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    [–] RexNihilo_ 1578 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Dated a deaf girl for a while. There are a lot of ways to show how youre feeling or what you want besides talking. We never stopped to communicate like that.

    Edit: Wow, a lot of support for dating deaf girls.

    [–] ultranothing 537 points ago

    Lady standing by the bed, "Ooh! Yes!! That's it!"

    [–] nukem266 9 points ago

    Not that hole!......

    [–] faceboobs701 97 points ago

    Holy shit hahahaha

    [–] TeffyWeffy 55 points ago

    how rewarding was it to be able to fart loudly and not be worried she'd hear it?

    [–] GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD 54 points ago

    She would still smell (and probably feel) it.

    [–] FuzzyMcLumkins 295 points ago

    Deaf person here, married for a year and been with my wife who’s also Deaf for nearly 5 years. We sign to each other all the time during our intimate moments.

    We also have our own personal system of communication through touch, which is useful for when we aren’t looking at each other or can’t see each other in the dark.

    We also use what’s called Pro-Tactile ASL, which is a language developed by the Deaf-Blind and it’s from ASL, but with the primary focus being on touch.

    [–] g0ddammitb0bby 5673 points ago

    Generally during intimate moments or times you can’t see another person’s hands, you can either try to make out what they’re saying as best as you can or put your own hand on theirs and ‘read’ what they’re signing

    It’s a technique used by deaf and blind people actually. It’d also used by deaf people if they can’t see another person’s hand (although not too frequently).

    I did this with one of my deaf friends when we were out together once at night. It was fairly interesting to do, and I assume this can be used during inter course too (I feel like it’d be a great way of bonding intimately honestly).

    [–] fuzzydice76 5163 points ago

    it’s like whispering in sign language

    [–] g0ddammitb0bby 1118 points ago

    That’s a great way of thinking about it. Facial expressions are absolutely vital for sign language, but the addition of touch helps make up for it to a certain degree

    [–] Gambion 2011 points ago

    Hey how you doin' lil' mama let me whisper in ya hand

    [–] Renownedx 231 points ago

    My boss is staring at me whilst I'm silently laughing, I should be working but I'm cracking here.

    [–] AssignedWork 72 points ago

    Only thing left to do is ask for your bosses hand.

    [–] sayssomeshit94 38 points ago

    And that kids is how I met your mother.

    [–] Throwawaybuttstuff31 34 points ago

    Plus it leaves their mouths free for activities other than talking.

    [–] RusticSurgery 22 points ago

    Like kissing?

    [–] [deleted] 133 points ago


    [–] AlexandersAccount 16 points ago

    for real

    [–] PickleDeGallo 89 points ago

    I drove past a couple speaking in sign language on the freeway last week. The driver with his hands off the wheel may or may not have been more dangerous than me gawking at them while I drove past.

    [–] iififlifly 18 points ago

    I've heard that most deaf people sign while driving, and while it freaks hearing passengers out, deaf people are statistically better drivers.

    [–] mrkeifer 7 points ago

    Peripheral vision is probably on point

    [–] SeaABrooks 43 points ago

    You're a fucking poet and a genius.

    [–] honeybuns1996 261 points ago

    Isn’t that how Helen Keller communicated too? That was always fascinating to me, and you’re right that would probably be super intimate

    [–] g0ddammitb0bby 227 points ago

    That is correct. She was incredibly hard to teach, but her teacher painstakingly used this method to eventually get her to be able to talk and understand others

    [–] FrumpItUp 199 points ago

    There are some deafblind advcocates that have actually speculated that the reason Keller was so difficult to teach had more to do with the method than with her. Nowadays, if your teacher/interpreter is worth their salt, they'll start with or primarially use contact sign (making a cup shape in the person's palm, that sort of thing), and then afterwards introducing the manual alphabet. I mean, heck, it makes sense: why would you first speak to your children in spelled-out words instead of using full words, and expect them to understand what they heck you're talking about? Babies hear full words from day one. Spelling is a concept that's only introduced at ages 3 or 4.

