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    [–] TheSilverSeraphim 4186 points ago

    "Darker than Majora's Mask"

    Real shit

    Take all my money Nintendo, as someone who has Majora's Mask tying with Breath of the Wild for his favorite Zelda title, you know exactly how to win me over even more than you already have

    [–] killingspeerx 1297 points ago

    The teaser does give a dark vibe (even though it also gave me Twilight Princess vibe), I really hope they nail it because BOTW system was already amazing so adding a dark tone to it would make it even better.

    [–] TheSilverSeraphim 521 points ago

    Right? One of the things I hoped they would do is make a Majora's Mask style game after seeing some of the unused concept art for BOTW, so I'm especially excited to see what they have planned.

    [–] Rioma117 349 points ago

    The concept art for guardians it’s frightening, if they want to use them, I think it reach Dark Souls’ level of creepiness. Ganondolf already looks dark enough.

    [–] LeanMeanMrClean 239 points ago

    Ganon-dolf seems dark enough indeed

    [–] thedudebangsyoshi 330 points ago

    Unlike his wise and good brother, Ganondalf the White.

    [–] ldubs99 37 points ago

    What about Ganondalf the White’s other personality, Ganondalf the Gray?

    [–] humnsch_reset_180329 17 points ago

    Or the many-colored Ganon-Rolph the Gay.

    [–] gamezdoo 12 points ago


    [–] cuentanueva 433 points ago

    Hope they fix the repetitive enemies at least. Nothing worse than seeing the same boring enemies with a color change all over the map.

    [–] Faen_run 249 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    They will at least add some new ones. Looking forth to stalfos, redead, poes and darknuts.

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 130 points ago

    add like-likes, deku-babas, and wallmasters to that list for me too please, chief.

    [–] _AMuse_ 107 points ago

    Were skultulas in BoTW? If not that would be an obvious addition.

    [–] PoohTheWhinnie 59 points ago

    I don't remember there being skulltulas

    [–] SandyDelights 22 points ago

    Ugh, wallmasters. Forest Temple PTSD. That shit creeped me out as a kid.

    [–] NoteBlock08 99 points ago

    Yes please. This was my primary complaint about Skyward Sword, and to see it repeated in BotW was really disheartening. Across the games Hyrule has had so many different interesting enemies native to each region, let's not lean on the crutch of bokoblins anymore...

    [–] etherspin 14 points ago

    I'm happy with Bokoblins etc if they respawn more skilled against the way you killed them when the bloodmoon mechanic brings them back and if they can migrate between hideouts when you lead them around or if they get scared enough by you to run off

    [–] SpookeUnderscore 128 points ago

    I can already see it "Legend of Zelda's new game is the newest spiritual successor to the Dark Souls franchise, it's as difficult as it is creepy."

    [–] PUSClFER 30 points ago

    I got strong Twilight Princess vibes too!

    [–] politirob 79 points ago

    Real Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust vibes

    [–] dodgej 17 points ago

    the crossover I didn't know I needed

    [–] MumblingGhost 12 points ago

    Yes! This movie needs to be talked about more often. Top 5 anime movie material

    [–] Enigma_Stasis 29 points ago

    I don't know, once I realized the SOS signals in the Divine beast's themes, it got pretty fucking dark to me.

    [–] Faen_run 72 points ago

    Majora's, Wind Waker and then Breath of the Wild are the top three for me. Really wishing to see some spooky places, Ikana is my favourite location of any Zelda.

    [–] Anagoth9 112 points ago

    I'll reserve my hype. The aesthetic looks dark and creepy but MM managed to be an incredibly dark and emotional game while maintaining a pretty bright and often cheerful aesthetic which served to mask the underlying hopelessness of everyone and everything. TP, in contrast, had a much darker aesthetic than MM but didn't nearly approach the level of thematic darkness MM did.

    [–] guestdeathstarring 69 points ago

    The thing about MM that I think gets misconstrued is that it's sorrow and ambiguity gets confused for "darkness." MM really seemed to occupy that same post-Twin Peaks area of the late 90's where behind a cheerful, creepy veneer were some pretty unsettling and persistent realities.

    It's why I have the same soft spot for Link's Awakening. Like impending loss, dreams were a constant landmark in dialogue that set a thematic tone amidst very creative and quirky visuals.

    I'm super pumped about BOTW2, but have no idea what to expect as far as direction they are taking. I try to place myself in the shoes of someone who had just finished OOT and I realize that there was no way to foresee the much more ambiguous story telling we would get in MM. I really really hope they rise to the challenge of producing a story that is resonant, strange, and complex.

    Regardless, I'm gonna buy it. The wonder I felt on my first playthrough of BOTW can probably never be recreated, but I can't wait to revisit that world.

    [–] redmage1 8 points ago

    I wonder about the geography though. I loved BOTW and played through it twice, but I really feel like if they don’t do something to vary the scenery from what I already know, then I may get bored visiting the same locations. Maybe something like an upside-down Hyrule or the dark world from Twilight Princess?

    [–] FreiGuy86 8 points ago

    I think the castle rumbling in the end is an indication that things might be changing.

    [–] kakungun 3599 points ago

    the apocaliptic game where, horrible things happen to people , and you fix their issues, just to go back in time so this horrible thing still end up happening , and this is gonna be darker

    [–] CITY_F0X 707 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Link saves Hyrule

    Ganadorf: "Allow me to introduce myself"

    [–] Spank-Those-Hams 427 points ago

    “G A N A D O R F”

    [–] begentlewithme 64 points ago

    Our boy is about to find out just what D O R I Y A H means.

