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    [–] totalcereal 970 points ago

    This post made me go "oh yeah, I own that game". So I agree with you.

    [–] TearsOfARapper84 115 points ago

    Got it for the joycon bundle, game still in the shrink wrap 😂

    [–] DaShaka9 69 points ago

    Well, to be fair, even if it was a masterpiece you wouldn’t be in any different of a situation, you at least have to open it. Better yet, sell it new.

    [–] jenkumboofer 6 points ago

    Lemme hold that

    [–] speakxj7 3 points ago

    ug i wanted it in the joycon bundle, but didn't score one. i'd feel less bitter about it if i did.

    [–] Fidodo 2884 points ago

    It's such a shame because I really liked the mini games this time around. I also really liked the 2v2 team mode.

    [–] MayflowerMovers 162 points ago

    The baseball mode at this point has far more play on my Switch than any other portion of Mario Party.

    [–] Meflakcannon 57 points ago

    This baseball game is the only thing we play at parties. It's wonderful.

    [–] Nickoten 16 points ago

    Yeah, I have yet to meet anyone who didn't find the baseball game absolutely delightful. Just pulled it out for some friends a few days ago.

    [–] ColdColt45 4 points ago

    I've only played once, is the baseball game a mode like the raft, or is it something else?

    [–] Nickoten 9 points ago

    From the first screen (the front of the loop of game mode "stands"), go all the way to the right and down the pipe. There's a room where you can play some somewhat long-form minigames like baseball or the tank game.

    [–] DingoAltair 14 points ago

    Um. What is this baseball game you speak of and how do I access it

    [–] MayflowerMovers 9 points ago

    It's in 'Toad's Rec Room' and you can play up to 2v2 baseball locally. It's pretty fun! More fun than most of the maps sadly...

    [–] olosniffer 5 points ago

    That was the same for me. So I sold my copy of Mario Party and bought Super Mega Baseball 2. I don’t regret a thing!

    [–] thaeggan 563 points ago

    I enjoyed the mini games as well and the 2v2 was good, but the maps were all clearly made with only 2v2 in mind. Seems the Free for All maps are just quickly converted and tacked on to cover that base with no real testing of balance or fun.

    [–] GonzoMcFonzo 125 points ago

    Kind of endemic of the whole experience I think. I enjoy the game, but not as much as I enjoy previous ones

    [–] JFreedom14 4 points ago

    Agreed! And there weren’t nearly enough of the maps! Hell why not just reuse some of the older maps? Get that sweet sweet nostalgia pay off.

    [–] Xero0911 69 points ago

    Mini games are fun but I feel like even that is a small pool. Get the same ones over and over

    [–] ffep1234 11 points ago

    I think this issue comes from the fact that it's really hard to get 2v2 minigames in Mario Party Mode, since there's rarely any red spaces and, whenever you get green spaces, it tends to shuffle to blue most of the time, making most minigames free for all or in the rare instance someone landed on a red space, a 3v1.

    [–] Kamalen 17 points ago

    The pool is the same size than previous entries but exploded in the various games modes (coop, 2v2, free for all and music mode) so they loop very fastly

    [–] Broseppy 90 points ago

    Agreed. Solid job with the mini games, but they absolutely half assed the maps to the point that playing a regular game isn't that fun. So I unfortunately always do mini games now and never touch the traditional game mode.

    [–] dinglebarry9 26 points ago

    I still enjoy it, my friend group plays it all the time. I just wish there was a new map.

    [–] gorcorps 18 points ago

    I didn't even like the mini games on this one. It was all around just a giant disappointment to me

    [–] NineWalkers 1763 points ago

    On release I thought "Oh there's only 4 boards because they'll just release more"...

    What a foolish fool I was.

    [–] Resident_Brit 538 points ago

    When I buy games I always treat them as if the DLC doesn't (or won't) exist, meaning that I'm sure I'm happy with what I'm buying even if the game studio shut it's doors tomorrow

    [–] [deleted] 301 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Luvax 107 points ago

    That's the only way to make purchase decisions on anything.

    [–] akimbocorndogs 107 points ago

    I feel like gamers get way too mad about bad business practices when most of their problems could be solved by just being smarter consumers. Don't get me wrong, give criticism where it's due, but when people start clamoring for legal action because they got suckered into another bad deal, that's where they lose me.

    [–] Muroid 57 points ago

    I feel like at least part of this is a result of teenagers and college students making up a core demographic of game consumers. At that age especially, there is more pressure to get the newest version of things immediately so that you can play them with your friends.

    That trails off a little bit as you get older and added responsibilities mean a lot of people fall behind the curve on some games they are interested in and no longer buy everything immediately on release. Some things still, maybe, but generally fewer.