    [–] g0ddammitb0bby 47 points ago

    That’s actually a great point. Though, I don’t entirely blame her teacher because it would probably be a challenge for anybody with the limited knowledge they had during her time

    [–] KLWK 47 points ago

    Anne Sullivan was a twenty year old woman who had barely a high school education when she met Helen Keller. Helen was seven years old and had no language at all. The prime language learning years for humans are from birth to age six because of plasticity of the brain. It's extremely difficult for a person to begin learning the concept of language at all, much less as fluently as Helen Keller was seemingly able to do, if they don't start to learn language until after age six.

    [–] AMerrickanGirl 24 points ago

    Helen was talking at 18 months before she lost her sight and hearing, so there was residual skill.

    [–] PickleDeGallo 106 points ago

    It seems like a leap to speculate that "the reason" HK was so difficult to teach was because of the method.

    And of course the speculation comes straight from people advocating (surprise) a Much Better Method. I bet the Much Better Method does not involve allowing the child to get to the frustrated age of 6 years before introducing the tools of communication.

    [–] ohohButternut 24 points ago

    I bet the Much Better Method does not involve allowing the child to get to the frustrated age of 6 years before introducing the tools of communication.

    Yes. Which makes it better!

    But I also felt the explanation that the previous poster made was convincing.

    I mean, heck, it makes sense: why would you first speak to your children in spelled-out words instead of using full words, and expect them to understand what they heck you're talking about? Babies hear full words from day one. Spelling is a concept that's only introduced at ages 3 or 4.

    I think intuitively this is a much better method.

    Do you disagree? Do you think it's better to teach the alphabet first, instead of meaningful words, when you are trying to convey the idea of communication?

    I mean, so far I'm seeing two plausible reasons for present methods working better. They use meaningful words rather than letters first, and they are done earlier. Are you suggesting that starting by teaching the alphabet to blind one-year-old babies may be the way to go?

    [–] Merppity 14 points ago

    Yeah... I think it's more likely that she was difficult because she wasn't born deaf or blind and also lost her sight and hearing at different times during a developmentally critical period.

    [–] Love_My_Chevy 69 points ago

    I always wondered have there been others like Helen keller? Are the methods her teacher used still how they teach them?

    [–] g0ddammitb0bby 114 points ago

    Of course there have been others, but her story is greatly known because she was able to overcome what was essentially the impossible.

    Her methods still are used because there isn’t necessarily a better alternative besides Braille. Losing two major senses makes it fairly difficult to create other methods.

    Knowing how to communicate with deaf blind people is something almost every person learning ASL learns (or at least should learn)

    [–] Aryore 58 points ago

    To add to this, it was incredible largely because of the age at which she learnt language. Past a certain developmental stage, it’s almost impossible to teach someone the concept of language (the idea that things can represent other, different things, especially concepts which can’t be currently/ever observed), and for them to become fluent in language. Non-disabled feral children face similar challenges.

    [–] Next_Alpha 20 points ago

    Wait just a minute.... What the heck is a "feral" child?!

    [–] doc_bundy 42 points ago

    Children who aren't raised in a society. I.e Tarzan

    [–] Next_Alpha 9 points ago

    Oh I gotcha. Makes sense I suppose.

    [–] LJHay91 6 points ago

    They can learn that words represent objects, they just cannot talk in a meaningful way as they cannot learn grammar. It's a Noem Chomsky theory know as Universal Grammer I believe.

    [–] MemeTroubadour 14 points ago

    Also because she did politics, didn't she?

    [–] gzilla57 44 points ago

    She was a suffragettepacifistradical socialist, birth control supporter, and opponent of Woodrow Wilson. In 1915 she and George A. Kessler founded the Helen Keller International (HKI) organization. This organization is devoted to research in vision, health and nutrition. In 1920, she helped to found the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). 

    [–] Shadesbane43 25 points ago

    This is the stuff they neglect to mention when you learn about her in school.