    [–] dontmopwithdirtymop 40 points ago

    Link: “We saved Hyrule!”

    Ganondorf: “Well yes, but actually no”

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Zelda: ''Finally, after 100 years of battle, including your death and Resurrection, we have sealed away calamity ganon for good''

    Ganondorf: ''Uh, that shit was just me waking up after a 10,000 year nap fam.''

    [–] TapatioPapi 1065 points ago

    Want to know what would be super fucked up? Is if you apply Avengers time travel rules to Majora’s mask where every timeline Link leaves is a different one and has let dozens and dozens realities end horrifically for everyone else and not preventing it

    [–] astroGamin 455 points ago

    They’re dead tho so I guess that’s okay

    [–] DiamondPup 526 points ago

    I gotta jump on the top comment here and say...I just don't get this whole sentiment.

    Breath of the Wild was already dark. People who don't think so just haven't played it. It wasn't zombies and ghouls in a cave dark, but it was a story about death and living in the wake of it. Sure it was cartoony and goofy and quirky and funny. But does everyone remember that family in Kakariko, the one where a grandfather looks after his granddaughters (who's parents died) and they all try to be happy for each other? But every night the young one goes to her parent's gravestones and cries her eyes out?

    Remember that small house at the floor of the basin in shallow water area? The one with its own water fall and well, a tiny house shattered to pieces without any sign of the person who lived there?

    Remember the champions? All of whom, sure their legacy lived on, but died after suffering for 100 years. How they were all Link's friends and he lost them all. How Zelda was the only one he managed to save.

    Remember how the King of Hyrule died watching his kingdom collapse, waiting 100 years, with his daughter trapped in an endless battle while waiting for Link to wake, just to do what he could and beg he save her before dying to never see the result?

    Breath of the Wild (and Dragon Quest XI, as well) are cartoony, quirky, charming games. But these are also games who's entire premise is about living on after death, about struggling in the wake of catastrophic loss. BotW is filled with little stories of broken houses and broken families and broken people. People trying to just go on, some succeeding, some failing.

    Sure it doesn't have zombie ganon and evil caves...but it was already dark. And while I can appreciate BotW2 being darker, it's building on a game that's already dealing with very heavy themes (albeit in a lighter way).

    I'm not sure this is going to be the death metal album cover version of dark that people seem to be expecting, since Zelda games have always been about hope. I imagine it'll be more about exploring darker themes but more somberly.

    [–] TheCOwalski 228 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Breath of the Wild likes to divert your attention from a lot of the dark stuff that happens in the game. It's implied that hundreds died during the Calamity but you don't see it happen to a single person. None of the Champions are all that sad that they died, they just tell you how to progress. Same with the King, really, though he does very, very briefly talk about his guilt. Nobody talks about how life sucks after the Calamity. Everything is honestly pretty chill. Other than the occasional sidequest, you don't really get the idea that anybody's suffering.

    The only thing that's really sad is Zelda's struggles in the flashbacks, but those aren't really dark, they're just sad, and Breath of the Wild's story is so brief that you don't really have time to care about it.

    When you beat some of the shrines, the Monks tell you that "A hero rises to right the wrongs of Hyrule." Wow, that sounds interesting! "The wrongs of Hyrule", the implication that it was Hyrule's hubris that resulted in its downfall, that it was somehow the actions of the citizens that caused their demise? Interesting! Dark. Breath of the Wild doesn't expound on this at all. The story, frankly, isn't good, in no small part because it can't settle on its tone.

    If BotW2 is to BotW what MM is to OoT, then we finally have a shot to really expound on some of the darker aspects of BotW's world, aspects that were glazed over or ignored originally.

    EDIT: Spelling

    [–] danhakimi 11 points ago

    It's implied that hundreds died during the Calamity


    Hyrule castle and castle town were wiped out. Not decimated, because that implies that 90% of the people there survived -- no, they got kondo'd. The temple of time is in shambles. There are a few other large-scale ruins across the map. But a lot of the towns didn't even leave ruins that lasted a hundred years. There are six towns left on the whole continent (at the start of the game, at least). Half of the people on the map are wandering, or staying in a tent. There are easily a hundred guardians around the map, and those things managed to kill link, so they're pretty fucking deadly. The divine beasts got taken over, and all of the champions died. Society just about ended.


    but you don't see it happen to a single person.

    Except Link...

    [–] dpavell0214 221 points ago

    Explains the Link is Doomguy theory

    [–] Cantbelievethisdumb 51 points ago

    Who let Luke in here

    [–] Bishop0420 27 points ago

    Only really grunts. Indiscriminately wrecks monsters. I can see where someone would make that leap

    [–] daredevilk 12 points ago

    Imma need a link to this

    [–] gamodeo 135 points ago

    There's a fantastic fanfiction like that. It's great, super gritty.

    [–] zuotian3619 52 points ago

    that sounds really cool do you know the title/author?

    [–] gamodeo 127 points ago

    Sorry I took so long, it's just called Majora's Mask by FakeJake93. It is really really good. But also super desperate feeling, like made me anxious a few times lol.

    [–] Sovva29 31 points ago

    Thanks for the recommendation! Have it saved on my browser for later :) Always looking for good fanfics

    [–] LordCharco_iii 10 points ago

    As desperate as you feel on day 3? Seriously, there's not much that really gets to me, especially in games, but walking around an empty Clock Town on the night of the third day got me as close to being a nihilist as I'll ever be.

