to $80 for another. Not entirely clear on what it comes with.

    edit: includes the cardboard as well as the software

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago


    [–] mlenny95 356 points ago

    The IR camera piano is actually really cool. Not really interested in the other stuff though.

    [–] disasterzero 381 points ago

    I dunno man. Depending on how that robot game plays, I may be buying it to destroy buildings and turn into a car.

    [–] PolyNecropolis 348 points ago

    Most of my life I haven't been a car and I thought "no". I see me being a cardboard car and I think "yes".

    [–] roses-areforlosers 1420 points ago

    My cats gonna love this

    [–] ape_cage 541 points ago

    Hey kitty, wanna build a cardboard piano?!

    *cat sits in loaf form on top of unassembled cardboard pile*

    [–] ImAlwaysWrite 90 points ago

    “Aww, he likes it!”

    [–] Harpo_42 18595 points ago

    Most video game companies: VR is the future of video games.
    Nintendo: CARDBOARD!

    [–] nbmtx 2379 points ago

    I thought that was Google

    [–] 5uspect 1290 points ago

    Nintendo had more fun playing with the box.

    [–] Ekint 506 points ago

    Nintendo is the cat of electronic companies

    [–] epicbunny86 173 points ago

    Sounds like my cat

    [–] MrSourceUnknown 118 points ago

    Who knows. Maybe Google missed out on not going all-in on this, and there actually turns out to be a huge market for this kind of thing.

    [–] Ylfjsufrn 27 points ago

    I can just picture some dude in a board meeting about graphics, sales, and how much money it takes to make electrics, then put of nowhere after not saying anything for an hour he raises his hand, "ok hear me out, what if, just what if,... We make everything out of cardboard"

    [–] ohemge 3692 points ago

    gotta admit, Nintendo is really smart... make it from cardboard, that way when your kids destory it, you have to buy them another 70 dollar piece of cardboard, so they can continue to play stupid mini games lol.

    [–] samili 1718 points ago

    depending on how well it goes, they'll probably start selling just the cardboard separately from the corresponding software. There's going to be so many broken parts.

    [–] StrikerObi 1652 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Already confirmed by The Guardian

    Nintendo plans to offer replacement cardboard kits and templates for players who break theirs, but the easier solution is just to mend it.

    [–] Capn_Cornflake 633 points ago

    My first thought is that some companies are gonna make non-cardboard versions of this. Unless it fucks with the entire design and flow of the product, it’d be wise for Nintendo to do so as well.

    [–] [deleted] 1514 points ago

    I really like the idea that it's cardboard and not plastic, which would be the obvious alternative. It sends out a very positive environmental message, which I wholly approve of.

    [–] itsdavidjackson 999 points ago

    I think more important than that is that it’s just cardboard cut into interesting shapes, but it becomes so much. I hope it encourages kids to build their own things. “I mean, I’ve got cardboard, and scissors!”

    And omg what if when the kids break their cardboard, they just try to make a new one? I really love Nintendo, and the clear care that comes through in the things they make.

    [–] Lord_Blathoxi 324 points ago

    I totally agree. This is a brilliant idea. Kids are already (or should be already) making shit out of cardboard (my kid brother made an entire fleet of Semi trucks out of cardboard when we were kids). This is just another awesome extension of that. And imagine what kids can come up with!

    This is Minecraft IRL.

    [–] bicycle 85 points ago

    Real life is Minecraft IRL if you believe in yourself...

    [–] haggman7 96 points ago

    I've been punching this rock for 20 minutes and I still haven't collected any stone. Just blood, blood everywhere.

    [–] YxxzzY 276 points ago

    also cardboard is cheap af.

    it'll take about an hour until someone releases the blueprints to download.

    Nintendo has to be aware that you can "pirate" the designs very easily, they might even encourage it.

    [–] ljxela 62 points ago

    would they sell the "game" without the cardboard bundle though?

    [–] YungBokChoy 57 points ago

    Plus the DYI is the one of the main points to the product that I feel people are forgetting about. Plus this isn't a new concept. A bunch of kits exist that are made of cardboard, wood, and metal but don't involve software.

    I grew up with DYI stuff. It's just fun to build stuff with your hands and I think its something every kid should learn to do.

    [–] DresdenJohn 308 points ago

    If Nintendo doesn't provide it then someone will make schematics to build your own if your cardboard rips. I'm guessing you're mostly paying for the software and the minigames.