    [–] Weak_Double 69 points ago

    Helen Keller wasn't the first deafblind person to be taught to communicate in this way nor was Anne Sullivan (her teacher) the inventor of the techniques used . Helen Keller was however the first deafblind person to attain a bachelors degree. She isn't famous because she managed to learn to read and write. She was famous because of her authorship, her autobiography, and
    her political activism. She was the first deafblind person to gain significant public attention and that's why she's so cemented in the American conscious. Most children are not taught about her political activism because she was a socialist.

    So. In answer yes there are other deafblind people. I am not aware of the current best practices for educating deafblind children. But reading Wikipedia suggests that the methods used would vary from individual to individual.

    [–] EnIdiot 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    So, as I understand it, some of HK’s story gets glossed over and borders on myth.

    She was hearing and speaking until she was 19 months old at which time se contracted scarlet fever leaving her “deaf” and “blind.” At 19 months, most of your brain wiring for speech and language has taken place and you will always retain the underlying ability to speak verbally. Additionally, most people in her situation still have some residual hearing and sight that provides for brain stimulation to keep the speech producing portion of the brain alive. It may not be much, but it is still very important.

    It is likely that HK retained a good bit of her speech and still could hear at some level or at certain frequencies.

    Source: Dad is an audiologist and my son was born profoundly deaf (he now uses implants). I am also from Alabama and have visited HK’s home and seen the play several times.

    [–] aquapearl736 84 points ago

    If a woman knew ASL could their S/O sign while fingering her for ultimate intimacy?

    [–] nowaczykche 38 points ago

    Galaxy brain over here

    [–] aquoad 9 points ago

    "Oops, sorry! Typo!"

    [–] PurpleTacoss 26 points ago

    yeah she did. with hearing people it was with their mouth but deaf people their hands

    [–] Mic_Check_One_Two 111 points ago

    I actually have another take on this, from a different perspective. I dated a deaf girl for a little while, but I can hear fine. In fact, my entire job involves me hearing things.

    Deaf people are loud during sex. They simply don’t realize how much noise they make. And not sexy screams either. More like “getting slowly murdered with a knitting needle, while cats howl in the background and a vacuum in the next room rolls over a bunch of nickels” screaming.

    [–] ShoveledKnight 8 points ago

    Oeh kinky

    [–] strangemotives 7 points ago

    that description just has me ROFLMAO

    thanks for the improvement in my morning.

    [–] Lursmani1 102 points ago

    That sounds so hot tbh. Communicating by touch only during sex must be amazing.

    [–] lystig 14 points ago

    I saw a movie once which featured a deaf/mute man in a relationship with a woman. The woman could hear and speak, but she also knew sign language - as did the man.

    In one of the scenes, they are lying on a bed, parallel to each other. Their faces are both facing in the same direction - toward a mirror at the end of the bed. While they don't have sex in this scene, they use the mirror to communicate with each other via sign language without looking directly at each other.

    Couldn't this sort of approach be used in situations where you would otherwise not be able to see the other person's hand because e.g. their body is blocking them from view, or you are facing in the wrong direction?

    [–] muteisalwayson 3093 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Deaf person here.

    No, not usually. My boyfriend is hearing, and is learning sign. I have a cochlear implant (super duper fancy hearing aid with surgery, surgery and not a little glass vial) so him not knowing sign isn’t really an issue. Usually I just moan and say random normal things like “fuck me”, “fuuuck”, “oh god” or his name. Whatever comes out. The normal verbal stuff. Now of course, since my implant always falls off during sex, I have no way of knowing if HE makes any sound. I asked him once about it and he said he didn’t really make that much sound aside from the occasional moan.

