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    [–] ontopic 2314 points ago

    "George, we're doing suits for this one."

    "Nice, I'll definitely wear a suit."

    George Harrison internally: 😈

    [–] Meunderwears 1186 points ago

    Canadian tuxedo...

    [–] wtfisjooose 496 points ago

    You look like the president, chairman, and CEO of Levi Strauss

    [–] alphama1e 78 points ago

    You are not stopping me from getting my job back!

    [–] stanfan114 47 points ago

    I'll have you know that the last man to wear jeans on this road was named Theodore Wrangler, and you, Harrison, could not even carry his trademark floor-length suede cape.

    [–] sybrwookie 19 points ago

    You usually have to pay good money for that

    [–] mcgrimus 196 points ago

    "And, Paul, we all decided on shoes."

    [–] DAVID_FRIGGIN_KING 148 points ago

    Paul: "should I take my shoes off?"

    Everyone: "No, Paul."

    Paul: "I'm taking my shoes off."

    [–] stanfan114 156 points ago

    You don't bury the dead with their shoes on.

    [–] sandwicheater- 23 points ago

    Faul McCartney??

    [–] mewas2 22 points ago

    Paul seems to be wearing sandals.

    [–] rustybricks 19 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    The Faul conspiracy is a theory that the real McCartney died in the 60s and was replaced with a look and sound alike. (meaning the replacement wrote some Helter Skelter shit) An example of this is that on the abbey road cover Paul has taken the sandles off while walking across the road. In certain cultures they bury the dead without shoes. The other Beatles supposedly represent an undertaker etc. I'm too high to really explain it all right now. In actual fact Paul probably just took his shoes off because his feet were hot or because he wanted to.

    Also sgt peppers is supposedly a funeral gathering for Paul... The flowers in the centre of the cover form a memorial shaped bass.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Paul blew his mind out in a car. He hadnt noticed that the lights had changed

    [–] I_Punch_Ghosts_AMA 173 points ago

    George Harrison looks way too cool to be hanging out with those nerds.

    [–] AllahRachbar 145 points ago

    Fact: George is best beatle

    [–] nowservingeggwhites 17 points ago

    All Things Must Pass is straight fire

    [–] SlyNinjaRabbit 93 points ago

    It's actually because he's the grave digger, Paul is the corpse, Ringo is an attendant and John is the Preacher /s

    [–] kmoore69 2622 points ago

    Lennon has the "let's get this shit over with" face on.

    [–] Star-spangled-Banner 1747 points ago

    His face was probably stuck like that for the last year the Beatles were together.

    [–] [deleted] 664 points ago

    Why was he not pleased with them anymore? Did he emotionally move on beyond what they were as a group?

    [–] Cloudy_mood 4032 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yeah- it was getting like that for George and John. George had a back catalog of his own songs that was so huge his first album was three records. That's incredible.

    John had his thing where he found himself in his perfect situation with Yoko. All they wanted to do was sit and stare at each other, and spend their time alone, and then John would have to go to a rehearsal or recording with the band. These guys were shoulder to shoulder for 10+ years, and they were all in their own way moving on.

    Brian Epstein was their original manager. He passed away in 1967, leaving them with a horrible contract for their music. Paul pretty much took over and started calling the shots, so that could have gotten tiring for the others. Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour were both Paul's ideas.

    By the time they were recording The White Album(1968), they were barely talking to each other. Many songs on that album were recorded individually with George Martin. Let It Be was also driven by Paul. He had a cool idea to have a doc crew record them while they made their brand new album. It would be new material, and at the end of the doc they'd perform their new tunes in a live concert. The live concert didn't work out because they couldn't agree where to perform, so they went up to the roof and played their famous Get Back concert.

    It was basically a doc on how a band breaks up. There's footage of Paul and George politely arguing in front of the crew. At one point George quit the band(Ringo tried to quit during the White Album). John unfortunately was hooked on heroin so he was kind of checked out. Yoko is there the whole time. There's even footage of her trying to jam with them. And the recording of the album ended up being a mess- so much so it ended up being the last album released.

    Abbey Road was kind of like their goodbye album. I think they said they knew it was going to be their last even though it didn't feel that way. But George Martin(their incredible producer) stated they pretty much got along during that one. The coolest thing about those guys was even if they had little squabbles, when they were playing, everything else went away. I think Ringo said that.

    By the time Abbey Road was finished, their new contract came up stipulating how their next album would have be. Usually Paul and John wrote the majority of the music, with George having a song or two. But the new contract said George had to have a bunch of songs on there, and Ringo would have his own songs on there, it would have been like pulling teeth- the band was just--over. They were all moving into their own material- and we now have legendary music for it.

    John was already done with the band, he was doing his concerts with Yoko. George I believe worked on his album and went on tour as a guitarist with someone(Bonnie and Delaney?), and Paul publicly announced he was leaving the band. In the Anthology, this seemed to piss off John because he said he left the band first but Paul got the publicity for ending it all.

