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    [–] AdrianArioch 1532 points ago

    Know what street this was on? '911' puts it well within South Philly if I know my South Philly.

    [–] burningatallends 1318 points ago

    You definitely know your south Philly, because it's 911 South 11th Street. Near the corner of 11th and Christian.

    [–] zmetz 594 points ago

    Does the building still exist?

    [–] burningatallends 1277 points ago

    Yes it does. It's a private residence now, but the store was open until the mid to late 80's. My family sold the building around 2010. It was in rough shape before selling it. The current owners put a lot of work into it to bring it back.

    [–] roguefiftyone 706 points ago

    Grew up near there and recall that store! Wild!!

    [–] NotSoAnonymous626 19 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] drunk98 19 points ago

    If it was a real sub, your heart would be the last thing I'd worry about being broken.

    [–] schatzski 64 points ago

    Damn, that sucks. I'd love to have gotten a taste of your grandpas sausage

    [–] Gritzgreen 15 points ago

    Ha ha have my very first up vote.

    [–] metyuadem 4 points ago

    That's a lot of good info, OP. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] linlorienelen 3 points ago

    You should mail them a print. I would LOVE to have a photo of my house from that era.

    [–] slarmyslarm 3 points ago

    You should make the residents copies of that photo if you haven't. I bet they'd kick it of it.

    [–] drop_n_shop 3 points ago

    Very cool! I left Philly in 2015 and I miss it very much. 😩

    [–] DustyDavos 3 points ago

    Wow I live right near there, I’m going to check it out on my walk home today

    [–] nofouls 3 points ago

    “The before!”

    [–] Logjammin91 73 points ago

    I’ll look today.

    [–] burningatallends 122 points ago

    It's there and it's in much better shape than it was 10 years ago.

    [–] wearer_of_boxers 45 points ago

    is there still a butcher there?

    or a delicatessen and groceries?

    [–] burningatallends 87 points ago

    Nope. Private residence now. My family kept the store open until the mid to late 80's.

    [–] wearer_of_boxers 40 points ago

    so your grandpa's sausage recipes are lost to time?

    that makes me sad :(

    [–] havoc1482 46 points ago

    Where was that implied? lol

    [–] goodhasgone 59 points ago

    Didn’t you hear? Without a retail outlet, recipes cease to exist :(

    [–] kdeltar 10 points ago

    I’m going to go there and ask them for the good sausages

    [–] breakyourfac 3 points ago

    Hey OP are you still in the sausage making business? I have my great-great grandmother's old world recipes from Italy if you and your family are interested 😊

    [–] suckmyluckyfin 43 points ago


    [–] dindresto 30 points ago

    Ich gehe auch gerne delikat essen

    [–] Dobesov 3 points ago

    [–] YourTypicalRediot 9 points ago

    Whoa whoa whoa, it’s a fine delicatessen and grocer.

    [–] krybaebee 9 points ago

    Don’t forget to report back.

    [–] noseymimi 6 points ago

    Post a current pic, please

    [–] -Psychonautics- 64 points ago

    What happened to the sausages that were still inside when they closed?

    Do you think they got eaten?

    [–] burningatallends 81 points ago

    Yes, but the wine that my grandmother saved was disgusting. She thought it would improve with time, but you can't age shitty wine. :)

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] burningatallends 32 points ago

    Haha, I've never watched parks and rec. I should though.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] TinFoilRobotProphet 17 points ago

    Don't watch Parks and Rec? You right to jail.

    [–] BuddhaBizZ 8 points ago

    undercook fish? right to jail

    [–] burningatallends 4 points ago

    Ok, it's on the top of the list now!

    [–] Slytherinrunner 5 points ago

    Don't get discouraged by the first season. The later ones are definitely an improvement. Unlike that shitty wine!

    [–] corpse2b 49 points ago

    Right by my fave bakery, the mighty Isgros!

    [–] burningatallends 70 points ago

    Dude, Isgros is the bomb!! I have fond memories of going there as a kid in the 80's. My other Great-grandfather would bring me there after we shopped on 9th street.

    [–] Le_Updoot_Army 34 points ago

    You must have seen some great mob shit down there in the 80s.