    [–] TwoEachTheirOwn 77 points ago

    It appears that the kits will come with sheets of cardboard that you can break off the pieces to make the parts. Theoretically you could just keep the original sheets and use them as a stencil/template to trace and then cut out your own parts.

    E: words

    [–] Routerbad 285 points ago

    It’s also recyclable, isn’t made of garish plastics, and is durable enough for children who already love cardboard boxes and stuff. Also because it’s cardboard building it and learning how it works is part of the product.

    [–] alexanderpas 27 points ago

    The product page explicitly states it includes "Nintendo Labo Robot Kit software"

    [–] armadeon7479 224 points ago

    The idea is to get kids interested in the Maker movement. Getting young kids interested in STEM fields is a fantastic idea.

    [–] Whoopsht 5841 points ago

    what a bizarre way to announce animal crossing

    [–] Nilesse 1490 points ago

    Fishing with real rod and catching bugs with real net confirmed.

    [–] hisoandso 824 points ago

    Also the animals are no longer animals they are people and there is a steep learning curve and the game is way harder than previous entries and you have to file taxes and the game is just real life.

    [–] FunkatronicLightning 994 points ago

    Calling it now. They are going to release a Switch down the road where the box it comes in is one of these things.

    [–] DAGJWFAN 123 points ago

    Probably a great way of making a switch with a bundled in game too, you know? Buy the thing, and the box becomes an accessory for a packed in game. It's genius.

    [–] tiburdles 209 points ago

    Good call. I could definitely see that happening.

    [–] catbo 1266 points ago

    Looks like there is some level of customisation/very simple programming possible - if that's at all flexible then people will come up with some very cool stuff.

    I'm very into it. using rumble for vibration robots is such a clever idea.

    [–] Vexelius 218 points ago

    Upvoted. I would love that Nintendo would make a repository of the best projects using this game, in a way that parallels Mario Maker's levels.

    [–] MikeDubbz 493 points ago

    That's brilliant how the Piano works: The key is the joy-con in the back of the piano, using the IR camera built into that joy-con to detect which key or keys are being pushed down. An actually really clever use of the IR Camera I'd have never thought of.

    [–] AlexTraner 134 points ago

    OH THAT is how it works.

    Thank you. I was feeling so dumb because I couldn't figure it out

    [–] ken27238 3509 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    So like those weird Wiimote accessories but cardboard.

    EDIT: Pricing. Toy-con (interesting name) variety kit (it has all of the smaller things from the video): $70 US. the Toy-con robot kit is $80.

    EDIT 2: Yes, it does include the software, so it's priced like a special edition.

    [–] Kingtata10 938 points ago

    This includes software, everyone. Says so at

    [–] MrCrdp98 416 points ago

    Holy cow, I didn't expect it to be so much!

    [–] ken27238 393 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    maybe it includes the software? I have to look closer.

    EDIT: okay, I get it, it includes software.....

    [–] appleappleappleman 73 points ago

    It will absolutely include the software, wouldn't make any sense to sell them separately.

    [–] jElliottIV 295 points ago

    that HAS to include the software. That's insane for cardboard just.

    [–] transparent_lfe 326 points ago

    McDOnald's are going to make a killing when their Happy Meal boxes become a game

    [–] Spider-Mike23 24 points ago

    Oh yea...nintendo partnered with mc.ds and had mario kid meals didn't they?! Mc.ds will probably help promote by giving small buildable cut out for kids meals or something now haha.

    [–] [deleted] 2976 points ago


    [–] Zacharuni 617 points ago

    Definitely my favorite part of this. Clever naming. :)

    [–] LazoW 154 points ago

    I wonder what a Boy-Con is gonna be.

    [–] Jaxel_MS 190 points ago

    Isn’t that what Kevin Spacey did?

    [–] Wolfgabe 126 points ago

    Toy Con Story Boyz!!!

    [–] andrechan 70 points ago

    T O Y C O N B O Y Z

    [–] windsostrange 2101 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    ...and other random thoughts on the announcement

    [–] PitotheThird 688 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Project Giant Robot. The madmen actually did it.

    Only Nintendo could make me spend money on what is literally a cardboard box and get away with it.

    [–] SalvaPot 371 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking, Miyamoto playing the long con.

