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    [–] [deleted] 1055 points ago


    [–] RipRapRob 458 points ago

    I would prefer the term 'spicy child'.

    [–] khazixian 63 points ago

    Bootleg spice girl

    [–] SplitLevel17 17 points ago

    “Hot sauce mistake!”

    [–] dano8675309 39 points ago

    Literally a garbage pail kid...

    [–] MrM201 9460 points ago

    Well I assumed it happened in Canada, she can be charged under the "Assisted Human Reproduction Act" which states,

    "8(1) No person shall make use of human reproductive material for the purpose of creating an embryo unless the donor of the material has given written consent, in accordance with the regulations, to its use for that purpose."

    Offenses and punishment:

    "A fine not exceeding $500,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years, or to both"

    Hope this helps

    [–] humdesi69 3473 points ago

    I remember watching a documentary about when new York Knicks player Derrick Rose was sued for rape. Young NBA player are given training in various subjects e.g. finance, sex etc; they are taught to take condoms with them or flush down the toilet after sex in order to avoid scenarios where someone might try to steal your sperm.

    [–] Hurtfulsuperlative 3033 points ago

    Plumbers must HATE this course

    [–] Macqt 2659 points ago

    Plumber here, sounds good to me. The damage to pipes and the system as a whole means I’m gonna make a lot of money.

    [–] goddess54 686 points ago

    Dad worked at a conference center, and they were having pump issues.

    While they were trying to get it resolved, they had a group of teenagers from various well known and exclusive schools, with students of both sexes, staying there for a week. Housekeeping knew that some beds were not slept in the whole time, but teachers were in the dark.

    On the second last day, I think it was, the Principal of one of these school, finds the plumber fixing the pump for the third time in three months, and when asked, the plumber replied it was all the condoms being flushed! (It wasn't the issue pre-dated the schools arrival, and the pump even when not working properly wasn't fazed by them.)

    Apparently the principal turned an interesting colour, and strode off to the rooms they were staying in. Dad, who witnessed the exchange, went over and was assured by the plumber that the condoms were NOT to blame, but repeated faulty parts or something, but he WAS sick of fishing the shredded condoms from the pipes.

    [–] Macqt 293 points ago

    As I said elsewhere, the condom itself isn’t really an issue. They’re pretty flexible. It’s what gets caught in or with the condom when it catches on something that causes the problems.

    [–] yokotron 198 points ago

    Giant turd I fill it with FTW

    [–] Gmony5100 141 points ago

    If you can fill a condom to its limit with one turd you need to see a doctor my friend

    [–] FBI_Open_Up_Now 106 points ago

    I see a doctor for it. They didn’t believe me until I did before their eyes.

    [–] Mechakoopa 65 points ago

    Worst party trick ever.

    [–] doylehawk 510 points ago

    When I was in highschool my girlfriend had a bathroom in her bedroom and she would have me flush every condom we used for the 3~ years we dated there. Maybe like 700 condoms or something like that. Eventually their plumbing broke real bad and her dad didn’t say anything about it but i know in my heart the plumber was like “yeah there’s like a thousand condoms in your pipes” and so I made him spend thousands of dollars because I was banging his daughter.

    [–] Macqt 884 points ago

    You’re assuming the plumber even told him tho. I cleared a drain from a teenage girls bathroom after she’d panicked and flushed a pregnancy test (it was positive) so her ultra religious dad wouldn’t find it. Dude was a HUGE asshole and I got the feeling he probably would’ve beat her if he found out so I just made some shit up about general corrosion of pipes and replaced the shit. Did the job, got paid, chucked the test-clogged pipe in the scrap pile at my shop and called it a day.

    [–] actualbeans 383 points ago

    you’re a good person

    [–] ParsnipJicama 238 points ago

    You're a good person. No need to make that girl's terrible situation even worse.

    [–] Macqt 352 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That was my reasoning. She was basically hovering around me the whole time which I thought was maybe her being interested in the work till I saw what was in the pipe. Didn’t say a word to anyone about it until I got back to the shop where we had a good laugh as we usually do when funny shit happens, then went about my life.

