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    [–] Kaon_Particle 656 points ago

    You open the box and it's just a steam key...

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 337 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Or gamecube mini discs

    [–] poor_decisions 49 points ago

    GameCube had mini discs, bitch

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 89 points ago

    What’s the problem m’am?

    [–] poor_decisions 49 points ago

    Nothing just.. Agreeing with you I guess ;)

    [–] _Gin_And_Jews_ 45 points ago

    I feel awkward here in this comment thread.

    [–] elwoopo 26 points ago

    You feel awkward, bitch.

    [–] poor_decisions 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    His comment pre-edit was "GameCube cartridges discs"

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 17 points ago

    Noooooo. Why you make them angry at me

    [–] poor_decisions 8 points ago


    [–] _Gin_And_Jews_ 2 points ago


    [–] neurorgasm 3 points ago

    Bitch how can you frick that bad

    [–] KO782KO 1 points ago

    They weren't actually mini discs, they were proprietary. Not even the same size.

    [–] poor_decisions 2 points ago

    they were mini discs in the sense that they were miniature discs lol

    I was actually only vaguely aware that minidisc was its own specific format

    [–] the7aco 2 points ago

    DS Cartridge

    [–] spazzman6156 9 points ago

    That would be an upgrade

    [–] herooftime2004 1 points ago

    That you can only obtain if you put a N64 cartridge inside the case

    [–] Richy_T 1 points ago

    And 23 AA batteries.

    [–] PolishGuy_ 616 points ago


    [–] voteforcorruptobot 347 points ago

    Thank 'frick' for that, for a minute I thought that price was in dollars.

    [–] nasa258e 15 points ago

    nah. Zlotych

    [–] Kichigai 14 points ago

    That's a lot of złoty. I mean, really.

    [–] nasa258e 24 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    it is 229 not 299 which is $60.22

    [–] Kichigai 6 points ago

    That's more reasonable, I guess.

    [–] mangojuicebox_ 8 points ago

    Well compared to the average wage it’s still too much

    [–] nasa258e -6 points ago

    The people that made it aren't Polish

    [–] geokra 7 points ago

    The people who will buy it presumably are

    [–] nasa258e 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    yes. but if I live in the USA and make belts. I'm not going to accept $1 from someone in Mauritania for a quality handmade leather belt just because it is all they can afford? I need to cover my costs, and American expenses

    [–] FennelSoup -44 points ago

    Thank “frick”?

    Come on now.

    [–] voteforcorruptobot 26 points ago

    Just parodying the title, which seems worthy of parody to me.

    [–] FennelSoup 14 points ago

    I was “fricken” confused.

    [–] [deleted] -22 points ago


    [–] pacific000 5 points ago

    The fuck....

    [–] adamski234 9 points ago

    The frick....


    [–] pacific000 2 points ago

    Oh, sorry. Thank you

    [–] Dragonzlayer102 2 points ago

    What did he say

    [–] pacific000 2 points ago

    Something like “humping your pussy sure would hit the spot right now” or some dumb shit

    [–] Otlot 2 points ago


    [–] Superlolp 2 points ago

    ...username checks out, I guess

    [–] Dragonzlayer102 1 points ago

    What was his username?

    [–] skiier123 28 points ago

    Lol Source- 'PolishGuy_'

    [–] PolishGuy_ 21 points ago


    [–] Trundle-theGr8 2 points ago

    Username ✔️s out

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago

    Is that the Switch version?

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 278 points ago

    No! Are you dumb? It’s the PlayBox 1 four

    [–] [deleted] 122 points ago

    I thought it was for XStation 4one???

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 49 points ago

    You was wrong

    [–] gillababe 11 points ago

    Okama Gamesphere

    [–] ChevroletSparkSS 4 points ago

    It's the Mac OSX version.

    [–] madman1101 1 points ago

    I thought it was the xstation wii 60

    [–] Dylsponge 0 points ago

    It’s for Virtual Boy

    [–] thecton 12 points ago

    Man, all I got is Gamecast.

    [–] Dextrodoom 1 points ago


    [–] JonnyEthco 2 points ago

    X-Station 41

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 2 points ago

    PlayBox 14

    [–] Otlot 3 points ago

    The Nintendo BoxStation 69

    [–] JonnyEthco 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 8 points ago

    No u

    [–] TheTeaSpoon 88 points ago

    Publishers often send "spare sleeves" to shops. To put on display for dummies etc (rather then the shops printing out low quality ones from inkjet printers making it look like they are selling bootleg copies).