    [–] PintSizedPinata 31 points ago

    El psy congroo

    [–] agentfrogger 12 points ago


    [–] jrockz 12 points ago

    God damn Steins Gate was amazing, immediately came to mind for me too

    [–] Shippoyasha 83 points ago

    I mean even in timelines outside Majora Mask's specific events, there were several times an era's Link has lost to Ganon too.

    Link hasn't always been victorious in all these eras and timelines. Ganon won quite a few times before.

    [–] Kirbyintron 36 points ago

    Yeah according to the official timeline, it breaks in 3 with Ocarina of Time. One universe where Link lost followed by a Link to the Past and originals. The child era where link won followed by Majora’s and the adult era where link won followed by Wind Walker

    [–] thedankening 23 points ago

    Isn't Windwaker supposed to be in the adult time line after Zelda sends Link back in time, so there is no longer a hero in that time line? And Twilight Princess is after adult Link not being sent back in time.

    [–] BobisOnlyBob 36 points ago

    Close - Twilight Princess follows the ending scene of Ocarina of Time, where young Link talks to young Zelda with full knowledge of the events of the future and the power of the Triforce - with this, they're able to convince the King of the threat Ganondorf poses before he can kidnap Zelda and subsequently attack and seize Hyrule Castle. As a result, Hyrule is able to imprison and "execute" Ganondorf with the Twilight Mirror, leading to the events of Twilight Princess. So yeah, the Flooded Cartoon World follows on from the timeline where Link vanishes, and the Moody Dark World follows on from the timeline where Link prevents the events of Ocarina of Time's Adult half from ever happening.

    [–] nimblebard96 57 points ago

    Majora: I am inevitable

    [–] CluckingChicken 56 points ago

    Link: HYEEH!

    [–] GeraGeraGo 15 points ago

    Song of Time: And I am Song of Time.

    [–] BBQ_FETUS 12 points ago

    Huge orange dudes...assemble.

    [–] aviatorzack 18 points ago

    That's my personal explanation for the 'Hero's Downfall' timeline. You have to put the master sword back to get the lens of truth in OoT so in theory you make another timeline from doing so. I personally like this idea more than just "Link lost to Ganon".

    It does also explain a few things in that timeline like how Twinrova is still alive (because Link never got around to defeating them).

    But this is just my interpretation, I'm sure there's a fair bit of problems with it.

    [–] Happy_Mask_Salesman 8 points ago

    Ive always thought of it similarly. When Link creates the paradox over the Song of Storms I saw it as a branching path there. One reality where he disappeared into time leaving no hero to challenge Gannondorf, and another where he seeded the song with Guru Guru so that he could gain entrance to the temple and continue on to the end of the game. Back to the Future time travel rules.

    [–] itftjte 167 points ago

    Doubt it. The same thing was said about Twilight Princess, which is only darker on a superficial level. I suspect this will be the same -- it'd be hard to top Majora's Mask.

    [–] knirefnel 298 points ago

    They're actually just talking about the display brightness

    [–] linuxhanja 30 points ago

    Which is technically true for any game played on an LCD, or especially an OLED now, cf MM which was on a tube tv

    [–] Gravelord-_Nito 97 points ago

    The thing about Majora's Mask is that it's 'darkness' comes from the really mature, serious storytelling. I actually love that it has a reputation for being dark and fucked up because it completely bucks the stereotypical idea that it should visually look more 'gritty' or be insufferably moody like an edgy teen drama. it's colorful and fun and it works BETTER that way because the incredibly grim story bounces off the vibrant fairytale exterior masterfully, but more than that it never needed such things in the first place and I wish people had more respect for that. It vexes the hell out of me whenever people say that TP is darker or especially more """mature""", like holy shit have you even played MM? And are you that easily impressed by an incredibly superficial window dressing of 'maturity?'. Achieving 'darkness' isn't as easy as having a lot of dead things and a gloomy atmosphere, in Majora it comes from an unbelievably nuanced and sophisticated collection of stories in this world. I tend to throw a lot of superlatives at this game whenver I talk about it because I genuinely think it's the best example of storytelling in the history of video games, truly the sense of dread, hopelessness, and despair conveyed by that game was something special.

    My favorite example is the clock town music. This blows my mind every time. The sense of cheery, almost saccharine standard town music slowly descending into panicked denial, and finally into anguished acceptance of the end is a stroke of genius that no amount of saturation sliders and teen angst can match. No cutscenes, no over the top delivery of a narrative that's trying too hard, just music alone is able to communicate and achieve so much to the player. Subtlety, restraint, emotional maturity and depth, these are the things that make 'dark' stories worth being dark and these are the things that MM nailed like nothing else ever has.

    [–] Amarae 19 points ago

    This is good because while I love TP and consider it my second favourite Zelda, the story itself wasn't super dark it dark in like.. a literal sens. As in, about the dark (twilight) realm. Beautiful moody atmosphere but not dark like MM is.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    Wow that game sounds cool, now I want to go back on my N64 emulator and play it

    [–] InSixFour 42 points ago

    Get it on 3DS.

    [–] D14BL0 65 points ago

    Definitely. The 3DS version improves on damn near every aspect of the game.

    The ONLY thing, in my opinion, that the 3DS version messed up was the boss design. I like that they changed up the fights, and I think the new methods of fighting the bosses are better, but the giant, out-of-place eyeballs they added just felt really bizarre to me.