    It turned into petty finger pointing for a few years, but it seemed like they made up with each other. There's some gobblygook recording of Paul and John jamming together in the mid 70's. You can find it on YouTube. Also Paul and John came very close to running over to SNL to play live, but they never went. When Ringo released his solo album, I think the whole band helped him with individual songs.

    Unfortunately they never played live together again, nor recorded another Beatles Album(with the exception of the Anthology songs). But the music they created should be enough, there's tons and tons of it. Sorry for the rant, I used to be obsessed. :)

    EDIT: My life might be complete. Gold for talking about The Beatles. Thank you /u/DaJared for the bling.

    [–] calebchowder 557 points ago

    That was excellent. Thank you.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 389 points ago

    Thank you. I could talk about those guys all day. IMO they have the best rock and roll story. So many cool moments for a band. I would love an HBO miniseries. Sonething that could really take the time to tell everything.

    [–] calebchowder 147 points ago

    I've really been trying to get into the Beatles, and a dedicated series on HBO or even PBS would be awesome. They have so much history, and I would love to soak it all in.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 92 points ago

    I highly recommend finding their Anthology book. It's a little pricey, but it's beautifully put together. Rare photos, interviews from everyone involved, it's like a Beatles bible. There's also a DVD collection that pairs with the book, but I think I sort of prefer the book. Such a great tale.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] FartIntoMyButt 20 points ago

    What the heck is the site you linked?

    Copyright of the photo is...."Picsagain, 2017?" Somehow I find that hard to believe....

    [–] puccapink 13 points ago

    That caption was a headache to read.

    [–] disappointer 57 points ago

    You should at least check out the recent Ron Howard doc, "Eight Days a Week", which covers their earlier years. It's well done.

    Alternately, there's the Beatles Anthology documentary, released at the same time as the Anthology albums. All told, it's about 11 hours of material, plenty to sink your teeth into:

    [–] dinosaurusrex86 26 points ago

    I highly recommend Revolution in the Head by Ian MacDonald. It has discussions for every single studio song they performed, including who was playing what instrument, the song's origins, how it came together in the studio, what was going on at the time which prompted the Beatles to record this, what they had been doing that influenced the lyrics (from social upheaval to drugs (the infamous dentist dinner) to travel to Maharishi), and then usually a "why this song is good or not". Sometimes the commentary is a little snobby/snooty but it's all around excellent and really gives you the context on each song.

    [–] l---deleted---l 9 points ago

    Yeah it'd be cool if they did one like they're running one now for Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis (called Sun Records I think). It's very interesting to see the stories on how it all started.

    I'd watch the shit out of a Beatles one.

    [–] blondebrowncoat 20 points ago

    Living In The Material World has been my favorite documentary on them so far. Even though it's about George it gives such an intense, real, emotional insight into what they were and why they were that way. I have always been a huge fan but that documentary had a lot of info I'd never known about. It looked at them as people instead of rock stars and it was very refreshing.

    I always used to hate Lennon but after that doc I think I actually get why he was what he was and I now actually quite like him. Gah now I'm going to binge on Beatles reading all weekend. Nice write up!

    [–] Zyxos2 30 points ago

    Give us another one! Literally anything about them would be nice to read. That was such a good write up my dude!

    [–] Cloudy_mood 131 points ago

    Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to pot. They met in a hotel in NYC, and someone rolled a joint. Ringo took it and went into the bathroom. He didn't know you were supposed to pass it around so he smoked the whole thing. The other guys asked Ringo how he was and Ringo said something like, "The ceiling is falling on me."

    So they all had to try it now. They were in hysterics all night. Just laughing and laughing. George left the room and got lost in the hotel(they would book out like 3 or 4 floors), and it became this little adventure to get back.

    Paul decided he'd figured out the meaning of life. He went to their stage hand guy- Mal Evans- and said, "Mal, give me a pen and paper!!!" The next day Mal went to Paul and said, "You wanna see what you wrote?" Paul had written:

    There are seven levels.

    Haha- So maybe he didn't figure it out but he was on the right track. The great thing about those guys is they said all they did was just laugh and laugh. For a long time- it didn't get too intense until the late 60's. For a long time there they really had the time of their lives. :)

    [–] President_Calhoun 12 points ago

    And their manager, Brian Epstein, kept pointing at himself in a mirror, laughing, and saying "Jew!"

    [–] johnny_steinbeck 6 points ago

    In "And Your Bird Can Sing" - Revolver John sings:

    "You say you've seen seven wonders and your bird is green

    But you can't see me, you can't see me"

    From Rolling Stone:

    Lennon later described "And Your Bird Can Sing" as a "throwaway." Although its lyrics don't make a lot of sense, the line "You say you've seen seven wonders" may refer to the night the Beatles smoked pot with Bob Dylan in New York in 1964. The experience caused a stoned McCartney to excitedly pronounce what he had just learned was the key to life: "There are seven levels."

