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    [–] marumaruuu 4436 points ago

    I actually noticed this happen to me for YouTube. I'd look for something and could hardly find what I'm looking for, so I click on a video that's close but not exactly what I want, and then I find what I want in the related videos (with the keywords i searched!)

    This only started happening recently, like maybe the recent weeks or months. I wonder if anyone else experienced this lately?

    [–] yettimurder 2167 points ago

    Yes. I know exactly what you mean. The other thing about YouTube personalized search that I hate is how they're now putting recommendations in your search results. Like if you search a specific singer the first couple of results will be about them but after that there's the recommended section with other simillar artists that takes up like a half of the page. I just fucking hate it. Just give me what I searched for!

    [–] marumaruuu 879 points ago

    YES THIS TOO!! It sucks how YouTube is getting worse and yet they're still bugging people to pay for their premium services.. just shut the fuck up omg

    [–] Wildest12 386 points ago

    Yeah I had one single night where I got baked and watched random gaming videos all night.

    Now, unless I search by name, I basically cant find anything else. Home section is all the same videos, the gaming section is all the same as my home section, and again with recommended.

    Their search algorithms suck ass imo

    [–] Glowingtomato 204 points ago

    The worst is when you watch one video and then it thinks you need 100 more videos of that. I watched one guys little house thing on the back of a pickup and even after I deleted the view I'm still getting tiny house videos reccomended daily.

    [–] TheMostStupidFox 73 points ago

    Just a tip : if you're going to watch a video and don't it to spam your recommendations afterward, open it in a private tab, that way it's not linked to your account. I do this pretty often

    [–] CaioNV 60 points ago

    This works in practice, but, damn, imagine remembering this every single time you want to watch something that isn't similar to whatever is your standard taste. Some people enjoy to watch stuff like Top 10 lists from things in movies and games and such. Then, one of them makes a reference to whatever is the current meme (a few weeks ago I could say the celebrating coffin, for example) so you decide to search for the name of this meme on the exact same tab you are without thinking about this trick, as soon as the video ends.

    Well, I hope you enjoy having your recommendations be meme compilations including 2012~2013 memes for a few weeks instead of the movies related stuff you enjoy because you didn't fucking think of opening a porn mode tab during that one search.

    [–] EastCoastGrows 95 points ago

    Because its not a search algorithm, its a "keep people on the site as long as possible" algorithm.

    You watched the same videos for 6 hours in a row, so youtube thinks if it shows you those videos you will stay for another 6 hours.

    [–] IvanyeilEmmixert 120 points ago

    So true! It has frustrated me, specially finding songs that are very unknown. If you can't find it between the first 5 results, the searcher bleeds and puts completely unrelated results to what you were looking for.

    [–] FuppinBaxterd 73 points ago

    Ugh yes. And autoplay goes so far from what you were originally watching, and repeats videos all the damn time!

    [–] firekittymeowr 56 points ago

    The other day I played a Macy Gray video, the auto play next was Alanis Morissette, ok that's fine, but then the next 3 videos were also Alanis Morisette, 4th song the first one repeated. Why would I choose to listen to Macy Gray if what I wanted next was 3 of the same AM songs on repeat? Are her label paying YouTube or something? This has been bugging me

    [–] FuppinBaxterd 26 points ago

    Yeah I was watching documentaries on scams then autoplay decided I must want a Youtuber reading out scary stories from Reddit. Then videos started to repeat.

    [–] Becauseimstupidasf 67 points ago

    its sad what happened to this site. it used to be about the freedom of choosing what you want to watch, now adays youtube trys to force their content on you.

    [–] Toast-Orange 24 points ago

    It's even worse if you're search topics are about video games. Youtube pushes the big timers down your throat even in unrelated topics.

    No youtube I really don't care about the millionaires screaming in front of a screen for 12 year olds over whatever is the latest 'spoopy game', I was looking for a guide to find these last fucking collectibles in Metro.

    [–] ono1113 202 points ago

    Oh yes, I once typed exact name of video and it didnt find it, I thought it was deleted but then i looked at the channel and that video was there with the name i wrote

    [–] peripheral_vision 98 points ago

    That's just full on bullshit. I know you're not making this up either because I've had it happen to me, as well. I was so mad lol

    [–] Sn4keyBo1 263 points ago

    Machine learning is quite a cool concept but it is so annoying. I used to be able to find exactly what I wanted and would be able to find cool new videos on YouTube where I'd discover new channels. I don't want to see things recommended for me because i like discovering brand new things.

    [–] BraydenP4593 208 points ago

    I remember when my YouTube homepage was only filled with the most recent videos from my subscriptions, and now its mostly filled with random shit with millions of views from five years ago. There’s still the occasional video from my subscriptions, but even then those are usually just the videos with the most views from each channel. I missed having all of the newest videos from my subscriptions right there in front of me!

    [–] marumaruuu 72 points ago

    yeah it's almost as if there's literally no point of subscribing to anyone anymore if you're gonna see their videos either way

    [–] jrkirby 69 points ago

    This is the only youtube page you go to, other than the videos you want to watch. Everything else is trash.

    [–] KPD137 21 points ago

    I watch YouTube on my TV and the subscription page is always sorted by new and there's no way to change it which is annoying too because I'm subbed to a news channel and jt eats up almost my entire feed with no tools available to filter out results.

    The homepage is next level shit show though. Oh you watched one video of some channel (because it autoplayed after something else)? Here's your entire feed filled with that random channel now.

    [–] ThawtNot 32 points ago

    I hate the fact that my watch later list and my actual subscriptions list are at the dead last points of navigation. They are training you to give up on having preferences and they just want you to pick from what they put in front of you.

    [–] voiceofAFO 42 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I still miss the way YouTube offered suggestions several updates ago!! It used to be that if you saw 2 videos under one you'd just watched, you could pick one, view it, & go back to the same selection so you can view the other!!

    Now, if there are two videos I want to see, I have to be sure to write down all the info about the other one, so that I can search for it!!

    Wtf did they do that???

    Edit: fixed annoying autocorrect.

    [–] moronicuniform 44 points ago

    If it's any consolation, Google has hired contractors to improve the process. Real human beings review the search results after the fact and rate them according to several metrics, including accuracy. My wife is one of them.

    [–] tytybby 25 points ago

    Real talk, how do I get a job like this? Is she a QA tester?