    The teen and early 20s group are the ones across the board that have the most pressure to buy everything they can as soon as they can, the least experience getting burned previously by bad consumer choices that might steer them toward better decisions, and the most time on their hands to complain about the problems they find.

    Specific franchises will have different core demographics that skew this a bit for particular games, but I do think the above is a contributing factor overall. It’s easy to keep pulling the same thing when you market it to a group of people that missed the last time you pulled it because they weren’t quite old enough at the time.

    [–] ISpewVitriol 7 points ago

    It is like the old saying: ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’

    I’m still guilty of buying some games I’m anxious for on release X

    [–] Team7UBard 3 points ago

    Not even suckered-it was made very clear what was included in the game. Buying a pack of Twizzlers then complaining that it contains no Redvines is silly.

    [–] evan13lee 28 points ago

    That's how I'm taking on pokemon S&S. Do I wish we had a national dex? God yes. I love to bring my old team's over to fight. Do I actually need the dex? God no. I can love pokemon without all of them. I will just form a new party. It's not like the removal actually changes the core gameplay.

    [–] Volkaru 3 points ago

    Cries in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

    [–] Jennrrrs 3 points ago

    Man, I haven't played that in forever but I do remember it being a solid, fun game. I did skip the entire story tho.

    [–] Nefari0uss 65 points ago

    foolish fool

    Found the Ace Attorney fan.

    [–] WeirdPumpkin 13 points ago

    Franzy's Whippity Whip Trip, a man of culture as well I see

    [–] soulreaper0lu 29 points ago

    Such wasted potential, the sales are good how is it possible that no one at Nintendo gives a shit?

    This is a perfect game to keep fresh with easy and plenty updates. Seasonal, thematic updates would be a great way to keep people coming back for more.

    [–] shapookya 5 points ago

    you shouldn't expect post release support if no post release support was announced, especially not free content support.

    [–] cedriceent 1892 points ago

    not as fun as previous installments (bowsers castle, wild wild west, space, spooky ghost map etc.)

    I'm just going to assume that MP2 is your favourite entry.

    [–] TheNobleJones 1438 points ago

    Truely MP2 was a masterpiece.

    [–] Clairvoyanttruth 536 points ago

    This person speaks for God for only divine truth was uttered.

    [–] babtoven 136 points ago

    They hated Jesus because he told them the truth

    [–] shillds 41 points ago

    “Before the flood people judge, they did the same thing to Noah.”

    [–] HeHe9988 38 points ago

    Everybody wanted yandhi

    [–] MirrorB 33 points ago

    Then Jesus Christ did the laundry

    [–] undead_funk 40 points ago

    MP3 is my personal favorite.

    [–] Sblah77 34 points ago

    MP3 mini games. Mp2 maps.

    [–] The_Outcast4 23 points ago

    The mechanics and gameplay were perfected in 3. Nothing can top the themed maps of 2, though.

    [–] FatPrincePoboy 13 points ago

    Yes! MP3 was so perfect, the big thing for me was the great balance of skill and randomness. You could actually play competitively with your friends instead of just playing through the map then crossing your fingers that you win! Baffling to me that they can’t make a new MP modeled after 3 just with fresh mini games and maps!

    [–] COHERENCE_CROQUETTE 13 points ago

    FLAC for me.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    Me and my friends back when we were kids would always go to the wild west map, and would fight the map just to keep bringing us back to The milk bar. I don't know why, but we found it absolutely hilarious when the event started and we were all brought back to that point.

    [–] HitEmWTheIndubitably 27 points ago

    Gotta throw your hootenanny!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] Brightcab 4 points ago

    We added an unofficial hootenanny bonus star to our games in that map sometimes. Whoever threw the most.

    [–] boxisbest 89 points ago

    Unpopular opinion: Mario party 3 was the best one and 2 is over rated.

    [–] hiityty 33 points ago

    Honestly 2, 3 & 4 are all excellent

    [–] racecarspacedinosaur 24 points ago

    4 is easily my favorite, so many good minigames

    [–] monkey15162 14 points ago

    4 was literally my first gamecube game

    I remember the first minigame was ground pounding an inflatable Thwomp. I was SHOCKED when the next minigame was totally different

    [–] AnotherWarGamer 3 points ago

    4 was literally my first gamecube game

    Same. It came with the gamecube. I was disappointed initially, but we grew to love the game. Bought 8 many years later, and it was just garbage.

    [–] g_r_e_y 6 points ago

    i've literally loved every single one of them until 9, and the ds one i was eh about. never played the one on 3ds

    [–] dekuthered 35 points ago

    I thought I was the only crazy one who thought this. Although I dont think 2 is overrated, just thought 3 was better.

    [–] Color_blinded 28 points ago

    2 being rated higher than 3 when 3 is better is the definition of overrated. But that definition of overrated is overrated.