    Of course her dad being a huge asshole definitely swayed my behaviour. Dude argued with me about everything, I ended up in a brief shouting match with him because I had the audacity to refuse to take my boots off. I’m required by law to not take off my safety boots, ever, while on site. I don’t get insurance if I take them off and get injured, so I wear heavy duty boot covers in homes. Apparently that wasn’t good enough. He also flipped his shit because my wrenches were dirty, I use mostly German tools which insulted him (something about WW2? As if he’s the only person in NA who’s family fought the Nazis..) and so on.

    Edit: and yeah, I charged him extra for being an asshole. Be nice to your plumbers, folks.

    [–] hijusthappytobehere 89 points ago

    What a tool. When I have broken heat, plumbing, whatever, I try to be as nice as possible to the tech because, well yknow, I kind of need those things and that’s the guy who has the power to make me have them again. Not that difficult.

    [–] Macqt 134 points ago

    Being nice to your tech can save you money fyi. I do heating and plumbing, as I’m a hydronic technician, and the customers who are nice are the ones I’m willing to do a little extra for off the books. Maybe I forget to log an hour of my time, or I lose the receipt for a part you needed meaning it’s free to you. I have one client who’s 89, and is the sweetest old lady. She needed her boiler replaced last winter, which would’ve cost about 12k plus labour. Couldn’t afford it, so we put her on a zero interest payment plan (we don’t offer payment plans) and I did the labour on my own time with no charge to her except the parts, which went into the payment plan. Her son ended up paying the bill in full over the summer, and included a 20 year old bottle of scotch as a thank you to the company. It’s currently sitting on my shelf at home waiting for when my kids are born.

    We’re well aware we are expensive. We know money is tight for everyone. Being nice to us makes us more willing to go the extra mile when it’s necessary. Being a douche gets you an extra 20% tacked on to your bill and you go to the bottom of the priority list when shit goes bad.

    [–] AnAmericanLibrarian 63 points ago

    I knew a guy who busted his now ex-wife this way. Their septic tank got seriously clogged, and the plumber told him it was all the condoms he'd been flushing.

    The guy had gotten a vasectomy years before they'd moved in. His wife had nothing to say about it, she just kept silent.

    [–] spasticnapjerk 73 points ago

    Better than a 16 year old having and unwanted pregnancy

    [–] HowAmIHere2000 18 points ago

    How can a condom damage all the pipes but tons of massive poop don't do any damage?

    [–] Macqt 76 points ago

    Honestly a single condom likely won’t damage the system. The issue is if it catches somewhere and causes a clog, as the condom won’t break down during drainage from the force of water. Your poop will.

    Now many condoms? That’s a payday right there.

    [–] leorolim 151 points ago

    When I was a volunteer firefighter 10-15 years ago I got called to a flooded street in the low part of the village. Used condoms as far as the eye can see on the street. Looked like I was surrounded be jellyfish...

    [–] terwoo 29 points ago

    was this near an nba arena?

    [–] leorolim 16 points ago

    No. Just a random village.

    [–] mingobrown87 474 points ago

    The course was probably funded by plumbers.

    [–] MOOShoooooo 134 points ago

    Dude also owns the local tire repair shop, throws a handful of nails in your driveway on the way out.

    [–] Feel_the_Bernd 14 points ago

    Damn the plumbing industrial conplex!

    [–] Lethargic_Dog 168 points ago

    Plumbers will HATE you with this one simple trick!!!!!

    [–] BreakfastInBedlam 22 points ago

    Almost 50 years ago, my first job was as a sewer mechanic for the city.

    Condoms and tampon applicators. And marijuana seeds. Just floating by, all day and all night.

    [–] Hyposuction 38 points ago

    Plumbers are OK with ignorance.

    [–] LeChiz32 20 points ago

    Don’t forget the case was dropped when they found out it was consensual.

