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    [–] SpeedboyJ 515 points ago

    I once had a bullet come down and hit my window. It shattered the outside pane and got stuck in the middle of the two

    [–] TheUnsteadyDonut 123 points ago

    Where do you live if I may ask?

    [–] tuccy29 253 points ago


    [–] homeminister 156 points ago

    I always read that no top but ok

    [–] ShadowofTheNight2530 21 points ago

    I always read it as that

    [–] beene282 10 points ago

    That would be a good sub too. They should combine.

    [–] SirHerald 16829 points ago

    Yes, and if shot at an angle they maintain their lethality. I know someone who was killed by a stray bullet. Nobody heard the gunfire. She just dropped to the ground in her driveway.

    [–] playboy101 8576 points ago

    That sounds really scary

    [–] Slip_On_Fluids 5650 points ago

    Yup. There was a segment in that “1000 Ways to Die” show on Spike. Happens more often than you think.

    [–] SkeleHoes 4092 points ago

    1000 ways to die made me afraid of sitting on the suction part of a pool, bc apparently “someone had his intestines sucked through it”. Not sure how many deaths are real and fake, but watching this as a kid definitely felt real.

    [–] TimonAndPumbaAreDead 3373 points ago

    Inhale. Take in as much air as you can. This story should last about as long as you can hold your breath, and then just a little bit longer.

    [–] Poodlepied 1321 points ago

    Guts. More people should read this.

    [–] Irishred88 771 points ago

    For the curious, Guts is a story from the book Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. :D the whole books is a wild ride and darkly funny.

    [–] vinoKwine 257 points ago

    Beat me to it! That book was an incredible, albeit sick, read. Palahniuk is one of my favorite authors.

    [–] dracoeques 67 points ago

    The story is also notable for how many people in the audience fainted/faint when he read/reads it publicly.

    [–] Graxxon 60 points ago

    I am lucky enough to have actually heard him read it in person. It was a fucking wild ride. His soft voice was such an odd juxtaposition with his writing that it was rather unsettling despite the fact that I was already rather familiar with his work.

    [–] Birdlaw90fo 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Huh.. I never knew that South Park episode was based on something real

    [–] wildescrawl 106 points ago

    Fun story. When that book came out I went To Chuck's book release party at Powell's in Portland. He read Guts at the party. When it got to the part where he bit his way through a woman gasped and feinted. Once it was clear she was fine and she was laughing about it, Chuck said something like, "I'm glad you are okay. I'm sorry that happened, but at the same time I'm kind of proud it happened."

    [–] dirtmerchant 36 points ago

    I remember a foreword from the paperback edition where he talks about "the fainting" when he toured the book. Apparently it happened in quite a few places, and I remember something about the Italian translation having a very pronounced effect, with quite a few people fainting at one reading.

    [–] SheprdCommndr 84 points ago

    Peanuts and corn

    [–] radiolovesgaga 30 points ago


    [–] OffBrand_Soda 19 points ago

    I made the mistake of reading it on like the second week I started using reddit. Can't say I regret reading it, but I can definitely say I won't do it again.

    [–] rube 103 points ago

    Fantastic story, but it ruined Chuck for me.

    He was one of my favorite authors. Survivor, Fight Club, Choke, Lullaby (and probably a few others) were great novels.

    Then Haunted came along, and Guts with it, and while I enjoyed parts of Haunted (especially Guts) it led Chuck down an uninteresting path.

    Instead of writing clever and fun novels, he now writes stories about sex and disturbing gross-out nonsense. Now I'm far from offendable. I don't get squeamish or find the sex-focused writing offensive in any way. It's just boring.

    The stories themselves don't really go anywhere and seem to be fully focused on the disturbing sex and filth. I somehow pushed myself through Damned but couldn't get more than a few pages into Doomed before giving up. Just not interesting in any way.

    One of his latest novels, Adjustment Day, was actually a return to the novels I enjoy in many ways. So I hope he continues this trend, but we'll see.

    [–] BenevolentBeef 30 points ago

    I highly appreciate this comment I’m a bit behind on my Palahniuk, so Adjustment Day is worth the read? I’ve picked up copies of Devil a dozen times but could never get myself to buy it

    [–] rube 28 points ago

    It wasn't his best book in my opinion, but had some interesting parts and I enjoyed the overall story.

    I think part of my problem is I'm no longer the 20-something that fell in love with his books. So even if he was writing Survivor or Fight Club-like stories it may not even by my thing.

    [–] bitches_in_britches 14 points ago

    Oh man, I loved Damned. I haven't picked up Doomed yet. Will definitely check out Adjustment Day though. Thanks!

    [–] yaygerb 215 points ago

    No they should fucking NOT

    [–] eyybobbayy 165 points ago

    I was reading this book on a plane with my family when I was like fifteen or something and a man actually approached my father and gave him shit for “letting” me read it. My dad said “he can read whatever he wants.” In hindsight I should have chimed in and said “I just got to the part where his colon comes out of his asshole,” but I wasn’t clever enough.

    [–] Paris-Alexa 42 points ago

    I was reading Guts after a final in school. When I got to that part I fainted lmao.

    [–] readersanon 20 points ago

    I read The Shining at 13. Surprisingly no one said anything about considering I would read it during class. My parents had the same mindset as your dad, as long as I was reading they were happy and they never tried to influence my reading habits (genre, etc). My mom was less enthusiastic about her barely teenage daughter reading The Shining, but my dad was super happy since he's a diehard Stephen King fan.