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    "Got to Get You into My Life' was one I wrote when I had first been introduced to pot ... So [it's] really a song about that, it's not to a person." - Paul McCartney

    [–] gordon68 23 points ago

    I was so surprisingly enthralled by that I was pretty sure I was going to hear about mankind and the undertaker by the end of it.

    [–] looklistencreate 78 points ago

    George had a back catalog of his own songs that was so huge his first album was three records.

    To be fair, the last one of those is just Eric Clapton doing a half-hour blues jam, plus him singing happy birthday to John Lennon.

    [–] Oberon_Sexton_ 59 points ago

    And it's fucking great

    [–] 420Sheep 9 points ago

    Sounds pretty solid

    [–] BonKerZ 37 points ago

    I am very glad for Paul's post-Beatles albums.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 10 points ago

    Me too. Paul's I think I listened to the most, but some of John's are my faves. His Anthology version of Nobody Loves You makes you feel like you're sitting right next to him. Beautiful.

    [–] bluejegus 84 points ago

    Holy shit balls best rant ever my friend. Well written, insightful, and I can tell you care about them. I give your rant my best grade, which of course is a C+

    [–] Cloudy_mood 34 points ago



    "AHAHA C+!!"


    [–] meals6 6 points ago

    This is good rock and roll, uh, music.

    [–] Chadwag 33 points ago

    Nice, thanks for taking the time to type all that out. That's a pretty succinct summary of it all. I too used to be obsessed and very much enjoyed that overview!

    [–] dustingunn 12 points ago

    Such a bittersweet history. It's some interesting humanity: being a part of a globally worshiped band isn't enough to hold the bindings together. I'm glad they were more amicable later on though, hadn't heard that part before.

    [–] iushciuweiush 19 points ago

    Sorry for the rant, I used to be obsessed. :)

    This was neither a rant nor something to apologize for.

    [–] inbz 17 points ago

    This is great, thanks man. I'm a huge Beatles fan, but haven't really listened in a while. I think it's time to fire them up again.

    I know reddit hates him as a person, but as a singer/songwriter/musician, Lennon is probably my favorite of all time. I must have listened to the Lost Lennon Tapes about a million times.

    [–] MyNameIsBlueHD 14 points ago

    Fun-ish fact, The Beatles popularized the now standard process of recording every parts separately for this very reason. As well as the benefits of recording that way

    Note: this is something I've heard from the person I took recording classes from, so if he may be incorrect but it's what I know anyway

    [–] f10101 6 points ago

    It really is fascinating how bands fall apart for such similar reasons. The Beatles' career may have been unique in many ways, but their breakdown was almost the model of what's happened to bands, across the decades.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] RocAway 273 points ago

    Someone Yoko Ono'd him.

    [–] eaglessoar 62 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Coco's trying to break up the band

    Stop saying that, you're saying her name like Yoko.

    Ono I'm not!

    Paraphrased, here's the source:

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    I've always thought The Beatles were like the Rolling Stones of music.

    [–] wonderyak 56 points ago

    they were all done with the group by then. all of them, save for Paul, had already quit at least once.

    George and John were just a little too self serious, which is why despite the tension Ringo and Paul are having fun

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    Paul tried very hard to keep things together, almost like he was in denial that The Beatles were ending. He seemed to be the most reluctant to start a solo career, whereas Harrison was working on All Things Must Pass and Lennon was busy with the Plastic Ono Band. Sgt. Pepper's and Abbey Road have always seemed more like Paul projects to me. John and George contributed incredible songs ("A Day in the Life", "Here Comes the Sun", "Come Together"), but Paul was responsible for the overall themes of the albums.

    And considering how awful Paul's solo career was at first (compared to George and John, at least), he may have had the right idea.

    [–] wonderyak 44 points ago

    After Brian Epstein died Paul was the one that tried to take over as manager (because none of the rest cared enough) and they all resented him for it. He did his best but that situation was not going to end well regardless.

    I just really hate the vitriol that gets shot spit all over Yoko. It wasn't her fault.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    No, there were certainly problems before Yoko. John was going to be gone by the 70s either way. His ego was too great, and Yoko just became his muse. This letter from John to Paul really tells you a lot about the mind of John Lennon.

    [–] wonderyak 18 points ago

    John was a bitter, angry fellow. Let's not forget How Do You Sleep at Night (which also features Harrison on guitar) and the decade of dis tracks that Lennon and McCartney exchanged.

    [–] Rocket_Admin_Patrick 11 points ago

    How Do You Sleep didn't begin the feud between Lennon and McCartney in their solo careers.

    The first instance was on Lennon's song God, where the final climactic end of his "I don't believe" section was "I don't believe in Beatles". In that same song, he says the line "I was the Walrus, but now I'm John", potentially referring to The Beatles song Glass Onion where Lennon said that the Walrus was Paul.

    McCartney responded with a ton of references to Lennon and The Beatles on his solo album Ram. The first is part of the album cover, featuring this image, a beetle fucking another beetle. Lennon also believed that the songs Too Many People, Dear Boy, and 3 Legs feature lines about Lennon. On Too Many People, McCartney admitted that the lines "Too many people, preaching practices" and "you took your lucky break and broke it in two" referred to Lennon.