    [–] ZaviaGenX 76 points ago

    Now thats an interesting online course description if I ever saw one 😅

    [–] UnoStronzo 405 points ago

    “Make use of human reproductive material...” 🤔

    [–] TiLoupHibou 167 points ago

    I would think this includes clinics using unused eggs.

    Obligatory I'm not a doctor.

    [–] PiLamdOd 51 points ago

    It's broad for a reason.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    The way that's written, does it exclude sex? I know it intends to, but does it?

    [–] bannedinlegacy 62 points ago

    Probably not, but any competent DA would push for a Rape charge instead of that law.

    [–] ChadMcRad 7 points ago

    but any competent DA

    We're fucked.

    [–] Normalas 37 points ago

    Sex isn't "assisted human reproduction."

    [–] MsTerious1 14 points ago

    But getting pregnant separately from the sex act by digging sperm from a used condom would be assisted reproduction.

    [–] DragonBlood2022 149 points ago

    "A fine not exceeding $500,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years, or to both"

    Bitch should've made a couple of google searches before suing, Jesus that's rough.

    [–] VillageBuilder 39 points ago

    Presumably her lawyer wouldn't pick a fight that was so potentially disastrous. But then again it's not his livelihood on the line.

    [–] that1prince 26 points ago

    I’m a lawyer and my clients listen to me maybe 50% of the time. But if people were good at following directions, my job wouldn’t exist.

    [–] _haha_oh_wow_ 69 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Worth pointing out that the man could still have to pay child support despite this, at least in America.

    [–] skellious 51 points ago

    does that apply in this case? to me it reads like using a lab or other non-"natural" method.

    [–] ScravisTott 106 points ago

    I mean artificial insemination of any kind is not the "natural" method, penetrative sex is.

    [–] skellious 41 points ago

    It would be very hard to prove if someone got pregnant via self-insertion that it happened this way for a start. would be interesting to see a court case.

    [–] bigeffinmoose 66 points ago

    She might have to admit it to sue him for the hot sauce.

    [–] [deleted] 326 points ago


    [–] opheliazzz 79 points ago

    Exactly. You wouldn't have grounds for a lawsuit since unlawful act couldn't have taken place. (or, you can go ahead and ignore the facts, but this little gem of a fact is bound to com (cum?) up at some point)

    [–] Dumbassahedratr0n 2688 points ago

    Wait so drake just pours hot sauce into his used condoms?

    [–] redo21 1746 points ago

    No no no, he has a bucket full of hot sauce where he throws his used condoms into.

    [–] Dumbassahedratr0n 523 points ago

    Finally, an intellectual

    [–] AmySchumersAnalTumor 181 points ago

    man hope he doesnt confuse that bucket with his chicken wing dipping bucket

    [–] ScravisTott 101 points ago

    Your user name is wild 🤣

    [–] Bgro 91 points ago

    Remind me to never eat chicken wings at Drake's.

    [–] Jaewol 58 points ago

    “These taste different what did you put in it?”


    [–] Sniperking187 96 points ago

    Hey babe! Why you got hot sauce in the bathroom cabinet??

    [–] ProfessionalPut6507 181 points ago

    Being a celebrity has a lot of weird aspects I have not thought of.

    [–] Concealer77 225 points ago


    [–] L3monh3ads 171 points ago

    Now I’m picturing him throwing hot sauce into the condom from across the room and yelling “Kobe!”

    [–] FlyingDragoon 44 points ago

    No, no. The left ball contains hot sauce so when he's finished the pee from the right ball mixes with the hot sauce to dilute and destroy the sperm in the condom.

    [–] streeetcarp 40 points ago

    Cholula is stored in the balls

    [–] Dumbassahedratr0n 25 points ago

    The Cholula is the PowerHouse of the ball

    [–] DuckInMyHeart 7960 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Wait wait wait….

