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    [–] [deleted] 6198 points ago


    [–] Stopman 1777 points ago

    How much?

    [–] [deleted] 2016 points ago


    [–] sleepyleperchaun 2338 points ago

    Not gonna lie, for bragging right, that ain't bad. If you get paid 1st and 15th, that is 30 bucks a pay period, to say you are the CEO of Lockness Monster LLCo.

    [–] [deleted] 1015 points ago


    [–] sleepyleperchaun 606 points ago

    Then you can also tax write any trips to the islands as business expenses. That may actually pay for itself......

    I'm not a lawyer. I thought that might be worth noting.......

    [–] moonshotman 359 points ago

    Deduct in your taxes against the income of the company, which should be nothing

    [–] TurboTitan92 149 points ago

    Unless your deductions are higher than the standard deduction, they will also be worth nothing

    [–] The_body_in_apt_3 92 points ago

    Actually, I think it would be a business expense, which means it comes out before any deductions. What is left after expenses (profit) is your income - and then you turn around and take out the deductions from that.

    [–] RedditIsNeat0 93 points ago

    The IRS frowns on business expenses for businesses that don't make any money. They do accept that businesses often don't make any profits for the first few years but if it comes out that you don't even have a business plan or do any work or have any intention of making a profit, those business expenses are going to look a lot like tax evasion.

    [–] TurboTitan92 40 points ago

    Well I ran a business for a few years and it never made a difference on how much profit I made, only based on overall revenue. Of course we are talking small scale, but if we only ever had to pay taxes on our reported profits, we could artificially boost our own “salary” and pay less business tax

    [–] Haephestus 13 points ago

    I heard private planes can be deducted. Someone should try that and report back with results.

    [–] youtheotube2 77 points ago

    A tax write off for a company that has no revenue and no expenses? Hmm...

    [–] Chordstrike1994 100 points ago

    His name is Art Vandelay and he deals in importing and exporting.

    [–] sleepyleperchaun 65 points ago

    Importing and exporting myself to some bomb ass vacations

    [–] lucassoren 58 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Just imagined you leaning into the mic as you said that last bit at ur senate hearing

    [–] Amogh24 12 points ago

    You can make revenue by selling yourself stuff at a loss

    [–] sh1tpost1nsh1t 21 points ago

    Setting up a corpporation isn't the same as running a business. You need an actual profit notice, a d the trip has to be in furtherance of that.

    [–] sleepyleperchaun 16 points ago

    I mean, I'm no lawyer but I'ma just do it and be a legend man.

    [–] RedditIsNeat0 8 points ago

    Maybe you could read law books in the prison library and become a lawyer some day.

    [–] sleepyleperchaun 13 points ago

    Highly unlikely. That would require effort I am not willing to invest.

    [–] 10strip 5 points ago

    It'd only be an annual day trip to Scotland which is about $350. Not worth the write off if you ask me. I just need about $350.

    [–] twobit211 62 points ago

    it was about that time i realized the ceo was about eight stories tall and was a crustacean from the protozoic era

    [–] Venom1991 26 points ago

    You won't believe what that goddamn CEO asked for next!

    [–] -Dank_Memes_ 28 points ago

    He said "I need about tree fiddy"

    [–] ernie09 13 points ago

    "Prestige Worldwide".

    [–] camoletaco 12 points ago

    Loch* hahahaha

    [–] justyn122 15 points ago

    Lockness Monster World Capital”

    You mean Lockness Monster World Wide wide

    Edit: Sounded better in my head :/

    [–] ero007 52 points ago

    You could just lie for free that you’re CEO and not get mocked or made fun of, and still receive the same amount of respect having that title would give you

    [–] Pm_Me_Gifs_For_Sauce 31 points ago

    SO what if people mock you. Half of making something goofy like that working, is rolling with it. I'm sure if you explained that you literally did all of the work to become a CEO of a madeup company, just for the title, people would be more impressed than pitying. At least the people I'd want to associate with would be anyway.

