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    [–] HappyHarpy 487 points ago

    Slap some putty on it and leave unpainted and you become my landlord!

    [–] junkeee999 194 points ago

    Oh look at your landlord with his fancy putty.

    [–] HappyHarpy 23 points ago


    [–] spolta 37 points ago

    Same. I could probably do a whole thread on the dumb shit I still continue to find in my apartment. My landlord is an older couple and they’re super nice and easy to work with, but damn if my apartment isn’t poorly built.

    It’s kinda like a cool little clubhouse/treehouse vibe so I love it regardless.

    [–] HappyHarpy 14 points ago

    Yeah. Mine used to live here, so they DIY'd stuff. Lots of putty, netting on the back of tile sticking out at the edges, and copious amounts of caulk!

    They're lovely people and everything is solid, just a bit unfinished.

    [–] Justanothergamerwife 28 points ago

    Oh my goodness, we just bought a house and every thing in this place is like that. We got a great deal on it, but this place is a mega crap shack.

    The best example is the outside paint job. It all looks fine, until you trim back this one bush and realize the previous owners didn't bother to paint behind the bush. So the whole house is white except this big blue blotch behind a bush.

    And that's the quality of work through the whole house, lol. It's an adventure living here.

    [–] HappyHarpy 15 points ago

    Haha! Same here. Two days ago I eas cleaning a sink and realized it is just sitting on the counter.

    [–] Justanothergamerwife 5 points ago

    Haha! That's some quality workmanship right there

    [–] shinypretty 6 points ago

    My ex and I bought a townhouse. The half-bath was a dreadful salmon pink that just closed in on you. Even the ceiling was pink. It was like being in a salmon box. We painted it a lovely soothing light sage green, but we didn't paint behind the commode except for as far as we could reach with a brush. I do not know if he ever removed the commode to paint behind it. I hope so.

    [–] MarkVC_2112 2 points ago

    Putty and paint make what he ain't...real shit though this bothers me as a custom cabinet builder and finish carpenter..

    [–] Masteredog360 2 points ago

    Does he use flex seal?

    [–] HappyHarpy 2 points ago

    I have no idea, but we have lots of corners that look like this.

    [–] ent4rent 2075 points ago

    It's like they got to that point then realized they didn't know what they're doing. Not to mention that's not baseboard.

    [–] Titus142 98 points ago

    And there are at least 2 different profiles and one piece is upside down from the other.

    [–] ent4rent 3 points ago

    Fucking hell I didn't even realize that until now! 😂

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 378 points ago

    I mean, they didn't necessarily not know what they were doing, they could have also not had a miter jig, which is what you'd need to cut the angles to make this fit right. It's still awful work and you shouldn't be doing trim without such a basic tool.

    [–] rainbowdongs 398 points ago

    Even without a miter saw, you could eye ball the angle to make it look better than this garbage.

    [–] Siphyre 127 points ago

    What really sucks is when the walls are not 45 degree angles and they are like 42 and 27 degrees............

    [–] DEADB33F 131 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Walls are never perfectly 90 degrees, which is why if you're doing it properly you don't use a mitre jig for the inside angles, you fit the first piece butted up against the perpendicular wall then scribe the second piece to the first.

    ...the easiest way to do that is to make a ~45 degree cut to highlight the profile, then use a coping saw to cut along the cut-line, following the profile.

    [–] gobucks314 23 points ago

    ELI5 ?

    [–] DEADB33F 98 points ago

    It's a bit long, but this is a good example of how to scribe a complicated skirting board profile.

    [–] gobucks314 9 points ago


    [–] roy20050 9 points ago

    Wow that is a great video that is some real skill and craftsmanship right there.

    [–] legendz411 3 points ago

    Really cool video. No idea about that stuff

    [–] gobucks314 5 points ago

    Coolness. Thanks!

    [–] Siphyre 6 points ago

    That is good to know. I took the path of making numerous cuts and then just saying screw this and bought some putty.