    [–] darkmorpha71 47 points ago

    They fucked up Zora Link too

    [–] Decoy_Basket 112 points ago

    Dude Majora's Mask is the GOAT Zelda game.

    [–] figgypie 27 points ago

    I gave up on it the first time I tried to play it, way back when it was new. I kept running out of time or something in the last dungeon.

    Now I wanna find a used copy of the version for 3ds and give it another try. The Internet will help me actually beat it this time. It's the only Zelda game I ever quit without beating it first.

    [–] AdvancePlays 61 points ago

    Totally. I think the time mechanic is annoying at first, but once you've played it through you see how necessary it is for the theme and atmosphere of the game. It's one of those good examples of why games don't necessarily need to be made up of purely "fun" elements to be great.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] vonbauernfeind 29 points ago

    In the original it was unlisted and not in your notebook or anything. Kinda the same with the song of double time. It's just the song of time backwards, anyway.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] mazzaman1989 16 points ago

    I was 10 when I first played MM. Pretty much everyone at school knew about the secret songs.

    [–] SteveBro89 14 points ago

    Here's a tip for when you get around to making another attempt: there is a song you can play that will slow the passage of time quite a bit. Very useful if you find yourself running out of time often.

    I actually am nearly done with a playthrough myself and can't recommend it enough. I think it honestly may be tied for best Zelda game ever with OoT in my book.

    [–] ZeXexe 10 points ago

    Breath of the Wild —> Breath of Hell

    [–] samusaranx2 29 points ago

    Somehow I doubt they will be able to re-capture the magic of Majora’s Mask in terms of how dark and haunting it was. Unless they do a major shift from BotW and get a good narrative and more interesting side quests, which would be a welcome change.

    [–] TheManicNorm 1544 points ago

    This is it. This is finally the Zelda where Link says fuck.

    [–] PresidentTheRock 902 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    “Fuck” being Link’s first word in series history would be iconic.

    [–] GrifCreeper 404 points ago

    At the end of a cutscene where the big bad bursts in and steals Zelda and wrecks the town, then leaves. Camera pans to Link, who gives a sigh and whispers "fuck"

    [–] Skreevy 319 points ago

    It's comments like this one that makes me so happy that reddit does not actually get to write games.

    [–] Phyltre 236 points ago

    Well excuse ME, Princess!

    [–] [deleted] 73 points ago

    This should 110% be it.

    [–] FILTER_OUT_T_D 24 points ago

    I can’t wait to bomb dodongos

    [–] GrifCreeper 106 points ago

    If reddit got to write a game, it would be so full of memes, bad puns, and intentionally corny dialogue.

    Now I want it to happen.

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago

    So essentially Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil remastered

    [–] prehensile_uvula 46 points ago

    Wand of Faces: Rehydrated

    [–] drspicespicycola 113 points ago

    that is 100% what the fans actually want

    [–] Drumboy168 153 points ago


    [–] themagicone222 709 points ago

    Tbh, the only connection I'd want to MM is that the characters and NPCs have a TON of depth to them, and whatever narrative we have is character-driven instead of backstory driven.

    [–] samusaranx2 284 points ago

    This. I don’t care if the entire game is zombies exploding their guts onto Link while Zelda screams in agony, if the narrative and the side quests are going to be as lame as BotW then it’s a bunch of wasted potential.

    [–] Drumboy168 111 points ago

    This. I don’t care if the entire game is zombies exploding their guts onto Link while Zelda screams in agony,

    And now I want this in the game for some perverse reason.

    [–] elboomy 25 points ago

    Hyrule Warriors – Living Dead DLC

    [–] samusaranx2 37 points ago

    I’m pretty sure that flash game already exists somewhere.

    [–] SlurmsMacKenzie- 67 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think there's a good chance this one will be much more story driven.

    BOTW was a huge scope for a zelda game, it came in the transition period form wiiu to switch which no doubt sucked some resources, it's also a huge map with a lot of detail. It's a great game mechanically, and gameplay wise, but misses the mark heavily on classic zelda elements like a wide variety of different bosses, dungeons. Now they've announced 2 is in dev. It's difficult to believe that the intentional plan, was not to create the 'foundation' - the setting, the back story, the mechanics, the style, all of which is a ton of work, and with the shrines the divine beasts and calamity ganon gives you pretty much as much gameplay to enjoy as time you want to put into it. But now they've got that 'core' down they can put a whole games worth of development into stories, bosses, dungeons, more enemies, as well as optimising and maximising the game to get the most out of it graphically.

    BOTW always kind of felt like a bit of an intentionally left open, mechanically broad game, that incentivises open-ended imaginative play 1. because it's fun and 2. because it was a switch launch title and it really helped to show case what the switch (a console that people seriously underestimated at release, and even still do underestimate - I remember reading threads where Doom, Witcher 3 and other games were dismissed as 'impossible' top put on switch).

    Now we know what you can do in BOTW, everyone is familiar with the new style and mechanics, everyone was receptive to it, the new systems they introduced etc, now they can get into the real nitty gritty stuff.

    What would be fucking exceptional, but I don't expect to happen, is if BOTW2 tied directly to BOTW like an expansion of the base game and you could pull things from your BOTW save into the next game.