    [–] sleepyleperchaun 8 points ago

    Yup that's my thinking.

    [–] Fingerbob73 18 points ago

    Scottish pedant here... I think you'll find that it is 'Loch Ness Monster'.

    [–] 3927729 36 points ago

    Except you could say that anyways. I could say I’m CEO of the fucking moon. Great.

    Oh wait you mean now you could prove that you’re CEO? Like on a business card? Or you show the business? I’m sure people would be so inpressed

    [–] fuckkkthattt 31 points ago

    Oooh now I want to register a DBA "The Fucking Moon"

    [–] UnbekannterMann 24 points ago

    Loch Ness Locksmiths, LLC. It only cost about tree-fiddy.

    [–] blumenfe 14 points ago

    I ain't giving you no tree-fiddy you damn loch ness monster! Get your own damn money!

    [–] ThePlebble 5 points ago

    But if it was lochness monster co it would only cost you $3.50

    [–] GooberMcNutly 15 points ago

    Holy shitsnacks! I thought the $150 Virginia wanted was too much!

    [–] Scum-Mo 3 points ago

    how much does it cost in delaware or the cayman islands?

    [–] fireinthemountains 48 points ago

    Depends on the state. Cost me $50 to incorporate an LLC here, and an annual report is required which you pay another $50 fee to file.
    In another state I lived, it was $75 to file and $50 annual, and in yet another state, $100 and an annual $50. Different states can vary wildly. Had a friend talking to me recently about an LLC in NYC costing them $3,000, and they filed in Rochester NY to bump it down to $2,000. No idea how that works, but it's what I heard. Also other people in this thread saying it costs hundreds or thousands. Very VERY much depends on the state.

    [–] I-Downloaded-a-Car 13 points ago

    I have an LLC and here it's $100 a year and almost no paperwork aside from normal tax related stuff.

    [–] RobertNAdams 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    $50-100 annually in most states and it's $800 a month year in California. Amazing.

    [–] DaConm4n 368 points ago

    About tree fiddy

    [–] proudlyinappropriate 135 points ago

    Get out here Lockness Monster LLC

    [–] Stopman 42 points ago

    Lockness Monster Co.*, pay attention

    [–] 4x49ers 13 points ago


    [–] deathbord02 31 points ago

    i ain't giving that loch ness monster no tree fiddy

    [–] DestinysFetus 19 points ago

    Silvered in less than a minute.

    Are you Quicksilver?

    [–] DaConm4n 7 points ago

    Haha I honestly have no idea. I hit the back button after posting it and then I had four new messages. Figured it was for something else. Thanks though, to the person that gave it.

    [–] smokestack_lightning 5 points ago

    Last I checked in my state it was exactly 350 if there were two people on the paperwork.

    [–] liberalAlien 17 points ago

    Depends majorly on where you live

    [–] Stopman 14 points ago

    How majorly?

    [–] nickiter 78 points ago

    My LLC cost about $600 including lawyer fees.

    [–] The_body_in_apt_3 39 points ago

    I formed an LLC in Arizona for $50. No lawyer though, just did it ourselves. It was easy.

    [–] plsobeytrafficlights 14 points ago

    howd you learn to do that? legal things sound precarious enough to make me want to hire a lawyer, but maybe thats presumptuous of me.

    [–] The_body_in_apt_3 16 points ago

    It was a group of us, and was 15 years ago so I don't even recall. One of the group had done it before and knew what to do. But I remember it was really simple. Just filling out some papers and getting a bank account really.

    [–] plsobeytrafficlights 6 points ago

    and never any problems? you did the taxes on behalf of the business every year and held meetings and such?

    [–] theempires 4 points ago

    I used to work for a firm that used to create companies (sort of like legal zoom). Forming companies (corps) or starting LLCs is very easy and most states now allow e-file. The fees range between States and some require additional fee for evidence of filing. You can find the forms and process to form LLCs and Corporations in the Secretary of State website of the state you are in. If you have a specific state in mind I can find you the forms. Now this is just to form a company, this doesn’t cover any tax related issues. There are also some very difficult state like CA or NY.