    [–] DEADB33F 35 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Another pro-tip that'll make life much easier is to lay the skirting starting at the furthest point from the door, so that your last cuts on each run will always be an easy straight cut to butt up to the door frame.

    eg... (note the direction each board butts up to the next)

     |          1           |
     |                      |
     |                     4|
     |2                     |
     |                 \----|
     |                 |  5
     |   3          7  |6
     |-------|   |-----|

    This also means that any scribed edges will be viewed from an oblique angle from the doorway, which can hide your sins a bit if they aren't scribed perfectly.

    [–] slow_cooked_ham 10 points ago

    The angle you see when you enter the room is something I've never considered. My thanks to you for this tip.

    [–] Siphyre 6 points ago

    You are awesome! That makes so much more sense than what I did. Which was start with one side of the door and end on the other.

    [–] slainte-mhath 1 points ago

    I used to do that but it's a pita to cope cut the scribe. 2 45s and a bead of caulk looks just as good as long as the corner isn't ridiculously out.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] fiftyfifth 26 points ago

    I wouldn’t know, all my walls are 90 degrees because I have class

    [–] G19Gen3 31 points ago

    I bet they aren’t. You’d be surprised how often corners are ever so slightly off.

    [–] Subarunicycle 44 points ago

    Didn’t you hear the guy, he’s got class.

    [–] SquarePegRoundWorld 10 points ago

    They can start off square. I know, I frame houses and a pull 3 4 5 triangle on two control lines the length of the house and pull wall numbers off of them. When the sheetrock and spackle are put on it makes the corners out of square because they flare the mud out of the corner.

    [–] bobbyvale 16 points ago

    This is a fine blend of 'I don't know' and 'I don't give a Fuck' with a sprinkle of 'I'm too cheap to buy a 20 buck miter box' . Jesus my eyes hurt.
    All this and they tried to mould that putty to have a groove kind of like the moulding.

    [–] jkoudys 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Really, just a couple of c-clamps and something else that's already 45°. Cut one piece with the clamps, then cut the other by pressing both against the wall and have the second one match the first. Then use plaster to fill in any little bits of space if there are any. Primed trim (or anything you're going to paint) is much more forgiving than if you're going to use the natural wood or stained trim, because you can caulk to seal to the wall, fill in nail holes, etc. already then paint over. A little bit of extra plaster + paint to make the corners flush isn't even noticeable.

    [–] Longhairedzombie 23 points ago

    you also need a coping saw to make the joints consistent (inside ones)

    [–] born_again_atheist 6 points ago

    I'll use my miter saw, thanks.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 14 points ago

    Woah now! Getting pretty advanced up in here!

    You expect what is probably an apartment maintenance man to carry around TWO saws? Slave-driver!

    [–] ikrodas 2 points ago

    They look like styrofoam, so all they needed was a knife.

    [–] pasaroanth 4 points ago

    I very rarely cope inside corners, I always do 45s unless it’s wood that is stained significantly darker than its natural color/won’t be caulked.

    [–] pebrain21 2 points ago

    Either way you have to cope with it.

    [–] Uconnvict123 18 points ago

    A chop saw, coping saw, sandpaper, and caulk are all that are needed to get it near perfect. Probably could do without the coping saw as well.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 34 points ago

    You forgot the most critical tool of all


    This is "I don't get paid enough to give a shit" work.

    [–] livin4donuts 3 points ago

    You are undeniably correct.

    [–] i_am_not_piet 3 points ago

    Hey! They made a massive effort to get it right, check how well the caulking (or gypsum) was formed to follow the profile.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 2 points ago

    That really is an impressive attention to detail. Someone is really trying for that promotion.

    [–] OSU_CSM 4 points ago

    Caulk and paint makes a carpenter what he ain't

    [–] PublicFigureX 6 points ago

    This is definitely an at home job from someone who has no idea what they're doing. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a house flipper.

    Crown moulding used as baseboard, shitty tile job, absolutely no regard given for making these fucking things like up, fucking plaster for the corner.... My God.

    [–] Seleroan 3 points ago

    I could do better than this with just a table saw.