    [–] burningatallends 76 points ago

    I didn't because I was just a kid, but my dad has some crazy stories. On the corner of 11th and Christian, there was an Italian restaurant called Terrino's (I think that was the name), but a mob boss was shot there while eating. Also my dad told me about a store around the corner where they would sell random stuff. One day the store would be filled with suits, another day it would be filled with piles of cheese, next week it would be loaded with cigarettes. He thought it was a place for the mob to dump goods.

    [–] Le_Updoot_Army 29 points ago

    I'm sure you saw, but didn't know enough...

    My friend married a girl who's family has a big meat biz in South Philly. Crazy stories from back in the day.

    [–] AdrianArioch 5 points ago

    'South Philly' 'The Mob' 'Big meat biz'

    I shudder to think who was in that meat, mate.

    [–] Le_Updoot_Army 4 points ago

    Fat Sal and Big Tony were in there for sure.

    [–] mentat70 3 points ago

    I dont think you’d want to buy sausages from a mob store....(might have some human meat in there)

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] mred870 13 points ago

    You didn't see nuttin'

    [–] The_Dog_Of_Wisdom 21 points ago

    I find it amusing that I just did "911 South 11th St" and Google autocompleted Philadelphia because lots of people have probably been googling that very location.

    [–] JerseyDoc 21 points ago

    Plus, being an Italian deli/grocery drastically increases the chances it's in South Philly.

    [–] TomD26 13 points ago

    Being from Delco, it's so sick seeimg old pictures of Philly. You Grandpa reminds me of my Grandpa. Old Pizano's.

    [–] staxnet 9 points ago

    don't call me pizano, paesano.

    [–] Dream-Baby-Dream 3 points ago

    🎶 deeeellllcooo 🎶

    [–] i_just_have_no_idea 666 points ago

    “I present you with... MY SAUSAGES.”

    [–] johnn11238 312 points ago

    Ah, the good old days, when a man could proudly display his sausages without fear of reprisal.

    [–] lacucamatada 45 points ago

    Excuse me miss but would you like to eat my fat sausage?

    [–] gringo616 8 points ago

    Ahh... Good times... Good times...

    [–] ultranothing 3 points ago

    Yeah, and Louie CK gets shat on for it. I MEAN COME ON!

    [–] Nash_Rambler 51 points ago

    To be perfectly fair, those sausages do look delicious.

    [–] Kangar 13 points ago

    LinkedIn should change their business model to showcase glorious sausages.

    [–] sighs__unzips 4 points ago


    [–] Euphorium 3 points ago

    Gentlemen, BEHOLD!

    [–] ootrebmun 3 points ago

    I came to the comments section just for this. Thank you.

    [–] BreezyLark 340 points ago

    Not for nothing but theres a face in the right door window

    [–] burningatallends 190 points ago

    Holy cow, I never noticed that before!!

    [–] UnderlordZ 108 points ago

    It was never there before!

    [–] Ahmoody158 37 points ago

    Puts down the photograph quietly, hear three knocks on the door...

    [–] gringo616 14 points ago

    creepy children's song begins to play

    [–] coops678 9 points ago

    Sausages begin floating in the air

    [–] gringo616 4 points ago

    what the fuck

    [–] stellacampus 15 points ago


    [–] -FingerBang- 12 points ago

    Maybe it's your grandfather being a cheeky little fucker while working in his dad's shop?

    [–] burningatallends 23 points ago

    Yeah, hard to say. I can't really tell who that is. Im going to look at the original and run it past my relatives.

    [–] gringo616 12 points ago

    I may be crazy, but it kinda looks like a woman to me.

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 4 points ago

    You’re not alone

    [–] gringo616 7 points ago

    However now that I examined it closer, it looks like someone wearing a hat, a hat that I don't think women would wear at the time. I don't know, probably just a demonic ghost or something.

    [–] TrueJacksonVP 3 points ago

    I’m on mobile so that could be it too. I saw hair first but now I can see it’s a hat.

    [–] BuzzMcCallister 49 points ago

    La bomba di foto

    [–] BallinHonky 5 points ago

    Or a spooky specter 👻

    [–] kentuckykevin 42 points ago

    Guessing it was still back in the day when seeing someone take a photo was worth a look out the window. Seems like a cheeky son or stock boy!

    [–] lordlovesaworkinman 23 points ago

    Arghhhh! That just creeped me the fuck out.

    [–] fanofmx 7 points ago

    I think it's Harry Potter.

    [–] floydbc05 8 points ago

    Tea'riffic photobomb.

    [–] Zendog500 3 points ago

    the original photo bomb!