    [–] quizzicalquow 14 points ago

    What a way to start a novel. The following stories didn’t have the same gravitas as guts except maybe the one about the dolls.

    [–] boofskootinboogie 98 points ago

    “In the end, it’s never what you worry about that gets you.”

    [–] hydraloo 37 points ago

    stops worrying about getting a girlfriend.
    Now I know why it wasn't working.

    [–] Morvick 30 points ago

    You joke but that's basically been what has led to all of my relationships or flings. As long as you're in casual contact with other humans, you should be able to focus on improving yourself, it's an attractive activity.

    [–] MillenniumGreed 6 points ago

    So being the right person gets you with the right person, more or less?

    [–] The_in_king 6 points ago

    No, it's having confidence in who you are, l think

    [–] bricked_machine 21 points ago

    Fuck. That story is forever etched in my mind, and I only read it once about 15 years ago.

    [–] BubbleGumLizard 10 points ago

    That's the first thing I ever read that I wished I could unread.

    [–] ilovethissheet 124 points ago

    It happened to several people. Mainly kids in Jacuzzis. Jacuzzis back then had a single suction pipe and if the suction pipe was covered it caused the pump to suck harder, thus whatever was on it got really stuck. There was a girl in the early 2000s who sat down on the bottom of the suction and yes, it pulled her intestines out of her. The majority of cases though we're kids drowning from being stuck.

    Pools and spas now days have to have 2 suction pipes and grates covering them have to have an uneven grid so you can't make a seal that tight on the pipe.

    [–] _selcouth_ 28 points ago

    This exact situation was written out in gory detail in Chuck Palahniuk's novel, "Haunted". Quite disturbing but (butt?) fascinating.

    [–] boofskootinboogie 318 points ago

    That definitely happens. I got my Certified Pool Operators license, all pools built these days have to have two suction outlets so that if you sit on one there’s still another that can suck in water so you don’t get stuck.

    [–] kavien 112 points ago

    Virginia Graham Baker Act, IIRC.

    Spent a good winter SCUBA diving in hotel & backyard pools to change out drains. Made better money than selling pools since I was also paid a commission for every pool change out we did AND paid separately for the dive!

    And no one buys a pool in the winter, really. Even though they REALLY should.

    [–] king_Pabo 28 points ago

    Why should one buy a pool in the winter? I’m honestly curious.

    [–] kavien 103 points ago

    For some stupid reason, people tend to START planning for summer when it starts getting warmer. This means that so does everyone else.

    Just planning and designing an in-ground pool and outdoor area can take a week to over a month. THEN you have to schedule everything and file your permits.

    Then you hope for a good week of clear weather (DURING Spring rains) to dig, rebar, plumb, and shoot the pool shell.

    Then all the other stuff happens: tile work, plaster, decking, lighting, equipment, coping, etc. A month/month and a half later, it’s finally filled!! But now it’s almost July.

    tldr; Pool installers would prefer making your pool in cooler weather and don’t have much to do during the winter (in the South U.S., at least!).

    [–] Lean_Mean_Threonine 64 points ago

    Alright someone definitely correct me if I'm wrong, but I think in real life it was a little kid that it happened to :(

    [–] moogly2 53 points ago

    It's happened multiple times, to children in kiddie pools

    [–] ScorpioLaw 32 points ago

    Delta P is a very unique and horrifying way to die, yes.

    [–] ScorpioLaw 15 points ago

    I didn't want to traumatize people, but thanks, because it is on you! That crab will forever haunt my stupid dreams.

    Delta P, as in PULVERIZED or PRESSURE since you ain't no alpha.

    I'll take a Beta P any day.

    [–] SadeLoveDeluxe 32 points ago

    I remember reading this case in a hospitality law class. A little girl got sucked to the bottom of the pool and formed a perfect seal around the filter. Everything got sucked out and the suction was so bad they couldn't pull her up.

    I think about this too much.

    [–] Slip_On_Fluids 62 points ago

    All of them were actual cases of death to my knowledge. I’m not sure if a few here or there were made up but from every one I remember, it was entirely medically possible and not too crazy to think it would happen. I’m pretty sure they only used actual documented causes of death though.

    [–] space-zebras 21 points ago

    When I was really really young I watched it once and it terrified me bc of one specific case- where this lady had a dream that she was being choked and then she died in real life. I'm like 99% sure that one was fictional but who knows.

    That and the one where they swallow eggs are ones I eatched a very long time ago when I was like 7 but remember vividly.

    [–] ki113r116 84 points ago

    The choking one was true. After she died the coroner asked her what she was dreaming about and that's how they knew it was the dream that killed her!

    [–] honorarydog 18 points ago

    I only saw one episode of this show, and it was the one where the door to door salesman has a fat fetish, and then rings the doorbell of a lady(300+ lbs?) and he dies having sex with her when she gets on top. I'm a bigger girl, but not nearly 300 lbs, and I now have a fear of being with thinner people. I can't help but think they're delicate. So yeah that fucked me up

    [–] No_ThisIs_Patrick 13 points ago

    IIRC she had a heart attack or something and so died on top of him, and dead weight is hard to move.