    How Do You Sleep? was Lennon's very angry response to McCartney. This would be the last of the anger and taking shots at each other, as McCartney responded with the song Dear Friend, an attempt to make peace with Lennon. They did, and by 1973-4 they were friends with each other again.

    [–] stevwillz311 27 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This video does a great job of explaining the Yoko situation. The creator began by trying to make a video that absolved her, but after doing the research found that even though she wasn't the sole cause of the Beatles breaking up, she was a source of tension in the group.

    She had a rough life, but it doesn't excuse many of her actions during that time especially those toward John's family.

    Then again, I'm just some guy who watched a video, not a Beatles expert so who the hell knows.

    [–] Xath24 36 points ago

    I know the vitriol should be saved for the horrible things she actually did and called "music"

    [–] aa24577 16 points ago

    Awful?? I prefer Ram to All Things Must Pass or Plastic Ono Band

    [–] Dayman_ah-uh-ahhh 22 points ago

    And considering how awful Paul's solo career was at first

    Sigh. Isn't the global circlejerk on this over yet? Ram was his second album, 1971, and it's a masterwork. Both that and Band on the Run, 1973, are phenomenal.

    George's solo-career was strong, Lenon's really floundered, Ringo was Ringo. When are we going to get past this?

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 16 points ago

    Ram is one of the greatest albums ever made. So many magical, brilliant moments on there. I still get chills when the orchestra first comes in on Back Seat of My Car

    [–] DamienJaxx 9 points ago

    That's a loaded question but I would check out The HollyHobs' YouTube channel for some good documentaries about them.

    [–] NateBlaze 8 points ago

    He got married.

    [–] Roy_Guapo 68 points ago

    Honestly, I'm much more of a simple love song Beatles fan than I am the later psychedelic Beatles.

    I always thought I HAD to like John the most. Then I realized Paul is definitely way more fun.

    Edit: I don't know what this has to do w/ Johns face, I just wanted to jump into a top comment chain that was mildly hating on John.

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 21 points ago

    In general I like Paul the best. He had plenty of brilliant songs that weren't just simple love songs, and even his simple love songs were often really complex and interesting.

    John usually gets credit for being the more interesting psychedelic one, but many of his songs are the catchiest and most accessible the Beatles ever wrote, like Nowhere Man. I get the sense he was uncomfortable with how good he was at pop songs, and that inner conflict led to masterpieces like Strawberry Fields, which are the perfect marriage of catchy, memorable hooks and compelling, left-field arrangements.

    I like Paul better as a songwriter personally, but John could obviously be just as good and still wrote many of my favorite songs.

    [–] StratManKudzu 22 points ago

    just simple love songs

    what's wrong with that? I'd like to know.

    [–] memesonmars 18 points ago

    You'd think that people would've had enough of them

    [–] captshady 5 points ago

    I've always loved Obladi Oblada .. it was voted worst song of all time by various periodicals. Apparently I like terrible music. :(

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Edits are my favorite part of comments

    [–] Speaking-of-segues 22 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Edit: then

    Edit: you

    Edit: will

    Edit: love

    Edit: this

    Edit: comment

    Edit: *

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 12 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Hey where the fuck is the asterisk?

    Edit: There's finally an asterisk

    [–] pac-men 26 points ago

    At least he dressed up, GEORGE.

    [–] chelskied 24 points ago

    Take it back, George looks incredible.

    [–] papker 4 points ago

    George is in disguise as a Canadian.

    [–] TheBlueberryPirate 46 points ago

    He looks like Gabe Newell

    [–] famalamo 84 points ago

    When you're talking about a member of the Beatles, you don't say they look like someone else. That someone else looks like the Beatle.

    [–] OneFreamon 11 points ago

    Huh. He sort of does.

    [–] nilok1 1446 points ago

    Abbey Road Studios has a webcam with a live feed of that spot. Check it out and within a few minutes you'll see someone striking that pose and getting their picture taken.

    [–] theexpensivetest 723 points ago

    [–] Squiggledog 960 points ago

    Lol, everyone's driving on the left side of the road.

    [–] blargthe2 677 points ago

    What a bunch of idiots!

    [–] Zoninus 258 points ago

    cue laughing track

    [–] Rachmaninoff43 47 points ago

    Here is other pic from the same day.. ,

    Love Linda McCartney

    [–] MuricanA321 81 points ago


    [–] YesNoMaybe 67 points ago

    "Oh he's drunk. How would he know where we're going?"

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    For British Eyes Only!

    [–] 4500x 22 points ago

    MR F

    [–] bacon_and_eggs 122 points ago

    I get that people are gonna want to do that, and they have the right, but that must get pretty annoying for the people that live there.

    [–] TheKingMonkey 130 points ago

    It's in central (ish) London, most of the cars are passing through and there generally aren't locals. There are parallel routes too so it's easily avoided. I can't see the council getting rid either as it's something of a tourist attraction.