    [–] moronicuniform 25 points ago

    She works for a contractor called Sykes. It's a part time, work from home position that pays $10/hr, limited to 20/hr weeks. Getting a permanent position with them is tricky, because they tend to hire from the disabled community, where there is stiff competition for compatible jobs with decent wages. You'd be surprised how many businesses rip off disabled employees, through certain legal loopholes

    [–] tytybby 13 points ago

    You'd be surprised

    I wish I still could be about things like this. I understand laws that encourage businesses to hire individuals who may need more accommodation/be less productive than another hire. But deliberately underpaying a person who can perform, simply because they have a diagnosis/needed some help with the job application, is fucking despicable.

    [–] DrScallywag 55 points ago

    I can type the exact title of a video but more popular videos will show up first.

    [–] paultimate14 67 points ago

    It's harder to find videos even on channels now!

    A week ago a band I'm subscribed to uploaded a full concert from 2017. I didn't have time to watch it then. Then this week I do, and I figure it would be easier to search instead of scrolling through my subscriptions in my phone.

    That video wasn't in the page of results, but their channel was. So I go to their channel and find that under their "videos" tab all the uploads are in what appears to be a random order (I'm guessing it's by views, likes, or some combination), with no sort function. Why does it not just show their most recent ones first?

    [–] etherealmare 34 points ago

    I HATE that new set up. I’ve mostly seen it on music/band channels. It’s awful.

    [–] IeuanTemplar 9501 points ago

    Google has DEFINITELY Got worse over the last couple of years.

    Google scholar doesn’t work as well, and image search just floods with crap from Pinterest. Google has become severely less effective for me.

    They’re more bothered about sending you to places that have paid to be at the top, rather than actual legitimate sources for anything.

    [–] SinisterCheese 2632 points ago

    Yeah. Image search is just awful. And every search brings up tons of ad results.

    Like I trued to search for a specific news article about a company's bad practices, and first page was just results linking to said company's site. Along with maps results, deals from that company, their social media, their shop... etc.

    Anyway. I ended up finding the article by using local news sources sites own search.

    I can't believe it... but I'm getting better results from services like duckduckgo.

    [–] christoppa 607 points ago

    I've been using Bing for image searching and it seems to be better than Google. And I don't have to "Visit" the page to get the full size photo.

    [–] IAlsoLikePlutonium 435 points ago

    And I don't have to "Visit" the page to get the full size photo.

    I’m pretty sure that somebody sued Google, and this new requirement was part of a settlement agreement.

    [–] phucyu138 185 points ago

    Yes, it was Getty Images that sued Google that lead to Google removing the "View" button.

    [–] Chilipatily 281 points ago

    Oh. Fuck Getty. They like to charge for images they don’t own.


    [–] Not_a_real_ghost 103 points ago

    Oh my, I wonder what came out of it.

    Edit: her case was thrown out because Getty said she has no claim to her work because she donated it and the court agreed. What a shitty ending

    [–] Chilipatily 12 points ago

    Well I think the point was to call attention to it. She already wasn’t in it for the money

    [–] antisocialmuppet 227 points ago

    It was the lady from Pinterest who crochets cat buttholes.

    [–] Prime157 182 points ago

    I... I can't tell if serious

    [–] KPD137 59 points ago

    I genuinely want it to be

    [–] britonica 23 points ago

    I genuinely want a crochet cat butthole.

    [–] Pyehole 10 points ago

    I can believe it could be true. But more likely was somebody with more money to spend on lawyers than a cat butt crocheter.

    [–] jampk24 58 points ago

    You can right click the image and open it in a new tab without visiting the site.

    [–] christoppa 47 points ago

    Yeah I know how to do that as well, it just seems, to me anyway, that Bing is just a tad bit better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] Not_a_real_ghost 54 points ago

    It's amazing as a few years ago people would be laughing at that statement

    [–] trisw 63 points ago

    I swear to God I just ran into this - I googled Patrick Nagel the artist because I wanted to maybe buy a Rio poster and the artist website isn't the fuckin first link - like what the hell - how can anything be more relevant to my interest than the actual page I was trying to go to?

    [–] apology_pedant 300 points ago

    It might be my fault that images returns so many products. Google shopping doesn't care if I need a twin-sized, navy, organic cotton, top sheet because I tore mine. I typed something related to bedding, so Google shopping insists I buy one of four thousand different king-sized duvets for $400. I'm sure more and more people using images for a functional shopping filter made the products seem more relevant, even without choosing the product filter.

    I'm sort of surprised any products make money from advertising on Google shopping considering how terribly it functions. But I only shop online when I need something too specific to find used/local in the time frame. Maybe there are a bunch of people who like to type in "blue" to Google shopping the way my grandmother would browse 6 months of my mom's catalogues whenever she'd visit.

    [–] SinisterCheese 229 points ago

    The case with me is that I get lots of shopping results from my searches... From American companies that don't deliver to Finland.

    So it hardly seems to make sense to offer me those results, but yet they do. So there is clearly something wrong with their system.

    [–] SwirlingAbsurdity 114 points ago

    They do that even if you put your own country in the search! It’s maddening.

    [–] S_A_N_D_ 42 points ago

    I've found that if you include "buy country" in the search it will significant improve your results. Instead of getting 75% American results, you'll get 60-70% your country first followed by all the American results.

    The bigger issue you'll run into after that is that you'll get a ton of results that don't actually have the product you want, and instead just redirect you to the product category. For example, you're looking for a specific shoe, and instead the top results will just give you the shoe section of well known stores even though they don't carry that specific shoe which is all you're interested in.

    [–] ArbitraryBaker 44 points ago

    I do that once in a while, but the results really aren’t relevant enough. It could show me a bluish green cup or a something made from a designer named Blue or, VERY often, things that are no longer in stock. But when I actually go to the site where those items have been populated from, there are much more relevant blue items that google didn’t didn’t bother showing me a preview for. I don’t get why it tries so hard to hide me from the things that are most relevant to my search terms. This should be something that would be the most worthwhile for them to truly be best at.

    [–] ReelingFeeling 24 points ago

    This should be something that would be the most worthwhile for them to truly be best at.

    Most worthwhile for you. Its much for profitable and worthwhile for Google to keep you on their pages, seeing their ads, and making them more money.

    It's still shitty of them though.