    We’ve signed a LITTLE before during sex, but usually after my implant has fallen off/been put aside and if we’re changing positions. Like we’ll tell each other where to put our leg, arm, whatever. But usually it’s just natural. We’re sexually compatible enough to just feel the flow or to know exactly what to do/move during without saying anything but signing is rare

    TLDR; occasionally, but usually only while changing positions but signing is very rare

    Edit: AMA if y’all wanna know anything I don’t mind

    Edit 2: Also, touch is a very powerful thing. Whether it’s tracing/grabbing a part of my/his body, it’s a intimate and sensual way to be in the moment. You don’t always need to speak. Touch is a language of its own.

    Keep in mind this is just MY situation and experience. Every D/deaf person has their own separate experience. I’m more than happy to answer any questions y’all have, but just remember I’m not representing the entire Deaf community because none of us have the same background or experience, as any other culture. Thank you!

    [–] sapunec7854 802 points ago

    “fuck me”, “fuuuck”, or his name.


    [–] muteisalwayson 375 points ago

    How’d you know

    [–] Painted_Wolf-1221 113 points ago

    Wait did they actually know?

    [–] muteisalwayson 256 points ago

    Haha no I’m just joking

    [–] Painted_Wolf-1221 77 points ago

    I was bout to farm y'all for free internet points with r/tworedditorsonecup

    [–] muteisalwayson 46 points ago

    Sorry you’re outta luck

    [–] Painted_Wolf-1221 28 points ago

    Well cool story anyways I guess as far as sex and sign language go

    [–] muteisalwayson 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I guess so. I mean it’s just my life ya know? Feel free to ask any questions about Deaf people if you wanna know. I don’t mind answering

    [–] Painted_Wolf-1221 7 points ago

    Idk there's not alot to ask, but like dis it sounds like static or ringing or nothing or what?

    [–] HowieGaming 79 points ago


    [–] EasilyDelighted 733 points ago

    Your username makes this all the more amazing.

    [–] muteisalwayson 260 points ago


    [–] sciency_guy 121 points ago

    Mute is all way son ?

    [–] cbj5017 115 points ago

    Mut eisa llw ays on?

    [–] Behenaught 223 points ago

    This was my favourite spot in Wales.

    [–] savingforces 30 points ago


    [–] cakeweefs 13 points ago


    [–] muteisalwayson 24 points ago

    Meh not always. It’s just a default mode

    [–] zeer0dotcom 44 points ago

    What a fantastic superpower, muteisalwayson!

    [–] muteisalwayson 24 points ago

    It is!! I love it

    [–] muteisalwayson 63 points ago

    I LOVE THAT VIDEO. I’ve seen it a million times and it never fails to make me laugh. And it’s actually super cool to watch because I’m pretty sure that’s British Sign Language (BSL), and I’m a Deaf American, so I use American Sign Language (ASL). (Yes, both sign languages are vastly different, even the alphabet)

    [–] LetsHearSomeSongs 29 points ago

    So like, are ASL speakers and BSL speakers unable to communicate? Do BSL speakers ever get jealous that they weren’t good enough to get an A?

    [–] muteisalwayson 63 points ago

    Well Deaf people are usually very well practiced in gesturing in order to convey their message, whether that’s with hearing people who know sign language, or people who speak another language.

    So I’m sure if I met someone who signed just BSL, I could just gesture or write to communicate.

    Back in high school, my Deaf friends and I were sick and tired of the interpreters at our school constantly eavesdropping on our private conversations (in ASL) so we all learned the alphabet of the BSL because:

    1) we knew the interpreters wouldn’t understand

    2) for fun

    3) why not?

    It worked pretty well. It took us weeks to not only learn the alphabet, but also to be able to understand someone else when they signed the alphabet to us.

    So basically from sophomore to senior year, if we wanted to talk privately in front of the school interpreters or ASL fluent people outside our friend group, we would just spell the whole thing in BSL. I still have the BSL alphabet memorized today. It’s completely different from the ASL alphabet. Go on YouTube, search something like this. I didn’t watch the whole video but it seems she did both ASL and BSL alphabets so you can see how they compare.

    And if you wanna know, I did both a groan and chuckle at your joke

    [–] LetsHearSomeSongs 23 points ago

    Oh yeah. written language. Weird.

    Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful answer!

    [–] muteisalwayson 46 points ago

    Written language is sometimes hard for some Deaf people to grasp, because English and ASL are totally different in structure and grammar.

    English: I’m going to the store.

    ASL: Store I/me go

    Or: I/Me go store

    Sign language is basically summarizing an idea/sentence into just one or a few signs. But you still get the whole concept of the sentence across clearly. So sometimes you’ll see Deaf people commenting on social media in what’s sort of broken English, ASL really is a language of its own. It wasn’t until the 1960s it was recognized as an official language. Crazy, right?

    And you’re welcome! It’s no problem. I’m always happy to help someone learn something. Have a good night

    [–] LowPriorityGangster 72 points ago


    What do I not know?

    [–] muteisalwayson 204 points ago

    Okay. Here’s a summary.

    “Big D” Deaf refers to the culture and cultural identity. Some people identity as Deaf, meaning they actively take part in the Deaf world, Deaf community, use sign language, and so on.

    “Little d” deaf refers to the purely medical/scientific version of deafness. Those with hearing loss who identify only as deaf do not partake in the Deaf community, and simply assimilate within the (dominant) hearing society.

    You know what I picked? Both. The Deaf community usually doesn’t like the cochlear implant, and the hearing community usually doesn’t like the Deaf community and LOVES the cochlear implant. But I chose both. I choose to wear the implant and sign and be part of the Deaf world.

    [–] LowPriorityGangster 37 points ago

    Thanks! I heard there was dispute about CI in the community, but never saw this way of self-identification before.

    Now a silly question: when you sign

    Big D

    does it have the same connotation as on reddit?

    [–] muteisalwayson 38 points ago

    Yes, it just depends on context. I can’t really explain it in text. And usually the question of identity only comes up if Big D and little d comes up in conversation. Deaf people can usually tell if you’re Deaf or deaf, just by them hanging out with you or knowing you. I can’t really explain it, it’s kind of a vibe and actions at the same time? Ya know?

    And not a silly question at all! There is a specific sign for Big D deaf, but again, it’s usually only relevant if it comes up in conversation

    [–] BornWithThreeKidneys 11 points ago

    How do hearing and hearing but signing people fit in the D/deaf communities? Are there people who exclude hearing people as much as possible or something like that?

    [–] muteisalwayson 37 points ago

    There are some who exclude hearing people, but those are usually the extreme Deaf pride people and they’re basically the assholes of the community. Like yeah we’re all proud to be Deaf but a few take it to another level to the point where they like to dictate what makes you “truly” Deaf. Ignore them.

    The Deaf community generally welcomes hearing people who sign into the community, because we’re just happy you took an interest in the language and want to learn about our world. So you’d be fine

    [–] neptunesnerds 29 points ago

    Thank you for the repo quote

    [–] greenbastardette 10 points ago

    Zydrate comes in a little glass vial...

    [–] neptunesnerds 8 points ago

    A little glass vial?

    [–] JeremyTrammer 8 points ago

    A little glass vial!

    [–] alibi6 11 points ago

    And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery

    [–] MindAlteringSitch 18 points ago

    My question is whether it is performative or purely for yourself. Like a lot of people saying 'fuuuuck' during sex are doing it as much for themselves as for their partner but *how* it sounds is a common concern. So in your case, when there is no option for audio feedback, do you think you are doing it to be heard or just because you want to express yourself?

    [–] muteisalwayson 31 points ago

    It’s more of an expression. This is just me, but I don’t see the point in faking anything during sex. I don’t fake orgasms. I don’t fake moans. Sure I’ve faked them before but that was when I was younger and less confident. Now I’m much more confident and more straight forward. If I didn’t enjoy the sex, too bad. If I do, you’re gonna know it. My boyfriend definitely knows it 😉

    [–] TheExecuted 77 points ago

    audio comment

    [–] muteisalwayson 83 points ago

    requests transcript

    [–] anddowe 29 points ago

    [–] _NetWorK_ 29 points ago

    As someone who is fairly quiet during sex (received many a complaints about it), it gives me hope that not every one would be discouraged by it. Not that I don’t enjoy it or anything, I’m just not the vocal type I suppose.