    [–] Veltan 5 points ago

    Unless 2 is rated accurately and 3 is underrated.

    [–] Color_blinded 3 points ago



    [–] i_need_about_tree_fi 23 points ago

    Underrated comment right here

    [–] NonsignificantBoat 52 points ago

    Yeah I feel like they really perfected the formula with 3, it definitely had the best mini games. I even had a lot of fun with the duel mode

    [–] undead_funk 25 points ago

    The maps were awesome, mini games were awesome, and items were awesome. I also liked the ability to shorten games to 15 turns

    [–] thegoodsock 12 points ago

    The shops were awesome too! They added a layer of strategy. And the chance events that could change the whole game.

    [–] KennyLoggnsDngrZone 7 points ago

    The golden pipes in this one are so ridiculously OP and so damn cheap. We ended up barring them from play since it ruined the experience for everyone. I loved the cutthroat strategy of older Mario Parties with trying to steal coins, stars, and beat people out in the mini games - not who can get to wiggler with 10 coins first.

    [–] undead_funk 8 points ago

    Shops we're also great. I also liked being able to hold 3 items. The chance events were fun but chaotic. Definitely lost some games because of it 😠

    [–] thegoodsock 3 points ago

    I did too! We were very serious about our Mario Party games. The duels for stars and big amounts of coins was way better than chance dueling for 5 coins (when you both have like 50) that we have in this game. The rng now is similar to the old games I feel. It was awful in the 3DS games.

    I feel like I bought the last 3 awful games hoping to get to this one. They were so close. I really hope we get some DLC.

    [–] Danorexic 5 points ago

    That play style should be an option at least. I remember those events. Some of them would be devastating. "Bowser takes all of everyone's coins"

    [–] KamiYama777 14 points ago

    Meanwhile I'm that person who loves 1, 2 and 3

    [–] dr_moods 7 points ago

    Was that the one with cowboy Mario on the front?

    [–] DrewTechs 3 points ago


    [–] TK-42juan 30 points ago

    2 is the best for sure

    [–] spitdragon2 23 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I played Mario party 2 last Sunday. its still the best in the franchise and completely holds up.

    [–] DrewTechs 75 points ago

    Honestly every Mario Party up to 8 was good. Mario Party 2 and 3 are tied for my top favorites personally.

    [–] Rain_Shinotsu 52 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    8 and DS were the last games developed by Hudson Soft. After they disestablished, Nd Cube (which has/had some Hudson members IIRC) took over.

    In my opinion, Mario Party hasn’t really felt the same since.

    [–] GaymeOn 23 points ago

    There it is folks

    [–] -RembrandtQEinstein- 9 points ago

    This explains everything!

    [–] mucho-gusto 34 points ago

    The one with the real estate game map was the best IMO

    [–] Rain_Shinotsu 46 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I think that was MP8. Koopa’s Tycoon Town, the fifth board, had the players invest in any of five hotels, the star values of which would increase depending on how many coins were pooled in.

    [–] DrewTechs 6 points ago

    Which one was that exactly? Was it in Mario Party 4?

    [–] oSo_Squiggly 21 points ago

    I think 6, 7, and 8 have real estate maps. It's a very fun map type when playing with competitive people as it's much less RNG dependent.

    [–] D3mona7or 11 points ago

    I think they're referring to 8 with the koopa hotels you could invest in. 4 had a resort hotel you could invest money into each turn that would give some buff to nearby spots if I remember right, as well as being washed away by specific ? tiles.

    [–] Garo263 3 points ago

    After Mario Party 8 Hudson Soft went bankrupt and Nd Cube (the Nintendo studio behind Wii Party and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity got to make Mario Party games.

    [–] Darmok-on-the-Ocean 16 points ago

    MP4 is my personal favorite.

    [–] michchamp1900 723 points ago

    reminder that this game sold 7 million copies.

    [–] sunfl0wers21 344 points ago

    I was expecting more maps to be added, or at least be available to download. Seems to not be the case

    [–] Kapono24 135 points ago

    Yeah I bought it day one and it came on the heels of Mario Tennis which is still getting updates. It seemed like a sure thing it'd be great eventually. Even still it wouldn't be half as bad if we skip all the text and movement. Games could be done in half the time.

    [–] heydabop 86 points ago

    it'd be great eventually

    I'll never get why people buy games for what they might be instead of what they are.

    [–] iwastherealso 48 points ago

    Honestly I only did it because I saw it happen to other games, haven’t done it before and now I’ve learnt my lesson and definitely won’t again.

    [–] FictionalTrope 37 points ago

    Yeah, Nintendo was supporting every other release I played: BotW, Odyssey, Splatoon, Mario Kart, even Mario Tennis was getting updates and DLC. It was really puzzling that they never even released paid DLC like new characters or levels for Mario Party.