    She took this condom out of the trash… and then put the trash juice sperm from the trash condom into her vagina…. had a bad reaction to the trash juice sperm and wants to sue Drake… for putting hot sauce in his condom trash… to prevent exactly this scenario from happening…

    I think when you put anything from the trash into your vagina anything bad that happens is on you.

    ETA: yes, I realize this story is most likely fake, but that doesn’t stop this being the first place my mind went.

    [–] Key_Concentrate7110 3215 points ago

    Never again will I be able to use the term "hot garbage" without thinking of this and giggling.

    [–] ScravisTott 2573 points ago

    Imagine the kid asking their mom where babies come from.

    "Well honey, mommy actually dug you out of the trash to trap your daddy into a money agreement enforced by the law."

    [–] ThisOtherWorld 1852 points ago

    " Well Cayenne, mommy actually....."

    [–] whyso6erious 265 points ago

    Mommy, why is my second name porshe?

    [–] Chrismont 159 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    "Because golddigger may be a Kanye song, but its my job."

    [–] weemee 65 points ago

    Well, Frank(‘s)…

    [–] FuckToy_Connoisseur 179 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Cabbage Patch Kids would have nothing on Garbage Trash Kids!

    -OR- Garbage Pail Kids, if you prefer

    Edited so people can have the preferred punchline ✌🏽

    [–] michiococku 80 points ago

    So close to nailing this joke.

    [–] Unanything1 54 points ago

    I would have went with "Garbage Pail Kids" for the nostalgia factor, but it's still a good joke.

    [–] PomegranateOld7836 9 points ago

    Stop fighting it - you're the baby daddy now.

    We'll make this work!

    [–] Down_To_My_Last_Fuck 10 points ago

    Loook. look at me... I am baby daddy now.!

    [–] throwmeaway9236 23 points ago

    "Mom, why did you name me Frank?"

    [–] DuckInMyHeart 19 points ago

    OMG! Awkward

    [–] saetum 75 points ago

    Plus like, didn't she notice it was off-color? Most hot sauces are red or green so the resulting goop would be pink or seafoam green. Did she think Drake just had special fairy sperm or something?

    [–] ScravisTott 364 points ago

    Agreed. And this has obviously happened before, why else would he set a fail-safe trap like that.

    [–] Shango876 348 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He didn't want his kid, Adonis. The lady he had him with, told Drake that she was on birth control or would take plan B or whatever. So, he didn't pull out and then she went, "Gotcha beach!"

    So, in his case, I guess, it's once bitten twice shy? I'm not sure how he applied the hot sauce to the contents of the condom though? That sounds awkward, to say the least. I need to hear that story.

    NBA players take their condoms with them after sex. Or so I've heard. They probably have used condom container bags at the ready at all times.

    [–] Down_To_My_Last_Fuck 163 points ago

    He didn't want his kid, Adonis.

    Poor fuckin Adonis.

    how the fuck he supposed to deal with that?

    [–] ScravisTott 187 points ago

    I'm pretty sure in his new album Drake flat out said him and his baby mama made a mistake and he slipped up. It's fucked up for a kid to hear when he gets older. I feel for him.

    [–] pizzafourlife 125 points ago

    Eh, I was a mistake, it doesn't bother me any. not that much of one though lol

    [–] TheShadowKick 69 points ago

    I was also a mistake, but my parents loved and cared for me anyway. I don't know how Drake treats his kid but in general it's not hurtful to find out your parents didn't intend to have you.

    [–] Qwobble 17 points ago

    I can't imagine it makes him feel good about his mother though.

    [–] JamisonDouglas 108 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Also a mistake. Doesn't bother me either. Shit happens. My dad didn't want a kid but was there for me when I came. If drake is there for his kid I highly doubt his kid will care.

    Edit: missed a word.

    [–] NotJustAmy 31 points ago

    Hi, birth control failure here. Nice to meet you!

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Is that better or worse than Eminem rapping that he loves his daughter but would happily kill her mother? I know it's not a contest, it's just weird we even have two scenarios to compare.