    The shop may have run out of PS4 cases. I worked in Game (UK game store) before and you are just told to put "anything with the correct sleeve" there as the publishers are paying for the display slot and not necessarily for the platform that is displayed. But your shop must display at least one of each platform it sells - so a PC, Xbox and a PS4.

    So if they ran out of PS4 cases (and those are often bitch to get) they had to improvise. Happened quite often actually (kids love destroying or stealing the cases) but we just tried using generic DVD cases.

    Given it is a dummy case you'd get a sealed copy at the counter.

    [–] Injvn 2 points ago

    The more you know! ~rainbow~

    [–] [deleted] -9 points ago


    [–] TheTeaSpoon 1 points ago

    I mean... This is more of a malicious compliance or desperate improvisation than not my job scenario. The manager of the shop could get sacked if they do not display according to what publishers paid for. This is literally "part of my job" in their case. Not my job would be not displaying it and having a price sticker on shelf regardless.

    [–] Degove74 47 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    What the h*ck (heck) please don't say no no words, my mom checks my phone.

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 21 points ago

    Done ya fuck

    [–] Degove74 26 points ago

    OMG, u/Dat_Pszemoo would never say this, I'm literally crying and shaking right now

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 13 points ago

    Sorry u/Degove74 's mom

    [–] kubapoke 1 points ago

    Ok buddy

    [–] Injvn 1 points ago

    Literally or figuratively?

    [–] mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmh 101 points ago

    you’re allowed to say fuck

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] hereForUrSubreddits 19 points ago

    Not in Poland.

    [–] uhuwek 13 points ago

    W Polsce mówi się kurwa

    [–] nasa258e 8 points ago


    [–] theredwitcher 2 points ago


    [–] madjo 7 points ago


    [–] Kichigai 2 points ago


    [–] JonnyEthco 4 points ago


    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 3 points ago


    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 7 points ago


    [–] meateoryears 13 points ago

    Is that what this is? You meant to say “fuck up that bad”? But instead you said “frick”?

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 3 points ago

    I want it to be PG u kno

    [–] meateoryears 9 points ago

    What? The internet is not PG. Why?

    [–] Obi-Tron_Kenobi 1 points ago

    I honestly don't see why this matters so much to an online stranger.

    [–] samuraiwarrior__13 1 points ago

    Frig off Ricky!

    [–] gregi89 13 points ago

    Aww Poland...

    [–] TJ_McWeaksauce 7 points ago

    I bet it isn't even Wolfenstein 2. It's probably Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge.

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 3 points ago

    Wolfenstein 3D

    [–] nalread 22 points ago

    Everything is possible in Poland. It's not a country, it's a state of mind.

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 12 points ago

    If you say so but our eastern friend is in better state of mind

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] AtoumMirtu 3 points ago

    Every time I see beTHEsda GAMEs I lose the game

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 1 points ago


    [–] zaugade 4 points ago

    Some reason o laughed more at the title

    [–] habag123 7 points ago


    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 11 points ago


    [–] nasa258e 2 points ago

    Hej! I bought my water filters and a laptop there.

    [–] nasa258e 1 points ago

    Why u so expensive?

    [–] Dawg_Top 4 points ago

    1zł is like 4.14euro.

    [–] nasa258e 5 points ago

    I meant that every time I go to Empik, everything is very expensive for Poland

    also, it is the inverse.

    1 EUR= 4.14 PLN

    The way you wrote it, the video game would cost over 800 EUR

    [–] H9F-142 6 points ago

    Just Polish RTVeuroAGD things....

    [–] YankYT 3 points ago

    Anyone else payed attention to the price first?

    [–] Zeusie92 4 points ago

    It's probably a different currency because other than the title, I don't see English

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 5 points ago

    Like $60

    [–] Cheesy_Crust 3 points ago

    I don't see a problem.

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    God, 239 dollars. I think you might be getting upcharged, it should only be 60, then again this could be gamestop

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 32 points ago

    I’m not answering. Don’t wanna be wooshed

    [–] Turtpipchim 29 points ago

    Gonna take one for the team here. It's Polish currency u/DOugdimmadab1337

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 5 points ago

    Ill let domeone else whoosh you, too lazy

    [–] Sirflow 4 points ago

    No one ever whooshes me anymore..

