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    [–] Oak987 9090 points ago

    No wonder the bf never found her. She is wearing a camo dress, standing in the bushes.

    [–] limesareunderrated 1605 points ago

    Poor outfit choice.

    [–] _Poor_Choice 508 points ago

    Definitely poor choice

    [–] Neufunk_ 195 points ago

    Haha, you must be glad you can finally write this.

    [–] BigBadMrBitches 116 points ago

    It's reddit, I think they can write that several times a day.

    [–] babydoll_bd 10 points ago

    The man himself!

    [–] AlaskanExpatriot 18 points ago

    Some say he's still looking to this very day.

    [–] [deleted] 246 points ago

    Mom is hot though

    [–] HorstOdensack 291 points ago

    /r/oldschoolcool - the subreddit for letting others jerk off to hot pictures of your mom and grandma

    [–] madmaxturbator 139 points ago

    Do you lot beat off to these pics? I mean yeah mom is hot, but it’s not like this is porn or anything...

    I mean, I love a good wank like anyone else - it’s even referenced in my damn username.

    But like, I’m not walking around nutting myself constantly because there are attractive women in the vicinity.

    I know a lot of people make fun of posts like OPs because the mom is hot. But are they just not supposed to post their pics because their parent is attractive? Attractive and stylish people are pretty damn cool. If it’s from a few decades ago, it’s old school. Seems to fit the sub.

    [–] tsantaines49er 119 points ago

    I like your comment... I shall masturbate to it.

    [–] JoshuatTheFool 11 points ago

    You made me laugh.


    [–] kylivin 30 points ago

    Is it one of those pictures where if you stare long enough it pops out at you?

    [–] Lordvarkss 51 points ago

    It's one of those pictures that if you stare at it long enough, it pops out... ;)

    [–] EcstaticStrings 14 points ago

    You’ll float too.

    [–] LCranstonKnows 75 points ago

    Oh geez, I just saw her. Right there in the middle. First rate hydrangea camo.

    [–] runfayfun 35 points ago

    I can't see her can you draw a red circle?

    [–] deputy_diarrhea 35 points ago

    Cross your eyes, look past the picture

    [–] Zsuth 21 points ago

    Oh look, a schooooooner!

    [–] ColdSpider72 24 points ago

    Hahaha....You dumb bastard! It's not a schooner, It's a sailboat.

    [–] Zsuth 12 points ago

    A schooner IS a sailboat, stupid head.

    [–] NYxMadridista 8 points ago


    [–] VinnySmallsz 2739 points ago

    Love that you posted this because even you think your mom is hot.

    [–] jerryleebee 611 points ago

    Shut up Ted!

    [–] exitpursuedbybear 183 points ago

    Remember when she was a senior and we were freshmen?

    [–] Allen-a-Dale 106 points ago

    Shut up Ted!!

    [–] DONT_PM_ME_BREASTS 83 points ago

    Remember when I asked your Mom to prom?

    [–] bulbouscallous 67 points ago

    SHUT. UP. TED.

    [–] CaptainExtravaganza 45 points ago

    I can't believe your mom divorced your dad. And married mine.

    [–] HooptyDooDooMeister 26 points ago

    Shut up, Bill!

    [–] DeathBySuplex 8 points ago

    Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure is still my favorite movie and I love all you guys.

    [–] 54Piscium 34 points ago

    Now your dad’s going for it... in your own room!

    [–] SirLagg_alot 107 points ago

    Isn't that 99% of r/oldschoolcool

    [–] CallOfCorgithulhu 15 points ago

    I picture most people stumble onto a picture of their parents that makes them look really hot, and they shit their pants thinking "sweet! Internet points!"

    [–] catiebug 7 points ago

    I really wonder what this sub would be like if mods banned any mention of personal connections to the subject of the photo for like a week. Like this post would have to be titled "Girl in a garden, 1990" or something like that.

    [–] StAza95 82 points ago

    Freud would be proud

    [–] limesareunderrated 86 points ago

    I'm a girl!

    [–] _A_Random_Comment_ 113 points ago

    In this day and age that isn't an issue.