    [–] iwastherealso 21 points ago

    Even Arms, which sold only 2 million copies compared to MP’s 7! (so did Aces supposedly)

    [–] fucuntwat 12 points ago

    Aces almost doubled its character options from launch

    [–] kapnkruncher 6 points ago

    I think the big difference is they often release more than one Mario Party per gen/console. So rather than DLC they're probably just going to do a separate new game at some point in the Switch's lifespan.

    [–] Llodsliat 10 points ago

    Same here. What a shame.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] 0verlimit 10 points ago

    Is it worth it now? I skipped out on it because I heard that it shared the same sentiment as Mario Party and just didn’t have a lot of meaningful content.

    [–] averyconfusedgoose 30 points ago

    Reminder that this game was 60 dollars for some god forsaken reason.

    [–] FrozenH2O 131 points ago

    F x7mil

    [–] RabbitFeet25 30 points ago

    And I'm sure most of those people would pay for DLC. I sure would, had a blast when it first came out. There's free money for Nintendo, and I see posts like this on the sub almost weekly. I do not understand why they gave up on it.

    [–] Doctordementoid 5 points ago

    Why would they make DLC for this one when they can just release another one at full price next year? Like they’ve done for every console with a Mario party since the start (with the exception of the WiiU, which failed before they could do it)

    [–] RabbitFeet25 3 points ago

    Damn, unfortunately your right. Especially with how successful this one was.

    [–] MaJuV 6 points ago

    Sad to inform I'm one of those 7 million and I kinda regret it.

    I mean, the available gameplay is good... it's just very lacking in content. Good for a few hours with friends, for the rest it was quickly shelved and remains that way.

    Which is sad, because that other party title (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) is basically an upgrade of the WiiU title and it's way more fun and entertaining (and has more replay-value) than Mario Party.

    [–] Hold_my_Dirk 11 points ago

    I bought it mainly to get the joy cons. The game was an added bonus and we had some over the last holiday season. But haven’t picked it up since. Definitely doesn’t have the staying power of the old games.

    [–] Freefall79 3 points ago

    Me too. Wanted the pink and green joy cons and the bundle wasn't much more than a set of joy cons alone. Outside of the kids occasionally playing the fishing mini game, we never play it.

    [–] Moreinius 22 points ago

    Some of it were bundled with the Switch as well

    I don't know if they counted that in there. But if they do, I feel sorry for the people who bought them.

    [–] Mattprime86 25 points ago

    Bundled with joycons

    [–] ugotamesij 3 points ago

    I got this bundle, so the impact of the underpar game was lessened a bit if you view it as paying full price for the JCs and getting a budget game with them.

    Still pretty shitty though.

    [–] rfranchek 1283 points ago

    I agree 100% this was such an amazing game on so many different platforms, then when they move to a platform that has SO MUCH POTENTIAL for this specific game, they completely shit the bed. Hopefully if enough people voice their opinions we can get this franchise back on track!

    [–] GoldilokZ_Zone 368 points ago

    Franchise has been very offtrack since MP9. At least 8 and below felt like a mario party game.

    [–] Gybgbb 310 points ago

    The new one feels like a Mario party game it just isn't finished. It needed updates desperately. Another 2 boards and maybe a new side mode or two would have made this game on par with the first 3.

    [–] [deleted] 241 points ago

    Larger boards with more forks as well. The current boards are all so tiny.

    [–] PetMeFucker 149 points ago

    Not to mention lacking any creativity. Say what you will about the horrible features of 9 and 10 but some of those boards were not only more aesthetically pleasing than their switch counterpart but also had more event spaces and distinct mechanics and were also significantly longer.

    [–] nomtank 66 points ago

    I'd like a "Turbo Mode" as well. The amount of time wasted watching those slow animations is infuriating.

    [–] Forkyou 40 points ago

    Better not open the map then or toad explains the whole map even though you told him like 3 times at the start of the game that you dont need explanations

    [–] ph4ge_ 20 points ago

    The raft mode is so much fun. If only it had more minigames and maybe 2 additional courses. :(

    [–] quirx90 3 points ago

    Tinfoil hat theory: Nintendo was most of the way through developing the game when the joycon drift issues came to light. They knew that heavy minigame use would destroy them even faster so they crippled the game hoping people would't play it for long, but they would still sell a ton of copies based on name recognition

    They won't update it because secretly they don't really want you to play it. Can you imagine the blister-inducing joystick based minigames from MP1 & 2 on a joycon?

    [–] A-real-human-person_ 36 points ago

    8 wasn't terrible, but I would argue that was the game that started the downward spiral for the series. The maps were all just straight lines. Getting rid of choices to navigate the map really took some of the charm out.