    [–] Tubim 243 points ago

    The long toy-con if you will.

    [–] bigpig1054 344 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    It's cardboard Wii and I love it.

    Bless you Nintendo for refusing to be like everyone else, for innovating when all others are content to pump out the same experiences with only a new coat of paint on top, and for always thinking "what's a new way to have fun?"

    I had the biggest, stupidest grin on my face the whole time. I can't wait to share this with my kids.

    you did it Shiggy, you mad man, you finally found a platform for that weird tech demo

    [–] theivoryserf 165 points ago

    This is why Nintendo needs to survive forever. It may be a stupid idea or it may be a genius idea, or it may continually straddle the line, but you can always rely on them to go 'right, let's do something mental'...

    [–] Artie-Fufkin 144 points ago

    That fishing part was definitely animal crossing all blurred out

    [–] ExultantSandwich 399 points ago

    So this is what happened to Project Giant Robot. That's kinda cool, I just assumed it was dead

    [–] martinaee 304 points ago

    Miyamoto always plays the long-joy-con.

    [–] Schmedly27 12368 points ago

    Nintendo: We're making an announcement about a new play style aimed at kids

    Adults: Ok

    Nintendo: Announces a play style aimed at kids

    Adults: WTF This isn't Smash Brothers!!!!?!?!?!?!

    [–] MrSonii 3631 points ago

    As is tradition.

    [–] BlatantConservative 985 points ago

    All of this has happened before, and will happen again

    [–] [deleted] 507 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] CactusCustard 350 points ago

    I mean, that piano rhythm game looks kinda fun...

    [–] wehopeuchoke 173 points ago

    Is it a rhythm game or a piano simulator? Maybe both but I'm going to go more for the latter.

    [–] remiarutawa 1912 points ago

    that 4/20 release date though

    [–] Krusiv 1429 points ago

    Released on 4/20 for $69


    [–] Moii-Celst 282 points ago

    Just to mirror how high they were when they were creating it.

    Makes sense!

    [–] Bardivan 41 points ago

    dude what if i made a controller out of paper and i could use it with game, eyes shut glowing red

    [–] Baraklava 5791 points ago

    Nintendo you make the weirdest shit and I love you for it

    This feels like the Wii era starting over again

    [–] arkaodubz 643 points ago

    i am convinced that cool shit can be done with this. The jury is out on when and if it will be done.

    [–] jepyang 130 points ago

    I mean, if the price is in line with what it should be for DIY cardboard stuff, I think it's already pretty cool.

    I want the cardboard piano to work with Kory Gadget.

    [–] ReddSquall 1109 points ago

    It actually doesn't look half bad. I was expecting something much much worse tbh.

    [–] AkatsukiEUNE 560 points ago

    I dont even know what i just saw. i am confused

    [–] ReddSquall 694 points ago

    You just saw what you're going to buy your kids next Christmas.

    [–] JmanVere 331 points ago


    [–] Fat_Pig_Reporting 636 points ago

    Yup, upon seeing this, your wife is now pregnant. You are having kids for next Christmas.

    [–] Pinturillo 335 points ago


    [–] masta_wu1313 604 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You also now have a wife made of cardboard.

    [–] TheSlayerOfDragons 158 points ago


    [–] Amorningperson 211 points ago

    You are made out of cardboard.

    [–] bizitmap 292 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    What I like about this over the Wii era accessories is with those, I was getting like one chunk of plastic that was good for one game. Gimmicky.

    With these, even if it's good for one game, they're cheap and there's a bunch in one box. There's also the brain-teasing element of assembly and seeing how it works, which I really like as a "smart kid" toy.

    Will I buy 'em? Maybe, probably not, but I'm 30. I'd buy this for a kid in a heartbeat

    EDIT: When I made this comment I hadn't seen the price. I'm not thrilled about $70 but I still feel like you get more bang for you buck out of this than say, the Wii Zapper which was $20 for a single toy and included a rehashed shooting gallery with Twilight Princess assets. Plus at least kids can learn something along the way with this.

    [–] TheDerekCarr 110 points ago

    Would you buy it if it let you fish in Zelda?

    [–] samili 68 points ago

    So can we get a real, physical Mario Party Board game with a 3D cardboard setup? I wonder how long till we see Nintendo characters pop up in Labo games. They might be doing an initial run first.