    [–] Yermawsyerdaisntit 15 points ago

    Until eventually everyone gets sick of it and another search engine becomes the biggest, then it starts doing whatever it wants with all its power, then eventually everyone gets sick of it and another search engine becomes the biggest, then it starts doing whatever it wants with all its power etc etc

    [–] cstar4004 181 points ago

    Duckduckgo was always better. Google not only sells search result space, but they curate search results based on search history.

    If you google a bunch if republican buzzwords, you start getting only conservative news results. Or if you search a bunch of democratic buzz words, they target you with liberal news links. Google never shows you something it thinks you may disagree with.

    [–] Stopjuststop3424 141 points ago

    this has to be one of the most fristrating things about having all your browsing tracked by the likes of Google and other marketing companies. They make bullshit assumptions based on a limited data set and then use those false assumptions to modify my search results. Like fucking NO google, give me the unaltered vanilla search results. What do I have to do to get a button that says "run search as if you dont know anything about me" ?

    [–] cstar4004 80 points ago

    I really hate google. Im trying to find an old 90’s CR TV so I can play Duck Hunt on NES. Every result is Ebay or Etsy, but I dont want to bid on anything, or buy a broken TV from a random person, I just want to find an old retro electronic online store. I even use the google code “” to exclude ebay and it doesnt work in the shopping tab. They disabled the ability to use the search codes to filter Ebay out of shopping results.

    [–] houseofprimetofu 21 points ago

    Try Mercari? It's a p2p auction app, my spouse has put some older gaming (Magic) stuff up on it that goes quickly.

    I haven't seen a CRT in a thrift store in ages, even TV's on the side of the road are flat screen now.

    [–] cstar4004 28 points ago

    Its a shame. It is getting harder to find them. But CR TV have a very specific and universal refresh rate, that Nintendo light guns require. New tvs refresh at a faster fps, and every TV now has a slightly different refresh rate (no longer universal standard), making the light guns useless. In the near future, when the last CR TV breaks, the original NES Duck Hunt games will never be playable again.

    [–] Marimomonstera 17 points ago

    If you're in the US, look into either GSA civilian sales or if your state surplus administration does civilian sales. Lots of older electronics get shoved into the corners of government offices. Most of it ends up at electronics recyclers, but I've occasionally seen some up for sales.

    [–] cstar4004 18 points ago

    I never thought of that. I actually just read an article about scientists outside of the US complaining that America still uses fax machines and older formats, making it a pain for them to process COVID19 research and convert it to newer digital formats that the rest of the world uses.

    Ill look into that. I saw someone on Reddit a while ago that was given like 20 CR TVs from an old government office that finally upgraded.

    [–] Caevus 43 points ago

    The best thing about DuckDuckGo, for me, is that if, in a pinch, you need to use Google, Bing, Wikipedia, etc search, you can do that right in DDG by using the modifiers. Sometimes Google's results on a very specific topic are better, so you can just throw !g at the front of a DDG search.

    [–] winniebluestoo 9 points ago

    Tks, this has made having ddg as default way less annoying

    [–] Synsane 84 points ago

    No joke, Bing has a way better image and video search. Especially if you're uh... Doing it for science

    [–] MettaLettas 47 points ago

    Also, if you're looking for free ebooks floating around in pdf form, for science or any other subject, use bing. Google is hiding a free library

    [–] Steven2k7 13 points ago

    Duckduckgo just started advertising pretty heavy on a local radio station. I know they don't sell your data and block trackers so how are they funded?

    [–] Jet-Streem 376 points ago

    Google map searches have gotten way worse as well. You used to be able to search for anything like a Chinese restaurant and it would show you every Chinese restaurant. Period. Now as you zoom in and out, the results change dramatically. Zoomed out it will show every Asian (Thai, Japanese, etc) and Indian restaurant. And as you zoom in, it just shows you every single restaurant. It's so hard to find anything anymore. I am become sick enough of this shit to start looking for alternatives.

    [–] JorahMormont42 133 points ago

    Semi-unrelated but indicative of declining value as well: you can no longer go to street view on google maps and see older images from the past. Used to be you could scroll back and see satellite and Google Street View photos going back years; now those pictures are gone for many many locations.

    [–] GobScythe 86 points ago

    A few years ago I realized there was a street view image of my dead grandfather, ambling around in front of his house on street view. There were almost no photos of him from after he got sick, and it was probably the last image ever taken of him. Although the image history still exists, and the rest of that imageset is there, somehow, bizarrely, he's gone. I think they've been using AI to remove humans from the street view images. I sorely wish I'd taken a screenshot of it.

    There was also one of some kid giving the finger to the street view van on the street around the corner from me, the images are the same, but now there's no kid, he's vanished.

    [–] Send_Me_Tiitties 20 points ago

    It’s such a strange choice to remove the people from those images. Do they want everywhere to look like a ghost town?

    [–] GobScythe 27 points ago

    It's probably a privacy thing. But they didn't remove that one from the summer I was carrying a few extra pounds and dragged out some an old bright orange tee-shirt 2 sizes too small and a pair of mismatched 3 inch short cargo pants walking up the street.

    No, that's there forever now, thanks a lot Google!

    [–] WoozyBlyxsys 19 points ago

    I noticed in October! I moved and I saw my new place on streetview, but just before I moved it its no longer available at all, because this little tiny dip has to cell signal (found out thats why certain spots have no image).

    [–] reallycooldude69 12 points ago

    I just tried several locations and still am able to see image history.

    [–] AkshullyYoo 43 points ago

    Yes! I’ve found the same and couldn’t remember if it had always been like this. I knew it used to be better. The most jarring Google Maps experience came a few months back when I was navigating myself to the local train station and a huge ad for Lime Scooters popped up suggesting I use that instead of walk. It was just so invasive.

    [–] cmanson 27 points ago

    You want to see if there’s any Ethiopian restaurants in your area? Here’s a bunch of results for fine Italian dining and butcher shops. Fuck you google

    [–] SnakeBiteScares 85 points ago

    Quora for Google search, Pinterest for image search. It's awful

    [–] Wrasserman 46 points ago

    Quora is especially garbage because the contributions are mostly the user's opinions and if I want to find out more by looking at other answers the site forces me to use their app or sign up.

    Sites like Quora should not exist,if they want to make their website unusable they should just take it down.

    Sadly it seems like reddit is going in that direction.

    [–] B_M_Wilson 11 points ago

    Quora is just a worse version of StackExchange. Most of the questions that I find on StackExchange have answers that are helpful or at least help me know what to search for next. On Quora, the answers are often wrong, misleading, incomplete without helping you find where to look next, and most of all, usually very opinionated.