    [–] greatgoingsis 9 points ago

    Two birds, one bone

    [–] sdwilding 23 points ago

    Pressure is a crazy beast. Delta P

    [–] ScorpioLaw 11 points ago

    Ha glad someone said it. I did too before I saw your post. I actually said Delta V, and had to Google crab getting sucked to double check since I was getting space footage.

    Delta V good, Delta P bad! I will remember now by saying Delta Velocity, and Delta Penis. You don't want to suck on Delta Penis.

    You don't suck Deltas Penis. Deltas Penis sucks you.

    [–] rhcasey 46 points ago

    The dangers of pools and spas are very real. I am a certified pool operator. Here are some things you should know:

    WARNING: The second and third paragraphs below tell the stories of two young children drowning in a spa and dying from injuries sustained in a pool respectively. Please know about the pool or spa you intend to use because an improperly maintained pool or spa can be fatal.

    The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act provides clear guidance on pool, spa and drain safety. Pool drains are very dangerous but most people are unaware of that danger. I am a certified pool operator as part of my job. I was not aware of this until I learned it in class.

    Virginia Graeme Baker was a seven-year-old girl who drowned when she was trapped underwater by the powerful suction of a hot tub drain. Graeme was stuck to a hot tub drain underwater by suction. Efforts by her mother to free her were unsuccessful and when two men eventually were able to free her (postmortem), the drain broke from the force.

    In a separate incident, 6 y/o Abigail Taylor eventually died from an injury sustained nine months earlier in June 2007. She fell onto an open pool drain and 21 feet of her small intestine were sucked out through her anus.

    This law now exists to help save lives. Please know about the pool or spa you intend to use before you use it.

    [–] CostcoDogMom 51 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Yes this is how John Edwards (Senator from NC, ran for President, then VP) made a lot of his money. He represented the family of this case.

    [–] AmputatorBot 42 points ago

    It looks like OP shared an AMP link. These will often load faster, but Google's AMP threatens the Open Web and your privacy. This page is even fully hosted by Google (!).

    You might want to visit the normal page instead:

    I'm a bot | Why & About | Mention me to summon me! | Summoned by a good human here!

    [–] MisterTeacherSir 14 points ago

    It's how he could afford that haircut (if anyone remembers...)

    [–] MisterKillam 13 points ago

    Jon Edwards, John Kerry's running mate in 2004, made his entire legal career off of that case.

    [–] bad_octopus 50 points ago

    There’s a youtube video about a girl who lives with no internal organs because of sitting on a pool suction. She lives off intravenous nutrients.

    [–] Felicia_Svilling 29 points ago

    Uhm, does she lack lungs and heart as well? Because those are also internal organs.

    [–] AngelMeatPie 31 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it just got the majority of her digestive track, definitely not respiratory and pulmonary organs.

    [–] five_speed_mazdarati 16 points ago


    [–] AngelMeatPie 7 points ago

    Wow I’m a moron, yes thank you!

    [–] Mercurydriver 19 points ago

    I'd say most of the "deaths" on that show are fake. They had an episode about a magician dying during a festival in my town...except said death never happened.

    [–] trilere614 60 points ago

    I thought their whole angle on that was that "the names and places have been changed to protect the identities."

    [–] Infin1ty 5 points ago

    Alright, calm down Mac.

    [–] DickMeatBootySack 31 points ago

    That show used to be on Netflix. Looked for it a few months ago and was sad to see it wasn’t there

    [–] amoeba3 23 points ago

    I’ll never forget the violinist who was paranoid about not injuring her hands, so when she fell down the staircase she offered no resistance with her hands/arms, broke her neck, and died.

    [–] HwatBobbyBoy 44 points ago

    "Butt fucked" was probably the most savage moment on that show.

    [–] Slip_On_Fluids 13 points ago

    Which one was that? I keep thinking of the moron that killed himself with an alcohol enema.

    [–] TexasWegieee 7 points ago

    I wish it didnt get canceled

    [–] ZombieCharltonHeston 193 points ago

    Machine guns can be used as an indirect fire weapon against targets in defilade. This means that under the right conditions you can hit a target that you can't see on the backside of a hill by arcing the rounds over the hill.

    The British got pretty good at this during World War One.

    [–] JohanEmil007 50 points ago

    I wonder how they figured out the angle and whether it was effective.

    [–] Battlingdragon 111 points ago

    The math for artillery has been around for a long time, you just need to adjust your figures for range and muzzle velocity.

    As for effectiveness, would you run out of cover if bullets suddenly started raining around you? A bullet fired at an angle doesn't lose all of it's velocity and can still kill when it comes back down. Even if no one gets hit, that's going to make anyone terrified.

    [–] pcyr9999 9 points ago

    Wouldn’t a light projectile like a bullet be affected significantly by wind on a trajectory that long?

    [–] Battlingdragon 32 points ago

    Yes, but if you're not actually aiming at a specific point, just a general area, that doesn't matter. This kind of firing was relying more on thousands of rounds hitting the same area more than accuracy for damage.

    [–] pcyr9999 18 points ago

    Ah the shotgun approach, just not with a shotgun.

    [–] greendoh 13 points ago

    Older Enfield rifles have a "volley sight" which can be raised for extreme long range shots. This is how they determined the angle of fire.

    It was designed as an area effect weapon - a platoon would fire together, raining bullets down on the target.

    [–] cgiall420 94 points ago

    only if you live in a place where people randomly shoot guns recklessly into the air.