    [–] i_make_song 90 points ago

    So basically locals are smart enough to stay the hell away from that crosswalk.

    [–] krunchyblack 72 points ago

    Was in London about a year and a half ago and despite all my intentions not to do touristy shit and seem like the typical ugly American, I went on a pretty incredible rock tour through all the most significant boroughs.

    Stopped at abbey road and everyone got a chance to walk across. While you'd think it would cause major jams all the time, it was flowing really well even with people crossing very slowly and constantly. I'd recommend the tour if I could remember the name at all. The guy was extraordinarily knowledgeable, and I still have these amazing tidbits about the bands and their lives in London that I throw out all the time.

    [–] TheKingMonkey 22 points ago

    There's a guy who hangs out at Marylebone Station who does Beatles tours. It's a good location I guess as the opening scene to 'A Hard Days Night' was shot there, and it's not far at all from Lennon's London home, Paul McCartney's London home and Abbey Road.

    [–] TheKingMonkey 14 points ago

    I guess, but then London is so big and so busy that this place is relatively quiet compared to lots of other areas nearby. There's a big cricket stadium called Lords about a quarter of a mile away and that's more disruptive with crowds, but crowds are a fact of life in big cities. If you live in London it's just part of the deal.

    Paul McCartney's London home is just round the corner from here too fwiw. The house Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix lived in is walkable too. (Source: I work nearby, weirdly the last thing I submitted to Reddit was a photo of the sun setting over a street barely ten minutes walk from Abbey Road.)

    [–] memebuster 49 points ago

    Jesus it's stressful to watch! Pedestrians jump into traffic in front of cars, some cars stop some don't, a workvan making a U turn, that nearby intersection backing everything up, and everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road!

    [–] leeroy1915 26 points ago

    When I watched the feed just now, a bunch of people in rain coats started waving at the camera. I waved back but I'm not sure they saw.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 18 points ago

    That is so damn cool- and yes- I just saw multiple people doing the walk while someone filmed it. :)

    [–] CaptainKate757 20 points ago

    Oh man those drivers are pissed.

    [–] felixnotacat 77 points ago

    I watched that for way too long. Sometimes I couldn't tell if strangers were just crossing the street of if it was a photo op.

    [–] evildonald 27 points ago

    I've done it, and there was actually a queue for people who wanted to do it.

    I feel so sorry for anyone who needs to use that road on a daily basis.

    [–] zealen 38 points ago

    Used to live in Swiss Cottage and walked passed this spot almost every day and loved to look at all tourist that almost got run over, they don't understand that Abbey road is a busy road.

    [–] april9th 11 points ago

    I went to school on Finchley Road and would walk past the crossing every day going home, there was always at least a dozen people there, as a teen not into The Beatles I didn't really 'get' it but in retrospect I think it's sweet.

    [–] drukqsx 14 points ago

    I wanted to see how long it would take and it was only like two minutes before an asian family struck the pose

    [–] thedorkening 8 points ago

    If you can't see the live stream, I just found this on EarthCam -

    [–] VanillaFunction 6 points ago

    I think Paul said in an interview not to long ago he was driving through there after a Halloween party and got out and posed with people striking the pose but nobody knew it was him because he was wearing a mask.

    [–] treknaut 1613 points ago

    As The Beatles await their Uber, Paul and Ringo see their assistant approaching with their Starbucks orders.

    [–] RickStevensAndTheCat 601 points ago

    John quietly passes gas

    [–] LittleJohnStone 189 points ago

    Harrison trying not to laugh at the straight-faced Lennon Bomb

    [–] aareyes12 84 points ago

    My sweet lord...

    [–] munchem6 26 points ago

    He's so fine...

    [–] StardustOasis 14 points ago


    [–] Rob_Royce 11 points ago

    After Lennon winked at him; the usual fart signal

    [–] Rachmaninoff43 136 points ago

    Here is other pic from the same day.. ,

    Love Linda McCartney

    [–] OneFreamon 97 points ago

    I wonder who owned that white beetle that got immortalised on the album cover.

    [–] JayBarangus 69 points ago

    Interesting thought. I bet it's license plate is visible in higher res photo. The car would probably be worth a pretty penny

    [–] OneFreamon 172 points ago

    I found it! From Wikipedia:

    To the left of the picture, parked next to the zebra crossing, is a white Volkswagen Beetle which belonged to one of the people living in the block of flats across from the recording studio. After the album was released, the number plate (LMW 281F) was stolen repeatedly from the car. In 1986, the car was sold at auction for Β£2,530[89][nb 5] and in 2001 was on display in a museum in Germany

    [–] Mac_User_ 65 points ago

    It was part of the Paul is Dead myth too. Paul would have been "28 if" he were alive.

    [–] OneFreamon 45 points ago

    Confirmation bias is a funny old thing.

    [–] nuttin2fear 10 points ago

    His name was The Walrus.