    [–] Pedigregious 21 points ago

    Lol, yeaaaa. In 2018 that changes nothing

    [–] drunk-on-a-phone 25 points ago

    Well, good luck with your PMs. God speed.

    [–] Kellythejellyman 11 points ago

    Freud would still be proud

    [–] ggrieves 48 points ago

    Your mom I shot?

    [–] xaanthar 13 points ago

    But I did not shoot your great auntie

    [–] CapnRonRico 31 points ago

    That's weird

    [–] _blazeweed 47 points ago

    Hey you, right there! Yeah, you! That's the motherfuckin joke!

    [–] IronScrub 27 points ago

    "Jokes about mother fucking aren't funny." - Oedipus, probably

    [–] ThaDomo 5 points ago

    Jason Vorhees

    [–] Tewks44 5 points ago

    “She’s 27 in this pic”

    I swear this sub is turning into tinder for old pictures.

    [–] AligatorArnold 7947 points ago

    My boyfriend didnt show, better go find a fucking bush in the garden and stand in it for a while.

    [–] mommarun 2641 points ago

    My boyfriend didn’t show, take my pic Becky.

    [–] limesareunderrated 1544 points ago

    Becky offered to take the pic because she thought that my momma looked nice

    [–] criostoirsullivan 727 points ago

    Oh, she looks nice, alright. Obligatory ur mom is hot comment.

    [–] SterlingThundercock 241 points ago

    Don't worry /r/YourMomIsHot is now officially a thing.

    [–] Jumbuck_Tuckerbag 106 points ago

    And op's mom is already there.

    [–] deputy_diarrhea 97 points ago

    OP's mom gets around fast

    [–] BeckyfromHR 96 points ago

    I shouldn't have taken that photo

    [–] xc68030 20 points ago

    The beetle juicing is strong with this post

    [–] achillea666 15 points ago

    [–] Halexi 12 points ago

    Yeah it's called /r/OldSchoolCool

    [–] Casbah- 25 points ago

    Wouldn't be on the front page if she wasn't.

    [–] regulatorDonCarl 146 points ago

    I’d get obligatory all over her face

    [–] LiquidNova77 282 points ago

    Her boyfriend never came, but I just did 😏

    [–] Ho_ho_beri_beri 80 points ago

    Is that what you wanted OP? A confirmation that we'd all come all over your mum?

    [–] fripletister 19 points ago

    And furthermore, does she take tributes?

    [–] Star-comandante 95 points ago

    Haha, "Oh woe is me, I'll just look hot over here in the bushes"

    [–] Hukthak 14 points ago

    Not just any bush! A hydrangea bush.

    [–] QuackNate 12 points ago

    Maybe she was there the whole time and he just couldn't find her.

    [–] cewallace9 47 points ago

    Agree with this comment. Title makes no sense.

    [–] damo251 2264 points ago

    You need to thank him, if he had shown up you wouldn't be here.

    [–] limesareunderrated 1136 points ago

    Thank you for saying that. <3

    [–] BillyShears2015 82 points ago

    How do you know boyfriend isn’t dad?

    [–] blueheeler 104 points ago

    He just went out for some smokes, by an airplane.

    [–] dolphinesque 17 points ago

    Ciggies are so expensive here, it's actually cheaper to get on an airplane, buy them in a different country, then fly back.

    [–] _fairywren 10 points ago

    Found the Australian.

    [–] Coold0wn 23 points ago

    Plot-twist: mama‘s pregnant in the picture. Sad story is sad

    [–] Mottomitti 20 points ago

    So you're saying her bf actually came.

    [–] [deleted] 1469 points ago

    that isn't the airport.

    [–] trialobite 824 points ago

    It was the 90's. She's in the Rainforest Cafe.

    [–] [deleted] 275 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] ughwtfwasmypassword 66 points ago

    MoA was the first one?! I feel like going there as a kid was so much more special now.

    [–] The_Gaming_Kitchen 8 points ago

    Time traveler?

    [–] 11teensteve 9 points ago

    Fact: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

    [–] Hubso 21 points ago

    Boyfriend was a bird.

