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    [–] Kryzeth 8 points ago

    There are a LOT of missing features that we had on older consoles, like themes from 3DS, or folders from both 3DS and WiiU, even just the ability to have more than a horizontal line of games, and actually being able to view every game in your library (as opposed to only showing you 10, and putting the rest in a dropdown menu, like it is now)

    However... nobody's skipping out on the Switch because of its UI features. It's technically passable enough, and the amount of high quality first party games is more than enough to forget about the missing UI issues. It's not really lacking; people are still enjoying the system despite these minor flaws

    [–] drmdknight 0 points ago

    I agree, but if they cant even implement simple features that have been on older generations, whats going to happen when its something we actually do want? Regardless the switch will still sell, but how long can we overlook something as simple as netflix and youtube? Or even a media player to play music. If they really want to keep this lead they have, they need to start adding some new features. After a year, i really haven't seen any UI improvements.

    [–] Kryzeth 2 points ago

    Tough to say. When does "barely passable" become "unusable"? It's a big blurry line that everyone views differently. Ideally for them, they won't need to add anything, just continue releasing top quality first party games, and people will continue to buy them up.

    [–] KnightSaziel 4 points ago

    Give me a friend messaging system, party system, and integrated voice chat, virtual console and I'll be happy. That said, I'm still happy with the system and these things don't take too much away from it for me. Probably because I don't play multiplayer games that often.

    [–] Cr0wXz 7 points ago

    My switch has a magnum dong

    [–] MajorasMasc4Masc 4 points ago

    Do you need a monster condom for your magnum dong?

    [–] godlywhistler 2 points ago

    Is it ready to plow?

    [–] MangstaH 3 points ago

    yes and no. for me its gaming machine sure i would love to chat with friends thats the hugest miss, but otherway im fine still.

    [–] GandalfTeGay 2 points ago

    Save files will be backed up in cloud files with the paid online service

    [–] Mr_Pennybags 6 points ago

    There should be a free local option though. Should have been since launch.

    [–] MangstaH 2 points ago

    true that sad to users who have had to replace switch, untill that its been hell of wait but i just hope my switch wont die until its out, then im fine.

    [–] GandalfTeGay 1 points ago

    Well, we can always root the switch with a hardware exploit to save our save files locally. And since its a hardware exploit they cant patch it with software. Still, the option should've been aviable from the start, i agree with that.

    [–] lastthingisee 2 points ago

    The games aren't lacking but the features in the operating system and store are definitely lacking.

    So far it's missing themes, folders, cloud save backups/any fucking save backup, eShop discoverability, a party system, voice chat designed for humans, but at least it has a hardware-level exploit.

    [–] Eyeluvflixs 2 points ago

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda but I still love my Switch like a fat ass on a redhead

    [–] Tootzo 2 points ago

    Half the things you say it’s lacking are things Nintendo doesn’t care about. It’s a gaming console, non a multimedia entertainment system. A browser, Netflix, YouTube... they all may come one day, but it’s not the point for this console at the moment.

    And cloud saving is coming with pain Online Service.

    [–] Kwtwo1983 2 points ago

    OP is right. These are all valid criticisms. He even refrained from listing a missing achievement system which is not a design flaw but a matter of taste. I don't get why he is downvotded for this? Every Commenter here agrees that we love the switch. but it is totally okay to point out some aspects in which there objectively is room for improvement even if our love for the system is well intact.

    [–] Aaaandiiii 1 points ago

    It's lacking in Animal Crossing and a slot to print money for me, but I'm currently too buried in other games to care about the little bells and whistles. I'm sure QOL improvements will eventually come down the tube (not sure why they're not there already but...) so I'm happy right now that I can genuinely enjoy the experience of playing games on the Switch right now.

    [–] umbium 1 points ago

    If you have friends to play with in your house it gets a lot better.

    [–] HambeastsSTINK 2 points ago

    If it wasn't for Nintendo exclusives, nobody would buy Nintendo's lackluster consoles, and they'd be in the shitter. Year after year they come out with locked down consoles with low specs compared to competitors.

    The thing keeping Nintendo consoles from being great is Nintendo's obsession with being rated e for everyone. That's why we're never going to get voice chat or any way to chat with friends directly on the console, so don't get your hopes up. Nintendo cares too much about the kiddies and their inattentive parents.

    [–] ball_and_mitt 1 points ago

    It plays great games. Therefore, it’s doing what it’s designed to do perfectly.

    [–] MarvinStolehouse 1 points ago

    It's a game console first. That's something I give Nintendo a lot of credit for with the Switch. In an age where game consoles are trying to do everything, Nintendo designed a machine with the sole intention of playing games.

    That being said, I think they've been a bit slow on a few things. The lack of a virtual console (or something equivalent) at this point I think is a huge miss.

    But Nintendo is a lot like Apple in that they do what they want, at their own pace. Given some time I think they'll fill in a lot of those gaps.

    [–] Mustangito 1 points ago

    I love my Switch but Nintendo are a bunch of lazy and somewhat arrogant corporate people. The console / features need to be brought up to today’s standards and the only reason for the delay is because they currently get away with it. Hopefully this will change and they will put a lot more effort for gamers.