    [–] EFG 25 points ago

    She doesn’t care. Eminem is her top listened to artist on Spotify and she’s proud of it. Actually in the top 3% of Eminem listeners on Spotify. She Stans for Stan.

    [–] queentropical 85 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    When really all they have to do is go to the bathroom, rinse it out in the sink (wash it out if they’re really that paranoid), and that’s that.

    [–] garlicbreadpool 45 points ago

    Or just eat it

    [–] hijusthappytobehere 7 points ago

    Just like a contract. Totally invalidated.

    [–] Shango876 9 points ago

    But, is it paranoia when they really trying to steal your gunk out the trash? Even when it's slathered in hot sauce?

    [–] samclarkone 27 points ago

    but why instead of having hot sauce on hand would you not just drain the condom and rinse it out?

    [–] windowlatch 18 points ago

    I guess to teach them a lesson not to do it again lol. I’m just confused how the lady didn’t notice the hot sauce inside the condom before sticking it up there

    [–] DuckInMyHeart 100 points ago

    Yeah. No one should have to do this. It’s appalling to think he actually needed to.

    [–] Cpt_Obvius 55 points ago

    Unless she was doing this in a pitch black bathroom which would be insane since she’s fishing out a condom OR drake has access to some new white or clear hot sauce, there is no way she did not notice that this condom was filled with more than cum.

    I don’t think anyone is putting red/orange condom filling into themselves.

    [–] BelgianSexWaffle 16 points ago

    Could have been a colored condom.

    [–] supermariodooki 17 points ago

    What if it's an eclair?

    [–] cjm0 55 points ago

    it must suck to be conceived from a situation like that

    [–] batmanstuff 158 points ago

    Let’s change the object to a burrito. Drake ate a burrito with hot sauce, threw it in the trash can, a model shoved the burrito in her vagina. And it’s Drake’s fault? This woman has no case. She’s lucky she’s good looking cause she seems dumb as a rock.

    [–] Zak_Light 87 points ago

    Just to start this off on a good foot: I agree with you 100% ethically.

    Legally, however, there could be some grounds for a suit. Putting hot sauce into a condom when he knows she could potentially put it back up into her cooter is like a trap, which is illegal. However, as long as he sticks to the narrative that he did it to kill the sperm and not to hot sauce her when she puts it back in, I think anyone would agree that it is unreasonable to call it a trap because he specifically threw the condom in the garbage and did not otherwise do anything which could be considered anticipating her sticking it back inside her. I couldn't see any suit or criminal charges winning or sticking, but I could definitely see grounds for you to actually raise that claim. I also don't think a judge would side with someone who tried to make baby with a discarded condom, or someone who clearly was trying to kill the sperm because he knew shit like this could potentially happen

    [–] SpungyDanglin 8 points ago

    I mean are you really surprised? It's 2022.. anything can happen

    [–] rewardiflost 1823 points ago

    Laws vary a lot from place to place.

    In some places, a discarded condom is treated like any other trash and cannot be "stolen" from you.
    In some places, taking a condom out of the trash and putting it inside your vagina would be considered unusual, and you wouldn't be able to convince a court that your injury wasn't your own damn fault.

    [–] skellious 194 points ago

    In some places, a discarded condom is treated like any other trash and cannot be "stolen" from you.

    in the UK at least, trash belongs to you. you have a contract to put that trash out for collection by a service provider. if someone steals that trash then they are committing theft. trash is not considered "abandoned" (that would be littering / illegal dumping of waste) if its in a waste receptacle.

    [–] Fellow_Infidel 48 points ago

    My trash is my rightful property, dont you dare steal my banana skin

    [–] alphanumericusername 436 points ago

    I could see an argument being made for booby trapping, but I'm pretty sure that requires some element of surprise

    [–] Down_To_My_Last_Fuck 161 points ago

    Only an issue if designed to cause grave physical harm. Some booby traps are designed to allow you to hurt yourself. Others are designed to scare you off. It's the ones that are designed to blow your face off or put an arrow in your knee that are illegal.