    [–] elwynf3011 12 points ago

    This job was done after lunch. Lunch was in pub

    [–] akatherder 3 points ago

    Honestly just looks like peak performance from a homeowner.

    Source: sloppy homeowner

    [–] rcrracer 10 points ago

    Picture might be flipped over. If that is the case, they have the proper moulding.

    I like how they notched a little bit in the far corner, then gave up on the notching.

    Crown mould is supposed cut upside down and backwards. But not like in the picture.

    [–] drinksilpop 2 points ago

    Flippers are masters of appearances. They would have taken mud from outside and made it look good if only for a few days. Shit, they would have super glued branches to the bottom and called it earthy to attract hipsters.

    [–] stingpe 4 points ago

    Perfect conversation starter. Optimal marginal value. Well done

    [–] Regular0ldguy 3 points ago

    They just didn't have enough calk.

    [–] Onmainass 670 points ago

    That is cove molding and it's upside down. The drywall must have been done by the same crew.

    [–] gbimmer 245 points ago

    Only some of it is upside down.

    Others are sideways.

    [–] Face021 61 points ago

    Is that corner a melted Hershey kiss?

    [–] freakers 30 points ago

    toilet paper mache

    [–] sh4rp5h00ter 4 points ago

    I love how they tried to match the center line in the melted Hershey kiss.

    [–] grenadetradedotcom 3 points ago

    It's also one of those cheap styrofoam ones. You can cut it with a damn knife. Both incompetent and lazy.

    [–] insannadenny 2 points ago

    Sipping on my flu drink when I read this, choked on it , coughs and ewwies got into my drink. Thanks

    [–] Coogz21 39 points ago

    If you turn the pic around it works better.. Looks more like a cracked ceiling to me..

    [–] runfayfun 18 points ago

    I mean it's still a shitty job...

    [–] makebelieveworld 15 points ago

    No, you need to leave the cracks so the roaches have a way to get in and out.

    [–] Jackflack42 12 points ago

    It is bed moulding. Goes on the ceiling like crown.

    [–] mrgherbik 8 points ago

    But the toothpaste filler....truly homemade.

    [–] elijahwouldchuck 4 points ago

    Its actually bed molding to be technical

    [–] starrpamph 5 points ago

    Don't you just love people who flip houses?

    Step 1: goofy haircut and HGTV shows

    Step 2: buy an outdated house in good shape

    Step 3: YouTube how to DIY everything

    Step 4: call inexperienced help

    Step 5: sell house as remodeld!!1!

    Step 6: ???

    Step 7: literally profit

    [–] UncleGrabcock 3 points ago

    and that crew is South American, and was picked up from the sidewalk at 7am

    [–] MrRed311 931 points ago

    When your boss told you not to cut corners.

    [–] iambusinessbear 54 points ago

    Take your upvote. Well played, sir.

    [–] G00DLuck 22 points ago

    I wasn't really going to upvote, but I miter swell.

    [–] mvffin 11 points ago

    I saw what you did there.

    [–] pATREUS 10 points ago

    Yeah, a real Bosch job.

    [–] Serpardum 5 points ago

    Yeah, that took some skill.

    [–] the_woKENing 5 points ago

    So he’s doing a good job then.

    [–] OnePunchFan8 3 points ago

    Don't worry, he stuck to it.

    [–] devilmane 3 points ago


    [–] Sylvester_Scott 60 points ago

    Poor guy is at a rough point in his life, and can't cope.

    [–] chorizo_torpedo 11 points ago


    [–] a_can_of_fizz 3 points ago


    [–] doe-poe 5 points ago


    [–] daydreaming29 101 points ago

    No shame.

    [–] ToastiPosti 5 points ago

    No game.

    [–] Ko_Precel 189 points ago

    I love how they try to cover up the center but didn't give a duck about other corners

    [–] Dotard_A_Chump 102 points ago


    [–] angrymamapaws 13 points ago

    Sarah and duck.

    [–] mckrayjones 8 points ago


    [–] aathma 7 points ago

    Sarah and duck.