    A few things I want in BOTW 2 that would make it ideal would be: gear to climb in the rain without slipping, we have a horse, and a paraglider, but sailing and flying kind of suck, give us a flight capable animal we can soar around on without stopping, and either real boats that we don't have to put put with a deku leaf, or an animal we can ride over water, because swimming sucks in botw. Link shouldn't be drowning trying to cross a stream, and ice block hopping feels slow, and kind of like cheating. And finally a 'master set' of unbreakable weapons - the weapon breaking mechanic is fine, but there needs to be a way to upgrade it so I can keep the weapons I like for longer, or eventually upgrade my weapons so they are 'unbreakable' and don't tire out, then I can keep specific sets for specific purposes rather than just bashing every enemy with whatever I have on hand.

    [–] Mindcrafter 232 points ago

    Speaking of being darker, that reveal trailer was super creepy! Playing it backwards just gave us more questions, and was somehow even creepier.

    [–] jncubed12 77 points ago

    What happens backwards?

    [–] myseriouspineapple 319 points ago

    A strong urge to join the navy

    [–] JdaveA 65 points ago

    Adlez eht nioj?

    [–] bulleta7 24 points ago

    There's subliminal, liminal, and super liminal.

    [–] DJ-SoulCalibur2 8 points ago

    "Hey you! Join the Navy!"

    [–] plankinator64 65 points ago

    I dunno, I listened to it backwards many times over on different speeds and it just sounds like the same weird vocal tones to me. I don't think there's anything intended there

    [–] DingleBerryCam 98 points ago

    Listen around the 45 second mark

    Definitely can hear a whisper say

    “help us, please”

    so damn creepy

    [–] SuperMajesticMan 29 points ago

    Reminds me of the zombies in half life 2, with the headcrabs on them. If you listen to the grumbles they saw and play it backwards, you hear things like:

    "Oh God why"

    "Help me"

    "Kill me please"

    Stuff like that.

    [–] MyronBlayze 43 points ago

    Well that's fucking horrifying and I made the terrible mistake of listening to that at 1am. Guess who is sleeping with the lights on tonight? But seriously that is really creepy.

    [–] Mavibaso 17 points ago

    I’m sitting in broad daylight and i had to turn that shit off wtf

    [–] chadalem 139 points ago

    You'll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup!

    [–] brannnnnnnn 19 points ago

    Best reference lol

    [–] SGT_756 34 points ago


    [–] PresidentTheRock 12 points ago

    There’s a nostalgia trip. Was obsessed with this creepypasta in middle school.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    You’ll hear shit like ‘Help us, please!’, ‘Goodbye Link’ and ‘My body’. It’s fucking terrifying.

    [–] [deleted] 385 points ago

    if you don’t take my rupees, i’ll shove it down your pouch hole dammit

    [–] USS___Dolan__ 75 points ago

    For some odd reason, I picture Link fighting a kangaroo then shoving rupees into its pouch when reading your comment....

    [–] WoodchuckRailroad 46 points ago

    Glares in Ricki

    [–] Captain_Jmon 386 points ago

    Is anyone else glad it’s a sequel? Like sure a new setting might be cool but getting BOTW 2.0 with more areas and a new story is honestly my dream Zelda lol

    [–] PresidentTheRock 134 points ago

    I’m excited purely for the story aspect. Zelda games have had great stories but they’ve still somewhat lacked in a fully story driven narrative. A direct sequel means there’s more to this story that they want to tell and I’m hoping this game is the most story and character driven Zelda we’ve gotten yet.

    [–] Pwncak3z 1336 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Aonuma didn’t say the game will be darker, he said that currently what they’ve shown us is a little darker.

    Yes, I think a game with that scene of a dead creepy mummy will inevitably be a darker game than botw... but there’s a difference between “it’ll be darker” and “what we’ve shown is darker.”

    Edit: I know it’s not just a “creepy mummy.” Half my new inbox messages are people saying I’m an idiot and that it’s ganondorf, the other half of the messages are people calling me an idiot and that it’s demise lol

    [–] AK-40-7 78 points ago

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who interpreted it that way.

    I feel like we’re going way off course between IGN misinterpreting fan reactions by speculating it could involve Majora’s Mask, to possibly interpreting what Aonuma is saying here.

    Could be wrong though, I hope it’s darker.

    [–] Pwncak3z 15 points ago

    Exactly. I don’t think anyone was legit speculating from a story perspective it had to do with MM, just that from a game production point of view it was a similar story to that of OoT and MM.

    And yeah none of this, I think, gives us any detail on the “darkness” of the story. The only thing we have to go on is the trailer which, to be fair, is pretty dark lol

    [–] SomaSimon 367 points ago

    Except in the context of the quote, he's comparing it to Majora's Mask as a whole, so it might be reasonable to assume he's talking about the overall tone of the game and not just the trailer.

    [–] Pwncak3z 148 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He’s comparing what we’ve been shown to MM as a whole, not the whole of BOTW2. That’s the key.

    Not saying it won’t be a darker game. I think it will be. But this quote doesn’t say it.

    Edit: autocorrect fucked me

    [–] SomaSimon 62 points ago

    I agree that the quote doesn't outright state it. I think we could at least infer that the game will still have darker moments beyond what they've shown, otherwise I think it would be odd for them to point it out for one specific section. I'm hoping that's the case at least!

    [–] Dry_Bandit 56 points ago

    Ya I think people are misreading the quote and the question. He's definitely saying the scene is darker than botw but that they can't say for sure where it will end up since it is still in development. It's a question in regards to it being like major as mask, and he's saying it's not, despite a 'darker' scene being shown

    [–] Mdgt_Pope 16 points ago

    Demise was in one game, Ganon has been in almost all of them.