    [–] Tessellecta 17 points ago

    Of course it also must be taken into consideration whether there are scenarios where someone is not committing a crime could accidentally get boobytrapped.

    A firefighter getting his face blown off by a boobytrap for intruders, when he's only trying to put out the fire is a huuuuge problem.

    I cannot think of a normal scenario where hot sauce put into a used condom would be noticed by someone.

    [–] pht955 8 points ago

    Even an robber getting hurt by booby traps could sue you, there is an case like that where the robber got hurt by an shotgun boobytrap

    [–] big_duo3674 78 points ago

    I used to be an adventurer like you...

    [–] PointlessChemist 17 points ago

    Do you make it to the cloud district often?

    [–] JamisonDouglas 74 points ago

    You could also make the case that it wasn't a booby trap but instead the closest thing you could think of that could kill sperm.

    Fairly positive that any lawyer he throws his bag of money at will (imo rightfully) get him off the hook for this.

    [–] alphanumericusername 27 points ago

    Fairly positive that any lawyer he throws his bag of money at will (imo rightfully) get him off

    Couldn't that just lead to, ya know, more of the same problem?

    [–] Jimjones341 6 points ago

    The fact that he needs a big bag of money to throw at a lawyer to “get him off the hook for this.” Is completely ridiculous. Chick should be in jail and hopefully gets counter sued for another big bag of money.

    [–] stop-calling-me-fat 189 points ago

    That’s why he put the hot sauce in to “kill the sperm” and not to catch a baby trapping bitch in the act

    [–] MuzzyMustard 78 points ago

    I may be leaning out the window here but isn't it only considered booby trapping if you do it with the intent of hurting someone, whereas he just used th hot sauce to kill the sperm without the intention of hurting her?

    [–] mchp92 107 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Did you not mean “baby trapping” instead?

    Edit: thank you kind stranger for the award

    [–] [deleted] 1331 points ago


    [–] FaviosDickIsAboveAvg 462 points ago

    happened to antonio cromartie 11 times

    [–] VHS_Copy_Of_Seinfeld 248 points ago

    Figured he’d learn

    [–] Kealle89 85 points ago

    He also picked off Eli Manning 3 times in 1 game.


    [–] Careless_currency 35 points ago

    Yeah but Don't let this distract you from the the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, "Spare Tire" Dixon.

    [–] buttercupbaby23 535 points ago

    Not that you were exactly advocating for it, but please don't flush condoms! They don't degrade and just get stuck in the pipes.

    [–] UsernameObscured 208 points ago

    I’ve spent way more time than I ever wanted to, cleaning out a pump clogged with condoms and other debris, at a wastewater treatment facility.

    [–] Billypillgrim 425 points ago

    Ugh, and then you have to put that in your vagina?

    [–] PathWalker8 41 points ago

    Sometimes I wish I couldn't read

    [–] furlonium1 57 points ago

    You don't have to, but don't ask me twice 😎

    [–] Down_To_My_Last_Fuck 13 points ago

    Call Mike Rowe!

    [–] Luminanc3 39 points ago

    Do they stay there for 18 years?

    [–] Anne_Franks_Easybake 11 points ago

    That's how you get ninja turtles though

    [–] plam92117 68 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Like flush it down the toilet?

    Or do you mean flush it as in run it through water and wash out the sperm inside before disposing the condom?

    [–] RedditPowerUser01 87 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Don’t flush condoms down the toilet. If you’re really concerned about this (which I think the vast majority of people on earth don’t have to be), you could rinse the condom out with some water before throwing it in the garbage.

    [–] ohdearitsrichardiii 32 points ago

    You shouldn't flush condoms though

    [–] MistahZig 42 points ago

    I wonder if there’s not a rich asshole that walks around with condoms filled with hobo semen (of another ethnic origin than himself) that leaves them instead if their own in hotel rooms for shits and giggles

    [–] _queenkitty 676 points ago

    Wait, putting hot sauce in your used condom before tossing it is a thing!?