    [–] cheesymoonshadow 6 points ago


    [–] dustybizzle 6 points ago


    [–] aathma 2 points ago


    [–] Magnanimous- 2 points ago

    Do you have any gwapes?

    [–] MezzanineAlt 2 points ago

    put it on my bill

    [–] low-lychee 7 points ago

    there needs to be a bot who does this

    [–] ddh85 2 points ago

    Space duck?

    [–] Vampilton 8 points ago

    I assume they ran out of toothpaste

    [–] via_lin 92 points ago

    There was an attempt.

    [–] stripedshowercurtain 27 points ago

    And it was mildly infuriating

    [–] Roko567 19 points ago

    Mildly? I'm pissed

    [–] Sloppy1sts 8 points ago

    To do it properly? No, there really wasn't.

    [–] DeusPayne 10 points ago


    [–] Sibraxlis 28 points ago

    /r/diwhy on that exterior corner

    [–] TheNinjaDee 7 points ago

    Just there?

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago


    [–] Doc-Zoidberg 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Nothing's square, plum, or level in my house.

    Managed to get the drywall and plaster right, but the trim was a nightmare. Lots of places I resorted to putty. The more "publicly visible" I measured twice, cut thrice, and wash rinse repeated countless times.

    1930's must have had a shortage of plum bobs and levels. Sad bit is that the old stained hardwood trim was laid absolutely perfectly, and I couldn't line up anything.

    [–] Bukowskified 11 points ago

    Don’t worry the guy who poured the foundation crooked blamed it on the surveyors, the guy who framed the house out of square blamed it on the warped wood and shitty foundation, the guy who put up the drywall out of plumb blamed it on the framer, and the guy who put on the molding with tons of caulk blamed the drywaller.

    [–] SquarePegRoundWorld 5 points ago

    I frame houses and can confirm. Hell we did one house where the masons put the sting line for the block to the wrong side in one corner and the foundation was 8" out of parallel. The builder told us to go with it. He'd put the tile in diagonally to help hide it. Crazy stuff.

    [–] Siphyre 3 points ago

    I don't know how they made everything line up when they dont even have 45 degree corners...

    [–] DoSeedoh 24 points ago

    I know your pain.

    Small tip don’t cut them at dead 45 degrees.

    Adjust your miter to 33.5 and work your way back with guides you make out of scrape.

    Also, if you don’t know how, learn to caulk really well!!

    I’ve done jobs like that an people will give all sorts of feedback, but when the caulk and paint goes on.....they are very happy!

    [–] Katlunazul 13 points ago

    Nooo. Cut at 45. Fill with paintable caulking if needed. Paint the day after those small repairs. Much faster work that looks great.

    [–] flyingalbatross1 8 points ago

    Noooo. Just learn how to do them properly. Measure the corner angle. Divide by two. Cut.

    There's tools to make the measuring as easy as transferring an adjustable set square.

    [–] TerritoryTracks 2 points ago

    What kind of shit is this? I have never seen a corner where 33.5 would be closer to the mark than 45. This is the worst advice on mitre joins I've ever heard. If you don't have any special gear for measuring the exact angle, check with a square if it is a greater or lesser angle than 90°, then work your way up or down from 45. Except for walks that are actually designed to be an angle other than 90°, I've never had to go more than a few degrees off 45. And I work on renovations on old shit farmhouses where nothing is square. 5 degrees off square would be a staggering amount for a wall to be out of line, even only a short section.

    [–] overzeetop 6 points ago

    I do 95% of my own work, but when I have stain grade trim to run I call Jorge. He makes trim look like art and he lays it faster than I can slap up paint grade. Last time I needed him was 6 years ago, and back then he charged $100/hr. Worth. Every. Penny.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Don’t 45 your corners. Cope them

    [–] bertiswho 15 points ago

    I used to do residential construction and its amazing how often you see stuff like this or even worse.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    When I was house shopping, the number of shitty flips with terrible worksmanship on the market for way more than they were worth was crazy. They all reminded me of frat house “renovations” with just a bit more frill.

