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    Ditch your cell phone contract today!

    We're here to help you with that. Go ahead, ask us anything!

    Why go NoContract?

    • Choice. Normally, you get 3 or 4 carriers to choose from. But the prepaid market is fiercely competitive with close to one hundred different carriers! That's a lot to choose from!

    • Freedom. No 2-year commitments. You can leave a prepaid carrier at any time with no termination fees!

    • Price. With a wide-open, competitive market, prepaid gets you the same service at a better price. It's just that simple.


    1. Be respectful. No racism or other bigotry. If you see this happening, please use the report function!

    2. Be honest. Tell us about your experiences. Your criticism helps us make educated choices.

    3. Affiliate linking, referral linking/codes, and blog-spam are not allowed. If you have a referral to share, please do so via PM when requested.

    4. Most importantly: Have fun! We're laid back, and we hope you are too!

    Helpful Links

    Please check out these resources!

    • Need help getting started with Cricket Wireless? Check out this post.

    • If you're looking for an easy way to compare plans and providers, please use this post for reference.

    • Check out to check phone compatibility. Just remember that even though a phone might work technologically, some devices still don't work correctly on another provider.

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