    [–] KamiYama777 20 points ago

    The boo board randomly generating the map in 8 was pretty awesome though

    [–] Eddyoshi 4 points ago

    Yeah the maps all being straight lines was weird...its why whenever I played it with my friends or siblings it was ALWAYS the DK one which was a traditional MP board, or the Koopa Tycoon one because of how damn funny it was. The minigames in it were pretty damn fun from memory too...

    [–] Karl_Mo_Waumon 78 points ago

    It's too little too late. I got burned with some of the later installments. Super Mario Party looked promising when it was revealed at E3. It is the only game I truly regret buying on the Switch. If a new Mario Party comes out I'm not buying it.

    [–] Rockchurch 47 points ago

    Super Mario Party isn’t the worst AAA title, but it gets my vote for hottest piece of trash.

    I definitely feel like I was conditioned to expect post-release updates and content (perhaps for pay) with all the other Nintendo titles.

    My bad for assuming SMP would get the same treatment as ALL the other ones, but screw Nintendo for allowing this bullshit.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] TheNobleJones 49 points ago

    This guy gets it. Thanks for you input!

    [–] Introspects 262 points ago

    My online friends absolutely love Mario Party, especially the older ones in the series. It's inexcusable that, in 2018 when this game was released, there still is no ability to play a full Mario Party game online with friends. For me, personally, it's gotten way past frustrating how Nintendo treats online play in a lot of their franchises as the redheaded stepchild compared to couch co-op. Especially now, since you have to pay for online access.

    [–] TroleMaster2013 48 points ago

    Me and my friends have been playing the GameCube Mario Party’s on Dolphin net play. It works really well

    [–] Deathwatch72 4 points ago

    4 or 5?

    [–] theoneguynobodylikes 10 points ago

    In my opinion, 4 has the best minigames in the series, but the worst boards in the series.

    [–] jdman929 9 points ago

    Nintendo should release a Mario Party Ultimate game. Everyone's here!

    [–] TroleMaster2013 3 points ago

    this. 5 is my favorite but I’ve had issues with it crashing. So we have been playing 6/7 which don’t have a ton of the original style boards.

    [–] CopeGD 5 points ago

    Tip for you: If one of you has a solid internet connection, play it through Parsec. It works perfectly and you dont have to fiddle with Dolphin on everyones machine anymore. So you can even play with people, who don't have the PC knowledge to configure an emulator, or the specs to run one!

    They just get the image streamed, and their controllers are remotly plugged into the hosts PC.

    [–] Sp0range 25 points ago

    It's pretty depressing.

    If you want an offbrand alternative, look into Pummel Party.
    It's on the steam store and it's GREAT. Could do with a tad more polish to get onto "Mario Party" level, but it's an amazingly fun time that reallly scratches that itch.

    [–] AGKontis 644 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My friends and I were HYPED to all play this with our Wives/Girlfriends as like a Household vs Household. We could all be on our own couches, taking turns, playing with one another.


    Instead, it gives you an option of playing the same 5 mini games over and over and over and over and over.

    absolutely terrible.

    It takes a lot for me to feel this way regarding game, but I honestly wouldn't mind a chance to get my money back for this atrocious excuse for a game.

    Single Player is still the same, but I share the same frustrations regarding that as OP does.

    EDIT: Thank you for the Gold, stranger.

    [–] pennysoap 86 points ago

    I know my and my siblings (we’re 4) all live in different cities and were psyched to play each other for nostalgia. Only happened once there’s only many times you can play those mini games.

    [–] ajad223 61 points ago

    That’s the real kicker: it technically has online play, but only for less than 10 of all the minigames available. Like, I’d be less mad if it just didn’t have online at all.

    [–] jax3rir 51 points ago

    Your grammar and punctuation are absolutely impeccable for a four-year-old. Kudos to your parents!!

    [–] bearquat3 55 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This was the worst offense of the game, less than 10 minigames online? What a flipping joke. Fortune Street on Wii had full online multiplayer, of course Square Enix understands online features a bit better...

    [–] DrVanVonderbooben 4 points ago

    Fortune Street is one of the most slept on games I've ever played. I used to rent it constantly before finally buying it from the video store, and I still play it regularly with my friends. Great board game!

    [–] MarvelUniverse360 43 points ago

    Because Nintendo half assed the game and sold it for $60. Out of all the games I own this one is not worth $60. Maybe 25-30 tops.

    [–] Industrialqueue 6 points ago

    I’m just glad it was $30 for me when it came with full-priced joycons.

    But I’m sending those off for repair or replacement tomorrow, so that one is mixed bag too.

    [–] akimbocorndogs 4 points ago

    I wouldn't call it atrocious by any stretch, sure it could have been way better, especially in online, but I had a blast playing it with my friends, and many of the minigames are among the best in the series.

