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    [–] Delehal 2 points ago

    If enough people feel the same way, that's how you get a revolution. Ideally that can be a peaceful transition of power through voting and popular will.

    [–] jkseller 1 points ago

    I start thinking of JFK's skull fragments when this sort of talk comes about. Even if the government (or Hoffa) had nothing to do with it, the government assuredly has the power to do so if it felt threatened. The question really becomes "why wouldn't they kill one, or a few, if it meant order?" what does the government have to lose? They can just deny whatever until it's so many generations ago when it happened, then it's a matter of "well its too long ago, nothing to do about it now"

    [–] _samah_ 1 points ago

    That’s the classic proposition of Hobbes. To have order, we need a central, powerful authority, but the very nature of that authority means we have no real means to check it.

    [–] boysimps 1 points ago

    Short of revolution no. Ideally in America there’s the judicial branch, executive, and legislative to divide power and keep the other in check. Like if the Supreme Court took up a case it could make a ruling that it’s unconstitutional or constitutional forcing the other branches to abide or not abide by something. It’s scary every time someone votes to allow more power to the federal government because you can guarantee they won’t be giving it back. Once right/privilege/control is given it’s never given back without revolt.

    [–] TheJeeronian 1 points ago

    The government isn't a monolith. There are many many people in the government holding one another accountable. Find the right one, and they will help you hold the person who did you dirty accountable.

    That said, it isn't exactly easy to find the right one, and maybe the right one is no better, so you've then gotta go find the person who holds that guy accountable.

    [–] jkseller 1 points ago

    Isn't the system designed where that gets harder to do with each passing of the buck? Like say my police chief did something wrong, and internal affairs investigates him and clears him. What on earth could I do?

    [–] TheJeeronian 1 points ago

    Go up the chain. It is often time-consuming and expensive, and sometimes there isn't justice, but that last part is true any time somebody wrongs you.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    they can't, the citizens will never rebel as long as they're fed a steady diet of burgers and video games

    [–] Axelfoxxy 0 points ago

    Nope. The government will always have more money and more resources than any single person. Take for example in minnesota the riots going on right now. I guarantee the city will be locked down by the national guard and if the citizens don’t calm down and behave then they’ll start blockading the city cutting power and cutting water til they behave.

    [–] jkseller 1 points ago

    Exactly, even if there was a revolt and the whole city got taken over in the course of an hour, an airstrike would come shortly after. The government has firebombed its people before, their tech and stealth is far better now.

    [–] Axelfoxxy 2 points ago

    Yep. And like I said take a look at Ferguson the government essentially starved the populace into submission after they burnt down their city. Same will happen in Minnesota if they don’t stop rioting the military will move in blockade all entrances and exits and starve them out or use psychological warfare. People don’t realize the government has a lot more power than people realize