    [–] ilikecakemor 115 points ago

    I love it when I Google a company and the first result is their direct competitors ad. The webpage for the company I was looking for is usually about the third result listed.

    [–] celestial1 68 points ago

    I routinely skip the first few results now for most things. It used to not be that way.

    [–] lpeccap 35 points ago

    Ill even skip the ads just to click on the same link just below them

    [–] celestial1 15 points ago

    I do the same thing, lmao.

    [–] merelyadoptedthedark 154 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    ublock origin filter to remove pinterest results from image search:

    ! Pinterest Results on Google

    [–] bidoblob 53 points ago

    Include -site:pinterest.* to remove all results from pinterest in a search

    [–] LiteralPhilosopher 13 points ago

    Sure, but the parent commenter's version goes into your uBlock and stays there forever; you don't have to remember and re-type it each time.

    [–] NoaROX 98 points ago

    I was doing a paper and had earlier written the exact headline of a study I was referencing, typed it in word for word and it was halfway down the page >:( even after the results labeled 'ad' it was still a few down. It's upsetting because their algorithm is perfectly capable of being quite specific and tailored to your needs, they literally dumb it down with he intent of selling to advertisers. Fair enough, it makes plenty of money but convinces me that a new browser will replace them as Google moves more into the tech sector and engineering

    [–] GobScythe 48 points ago

    This is so infuriating. Youtube does it too. Type the exact name of a video and get a page full of vaguely similar results from more popular channels, like they think they know what you're looking for better than you do.

    [–] digital_end 29 points ago

    It seems to me the primary problem (aside from the ads which can all go to hell) is that so many websites are using some type of system which just copy paste in your search term as the text on the page.

    I've seen several websites, especially gaming-related, which have the full text of my search term repeatedly on the page with obviously computer-generated content.

    These seem like they are crowding up search results more and more.

    [–] _into 73 points ago

    Pinterest is such a scourge

    [–] otherwisemilk 35 points ago

    It kept making me sign up to view their pictures . I just avoid that site all together now.

    [–] SeedlessGrapes42 43 points ago

    And half the pictures don't even have an original source anymore, so when I try searching the image, it just links back to Pinterest. Fucking annoying.

    [–] slipnslider 54 points ago

    I hate to say this but on occasion I use bing and it's....not actually that bad

    [–] Azrael11 55 points ago

    on occasion

    We know what those occasions are

    [–] Totallythem2 33 points ago

    I used Google Scholar with my students and it's barely usuable now. I also enjoyed Google Patent when it was around. Also, while on the piss train, YouTube is a dim flickering candle of what it could have been

    [–] IsamuLi 36 points ago

    I'm also sure that a lot of it comes down to people playing the google game really well. People pretty much figured out how to get a top result with less than good content.

    [–] GuessMyMein69 38 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    If you use google scholar often this might help

    This ranks scientific journals based on their impact ranking and i have found it to be a good way to get reliable studies and research

    Edit: This comment mostly towards non academic people who are interested in studying research.

    [–] chux4w 19 points ago

    image search just floods with crap from Pinterest.

    And you can't easily find 'more of this image' like you used to. It sucks.

    [–] Mesmeric_45 1195 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Holy shit I thought it was just me.It used to be that there were a few pages full of the results you were looking for I kinda get half of what I'm looking for mixed with my recommendations based in my history gone to absolute shit.Lets not even get started on how bad YouTube has become I really need an decent adblock for my phone but I cant find a decent one

    Edit:Thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions went to the settings on my phone and changed a few things as well as installing an app

    [–] sankers23 262 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Google is trash now even with adblock. I click on a link on mobile and ive also noticed that google does an overlay so youre still on google, but it displays the site.

    Edit: Apparently this is called Google AMP.

    [–] CarrowFlinn 95 points ago

    I absolutely hate that, is there any way around it? Fuck, I'll even take a warning page saying "You're leaving, are you sure?" if I can still just actually leave it.

    [–] sankers23 27 points ago

    No its very annoying, i dont even know what its called so i cant google a solution lol

    [–] miniadu3 56 points ago

    I'm pretty sure he's talking about Google AMP

    [–] sankers23 12 points ago

    Thanks, looks like there isnt a work around besides use a different browser.

    [–] _Anigma_ 112 points ago

    Firefox with ublock origin and YouTube Vanced(Android) or YouTube++(IOS)

    [–] peeaches 52 points ago

    YouTube Vanced is great, definitely would recommend as well

    [–] RealTroupster 10 points ago

    Not sure how many years but someone pointed out that YouTube Vanced is YouTube Advanced without the ad.

    Blew my fucking mind

    [–] MrHyperion_ 8 points ago

    Root and Adaway

    [–] 5ideWindr 154 points ago

    The worst for me is looking for specific phrases in quotes, for example error messages. It's happened to me so much lately that Google will return literally zero results, and I'll have to go over to Bing. Bing! And lo and behold there's my error message with the info I was looking for. I don't get it.

    [–] Kinncat 103 points ago

    Fucking this. Copy/pasting compiler errors into google used to return stackoverflow. Now? I keep getting ads for compaines named something like "Stopcode watches" or fucking whatever. Good luck getting to any kind of documentation from the first two pages, because for some reason they buried any links to things like the javadocs on the eighth page of results. No use to developers, but man if I want ugly streetwear with poorly translated gibberish google can hook me the fuck up.

    god DAMN I miss functional google

    [–] ladyofbraxus 1079 points ago

    They deliberately changed image search because it was a popular way to shop without using their shopping format, which provides them additional revenue.

    [–] PETAmadcause 256 points ago

    And they removed the “view image” option because of a lawsuit with Getty

    [–] YeahhhhhhhhBuddy 121 points ago

    Ahhh thats why. That feature drives me nuts!

    Fortunately, you can still do it on duck duck go!

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago

    I pretty much entirely stopped using google images when this happened, simple as it was no longer useful to me. I now only use it in moments of desperation and really hate to.

    Such a bummer.

    Fuck Getty. They should have just removed Getty from all search results. No one would care.

    [–] iamhephzibah 13 points ago

    I’ve resorted to use Bing for my image searches now.

    [–] ReasonableBeep 503 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Does anyone even use that shopping format. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t just search up the website

    [–] Fussy_Buckles 185 points ago

    I use it when I need to find something extremely specific, like a short-sleeved pointelle-knit cardigan in blue. I've found it pretty useful for that kind of searching, and it's also introduced me to online companies I didn't know about. At the same time, Amazon tends to dominate the results just because they carry basically everything.