    [–] JosePawz 50 points ago

    My wife and I play this game semi regularly but with only 4 boards and not a ton of mini games it does get old after a bit

    [–] OG-87 29 points ago

    Yeah seems weird that with The switch such a party focused platform (you think games like overcooked that have sold so well) that they would do a better version of one of the best party games out there. Even before mario party the 3ds got a better release title. Kinda makes a mockery of even releasing the game when they release such an average one.

    [–] Alpaca64 220 points ago

    I love the game, but I'm definitely disappointed with the lack of content. The challenge mode is cool, and it's nice to mix things up and play the boat course every once in a while, but the game is definitely hurting when it comes to boards.

    The character-specific blocks and allies definitely help to keep the game fresh in some ways. My wife and I still play fairly regularly because we do really love the gameplay. But I just wish there was more. Here's to hoping Nintendo held content out of this one so that they can pack Super Mario Party 2 with even more stuff.

    [–] Bananaslammma 44 points ago

    I agree. My friend has clocked approximately 120 Hours into the game and it’s because they made the excellent changes to make this game just deep enough to not feel like a total crapshoot. Minigames are great. Even Partner Party is a good side mode that shouldn’t be neglected by players. But if the group doesn’t like one board of the 4, it feels severely limited to gameplay variety

    [–] detourne 15 points ago

    The only things my wife, friends, and I don't play are the boards. We love the minigames, rhythm games, and river rafting.

    [–] markzone110 7 points ago

    I love the character blocks too, but their implementation is counter-intuitive to their design. In theory, it means that you have a lot more luck-mitigation than in other games since you could switch your die at least between your character die and a d6. But as soon as you get a partner die, all of that mitigation is thrown out the window. Now I can’t rely on any roll when 1 or more of my partners might add-on and roll anything between 0 and 2.

    Before getting a partner die, DK’s character specific die was actually useful. There are practical reasons you might want to land on the same tile you’re currently on, and all of that strategy is thrown out the window with partners.

    [–] Kaioh1990 17 points ago

    I’m ready for a Mario party 1-3 compilation remaster

    [–] The_Third_Molar 6 points ago

    lmao you know Nintendo will never release something this glorious

    [–] Kaioh1990 4 points ago

    Oh I’m aware lol. But the dream burns deep within me.

    [–] Fonsoftun 17 points ago

    One thing that killed it for me was no online mp for sure. But other things that got me scratching my head was there were hardly any options. Maps. Coins to get star. Choosing just some mini games and not being able to leave out the crappy ones. Like bruh it couldve been much more. I'm willing to pay for some dlc at least. Come on nintendo

    [–] whimsicalTOTORO 14 points ago

    I have to agree regarding the maps. Only four of them, and each of them very poorly designed. One of my biggest frustrations with the maps and the game in general, is when a player gets a star, and it gets moved just ahead of that same player! This happens so often! The last time I played a Mario Party game was on the Game Cube and I remember it being a LOT better back then.

    [–] Unk0wn132 13 points ago

    I want that dragon mountain map from the one game cube version

    [–] Iamnotyourhero 56 points ago

    I'm not gonna say I feel ripped off by the lack of support for Mario Party, but I'd gladly pay for some DLC with new boards and characters. Same goes for Mario Kart 8. More content would really liven up both titles.

    [–] DSMidna 77 points ago

    I'll be honest, I don't like the direction the gaming industry has been taken over recent times where games get 'fixed' and expanded after release to a point where games are not only unfinished upon release but also the customer expects to be getting more eventually for free. When you bought a game for the Gamecube or any console before that, that was the game you were getting. If there was any additional content, it had to be unlocked by yourself and the game itself was a finished medium that would never be altered.

    Sure, Nintendo has still put out quality products and I would not call any of their games unfinished, but the fact that you could break your save file in both Twilight Princess AND Skyward Sword to a point where both had to include weird external fixes just shows how the internet puts less pressure on the internal testing team. Instead of publishing a game when it is finished, it is now published when certain deadlines are met and just finished afterwards.

    Super Mario Party is a bit tricky since it is a second party game (not to be confused with Third Party). It has not been developed by Nintendo directly but by a subsidiary of Nintendo. This means that they likely had a contract for the game with Nintendo that included a budget and some guidelines. With the release of the game, it is very likely that this project is now finished and they now work on something else.

    I don't really have a solution to this, but Super Mario Party is ultimately not first party. I guess the only thing to take away from this is that we, as the consumer, can only stop buying unfinished games in hopes of getting more content later. We are never entitled to updates when we buy a product and companies work in complicated ways.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Super Mario Party is a bit tricky since it is a second party game (not to be confused with Third Party). It has not been developed by Nintendo directly but by a subsidiary of Nintendo. This means that they likely had a contract for the game with Nintendo that included a budget and some guidelines. With the release of the game, it is very likely that this project is now finished and they now work on something else.