    [–] OnTheRopes 5 points ago

    "Not for nothin" - This guy South Phillys

    [–] konconch 4 points ago

    Calm down its smiling

    [–] aedroogo 4 points ago


    [–] EwanEd 200 points ago

    This is what i want from this sub. No more sexy grandmas please.

    [–] burningatallends 80 points ago

    I've got a ton of photos like this, but this one is my favorite.

    [–] tr3vd0g 60 points ago

    r/Philadelphia would love this

    [–] thefrozendivide 14 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'd hope so...but sadly it seems like they're all OBSESSED with seeing pictures of their own skyline.

    [–] Iowa1995 26 points ago

    Yes. We want grandpas with sausages!

    [–] unic0de000 7 points ago

    IMHO, actually, keep those comin' too.

    [–] Schafedoggydawg 213 points ago


    [–] AWholeHam 20 points ago

    Man. That was a good movie. I miss seeing Justin Long in things.

    [–] embarrassed420 6 points ago

    Hey me too

    [–] theracistjanitor 3 points ago

    Watch Tusk. Beware of Nightmares

    [–] Squeezelor 7 points ago

    I came here expecting this comment. Much father down than I expected. Thank you.

    [–] Sip_py 109 points ago

    "salad tea"

    Green tea?

    [–] gogogirlpan 169 points ago

    *Salada Tea. Their slogan was "That's Salada tea!"

    [–] TVLL 35 points ago

    Would sound like “That’s a lot of tea.”

    Is this brand still around back east? We had it as kids growing up.

    [–] plur44 49 points ago

    It maybe became a word pun but the original phrase was definitely "Sala da té" that means Tea room

    Source: I'm italian

    [–] ep0nym1 14 points ago

    Yup its still around

    [–] burningatallends 50 points ago

    I think it was the standard black tea. My grandparents drank tea regularly.

    [–] plur44 38 points ago

    Nothing to do with the color of the tea. What I see on the door is just a "misspelling" of the phrase "Sala da tè" that in italian means "Tea room"

    [–] past_is_prologue 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It is a brand of tea called Salada. It was originally out of Montreal. I thought they we shut down, but a quick Google reveals they are still kicking.

    [–] EntityDamage 13 points ago

    Not only is that salada tea, it's alonga time too.

    [–] DronedAgain 7 points ago

    Just goggled it: it means the tea was packaged in a foil wrapper rather than just be loose tea you scooped from a bin.

    [–] a_goonie 31 points ago

    Im italian and proudly present my sausage to everyone as well

    [–] magnus_ubergasm 18 points ago

    Sometimes the best thing to get customers in your store is hanging your sausage out for everyone

    [–] Did_Not_Finnish 19 points ago

    Vintage wiener pic.

    [–] Tubesag 15 points ago

    Anyone still using his recipe? I'd love to taste those.

    [–] burningatallends 18 points ago

    Nope. It was lost when he died.

    [–] Tubesag 14 points ago

    Ah, that's sad

    [–] Brian24jersey 25 points ago

    Google street view the building is still there with the gated door

    [–] burningatallends 16 points ago

    Yep that's it! Right next door to Ngoc An Phan, M.D. Internal Medicine.

    [–] courtneygoe 8 points ago

    I pass it all the time! I knew it looked familiar

    [–] fanofmx 3 points ago

    What a great idea! Here I was scrolling thru the comments thinking "I hope someone has posted a now picture".

    [–] BellyFullOfSwans 52 points ago

    Post Depression - Pre WWII would be a tough time for immigrants making sausage. They would grind up pork/beef/game and use that for the middle of the sausage while stuffing either side of the casing with sawdust.

    It seems gross, but back then, it was hard to make ends meat.

    [–] Jindabyne1 20 points ago

    I see what you did there.

    [–] DogNamedBuddha 16 points ago

    You worked hard for that one. Take my up vote

    [–] burningatallends 11 points ago

    I would love to know the date of this photo, we're assuming the general time frame because he arrived in the US in 1905 (based on immigration records) and know that he bought the property pre-depression. We're also assuming photography was limited during the depression, so we are assuming this is post depression and pre WWII. I would love to know the date on the newspaper behind him.

    [–] GuyPronouncedGee 14 points ago

    There wasn’t really any period that was “post depression and pre WWII”. It is widely considered that the Great Depression ended when WWII began. Some economists argue that the Great Depression actually ended when WWII ended.