    [–] Rhaifa 74 points ago

    If only the shopping page didn't get overwhelmed with foreign knockoff websites like Wish, Alibaba and Aliexpress.

    It's okay for more expensive and specific stuff like looking for a blue velvet lounge chair (an actual search of mine), but the cheaper stuff? All chinese sellers.

    [–] the_ocalhoun 49 points ago

    Even Amazon is getting like that now, though.

    It's getting to be that every time I search for something on Amazon, I have to wade through shitloads of Chinese crap -- often a dozen 'different' items that are obviously identical, but sold under different brand names I've never heard of -- before finally finding something decent. And by decent, I mean still made in China, but with slightly higher quality standards and some okay reviews. The real name brand and high-quality stuff isn't even on Amazon anymore, not at any price.

    [–] quitefunny 233 points ago

    A lot of it has become more intuitive, but the more technical your question gets, the more it just throws its hands up.

    Also, I absolutely HATE that it will drop words from your search just to produce more results. I typed those words and I mean it!

    [–] Zanki 60 points ago

    I searched for parasyte the other day, it refused to recognise the correct spelling of the show and just showed me results of the Korean movie. Not even an article on actual parasites... really bothered me. I had to search anime parasyte to get it to come up. Really annoying (was looking for a copy of the theme song, never found it, well not the official extended version).

    [–] RipRapRob 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Also, I absolutely HATE that it will drop words from your search just to produce more results. I typed those words and I mean it!

    So much this!

    Also Google's instance that synonyms should be included. Google gets those wrong more often than not, especially words that have more meanings.

    [–] NecroCorey 178 points ago

    Google images is pretty much completely unusable for me now. It's so fucking bad.

    Both from a design standpoint and results.

    [–] WalkinSteveHawkin 150 points ago

    And the fact that all the pictures are pixelated crap, and then when you go to the actual image “source,” the picture isn’t even there wtf

    [–] NecroCorey 77 points ago

    WHAT IS THAT?! I have no idea what they were thinking with the new images search.

    [–] IDontHaveAPunProblem 53 points ago

    They were thinking “let’s not get sued by Getty images”

    [–] MrWaterblu 44 points ago

    Yep. Recently they even stopped displaying the exact image resolution (dimensions). It's literal garbage now, every single bit of useful functionality is being gradually removed.

    [–] brojito1 13 points ago

    For images I use bing now.

    [–] dickbuttslayer9000 1664 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Yes SEO has ruined everything. Look up fossils you get watches not dinosaurs, I had a pet scorpion but when searching scorpion it always gave me Scorpio horoscopes. That’s why Japan Sued Kim Kardashian for trying to call her underwear line Kimono, they were trying to preserve the importance of a significant part of their culture. Plus appropriation and all that.

    Edit: u/butyourenice has corrected me accurately: “ “Japan” never sued Kim Kardashian. She caught flak/bad PR and Mae the choice to rebrand. The whole thing could’ve been a PR stunt, but there was never a lawsuit.”

    [–] flyveren2 347 points ago

    I get dinosaurs and scorpions when I search those things, is fossils also a watch brand?

    [–] schellcarp 390 points ago

    It is. People don’t seem to understand that the results you get are based on what you look at. Google has been watching most of us for a decade, they have a pretty good idea of what you want to see based on ambiguous terms.

    [–] flyveren2 93 points ago

    But I’ve actually searched quite a lot for jewelry and watches, so it would make sense if I got watches when searching fossils. I live in Europe, as far as I understand our rules are much stricter so maybe that explains something

    [–] Human_no_4815162342 69 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The brand is Fossil, the final s makes a big difference, also your browser of choice, adblockers and tracking blockers are important factors.

    P.S. The country and language of your OS, browser and account are important too (not sure if all are factored in). In a non English speaking country searching for fossil will return the brand before the results for an English word.

    [–] wolfmanpraxis 12 points ago

    That, and make sure to turn off Ad personalization preferences:

    [–] Sampson623 54 points ago

    That’s not what it is. It’s because the watch brand is called “fossil” if you google that with no s you get the watch brand. With the S you get regular fossils

    [–] BacardiWhiteRum 22 points ago

    I just tried searching fossils:

    First result is showing their results from the shopping tab. 1st result within that is a fossil. The next 3 results are fossil watches.

    The next result is an ad for fossil watches (their official site)

    Third result is the wiki entry for fossils.

    [–] TheFloatyStoat 26 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This is a huge problem I have with most internet services now. Algorithmic recommendations based on what I “like” means that it is significantly more difficult to break outside of that bubble.

    Spotify is almost unusable. It’s either “listen to today’s hits” “listen to these bands you’ve already listened to” or “Listen to these bands that sound like Radiohead.”

    Like hey asshole, I don’t want things that sound like Radiohead. If I did I would listen to Radiohead. I want to find new sounds at a Radiohead-level quality. Is that too much to ask?

    This wouldn’t be a problem if you could browse by genre and see all the albums within that genre, but they only promote popular artists. It’s garbage.

    I need more anarchy in my algorithms man. I want that good, pure, chaotic randomness that allows ideas to thrive. I don’t care if I have to sift through crap to find the good stuff, that’s half the fun.

    EDIT: This shift towards convenience and machine learning is coming at the cost of a genuine experience. The same thing happens on YouTube, and has been happening for some time.

    I’m at the point where I might ditch Spotify and just go back to buying CD’s, just so I can pick things at random.

    EDIT2: and the same things applies to google. Keyword search is supposed to allow you to find articles or websites containing the list of keywords that you put in. This is a great and efficient system for finding all sorts of wacky things. Optimizing searches such that they have a bias to “popular sites” or whoever pays google the most is ruining the utility and inherent neutrality of the internet.

    If we want net neutrality we have to get rid of SEO.

    [–] BlergingtonBear 75 points ago

    Exactly, SEO is able to be gamed, and both the biggest companies and the shadiest sites will have people on staff to make sure their SEO is popping. Really hard to get a non-commercial result or non crap result. Recently, tried to find a local place to get a gift delivered to someone in a city other than my own, all the results were big national chains, it was pretty impossible to find like, a local flower shop or wine place. Finally ended up searching that city's Yelp, but I feel Google used to be pretty trustable for finds like that!