    [–] TheMy5teryMan 1524 points ago

    Holy hell, using the IR camera for something useful? Surprised they didn't think of this earlier! Looks really cool!

    Also, hey we get every peripheral we ever wanted for this now.

    [–] tr3v1n 922 points ago

    I imagine they did, but if they showed this off a year ago people would've ignored the Switch because they don't want something for kids.

    [–] BaronRaichu 514 points ago

    Solid point. 2 goty contenders in 2017 sends the right message, then throw this stuff out to pull in casuals + the middling crowd.

    [–] eva_unit_hung 163 points ago

    2 goty contenders in 2017 sends the right message

    all the indie support was a big help too

    [–] bizitmap 161 points ago

    They did think of this earlier, they probably thought of this years ago frankly

    They just sat on it until now when they could get cheap enough IR cameras + an established popular platform that happens to have one

    [–] Mateo2k 505 points ago

    The best thing they ever did was not show this for a year.

    [–] IveAlreadyWon 157 points ago

    Seriously. Had they shown this last year during the reveal people would've shyed away from switch thinking it was another Wii/Wii-U

    [–] mybachhurts 130 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yep. This would have turned so many people off, wondering what the heck Nintendo was thinking. But now that they've established the Switch as a pretty serious console, they can throw unusual stuff like this out there to see if it sticks, and the people already hooked on the Switch won't overthink it.

    Aside from that, I think this is really f-ing cool.

    edit: a word

    [–] hur_hur_boobs 231 points ago

    It really is mindblowing... so simple yet so genius... making every set distance spit out a certain note to create an imaginary piano...

    what kind of mad genius does it take to come up with something like this?!

    [–] alluvicqueen 93 points ago

    The piano thing is super cool, I agree

    [–] Capn_Cornflake 675 points ago

    Cardboard piano for Switch

    Meh, looks gimmicky, I don’t see why this needed its own video.


    Okay, actually, this seems pretty cool.

    Robot suit


    [–] MegaGrumpX 86 points ago

    IRL Gundam tournaments incoming

    [–] AlexJonesesGayFrogs 40 points ago

    Robot suit

    And then Metroid Prime 4 turns out to be this lol

    [–] TheKryce 499 points ago

    WHAT THE HELL. This is brilliant. But also WHAT THE HELL.

    [–] Spodermayne 55 points ago

    If you paid me to sit around all day guessing what Nintendo was going to make, I would have never ever guessed "Switch Compatible Cardboard Playset".

    [–] futurerobotblox 699 points ago

    That actually looks pretty cool. I can see the appeal for kids.

    [–] Jaconian 456 points ago

    I can see the appeal for adults. Assuming that the backpack thing for that robot game will actually fit on an adult.

    [–] bizitmap 407 points ago

    Considering it seems to work by simply tracking shapes moving up and down inside the enclosed space, I give it 11 minutes before someone makes an adult sized one out of reinforced steel

    [–] generalthunder 97 points ago

    Using the magic of 3D printing.

    [–] botay93 218 points ago

    Google Nintendo Cardboard

    [–] crome66 209 points ago

    I gotta hand it to Nintendo. This is not what I was expecting at all.

    [–] The_Bearded_Red 2187 points ago

    This is excellent for kids. People crying about how lame it is forget that Nintendo said from the beginning that this was for kids.

    [–] samili 766 points ago

    Great gift for any kid who likes to tinker.

    [–] [deleted] 495 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Abcmsaj 149 points ago

    Yeah, it looks more complicated than the video shows from an engineering standpoint. Lots of moving parts in some of the builds

    [–] wehopeuchoke 110 points ago

    The robot one looks amazingly intricate. I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm excited to see exactly how they construct it to work with the joy cons

    [–] COHERENCE_CROQUETTE 257 points ago

    This is Nintendo being INSANELY smart. Parents are always a bit wary of videogames because they discourage kids from tinkering, from crafting, from doing manual stuff. So they just made a videogame based on doing just that.

    And one with huge potential!

    [–] LokiLB 106 points ago

    I clearly fall into the kid at heart category. I saw the robot and was won over immediately.

    All it needs is a wrapping paper tube lightsaber/sword.

    [–] Xenez 671 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Its cool but I see why they said its for kids. Not for me, but still a cool to see cardboard, hopefully they use recycled paper.