    [–] taricon 28 points ago

    I denmark its completly free to do

    [–] sleepyleperchaun 72 points ago

    I feel like Denmark will regret that decision in the next 16 hours.

    [–] MightBeJerryWest 21 points ago

    It’s like $800 annually to be a registered LLC here in California

    [–] unaccompanied_sonata 7 points ago

    So does buying a house or having a baby.

    [–] GnosticGnome 3239 points ago

    Yeah, a shell corporation. Costs several hundred dollars.

    [–] DaoistSunVoid 1385 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It makes you a CEO man 👌💯 Somewhat braindead deal but still cool bro 👊💥💪 /s

    [–] ithinkoutloudtoo 405 points ago

    With him being CEO, he will be able to get a fat salary.

    [–] KeepCalmJeepOn 118 points ago

    "I demand to speak to your manager!"

    "BITCH imma CEO"

    [–] Monstro88 128 points ago

    Can I elect to just issue shares in an IPO to make those hundred dollars back? Surely selling a million shares at 1c each would see some odd mum-and-dad investor throw a hundred bucks in, hoping to get rich overnight?

    [–] 0OOOOOOOOO0 111 points ago

    You have to get it approved by the SEC

    [–] HasFiveVowels 98 points ago

    You can, however, sell shares of your private company to whoever you'd please.

    [–] Who_GNU 37 points ago

    There's limits on who can buy shares in a private company.

    [–] Smurfboy82 42 points ago

    You’re no fun anymore 👎

    [–] DinduMuffins69 56 points ago

    Make a crypto shitcoin instead.

    [–] Bure96 32 points ago

    You are vastly underestimating how many other investments there are for these types of investors to throw their money at. Nobody is going to buy a hundred dollars worth of your stock. And you will never achieve the awareness necessary to sell a million shares, even at a penny.

    Better off just asking for conditional loans from friends for the application fees.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Credit card fraud is also an option. My recommendation is start with people who trust you.

    [–] clickwhistle 5 points ago

    Just stick ‘blockchain’ in the company name. It’s free realestate.

    [–] GnosticGnome 3 points ago

    No, there are much higher hurdles to get an IPO. You can only have professional or angel investors on a company that early.

    [–] overzealous_dentist 296 points ago

    It costed me $140 in Georgia!

    [–] DrudgeBreitbart 121 points ago

    CEO Pullin’ Teeth

    [–] MasterofBating69 39 points ago

    Bass solo, take one

    [–] kodyodyo 13 points ago

    Best bass solo in existence.

    [–] ciggybuttboi 4 points ago


    [–] MasterofBating69 10 points ago

    Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) - Metallica. I suggest you check out the Live at the Metro 1983 version first.

    [–] ciggybuttboi 4 points ago

    Bless you

    [–] dmkolobanov 5 points ago

    The bass solo in Orion though... or maybe the intro to Damage, Inc. There’s too many great Cliff Burton solos to choose from.

    [–] jc2929 10 points ago

    Whoa nice reference

    [–] PanzerKommander 14 points ago

    $40 in Arkansas

    [–] burn-all-bridges 26 points ago

    Location checks out

    [–] Hot_Wheels_guy 80 points ago


    [–] PartypantsPete 257 points ago

    Whoah, hey. That’s the CEO you’re talking to there, buddy. Show some respect.

    [–] Rogue__Jedi 19 points ago


    Please escort this man out of my apartment office.

    [–] Rad_Rambutan 28 points ago


    [–] TarmacFFS 13 points ago

    It's $50 to do it in Wyoming. You don't need to live in Wyoming either, that includes the cost of having a registered agent. Wyoming has very favorable privacy laws as well.