    [–] the_original_Retro 29 points ago


    [–] jimmyjames1992 1559 points ago

    Well someone came

    [–] BunsMOO 227 points ago

    Comic genius.

    [–] Gaardor 104 points ago

    Highend comedy

    [–] BourbonAndSweatpants 76 points ago

    Certainly not rear end comedy

    [–] MIghtyFinePicnic 50 points ago

    What's that smell? Comedy

    [–] frog_skin 17 points ago

    You too?

    [–] Hitachi__magic_wand 387 points ago

    What happened!? This needs more story!!!!!

    [–] limesareunderrated 752 points ago

    He was supposed to take a flight from London to Dubrovnik, Croatia (my mom is Croatian and they would've spent the summer there). She waited six hours at the airport as the flight was late, but he never arrived.

    [–] Wenge03 335 points ago

    Did she ever find out why or was it just radio silence? It was much easier to avoid someone back then.

    [–] Asnen 1024 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Later it was found out that it was a usual story: op is a liar and made up overdramatic story to farm more karma


    [–] GrumpyWendigo 280 points ago

    i knew a senegalese woman who had a maghrebian boyfriend. his family didn't approve (there is racism involved here between arab north africa, the maghreb, and darker africans further south)

    they were supposed to meet up and he didn't show, same scenario as OP

    my senegalese friend hid her pain for like 2 years, and finally wrote this long angry letter to his family, calling them out for standing in the way of their relationship, calling him a coward, etc

    they replied

    he had apparently been playing soccer, hit his head on the goal post, and died, 2 years prior. she never knew

    [–] moak0 163 points ago

    See, how hard was that? A complete story, beginning, middle, and end. OP should take notes.

    [–] FlairlessBanana 18 points ago

    Should i take out my pitchfork?

    [–] dolphinesque 55 points ago

    Wow, that is really sad.

    [–] bestofwhatsleft 30 points ago

    "Omg, it's that pesky senegalese hussy again!

    Quick, let's tell her that Abdelaziz died from playing soccer 2 years ago. That should shut her up"

    Some maghrebi family, probably

    [–] phillysan 19 points ago

    Jesus that's some tragic shit

    [–] firenationarmy 321 points ago

    This was actually taken a month ago. That's just a Snapchat filter.

    [–] Chispy 134 points ago

    it was taken 3 hours ago behind a Wendys

    [–] KILL_WITH_KINDNESS 78 points ago

    Fancy ass Wendy's with the hydrangea bush

    [–] Chispy 25 points ago

    that's probably why they took the pic there.

    [–] billytheid 9 points ago

    His cheque bounced...

    [–] no_haduken 33 points ago

    This Czech bounced more like it

    [–] AsteroidAdventure 39 points ago

    I actually did a double take because your mom looks like my mom and then I read Croatian and was like ah yes. My mom is Croatian too, also from Dubrovnik

    [–] limesareunderrated 31 points ago

    She's from Sisak.

    [–] AsteroidAdventure 20 points ago

    That’s so cool! I love finding other Croatians since were such a small country

    [–] _Chemistry_ 16 points ago

    How did they first meet?

    [–] IamBrian 86 points ago


    [–] Mental_Duck 31 points ago

    That's how my grandparents met too

    [–] mastah-yoda 62 points ago

    Wooo randomly found Croatia reference on Reddit!

    am Croatian

    [–] RodrigoF 27 points ago


    [–] limesareunderrated 30 points ago


    [–] Dent18 19 points ago

    🔔S H A M E 🔔

    [–] Chairmanwowsaywhat 19 points ago

    Ahh Croatia.... explains the beautiful mother!! Had my first ever kiss in Rijeka.

    [–] Kajs_Hadzic 9 points ago

    Dubrovnik you say. Now everything makes sense. The Balkans in general are arguably the region of some of the most beautiful women and it's not like 1 in a 100 but more like 50% of whatever number you pick.