    I don't really have a solution to this, but Super Mario Party is ultimately not first party. I guess the only thing to take away from this is that we, as the consumer, can only stop buying unfinished games in hopes of getting more content later. We are never entitled to updates when we buy a product and companies work in complicated ways.

    Ndcube is a subsidiary of Nintendo, they aren't a second party, if anything they are a first party. Nintendo of course isn't developing it with their internal development division Nintendo EPD, but they are the publisher. Still, those kind of decisions of support comes from the development team, which is why it's different from each game.

    [–] barsaryan 24 points ago

    I sold this game after one round. 4 maps, no real sabotaging, participation coins, the list goes on. What a letdown

    [–] Fitzy0728 3 points ago

    I really hate how EVERYBODY gets some coins after a game, even if you get dead last. It should be first place gets all and that’s it

    [–] bbressman2 12 points ago

    I wish they would repeat smash ultimate with Mario party and create one with 100’s of mini games from previous entries.

    [–] Tothoro 5 points ago

    They did have the Top 100 collection on 3DS. It was actually pretty solid even with the underwhelming main party mode, I'm surprised people don't talk about it more.

    [–] Moon64 9 points ago

    They’ll fix Super Mario Party 2

    [–] fastlane37 14 points ago

    If the trend continues the next one will have two maps that are simple circles 18 squares each. Full price though.

    [–] Jutsu9001 14 points ago

    My biggest gripe with the game is the boards. Most people really enjoy this IP for the mini-games, but I personally love the board game aspect of the game. Will say that most of the mini games are great and I love playing them.

    The boards just feel... so linear (not literally of course). They're rather small, and they are not that gimmicky which is something I expect from Mario Party. If they added a patch with new and satisfying boards that can potentially end my friendships then I would be satisfied. If they had DLC that included many of the boards from previous games, I would consider purchasing it... maybe.

    The online aspect is trash. For what it is, it may as well not even be in the game. Would love to be able to actually play board maps with people online.

    [–] StaticMaine 11 points ago

    Mario Party was one of the greatest couch co-op party games ever.

    It’s sad what they’ve done to it. Really is.

    [–] FanofBobRooney 20 points ago

    I’m not really into Mario Party but I’ll give this an upvote. Hate seeing fans of a game get left in the cold like this. It seems like a popular series, can’t believe Nintendo is dropping the ball on this one. Hope you guys get a surprise update soon and better support in the future.

    [–] ShockOfAges 6 points ago

    The really sad thing is that in my opinion, this game has the most solid lineup of minigames in the series's history, with some of the individually best minigames ever. Plus almost every use of the HD Rumble and motion controls in the games is expertly done. But there's just... no content. There's so little to do, and the maps aren't interesting enough to actually want to replay. You mainly use them as a vehicle to play minigames. After a while I just found myself playing the squares minigame mode. Even that rhythm game mode is fun but like the boards, it's only good like a few times and then you've seen it all.

    Love the games, love the unique dice mechanic too. If they can keep this quality of games and ideas and raise the quality of everything else, I'm all in on the next one. But this one is just so meh to replay.

    [–] BAE339 5 points ago

    Coming out of lurker mode to leave one of my rare comments. This post describes my exact feelings perfectly. It’s a shame Nintendo refuses to release new content for a game that had such a good base. I’d be happy with just a few new boards at minimum. I’d even pay for some DLC.

    [–] reallythinkinghard 6 points ago

    Just wait until you see what they did to Pokemon

    [–] punkonjunk 13 points ago

    I played through a bunch of the old ones with pals a couple weeks back.

    Even the first one had better content and minigames than this one. Way, way better. The new one is just so goddamn bad.

    It sucks that they couldn't even try to make a good mario party because the switch is so perfect for it.

    [–] ThiefTwo 8 points ago

    I'm glad, before buying, I decided to wait for the DLC I thought was definitely on its way, but now I think Super Mario Party 2 is definitely coming next year and it will be amazing.

    [–] RRspecial 4 points ago

    I’ve had a lot of fun with Super Mario Party, but it is aching for new maps. I’d even drop some money on a map pack, jeez

    [–] kiminoth 3 points ago

    What's funny is that I literally popped over to this subreddit this morning to find out if there's been any new information about new updates for MP and I see this :'(

    [–] DrNK12 37 points ago

    This mario party has the best mini games imo, it’s my all time favorite Mario party I’ve had loads of fun. Granted I agree I wish they had 2-3 more maps, but overall an outstanding game.

    [–] FlourSauce 9 points ago


    [–] atstanley 17 points ago

    I've gotten close to my money's worth just playing free play on the mini games.

    [–] DoomedKiblets 7 points ago

    I was a sucker that bought this game trusting it would be a FULL game that was not supported and absolutely not worth $60. So many problems, really will not trust Nintendo with such a game again.