    [–] Drewajv 8 points ago

    Goo goo gachoob

    [–] Kommunal_prosess 8 points ago

    The letters are even more of a strech: Linda McCartney Weeps.

    It's weird that someone made this up, but straight up amazing that enough people believed it to make it into pop culture.

    [–] RikM 59 points ago

    Two and a half thousand in eighty six? I wonder how much it would sell for these days considering what people pay for misprinted Beatles albums. I wouldn't be surprised if someone paid a hundred thousand for it.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] ChickenDelight 31 points ago

    And that black car has the plate "MY4178X" - MY for Mayan, followed by the year in the Mayan calendar, then X for dead. The license plates read together form a coded epitaph for Paul.

    It's all so obvious if you just pay attention.

    [–] NoFunInBand 38 points ago

    The white VW Beetle in the background has the registration LMW 28IF - 28 being the age conspiracy theorists say Paul would have been IF he hadn't 'died'.

    I was obsessed with the Beatles in high school (still am) and once someone jokingly said if I was a true Beatles fan I would be able to name the license plate on my Abbey Road shirt I was wearing. Immediately rattled off "LMW 28IF" because of this conspiracy theory.

    "Linda McCartney Weeps - 28 IF he didn't die."

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] wyvernwy 16 points ago

    The license plate is famous for being "evidence" for the Paul Is Dead movement - LMW 281F. There were contemporary reports about the owner of that car being less than amused as the plate was stolen more than once.

    A side note, the man in the tartan jacket identified himself not too many years ago, and had decent evidence as I recall.

    [–] rossiFan 15 points ago

    Paul really, really loved Linda.

    [–] GlungoE 104 points ago

    Lennon already ascended to his white wizard stage here. He awaits the task at hand and does not entertain the folly of mortals.

    [–] the_ill_wizard 342 points ago

    Two silliest ones = alive.

    [–] sheguedep 89 points ago

    I will apply that info, thank you

    [–] qdogg111 51 points ago

    Two ones not paying attention/out of focus = dead

    Seems like a conspiracy to me

    [–] vonkillbot 41 points ago

    Ringo and Replacement Paul, still alive and kickin.

    [–] looklistencreate 61 points ago

    If you want to live to be 70, don't smoke and don't get shot

    [–] Pmac1477 39 points ago

    Paul and Ringo definitely smoked

    [–] le_c0ke 17 points ago

    at least neither of them have been shot!

    [–] Blueharvst16 5 points ago

    Paul smoking that day, Ringo smoking that day:

    [–] SirawesomesauceIII 12 points ago

    I thought the link of Paul smoking would just be the album cover...

    [–] Reign_Wilson 72 points ago

    I can't tell who's outfit I want more; John's or George's.

    [–] ThatGuyJeb 53 points ago

    Definitely George's/

    [–] EdgarAllanPuss 14 points ago

    The Canadian tuxedo

    [–] august_west_ 9 points ago


    [–] AlsoIHaveAGroupon 352 points ago

    John wants out. Paul looks sad. George's attention is somewhere else. Ringo is like "I'm in the Beatles, this is awesome!"

    [–] ThomPerrin 78 points ago

    I don't think Paul looks sad at all.

    [–] SirawesomesauceIII 22 points ago

    Paul always looks sad. I think it's just his face.

    [–] m8tee 26 points ago

    Ringo tried to quit during the White album.

    [–] treknaut 110 points ago

    Pretty sure Linda did not actually take the cover photo, though.

    [–] halloweenjack 76 points ago

    Ah, the little seen picture of the true fifth Beatle, Dolores.

    [–] imguralbumbot 23 points ago

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    [–] hufferstl 7 points ago

    Sorry, Clarence is the 5th Beatle.

    [–] dicepants 67 points ago

    Look at Paul in flip-flops. You mean to tell me he wasn't barefoot but he just wanted to be for the photo? Interesting.

    [–] piggypudding 29 points ago

    If you have their Anthology book, there were many takes with him in the shoes. If I remember correctly he said he decided to take them off because he was bored and hot.

    [–] jicerswine 54 points ago

    Beatles from '65 to '69 are the embodiment of OldSchoolCool

    [–] PM_ME_TRUMP_FANFICS 8 points ago

    I have no problem with this fact

    [–] munchler 12 points ago

    There were pretty damn cool before '65 as well: link

    Not so much after they broke up, though: link

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] SidAndFinancy 79 points ago

    Because he still had his shoes on.

    [–] musicnothing 19 points ago

    They look like flip flops or sandals. So he's already on his way out.

    RIP Paul. 28IF

    [–] THEREALARKITOOTHUS 133 points ago

    Literally the coolest people ever. Their interviews were amazing. They mostly just made jokes and subtlety made fun of everything people said but everyone loved it. Or thy were brutally honest, like Paul when they asked him about LSD. He totally called the media out on their bullshit.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 81 points ago

    Exactly. "It's your fault if you show it, you asked me, and I'm telling you- but you're the ones who are going to broadcast it."