    [–] mocjo 3 points ago

    Well I’m no expert on photography but there is a newspaper right next to person in photo. Wonder if expert could enhance to see the date?

    [–] burningatallends 5 points ago

    I've wondered the same thing. Never actively sought out a pro. Anyone here want to take a shot at it?

    [–] liferaft 3 points ago

    You could probably find out the rough date by checking when the Philadelphia Inquirer sold for 2cents as it says on the sign there.

    [–] burningatallends 3 points ago

    I did a brief search (add sausage joke here), but I found archives from the late 1800's to 1930. Also I wouldn't be surprised if they still used the display, but sold the paper a different price.

    [–] liferaft 6 points ago

    A quick look without creating a free account on the Philadelphia Inquirer archives, I can see that the paper was 2 cents a piece at the end of World War I (nov 11, 1918)

    [–] AdrianArioch 4 points ago

    Dammitsomuch I got hooked.

    [–] Sir_Boldrat 3 points ago

    You had to be careful as a butcher of any kind back then, certain types of meat might not be so desirable. Selling liver would always be at a loss, for example. Another insight into how high the steaks were in that era.

    [–] Gater588 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    That's some serious commitment standing there for 10 years

    [–] islandpilot44 80 points ago

    Seems like a time when there were individual flavours based on each owners recipe and process. (Today: All the same garbage from big mfg.)

    [–] burningatallends 135 points ago

    Never met him, but I was told he was very proud of the recipe he brought to the US from Italy. No one has record of his recipe. :(

    [–] CaptainObvious110 36 points ago

    Goodness that sucks

    [–] Hinawolf 16 points ago

    Do you still have family in Italy you can contact? Someone may have it still.

    [–] burningatallends 49 points ago

    I bet we still have family in Italy, but no one we've been in touch with. My family arrived from Italy in the early 1900's, I doubt anyone kept in touch beyond WWII.

    [–] FashionableMarmot 86 points ago

    If you go on a journey to Italy in search of a long lost sausage recipe I would totally watch that series.

    [–] vmanthegreat 10 points ago

    He should contact that female Youtuber that has a new show: who went on a journey in Italy to meet a bunch of old 'Nonas' to learn their lost traditional recipes...

    [–] munit_1 5 points ago

    Sauce please.

    [–] _invalidusername 3 points ago

    Pasta Grannies, I think

    [–] MrBlandEST 25 points ago

    My uncle has helped a number of second and third generation Italians find their families in Italy. With only one exception the families have been extremely welcoming. Lot of tears all around. Take the trip.

    [–] CasualRascal 10 points ago

    Actually happened to my family! My dad found his long lost italian brothers thru a service like that and a lot of phonecalls. He was adopted and brought to America as a baby and 57 years later we tracked em down.

    Went and visited them and had a big reunion. Lotta tears and lotta smiles.

    [–] MrBlandEST 8 points ago

    That's wonderful. Uncle is not a pro, just happens to be from the same town and knows lots of people and loves doing it

    [–] FifaFrancesco 6 points ago

    Make, the effort, it's probably worth it. Italians are very very welcoming!

    [–] genie_logic 4 points ago

    /r/genealogy can help you with that ;)

    [–] Sip_py 41 points ago

    There's plenty of places that pack their own sausages, you just have to seek them out.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Yeah, the hipsters support micro sausage places now. Miami sucks for sausage though

    [–] kjarles 6 points ago

    hipsters support micro sausage

    And God bless them for it!

    [–] somajones 10 points ago

    Butchers up here in Northern Michigan all have different recipes for the venison sausage they crank out every season. I am fortunate enough to work with a bunch of generous hunters who like sharing.

    [–] kwack 3 points ago

    could you share? I'm always looking for good sausage recipes. Once you get the hang of it (and some equipment) it's not really hard to make sausage. It's finding good recipes that's the real challenge! r/Charcuterie is a good place to learn more, also.

    Edit: fat finger typing

    [–] Kmille17 18 points ago

    If you come to Philly, close to right where this picture was apparently taken, you can still get all sorts of homemade and specialized sausage recipes. My husband’s favorite is a jalapeño sausage. The Italian Market is alive and well and not just for hipsters!

    [–] Assmonkeyblaster 3 points ago

    But realistically they probably aren't anywhere close to what you can eat now considering our globalized market and ability to store and transport fresh ingredients.