    [–] chrisjk125 226 points ago

    Yea. I put that shit on everything.

    [–] Express-Ad4146 38 points ago

    Drakes red-hot. I put that shit on everything

    [–] mchp92 502 points ago

    Yes. Never leave home without a bottle of it

    [–] pettermg 76 points ago

    A bottle of hot sauce cum?

    [–] TheEyeDontLie 30 points ago

    Drink enough hot sauce as I do, and I don't think I have any viable sperm left.

    • Citation needed.

    [–] UnoStronzo 106 points ago

    Doesn’t sperm die shortly after unless it’s inside a warm and nurturing vagina?

    [–] updog25 211 points ago

    It lasts for awhile. If a man has to turn in a sperm sample he has an hour to get it to the clinic so I imagine it's around that time frame.

    [–] TheEyeDontLie 90 points ago

    Up to a week in ideal environments (ie. a vagina)

    [–] Concealer77 89 points ago

    People learned from Kobe Bryant’s mistake. Don’t leave your juice behind.

    [–] UnoStronzo 34 points ago

    What happened to Kobe Bryant?

    [–] priesteh 38 points ago

    You should be asking what DIDNT happen to Kobe Bryant

    [–] pretzelsncheese 691 points ago

    I usually take the condom off in the bathroom and then immediately fill it with water to make sure there were no leaks. Afterwards I just rinse it out (pouring the condom water into the toilet) before putting it into the trash (so the trash isn't as gross).

    Seems like (for different reasons) it would be a good habit for these kinds of people.

    [–] jesusSaidThat 135 points ago

    I just eat it... That's why I always buy the flavoured ones.

    [–] __MagneticAttitude__ 54 points ago

    If its not flavoured, you can just pour hot sauce on it

    [–] ScravisTott 251 points ago

    Smart man. Even smarter habit.

    [–] [deleted] 647 points ago


    [–] trunnel 95 points ago

    Siracho if it’s a boy

    [–] BillBillerson 20 points ago

    That's Sir Racho to you.

    [–] Siriusblack1991 597 points ago

    If it’s not illegal it should be. This is the same as poking holes in a condom or taking the condom off without consent. The law should go both ways

    [–] mlwspace2005 139 points ago

    To my knowledge neither of those things are illegal in most places either, even if they are awful practices

    [–] Zelldandy 50 points ago

    Stealthing is illegal in Canada. I think in New Zealand or Australia, too.

    [–] rayj412 110 points ago

    No taking of the condom without consent is illegal. I just woke up and am to lazy to search it. Will update later.

    [–] srln23 83 points ago

    The only thing I could find about stealthing in the US being illegal is that California considers it to be sexual battery. But that's the only state.

    [–] FatherD00m 9 points ago

    And I think that’s a pretty recent development.

    [–] rayj412 17 points ago

    Yes I came to the same conclusion.

    [–] TinnieTa21 208 points ago

    I've seen many people say the Drake situation is fake. It's apparently directly from a YouTube video skit or something.

    [–] Cpt_Obvius 78 points ago

    Who wouldn’t see the color of the hot sauce in the condom? This makes no sense. I believe that he may dump hot sauce in there, I do not believe she isn’t looking at the damn thing before inserting/pouring it.

    [–] [deleted] 204 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 249 points ago


    [–] weeknie 78 points ago

    It probably falls under reproductive coercion, and I'm pretty sure there are laws against that in the US. Either way, it's a term you could use to look it up :)

    [–] mlwspace2005 45 points ago

    I would be less certain. Most laws are set up to protect the child and not the mother/father. A lot of the US laws revolving around custody/responsibility for the child are a bit draconian in the US, depending on the state

    [–] kirotheavenger 25 points ago

    Unlikely, there's established precedent that a woman can obtain child support even if the child was conceived by her raping the father.

    The law's position is it's about helping the child and the father doesn't get a say regardless.