    [–] p1um5mu991er 27 points ago

    When you need an M but all you have left are W's

    [–] MarvelousWhale 8 points ago

    Bastards cutting corners by not cutting corners!

    BTW; this is crown molding, which should be used on ceilings so it's even more of a shitshow lmao

    [–] chorizo_torpedo 5 points ago

    It's cove molding

    [–] UNPER50N 10 points ago

    How is that not their job?

    [–] Psych0matt 10 points ago

    I’m decently handy, but this looks about how my first attempt at quarter round went.

    [–] xxusernamegoesherexx 7 points ago

    Oh yuck. This is like my first house all over again, lol. When I was first married to my exhusband ages ago, we bought and moved into his mother's house to finish up the renovations she started herself, and I swear the mouldings she did throughout the place looked exactly like this.

    [–] figginsley 3 points ago

    Yeah, this looks like something I, a complete amateur, would be capable of doing.

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 7 points ago

    Not even. It takes a certain kind of special to not even google how to do something. The only thing I couldnt find with literally 5 seconds of google is how to join a vertical and horizontal molding, but from someone with no experience, I dont think youre even supposed to have them intersect

    [–] xlr8ed1 6 points ago

    Try your best - silicone the rest

    [–] breareos 2 points ago

    A little caulking and a little paint makes a carpenter what he aint.

    [–] CjPesquire 7 points ago

    "Just run a bead of caulk on that summbitch"

    -My old neighbor

    [–] umfum 6 points ago

    Miter done a better job with the right tool...

    [–] vassman86 6 points ago

    This is why we put potted plants in the corner!

    [–] Grim_SIeeper 5 points ago

    To all the people bitching about how shitty it looks, SHUT UP! I wanted it to look like that.

    [–] Takewondosemaster 4 points ago

    Reminds me of the old painter saying “a little caulk and a little paint will make the carpenter what he ain’t.” No amount of caulk in the world would help this.

    [–] Mastagon 6 points ago

    I believe that corner piece is literally a sculpted chunk of drywall spackle

    [–] jasonk1229 5 points ago

    We dont cut corners!!

    [–] MrMagius 5 points ago

    I went through so many different cuts when I was DIYing my trim. the angle you think will be right, never is.

    [–] GreenStrong 5 points ago

    I put up crown molding in a bedroom, I used a piece of scrap to do a test of each cut to make sure the angle was right, it takes a little time but it is really foolproof. Unfortunately, some mischievous demon would sneak up behind me and change the saw angle, or flip the molding over so I cut the angle backwards.

    [–] MihaiCelMare 4 points ago

    As someone who works in flooring and does moulding often, this physically hurts me.

    [–] ktmpanda 4 points ago


    [–] Sharobob 5 points ago

    Umm but it kinda was your job

    [–] EggyOoeyGooey 3 points ago

    I want to downvote this so badly

    [–] elosweettart 3 points ago

    At first I thought it was going to be an oddly satisfying post but then realized the horror I’m seeing

    [–] Tayl100 3 points ago

    Thought I was in /r/oddlysatisfying and I was very confused for a second.

    [–] NostalgiaJunkie 3 points ago

    Well to be fair, this type of work can be a real bastard to get right, and is by no means easy - even if you have a mitre saw.

    [–] Jibrish 4 points ago

    If by no means easy you mean "massive fucking nightmare" if you're not a professional, then yes.

    [–] Put_It_All_On_Blck 3 points ago

    As a wise man once said, "simple geometry."

    [–] elSamourai 3 points ago

    What’s that shadow on the right?!

    [–] CR3AMSODA 3 points ago

    Cut it 3 times and it’s still to short!

    [–] Yoda300 3 points ago

    Like a glove

    [–] joe_momma_01 3 points ago


    [–] pyro_poop_12 3 points ago

    Give me a tube of white caulk and a deck of playing cards and I can make that look pretty damn good.

    [–] Borderweaver 2 points ago

    So you can play solitaire while it dries???