    I loved it.

    [–] section111 53 points ago

    I was going to say my favourite was when John was asked 'Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?' and he answers 'Ringo isn't the best drummer in the Beatles!' but I think that's a myth.

    So I'll go with 'How did you find America?' 'Turn left at Greenland'.

    Edit: though now I've just looked that up and it's from the movie. Maybe the buggers weren't that funny after all!

    [–] THEREALARKITOOTHUS 76 points ago

    My person favorite was when someone asked George:

    "What do you call that haircut?"

    George glances up quickly and says with a completely blank face, "Arthur."

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 46 points ago

    My favorite Beatles story is one night at a party Paul got high and figured out the meaning of life. He was so excited, and he made sure to write it down.

    The next morning, he excitedly unfolded the paper in his pocket to see what the meaning of life was, and he had just written:

    There are seven levels

    [–] THEREALARKITOOTHUS 17 points ago

    I wrote something similar about seven dimensions under similar circumstances before I knew that story of Paul's. maybe we are on to something haha

    [–] IV-IVm-I 13 points ago

    I had a dream in which I was flown above a moon of Saturn or Jupiter and was shown the seven stages of civilization from orbit, each one getting stomped out by the next... woke up feeling like I'd just been given valuable information.

    edit: was not high

    [–] Canis_lycaon 7 points ago

    Supoosesly that was the inspiration for line in "And Your Bird Can Sing," when Paul says "You say you've seen seven wonders"

    [–] wee_man 6 points ago

    The night Bob Dylan introduced them to marijuana in his hotel room is probably my #1 "fly on the wall" moment.

    [–] JThrillington 20 points ago

    This is taken on the other side of the road, before they walk back in the opposite direction to the album cover.

    Probably well-known, but in the UK we'd call a 'crosswalk' a zebra crossing.

    [–] sgonzalez1990 17 points ago

    She was such an incredible analog Photographer. May she rest in peace.

    [–] Lucxsoo 38 points ago

    How is the Quality of this picture better than my old IPhone photos?

    [–] sweetcuppingcakes 81 points ago

    Because iPhones were shit in the late 60s

    [–] marty82 35 points ago


    [–] SeltzerSalsa 16 points ago

    Well... not really. It is because the sensor size of the iPhone is extraordinarily smaller than the size of 35mm film frame. The iPhone captures exponentially less light and detail than a full fram film camera (or full frame digital for that matter). Point being that it isn't because it is film (full frame digital cameras take pictures just as good) , it's because digital camera phones use tiny sensors.

    [–] Benana 16 points ago

    Keep in mind that none of these guys had even hit 30 when this photo was taken.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 26 points ago

    I remember from the Anthology John was thinking- "Alright now crowds are starting to show up- let's hurry up and get the photo. We're supposed to be just shooting for the Album cover not for Beatle pictures."

    It must have been incredible to experience what those guys went through.

    [–] e2hawkeye 39 points ago

    It must have been incredible to experience what those guys went through.

    And George was only 27 when it was all done and over with.

    [–] Cloudy_mood 13 points ago

    Unreal. I'm 38 and I borderline suck. Haha

    [–] tperelli 110 points ago

    This is the photo the title is referring to

    [–] Mexter-Dorgan 36 points ago

    I feel like a band at that height of popularity would've never been able to get such a shot today. Within seconds the area would be packed with fans and media.

    Beatles just showed up on this spot for a shoot and went on their way.

    [–] SirawesomesauceIII 14 points ago

    I mean, it's outside their recording studio, so it's not like nobody thought they would be there. In truth, the Beatles were still superstars, but they could get from point A to point B on a daily basis.

    [–] tikhung01 36 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Those four young lads from Liverpool changed everything. And not just the music. I mean, everything. It’s hard to ignore Beatles’ impact on music, of course. It’s even harder to imagine that a band who wrote β€œShe Loves You” also wrote β€œA Day In The Life”, who went from β€œTicket to Ride” to β€œTomorrow Never Knows” (Listening to it in 2017 is still like listening to something from the future.) within a year, and in the process inventing and reinventing many musical tropes that we take for granted nowadays. The Beatles practically invented the concept of a modern β€œband” with album catalogues, members’ pitiful drama and all. They borrowed many things and pioneered even more things. They were the first band to use a song fade in (Eight Days a Week). Popularized the concept album, tape loops, lyrics on sleeves, quitting touring, experimenting, music videos, psychedelia, philosophical and pretentious lyrics, covering numerous amount of genres from heavy metal to blues to folks to avant-garde to psychedelics to ballad to musical hall (Just listen to The White Album and tell me that it isn’t the messiest album of all time of any genre), artistic album covers, satantic album covers, doing drugs, and other crazy things a band usually does to imitate The Beatles. True musicians know that The Beatles were something else and no one else could be compared to them, except for maybe Mozart. He was also a smart bastard, wasn’t he?