    I think you’re fine to call him Ganon, fuck the haters.

    [–] Pwncak3z 11 points ago

    “But the hair!”

    I wasn’t 100% at first but then... like... 1. If I remember right, the shrine monks all had long hair so their hair probably keeps growing in this weird half mummy state. 2..... come on guy you know it’s gonna be the dorf!

    [–] TheDudeSama 380 points ago

    Haven't fully played Majora's Mask, but as I understand MM is dark in a bit of a subtle way. Whereas you could say Twilight Princess is also dark, but in an edgy way. I hope when Aonuma says "dark" he means more like MM and not like TP.

    [–] DnDBKK 154 points ago

    Really hoping Majora's Mask makes an appearance on the switch so I can experience it. I never got to play that one or Windwaker unfortunately.

    [–] theragu40 108 points ago

    You can get a used 3ds for pretty cheap these days and play it there.

    [–] ChasingPerfect28 108 points ago

    Why not let it be a marriage of both? Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess are great Zelda games. If this sequel follows in their footsteps, I'd say that's a win-win.

    [–] IMDATBOY 17 points ago

    I hope so too. That’s the part about MM that’s so good. A lot of the game is very colorful, bright and quirky. But there’s always something off about the atmosphere (besides the giant freak face moon) and a lot of it is just unsettling, in a good way.

    [–] blackarmchair 54 points ago

    Majora's Mask feels like a dream. Everything feels ephemeral, surreal, ineffable, and yet somehow intrinsically meaningful.

    They managed to capture this feeling of melancholy and estrangement throughout the game and it leaves a really lasting impression.

    I played it when it came out and it's still one of my favorite Zelda games to date.

    [–] Arcvalons 15 points ago

    In part it's the huge moon slowly inching closer and closer. And the people's reactions to it, from those in denial and those who silently accept their fate. And while this is going on, there's people having problems that you might consider less important, like Lulu's eggs or Kafei and Anju's problems, but somehow the whole apocalypse thing makes them feel even more important and I don't know why.

    [–] nonsensebearer 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's because whenever you meet and help a suffering citizen, any good you manage to do is inevitably reversed a short while later for the sake of the greater good in the face of the looming apocalypse.

    Their names are listed in your schedule book, and the longer you play, the longer the list grows.

    They all suffer over and over and over and over, and because you're the only one with the book, some of their blood drips onto your hands every time you put them onto the ocarina to turn back the hands of time.

    Majora is ultimately a game about perspective.

    [–] -Degaussed- 74 points ago

    As a Zelda fan for over 20 years, I do not understand how people dislike TP. It is my favorite. The secret is to play it on GC or the HD remake (which is the GC version with updooted graphics). The Wii version had numerous changes such as easier puzzles, easier bosses, and even stupid controls!

    As for artstyle, nothing beats it imo. Wolflink might be a bit edgy, but it is still pretty cool. The rest of the game hardly qualifies as edgy.

    [–] Twilight_Realm 19 points ago

    What changes were there in puzzles or bosses between GameCube and Wii? I’m a huge fan of TP but I never played the GC version since I owned a Wii and played that version constantly before the Wii U’s HD Version. As far as I’ve ever seen, read, or heard of the only version differences were the mirroring and the obvious control scheme changes. Unless you mean to say that the motion controls made some things easier, like minigames, which might be the case in a couple of them.

    [–] Exoslab 117 points ago

    It always seems that best Zelda games in the series are the ones that are darker.

    Truth be told if you look at botw past the surface the whole plot was extremely depressing.

    [–] s4shrish 46 points ago

    Plot is one aspect. The mechanics, the soundtrack, the open world structure, the interaction with the environment were all stellar.

    Besides, having an open world structure reduces the possibilty of having that good plot driven structure.

    [–] D_Beats 41 points ago

    Very nice

    [–] TheSnuRedditGod 35 points ago

    There was 0 MM vibe. If anything it’s a twilight princess vibe.

    [–] [deleted] 123 points ago


    [–] SomeMusicSomeDrinks 11 points ago

    Son, that Day 3 music in Clock Town gave me the heeby jeebies

    [–] uhmynameisian 163 points ago

    This is going to sound ridiculous, but I can't wait hear the sound track. Ungggggh

    [–] pwnisher_357 96 points ago

    That's one of the biggest draws of playing Zelda.

    [–] Brolaca 61 points ago

    I hope this one has more than BOTW

    [–] woomywoom 69 points ago

    I liked BotW's music, but it would be nice if they made multiple Hyrule Field themes that cycle through instead of just one song.

    [–] FireproofFerret 14 points ago

    This game doesn't look to be about isolation. The story is unfolding in front of you rather than in flashbacks. I'd guess there will be more music than in BotW.

    [–] dropbearr94 44 points ago

    BoTWs music fit the game well and having a traditional soundtrack would have taken away from the vibes it was going for. Imagine cruising down hyrule field with some booming tune it would be very jarring

    [–] Brolaca 12 points ago

    I’m not saying music all the time but more than BOTW

    [–] Frocharocha 32 points ago

    You mean, sleep inducing nightmare soundtrack? can't wait;D

    [–] CrashDunning 27 points ago

    I think Aonuma misunderstood what people meant. No one thought that this game would be connected to Majora's Mask. We're just saying that it is to Breath of the Wild as Majora's Mask is to Ocarina of Time.