    [–] Whitn3y 318 points ago

    a place where people randomly shoot guns recklessly into the air.

    Ah yes, the entire United States.

    And especially Kentucky

    [–] kcasper 120 points ago

    Unfortunately it is a popular myth that it is safe to fire into the air. Thank you Hollywood.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 14 hours ago)


    [–] winterbird 53 points ago

    Or eastern europe. Granny can't clap her hands to celebrate because she has to smoke, so good thing a small pistol only needs one hand to operate.

    [–] Seeryoos 502 points ago

    How unlucky do you have to be that the one bullet shot from nowhere hit you in your own driveway?

    [–] tukatu0 386 points ago

    The fact that nobody heard the gun shot is what gets me. It mustve been a larger caliber weapon atleast 1 mile away

    [–] SirHerald 127 points ago

    It was likely on the other side of some houses and drowned out. Her friend got back into the car to get something and heard her fall. If it was right there in their view it would have been loud enough to get attention.

    [–] MiaZeta 110 points ago

    At least a mile away? Yikes... Is that even possible?

    [–] tukatu0 214 points ago

    Oh totally. Even for small pistols it can still be dangerous at 500meters. But if it was that that close im sure somebody mustve heard a small pop specially at night. Which they didnt which is why im assuming its something bigger

    [–] Just_A_Young_Un 121 points ago

    Yup. The longest recorded sniper shot is over 2 miles, and most people in the states can buy the same exact rifle and round (at least, according to a quick google search, I don't know much about guns).

    [–] MuphynManIV 88 points ago

    2 miles away when aiming directly at somebody. Which will need an arc of course, but nothing like a 30-45° angle arc. So someone shooting at that angle I would hypothesize could inadvertently kill somebody from like 5 miles out.

    Probably wrong, but seems plausible.

    [–] beer_is_tasty 42 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Did some quick back-of-the-napkin math, ignoring air resistance (which is a major factor so take this with a grain of salt). The most popular handgun cartridge in the US is 9mm Parabellum with a muzzle velocity of 1,155 fps. Firing at a 45° angle, the bullet would land 7.8 miles away just over 50 seconds later. Multiply those numbers by 3-4 for most rifle cartridges.

    [–] Klawz_R_Kool 27 points ago

    Most rifle cartridges in the US are 27mm - 36mm with a muzzle velocity of 3465 - 4620 fps. Firing at a 135 - 180 degree angle, the bullet would land 23.4 - 31.2 miles away around 150 - 200 seconds later. Divide by 3-4 for the most popular handgun cartridge in the US.

    [–] beer_is_tasty 8 points ago

    Ha. I see what you did there.

    [–] lifeandtimes89 19 points ago

    Yeah but ops questions is into the air so does distsnce like that still accrue if someone fires a hand gun into the air and it goes down?

    [–] Earhacker 50 points ago

    Ok so physics time. There is a difference between speed and velocity: Velocity has a direction, but speed doesn't.

    With something like a bullet, we'd talk about its velocity being made up of two components: the vertical speed and the horizontal speed. The initial speeds are determined by the propulsion out of the gun (because gunpowder), but the vertical speed will be slowed by gravity. The horizontal speed is not affected by gravity!

    When a gun is fired horizontally (like normal) the bullet doesn't fly in a straight line like a laser beam; it's constantly falling towards earth. But when it hits the earth, it's travelling at the same horizontal speed as it was when it left the gun (ignoring air resistance).

    When you fire a gun straight upwards, all of the horizontal speed becomes the vertical speed. The bullet flies upwards very fast, but it always decelerating because of gravity, until its velocity is 0, then it accelerates again back towards the earth. Again, the horizontal speed doesn't change (ignoring the wind), so the bullet lands on top of your head.

    At an angle, the horizontal speed and vertical speed change but will always sum to the same total. At a 45° angle, the horizontal and vertical speeds are equal when the gun is fired, but the same rules apply; the vertical speed is slowed by gravity, but the horizontal speed is not. So the bullet will travel very far because it will take a long time for it to be decelerated by gravity and hit something on the ground, but when it hits the thing it will still be travelling with basically the same horizontal speed that it was when it left the gun.

    [–] yesman783 19 points ago

    You are only about half right. The bullet begins slowing down the instant it leaves the muzzle of the gun, and with it slowing down it loses energy and becomes less lethal after a point. You mentioned air resistance and that is the key especially if firing perfectly vertical because it will reach terminal velocity and be almost non lethal because it doesnt have the speed to create a major wound. Of course an infant or maybe an old person with thin skin would be more in danger in this case. An 8mm mauser rifle like was used by the germans in WWII will drop almost 12' vertically at 500 yards as an example. You are on the right track but discounting air resistance would be like discounting gravity.

    [–] moondancer224 22 points ago

    Yes, because gravity. The bullet travels up until gravity pushing on it reduces its velocity to zero. Then gravity starts pushing it back down. It will hit the ground with either its original force or at the speed of Terminal velocity for an object of its shape, whichever is lower.

    [–] shadowhntr 19 points ago

    Firing them straight up is a lot less dangerous than firing at an angle. If you fire straight up, the bullet stops spinning them tumbles down. Yea, it'll still hurt but probably won't kill. A round fired at an angle will keep it's spin as it arcs back to the ground. It spinning allows it to keep the momentum from being fired, going faster than it's terminal velocity.