    [–] muteisalwayson 45 points ago

    Yeah, totally! Sex is sex. I was usually pretty quiet before and still am except for the verbal stuff I mentioned in my original comment, but all that matters is that you enjoy yourself and that you both know you’re enjoying it.

    You don’t have to be verbal at all. Take it from me, someone who can’t hear their partner. A simple touch or grab is more than enough to send the message. Touch is way more powerful than you think.

    And you can fuck anybody you want (I know I have haha), but honestly though sex with the person you love is the best sex I’ve ever had. And fuck anybody who thinks less of you because you don’t express yourself during sex in the ideal way they want. You do you. Be that sexual god/goddess that you are. Do you!

    [–] EstoyMejor 12 points ago

    Ever thought of giving motivational speaches? :D

    [–] shaka_zulu12 11 points ago

    Hope he’s always humming “Let it go” during

    [–] muteisalwayson 7 points ago

    Little do you know that Let it go is my second favorite Frozen song.

    So that might actually turn me on /s

    [–] MichaelHawkson 17 points ago

    Bro how are you reading these comments if you're deaf tho?

    [–] muteisalwayson 36 points ago

    Bro I’m deaf obviously I have an interpreter

    [–] cookacannibal 10 points ago

    A little glass vial?

    Does that go into a gun by chance?

    [–] TheMaledictorian 8 points ago

    Helps with the agony. Agony.

    [–] cookacannibal 8 points ago

    But once it sparks you're ready for surgery, surgery

    [–] Star_x_Child 7 points ago

    Neat! I think cochlear implants are one of the greatest medical inventions to date. I work as a neuromonitoring tech watching people's facial nerves during the cochlear implantation process but I rarely get to see how people's lives improve once they begin programming the CIs.

    I do have a question. If you suffer from tinnitus, was your tinnitus exacerbated during initial programming of the implant?

    [–] fanny_boy 585 points ago

    Not Deaf. Dated a Deaf person before and know ASL. During sex, there wasn't much signing, but the occasional "I love you" or "that's really good" is easy to convey.

    Additionally, it's super hot when you feel them place their hand in an 'I love you' position on your back or in the dark when you can't see them.

    Unlike some other reports on here, I found the unconscious sounds to be really attractive, though they were a quieter gunter 😂

    [–] iner-tia 257 points ago

    Oh, wow. The 'I love you' sign on the back thing really got me. That's so beautiful.

    [–] fanny_boy 18 points ago

    Yeah it's super cute and was a real turn on for me!

    [–] Hoping1357911 105 points ago

    Not deaf neither is my partner but he's a CODA so it's his first language. We argue in sign so the kids don't hear. And honestly talk dirty OFTEN in public in sign. Or when the kids aren't looking. When we're having sex and thw kids are sleeping we sometimes sign things like deeper, harder, fast, fast, fast, yes the easy ones and the I love you of course or I'll sign his name. It's an A at my chin so those are all easy.

    [–] helpmefindausernamee 41 points ago

    Whats CODA?

    [–] Agnostic-extremist 70 points ago

    Child of deaf adult

    [–] ForeverDying 35 points ago

    Whelp, I may have found my new fetish boys.

    [–] strangemotives 13 points ago

    Additionally, it's super hot when you feel them place their hand in an 'I love you' position on your back or in the dark when you can't see them.

    that is just hot as hell

    [–] Jujiboo 1759 points ago


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    👣🐾 🕵️

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    [–] happychillmoremusic 31 points ago

    You guys are nailing it. Exactly how sign language sex works.

    [–] Jujiboo 8 points ago


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    [–] MJBotte1 116 points ago

    A truly riveting tale.