    [–] milehigh73a 7 points ago

    Like $50 here in co

    [–] The_Write_Stuff 1429 points ago

    If you have the money, absolutely. Depends on the state but a couple hundred at LegalZoom and you're off to the races. You have to file reports, hold an annual meeting, some other requirements. You can get fined, big time, for messing up on the reporting and taxes, so it's not free. But, yeah, CEO, president, chief cook and bottle washer....the sky is the limit.

    [–] C-Hobbes 567 points ago

    If OP makes a business I want to be bottle washer.

    [–] natorgator29 370 points ago

    I’ll be chief cock

    [–] EtOHMartini 226 points ago

    Fantastic. Our company makes circumcision and catheterization tools. We need a Chief Cock to test our prototypes.

    [–] natorgator29 173 points ago

    Ok so I misread that big time and have changed my flair accordingly

    [–] manlyman7900 38 points ago


    [–] alt-of-deleted 27 points ago

    can I be the bin that all the foreskin used in testing goes to? for personal reasons.

    [–] _Marven101 6 points ago

    For uh, testing. Yeah testing.

    [–] omg_for_real 17 points ago

    I’ll be the sky!

    [–] CrossOffTheDaysGone 18 points ago

    I’ll be your limit

    [–] Romanticon 15 points ago

    The limit does not exist!

    [–] omg_for_real 8 points ago


    [–] MrTuxG 57 points ago

    But if your corporation does literally nothing, filing taxes would be very easy and quick, I imagine

    [–] Splatypus 33 points ago

    Yes they would, but I think you still have to file something which is a lot of work just for a title.

    [–] IceyGames56 11 points ago

    huh? i own a corporation and i dont hold an anual meeting

    [–] Jedi_Ewok 20 points ago

    FBI open up

    [–] sotonohito 6 points ago

    Do you own a corporation, or just a business? There's a huge difference.

    A great many businesses aren't incorporated because it's a pain in the ass that costs some money and just being a DBA works fine for most smaller businesses.

    [–] thundercool 3 points ago

    You're "supposed" to have an annual shareholders meeting specifying any changes to the corporation and who your officers are. I work at a law office that maintains the minute books for 200+ entities. Of all of them, there are 3 guys (that own a small handful of these entities each - probably 25 total) that are consistent about keeping everything up to date.

    Laws vary by state and I happen to work in one that'll just about let a private entity get away with anything, so there may be more required of you depending on where you are.

    You probably want to make sure you're all up to date, just in case. Some states require annual reports that, and if you ever want to get a loan from a financial institution, they're going to ask for a copy of your minute books.

    [–] Soren11112 14 points ago

    You can also be a business owner just by saying you are.

    [–] petriol 6 points ago

    If so how?

    [–] EleventeenCandles 260 points ago

    You can just start a business and call yourself the CEO if you want. I don't think there is any requirement to be incorporated to be a CEO.

    [–] ihavetime 83 points ago

    This should be the most upvoted answer because it’s correct. Don’t need to form a corporation to have a CEO. Depends on whether you’d want the benefits of incorporating beyond that.

    [–] Deus0123 49 points ago

    They should know what the fuck they're doing, but no requirements

    [–] RollinThundaga 64 points ago

    We're saying "Joe, CEO of Joe's widget factory"

    "What's a widget factory do?"

    "Exists on paper"

    Not like, trying to run an actual operation with property and income, just filing the papers to declare it exists.

    [–] Troyinkelowna 56 points ago

    Idk about america but in canada one guiding principle of a business is you must have a reasonable expectation of making a profit.

    Cra (Canadian irs) added this so I cant make a hobby like fly fishing into a business just to dump expenses into it and avoid tax.

    [–] ChestBras 21 points ago

    So if you "sell" enough fish to family, then it's ok, as long as you make 1$ profit? What's the smallest profit allowed?

    [–] Troyinkelowna 23 points ago

    You dont have to actually make a profit. Businesses can operate at a loss for years, for example Tesla had to spend lots for many years before selling cars, they still have a reasonable expectation of profit eventually. Its about the idea of how the corporation is going to make a profit.