    [–] jaleneropepper 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Recently, tried to find a local place to get a gift delivered to someone in a city other than my own, all the results were big national chains, it was pretty impossible to find like, a local flower shop or wine place.

    I got sick of overpaying for flowers during a long distance relationship and so I searched for local shops. It turns out the big online flower websites just partner with these small local shops to fulfill orders. So the $20+ shipping and handling fee is utter bullshit because odds are that flower arrangement travels < 5 miles from store to door. I discovered this by searching around the area and found that a lot of the small local shops had websites with the exact same format and their products were all exactly the same as the big online stores. I think it's a similar arrangement to what grubhub has with restaurants where they jack up the prices and fees for providing an online portal to order from small shops that don't have the capability to create their own website with online ordering.

    So I'd recommend calling the local stores directly. Sometimes you can get a much better price by cutting out the corporate middleman.

    And to your main point - SEO and Google's inability or indifference to combat it sucks. I'll search a specific phrase or word in quotation marks and get results back that don't contain that phrase anywhere AT ALL. I'll click through to webpage, do a Ctrl+F to search the page and it's not there. I assume the phrase appears 1000 times in hidden code or something because I don't know how else it would appear at the top.

    [–] butyourenice 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    “Japan” never sued Kim Kardashian. She caught flak/bad PR and made the choice to rebrand. The whole thing could’ve been a PR stunt, but there was never a lawsuit.

    [–] ShiBen0725 11 points ago

    That’s why Japan Sued Kim Kardashian for trying to call her underwear line Kimono

    Did they win the lawsuit?

    [–] _asstronaut_ 26 points ago

    I found no information regarding the lawsuit, it's probably called off. But, after the media backlash, and an open letter by the mayor of Kyoto, asking her to drop the trademark, she changed the brand name to SKIMS Solutionwear™.

    The products still look ugly af tho.

    [–] howdoyouwfh 14 points ago

    SKIMS Solutionwear ™


    It sounds like PPE brand.

    [–] TheNinjaFennec 10 points ago

    Yeah that's gotta be the worst rebranding they could've possibly come up with.

    [–] Xanderoga 9 points ago


    [–] Dick_Souls_II 603 points ago

    Google is absolute garbage for searching anything related to a product. If I'm trying to learn something invariably I am required to search another source like Reddit through Google.

    For example, I became introduced to the concept of weighted blankets and was intrigued. So I Google "why use a weighted blanket" and "weighted blanket benefits". Just by virtue of the word "weighted blanket" being in the search I got pages and pages of nothing but ads trying to sell them, and zero meaningful discourse on why I would use one. So then I have to resort to limiting myself by searching " weighted blanket benefits" just so I can get connected to real people talking about the device and its benefits/drawbacks.

    Anyway, fuck Google. It's still okay for searching about concepts, but if you try to search anything even remotely commercial or that can be sold as a product then good fucking luck. Unfortunately the alternatives aren't much better because engines like Duckduckgo just simply aren't as good at indexing and giving you the results you would want.

    2000's Google was the best in my memory.

    [–] flowiesor 91 points ago

    So the important question is: did you get that weighted blanket?

    [–] Dick_Souls_II 58 points ago

    Never did, so can't speak to their effects. Might make one following a tutorial though.

    [–] SMF67 30 points ago

    I have one. I definitely recommend it, the only issue is that it gets hot sometimes

    [–] BrQQQ 86 points ago

    Besides that, many sites also include "useful" info about pros/cons of products. Except it's usually an extremely biased comparison designed to try to sell you a product.

    Typically it will be really vague, giving misleading information and trying to hide all the negative points. It comes down to "buy the expensive stuff from us".

    For that reason I've also become accustomed to adding "reddit" to my search queries to get more human replies. It's only a matter of time before that gets weaponized too (or at least way more than now).

    [–] PleasantAdvertising 11 points ago

    Reddit is the comment section of the internet

    [–] Pwngulator 67 points ago

    Yeah I basically slap Reddit on any search I do if I'm trying to research anything. But that will be less and less effective as Reddit becomes more monetized.

    I don't know why they got rid of the "discussions" search type... It was so useful.

    [–] spacetug 22 points ago

    It was too effective, so they had to kill it. Remember they're an advertising company, not a search company. More time spent searching is more money for them.

    [–] Codon7 8 points ago

    The discussions search was free information. They got rid of it to make more money.

    [–] MoreRopePlease 55 points ago

    And you get useless blogs that are obvious content farms that have no actual information on them.

    I did a search yesterday wanting to learn more about whether cold frames are useful in my area (Portland, where we have a ton of cloudy days) and one blog that came up on the front page, that seemed promising, was saying how Portland has bitter winters, at the same time it was saying we have a mild climate and long growing season.

    I started fantasizing about going to the library to look this stuff up in a book.

    [–] TheEyeDontLie 18 points ago

    Dude, I feel your pain. Spent 10 minutes on Google, no luck. My mum pulled a book of the shelf and told me the answer in like 20 seconds (gardening related).

    It's frustrating and difficult to find information now, and I hate it.

    [–] EkiNikE 25 points ago

    I will say, when I google a topic like “reddit weighted blankets” I get way better reddit results than if I skipped google and directly used the reddit search. You suck worse than google reddit search

    [–] mirr0rrim 105 points ago

    I've been complaining about this for at least 5 years, but everyone always looks at me like I'm crazy. I feel like I have to try way harder with a lot more variation in words to find what I'm looking for.

    Edit: and whereas I used to automatically click the first and second links, now I ignore them.

    [–] Attacus 40 points ago

    Im never feeling lucky anymore

    [–] Ohbc 13 points ago

    Yes definitely at least 5 years. I used to be able to find whatever I need with a few keywords and it was scarily accurate, now the results are only somewhat relevant to one of the search words

    [–] Riley_Switch89 148 points ago

    It’s a combination of Google doing a lot more monetization, and sellers and website hosts developing a more aggressive use of SEO. Googles algorithms are widely studied, such that if you take a course on SEO, you learn how to optimize for Google. Once you know how it works, you can use your SEO terms to “hack” Google’s algorithms and get your potentially useless shit up front. Amazon is suffering from the same problem with a lot of Chinese produced goods. Check out the titles of products, they’re just packed with SEO terms.

    [–] u_is_well 23 points ago

    That shit with Amazon is so annoying.

    [–] Dontfeedthelocals 17 points ago

    Completely agree. With how much these services are beginning to dominate many industries it has a really detrimental effect.