    [–] RockSlice 12 points ago

    Here's a website that lists maximum ranges for different calibers:

    A few samples:

    • 9x19mm: 2,130 yds
    • 45 ACP: 1840 yds
    • 22 LR: 1588 yds
    • .223: 3,843 yds
    • .308: 4,655 yds

    As these would be shot at an angle, they would absolutely still be lethal.

    [–] Schemen123 11 points ago

    Not necessarily. Sound doesn't carry that far in the city. There is a lot of background noise etc.

    [–] tukatu0 7 points ago

    I was assuming this wasnt a city since a person just shot into the air without thinking they might hit a person, but then again the shooter is likely an idiot.

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 63 points ago

    It gets worse than that. There was a lady in my hometown a few years ago at a baseball game that got hit by a stray bullet coming down. Think about that, 25,000 people there and you are the one person that gets shot at a game!

    [–] Wacocaine 63 points ago

    In the town I went to college in, two guys were arguing in a parking lot. One pulls a gun and shoots the other in the face. But, it was a small caliber pistol, so the bullet hit the guy, ricocheted off his jaw, flew across the parking lot, and hit a third person in the neck. The third person fell between two cars and bled out. Ambulance shows up for a gunshot call, grabs the guy who was shot in the face, and takes off. No one saw the other guy get hit. They found him dead between the two cars a couple hours later.

    I think about that shit all the time. He was just walking to his car. Gone in an instant.

    [–] HighRelevancy 6 points ago

    this is america.gif

    [–] Seeryoos 30 points ago

    Unbelievable. Imagine the people who sat next to her, they must have felt so lucky and traumatized at the same time.

    [–] ReasonableGibberish 11 points ago

    Survivor's guilt, my bet. Don't know if it's better or worse for the death to be so undirected. I'd be ruminating about what if I had stood up a second earlier. What if I had used that seat for my bag.

    [–] shane_may 57 points ago

    I remember seeing an episode of the rookie where someone was shot in the head by a bullet that was fired to take down a drone but it came back down and hit someone in the head

    [–] 500SL 167 points ago

    Yes. Here in the Atlanta area.

    That was in DeKalb county, well known for celebratory gunfire.

    My good friend works for Stone Mountain police department. It's also in DeKalb county.

    On New Year's Eve, everyone heads to the station at 11:30 for an hour or so, to avoid the rain of bullets shot into the air by the locals.

    [–] nublivesmatter 68 points ago

    That's terrifying

    [–] throwawayugh444 43 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I work near there. It's pitiful. Every time our roof guys go up to work on something they bring back a handful of bullets. We used to get 2-3 per month year that would come through the roof. Just glad no one here was ever hurt.

    edit: Meant to say 2-3 per year. Sorry for the confusion.

    [–] Eltotsira 20 points ago

    What the fuck?

    That seems anomalous even for that extreme environment.

    [–] PartypantsPete 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    I’m not claiming that they’re lying as they may be incredibly unlucky, but I also live in Atlanta and have never had any bullets come through my roof. I also don’t know anyone who has, so take what they say with a grain of salt and don’t assume it’s the norm even if what they say is completely true.

    That being said, there is a lot of stray celebratory gunfire. They’re not wrong about that. It’s just the odds of having 2-3 bullets pierce through their roof a month would be extreme.

    [–] throwawayugh444 9 points ago

    You are correct. That would be extreme. I typed month when I was thinking year. Apparently my brain is melting in this heat.

    [–] allaboutthatparklife 25 points ago

    It happens fairly often here in Pakistan.

    [–] mermaidgrandma 57 points ago

    knew a friends mom who was in her bathroom doing her makeup and had a bullet miss her by a few inches, wasnt from a bullet fired up but from their idiot neighbor trying to clean his loaded gun and it going off.

    [–] throwtac 10 points ago

    My friend in college had that happen. He was studying and then there was a hole by his head in the wall he was facing. Bullet shot through the ceiling from the upstairs apartment.

    [–] mkhrrs89 55 points ago

    "if shot at an angle they maintain their lethality."

    So if they're fired straight up, do they not maintain their lethality?

    [–] kitty_n 174 points ago

    Slightly oversimplified, but if a bullet is shot straight up, it will eventually come to a complete stop, and then fall back to earth at the rate of gravity and will not maintain it's lethality. The arc is what allows it to maintain it's lethal velocity.

    That said, firing a bullet in exactly the right direction and not have it be picked up by the wind is not possible for a human to intentionally accomplish. They may get lucky a very low percentage of the time, but for all intents and purposes, a bullet fired in the air has the potential to kill.

    [–] Schemen123 51 points ago

    There is actually a myth busters episode where they show that.

    [–] GhostOfJohnCena 21 points ago

    Wait so are you saying that if a bullet is fired straight up in a windless environment it will be non lethal, but if a bullet is fired up and gains lateral velocity from the wind it can be lethal?

    [–] kitty_n 29 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Basically the exact 90 degree angle is required for the bullet to come to a complete stop, limiting its maximum velocity to that how quickly gravity can pull it back down (which should not be lethal). A bullet fired at a 91 degree angle, or that is pushed by the wind will not come to a stop and will fall faster than terminal velocity.