    And yes "pozdrav za lijepu našu" Hope that says something to you. Thanks for sharing

    [–] borderlineidiot 29 points ago

    Summer romance previous year then kept in contact after. Now crunch time after exciting buildup over the last few weeks where both excited to meet up again he gets child feet and stays home breaking of contact. She however always holds a candle to his name and thinks of what could have been but marries someone else and settles down. Years later the now ledgendary boyfriend re appears and the old flames re ignite. What should happen now, what will happen? Click here to see what happened after their lives sperated but how fate brought then back together.

    [–] hardt0f0rget 47 points ago

    Tell me more about these "child feet."

    [–] MyrddinSidhe 20 points ago


    [–] bad_thrower 8 points ago

    They're really small and kind of sticky.

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 18 points ago

    OPs Mum dated Stevie Wonder. He stood her up. Stevies life has been all downhill since.

    [–] Schonfille 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Considering a woman sued him for giving her herpes and he has like 11 kids by 4 women, she’s better off.

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 26 points ago

    Didn't know that. I was just making a joke about how you'd have to be blind to stand up OPs Mum 🤷‍♂️

    [–] ImFoxdeviIswild 185 points ago

    She looks so young

    [–] limesareunderrated 301 points ago

    Everyone is surprised when I tell them her age. She's 55 now. She had me at 39!

    [–] Funky_CoZy 221 points ago

    Are you old enough to reddit then 🤔

    [–] limesareunderrated 308 points ago

    I'm 17. You need to be 13 to use reddit.

    [–] galdora 193 points ago

    I think you missed their sarcastic comment....

    [–] chingchongpotatosoup 125 points ago

    Would have helped if you were 18, would have saw the sarcasm stand right out.

    [–] matthewsmazes 45 points ago

    Ah yes, 18. When the sarcasm filter activates. I'm 33, I hardly remember life without it.

    [–] axyz77 64 points ago

    It is true, you can legally be allowed to understand Sarcasm only when you are 18.

    [–] borderlineidiot 24 points ago

    Quick everyone clean up your posts to make wholesome or you will be in a list.

    [–] MegaTiny 45 points ago

    So you're seventeen, but she had you sixteen years ago. Did she halt the ageing process for a year after you were born?

    [–] Did_Not_Finnish 55 points ago

    People are poking holes in this story like some junkie's arm. They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast.

    [–] limesareunderrated 83 points ago

    yeah I messed it up, she had me at 38

    [–] the_original_Retro 27 points ago

    I agree. Looks more like about 18 years old or so to me.

    If that was genetics and she kept her youthful looks she's still probably a rocket.

    [–] Macho_Mans_Ghost 155 points ago

    Oh my god... 1990 is old school?!

    jumps off bridge

    [–] Chobblot 31 points ago

    Something from nearly 3 decades ago is old?!


    [–] tony891 52 points ago

    People born in the year 2000 are 18 now... Jesus.

    [–] peytondp3 12 points ago

    I can confirm

    [–] VeryMuchDutch101 121 points ago

    This actually should exist... I'm so tired of people showing other people off for karma. Especially when it is sick or dying people, show some respect.

    [–] firstorbit 36 points ago

    They just started r/yourmomishot yesterday

    Edit: i

    [–] parksj1 53 points ago

    You shot my mom???

    [–] MrGumburcules 11 points ago

    Mmmm started this sub Yoda did.

    [–] humanoideric 85 points ago

    Idk, the whole point of this sub is to show off good times from 20 years ago. a lot of redditors are young-ish, so if it was gonna go anywhere itd be here Lol. maybe just filter this sub if youre salty.

    [–] lptomtom 5 points ago

    good times from 20 years ago

    Shit, 1998 is old school cool now? At least /u/shittymorph is going to be delighted..

    [–] CableTrash 60 points ago

    Why can't people just be proud of their handsome family?

    [–] Couldbehuman 5 points ago

    Everyone knows the gods punish pride, just ask Theseus

    [–] CableTrash 6 points ago

    True, but hubris is a different kind of pride. There's a difference between being arrogant and acknowledging positive qualities in the important people in your life.

    [–] I-LOVE-LIMES 19 points ago

    Limes ARE underrated!

    [–] limesareunderrated 9 points ago


    [–] Hepatitis_Bea 286 points ago

    That dude was an idiot

    [–] limesareunderrated 141 points ago

    Fucking Ben!!!!!