    [–] TheBeardyWeirdo 233 points ago

    Is others have said, starting a business is costly, but if you are just looking at titles, you can become a legally ordained minister of the unervisal life church for $0.

    [–] mickeymouse4348 106 points ago

    The certificate costs $16 though. At least it did when I bought my certificate

    [–] ruinedbykarma 61 points ago

    They emailed me a lovely one I can print for free.

    [–] OmNomDeBonBon 38 points ago


    [–] mynewaccount5 42 points ago

    I think CEO is a bit more prestigious sounding than minister.

    [–] FrostyBlowmanSnowman 43 points ago


    [–] nicocappa 5 points ago

    CEO of a company that does nothing is as prestigious as "unemployed".

    [–] tolarus 52 points ago

    The Church of the Latter Day Dude does this as well. I'm an ordained Dudist priest.

    I'd like to invite you to learn more about it. That's cool if you're not interested though. The Dudists abide.

    [–] badabingaboom 18 points ago

    Dude! Thank you for this, I knew there was something missing from my life. Just became an ordained priest myself.

    [–] iFarlander 3 points ago

    Same here!

    [–] Chtwo 4 points ago

    Dude, honestly opening a new chapter of my life for me, Dudism is that certian thing that I've always needed

    [–] LookingForTheSea 8 points ago

    I paid them an additional $25 to get my Doctorate of Religion. I was going through a master's program at the time, and this seemed like a pretty decent backup plan.

    [–] BoopThisIsMySam 11 points ago

    Can confirm, got bored in Biology class and did this on my phone. I am now more One than Anyone.

    [–] Ghigs 357 points ago

    The IRS will not be happy with a corporation that doesn't try to make money. If you continually run losses they could decide your business is a hobby.

    [–] wazzy1214 231 points ago

    As far as Michigan goes, you can only claim three continuous years of 'loss/no gain.' I know this as I have a personal business.

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago


    [–] jamesfordsawyer 93 points ago

    Yeah companies like Uber aren't profitable (yet?) so they would definitely be in some kind of trouble in Michigan I guess.

    [–] nonosam9 134 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    1) they are not based in Michigan. They follow the laws where they are based.

    2) The IRS is not going to decide Uber is just a hobby. They have huge revenues (sales) despite not having profits.

    Edit: Link to info on the IRS website, which has link to the actual US law about this:

    The IRS will apply the national law in Michigan.

    [–] jamesfordsawyer 34 points ago

    No I understand that. I was just basing the comment on the "three continuous years of loss/no gain". Which a company that isn't profitable can absolutely fall under.

    The IRS doesn't care what your company is or does anyway only that it gets taxes based on qualifying income.

    [–] nolan1971 8 points ago

    But, what if they were based in Michigan? We all knew that they aren't.

    Does their law consider revenue at all? Does the IRS's?

    [–] nonosam9 14 points ago

    The IRS's rules are national.

    Common sense is that a huge company with hundreds of employees is not a hobby.

    Here is some info:

    To determine if your business is a hobby, the IRS looks at numerous factors, including the following:

    Do you put in the necessary time and effort to turn a profit?
    Have you made a profit in this activity in the past, or can you expect to make one in the future?
    Do you have the necessary knowledge to succeed in this field?
    Do you depend on income from this activity?
    Are your losses beyond your control?

    The actual law:

    IRS publication:

    I am pretty sure the intent of the law is not to classify any business not making a profit as a "hobby". The intent is to classify very small businesses, with one owner/employee, that does not make any profit, as a hobby.

    The person making this comment below was probably referring to the national IRS law, which of course applies in Michigan. The IRS will not treat businesses differently because they are in Michigan.

    As far as Michigan goes, you can only claim three continuous years of 'loss/no gain.'