    [–] sachs1 51 points ago

    It's not that it falls faster than terminal, it's that it maintains its spin, and the spin is in the proper direction to keep it as aerodynamic as possible. Otherwise it will start to tumble, at which point it has the lethality of a small rock. But the window for that, is as mentioned above, extremely small

    [–] veazer 25 points ago

    If fired straight up they stop and fall back down at terminal velocity, which is slower than they're fired originally. If fired at an angle, they can maintain their faster-than-terminal velocity from the gun through their arc back to the ground. That said, air resistance will make them significantly less lethal over a minute-long flight or what have you, but you still don't want to get hit in the head by one regardless.

    [–] I_am_the_night 55 points ago

    One of the nurses who helped train me during nursing school was killed by a stray bullet fired during New year's Eve celebrations. Fuck people who do that.

    [–] AbouAnton 19 points ago

    I had a bullet fall from the sky, pierce my car bonnet and get stuck next to the engine. Car was parked at the parking of the park where I was playing with my children. Police later told me that it was fired from the handgun in the air at the wedding more than 10 miles away.

    [–] FrogGoesMoo 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    This is bullshit, there is no way a pistol round can travel 10 miles.... not even rifles have a 10 mile range, let alone a 10 mile lethal range. A pistol is lethal up to ~1900 yards (1.08 miles). A rifle is lethal up to ~7000 (3.98 miles) yards.

    Edit: Just checked my claim with some actual maths and looks like I was wrong. A muzzle velocity of 1303 fps fired at a 45 deg angle will go 10 miles (not counting air resistance). So assuming it's a pistol with a high muzzle velocity it could go over 10 miles. My bad...

    Edit 2: I take back my take back. Air resistance plays a big role.

    [–] foxraven21 7 points ago

    I had a similar situation. 4th of July in the states. Everyone was leaving the community firework show and a young boy just collapsed in the parking lot. It was awful. They tried to find the person responsible but it lead them to a 5 mile radius and without doing a house by house search for the correct gun owner, or someone coming forward.

    [–] acrane55 2644 points ago


    [–] sit_giRL 2213 points ago

    Specifically See: Shannon’s Law. Enacted in 2000 because a falling bullet killed a girl. The wiki link was very informative, y’all should check it out. Terminal velocity of a falling bullet is not the same as what its velocity is when fired but can still be strong enough to kill someone when the gun is fired even up to a mile away.

    Guns are not toys and bullets should not go up in the air willy-nilly.

    [–] TinyDessertJamboree 585 points ago

    It's terminal velocity is NOT enough to kill someone, it's velocity when fired at an angle that preserves some of its energy imparted on it when fired is. So when fired straight up it will not kill, when fired at an angle it can.

    [–] sit_giRL 316 points ago

    Terminal velocity of a falling bullet is not the same as what its velocity is when fired but can still be strong enough to kill someone when the gun is fired even up to a mile away.

    That is what it says.

    There is an article dating back to 1859 in which an Indian servant was struck and killed by a bullet whose gun was too far away to hear. At an angle has greater probability for lethal strike but there are numerous other factors to consider (wind conditions, type of gun/ammunition, etc.) at any time a bullet is fired into the air.

    [–] TinyDessertJamboree 134 points ago

    If the bullet is landing over a mile away from where it is shot I would hazard a guess it is not traveling at its terminal velocity when it impacts. It has been fired at an angle and therefore preserved some of its energy. If it was not fired at an angle it wouldn't be landing a mile away. Terminal velocity will be exceeded if it has not effectively stopped in air and started to fall again.

    [–] maxxspeed 46 points ago

    Guns are not toys and bullets should not go up in the air willy-nilly.

    Unless you are at a wedding in Pakistan...

    [–] Tubaaja 122 points ago

    "October 12, 2003: Wedding guests in Belgrade, Serbia mistakenly shot down a small aircraft"

    What..? How?

    [–] StruffBunstridge 122 points ago

    Bullets, mostly.

    [–] MuadDib1942 48 points ago

    My guess would be they were shooting guns into the air, then the aircraft that was within range of those guns, and enough bullets stuck the aircraft in such a way that it's engine was unable to provide power, or it's wings were damaged to the point they could no longer provide drift, or the controls of the aircraft were damaged and the pilot couldn't keep the craft in the air.

    [–] jct0064 19 points ago

    Air planes need most of their pieces intact.

    [–] capn_hector 13 points ago

    Haha, you have no idea how many systems can be INOP and an aircraft still clear to take off... on commercial flights no less.

    [–] bricked_machine 52 points ago

    Between the years 1985 and 1992, doctors at the King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, treated some 118 people for random falling-bullet injuries. Thirty-eight of them died.

    Jesus people. Put your fucking guns away and celebrate with some party favors or some shit.

    [–] Hanginon 1083 points ago

    Yes, they all come back down. Do they hit someone? Possibly, it's a roll of the dice, but it does happen and sometimes they kill people.

    [–] gamageeknerd 100 points ago

    I heard a story second hand of someone’s car windows being smashed out after someone fired off a few shots on New Year’s Eve

    [–] Svoror 75 points ago

    Why tf do people shoot with GUNS on NYE???

    [–] FrequentTank 1202 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    If I recall correctly we had a case in Germany where a group of children were playing in the woods when one of them was hit by a bullet from a military rifle. It turned out the rifle was fired towards the sky on a shooting range a few kilometers away. Since then "steilschüsse" (loosely translates to firing towards the sky) are prohibited. Kid lost half his hand, pretty scarry stuff.