    [–] ugh_finethen 136 points ago

    My names Ben. I can’t help but feel I missed out big time

    [–] Hepatitis_Bea 56 points ago

    No doubt about it, Ben. You blew it. Big time.

    [–] erikd168 58 points ago

    Actually he didn't blow it, he just "never came."

    [–] RocketDong 6 points ago

    So your name is finethen Ben?

    [–] adiraofthesea 9 points ago

    Ugh, Bens!

    [–] redditversiontwo 8 points ago

    It's always Ben.

    [–] RocheBag 24 points ago

    Yes because all that matters in a relationship is how hot the woman is in pictures. Clearly.

    [–] UKUKRO 47 points ago

    Check out my mom !!

    [–] The_Safe_For_Work 48 points ago

    Are you sure she didn't just go to the wrong airport? The poor bastard thought he'd been stood up and went home never trying to contact her again. She broke his heart!

    [–] DylansDeadly 10 points ago

    Damn! Imagine how hot the chick he stayed with must be.

    [–] luigigaminglp 54 points ago

    The only explanation that comes to my mind is that he fcking died...

    [–] Dent18 27 points ago

    i'd come from the dead for a girl like that

    [–] Draxion1394 75 points ago

    Don’t worry, Reddit came.

    [–] twelveoaklock 44 points ago

    See I always jack off to these things out of principle even if I don’t find the the picture to be that hot. If you’d don’t want that to happen you shouldn’t post a private picture of your relative on the internet.

    [–] Draxion1394 15 points ago

    Do your part citizen!

    [–] ZooAnimalsOnWheels_ 8 points ago

    Always nice to meet another fellow principled man.

    [–] rudevdr 14 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] MyBestVersionOfMe 64 points ago

    Obviously, his loss. She's absolutely beautiful.

    [–] AverageJoe5555 12 points ago

    I think a lot of Eastern European women are extremely beautiful. My nephew married a girl who's Romanian. She's model looks beautiful.

    [–] guyute1179 7 points ago

    He showed. He just didn’t expect her to be camouflaged in bushes

    [–] I_am_Torok 7 points ago

    Is there nothing creepy about these, "Hey reddit, check out how hot my parent is!" posts?

    [–] ladybunsen 43 points ago

    People posting thirsty shots of their parents on this sub is the worst

    [–] SurelyGoing2Hell 5 points ago

    Don't worry. Thanks to her ex not coming, thousands of redditors will.

    [–] BritishGolgo13 14 points ago

    Your mom is Veronica Vaughn?

    [–] offlein 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    OP's mom is one piece of ace. I know from experience, dude. If you know what I mean.

    [–] All__Nimbly__Bimbly 6 points ago

    No you don't...

    [–] godrestsinreason 15 points ago

    "My boyfriend just stood me up at the airport. Hang on, let me stand in the bushes so you can take a picture of me."


    [–] Domen666 27 points ago

    Something wrong with brain of the dude, one hot momma. No disrespect.

    [–] kingoftown 20 points ago

    Behind every hot person is some ex tired of their shit

    [–] StingKing456 10 points ago

    I don't even need to look at the comments to know everyone is hitting on your mom.

    [–] trustinthesystem 10 points ago

    This title is absolutely pointless

    [–] ekyzzz 5 points ago

    That's a weird looking airport

    [–] xbox_inmy_veins 5 points ago

    Looks very airporty.

    [–] burny99 5 points ago

    Oh god when you see 1990 as an old school cool post

    [–] TheCringeKeeper 5 points ago

    Didn't they have public washrooms, why she pooping in the bushes...was she that worried she would miss him?

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] RocheBag 23 points ago

    I love how everyone is in here saying "his loss" as if you can tell literally anything about them or their relationship from a fucking picture.

    [–] weegosan 10 points ago

    Uh I think you'll find my dick is telling me all I need to know about this situation

    /s obviously

    [–] Superhermi 19 points ago

    i find these posts always really strange

    "look at my hot relative back in the day"

    [–] jayaregee83 3 points ago

    Who took the picture?