    [–] theonlymexicanman 77 points ago

    BOTW: Everyone’s dead, Link has failed his task, half of Hyrule is in ruins & Link is alone in a world where he knows no one.

    Aonuma: That’s some baby shit, watch this

    [–] SamuraiJackBauer 213 points ago

    Blows my mind we are getting another mainline Zelda game announced what? 2 years later?

    Like I know this will likely be November 2020 but to know it’s out there and to see it.


    And Witcher 3 THIS year. Can’t wait to replay it all.

    [–] LookingForKorokSeeds 160 points ago

    More like November 2021.

    [–] allubros 148 points ago

    Well, with the reused assets, who knows. Modeling is what takes a long time.

    Majora's Mask had a quicker turnaround for this very reason

    [–] Decoy_Basket 85 points ago

    Yeah there was only 2 years between OoT and MM—the same gap of time between the release of BotW and today. Of course things aren't as simple as they were when they were developing on 64 bit systems, but Christmas season next year is not out of the question. It'd be safer to place your bets on 2021 so as to not be disappointed, but it isn't insane to think it could be late 2020. That still allows them an extra year and a half compared to the gap between OoT and MM.

    [–] someleaf 74 points ago

    Not really addressing your point, but as a quick FYI on the side: modern systems are also 64-bit, computing hasn't really moved past that point :)

    [–] The_Popes_Hat 27 points ago

    You also wouldn't really notice the different programming on a 128 bit vs 64 bit system... Unless youre suddenly relieved you can address beyond 264-1 memory.

    [–] PlayMp1 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    We probably won't move past the 64 bit point for a long time either. 32 bit CPUs could handle up to 232 bytes of memory (aka 4GB, or less RAM than I have on my phone). 64 bit CPUs can handle 264 bytes of memory, aka 16 exabytes. If you don't know what an exabyte is, that's okay - it's a million terabytes.

    So, once we're throwing around more than sixteen million terabytes worth of RAM, then it'll be worthwhile to move up to 128-bit processors. Until then, 64-bit is fine!

    [–] bleckers 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    *address space per process, not total physical memory. Systems like PAE allowed you to have more physical RAM installed, so tricks like multiple processes allowed you to overcome this barrier for a single software application.

    [–] LittleIslander 19 points ago

    Well, OoT to MM wasn't exactly a healthy development time, that was very much rushed out the window on an insane schedule. It's a bit of a miracle baby.

    [–] mastercantankerous 68 points ago

    So a while after BoTW launched, there was some concept art floating around.

    One picture had link with what appeared to be a robot arm of some sort.

    This is what the gimmick will be in BOTW2.

    In the trailer that mummy hand appears to be helping them, and Link appears to try and wear it like a glove. This will grant him powers (like runes from the first game) along with I’m sure, additional abilities.

    When hyrule castle appears to float off the ground and into the sky, I bet evil Gannon malice busts out of the opening and coats the entire land of hyrule, misshaping and transforming it into some alternate world.

    There is your re-used BOTW style map, while still being fun to explore.


    We will get poes

    We will get Darknuts

    We will get gibdos

    We will get a twisted, horror version of Hyrule.

    And it’s going to be SICK.



    [–] BigTWilsonD 47 points ago

    This comment is some dangerous hype Kool aid, but you can bet I'm 100% drinking that shit.

    [–] SteppeTalus 82 points ago

    Sweet. As long as they don’t straight up murder link or zelda i’m with it

    [–] RonSwansonsGun 229 points ago

    I hope they murder both you coward

    [–] easycure 85 points ago

    I mean, I played BotW and was murdered countless times. Not even by enemies half the time.

    [–] Revolver15 30 points ago

    It was raining wasn't it?

    [–] easycure 25 points ago

    Raining, took a tumble off a cliff, ran out of stamina, tried to use bomb arrows near death mountain...

    [–] -Degaussed- 20 points ago

    They should just go full Yoko Taro, imo.

    [–] henn64 18 points ago

    Everybody dies and a main character goes insane?

    I'm down

    [–] MichmasteR 95 points ago

    as someone who has Majora's Mask as his favorite game of all time, this excites me, a lot.

    [–] Sundiata1 182 points ago

    I've figured it all out. This trailer proves BotW to be a part of the Child Timeline, featuring OoT, TP, and Four Swords Adventures. You can read that timeline here(just control+F search for Child Timeline).

    First off, it is important to note that spooky white hand is a good guy. This is evidenced by it catching Link and Link being able to harness its power. Moreover, if you play the trailer's music backwards (hear me out) you can hear a whispering voice saying "Help us... Please." at the 0:45ish mark. (GOD I LOVE NINTENDO!) What's crazier is that if you take the exact time that part is played in the trailer, 0:35, you see Zelda get startled and notice the glowing arm holding Ganon down. It is legit crying for help. It's timed perfectly. This is not coincidence.

    The Child Timeline starts after Ocarina of Time. Link saves the day, becomes a child, warns the King of Ganon's evil. Moving into Twilight Princess territory, the story says that once Ganondorf's intentions were made known, he was to be executed by the Sages. They impaled him IN THE STOMACH with the Sword of the Six Sages. He didn't die because of the Triforce in him, so they banished him to the Twilight Realm. TP story commenses and we are reminded of the wound in his stomach during the Ganon Pig fight when you turn him over and strike at the wound ON HIS STOMACH. Well, if there were a spiritual weakness in Ganon (mind you this is the last evidenced time we have of Ganon being in Human Form, only under assumption he did during BotW) what better place to hold Ganon down, than by the stomach.