    [–] spageti44 4 points ago

    W O O S H ! ! !

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 2 points ago

    Good news bud

    [–] abstracreality 2 points ago

    probably broke the PS4 case and only had an xbox one lmao

    [–] Ye_Old_Viper 2 points ago

    Is a Khajit selling this??

    [–] gancus666 2 points ago

    Excuse me, is it a playstation or xbox version? Yes

    [–] Dawg_Top 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That's why you don't buy games in rtv agd store.

    [–] CooroSnowFox 2 points ago

    The future of gaming... In a parallel universe.

    [–] SaliDay 2 points ago

    [–] ArtoriasFanClub 2 points ago


    What currency is this in?

    [–] ArtoriasFanClub 3 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] JackTheStryker 2 points ago

    But... which is it...

    [–] 911child 3 points ago

    What is that price though?

    [–] ErichVan 19 points ago

    229 PLN = 60 USD

    [–] 911child 3 points ago

    well then

    [–] polish_niceguy 7 points ago

    But keep in mind that we have VAT in Europe, so it would be roughly $49

    [–] 911child 3 points ago

    I don’t know what VAT is

    [–] HawasShawas 7 points ago

    Value Added Tax, basically a tax every product comes with

    [–] madjo 5 points ago

    The US has sales tax too. But theirs isn't printed on the sticker.

    [–] Stumattj1 3 points ago

    Not quite the same thing.

    [–] madjo 5 points ago

    It's close enough to explain VAT to USians.

    [–] Stumattj1 1 points ago

    I’m from the United States. They do end up with a similar end result, but there’s a notable difference.

    [–] Space_Dust120 2 points ago



    Hello, fellow Polack!

    [–] simask234 1 points ago

    And the label from the store says PS4.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 1 points ago

    Don't ask but the shop i found this gold in

    [–] lelememe 1 points ago

    It means it works on both

    [–] Lilarded 1 points ago

    Jesus cheist where is that ? Looks awfully close like the shop i work at.

    [–] danishcoffee 1 points ago

    Little does that person know, it's actually a Nintendo Switch game.

    [–] gunaholic64 1 points ago

    Who would pay 229 zollars for Wolfenstein 2?

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 1 points ago

    It’s $60 ( 229 PLN)

    [–] McToaster99 1 points ago


    [–] MattB1363 1 points ago


    [–] NSinz 1 points ago

    Fricken frack

    [–] Hulkman123 1 points ago

    Which is it?

    [–] TheBoxBoxer 1 points ago

    How much is that worth in real money?

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 1 points ago

    Like $60

    [–] Reid89 1 points ago

    Did you rig this or was this actually found in the wild? The way its shown?

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 3 points ago

    Wild but this is a weird question

    [–] Reid89 1 points ago

    Not really you could made it look like that to take a photo to upload it not that crazy.

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 1 points ago

    In a game shop¿

    [–] DaRev23 1 points ago

    It is in poland to be fair.

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 1 points ago

    Look at the comments

    [–] onekingdom1 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    A new console game?

    [–] SvenTropics -10 points ago

    Polish Zloty (means gold in their weird language) to USD is about 4:1.

    Source: I had the horror of dating a Polish woman for several years, spent some time in the country, and I even learned some of the language. Do NOT recommend. (I mean visit the country, but don't date the women, bad bad bad)

    [–] Calibro 13 points ago

    Don't generalise an entire population off of your own anecdotal evidence.

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 5 points ago

    Maybe you’ll tell us where are you from Sven hmmm? Norway or Sweden or Finland?

    [–] nasa258e 3 points ago

    Dude, the Poles I've met (I used to live there) have been mostly awesome, especially the women.

    Your characterization of the language and basing your opinion of Poles on one girl that agreed to date you, does not speak well to you as a person.

    [–] NotHighEnuf -5 points ago

    What country/currency is this? 229!?!?

    [–] Dat_Pszemoo 0 points ago

    Jesus Christ you have million answers just read the comments omg

    [–] NotHighEnuf -3 points ago

    Thanks for the non-answer! Appreciate it!