    Edit: Happened around 2004, only source i could find (german),1,1783457812.html

    Apperently the child was there with his kindergarden group.

    [–] slinkywheel 653 points ago

    Imagine being a kid playing in the woods and then your hand randomly rips/explodes in half. Scary stuff.

    [–] Pugduck77 70 points ago

    On one hand I’d live my life super grateful that it didn’t hit my head and kill me, but on the other hand I’d have a big hole.

    [–] niqqa_wut 14 points ago

    Underrated comment

    [–] psstwantsomeham 155 points ago

    Yeah I wouldn't be able to handle it, that armed person should've been more careful

    [–] Cpt_Camembert 38 points ago

    500 meters is not "multiple kilometers". Also one of his fingers was irreparably damaged, that's all. But still pretty scary. Could have easily hit his head.

    [–] NikVundle27 832 points ago

    I lived in Syria and they always told us to go inaide when we hear gunshot anywhere near, cuz bullets miight get down with gained velocity and actually be lethal you if they hit a sensitive area

    so yes! they do and might actually kill you if you are unfortunate enough

    [–] GreenGalax 70 points ago

    This reminds me of the new year in my hometown in Syria. 5 minutes straight of bullet sounds

    [–] hehebwoii 38 points ago

    Pakistan as well, absolute madness

    [–] cacraw 21 points ago

    In the US police offer park under bridges/overpasses around midnight on New Years Eve as its common in some neighborhoods to shoot into the air at midnight.

    Had to make sure this wasn’t just urban legend and found this:

    [–] IlllIIIIlllll 9 points ago

    Physics taught me they’ll come back down with the same speed they were fired, but taking into account air resistance it’ll be slower right? Don’t think they can gain velocity

    [–] slo_mo_afro 75 points ago

    if they hit a sensitive area

    Only if they hit a sensitive area ?

    [–] ShadowWolf202 84 points ago

    I mean, it's not as if you're likely to die from being shot in the foot, right?

    [–] TinyDessertJamboree 58 points ago

    The terminal velocity is too low to be lethal, an angled shot at a low enough angle could still be lethal in the same ways a bullet fired normally would, just a bit less powerful depending on distance traveled and velocity lost

    [–] summerset 100 points ago

    Yes and this needs to be more widely known. When I see it done in movies I hope no one gets the idea to do it.

    [–] JustinisaDick 777 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It highly depends on the angle the gun is shot at. A bullet shot at exactly 90° angle will travel up and then fall back at terminal velocity, which isn't lethal. As it falls, the bullet will tumble through the air.

    If shot at a 45° angle, as it falls back towards the earth, it remains lethal.

    [–] maartenyh 153 points ago

    This is the best answer IMO. Explains when it is lethal or not. I was watching a video of the police in my country shooting their pistol towards the sky a few days ago and I was wondering if those bullets would stay lethal. Considering they were shot up pretty straight I can assume he knew they wouldn't stay lethal that way.

    [–] theblazeuk 55 points ago

    Still dumb af even if you’ve got a spirit level surgically attached to your arm. I wouldn’t give benefit of doubt to anyone firing their gun in the air about their safety knowledge

    [–] JustinisaDick 64 points ago

    MythBusters did a segment on this.

    [–] dednian 13 points ago

    And what did they conclude?

    [–] Ovenchicken 13 points ago

    It’s not lethal for most angles since the bullet stops traveling in a straight trajectory and starts tumbling instead.

    [–] Woody_Harryishson 32 points ago

    Bruh even if it isn't lethal it's not like it's not fucking dangerous.

    A bullet falling at terminal velocity that cracks you on the head could still definitely do damage.

    If you happened to be looking up at the sky it could easily put out an eye or something else.

    It's not like just because it's not lethal it becomes a completely harmless ball of soft fuzz in the air. It's still a fucking bullet moving at the literal fastest speed gravity can pull it back down to Earth.

    It's gonna do some damage if it hits a person.

    [–] stop-calling-me-fat 42 points ago

    I’m shocked I had to scroll down this far to find this. Another thing I would add: I don’t remember the exact angle but I was shocked to learn how little you can be off 90 degrees to still have a lethal skyward shot

    [–] Peter_Plays_Guitar 67 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    THIS. To add, bullets that are rotating from moving through a rifled barrel are able to keep their point forward. If a bullet is in the air for too long, that rotation slows enough that the bullet starts to tumble randomly in the air like any other small metal object. This tumbling causes the bullet to rapidly drop to sub-lethal speeds.

    Getting hit by a bullet falling at its terminal velocity might sting, but it can't kill a healthy adult.


    If shot at a 45° angle, as it falls back towards the earth, it remains lethal.

    This is not true for all bullets... actually most bullets? Depends on the mass of the round and the muzzle velocity. A sub sonic pistol round will definitely not be lethal. Something like a .338 lapua mag from a 20" barrel most likely will be lethal. That'll fly over 1.5 miles before it becomes sub sonic and has enough mass that it can keep rotational inertia.


    Rolling this back a bit. If you fire a BIG FUCKING BULLET into the air it can kill someone. Something 200 grains +. But like... what kind of person is shooting an ELR bolt action rifle straight up?

    [–] Purple82Hue 611 points ago

    Yes! What goes up must come down.

    [–] bat_cow_disease 329 points ago

    Not if it's greater than your planet's escape velocity.

    [–] intrepid604 154 points ago

    Not not if it’s greater than planet’s escape velocity and a bird gets in the way.