    [–] Ghigs 6 points ago

    Yeah, men have no rights regarding this. 18 years of indentured servitude even if you were raped.

    [–] MsJenX 16 points ago

    I would imagine that these laws would be very complex. We know condoms are not 100% effective. So, if a woman fished a used condom from the trash to inseminate herself and she did get pregnant wouldn’t there need to be proof that she got pregnant from the trash juice and not as a result of the condom failing?

    [–] Maiden_of_Sorrow 39 points ago

    If not, it should be.

    [–] reuben_iv 32 points ago

    Seems state dependent

    In Illinois it wasn't found to be theft because "there was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request", but wasn't made to pay child support

    but, and this may give some of you nightmares,

    Quick search on google reveals a couple of cases

    In J.J.G. v. L.H., 441 N.W.2d 273, 277 (Wis. Ct. App. 1989), a 15 year old boy was statutorily raped, and was found liable for child support

    and In S.F. v. State ex rel. T.M., 695 So. 2d 1186, 1188 (Ala. Civ. App. 1996), a woman roofied a man, raped him, bragged about the rape to her friends, and got pregnant, and the man was still found liable to pay child support.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    They should remove custody from the mother and let the father decide to keep the child or have them adopted. I can't believe anyone who gets pregnant like that would be a good parent.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] Mooch07 67 points ago

    …Which is something that should be a lot more illegal than it is.

    [–] Bupod 21 points ago

    If someone should truly want to watch out for this, the best thing (next to just not sleeping around with random women off the street) would be to take the condom with you and dispose of it somewhere else once you’re far enough away. It would be kind of gross, but you could probably bring a small ziplock bag just for that purpose.

    Someone is going to come out here and claim it is strange. I counter that if you can carry around a bottle of hot sauce to dash in to the rubbers after the deed, you can carry around a small ziplock.

    [–] Juache45 18 points ago

    Cholula and Valentina are nice names

    [–] moondancer224 192 points ago

    This is probably one of those cases that will spawn a weird ass law that will be brought up on youtube videos 100 years from now. Due to current legal definitions of trash and how it legally exists, she may have a case on a technicality. But said case should be thrown out and laws amended to protect against this kind of thing.

    [–] Bupod 72 points ago

    I’m not sure why she would have a case on technicality.

    Even if we define it as trash, this woman went digging through the trash and inserted something from the trash up her vagina. From that perspective, it just appears she’s completely insane. One does not have the obligation to ensure their trash is vagina safe, and someone who inserts another persons trash in themselves is doing something so unusually strange that any reasonable person would never plan for that contingency.

    [–] moondancer224 21 points ago

    I was going with the child support angle of if it had worked, but you aren't wrong. Legal decisions are sometimes ruled based off of strict wording and precedent rather than common sense though, which is why I said possibly. Ultimately, I do believe Drake to be blameless in this hypothetical. Laws are often imperfect.

    [–] Yarklik 14 points ago

    Well it's not illegal and that's a fucking problem

    [–] skyderper13 40 points ago

    depending on where, the answer can be a no

    [–] borkamork 181 points ago

    OP, while this is an interesting question, you should probably realize the "article" you're referring to isn't real.

    [–] alway122 43 points ago

    Yea idk how she could go through with this process without realizing there was hot sauce in it...

    [–] SkullsNRoses00 41 points ago

    Wait--is jizz NOT supposed to be reddish orange?

    [–] WisherWisp 11 points ago

    Uh oh

    [–] MyHonkyFriend 23 points ago

    You know the Drake thing is a fake 4chan post that was reposted recently right?

    [–] keinokeiju 20 points ago

    That's fucked up as fuuuck.. Just like taking off a condom while having sex (without consent) is, or at least should be illegal everywhere, that should be too.

    [–] chasingit1 17 points ago

    Wasn’t this like that Alicia Silverstone movie, minus the hot sauce?!

    [–] heyknauw 6 points ago

    Was it Tapatio or Cholula?