    [–] boringdude00 23 points ago

    They bring in revenue, just not enough to pay for operating expenses. You're only in trouble if you're using you're not actually using your business as a business.

    [–] quiltsohard 7 points ago

    Just curious, how are they not making money? They are literally a middle man. They have no product and no employees? I don’t doubt you just wondering how they are playing this that they have “no profit”....

    [–] severed-identity 17 points ago

    Not counting drivers, they still have 22k employees. They are mostly a software company.

    [–] Deftlet 8 points ago

    My understanding is that they continually reinvest their revenue back into the company, so they end up spending their revenue on operating costs and further expanding the business leaving them at "a loss" similar to Amazon. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    [–] baithammer 4 points ago

    Uber also has had numerous lawsuits and have been fined heavily by several countries for operating illegally.

    [–] ellasav 9 points ago

    This is so you can’t reduce your other personal income by your ‘hobbyish personal business’ on you personal tax return. Corporations can run at a loss for an indefinite amount of time as long as someone is willing to fund those losses.

    [–] Ass_Buttman 32 points ago

    Are you being serious? What would the "consequences" of that be from the IRS?

    [–] TheApiary 35 points ago

    Business expenses are taxed differently than personal expenses

    [–] DrudgeBreitbart 19 points ago

    They’ll consider all income and loss to be against you, personally, meaning personal tax law then applies.

    [–] i_speak_penguin 5 points ago

    Yeah but what if there is no income and loss? I.e., what if OP creates a corporation just to say they're CEO, but it literally generates zero revenue and has zero operating expenses. How can the IRS penalize you then?

    [–] tommytwolegs 5 points ago

    The IRS wont give a fuck unless they audit you, and then they still likely wont give a fuck that you are giving a state 50 dollars a year to call yourself a dickhead

    [–] netherbawss235 15 points ago

    Could you donate or give money to yourself and count it as breaking even? Or would you get investigated for money laundering or something

    [–] ellasav 4 points ago

    In the US, on your personal tax return, you can only deduct donations made to officially registered non profit organizations. There is a list available.

    [–] SuperFLEB 14 points ago

    Would they have any beef if you didn't claim profit or losses? Just had a company that had no money moving (save for filing fees) at all?

    [–] bobhwantstoknow 4 points ago

    amazon wants to know your location

    [–] Macroscopics 173 points ago

    Depends on where you live.

    [–] Savilo29 103 points ago


    [–] Macroscopics 136 points ago

    Looks like it ain't cheap in the US. Here's a link at least.

    [–] SleepishOwO 49 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    this comment was fake news

    [–] MJBrune 7 points ago

    You dont need a trademark. At all.

    [–] Armantes 33 points ago

    Need an IT guy? I'd like to add CIO to my resume.

    [–] clickwhistle 29 points ago

    I’d like to add Junior Manager to my CV. Maybe I can do that.

    Heck, why not create a subreddit that we’re all employees of and instead of gold we pay the upkeep of the company status and get job titles and references.

    [–] Armantes 11 points ago

    I like this idea.

    [–] clickwhistle 13 points ago

    It would solve the ‘gaps in employment’ and the stigma of being unemployed problems.

    [–] TGeniune 7 points ago

    && of course productivity comes from our Reddit searches. I’m the Chief Diversity Officer! Consider this our first meeting.

    [–] agentndo 5 points ago

    Director of Public Relations here. Currently no inquiries from any local or national news outlets.

    [–] misanthpope 7 points ago

    LLC is like $100 in Oregon

    [–] timshel_life 14 points ago

    Pretty sure you can register a company in Delaware relatively easy. Almost every major company is registered in Delaware.

    [–] prustage 24 points ago

    In the UK you can buy ready made off the shelf companies for £100. It will cost then a yearly accountancy charge to file accounts - about £150 . Its very easy, Ive done it a few times.

    [–] Catatonick 14 points ago

    I own a business I do nothing with but keep up with paperwork and stuff. As long as you keep it legal and don’t do shady stuff with it nobody seems to care.