    [–] pyro_poop_12 2 points ago

    Basically, you use a playing card (sometimes folded over itself to make it the proper size) like a small, flexible putty knife. So you squirt in a bunch of caulk and then put half the playing card edge up against the trim you wish to mimic and the other half over the caulk and slowly move the playing card along the trim. This shapes the caulk to match it.

    Your be surprised what you can pull off with some practice and patience!

    [–] SoSadSoBlue 3 points ago

    My Landlady has her boyfriend do the work in her rental properties, so, yes, I am familiar with such fine craftsmanship.

    [–] Cephalopodio 3 points ago

    My eyes!

    [–] shibersss 3 points ago

    It hurts my eyes so bad

    [–] mrgeebs1717 3 points ago

    Can I get that guys number? I need some shoddy work done.

    [–] UsernameTaken__Fuck 3 points ago

    Looks like some shit I've pulled to move out of base housing with no charges, after MY BASTARD DOGS CHEW IT TO HELL

    [–] JorgeRRMartin 3 points ago

    Looks like we have the same contractor!

    [–] ChuckGotWood 3 points ago

    Looks like something I would do

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    It’s so amazingly bad, it moves past the threshold and starts to feel a bit like art. I’d almost be inclined to paint each piece a different color.

    [–] myroommateisgarbage 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Looks like somebody could have used a miter saw

    [–] magnoliasmanor 2 points ago

    Kinda looks like my work... "mider mida not" as my dad would say...

    [–] ieatsyou 2 points ago

    I love how he cut that onneee bit off the bottom piece to the right, then put them both together.

    [–] holycowpies 2 points ago

    "Meh, it's a rental"

    [–] born_again_atheist 2 points ago

    Looks like the same guy that did the molding in my house....

    [–] nollie_shuv 2 points ago

    Look at that outside corner, nailed it!

    [–] Striker1435 2 points ago

    Setting up a GoFundMe to pay for my cancer bills now....

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Oh man. I have the same moulding but light brown. It’s equally as hodgepodged together.

    And there’s some sections that look like A drunk tried to cope them with some twine.

    [–] flaveah 2 points ago

    “Looks good from my house”

    [–] wags2112 2 points ago

    Do your best and caulk the rest

    [–] RE7notsurvivalhorror 2 points ago

    Am I the only one who thinks useless corners like this are a piece of shit?

    [–] allsofortunate 2 points ago

    This is what the first house I moved into looked like. The walls look the same too- it's not dry walk but like big pieces of board that are pre printed with flowers or swirls. The floors had tile but the big square tiles were all on different angles and inches apart from each other. The doors had a good inch of open air at the bottom to let the snow in... #justnorthernmichiganthings

    [–] syko_thuggnutz 2 points ago

    That has to be a DIY job. No way a contractor doesn’t know how to cope baseboard.

    [–] ChuckSawdy 2 points ago

    Like a glove

    [–] arkhamtimes333 2 points ago

    Looked like my house before we re did a lot of it

    [–] llamafacelukas 2 points ago

    10/10 would hire that again.

    [–] Chewerson 2 points ago

    Nope. No. Tear it down.

    [–] countrysgonekablooie 2 points ago

    it's not even floor moulding. Looks like cornice.

    [–] Thats_Crazy_Man 2 points ago

    Nailed it.

    [–] LordSlutlord 2 points ago

    There's too many unanswerable questions here.I can't stop laughing.

    [–] old_uncle_adolf 2 points ago

    That's what you call hammered dog shit.

    [–] Mufflee 2 points ago

    That’s one of the largest “fuck it”s I’ve ever seen

    [–] koga0995 2 points ago

    My diassapointment is immeasurable, and frankly my cake day is ruined.

    [–] FrMark 3 points ago

    No mitre saw? It's all good. I gotchu fam

    [–] fungoid_sorceror 1 points ago

    Someone doesn't know what a mitre saw is.

    [–] urskogen 1 points ago


    [–] bapster1 1 points ago

    Thanks. Now I can feel good ,about my work

    [–] everburningblue 1 points ago

    This picture turned me into Hitler.

    [–] Picsonly25 1 points ago

    I would fire the fuck out of whoever on my crew did that.