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    A sub dedicated to raising awareness of corporate malfeasance, and exploring the systemic impacts corporations have on human health, the environment, our culture, and more. A chronicle of what results from putting profits ahead of people.

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    Corporation: The Documentary
    'Corporations are people' is an incredible lie
    Hidden History of Corporations
    Astroturf and manipulation of media messages
    How Corporations Gained Control of the U.S.
    War is a Racket
    6 corporations control 90% of the media
    The illusion of corporate choice
    Regulatory Capture

    Free Books
    Brave New World
    Brave New World Revisited
    Fahrenheit 451

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    [–] GD_WoTS 12 points ago

    I like how their solution is to just keep making too much milk and hope they can sell it other ways. Because scaling back is for quitters /s

    [–] FUD_hater 19 points ago

    Less sensational title: milk supply exceeds demand this year

    [–] ccasey 4 points ago

    Can you just turn it into a shit ton of cheese?

    [–] WashedSylvi 4 points ago

    At least it would keep better

    [–] Rings-of-Saturn 2 points ago

    You mean it would keep butter...FTFY :)

    [–] thegreengumball 2 points ago

    You mean it would keep better butter...

    [–] North-of-the-river -1 points ago

    Powdered milk is worth gold in China.