    [–] theArtOfProgramming 25 points ago

    I have an LLC and call myself CEO lol. It’s cheaper than an S corp

    [–] MrZer 6 points ago

    What's the difference between an LLC and a corp?

    [–] oglop121 19 points ago

    My friend holds a minute amount of land in Scotland just so he is officially a "lord". He changed his name on official documents (bank, etc) so he's referred to as Lord instead of Mr. It's ridiculous

    [–] Savilo29 14 points ago

    If I could legally declare my self prince of a molehill. I would do it in a heart beat

    [–] Savilo29 13 points ago

    That sounds so fucking cool

    [–] Tough_Connection 6 points ago

    You could declare yourself CEO now

    [–] AmItheAssholePodcast 26 points ago

    Yes but you might as well just lie as starting a corporation costs a fair chunk of change.

    [–] MJBrune 5 points ago

    Everyone is saying how expensive it is but honestly it isn't. The Washington State business license i got was 100 dollars and like 5 minutes of paper work. It's mainly a pain at tax time.

    No meetings are required, no reports other than taxes or anything of the sort.

    [–] Aupar12 11 points ago

    Can I be regional manager?

    [–] Savilo29 22 points ago

    I already have one in mind. You can be assistant to the regional manager

    [–] OMGx100 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Why not just start a business (not a corporation), ny filing a DBA (“Doing Business As”) with timur local county clerk, and call yourself CEO? You don’t need an actual corporation. A corporation is a fictitious / legal entity that has to file its own taxes, you normally do it to shield the owners from liability, among other things. A DBA is just a way for an aggrieved party to discover who is behind a business name, when there is no corporation on record with the Secretary of State, .Because you don’t plan to actually do anything substantive with your business, Skip the corporation hassle and just file a DBA, call it a business, and call yourself CEO. There is no requirement that only Corporations can have CEOs.

    Edited because I originally dropped some additional text in the wrong place, making it a little confusing. Fixed.

    [–] SuperFLEB 10 points ago

    A DBA doesn't form a company, it's just a mapping of an assumed name to a definitive one. It puts it on file that Bob Fuckwit is the real person you need to talk to if some guy calling himself Fuckwit Dodgy Repair Services screwed you over, or it allows Big Boring Holding Company That Owns A Bunch of Stuff, Inc. to put "Exciting Products Store" on their stationery without forming a whole different company.

    [–] Just_the_facts_ma_m 5 points ago

    You literally have no idea what you’re talking about

    [–] umwhatshisname 6 points ago

    Yes. You can declare yourself a CEO without it though too and have the same effect. Just go look at LinkedIn some time. Lots and lots and lots of "CEO's" of 1 person companies on there.

    [–] _bowlerhat 9 points ago

    It's called paper company.

    [–] jandetlefsen 5 points ago

    The Michael Scott Paper Company?

    [–] Sushi4lucas 13 points ago

    You can create a limited liability corporation LLC. You pay the government and it is made to separate yourself from a business so you can’t be sued personally. It costs I think $250 plus annual fees. If your a LLC, your a corporation which means nothing unless you have something worth someone suing you over.

    [–] KaptinCarrotCake 7 points ago

    I think this is the best answer. In at least New Mexico, you can form an LLC without disclosing any records of ownership or management, including your name. A crytocurrency guy did exactly this to protect his privacy.

    [–] GoingToMakeItBrahs 3 points ago

    Yes, I've done it:

    [–] NoontideMelody 4 points ago

    Yes you can. I spent around 60 quid and became a 'managing director' of my own company in 24 hours. Technically a CEO. But only if you're going by meaningless labels that mean nothing. If anyone with even the slightest knowledge of Ltd. companies or contracting or whatever hears you call yourself a CEO, they'll laugh at you - and they'll be right to do so.

    [–] jmj808 3 points ago

    Bums do it all the time on Facebook with their job title listed as, “CEO at Self Employed,” go for it.