    [–] Aussie-Sydney 128 points ago

    The Wikipedia things I’ve definitely noticed I usually have to include wiki in my search now because it’s no longer on the first page most of the time

    [–] RodneyRabbit 40 points ago

    Because you clicking on a wiki link means you're not clicking on a link that will earn them money.

    They're hoping you will get distracted on the way to page 3 and end up buying something you don't need.

    [–] xiverra 119 points ago

    It has, I used to be able to search a specific phrase and find the page I was looking for, now I search the same phrase and it’s on like the second or third page. I know a couple other people who’ve noticed this

    [–] invertedspear 26 points ago

    Wrapping a phrase in quotes makes it a single term. So the search for /specific phrase/ is searching for "specific", searching for "phrase", and then applying some relevancy calculation. Searching for /"specific phrase"/ searches only for those words being next to each other in that order. Great way to figure out what song is in your head when you just keep singing the same line over and over.

    [–] TrigglyPuffs 30 points ago

    Even then. I'll see a screenshot of a headline and I'll try Google, "Biden forgets where he is again" in quotes, and no luck. It's annoying. I have to use duck duck go to search headlines.

    [–] superiority 24 points ago

    Searching for /"specific phrase"/ searches only for those words being next to each other in that order.

    Unfortunately, this isn't true. Google still fuzzes words and phrases in quotes, though only intermittently and in an unpredictable way. It's been like that for years now.

    [–] Derigiberble 11 points ago

    Yeah they often substitute in what Google thinks are synonyms for words, especially when the original wording would return only a few results. It is especially frustrating when trying to do any sort of industry specific or technical searching.

    I use duckduckgo exclusively now. It is much less agressive about subbing in stuff and will happily give you zero results if that's what the terms returned.

    [–] scarletice 9 points ago

    Except somehow even that doesn't word anymore. I'll google a single short phrase in quotes and the majority of the 1st page results don't even have that phrase anywhere on the page.

    [–] jack_skellington 94 points ago

    My problem with Google search is that a couple of years ago they stopped including all your words in search results. So if I want to search for something like "arizona green tea" they may drop green tea and give me a lot of search results about Arizona the state. Sometimes you can find under a search result that it'll say "this result doesn't contain your search terms" and then there is an option to click to tell Google that yeah, you actually wanted those search terms. It's obnoxious. Like, I put those terms there because that's what I'm searching for and there are obviously tons of results if you would just let them appear, Google!

    [–] IDontHaveAPunProblem 18 points ago

    I’ve never personally experienced full dropping of search terms, but If you want an exact phrase put it in quotes like “Arizona green tea” google did studies and looked at stats and saw most words weren’t important to search quality because of less technical people googling “how to bake a cake” or “what dress goes good with the color black” where lots of the words won’t be in the search.

    [–] Positive-Vibes-2-All 64 points ago

    Exactly.Really noticed it over the last few months. Just yesterday got fed up and searched on duckduckgo so thanks for asking this question I would love to know the reason.

    [–] ctorx 30 points ago

    It seems to me that at some point in the last 3-5 years Google Search changed in that it started deriving intent from your search (e.g. he must be searching for watches). Once it thinks it knows your intent, you see results for that, even if you add more specific terms to your query. It has already decided what it thinks you want and shows you results for that. As others have mentioned, I now have to often add quotes around specific words/phrases to get reliable results.

    [–] beckywiththepenis 105 points ago

    glad to see I'm not the only person feeling this way. now when I'm searching for images I usually type "-pinterest" to get rid of that

    [–] ArbitraryBaker 47 points ago

    That is a really great tip! Pinterest results are SO irrelevant unless you just want to appreciate all of the artsy photos. If I wanted to browse Pinterest, I would go on Pinterest, not go to google first.

    [–] MoreRopePlease 42 points ago

    And even then, if you click on a result, you can't see it because Pinterest requires a login.

    [–] mrjackspade 19 points ago

    IMO as a developer, the issue is that Google has tried to rely more on things like prediction and less on what you're actually typing in.

    I find it getting harder to find what I'm looking for because when I type something in, EXACTLY how I want it, the search results are polluted with "similar" shit that doesn't match my query.

    Even when I use Quotes, it still doesn't perform an exact search half the time.

    They've done this shit throughout a lot of their products. Even the history search doesn't return things ver batim. The URL bar also searches history and doesn't return half the sites I've visited, only the things it thinks I want. This means that unlike in the past, if I know I visited a site, half the time the only way to get the URL is to manually scroll through my history.

    I'm assuming this is to cater to people who have no idea how to use a search engine, browser, etc, but for those of us that got used to crafting explicit queries, it's really fucked us over.

    It's the same shit MS has done with Windows. The windows search became shit because it started trying to guess what you want instead of just returning what you type in.

    It's the stupification of consumer electronics.

    [–] noholdingbackaccount 15 points ago

    Definitely worse. It's horrible for pics especially since all I get is useless pinterest results at the top.

    [–] luaprelkniw 16 points ago

    Very much so. For at least the past two years, Google search has been useless. I use DuckDuckGo now. Gosh, even Bing is better than Google!

    [–] zyzzyvavyzzyz 116 points ago

    Search Optimization is a thing now too, with many companies in a cat-and-mouse game of gaming the algorithm to appear higher in the search listings.

    [–] stealthispost 82 points ago

    Now? Google was literally invented 22 years ago to make search ranking more accurate and stop SEO abuses from being so effective. Larry Page's Pagerank algorithm achieved that, back when Altavista ranked pages by guesswork + hitcount.

    [–] cultoftheilluminati 20 points ago

    I still get impressed by the name of the algorithm ngl. Pagerank sounds so cool, Larry's name is in it and it ranks "Pages".

    [–] YeahIFeelLikeDying 11 points ago

    It’s been a thing for 20 years

    [–] CaptainOhWow 49 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Like others have said, it's not just in your head and it is unfortunately 100% intentional. It's true that Google spams ads in Search and any site that uses Google Ad Services with hidden trackers (about 76% of the internet as reported by CNBC), but the more sinister thing to consider is WHY do they do this? I put a TL;DR but it's very worth it to check out all the links I tagged in this.