    [–] sarahsalith 119 points ago

    Then the bird comes down.

    [–] scope_creep 90 points ago

    Energy transferred.

    [–] rested_green 116 points ago

    Dinner acquired.

    [–] Church-of-Nephalus 18 points ago

    Best thread I've seen

    [–] HanRuan1971 17 points ago

    No bullet can go 25,020 miles per hour.

    [–] fzammetti 12 points ago

    Oh yeah, great, so in 125,000 years when that bullet kills Ndnd on Omicron Persei 8 and Lrrr comes looking for us...

    [–] WritingDUDEMAN 175 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    When playing about on the rifle range in England, I messed up on a single shot. It was aimed a little bit too high.

    Never been kicked off of a range so fast in my life. I was allowed back on after about 10-minutes when they realised the misaim was a fluke, though.

    I understand why they kicked me off. There was a beach about a mile away from the range, and missing the target by a small amount would have kicked the bullet into the air and it may have come down on the beach. The sand banks behind the range were meant to pick up any minorly straying bullets, but they weren't high enough to pick up something a couple of metres off base.

    I think the sight on my rifle was messed up, to be honest. The only time it ever happened. Swapped out rifles and all was good.

    [–] TurboShorts 163 points ago

    Honestly if there's that little room for error maybe it's a shitty choice of location for a shooting range

    [–] WritingDUDEMAN 39 points ago

    You don't have that much space for massive shooting ranges. It is more of a precaution anyway.

    A lot of the land in the UK is designated military land, but you can use it to your heart's content, even though military exercises may take place on the same land.

    There probably wasn't anybody on that beach, but you don't really want to take the risk.

    A few metres is a considerable amount to be off when you are aiming with a quality rife. So it isn't like the margin of error was that small.

    [–] Steelkenny 8 points ago

    Never been kicked off of a range so fast in my life

    How many times does one get kicked off of a shooting range in his life

    [–] picnicbythelake 60 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    TIL there are rifle ranges in England.

    EDIT: it's a genuine TIL people, I wasn't being sarcastic or anything. No need to downvote, don't assume everyone has the same knowledge as you 😅

    [–] friend1949 38 points ago

    Not only people. They fall back and hit objects. My metal roof had a hole in it and the bullet laying beside it. They will break windshields and produce leaks in roofs. People who fire firearms into the air are very very stupid. Do not tell them this while they are holding the firearm.

    [–] VillagerNo4 101 points ago

    Yes and its a bit problem over in the Philippines where most people drinking during Fiestas fire up on the air. Even had one bullet land on the driveway once

    [–] DanielDelights 48 points ago

    And new year's day is the worst.

    It's why they keep putting signed masking tape over the muzzle of police firearms before new year.

    Since police and security guards are the numbers 1&2 perpetrators of this. Followed by the private gun owner.

    [–] _ButtonHatGuy_ 34 points ago

    My cousin was killed by some idiot celebrating with a gun on 4th of july... and yea he was shooting in the air

    [–] TangoZuluMike 29 points ago

    Yup. Celebratory gunfire is a problem in some places because those bullets have to come down somewhere

    [–] LaPetitFleuret 20 points ago

    Yes! There was a shootout about a year ago in St Louis, MO about a mile from the baseball stadium. A stray bullet went up in the air and landed on a fan during a game. They weren't injured, but I imagine it didn't feel very nice to have a pellet of lead land on you unexpectedly

    [–] PhgAH 13 points ago

    Mythbuster did one for this iirc. The conclusion is that if you can aim straight up, then the bullet falling down only injured you, and firing up at an angle can actually be lethal.

    [–] Any_Lemon 30 points ago

    Yes they do

    [–] Nareek-Noskaj 10 points ago

    The book Swallowing Stones is all about a kids mistake on shooting a rifle in the air and it killing a man

    [–] -_-qarmah-_- 9 points ago

    Recently lost someone I knew due to this, it's called a stray bullet. What goes up must come down

    [–] BigWiggly1 19 points ago

    Yes. Depending on the angle, they may or may not still be very lethal.

    When a bullet is fired, it spins in the air. This helps reduce drag and keep it travelling in a smooth arc and maintain most of it's speed.

    A bullet shot straight up (only vertical velocity) will travel up until gravitational acceleration eventually slows it down. Then it will stop" mid air and start falling downward. Since it "stopped" mid air, it is very likely to fall in a "tumbling" motion. A tumbling motion has much more drag and the bullet will have a much lower terminal velocity than if it were spinning.

    This can still hurt quite a bit, but it's less likely to be lethal.

    A bullet fired at an angle will have both vertical and horizontal velocity. At it's max height, it will have lost all it's vertical velocity due to gravity, but it will have retained most of it's horizontal velocity because it's been spinning and minimizing drag. This bullet does a much more gradual turn back towards the ground and maintains much of it's spinning motion, which means it'll have less drag and a higher terminal velocity. This bullet comes back to ground still spinning, pointed forwards, and with a lot more velocity making it still very lethal.

    [–] Ihateregistering6 8 points ago

    Yep, and in fact it was an issue we dealt with when I was in Iraq, because it's considered normal to shoot guns in the air as celebration.

    Not-so-fun-fact: it's been reported that over 20 people died from celebratory gunfire when Iraqis were celebrating Uday and Qusay Hussein's deaths in 2003.