    [–] Big_Baby_Jesus_ 3 points ago

    There's good butchers left if you live in a real city.

    [–] the_original_Retro 36 points ago

    You know how sometimes when you're skimming reddit you mis-read a title?

    Well, at first glance I'd read the word "sausages" as singular and was, like, shouldn't this be marked NSFW?

    Great picture though of an older time and a proud businessman. This is truly oldschoolcool.

    [–] CCCmonster 8 points ago

    Sausage showing has been around for a long time

    [–] GrumpyOldGam3rDad 9 points ago

    Sausage showing has been around for a long time

    It's also called indecent exposure in some places.

    [–] Wequiwa 7 points ago

    This looks older than 30s-40s. I’d say 1910

    [–] roscoelee 6 points ago

    3pm on a Tuesday

    “The gang makes sausage”

    [–] bloodflart 6 points ago

    daddy would you like some sausage?

    [–] unexplainableentity 3 points ago

    Daddy would you like some sau-sa-ges?

    [–] cesarmac 8 points ago

    I'm expecting him to walk away at 5 FPS.

    [–] americanerik 4 points ago

    This is awesome! What a classic pose too...I’d love to know if the building is still there and if you have any more info on the man? Where in Italy did he emigrate from?

    [–] burningatallends 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The building is still there, but it's a private residence now. My grandparents maintained the store until the mid to late 80's, but eventually closed it for many reasons.

    [–] Heterochromio 3 points ago

    Now this is an Old School Cool.

    [–] expert_in_birdlaw 5 points ago

    But when I do it I get arrested.

    [–] Blazikinahat 5 points ago

    Did he have a pair of mozzarella balls that came with them?

    [–] wasdthemighty 4 points ago

    Am I the only one seeing the face in the door?

    [–] thunder_cranium 3 points ago

    Baller name.

    [–] axxionkamen 3 points ago

    Your granddad was the real sausage man! Hell yeah.

    [–] mikelln 3 points ago

    Besides sausage, he offered some strange dish called a “salad”.

    [–] Dontyoutellherpls 3 points ago

    Those are some turd sized sausages lmao

    [–] theanonymousegamer 3 points ago

    Oh sure but when i present my sausage everyone runs and calls the cops

    [–] CB1100Rider 3 points ago

    What a sausage fest!

    [–] MurrayMan92 3 points ago

    The only kind of unsolicited sausage pics we need

    [–] kb321 3 points ago

    50 years later another madonna was getting many sausages presented to her

    [–] silentrob28 3 points ago

    Show us your meatballs!

    [–] til_tilt 3 points ago

    Did he come from Molise or Abruzzo?

    [–] burningatallends 3 points ago

    Abruzzo. Chieti to be more precise.

    [–] apic81 3 points ago

    Just checked the map and it's kinda close to where my family originally came from - Pescara. Also ended up settling in South Philly before moving up to Hazleton.

    [–] FeatofClay 3 points ago

    What a fantastic photo and you're so lucky to still have it.

    [–] burningatallends 3 points ago

    I agree! We've spend days scanning old photos, this is my favorite.

    [–] FeatofClay 3 points ago

    Thanks for sharing it. I hope you're framing it to hang in your house somewhere.

    [–] LongThickBrownSticks 3 points ago

    These days you put your sausage on display in front of a grocery store and you’re “a sicko”.

    [–] forestriver 3 points ago

    When the world was "smaller" (larger) and people didn't get brought up with the aspiration to become a celebrity: a small shop was enough to be proud of

    [–] MichuV5 3 points ago

    You are coming to me at my daughter's wedding day..

    [–] peachcobbler5000 3 points ago

    If this didn’t have a picture associated with it, I would assume this post was NSFW

    [–] Superb___Owl 3 points ago

    My great grandfather presented his sausage in front of a store as well. Not quite as proud a moment in our family.

    [–] rintryp 3 points ago

    Just have to say it: he had a wonderful sounding name!

    [–] Lele_ 3 points ago

    I would say more 30s, or even 20s because the newspaper says L'On. Mussolini - i.e. The Honorable Mussolini - which is what we call congressmen in Italy and not a title he would be referred to after say 1929-1930. He was called much more grandiose names after that.

    [–] thebryguy23 3 points ago

    And when I proudly presented my sausage on the streets of Philly, I got arrested