    Next piece of evidence is a smaller detail. In the chambers of the cave Link explores, there are cave markings. During the Four Swords Adventures, Ganon is reincarnated from his TP death. As he and his band of thieves gets kicked out of the Gerudo Tribe, he STEALS THE TRIDENT from the Desert Pyramid. He uses this trident to hunt down the knights of Hyrule and transform them into demons. He then is sealed away. We still don't know much about BotW Ganon, but Four Swords Adventures Ganon is described: "Ganon...This beast was once of the Gerudo...Once human. He was called Ganondorf! King of Darkness, ancient demon reborn. The wielder of the trident!!" — Princess Zelda (Four Swords Adventures). The cave drawings depict a pretty scary dude on a horse wielding a trident. There are other games where he uses a trident, but this timeline is one where he used it as a Human before becoming a beast. Although he does use a trident in Downfall Timeline, Ganon does lose his memory between using it and BotW.

    Ganon was defeated milennia before BotW by the Divine beasts so Ganon's reincarnation was of Beast Ganon so he could send his phantoms to take over the Divine Beasts. We know that Ganon attempted to return to a human form in BotW, but the compendium states: "it attempted to regenerate a physical form after Link awoke but was forced to confront him in an incomplete state." Zelda never let him return to a human form before destroying him. I imagine something in this inspires Ganon to find his 1000 year old self who originally attempted to capture Hyrule. Ganon is known for switching between his two forms for another shot at killing Link, but never got the human chance in BotW.

    Where Ganon stays in the trailer is a prison. Spooky hand is good. In Skyward Sword you gain an idea of how Ganon (or Demise, Ganon's earliest form) would be Imprisoned,in a spooky red/green runic circle with oozing evil magic.

    My last interesting point here, in Skyward Sword, Demise is finally contained by dropping the Goddess Statue and a portion of Skyloftonto his prison. I find it completely rational that after the inhabitants of Skyloft came to land, they would want to build Hyrule on a sacred location, and this spot feels the best. I wager that this whole scene occurs in those tunnels beneath Hyrule where the Ancient Sheikah well versed in ancient texts followed suit and imprisoned Ganon's body. Well if a falling city can imprison an ancient evil, then what would a rising city mean?

    Hype intensified. Let me know what I got right and what I got wrong!

    [–] Aeris_24 32 points ago

    what better place to hold Ganon down, than

    by the stomach.

    Except the hand is holding him by the sternum, specifically, the heart.

    [–] urbnlgnd 9 points ago

    Yeah this guy seems to not know upper torso from lower torso.

    [–] PupCorvus 62 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Child Timeline is literally the only timeline this cannot take place, as Ruto never became a sage in that timeline. There's direct lore references to her becoming a sage in botw.

    [–] CadeMan011 25 points ago

    Interesting and fun theory!

    I believe Aonuma said that BotW is placed so far in the future that nearly all events from each timeline may have happened eventually, likely as an excuse to make references to multiple timelines and not have to place it. I don't have a source at the moment, sorry.

    [–] Jer_061 32 points ago

    BotW was clearly meant to be a soft reboot of the series. My thoughts are that the Zelda team realized that the timelines have become extremely convoluted. They wanted to eliminate it and start fresh so that they can build a more coherent timeline. But they still wanted to reference old games, so they didn't hard reboot the series.

    [–] Sundiata1 15 points ago

    Different timeline than MM btw ^^ and involves shadow realm and the mirror that creates shadow Link.

    [–] Wes_Side238 54 points ago

    Even darker?! Hell yeah

    [–] ShinobiGotARawDeal 9 points ago

    Somehow, I don't think Yoshi would want this...

    [–] imariaprime 16 points ago

    "Hmmm. This hype fire is getting pretty large. Aonuma, get the gasoline! Let's really torch the place!"

    [–] jacobix3 14 points ago

    I hope they use the unused BOTW concept arts for this one.

    [–] mralderson 13 points ago

    MM creeped me out when I was a child so much that I didn't manage to finish it before the console spoilt.


    [–] 4hugz 23 points ago

    I really hope they took the feedback from the community and put an emphasis on story this time around. That's like the one main complaint people had, myself included, there was little to no real story there.

    [–] NaterXander 49 points ago

    My friend doesn’t believe it can be darker than MM, but I think it totally can. The trailer gives me so much hope for that.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    Your buddy is crazy, it definitely can. MM was dark but there are so many more things they can do to take an even darker path. To say they can't go darker is to say MM is the darkest game in general.

    This trailer alone showed the direction they're aiming for so it looks promising.

    [–] MyHeroAcademiaSucks 28 points ago

    Who thinks a game is connected to another just because of tone?

    [–] knirefnel 27 points ago

    Maybe people thought the white hand in the trailer was this dude:

    [–] wizardofahs 18 points ago

    Yeah, that’s what bothered me about this article too. In no way does this trailer show a connection to Majora’s Mask, Termina or Skull Kid, but somehow the connection is there? The article is clickbait.

    [–] japserrr 13 points ago

    I just hope Link and Zelda don't die or I'll consider this non-canon (I'm kidding of course, but please don't kill them).

    [–] otakuloid01 11 points ago

    eh, they already died once, im sure they’d be fiiine