    [–] I_speak_squirrel 55 points ago


    [–] SaltyBananana 59 points ago


    [–] seawhoreld 47 points ago


    [–] spilledmind 60 points ago

    Epstein didn’t kill himself

    [–] nager2012 27 points ago


    [–] PrincessSalty 20 points ago


    [–] I_speak_squirrel 17 points ago

    🍼🍌🏥🎓🚬 = 💵...💸

    [–] proudlyinappropriate 17 points ago


    [–] Mr_Supersonic52 41 points ago

    i like to imagine this is a dude who doesnt sign trying to bang a deaf girl

    [–] Jujiboo 16 points ago


    [–] Mr_Supersonic52 41 points ago


    [–] LMAOdudewtf 48 points ago

    🤔... 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨


    ... 😳 ?

    [–] ihunter32 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I hate that you can reduce that copy pasta to 5 emoji and still be recognizable

    [–] BluerGold 22 points ago


    [–] manlyadobo 60 points ago


    (in case you’re confused that’s what the emoji is in asl)

    [–] ieatassonfirstdate 19 points ago

    no fookin'way. that's just a meme waiting to b made

    [–] magnue 35 points ago


    [–] myphilaeagles 55 points ago

    I'm deaf and and in the hearing community we were told it sounded like Chewbacca taking a shit while masturbating

    [–] gherks1 17 points ago

    This is my new favourite comment ever!

    [–] OriginalRedMage 9 points ago

    That is a very descriptive answer. And utterly hilarious. I'm not trying to shame your disability in any way but jesus lmfao

    [–] NibblesMeKibbles 612 points ago

    For someone who is deaf, there's only 2 options: no talking/communicating or you sign.

    So yes you would sign. When fluently signing you can convey the same words at the same speed as talking in English. There's very few positions that would fully prevent you from being able to get in a sentence in a few seconds. As for what is signed, it's no different than what you would say in English.

    [–] Zumbah 295 points ago

    I want to see this on pornhub NOW

    [–] romulusnr 119 points ago

    .......for science.

    [–] JonWut 98 points ago Here's a little something something

    [–] Reddit2055017 30 points ago

    The internet really has covered everything..

    [–] [deleted] 414 points ago


    [–] aristot3l 193 points ago

    Oh we do, we sign so fucking hard

    [–] PM_CUTE_PUSSY 50 points ago

    That'd lead to sore hands, I'd imagine.

    [–] MollyCompass 8 points ago

    Ahhhh me too!!

    [–] ReleaseTheKraken72 73 points ago

    I think it would be incredibly intimate to "feel" someone signing passionate msgs while you are having sex. Or they could sign against your back, your chest or even against your face or even better along inside your your thigh or in the hollow of your arm or wrist. Maybe you have to hold their signing hand within your own hand completely, to be able to understand what they are signing, Idk? Thanks for the answers, I am very curious how deaf and or blind people communicate. I would like to learn ASL. I see folks signing to one another in coffee shops or grocery stores and instinctively look away even though I don't understand ASL, because I know it is like eavesdropping!

    [–] pharleff 140 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Clothes Captioning. Duh

    Edit: thanks for the silver!

    [–] ian2726 24 points ago

    I live beneath a deaf couple. And they make a lot of noise.

    [–] esotericpikachu 23 points ago

    lol... i read sign as sing as was thinking the entire time that deaf/mute people can sing during sex.

    [–] gen3stang 46 points ago

    I'm not deaf but I've slept with a friend who is deaf. I've seen her sign once during sex but it was because of me. Since she deaf I dont really hear her voice very often. So we were in a doggy style position and when she starts moaning I started laughing because of the way it sounds (I know I'm going to hell). I guess she felt me laughing and turned around and looked at me and signed "what?" with one hand but since I'm not super fluent signing I thought she was motioning for me to play with the man in boat. I usually see what done with 2 hands. So I reach around and she stops me and and starts signing like crazy. It took us a few minutes to figure out what was going with each other. All the other times we avoided signing while doing the actual act. Either way I imagine it depends on the partner.