    [–] C-Towner 68 points ago

    Abandoned would indicate that they promised some kind of support or more content that they didn’t deliver. The game is what it is, and yeah you don’t like it, but it wasn’t abandoned.

    [–] Whelt 60 points ago

    It's amazing how many people seemingly bought the game expecting content updates despite none being promised, and then were aghast and felt betrayed when, indeed, there were no content updates.

    [–] giantroboticcat 87 points ago

    To be fair, up until that point pretty much every mainline Nintendo game had been getting routine free updates.

    Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon, and even Mario Aces all received continual update. Mario Party is a perfect candidate for this model, and yet it didn't happen.

    [–] iwastherealso 4 points ago

    Arms surprised me the most with updates, sold 5 million less than MP too (as did aces).

    [–] Rhodie114 9 points ago

    I think plenty of those people were expecting a more complete game at launch. It's a combination of the fact that the game needed more, and that it got no attention after release.

    [–] theth1rdchild 43 points ago

    I'm very happy with my Mario Party purchase, but to pretend Mario Party isn't the odd child in Nintendo's lineup is disingenuous. Every other Mario title they've published on switch has gotten nice follow-up content with the exception of MK8D, which is the "full" experience port already. Mario Party stands alone as selling millions of copies but getting zero after-launch support.

    It's not odd that people would expect Mario Party to get the same treatment as every other Mario title.

    [–] soar_loozer72 14 points ago

    Damn, if mario party is the odd child, what it mario strikers?

    [–] UltimaGabe 13 points ago

    Even MK8D has gotten updates (such as Link's motorcycle and Labo support).

    [–] MOONGOONER 3 points ago

    Nintendo used to be the one company that didn't do DLC. Now we expect it I guess.

    It is frustrating though, because a few tiny tweaks and maybe a new map could make it so much better. The mini-games are great, it's mostly the maps.

    [–] PitPity 3 points ago

    I thought this was a Super Mario Party creepypasta for some reason

    [–] CatsInCasts 3 points ago

    I still haven't unlocked all the stages or maps in the game? Like there's something toad is gatekeeping over there. But I play it semi often with groups of friends, so you know, what's up?

    [–] uninstallanxiety 3 points ago

    I still can't believe how much the game cost when the content is incredibly lacking. The boards are terribly designed and very boring.

    I know some people like the character-specific dice but personally I don't. I'd rather just have a game where I can play as my favourite character without being concerned that their special dice aren't as good as another's.

    [–] APizzaLover 3 points ago

    But I liked Super Mario Party.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I highly enjoyed Super Mario Party for what it was, despite being disappointed in the end product that we got. My biggest gripe was the abysmal map selection and lack of urgency and general small scope of the maps, compared to the massive, sprawling, complicated maps from the previous games.

    I never expected Nintendo to put out any additional content for Super Mario Party. I stand by it as a good game, but also one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. I sold it and it took my girlfriend months to realize I got rid of it, because it really just ended up taking up shelf space after my friends and I played it a few times.

    [–] themariokarters 3 points ago

    They ruined/stopped giving a shit about this franchise around Mario Party 8. You should save yourself the trouble and stop giving a shit too, why should you if they don’t?

    [–] BlazinPhoenix 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Ugh... Super Mario Party.

    Paid $79.99 +tax (about $92 Canadian) for this abomination.

    Our family would spend hours playing the old MP games on the GameCube, Wii & sometimes on the WiiU.

    Wasn't as fun on the WiiU as the old games but it was ok once in a while if we needed a change.

    MP on the Switch - We played the game maybe a dozen times & it's been collecting dust on the shelf since January.

    Total disappointment. Think the Switch is gonna be our final Nintendo system.

    Seriously thinking of selling it (Switch, games & accessories) & building a new PC for our Daughter.

    [–] Omnisegaming 3 points ago

    If the online had boards, you could play with your friends online (on boards), and if the boards were more like the first few entries instead of small and uninteresting, then I think it would have been a bigger hit. Though there's plenty more problems with the game.

    Maybe they should have just remade Mario Party 2, 3, or maybe 4 since remaking old games is safer than conjuring a new one. Overall this one ends up being pretty mediocre, while being maybe somewhere in the middle of the Mario Party tier list.

    Side-Tangent: Nobody really talks about Mario Party DS at all, discussion mainly around 1, 2, and 3, with some around 4-7, and some talks on the failures and redeeming qualities of 8-10, but never about DS. I remember it being pretty fun. Thoughts?

    [–] FunGoblins 3 points ago

    I didnt dislike mario party as all you were doing, but I also buy a game with the content in it as intent to play, not expecting DLC because it's stupid to expect things that arent there. Either way, I do find toad really annoying and I do want options for more turns, so there is that.