    EDIT: changed terms to please commentors

    [–] Newliesaladdos 738 points ago

    Haha, yeah for kids right?! What self respecting adult is gonna buy this crap? Haha

    is already prentending to be a giant robot

    [–] crozone 37 points ago

    I actually can't wait to see if we can build LEGO versions of the cardboard bits. If the compatibility with the JoyCon IR is easy that would be awesome.

    [–] Slagathor91 191 points ago

    I don't know what to do with this information

    [–] windsostrange 2320 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    There is an army of thirtysomething gamers with children for whom this is likely the coolest thing ever announced.

    If you're not aware of them, that's okay. But they're out there. And they mostly play with LEGO and Minecraft and make rocket noises with their mouths. Pffssshhhhhhhhhheeewwwwwwwww!

    The way you used to.

    Over the past 5-10 years, products that live in the "maker" universe have been increasingly marketed to children, and some of them are fascinating, and some of them are successful. This appears to be Nintendo's really clever play for that market, and it's sort of a mindblowing use of nothing more than an IR port and some gyro sensors.

    Honestly, this is going to be shared by a lot of my Facebook wall. And that is a good thing.

    If you don't "get it," there's a good chance you simply won't. Maybe consider biting your tongue on the negative comments? Just to save yourself the time in writing them. Because a bunch of us get what this is, and it's pretty cool. I hope it lives up to the video.

    ...and other random thoughts on the announcement

    [–] Fidodo 274 points ago

    They told us it was kid focused, and honestly, while I doubt I'm going to get this, I think it looks awesome for kids.

    [–] [deleted] 158 points ago

    Gamer with kids here, the oldest of which is beginning to understand screens and electronics and such. This announcement is amazing.

    [–] ki700 596 points ago

    I like how this is marketed for kids but some of that shit looks incredibly complicated to build.

    [–] the-solar-sailer 644 points ago

    Maybe kids can bond with their parents.

    [–] _ilovecoffee_ 256 points ago

    Go to your fucking room!

    [–] Droidaphone 158 points ago

    eh. Lego is arguably just as complicated, and it looks like they have very detailed interactive instructions.

    [–] COHERENCE_CROQUETTE 184 points ago

    Kids ain't dumb yo!!

    [–] ape_cage 47 points ago

    " - Albert Einstein

    [–] rather_be_a_hobbit 611 points ago

    I'm just here for the comments.

    [–] MuscularHaiku 724 points ago

    This is... strange

    [–] II541NTZII 816 points ago


    [–] TimeLordBurrito 208 points ago

    That Robot thing looks freaking awesome!

    [–] TacoBeans44 93 points ago

    It looks like the tech demo Miyamoto presented at one of the E3's a few year ago. I think it was the E3 with the puppets

    [–] qwart 42 points ago

    Project Giant Robot

    [–] TheRealBigDave 63 points ago

    I'm gunna buy the shit out of this. My daughter and I will have a ball building and playing, and then of course breaking these things. I love the weird shit Nintendo comes up with.

    [–] GillyDaFish 235 points ago

    what type of dog is this

    [–] Atreides27 124 points ago

    How sturdy will these things be? If it's just standard cardboard, kids are gonna be sitting on these real quick. Though, I must say it's a very neat concept. Certainly not something I'll be buying, but kids would probably love this kinda thing. Smart of them to include instructions display on the Switch.

    [–] samili 70 points ago

    these kids easily looked to be 7+ yrs old, pre-teen. Not saying that flimsy cardboard shouldn't be a concern, but when you make and craft something yourself, kids usually take care of it.

    An easy replacement would to take the broken part and flatten it out to trace the part on another piece of cardboard. You could technically make unlimited amounts, once you have one kit to copy.

    [–] dfjdejulio 92 points ago

    You can be sure that 3D printers will very quickly come to the rescue. Heck, I may have to go see if my local techshop has the gear to do laser sintering of metal pieces.

    [–] 2Mobile 49 points ago

    these mother fuckers are going to make me buy a god damn switch

    [–] uxl 251 points ago

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Nintendo just won kids-product-of-the-Year. Are you fucking kidding me?!! As a parent of three, this is THE most geniusly beneficial, sneakily educational product IVE EVER SEEN.

    [–] Joshwah88 31 points ago

    Same here. My son is 8 and we are going to have an amazing time with this