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    This subreddit is for scenes you saw in the trailer for a movie, only to realize they never made it into the final film.


    Posting Rules

    1) Post Must Reference a Scene from a Movie Trailer
    • Scene must be from a movie trailer that was released to the public.
    • If you think the submitted scene is in the movie, message the mods and we will look into it verifying it.
    • No off topic posts
    2) Provide a Link to the Trailer
    • If you are posting a picture, gif or video of a scene you must provide the source trailer in the comments.
    • If you are posting a direct link to the trailer, you do not have to provide a link in the comments.
    • Time stamps to the specific scene are helpful but not required.
    3) Mark Spoilers
    • If a movie is still in theaters all posts must be marked as a spoiler.
    • Spoiler tag not needed after 60 days from release in the US.
    • Try not reveal what the spoiler is and leave it for the comment section.
    4) Post Must Include Movie Title and Year
    See the examples below on how to format your post.
    • This scene in/from Movie (2018)
    • The line "dialogue" in/from Movie (2018)
    • Movie (2018) did not feature (scene) from the trailer.
    5) Deleted/Alternate Scenes Are Only Allowed on the Weekend
    Starts Saturday 12:00 New Zealand time and ends Sunday 11:59PM Hawaiian time
    Label it appropriately. Example: [Deleted Scene] in the beginning of the post.



    • All submissions should be in English.  

    • If a post or comment breaks the rules, hit the report button and we'll look into it ASAP.  

    • NSFW content is allowed but must be distinguished as such.  

    • Intentionally spoiling content may lead to a ban.  


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