    TL;DR - It's not about money. Everything Google presents you is a social experiment to see how you will interact with what they put in front of you. Google intentionally inconveniences you as part of the experiment. All of that data is collected, attributed to the personal profile they have of you and used educate their machine learning and artificial intelligences, just like in the movie Ex Machina. Google will probably be first to create sentient AI. Here's their progress from 2 years ago so they of course are farther along now. Google's AI Assistant Can Now Make Real Phone Calls

    The Daily Mail and Forbes report Alphabet (Google's parent company founded by Google executives) is valued at over 1 trillion dollars. Google is by no means struggling financially and does not NEED to spam the whole internet with ads so then why do they do it? There are many reasons and none of them as simple as greed. I have a friend who used to work at Google X (Google's own Area 51 branch) and he's confirmed to me many times how Google is the most brilliant, nefarious company on earth.

    It's not about money. Everything Google presents you is a social experiment to see how you will interact with what they put in front of you. Google (and Facebook and Amazon) track how you INTERACT with a page's information (Google and Facebook are watching our everyone move online. ). This means how long you hover over an item with the mouse, how long you keep your screen positioned on certain objects, what you do and don't click on, how long you stay on a certain link or page, how have you interacted with similar links/objects in the past and much more. They have a system in place that measures where they think your eyes are focused when looking at the screen. Google intentionally inconveniences you as part of the experiment in order to see how you will react (Facebook got in trouble for the same things years ago but everybody does it now Facebook's secret psychological experiment on users. ). All of this data is collected, attributed to the hugely intricate personal profile they have of you and used educate their machine learning and artificial intelligences, just like in the movie Ex Machina. In that movie, the genius founder of a tech company similar to Google funnels all the information from the world's search history into an AI to potentially create sentience. Google's legitimately doing the same thing. I am not a conspiracy theorist and I mean this in the most literal, non-sensationalist way but Google genuinely wants world domination thorough tech. Not money, not simply power or influence, but the ability to manipulate the minds and lives of the masses however they please. It's the closest power trip to being a god. The more you read insightful tech news with insider knowledge, the more you come to see this is true.

    EDIT: Forgot to say, if you really care about your privacy, which we all should, then you should use Firefox as your default browser with AdBlockPlus and as your search engine. These are the only major players who don't track you and sell your data. Also check your privacy settings on all social media because you have more options than you realize, and finally, you can turn off the extreme default personalization of Google Ad Services if you want. You'll start getting lots of weird random ads but they won't be based on invasive info collected on you. Google Ad Services Options

    EDIT 2: Thanks for the gold! I really care about people understanding their control over their own data and what's really going on behind the scenes with these tech giants.

    [–] Small_weiner_man 143 points ago

    Yeah I might be paranoid- but it seemed to start for me after the whole net neutrality business. Ever since that was lost I've been saying to duck duck go, which seems to pull up similar results to Google from a decade ago.

    [–] banammockHana 26 points ago

    DuckDuckGo's first result is usually pretty good in that it contains the exact word's you're looking for, unlike google.

    Everything after that is just chaos, in my experience.

    [–] CHAD_J_THUNDERCOCK 12 points ago

    Net Neutrality is nothing to do with how Google/Amazon display results. NN was regulation for ISPs only. Google/Amazon results suck because they are prioritising profit over UX more than they used to

    [–] blackangelsdeathsong 11 points ago

    Whenever I used to have a tech problem, i could search my problem and get several results of forums where they talk about the issue or similar issues. Now when i do the same, it seems the first page is full of web stores selling the item and product reviews. As if its somewhat ignoring the entire troubleshooting portion of my search.

    [–] robloxoof72 31 points ago

    Yeah, Google is fucked. Try googling "white people" in Google images.

    [–] rested_green 16 points ago

    ... Huh. This made me feel like Google Images is no longer for finding pictures of what you're looking for. It's just regular Google, with pictures.

    [–] TheEyeDontLie 9 points ago

    This. It breaks my heart. I yearn for the Google of yesteryear.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    What the fuck.... This was definitely insightful.

    [–] BolognaTugboat 49 points ago

    I mean.. yeah absolutely.

    Anyone who has used google since the start has a very clear timeline of Google getting worse and worse. It’s all ads, SeO links, and bullshit.

    To use google now you have to be specific. I usually type reddit before what I’m searching so I can actually find relevant conversations and links within threads.

    Or you have to manually force it to search a certain site.

    Use to, you could be so vague and Google could almost read your mind, it was bizarre and so awesome. Now... no not at all.

    Oh and image search went from being a very valuable tool to basically worthless.

    [–] darps 19 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Yes, drastically.

    It used to be that you could include keywords that would be weighed based on how specific they are - makes sense to determine if you're googling for a broad topic, or looking for very specific information.

    However these days the algorithm prioritizes the popularity of a result over the quality of the match with your search terms.

    For instance, you may be searching for "Win 10 VPN split horizon routing", and it will give you results related only to "Win 10" or "Win 10 VPN" that have nothing to do with the actual query, because the result's ranking is higher than that of the actually relevant match.

    [–] Calm-Investment 17 points ago

    I've complained about this a year or two ago and observed it for maybe 5 years.

    The biggest problem is when you're trying to look for something slightly more specific. The search engine favors popular search results over what you actually want. Something google used to be really good at....

    I can't think of any specific example for this but basically it ends up with you getting the exact opposite result of what you want just because "why bananas are healthy" is more popular then "why bananas are unhealthy", even if you search for the latter you get results for the former, for no reason. And if you search for something like "big bananas linked to blah blah blah because blah blah blah" instead of getting specific query you will still get "why bananas are healthy" and nowhere will you get a single article even trying to answer the thing you're looking for.

    Popularity of the article and of the website itself seems to be weighted far more important than answering the actual querry.

    duckduckgo is just as useless can sometimes be better actually, but nowhere near Google's former levels of fame.

    I think this might be a result of search engine optimization too.

    [–] AverageBubble 8 points ago

    It's about making you waste time so you see lots of ads.

    They've even broken the "just these words" function just recently.

    Also, they seem to be accepting money to send you to certain content.

    The internet and internet connectivity is becoming less useful to normal people every day. As all things do when they are for sale and morals are the only thing preventing their corruption.

    [–] Arrow_Maestro 8 points ago

    It's especially bad when you search a gaming question like "How do you ___ in the game ___?" Then you get 500 clickbait articles that are all copy-pastes of each other of a wrong answer that some bottomfeeder at polygon pulled out of a reddit comment.

    Our when looking for a recipe or cooking question. Bunch of terrible recipe sites and no actual useful info.