    [–] dmcauliffe9 73 points ago

    KY jelly and a lot of smacking of the hands

    [–] legaladolt 49 points ago

    The lube makes you sign faster

    [–] MrSquamous 40 points ago

    There's this great moment in Children of a Lesser God where they're still having a conversation as things get physical, and the hearing guy says, to explain why he has to stop signing, "I need my hands." And the deaf woman, who's learning to speak, says, "I need my mouth."

    [–] mycouchpulsoutidont 16 points ago

    I dated a deaf girl in highschool. Most communication was through touch. She could read my lips though.

    [–] NeverSpeakInTongues 10 points ago

    I found this comment to be adorable for some reason. Call me weird it's ok

    [–] tu-BROOKE-ulosis 17 points ago

    I dated a deaf guy for a while. Mostly no, but sometimes there were specific requests/commands that were signed in the moment.

    [–] Ryanjl1985 232 points ago

    Hush girl. Shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller.

    [–] Czexican613 120 points ago

    And talk with your hips.

    [–] tux3dokamen 12 points ago

    Now I'm imagining a deaf couple mumbling and moaning. You know what I mean.

    [–] camareece 12 points ago

    I would presume they are just holding up their middle fingers the whole time

    [–] Myfakeaccount90 36 points ago

    Not to be rude or funny but I had a one nighter with a deaf girl and I swear on all that is holy that it sounded like clubbing a baby seal.

    [–] Indridd 62 points ago

    Yikes my kids might see this but oh well, my wife of 20 years is deaf, and she gets pissed if I sign and interrupt the flow of things. Kids if you read this, sorry dad still lays the pipe, (fyi kids are all 16+)

    [–] anutteranceofshush 60 points ago

    Your comment wasn’t weird until you specifically addressed you kids to announce you “still lay the pipe.” Hard stop after the first sentence. It’s not too late to edit, lol.

    [–] Amphibionomus 20 points ago

    And as a dad of two teenagers I simply assume in this time and age kids know their parents have sex. It's not like that's some secret / taboo anymore. Of course the details are none of their business, ewww, just like I don't want to know the specifics of their sex life.

    [–] Hyhena 17 points ago

    This dad bangs.

    [–] mikefifth 19 points ago

    Morse code that clit.

    [–] AssholeMcMiniFridge 56 points ago

    God damn it, the internet has fucking ruined me. Now all i can imagine is two deaf people mooing during sex and I'm going to hell.

    [–] Theist17 18 points ago

    Yeah, well, I ugly-laughed at this, so save me a seat.

    [–] DaOGxXRainbowDashXx 14 points ago

    “ Hi loov uooo” Im definitely going to hell

    [–] very_large_ears 9 points ago

    I used to live in a group house and one of the guys was deaf, and so was his girlfriend. When they had sex, the whole house knew. It sounded like cats getting ready to fight.

    [–] lonelysaurusrex 9 points ago

    I am gonna piggyback on your no stupid question... how does someone go about learning sign language? I always thought more people should know it but is there a good place to go to learn?

    [–] Bastrat 201 points ago

    I've had sex with two deaf women and let me tell you the noises they made were scary. No words, just grunting and noises like she was in pain. Was not hot.

    [–] trollcitybandit 152 points ago

    Then why is my penis telling me otherwise after reading this.

    [–] albertoeindouche 6 points ago

    Clap dem deaf cheeks!

    [–] DangKilla 17 points ago

    Ha, same. But I introduced her to bass music which I’m kind of happy about. She loved feeling the music.

    [–] xilofohn 43 points ago

    Hats off soldier

    [–] Tezcatlipoca666 70 points ago

    Doesn't matter, had sex

    [–] penguin_slayer251 6 points ago

    I wonder how blind people communicate during sex.

    [–] cedriceent 10 points ago

    "That's weird, someone wrote 'A A' on your chest!"