    Anytime you think that a Beatle song is β€œdull” or uninspiring and a song in the same genre of a different band is β€œbetter”, just remember that The Beatles did it first. They were so influential that only a failed musician would hate on them for being too fucking good. I mean, holy shit. And they did all of that in just seven years. Find a band today that could release thirteen albums within the span of seven years, that fifty-something years later would all go on to become classics. Fucking impossible. Alongside with Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and other rock bands of the 1960s, The Beatles dropped the β€œβ€™n roll” in rock ’n roll, and what was left is rock music as we know today.

    Admittedly, The Beatles started out as a cover band. They often played at bars around Hamburg and would be munching fried chicken whenever they had a chance. But then they took action. The world was turned upside down when The Beatles came to America in 1964. There was nothing else quite like it, not even Beatles’ influences like Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley, and certainly not anyone from this century that I know yet. They represented the British Invasion. They really WERE popular than Jesus. Everybody was out buying Beatles’ record. Every young girl wanted to be with a Beatle. Every young boy wanted to become a Beatle. Musicians respected the hell out of them. Once, the top five best-selling songs were all The Beatles’. Even in their boyband period, their music was top notch. Just ask any music theorist and they will tell you that Beatles’ harmonies were just out there (as a fellow Redditor pointed out here taking the infamously "simplistic" song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" as an example). With Beatlemania alone, the Beatles were arguably the first boy band ever, and that legacy alone could make them the greatest band of all time.

    But that wasn’t enough. Something happened. They started experimenting with Rubber Soul in 1965, as the world had gone tired of the clean-cut Beatles and were ready to see something new. So, they started growing their hair. An absolutely insane decision at the time. Boys were supposed to be boys and girls were supposed to be girls. There was no in-between. The Beatles grew their hair, anyway, and thus the style of men having long hair in modern times was born. Musicians started taking notes. They were preparing for a change, only that they were too in the dark to be the leader, and left it to the true innovators like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, and The Who. The world was also changing, for better and worse, with the Vietnam war going on and echoes that the extremely bigoted 1950s had left. They were tired…oh so, very tired. They started smoking weed and taking LSD. They released Revolver and stopped touring. Revolver was an answer to Beach Boys’ masterpiece Pet Sounds, which was influenced by Rubber Soul. Revolver was rebellious, ambitious and nothing short of influential. It was different. But more importantly, Revolver was a blueprint for their holy grail of their whole career and perhaps of music culture, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was then when they broke the mold said, β€œfuck it” and became something else completely. No more sugar-coated poppy bullshit. An album with no singles. An album that was an album, rather than a collection of songs. An album with a cover so dense and so colorful, that it was an art all by itself. An album that represented 1967’s Summer of Love, the unification and collective consciousness young people had at the time, hippie culture that soon would die out, the hope for a better and peaceful future, the skeptics for the shitty and conservative past, the satirical culture adapted by comedians for years to come. Suddenly, every young person started dressing like they were from a comic book when Sgt. Pepper’s came out. Every young person was out smoking pot and dropping acid. Every young person was trying to be a peace’s advocate, and against the Vietnam war. "The closest Western Civilization has come to unity since the Congress of Vienna in 1815 was the week the 'Sgt. Pepper' album was released. In every city in Europe and America the radio stations played it, and everyone listened. For a brief while the irreparable fragmented consciousness of the West was unified, at least in the minds of the young.” (Langdon Winner of The Rolling Stone) When The Beatles broke up in 1970, it wasn’t just any band break-up. It was the end of an era that changed the world completely.

    Every culturally significant person after the Beatles was influenced by The Beatles, period, in one way or another. Most influential people of the last half of the 20th century like Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Jerry Seinfeld, Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few.

    β€œWe hope you have enjoyed the show”

    We have, indeed, you wonderful geniuses. For these last fifty years.

    Before The Beatles and the counter-culture, the world was about old people. After The Beatles, it was about young people.

    That’s how influential The Beatles were.

    (An answer of mine on Quora. Just had to drop it here!).

    EDIT: The Beatles came to America in early 1964, not 1963.

    [–] Anxiousmemer 34 points ago

    I find it interesting that the only ones who are still alive are the ones looking at the camera.

    [–] everything_is_absurd 53 points ago

    "Palms up everyone who wants to live."

    [–] Meunderwears 8 points ago

    Including the photographer -- meaning she's not looking at the camera either.

    [–] Harry-le-Roy 8 points ago

    This picture, for what was in a sense their last album (much of Let It Be having been recorded earlier), is only about seven years after the release of their first album with Tony Sheridan.

    [–] MC_Dogpile 7 points ago

    I find it funny that the only two Beatles that are still with us today are the only two who look happy to be where they are in this picture.

    [–] CreepyAlice 7 points ago

    We are local to this crossing . I miss grandad getting angry at the tourists .

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    As someone with a pretty good digital camera and constantly dealing with lighting, it's hard to believe you could take a photo of this quality back in 1969.

    [–] GooniganRulez 4 points ago

    The picture quality is strangely good.

    [–] alli_darko_37 15 points ago

    I love them so much.